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3rd Floor Salustiana D. Ty Tower 104 Paseo de Roxas corner Perea St.
Makati City, 1229, Philippines
Tel: (02)795 8900

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I write customer service on their contact form, receive confirmation but no reply. (in 17 reviews)


I took each item out of their wrapping and inspected the condition of the goods. (in 35 reviews)


Other are scared that someone else might pick up their credit card information and use it. (in 8 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Ang lazada kunyari big offer like 65%, tapos nung niresearch ko na yung price sa internet, tang ina ganun padin angf presyo,, LAZADA is A BIG BULL$#*!!! may pa pa discoun2x pang nlalalman pero ang price same lang na mkkita sa internet whihc is the regular price! manloloko!

Ask Alex about
New Reviewer

Kaya nga kahit may credit card ako, prefer ko pa din ang COD kasi kahit sobrang tagal dumating ng item AT kapag lumagpas sa promised dates di ko na kukunin. Hindi address ang nilagay ko sa info kundi ang branch ng courier baleh pipick ko na lang. Sakit sa ulo yang credit card transaction, nabayaran mo na few days later sasabihing out of stock at mag oofer ng iba kung ayaw mo naman at gustong irefund hayon aalsa balakubak mo sa kaka update. Kaya 4 stars sa Lazada kung COD.hehehe

Ask Sweeney about
New Reviewer

Order and payment process is like rocket (its quick and easy)
But when it comes to shipping and customer service it sucks to the highest level.
They have this shipping police of 3-5 days within Metro manila delivery and 5-10days outside Manila.I place my order and paid it same day with my debit card 6 varrious items.
3days later I receive a letter that 2 of my items will be delivered first and the other will be delivered split.
I responded to their email saying I prefer that it will be delivered at once, cause its silly receiving items in different dates.But they said they have no control of it because items are from different merchants. I don't really fully understand but I have experience multiple items in Zalora I receive it in once delivery in 3days (positive).

Anyways moving forward. I recive 2 of my items from Lazada but then the remaining 4 items werent delivered at the date I expected (Nov.14)
I checked with 2go tracking since its their courier, system response is :
11/12/2014 7:39:00 PM LOADED 5J559
11/17/2014 4:50:00 PM ARRIVAL CEBU

Notice when it was loaded in Flight 5J559 was Dec.12 and it arrives in Cebu 5days after, this is insanely ridiculous and when I ask 2go why is this ? Is the airplane flying that slow that it takes 5days before it arrives in Cebu.
They said they have no idea what happens.I called up Lazada customer service they just reiterate to me that they shipped it via 2go on Nov.11.
So bottomline is, LAZADA dont even care to monitor or follow up if the items were really delivered or not.
In fact by nov.14 I emailed them that I should recieve my items that day but no response at all.

So I say, crappy customer service and lacks of care towards customers both LAZADA and 2go. Nobody wants to be blame and nobody knows what they are doing and what is their responsibilities.

So kept out.
I regret being lazy going out for shopping in malls and opted for Online purchases with LAzada sorry but I wouldn't recommend this company unless they will make total revamp in their work force and employee customer service skills.


Ask Ave about
New Reviewer

Contrary to what others might have said bad about Lazada in an attempt to demean its credibility, my experience was by far, satisfactory. I ordered a new phone from them last Tuesday, November 11, 2014. I thought I had ordered the wrong one so I sent them a query through e-mail just to be sure. They responded promptly but I didn't quite get the message the rep was trying to convey regarding the description of the product. I replied to her again but apparently I didn't get a second answer. I tracked my order status from time to time through their website which is also very user-friendly and detailed. My item had shipped within 24 hrs after I placed my order which is fairly quick considering that it was from a merchant warehouse all the way in China. It wasn't until I had spoken to a rep named Vangie, who is very accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable if I so could mention, that I got the answers I was looking for. My product was to be delivered in just 2 days as opposed to the ETA that I was made to believe which was 10-15 business days. From FedEx's website, it should be 5pm on 11/13 but I got it 1pm!

All-in-all, services were great! A couple of things I would like to point out though would be the very hard to reach customer service phone. To Lazada: please have your lines checked because as one adept with the sales process, a telephone conversation with a customer would make the shopping experience more pleasant instead of just doing everything in front of the computer. Also, I would advise that some of your reps undergo customer service and product specialization training. I would like to commend Vangie though for being very professional and helpful in answering my concerns. She went the extra mile for a customer who is but a child in the world of online shopping. This employee of yours deserves a raise!

