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LightInTheBox reviews

164 reviews
4th Ring Road
Beijing, Beijing 100000
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164 Reviews for LightInTheBox

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I have to return two cell phones to this website located in china.

I would have paid more to get higher quality product.

Once an order is placed you cannot talk to customer service apparently.

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New Reviewer

I ordered 2 white clutches for my Bridesmaids while they were on sale AND offering free shipping for the holidays and I could not be more pleased about the order. The clutches were just as beautiful as in the picture if not More. Very happy, will shop here again for sure.

New Reviewer

I was furious about their lousy dress and delayed customer service. I had to rush to a local store and buy another wedding dress for my sister. They almost ruined the big event of my sister.

New Reviewer

Lightinthebox has good value items and, in my experience, good customer service. It might take a few days to resolve issues; however, they do try to keep the customer happy. The products I ordered so far have been well-made and I might buy more in the future.

New Reviewer

We've bought curtains twice from LightInTheBox and have been pleased with both sets. The material feels nice and the light plays off it a just a little bit. Although they are light, they block the light very well. The curtains have been sent quickly and packaged well. They were folded and can go right up on the rod. The price seems right to us - we would buy these again.

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I unfortunately did not come across the reviews on the various independent websites on Light in the Box until sometime after making my order. I had been lulled into a false sense of security by the reviews on Light in the Box's own website. How naive!

Although the Light in the Box website displays delivery costs at less than £4 (super saver delivery - no cavaeats were specified), approx. £16 was added to my order for delivery. When I queried this, I was informed that all orders over £50 are automatically categorised as expedited shipping, the option for super saver delivery was not available for such orders and that the order could not be changed to the basic super saver delivery charge (of under £4).

I let this slide having rationalised that I was probably still saving money on the cost of the goods considering what I might have had to pay in the UK. Wrong!!

Light in the Box, as it turned out, had also neglected to inform me that their delivery charges did not include any customs charges or that customs charges would apply to my order as additional. I have since received two text messages from DHL, demanding that I pay customs charges totalling about £30 in order for the goods to be delivered. The goods in fact only come approx. £88 before delivery charges. I have now paid about £46 in delivery and customs charges (more than 50% on top of the price of the goods) when the website had given the impression that I could pay leass than £4!! There is absolutely no way I would have gone through with the purchase from Light in the Box if these charges were disclosed upfront. I would cancel and return these items to get my money back but I understand from other reviews that even this is a nightmare where Lightinthebox are involved. I am however giving serious thought to notifying the office of fair trading as well as my credit card company about this matter . I am hoping that the items at least arrive intact and are of satisfactory quality. but if i could go back in time, I would not have ordered from this site. I certainly can say now, NEVER AGAIN!!!

I made a separate order of similar items, as I ordered from LITB, from another website prior to the LITB order. The company, like Lightinthebox appears to be based in China. I was not notified of any customs charges and none have been charged to me by this other website. I was however notified upfront of the actual delivery cost for the item. I have had no unpleasant surprises with this other company. It is therefore difficult to justify Light in the Box's actions as common practice amongst companies of its kind.

New Reviewer

I have purchased fashion dress 22 dress for my wife from LITB for $560. I have got all the item on time and the design was very good.
I will recommend for my friends and relative to purchase from Light in the Box. Pros is excellent customer care good relation from their team.
I am waiting for the Black Friday offer to purchase my next items.

New Reviewer

They got the order wrong. The size 5 shoes did not fit. They were too small. They gave me two tops the wrong colour. There is nothing worth keeping. I paid a tonne of money and also about £25 DHL tax fees that were not mentioned my end. It really was a complete waste of time and money and the quality of items poor. It is not worth me sending the items back.

New Reviewer

the quality is not that high but you do receive your products within the promised time. NOTE if you buy clothes remeber that they are based on asian people so clothes might be too short

New Reviewer

Very good service, any questions are answered right away along whit problem solving ideas. Having some insight with plumbing I was able to figure out what to do. I found this site by accident and was happy with awesome variety of faucets. The color changing one and now own a couple of them when I am upgrading my two bathrooms, I would recommend this company highly.

New Reviewer

I received the dress this morning, totally perfect. My dress arrived sooner than expected, and is exactly as shown on the picture and very comfortable. Totally recommend this site.

New Reviewer

This is a web site where you can question a product before you buy. If you have a problem with a product there is always someone to assist you. I'm not only enjoying the product that I've received from lightinthebox but there tracking and on time service.

New Reviewer

It was my first time purchase and the service is excellent, more than you except.

