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57 reviews
2029 Stierlin Ct
Mountain View, CA 94043
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This website is really a great tool for every business especially for those job seekers. (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Our Group “PMstudy” with 5,000+ members in LinkedIn has been restricted with LinkedIn without any reasons whatsoever! And there is no response from LinkedIn at all about this issue. This is very unsettling – it is difficult to build up membership in groups and then LinkedIn can kick you out for no reason!!!

Warning any business who decides to use LinkedIn that this may also happen to you.

We are a reputed adult education company and were using this group legitimately to stay in touch with our students. And we have spent several hundred dollars in LinkedIn advertising to build our presence in this forum - so, we are paying business customers. And to LinkedIn's credit, it is a good forum for professional networking, but their customer support is extremely lousy, even for paying business customers like us.

I hope that some decision maker in LinkedIn Customer Support reads this message - and 'unblocks' our group. Given the high-handed approach of LinkedIn, we are not sure if we should spend any more money in LinkedIn Advertising in the future or try to build up our presence in LinkedIn Groups and other LinkedIn forums.

Best Regards,
Customer Support -

Tip for consumers: For business users in LinkedIn - be very careful if you are relying a lot on LinkedIn or spending money in LinkedIn Advertising. They can arbitrarily take down your LinkedIn Groups/pages and their customer support is very unresponsive!

Ask Tridibesh about LinkedIn
New Reviewer

It's ok, but their prices are outrageous. They need to be better when it comes to getting rid of scammers who use their platform to scam users.

Ask Travis about LinkedIn
New Reviewer

Listen, I love the idea. I really, really do. LinkedIn provides an important, useful, and definitely needed service. The only problem? It's REALLY poorly executed. Like, really poorly. Their new decision to allow almost anyone to publish content has really devastated the content ecosystem, as "marketers" pump the space with poorly written click bait and thinly veiled SEO spam.

New Reviewer

I don't know about you guys, but I think linkedin is great! Very useful especially for professionals out there who are looking for jobs. I also love the forums idea, it is where I've learn a lot of new things.

I'll reserve the last 1 star for some future updates of linkedin. :)

New Reviewer

I really love linkedin. It is actually where I find some clients and it is pretty much to use. I'll be saving the 5 star reviews for some new updates!

New Reviewer

This website is really a great tool for every business especially for those job seekers. FYI, I found my current employer through this website! Four stars for now, for some future updates of this website.

New Reviewer

I was contacted by a person in London, so they said, Turned out to be Nigeria.
The whole thing was a scam. When I entered their e-mail into a search it revealed the scam. I reported them to Linkedin about a month ago. The account is still active.
I did some searching on Linkedin and found others had similar results.
Others say they used to do a better job. Other comments here suggest they are getting too big and don't really care.

New Reviewer

This website containing number of features and so most of the people are using this site for various purposes. But sometimes I think it is somewhat difficult to identify the services that are providing by this website and so it is not good at all time. A website must be user friendly but I don’t think so that which is not user friendly.

New Reviewer

I have used LinkedIn every day for a decade at this point and am one of the top activity generators. Recentlly LinkedIn has begun charging more and limiting access, now cutting you off if a % of users don't respond to your InMails to them within a finite period of time. LinkedIn has made a mint off me and my clients as I teach internal recruiting firms how to best use social media, sites, and other tactics. At this point it seems LinkedIn has become way too full of themselves and I for one will stop using their service and recommend my clients stop using their services, so I'll stop the flow of cash - if they cut me off from communicating to users of the system. Such a subjective way of quantifying responses - some that I InMail I'm certain don't even have their email address hooked up to their LinkedIn profile so that's why a large % don't respond. And, those who don't respond today, usually respond in the future - keeping my name on file - it's happened and it's real. Stupid people making these rules do not understand their own business!!! Does anyone have a different LinkedIn type service yet? Can't wait for it to come about - users will mass exodus...