As with all online purchases, it's a gamble. I could say that my first time with Lazada is a very good one! If you guys're wondering why there're so many bad reviews, I just assumed that alot of people who are already satisfied with their purchase wouldn't trouble themselves to write reviews like these. The result? A lot of bad comments. If you get the chance to shop here, spare a few minutes to tell other people about your experience, be it good or bad. It helps the company improve and the online shoppers know what is and what not.

Ask Drew about
New Reviewer

Very bad online shopping experience @ Stay away from their offers. Every part of their process is the worst. They don't care about the people who buy from them.

Tip for consumers: Don't even try it!

Ask Huck about
New Reviewer

DO NOT USE LAZADA PHILIPPINES IF YOU DO YOU WILL RECEIVE STRESS AND ANGER they are totally useless and tell lies one after another to you, making all types of claims and promise's to you and in the end only lies come from there mouths, i brought 4 items from lazada 3 were utter crap especially the acer laptop brand new and does not work, i warn you now DO NOT USE LAZADA

New Reviewer

hi iam ashwini from india,i wants to buy a lot of products from lazada but at the payment payment its displaying as error message.Can indians peopl too can buy from lazada.

Tip for consumers: can buy blindly

Ask ashwini about
New Reviewer

I've had 3 successful transactions on Lazada and I didn't have any problem at all. I just like to say though, that when I left a positive review for the item, Lazada approved it but deleted the line where I put the date I've ordered and when it arrived. And that's not a good thing when a merchant edits reviews!

Ask Jen about
New Reviewer

I totally agree with most of the reviews here about Lazada.
Lazada sucks big time!

I ordered a smartphone from what they call "3rd Party Merchant' and I chose
this merchant coz it offers the fastest delivery ( 1-5 days for Metro Manila) The item
from this merchant was more expensive than others but it offers the fastest delivery and
so I chose this item.

After 3 days, I checked the Order status and it said, Being processed by their merchant and ready for shipping

On the 4th day, the order status became blank. I was clueless on where the item was.
So I made a call to Lazada, and the agent who answered gave me a very definite answer that it will be delivered to me tomorrow ( a Friday ). I did not go to work that Friday since I am very eager to receive the item which cost more than P20K.. Sadly, no delivery.

Saturday, I called again and I was promised that the item will be delivered Monday since they have no deliveries on Sat and Sun

Monday came, I went to work and kept on calling the house if the item was delivered. It was already 3pm and yet no deliveries. And so, I again called Lazada. After talking to so many, supervisors included. They apologized that since the item was imported, the delivery was between 10-15 days. I argued that the reason I chose that item was because it promised within 5 days delivery. I told them, just tell me where the item is right now and I will decide whether to cancel it or not. I was told that , after a number of calls that they made, the item was still in HKG. How come I was advised that it will be delivered last Friday and then again this Monday and now they are telling me that the item is still in HKG and it will take about 5 days before they can deliver it to me. In as much as I wanted to cancel it, I decided not to because it would be more tedious since I used my credit card and paid for it straight.

When I got home that same Monday, I found a parcel in my room. I asked the maid and she said it was delivered 4pm . I was baffled. What is this? I am not expecting the item another 5 days from now because as per the Supervisor I spoke with, the item is still in HKG.

Lo and Behold, I opened the box, and there it was, the smartphone that I ordered.

I immediately called Lazada and asked if I could speak to the Supervisor I talked to that same afternoon so I could advise her that the item was already delivered. When she answered the phone, her opening line to me was " What is your issue again this time???"
She never even bothered to say "Good afternoon"over the phone. So rude and unprofessional. I told her, "Well, my issue is that the item that you said is still in HKG and will be delivered in 5 days is already here in my room! "

Love the smarphone that I ordered , but I could not say the same for the service of Lazada.

Ask Junix about
New Reviewer

its been10 days since i ordered from their site... based from the tracking tool asa warehouse na but then after 3 days na ganon ang status,,, biglang back to zero, nawala lahat ng info sa order ko..huhuhuhu

Ask christian about
New Reviewer

I bought smartphone from Lazada.. it's good enough, they have big discount.. I just hate to them is when I ordered for the 2nd time and I have waited for so long then.. they canceled it. Now, i'm thinking if I should buy in-store or still in lazada.. I hate crowded place plus I can't find a better looking for really wat I need.. just like cloths .When I go to store.. I really hate saleslady/boy following me plus there r some sizes that r not available -_- I hate that moment when I go In-store and didn't buy anything.. I feel like a shoplifter -_- then thinking the manager/saleslady saying "nd man lng bumili or magnanakaw kaya un?"