I recommend it to everyone.

New Reviewer

I ordered my dress and spoke to a man in Inquiries asking whether many dress arrived late, etc because I needed my dress to arrive ontime. He stated, "Don't Worry," and that he would mark my dress as urgent. 8 days later, my dress had still not been sent. I had to search 2 HOURS before finding someone to contact, and when I did, they did nothing! They kept stating that nothing could be done due to their high quality standards and that, "unfortunately, (my) shipment would not be mailed until XXX day". There was nothing they could do appearantly despite the fact that before the order, they said that there was nothing to worry about! I had to threaten to complain in order for them to send the package (finally!) and even then, despite having complained to multiple people, they sent it on standard shipping, despite that I had ordered expidited. Despite all that, it wont arrive on time.

New Reviewer

just now i paid for a cell phone to light in the box. the product is the one i am looking . and i saved my time for shopping over streets and very easy to place an order too. this is the product i m looking for and dual sim i need very much. i know and i am sure that this phone gives me a good service as same as light in the box. i need say thank you a lot to light in the box to serving us in a good manner.

New Reviewer

I am verysad with this site! I have never been so ignored in my life and my order never came i will probably file a refund with my paypal company. Please stay away from this site the products seldom arrive and dont care about the customer only the money. I never got my package :((((((((((
Ticket 1305281504738342

Apprentice Reviewer

This company/site....honestly, there isn't enough words that can express how disappointed and overall pissed off I am that I ever thought to use this place.

The customer service, unless you speak Chinese, don't bother.
The products, legitimate Chinese crap (I word it like that because this site is titled legitimate Chinese business).
There is NO warranty on anything, even though it says it comes with the manufacturer's one year, yeah, there is NO way to contact any of the MFG's. When you try to get customer support to help you, you have to jump through a bunch of automated hoops from the deepest, darkest levels of Hell that Dante never prepared me for. Since their HELP and CUSTOMER SERVICE system is completely automated, there is no solution or help.
The knock off android tablets I got for 5, 6 and 7 year old, one was used and scratched horribly out of the book (their reply was, "You pay to send back and pay for us to ship to you new. Takes 10-45 days." Are you effing serious? It'd cost 3 times more to so that then to have a p*ssed off 7 year old with a scratched tablet.
Each tablet died less than 3 months after getting them. The wear from the users was always supervised so they died on their own accord.

Would NEVER shop here again.

New Reviewer

I was so excited to receive my dress but I was so worried that the colour might not be perfect, but it is absolutely perfect! Glad to find this wbsite.

New Reviewer

Total ripoff

Ordered a ceiling lamp i never received. They refused to refund, gave me a coupn.

Again made a 2nd order via the coupon, they asked me for a copy of my credit card and passport, and in the meantime time debited the from my account the excess that was above the coupon value.

This business is a huge ripoff, there should be a way to sue them, they cant get away with such malpractices.

New Reviewer

This company are just scammers. Really light in the box, I don't know how you are getting aways with this. This company has a huge reputation for ripping people off. They are also specialist in writing fake reviews on all their sites.

I made the mistake of buying from them. I had been sent a broken pair of shoes and when I sent them back for a refund they had only refunded me 25% of my order. also they took 3 weeks to process it.

New Reviewer

The design were cute, quality was ok the set back I had with LITB was the fashion line. The last few orders with LITB the sizing were horrible. The size chart is not across the board. I'm usually an M but most of the stuff came in M but the cutting is for an S. I guess the cutting is meant for Asian body type. If you are curvaceous, then most of the clothes will not fit. LITB refund only one of the items, but the other items were not refunded. I still have 5 LITB items unused and untouched. Maybe think more than once before buying the Fashion line from LITB.

The wedding gown and evening gown were superb. Amazing quality, true to size, gorgeous and quick shipping.

New Reviewer

I made a purchase last week, I paid via PayPal, suddenly next day I received an email from: telling me I had a message on my account on, the message said they needed a picture of mi credit card and id card to ensure that I was the owner of my credit card, to this I replied that I did not understood why did they needed this information if I had paid thru PayPal?, even more now that I think about it how did you knew I used a credit card? It could have been a checking account ... to this they respond with a new message this time in French, I do not speak French so I had to translate it via Google and even though I’m sure the translation is not perfect what I got from it was that mi PayPal account could not be verified. So I talked to PayPal, they asked me NOT TO SHARE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT MY CREDITCAR AS IT COUD BE SOME KIND OF FRAUD. I tried reaching them thru their mail, their chat and their stupid 24 hour service tiocket sistem, non of theme worked, the lady at the chat didnt know what she was talking about and then she just let me there and went away, their mail they just didnt respond and of course the 24 hour sistem hasn´t return my message. On paypal i see the money went thru, so why dont they just send my items? why do they need a picture of my credit card?? does anyone else finds this a little suspicious??