Tip for consumers: Limited window of time before this one tanks due to their latest games and rules and policies literally barring paying users from receiving the services they pay for. Dumb move for the long term business model.

Ask Timothy about LinkedIn
New Reviewer

Good assessment of LinkedIn as a user, but omits how it works for a business page or for advertising.
In short - lame but slowly improving. Worst part is that their documentation is very poor - often missing or hard to find, and often out of date or with errors.

New Reviewer

This site is one of the great business-situated groups systems service.. Linkedin permits clients to think-tanks with which they may be intrigued by living up to expectations. At the point when writing the name of a given organization in the hunt box, facts about the organization are given. This site serves to getting touch with all utilize specifically.

New Reviewer

LinkedIn is changing their business model to capture value from their users. As a user this means that it is providing less value to be on.

Specifically, without buying the second level of premium membership, you can no longer contact people who are 3rd level connections, regardless if you know them. As I am in a sales role, this is frustrating, especially the lack of disclosure due to the change in policy. All of the blocks that are put in place which prevent active usage of the network without a paying 50 a month are more than frustrating, especially for those who are premium members. More importantly, because non-sales pros are unlikely to get the premium services, standard users are less likely to be as well connected or use the service as much.

These problems are likely to slow the use of the network over time, and I expect that if the policies don't change I will need to use a different social network in 2 years as professionals grow frustrated and stop utilizing LinkedIn, especially those who are early in their careers--which makes the longterm story problematic.

New Reviewer

LinkedIn might help with finding your connections, but the customer service is absolutely appalling. They hardly even have customer service. They do not have a telephone number, instead, you email someone your question/concern. You will receive a response at a later time. Not only is it difficult to communicate and solve anything this way, but responses are more or less automated, leaving you with literally NO service. They are not understanding or helpful to their customers. It's basically a reiteration of whatever is on the website, but copied and pasted onto your email, which does not offer any more help whatsoever.

Furthermore, their prices that they charge for their premium services are absolutely ridiculous. I believe their cheapest upgrade is about $30 a month, specifically for job-seekers. Charging that price to unemployed job-seekers is ludicrous. I signed up for the free month (be careful doing this, I would not recommend it), and used none of their "added services." I am now being charged (as an unemployed fresh grad) for this useless service as I did not cancel it in time (they do not make it easy), and am unable to figure anything out with a customer service representative as LinkedIn does not offer that service. I am finding LinkedIn's "services" to be getting increasingly worse. I am very disappointed with LinkedIn and no longer think of it as a great innovative company. Be careful with your overpriced upgrades!

New Reviewer

Shocking Linkedin Privacy Issues.
I have recently uncovered some shocking practices on which Linkedin are engaged. They are so bad that I would not recommend this organisation to anyone. To cut a long story short, Linkedin appear to be tinkering with people's connections, adding unwanted connections and even removing wanted ones. My wife and I have both experienced this recently. Linkedin refuse to accept any responsibility for this and continually say that my wife and/or I are to blame and must have accidentally caused these issues!
I recommend that no one touch Linkedin with a barge pole until they can get their act together.
Dr Steve Jones, New Zealand

New Reviewer

I love their job application platform. It's super easy. I like when things are easy. If only they made all companies who offer jobs use their system.

New Reviewer

Almost no reason to visit any more. Linkedin wont authorize many of my apps. People I don't know very well are constantly voting up my skills. Seems like an afterthought going the way of myspace.

New Reviewer

A great professional networking experience. Very easy to use, and find people in your professional network. It's improved over time, and has a clean user interface. Find it user friendly, the only thing is you've got to pay for a membership.

New Reviewer

linkedin is the web with the best means to establish business cooperation. I like this website because it could be opening the way for a business that I have.

New Reviewer

I ditched my LinkedIn account roughly a year ago after the fiasco where they got hacked and were found to be keeping passwords in the clear. Joined a decade ago when my job was in trouble and LinkedIn was all the rage in tech-land. Didn't do a damn bit of good. Contacts from people I knew were usually bad news. Headhunter contacts were usually way off base. Nothing good ever came from it.