Ask Lance about
New Reviewer

Bought a product here but received it incomplete.There is missing parts.Instead I return I just dumped it.I already warned my friends and relatives not to but here.

Tip for consumers: Better buy in stores.U can make sure u will have it completely.

Ask Cherelyn about
New Reviewer

I have ordered an Asus Zenfone 6 Flip Cover (Pearly White) and as per 2GO tracking app the package was received by 2GO Branch on Sept.29, 2014 at 6PM.

I have waited the delivery for the whole day (Sept. 30) since 2GO tracking app update indicated that the package was out for delivery at 9AM.It is already 4PM and there has been no delivery yet so I went to their branch here in our place to inquire. Ang ganda ng sagot nila. Yung delivery nila sa malayo nagdeliver muna at bukas na lang sana idedeliver yung sa inyo!!!!

In short, they released the package to me and what is worst, after checking the cover - it is way toooo small for my Zenfone 6!The size of the delivered cover is for Zenfone 5!!!ANO BA YAN!Do they know how to read?!

New Reviewer

Ordered an item from them. It has been past the 5 business days guarantee (more than 10 days), and it never arrived. Their phones are unreachable. Good thing it was ordered using COD, else all hell will break loose.

Tip for consumers: Read the other reviews and take your business elsewhere.

Ask mozy about
New Reviewer

My purchase arrived more than 15 days after buying and paying online.
The perfume I got was fake..I still have an original bottle that I bought from duty free..the scent is so different. The one from lazada stays for a minute then scent. There were minute detail differences on the bottle and box from the one I got from duty free and the one from lazada.
This experience has really been disappointing, frustrating and a total waste.

Tip for consumers: Make sure the item you are buying is authentic..saving a few bucks is not worth anything if you get a fake product.

Ask Stephanie about
New Reviewer

I recently ordered a power bank and shoe rack from Lazada. I received a message after 4 days that the items were going to be delivered on the same day. I waited the whole day to no avail. The following day i received another notice that my item was delivered but they could not contact me. I followed up with the customer service with the guarantee that i will receive a notice once my order would be delivered again. The same scenario happened a couple more times wherein i would receive a message that my order was to be delivered on that day only to receive a message from the courier that they were at my place the following day. I cancelled all my plans during those days they informed me that they were going to deliver my items only to realize that i was wasting my time waiting for a delivery that was never going to arrive. When i last followed up they cancelled my order on the basis that i was never around to receive the item. Poor customer service from lazada. Such a waste of time!!!

New Reviewer

do not ever think of buying any gadget from this f@#$% lazada! their after sales suck bigtime. their assurance of refund or replacement is just a marketing ploy to attrct sales. i bought a redmi 1s..after one day i returned the unit bec i discovered a defect when placing a call. when it got to them...they said its fine after 2 days of evaluating! ganon sila ka tangga!! it takes them a hundred heads to evaluate a single defect...ane eto ang matindi...they said the factory seal has been broken! sinong tanga ang mag tatanggal ng factory seal after one day of using??? NEVER TRUST FROM LAZADA. MAGALING SILA MAGBENTA BEC OF ATTRACTIVE SALES BUT BELIEVE ME THEY DO NOT DO REFUND OR REPLACEMENT...NEVER!!!

New Reviewer

Do not trust their warranties, they will "fine print' the $#*! out of you. Tons of headache comes with your item. I ordered one tablet and had a cracked LCD. Good bye to the refund since "an item must be in a brand new condition" when returned. -___- What the hell right? Time passed and ordered a phone. Returned the product as I was assured that "you can return the product if it is not working as expected" well they wouldn't accept it because the plastic covering the box was considered a "seal". (A seal they mislabeled so I opened the box thinking it was actually my order) If it was, then first they should clarify that removing items from the box voids the return guarantees and second, they shouldn't have that guarantee in the first place as it is impossible to fulfill. Stay away from this business. My bad experience here made me want to build my own Online Shopping business. That's how bad their service is, it makes you want to make your own.

New Reviewer

I will never purchase from this website again. They have caused so much delay. If only I knew that my purchase will take more than 5 days I should have not bought. I purchased a Casio watch for my mother in law's birthday last Sept 9. I made my purchase last September 02.