New Reviewer

I bought 3 pairs of shoes (I looked to the size grid, but only one of the 3 pair of shoes where correct, when I try them on), I also ordered a few dresses and a blouse, I was thinking that I was a clown, bad quality blouse and I paid $ 25, so it was expensive. I also ordered two dresses one M (Looked in Grid a bit to big, but I know the clothingsizes of china, order always a size bigger, so normally I wear a 34/xs), the Medium was way so small, couldn't get one leg in it :(. My first and last order was very expensive, I had 86 euro import duties (I thought it was a joke, but they didn't miss, I called to the import duty service). The import plus my clothes costed me 146 euro, and I had nothing, the shoes were broken after one time (I wore them to go to the cinema). I would say for the price I paid that you better should order from sites like or, at least you can send the clothes back whitout any problem.

The costumer service was also very bad, I told them that the shoes where to big, they gave me the adress, I went to the postoffice and they told me the shippingcost would be 50 euro, I mean that was too mutch, so I send the an email to tell them that the cost for sending my shoes (and dress) back would be to expensive. So they said that they where sorry, that's it.

I was also disapointed because of the fact that they say that all the clothes are really cheap, but the shoes are very expensive, (most of them are made of plastic, so €50,00 is too much, for that price I can buy real leather ones ;) )

New Reviewer

Lightinthebox is a scam company in China. You pay up front for them to make "custom fit" clothes. It takes weeks for them to carefully sew (HA,ha) these clothes. This buys the company time to charge your credit card before you can stop payment....because this is exactly what you will do when you get these poorly made clothes. The fabric is really lousy. They refuse to refund any of the purchase price. My daughter lost $200. Lighinthebox also pays for people to give them good reviews. Beware-this company does not have real street address or phone number.

New Reviewer

Ordered 1 days ago. Shipped via DHL. (Free shipping) Arrived within 5 days as promised. Very nice watch. Feels really solid in hands and unique designs. Works great. Delighted on this purchase. Excellent customer service.

New Reviewer

I ordered $112 worth of product. One thing fit. I sent the rest back but have never gotten reimbursed. The company changed sites on me as well as account numbers and I could not communicate. Paypal finally got a return address but I am still waiting for a reimbursement for the items I returned. They were supposed to have reimbursed me on the return freight as well. If I email them they just pass me around and the whole mess begins again! Do youself a favor, do not buy anything from Lightinthebox.

New Reviewer

Great variety, lot's of things to chose from. Nothing is second hand and every other week there are promotions and discounts that keep home-shoppers like me interested to check it more often than any other online shopping sites.
I have ordered a few things from this site. Many people complain about service time and quality, but I assume they are not sure about the policy behind
Every product I ordered took about 15-20 days to arrive on normal shipment methods. One product, a costume actually, I paid extra for fast delivery and indeed it did arrive within two days of shipping date. Although shipping dates can vary among products or be delayed, once you know your product has been shipped it should follow the regulation of 10-20 days.
Now about quality of items. Real shoppers should know that before buying any products, you must investigate carefully. And yes I know you cannot regulate quality over the internet, but many reviews by customers is also a good way to find out about your product. This is why I like Customers can write their review on their products, upload pictures, recommend it or not, etc. and this a great example of a user-friendly and honest producer-to-consumer relationship in a business.
As for me, an Asian student studying abroad, I love this site and the prices of the products are some of the most affordable ones out there on the web. It has made my shopping-life on the couch like heaven :)

New Reviewer

I purchased a gown from Light In The Box to wear to a military ball, and I love it! I did have to have some minor alterations done when I received it, but that may have been faulty measuring on my part. In any case, you really can't beat the price for a custom made gown!

New Reviewer

I bought a dress that is so figure-flattering! I thought it was a top and skirt but the peplum bottom makes a gorgeous silhouette. It's a pale pink just like in the displayed picture.

New Reviewer

I have purchased faucets, lights, and clothes from lightinthebox. Everything I purchase is of very good quality. Before and after sales support is excellent. I would highly recommend this site to anyone.