New Reviewer

LinkedIn is my favorite social network because it is a perfect place to network and find job and business opportunities. In the past, I have applied for jobs, gotten interviews and even secured freelance projects from employers. Even for people who don't love social networks, I do mention to them why LinkedIn would definitely be worth joining.

New Reviewer

Probably a little know fact that Whores (Old one in my case) are using LinkedIn to HOOK up with successful gray haired men. Once they HOOK up with them on LINKEDIN they move off site to a cell phone to finish them off. If a victim tries to fight back against the WHORE, LINKEDIN blocks the victim and allows the WHORE to continue doing business via their web site. My own personal experience! Marriage of almost 40 years destroyed by a TX WHORE. I pulled a background check on this WHORE and found out who she really was. She was a WHORE with conviction and multiple marriages. OH, but the way that Whore dumped my husband once she found out I was playing hard ball with the Divorce settlement. I can't believe LinkedIn is allowing Whores to do their business on their web site. They can only claim ignorance until someone like me points one out to them. If they continue to let this WHORE do her business on their web site, then that are party to it. If I did not live in a no fault state, I would have named them in addition to naming the Whore in my Divorce proceedings.

New Reviewer

Helga Guterman the CEO of the metaphysics institute run a A-1 school. I am proud Dr. Helga Guterman was the one to present me with my certificate of healer. Helga guterman is one fine and kind, honest well respected women in her field and her community.

New Reviewer

weird there are so few reviews on this site that is very popular. I love it but it is too bad the premium features are so expensive.

New Reviewer

This website allows professionals to join and document their experience & accomplishments. Great idea. However, the site does not investigate the accuracy of an individual's claim, or accomplishments. I have found that the majority of people entering information on this site are exagerating their experience and accomplishments. No documentation is prodivded to substantiate what they are claiming.


I've found LinkedIn to be a good resource for connecting and keeping in contact with business associates and folks in my industries. The mobile app still leaves something to be desired and the newsfeed sorting isn't the greatest. I have a paid account and they still shove ads in my direction; that's a little annoying. Overall, it's cool and I enjoy the interactions and access to news it provides.

New Reviewer

I used this site for a short period of time as a premium user to identify possible candidates for an open position for my employer and the connections and methods of contact allowed me to establish interaction with some prospective hires that I may not have otherwise found.

New Reviewer

Some of these reviews are from a few years ago and there have been improvements since. Networking is crucial to me- I'm a staffing consultant and I have actually gotten jobs as well as networking clients where I never would have been able to using anything else. I've flirted with the idea of paying for the upgraded service but I'm not entirely convinced it's worth can get most of the benefits that are advertised but it takes a bit of time (and savvy) on your part to get around it.

I want to be found by potential clients so I do not hide- on the contrary I have a work Twitter account linked to LinkedIN as well as my work Facebook so anyone can find me depending on what they prefer to use.

I can say that for the amount they charge for premium services I've made exponentially in profit from clients and work I've gained from that site. If I could have done 4 and a half I would- the only annoying thing is not being able to message who you want to if you're not in network with them but people choose for it to be that way sometimes.

New Reviewer

I've been a "passive" member of LinkedIn for years now and only recently started to really use the site. What the heck happened to LinkedIn? It's a twisted, convoluted mess with way too much going on on every page and lots of random errors and issues. I think they lost focus of the whole "business to business" kind of tool that it once was. And another site with constant references to "Upgrade Now" is the last thing any of us need. But, what's the alternative?

New Reviewer

Regarding businesses and business, execs etc, this site just rocks. The app also has a user friendly interface. I highly recommend if you're looking to network etc.


New Reviewer

This site is not truthful about its membership rolls. When a member decides to leave LI for whatever reason, and deactivates their profile, LI still counts them as participating, with a profile member. This practice is disingenuous, and deceitful to those advertisers and investors who believe these falsely inflated numbers. LI also practices censorship, is a protected sanctuary of god drones and bots. Pretension abounds.