Here is my order tracking:

>2014-09-09 14:04:10 Your item(s) has been shipped with 2GO with tracking number D0801855J.For more details on your shipment, please contact the shipping provider hotline (Mon-Fri 8am to 7pm; Sat 8am to 5pm): 02-5287136

>2014-09-05 15:44:42 Your item(s) is being packed and ready for shipment at our merchant's warehouse.

>2014-09-03 09:22:57 We are processing your item(s). Please refer to the product page for more specific lead time of your item.

>2014-09-03 09:22:56 Your order has been successfully verified.

>2014-09-02 18:32:26 Thank you for shopping with Lazada! Your order has been received and is going through verification process. Next update will be sent to you via email soon.

It is Sept 11 already yet I haven't gotten my order yet. I tried to contact their costumer care but it takes so long to connect to their hotline. I sent them some emails and not satisfied with their reply to my concern. The tracking number that they have provided me is invalid too. I also called 2Go regarding this and was informed that they don't have it in their system and will immediately update me regarding my concern. It has been 14 hours since I called but I haven't received an update. It is really very disappointing. Please improve your costumer support and your delivery time. be encouraged on how Zalora handles their costumers. They are way better!

Tip for consumers: Do not purchase from this website

Ask Ann about
New Reviewer

Penjualan via online semakin hari semakin familiar di kalangan masyarakat, pertama kali saya belanja di lazada saat itu anda begitu customer service tapi sekaranga semakin bisnis anda berkembang, pelayanan anda SANGAT BURUK! CS anda dan bahkan management anda tidak perduli dengan customer!


Ask kim about
New Reviewer

To: Lazada Philippines. order #303145286
If you are reading this, this is an insight in hopes that you will one day understand what a good online shopping experience truly is.

I have been a long time online shopper from Amazon and Ebay and this is one of the times that online shopping became a truly bad experience. What shoppers would say: FIRST AND LAST.

Here's the background:
My mom wanted to buy a 32" LED TV from SM and I told her i can get her a better deal online. It will just take a few days.
Aug 25, 2014: First time I decided to try Lazada website with a Mastercard Monday 10% discount. Doing my due diligence, I called in to verify if the item adverised is infact accurate and in stock. Yes they were so I went ahead and went thru payment. No 10% indication. Called back in to ask why. Rep said I'd have to purchase first and call in to get the 10% rebate. My mistake was to trust and purchase it. Called in after and they said the Toshiba 32" LED TV is not part of the Mastercard Monday 10% discount. Fortunately, I was able to take a snapshot of the item showing 10% off. I emailed that to a rep named Leslie and she said she will call back after lunch and update the discount refund but they never did.

Aug 26,2014: Called in again to check the status of the refund. Talked to Eve who said there was no ticket logged! So aside from not calling back, didn't even record he complaint. I resent an email showing proof of the item showing 10%discount mastercard monday. Eve said give them 24-48 hours for a response from their payments department.

Aug 28,2014: Called in again to check refund status after 48 hours. Nothing.

Aug 29,2014: Got an email that the shipment is being delivered. Waited and it never came.
Aug 30,2014: Called in to verify another email that the delivery is on the way. Still no delivery.
Aug 31,2014 (Sunday): Item arrived.
Sept 1,2014 (Monday):Called in to followup the refund of P1,470. Still nothing.
Sept 2,2014 (Tuesday): My mom got so frustrated with the delivery notifications. Every time I told her the shipment is on the way, she wouldnt leave the house. On sunday, she left the house and had to go back bec the shipment was already there. Talk about the lack of coordination. We decided just to have it refunded and buy elsewhere. Walk into a store, take it home! So much for ease of online shopping. My bad mom. I didn't save you any money but instead gave you a ton of headache. Now the refund part which I've read a lot of complaints as well.
Sept. 3,2014: tried to drop off the tv at LBC and they would not accept it. we have to put it in a crate daw. WHAT?!?!?! delivered in a box without a crate and now we have to hire a carpenter to crate it??? Ridiculous. Lazada, you better talk to LBC about this. You will frustrate your clients until your name will become the worst online store.

1) Don't make promises you cannot keep. Tell your reps not to say that they will call when in fact, they will only email with a generic message...." i hope we have been somewhat of service..." duh???

2) Check your terms with your partners: LBC, 2Go. Having an account number is not enough. you need to be on the same page with them. Tell them it's okay for clients to ship returns as long as it is in original packaging...NOT CRATED!!!

3) Make sure you do not commit false advertising. IF you make a mistake, honor it right away!