New Reviewer

I am so pissed! I ordered these pair of boots and I wanted the ones in the picture. I read over the reviews and questions to try and find out what color the ones in the original picture was. Luckily, someone had already asked what color they were, and they got the reply, "brown." So I ordered a "brown" pair. I was a little doubtful, so I decided to contact them myself. I've been checking everyday since my order to see if I read it wrong, and to wait for them to reply back. I finally got my reply AFTER 72 HOURS, in which I wasn't allowed to get a FULL REFUND, and they said the ones in the picture were yellow! I was so angry. So I thought to myself, this couldn't be right. I went back to that one question that I've been reading for the last few days over and over so that I know I had gotten the right color, AND THE ANSWER WAS CHANGED TO YELLOW. The answer was literally CHANGED to yellow. So I ordered another pair and was hoping they would exchange it for me but THEY WOULDN'T GIVE ME MY FULL REFUND. They're the ones that said it was BROWN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. If I could, NO STARS.

New Reviewer

Light in the Box had great communication, my product arrived well packaged and on time. Highly recommended

New Reviewer

The prices were great. Considering it was coming from China and the shipping was free, it came quickly-within 2 weeks. They sent emails confirming the order. I will order from them again.

New Reviewer

great product, great price, delighted i ordered from this site and will look forward to ordering lots more for my wedding!

New Reviewer

I ordered a formal dress. Fabric and quality was excellent. The fit was perfect and it was shipped in 2 weeks. I will order from them again.

New Reviewer

I use the miniinthebox site (sister site of lighinthebox) a lot, either to get items for myself or my family.One of the last items that I've purchased is a nice small watch that my daughter loves it.
The free shipping is a one a kind offer and the prices are very low. If there's a problem with any of the items, the support is very fast to solve the issue, either refunding the items value or resending the item to me, free of charge.
I’ve recommended this site to a lot of my friends, and continue to do so.

New Reviewer

I had a great experience, even though one of my items was the wrong size, rectified the situation promptly and exceeded my expectations! A great site, with great products.

New Reviewer

First of all this company is from China.
If you are ordering from the UK- look out you will be hit with some high tax/customs fees.Fees will run you about: $20-$47.00 per order.I think you are OK if you live in the US.
Let me also warn you about RETURNS-you will be charged for shipping BOTH ways and a restocking fee(& u will never be able to recoup that money).
So make sure you buy something you know for a fact you are not going to return.Even if the product you ordered was delivered broke or the wrong item was sent to you, will still be out the shipping both ways.
In the past i have ordered bathroom faucets from Lightinthebox with no problem but i read many unhappy reviews that have ordered dresses.
In the future if i do order from China- i like to stick with a company that protects the buyer like AliExpreess.The seller does not get paid unless you are satisfied with your purchase.
i hope all this info helps.

New Reviewer

Absolutely horrible. I ordered a custom size dress, which came three inches too small, and white shoes, which upon arrival were pink. I understand I had to eat the cost of the dress, but they refused return on the shoes, saying the order was correct. Hmmm. Packing slip reads WHITE. Shoes are pink. I sent a photo to them of the pink shoes.... Maybe they can't differentiate colors? They offered me a coupon for future use at half the price I paid for the shoes. All items will be donated to a local thrift shop.

New Reviewer

I ordered a wall painting and payment is processed. I recieved a shipped out confirm with tracking # - wrong tracking number. I tried logging on and now my account doesn't exist. I requested for new password - no response, yet I receive ad emails...all the time!!! Can anyone advise on how to get results - I really love the painting, but how long will it take to get it? does anyone know contact for this company?

New Reviewer

So BAAAADDDDDD!!!!! It is really a terrible experience that i had in lightinthebox. I was very happy that i find the eye shadow palette with 180 colors at the first time, and without more consideration, i place the order at once also for the $31.49 cheap price. Yet, 30 days were passed, yet nobody contact me about my order, and i am disappointed by the same replay of waiting waiting waiting ....I can not bear them. On August.1, 35 days later i finally received them, Yet, all was over when i unwrapped the package. Everything was destroyed........I give this bad review to lightinthebox just hope that tell you that never buy from them. They are frauddddddd..........

New Reviewer

dresses arrived 3 sizes to small, returns are very complicated if not impossible, customer service is terrible, you have to take a picture of yourself in the non fiitting dress, mail it back to china 36$ each mailing fill out customs forms, site is almost impossible to navigate DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY YOU WILL BE SORRY.