New Reviewer

This is a serous warning about

We where paying $500+ dollars a month to have our Companies Staff on LinkedIn, and to use LinkedIn as a Professional Networking to other Aerospace and Spacescience people globally. We had 32 paid staff accounts on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is owned and controlled by Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic, and these people are using linkedIn as there own personal spy agency and data base to track and harass anyone they see as a competitor or threat in the Aerospace Industry. In March/April 2013 LinkedIn changed its old privacy policy, so that now they OWN your listing, and you have no rights as a user on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn owners are now using people as their own personal cash cows and network of information on people. If you try to actually use LinkedIn to contact and network with Aerospace or Technology people and professionals, the LinkedIn agents hiding as regular accounts, will falsely accuse you of any sort of so called offenses, and then block your account, even if you are paying $500 a month or more, and will not give your money back.

LinkedIn is a high level big money scam, to control and manipulate information on people for nefarious and unprofessional agendas.

Anyone getting sucked into the LinkedIn scam will get burned. And if your dumb enough to get a paid LinkedIn account, linkedin will not provide the services they say they will provide, and in effect are committing felony theft of services and false advertising to deceive and defraud the public.

The Department of Commerce and FBI have received formal complaints in this regards, and spy and theft of service scams like this LinkedIn need to be shut down, and the public protected from these parasite blood suckers!

New Reviewer

I use this website everyday, I can find more useful information I want.And group can see more helpful......

New Reviewer

The new new way to look for a job is on LinkedIn. As annoying as it might be, it has become indispensable.

Apprentice Reviewer

I am on just like everyone else. It provides great information about people and their backgrounds. I am yet to figure out how it can help my career.

New Reviewer

Great site to keep you in connection with your business contacts. It's a great way to search for new career opportunities as well. They offer now premium services for job seekers. Seems useful but the "inmail" plan could be better, i.e., if they didn't limit the amount of "inmails" you could send. 10 per month is not a lot even at the highest level given the when you are looking for a job, you need to do much more than that per month.

New Reviewer

I opened an account 3 months ago. Unfortunately, I do not find great job offers, or nothing that actually suits my profile.
Maybe I would find more relevant offers if I had a little bit more work experience.

New Reviewer

Found well paid job through Linkedin. It's not just the alternate social network, but for me it helped in finding new job. Used it as additional place and I'm thankful to linkedin for offering this opportunity

New Reviewer

Guys if you are feeling difficulty in searching the job must make an account on LinkedIn. This is the best and largest platform for job searching.

New Reviewer

I think a profile on LinkedIn it's a must for everyone who cares about his career. I like it because it helps me stay in touch with old work colleagues. My profile thee helped me get my last job.

What I don't like about it is that I get quite a lot of spam connection requests from headhunters but I think this is a small downside of having a public profile.

New Reviewer

Linkedin is still just a neighbor to the other top Social Media websites, but they are making strides and will be on top of their game soon!

New Reviewer

Linked in seems like a good idea on the surface but unless you are willing to pay hard earned money, it serves little benefit. You basically can only communicate with people within your network which you already know or are familiar with. This will not allow you to likely find a job. It is called a job seeker's social network but the social aspect of it is limiting.

New Reviewer

I was just sent an invitation to connect with (which means you have to join) a former university instructor on Linkedin. It has become known as a site for professional job seekers and responsible employers to connect. What a surprise--when you join, it brings up people you might know already on its site--and there was SoftRock and its top three, owner Alex Difrawi, the girl who contacts you and sets up intervews, and a manager who guides you through setting up using your OWN e-mail to place phony ads for online universities that are ripping off US military for their education grants. People who join LinkedIn think they are joining an ultra professional site, but obviously anybody can call themselves anything and join so after seeing Defrawi on there, I have changed my mind and might unjoin it.