There, i hope i didn't wasted my time writing this. I wouldn't recommend anyone to shop here at all.

Tip for consumers: Wait for more positive feedbacks for this site before even risking to get frustrated.

Ask sean about
New Reviewer

I ordered from last August 22, 2014 and received an email that the item just arrived in their warehouse last August 27, 2014 and will be ready for shipping once cleared. So they are already delayed from their 5days max. I let it go, because they replied to me on my follow-up. Then the parcel was delivered and only to realized they sent me the wrong item. I ordered and paid for a 16gb usb and received an 8gb usb instead. I was due to sent the files to australia using that USB the next day so I can't return it anymore. So I emailed them to issue me a refund because I paid for a 16gb USB since that's all i can get for sure. No one from their customer service replied and when I contacted them in Facebook they just deleted the post where my inquiry was made... So bottom line is, LAZADA.COM is the worse online store I've encountered. I've been shopping online since 2012 and never have I encounter this much dismay. They even hide the 8gb text on the packaging using their barcode sticker. What a disappointment it has been dealing with them. Even the delivery guy was unprofessional complaining to me that his route for the day is very unorganized.

Tip for consumers: Don't buy from LAZADA.COM if you don't want to be stressed out with lousy services.

Ask Erica about
New Reviewer

i ordered from lazada and always pay via COD. my orders were always successful, probably because i always ordered small items like nail polish etc. but my recent order was such a disappointment. i orders 1 nail polish and baby shoes. i missed the day od the delivery and the delivery guy said he will be back after 2 days. i waited for those items for A WEEK. i emailed lazada and asked them when was my parcel going to be delivered but they said it was cancelled. so i was like ok fine. but the next day, the parcel arrived unexpectedly! i was so pissed cause i did'nt have any cash on me and had to rush to the atm. so unprofessional lazada. so unprofessional.

Ask Michelle about
New Reviewer

My wife just ordered a new Cherry Mobile Cosmos and I knew right away it was knockoff copy and not original just by the pics from the camera. Real Cosmos has very high image quality. This phone has terrible image quality. Also the keypad is typing incorrect characters and sticking/hanging up badly. The phone is a cheap knockoff fake. Not a real Cherry Mobile because I had two of them and they are very good phones.

Tip for consumers: Do not buy from Lazada. They are selling cheap fakes, not original merchandise.

Ask mike about
New Reviewer

I was very disappointed with Lazada! Just received the item which I ordered yesterday. The size I received is not the size I ordered. I was planning of returning it but then I just found out with one of my friend she encountered the same thing. Sobrang tagal nang replacement! Sometimes hindi pa daw na accommodate. Sobrang disappointed ako guys! I won't try again on this buying site EVER!!! so I discourage others don't dare to purchase at LAZADA. You'll get disappointed too.

New Reviewer

I just return a defective Asus tablet this afternoon at LBC. I indicated in the return form that I wanted a refund thru money transfer. After reading these negative reviews, I'm now even more worried that my money wouldn't be given back in the next couple of days.
The main reason why I chose topurchase online, is because I don't have the time to go to malls and spend hours choosing what item/gadget I should get. I do hope the company takes time to read these reviews here. Quite alarming I should say!

Lazada should be even more prompt and take immediate action when customers are doing follow ups and all the more complaining about their orders. Because if you do so, you won't be losing customers and your credibility as one of the "best" online store would be fairly acknowledged.

ANYWAYS, I want my money back asap. :)

New Reviewer

Naku guys! Don't you ever dare to buy sa lazada na to! Pag umorder kasyempre mabilis kasi kikita sila e. Pag nag return ka naman ng product, ayun nangangamote! Isang linggo na wala ka pa ring balita sa product na sinoli mo e. Oyy mga empleyado nh lazada, nangangamote kayo! Tulog kasi ng tulog sa kangkungan!!!!!

New Reviewer

Received a defective tablet.. Still waiting for the replacement to be processed. Not worth the hassle

New Reviewer

Rating? 0

Stay away from Lazada! please! they cancelled my order right after i purchased / paid the item saying that it's out of stock but the item is still posted as available in their website! really, Lazada? you charged me for the item only to find out you're going to cancel it? jeez! now I have to wait for 15 days for my money to be returned! you better give me my money back!

New Reviewer

iv purchased my tab from lazada, sad to say the headset was not included, i keep on follow.up with their customer service after i received the item but its been almost 3 months, nothing happens. so disappointed.

