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Lifescript reviews

6 reviews
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New Reviewer

Sucks and! Waste of time. You fill out all these surveys but can never get to the end where u are supposed to get your samples. It is just a scam. True that nothing in this wOrld is free. Seriously who designs these things? Bored losers wIth nothing better to do. Wtf??? Sometimes if you go official brand website they send trial size Orr a sample but not at this bull$#*! sitem

New Reviewer

Nothing is free! This is just another affiliate marketing scam.....they want all your info, and surveys are designed to gather additional info to result in targeting specific ads based upon your answers. The creeps here promised free shampoo and I got nothing after hours of endless surveys. Stay away! They are affiliated with 5in5 (another scam site derived via affiliate marketing).

New Reviewer

A horrible waste of time. I think they are just Phishing. They promised me a free download for new maps to my XBox game. I spent hours filling out surveys and the download would Not unlock. I would just get a message to sign up for another of their endless surveys.

I emailed them about this but do not expect a reply. I think they are a big Scam.

New Reviewer

They promise samples galore, and special offers, and then NEVER DELIVER! They ask a million questions just to get your information and then you have scores of spam in your email. Their nicely decorated website is just another way they lure people into their scam. Beware! This site is as bad as Perhaps they're even either the same site or a close relative.

New Reviewer

I have tried for 2 days to use the calculator. I enter my info but when I attempt to go to the next subject I get the message enter infor and hit submit. There is no submit. I can't get past the info part. Very frustrating. Saw it on Jeopardy (sp) and it sounded great. Will try it again in a few days.


This is an extensive womens' online magazine, pleasantly pastel in both design and content, which places more of an emphasis on health and fitness topics than many others. Nevertheless, all the regular features of magazines are also here, with content cleverly organized so that each page leads you off into many different areas and there are always new links to follow.

An unusual feature of this publication is a directory of doctors, which you may use to find particular doctors or medical specialties in your area. I did try it once, and the nearest doctor it found was over 600 miles away, so that didn't really do anything for me.

As a man, I'd say that although there is a lot to read here, the site as a whole has a somewhat lighter feel to it than some others and is mainly intended for casual surfing or dipping into. It's still one of the top venues in this content area.

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