New Reviewer

Terrific site, great for snooping out what your old school friends are doing, and doing quick background checks of people you are considering doing business with. Not much more than that.

New Reviewer

Linkedin is an interactive site that helps to connect with your loss friend,business your mind to the world global reasoning And a place you find opportunities on how to manage your businesses.

Apprentice Reviewer

I use Linkedin and its better than Facebook or Twitter for me. The only thing is that when you join "groups" and then remove yourself from Groups you still get the groups e-mails. I do not like this. Not sure what I need to do.
I would have given it a 5 star had it not been for this issue.
Also there is a way to not have a Group show up on your profile, but if it doesn't show up, its as if its deleted. How can I remember the groups name?

New Reviewer

Very useful site.
Easy to navigate.
When joining groups, make sure you set email alerts off otherwise your inbox will be filled very quickly.

New Reviewer


Apprentice Reviewer

Many features of the website is broken. Specifically, search is completely non-functional. I think the idea is good but the implementation not that much.

Apprentice Reviewer

- Not user friendly
- You have to pay for simple privileges
- Haven't helped me a bit in terms of finding a job (listen, that's not because I am a crappy worker :) )

Overall: an option but not in my top10 list.

New Reviewer

Google lead me to this site as I was looking for an old acquaintance of mine who's services I was in need of. Not only did I find him, I got in contact with him and got the help I needed too. That wasnt the only thing I liked, I was also happy I found many other connections and old faces and discovered what they were now doing for business that I would not have found if it weren't for a website like this. Thanks for the great service!

1 Questions & Answers

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Q: All it can do at best, is eliminate the longest and most complex phase of recruiting, which is dealing with all the resumes that aren't going to make it. Recruiters and their machines will no longer have to chuck out resumes based on the qualities of the physical documents themselves, and from what I've heard, most resumes are dumped at this stage. They won't have to check for appropriate content at such length either, because they'll be dealing with data that's already in electronic format and which can be scanned electronically.

It won't deal with bad job descriptions, or bad interviewers or bad interviewees, or candidates who aren't being honest, or are chasing jobs they aren't really suited for.

As for having useful skills, the market seems to be awash with people who have useful skills; if there's only one job and a thousand people who are skilled enough to do it, 999 of them are going to be out of work regardless of how skilled they are.

Interestingly, I recently attended a class about jobseeking in which every single example given related to finding IT work, especially IT management positions. Yet there are hardly any IT positions out there, and the class included one professional IT manager who was trying desperately to get out of the field for exactly that reason. Despite him saying openly that there was no work in this field, and despite others in the class showing no interest in the IT field anyway, the class continued to be shown how to apply for IT management jobs.

As long as potential candidates aren't given good information and helped to find and use the best and most appropriate resources, the quality of the job market isn't going to improve.

So it seems to me to be just a money-saving idea, I can't see how it will make a difference to anything other than the employers' pocketbooks. What do you think?
A: The word on the grapevine here is that not only are hiring officers increasingly using Linked In to check out prospective staff, but that in a couple or three years, they'll move entirely to using Linked In instead of accepting paper resumes. Presumably candidates will be asked to submit their Linked In profile URLs, no other options.

It makes a lot of sense from an employer's point of view; I didn't know this before but have been told that many of them already use automatic scanning software to relieve them of the time-wasting job of reading resumes at all. The software scans for the current relevant buzz words, words taken from the job description, layout and fonts and text sizes and so on.

Apparently the idea really caught on when the software proved able to catch people who were simply copying the job description in its entirety into their "skills and experience" sections. And it can identify stock phrases and rule them out, leaving only original content, if any.

I understand that any excuse is already used to dismiss resumes - even a margin set to the incorrect width will earn that piece of paper a trip to the WPB. Doing this is still consuming resources, though, and it would be quicker to simply scan Linked In which is already in an electronic format.

If it happens, or when, this is likely to be a huge coup for Linked In. Maybe it's time to start saving up for the IPO?
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