Expert Reviewer

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New Reviewer

If I can give 0. I'll give them. Beware buyers, hindi sila reliable.
Bumili ako ng refrigerator, tapos kinancel pero wala kong nereceive ng email. Kaya tumawag ako, sabi di daw pwede ung card ko, pero nacharged na,magbayad daw ako ng cash or try different card. After 5 days, nakareceive ako ng email na cancelled daw kasi out of stock. Refund is 5-15 days.
Bumili ako ng ibang model since out of stock ung una kung order, I gave them a second chance. After 2 days sabi shipped na daw ung item ko, pero ung tracking number invalid. Nag-antay parin ako ng 5 days pero walang item na dumating so tumawag ako sa 2go at sabi nila inaantay pa daw nila ung item sa lazada. Tumawag ako sa Lazada sabi kaya daw invalid ung tracking number kasi ayaw tanggapin ng courier dahil bawal daw ang refrigerator sa air fright. Tinanong ako kung okay lang sea fright. (Note: sa Ilocos dedeliver ung item.) Sabi ko as long as makarating ung item ko, go ahead and ship it. Then the next day I got another email saying that my order was cancelled kasi hindi daw talaga madeliver. 5-15 days refund daw. After 7 days may dumating na refrigerator sa bahay through 2g0, pero dahil nakabili na ako, hindi ko na tinanggap. Bumili ako kasi sabi nila cancelled daw. I'm still waiting for my refund and everytime na tatawag ako sabi nashipped na daw, or ichecheck sa 2g0 kung andun na ung item. Exactly 29 days na ngayon, katatawag ko lang kanina at ganun parin ang sagot. Ichecheck daw ung item sa 2go, tapos magsesend sila ng email. I prefer to call them kasi di naman sila sumasagot sa emails, laging automated mail. Any advice paano ko makukuha ung refund ko?

New Reviewer

I ordered 3 x times at, 3x because everybody deserves a second or third chance. I am living at Camotes and I ordered some fish oil capsules from Kirland. Payment on delivery as it says on their website. First the order was confirmed and ready for shipment. 1 day later surprisingly the order was cancelled with a strange reason:

"As per checking of the updated list of coverage, we are unable deliver in your area using the Cash on Delivery payment method."

A month later I thought, give them a second chance. We urgently need a split aircon inverter type. They offer it for about 3000 p. cheaper than in the local shop. It was confirmed. But before they called to check if the order is serious or it's really me, don't no. I don't like if a shop must check their customers first. Then they should better not do online business.
But guess what happened next day:

"As per checking of the updated list of coverage, we are unable deliver in your area using the Cash on Delivery payment method."

Are they mad or what. I really don't understand what happended. Are the people in Camotes not good enough for them? This is really a FUC shop.

Some days ago I want to try a last time, because I still wanted to believe that's a big misunderstanding. I ordered 2 bottles vitamin e natural for about 1000p. But the same thing happened: Confirmation and 3 days later cancellation. Are they mad? They want to earn money or not?

First I thought, oh Lazada, that's good, online shopping in the Philippines. It's a good thing. I don't have to order anymore abroad.
But I was wrong. Thus I order again from abroad. Lazada NEVER AGAIN!

New Reviewer

Buyers be warned! Ordered an expensive lens from Lazada Philippines (with MasterCard Monday Promo) and suddenly I found my order cancelled a few days after they confirmed my order both through a phone call and via email. The worse thing is the item is still showing up as available in their website! Never received any notification from them on the cancellation. This is the first time I used this site. Never again.

New Reviewer

If anyone reads this, I do not recommend buying from Lazada, unless:

1) You are willing to wait FOREVER for your item because they "do not have a definite time as to when the item will be available" yet their site lists the item as available.

2) You are willing to settle for the possibility of receiving an item that is totally different from what you ordered i.e. not what it looks like in the picture

3) You are willing to settle for a totally different item because your money is already with them and it will likely take over a month to get it back, while...

4) Having to deal with customer service personnel who are hired for their patience because all they do is give scripted responses designed to stall for time.


You will honestly feel that they are still bargaining with their suppliers so that they can get you the item you ordered at the price you ordered it while still maintaining a healthy profit after their operations expense is deducted.

New Reviewer

How i was cheated by Lazada
On April 3, i purchased an item in Lazada site, an all white Hyundai tablet.