New Reviewer

Most importantly: OUR CREDIT CARDS WERE HACKED within a day of buying something (a dress) on this site. Going through every transaction we had made in the past year (the card was 11 months old) this was the only site that did not run on verified and secured payment system. The charges made to our card were all made in China. Stay away from this site, seriously.
I ordered a last minute dress from them and it turned out nothing close to what was pictured, measurements were godawful (I am a size 6 and the dress literally fell off of me), and arrived with a tear down the zipper.
For 3 weeks after ordering, I attempted communication in order to get a refund. I got back multiple generic form emails which did not address a refund whatsoever. They (at the time, I don't know if it changed) had no US phone line- one was listed but nobody ever picked up- tried over 20 times during different times of day to call it.
These are scam artists, plain and simple. They do not represent their products accurately, the quality is terrible, prices are not just barely cheaper than anywhere else, and as youcan see from all of the other reviews, refunds do not happen. Finally, and they aren't secure enough to be trusted with your credit card information. Stay away from this site.

New Reviewer

I spent $240 on shoes- ordering 6 pairs in the one size. They arrived promptly about 2 weeks later- beautifully made but all in different sizes. Of the 6 only two were actually close to size. When I contacted the customer service they asked me to photograph the shoes with my feet in them (that was a sight let me tell you) so I did- 4 pairs of shoes with my heels hanging over the edge of the shoe.
After waiting almost a business day to get a return from the email I sent (in immediate response to theirs) they admitted error and gave me 4 options. I chose the option of compensation (half the amount of the shoes I purchased) and renegotiated the price - stll out of pocket. They then tried to reword it so I would not receive a refund, rather a store credit or coupon -which will never include postage. I have refused this version of the option and am still waiting on a reply which. after reading all the blogs here, Im thinking will probably not happen.
I paid through credit card as they did not offer the option of paypal- my huge mistake and one I will never make again. NEVER deal with this company if you cant pay through paypal- in fact dont ever deal with this company if you actually want to get what you paid for.

New Reviewer

I am getting married on the 10th May and I am worried that my dress will not arrive in time. I have communicated with customer services by raising a ticket but am just simply not getting anywhere.

I understand the the owner of Lightinthebox responds to queries/comments on here...please someone I am worried sick at this point in time and fear that my once in a life time day will be ruined.

Thanks in advance - NM

New Reviewer

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They ripped me off in more ways then one. Telling me I can't return things until there are photos of me in the product.. Telling me I cannot stop ordering something that took 17 DAYS to even BEGIN to process.. FULL OF CRAP, NEVER, EVER BUY HERE!

New Reviewer

LightInTheBox delay refunding my money more than 20 days. I've ordered ePad for Christmas, I've paid for shipping, but when it arrived, I found out that I have to pay again for shipping + duty tax. I have refused the parcel and I am still awaiting for refund more than 20 days!

Beware this scammers! LightInTheBox is scam and fraud!!!

New Reviewer

Wel... I didn't had the experience with them.
A friend of mine, bought a mobile phone with TV receiver.
I've used that and it was acceptable (seeing analog TV on it).

But... She can't use the phone call function. I think this phone don't recognise the SIM cards.

I'm not sure if she had another problem with them or not.

I'm looking for a affordable tablet pc, and I'm considering to buy it from them.

New Reviewer

To Customer Service: I am writing to you again. In case you don't understand the problem I am going to state it again.

No. 1 – as you are using Chinese goods, you need to tell the customer to buy several sizes larger – you did not do this.

All I want from you is the instruction on how to return the bridal jacket that I purchased that is very, very small and I do not want to pay postage to return it – as it is your fault that you do not give the customer the correct sizing information. Your policy of dropping the investigation after 48 hours is also ridiculous. It is the summer and people are on vacation. I was away from a computer when you sent that 48 hour deadline email.

If I do not get any satisfaction from you I will post a comment on the following website about how you deal with your customers. I expect an answer as quickly as you demanded my reply. I will be leaving town again shortly.

Bonnie Goodman
To Whom it May Concern: (I hope you are Customer Service)

This just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. I feel like I am in an alternate universe.

I just received this survey and filled it out. When I went to send it and I also included a long message repeating my problem, I noticed on the bottom that the survey said not to reply to the survey.

Why did you send it??? If I cannot reply to it. That is the stupidest thing I ever heard of.

If I do not get a reply about my problem from you in the next 14 hours I will post my complaint on the site I mentioned below.

New Reviewer

Theives! Don't wast your money. If you want a refund it doesn't happen even though they say they will. Terrible customer service

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY!!! No customer service phone numbers, will not accept returns, delivery times are erroneous. COMPANY LOCATED IN CHINA !!!

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