On April 8, i received the item. When I open the package it was black front and white back which totally different from the photo posted. I turn it on, used it only for less than 10 minutes. A pop up error shows every 2 minutes, saying there was a problem with, i don't know what it was exactly maybe it has to do with the program. So i turn it off and returned it to 2go. With the whole package, lazada invoice,letter,and the return form. They should never advertised product which is doesnt match the photos posted in your site, it is false advertising to do so.

On April 11,i was not able to receive anything, or feedback. So, I emailed Lazada and was told that they received the returned item but not able to process without the merchant invoice. Now, it got me confuse because I sent the lazada invoice. So,I emailed a photo of the customers copy of the lazada invoice. I called customer customer service and was told that they will request one from the merchant for a new invoice. Which i recently found out,that there should be 2 invoices, one from LAzada and one from the merchant, which I did not even receive. I emailed for follow up number of times, i was told i will receive an emailed merchant invoice on or before April 24. On April 26, and no invoice, no refund. I am a loyal customers for years, and i have purchased numerous items. If this is how they treat loyal customers, nobody will buy products anymore. I talked with MIgs,Kat, Vince, and used up minutes on my line just to call them for follow up, i was even put on hold many times, 10 minutes holding time. Still not able to get my refund until now. Today is May 2, 2014. One day shy since I purchased the product. I have been cheated, they have the item, and no refund money. My hard earned money gone. I WAS SCAMMED. LAZADA SUCKS.

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I just think lazada should sell items online which are physically present with them and not let the customer wait for more than 7 days, because the reason why people order online located in PH is because we do not have time to shop and we need it to be delivered asap. If it will take more than 7 days, we could have just order it outside PH. I know you will say about custom tax, but if you know how to calculate custom tax, you can amend and write them for their overcharge and get your refund. We just want an honest ecommerce company. It was my first time to order in lazada coz it keeps on popping up my facebook, but anyway, I have learned my lesson. I saw threads complains online and I think the people who are complaining are those who paid via cc. Keeping our money in the bank for awhile will definitely give lazada free money by bank interest.

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I prefer online shopping due to my busy schedule. I did a lot of online transaction with different online shops and thank God I was never scammed yet some are kinda disappointing especially when the courier doesn't care about the item they are handling. But dealing with LAZADA is really dreadful. I ordered a nikon camera which is on sale and paid it right away using my sister's card since i don't have visa or mastercard. They immediately called me and thanking me for my purchase and send me an email as well. After a while another CSR called me and informed me that my order is confirmed however, it will take like 3-4 weeks to be delivered since the item is still in Hong Kong and upon my affirmation, they will place the order there so it could be deliver in 3 to 4 weeks. They were nice and i wasn't on a hurry so I said YES and proceed with my order. Then I received again an email thanking me again for purchase and consideration etc. After 1 week I tried to follow up my order, just hoping to see the status via tracking online and what surprised me was a note saying: "Your item has been completed and it is no longer active in our system". So i was really shocked and I called their hotline. A CSR told me that their system "rejected" my order. REJECTED, that was the term he used so I asked him HOW and WHY. He cannot even give me an answer. WTF! He just told me that it is their technical system's way, again WTF! I asked him why nobody informed me earlier, no one called or even send an email. I was like a stupid one waiting for nothing that if I didn't track my order I will never know anything.

The fact that they REJECTED my order?!?! It was their Technical System that they couldn't even explain and yet they are very fast in collecting payment.

Recommendation: definitely NO
Will try to order from LAZADA again: HELL NO, NEVER!
Rating: I couldn't even give them 1 star
Remarks: Very poor customer service and foolish CSRs. Technical System is very terrible. This shop should be closed! $#@!

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I ordered 6 items from them. The first 4 items were delivered within 2-3days yet the other two were delayed based on what they claim na kapag metro manila 1-5 banking days. Then after 6days, I received an email which states that my order has been cancelled. And what's worst is that I have to wait for 5-15 banking days for the refund of the amount I paid to them. Hindi na talaga ako uulit sa lazada.

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I already have 3 transactions made from lazada and so far they delivered the items fast and correctly and those CRS representatives were really accommodating, but still had a bad experienced from lazada, they also cancelled one of my order which is ceramic pan which i waited...and a bad item that i received (the powet bank) because it was deffective so i returned the item back..after 1 week it has been replaced..but i just got disappointed! The item has a void sticker on it side which i believe that the item was just a repaired item. I thought that my replacement item was a brand new but when i tested it , it was another deffective item (power bank).. now i am going to send it back again for the 2nd time and will wait for another week for my refund!!.. :(

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My first Order Is Little Bad. LBC had to go to ESI North Hub.M y Second Order Is Fast. My Third order Is Even Faster. My Present Order Is Little Bad Because They Have No Sunday Buisness

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We tried purchasing a phone last night and we end up being debited with the amount of 1,100+ QAR.. As we check on the order , it doesn't say if it gets through and does send a confirmation via email... The only notice we just receive was a text message from the bank that states "Your Credit Card ending **** was debited, PHP7,199.00 at LAZADA.COM.PH 103 Pa
at 18:40, 25-Feb-14.Available Limit: *******QAR

Im waiting for their call or even an email response before i go to their office my self

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Ordered something from the "personal pleasures section" even if the items were sensitive enough for discreet shipping and packaging they did not give my privacy any second thoughts, needless to say I signed an LBC receipt with item description including the words "Vibrator" LMAO. imagine the look on the LBC guys face when I signed for it, the LBC guy even stopped for a second look at me. Never again..

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I ordered two mini hifi systems on LAZADA. Payment at delivery so did not have big concerns, thinking I would reserve the right to refuse delivery of excessive delay.

First thing that went wrong was that when submitting order, message appeared that site was under maintenance please try again later. Happen some times and when finally I got through (so I thought) I received 4 order confirmations, meaning all went through despite error message.

I write customer service on their contact form, receive confirmation but no reply. End up calling them and get thing sorted and 3 of the multiple orders cancelled over the phone.

Then we receive the one hifi from LBC, again same story writing on contact form - receive confirmation but no reply. hen I call customer service, I am told other hifi sent with 2GO?

During this on LAZADA order tracking nothing updates stop at the warehouse, no info on separate shipments and so on..

Would I buy from them again? Sure if it is something I really like and if cash on delivery terms. I will not use my credit card at this time dealing with them.

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I ordered a tablet and memory card that's worth 8k, then when i tracked it, biglang nacancel. the worsr thing is nagcharge sila sa debit card ko. I really feel cheated dahil wala naman advisory na natanggap na nacancel yung orders ko. at walang valid reason to cancel. I called them twice na ibalik na lang yun money and order na lang ako thru COD pero they said na 2 weeks pa sya maibabalik. I'm afraid na umabot pa ito ng month e i really need the items for my business. Pls lazada, help me naman with this concern. I wanted to order from you again since reliable naman kayo na online shop. Kindly give my money back

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Have the same bad experience, i was billed by my credit company and they said the the transaction went through. When i emailed, they said that the transaction was cancelled due to technical reason and offer a cash on delivery instead, what a trick!

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I've ordered something it's been a week already I did not get any update on that, no email no text no email even, I've sent an email but no reply on that, LAZADA is FRAUD, They're lucky because in Philippines there is not consumer law if there is I'll sue them first, but I've still sue them under credit card fraud, because I've already paid it and did not get anything, sent email but no reply it means they are fraud. Guys don't ever buy anything from LAZADA, anyone has good experience with LADAZA they're lucky but this is my experience with LAZADA. For me they are Just a Fraud Company.

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I hate this online shop because they are not responding to their contact # so I sent them an order camcellation via email and their not responding so I told them if there's any item which is came from them, I am not going to accept it or pay it because I told them for 2 times that I will cancel my order...

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We placed an order and we settled the payment using a Debit Card. We were charged on the order and a confirmation email was sent as well. weeks passed and our package has not yet arrived. We were worried with our purchase since the money has been taken out from our account and the order was not yet delivered. We contacted the said business and guess what? the order was not processed. The CSR mentioned that there are some issues regarding the delivery or what and the order that was placed is invalid. They already charged our account and they will tell you that the order was invalid? What a poor business. And since we don't have any choice, we asked them to cancel the order and process a money back as well. Guess what? It will take business days for the refund to be credited back. They charged our account in just a blink of an eye and they will tell you that it will takes so long for the refund? We never expected this to happen and we're looking forward not to make any business with them. It's a total unsatisfying shpping experience.

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i order to lazada without any reviewing the product, and i thought the product i order is installment but when i see the confirmation. the letter stated that the product is cash on deliver thats why
i contact lazada to many times because i want to cancel my order but they didn't response to my email even in a phone call.
maybe after 3 days my order will be deliver, i dont even know how can i pay it.

I will cancel my order because i dont have some money to pay my order and i have some problem about my project in school.
cause i dont even have a job, im a former student
thats why i cancel my order.i cant afford to pay my order.
And I hope you will understand my situations.

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