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New Reviewer

I couldn't be more pleased

New Reviewer

Very Good. I was was treated fairly and Janet made me feel comfortable in making the change in the license and getting the document to me in word

New Reviewer

I have not received my documents yet.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

They cost me a lot of money. refused to refund it. It's too hard to do anything online involving must cancel by or you will be charged monthly.

New Reviewer

Thank you Cynthia fo providing such great service. I will tell my friends about your site.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer


Your response was remarkably fast an very appropriate. I could not have been served better.


New Reviewer

Just spoke to Janet after previously talking to another representative (forgot the name) they were both very helpful and patient/diligent and must be commended. Thank you.


New Reviewer

Wonderful, very professional

New Reviewer

i was a little nervous (just before putting my card detail in and checking reviews on this site) - however i read them and proceeded. Let me tell you...
The free trial IS a free trial - just remember to canx subscription if you don't wish to proceed before the week is up - (it does tell you this)
i had a need for a commercial rental template
the site was easy to use - logical and i had no trouble drafting the extra things it needed (as all very simple)
the process is easy
despite the fact that i have now canx my free trial -and probably to the dissapointment of the company owners - i must say that will be using this site again and will probably subsribe.
We are an SME business and a site like this is great for our needs rather than consult a costly contract solicitor (as this was a basic need)
One thing i would say to the site owners is .... should the cost for a monthly/yearly subscription been much less, i would have not hesitated to subscribe however, a business like ours would only need to use your services two or three times a year and your subscription prices made this non-viable to achieve

I have given five stars here as it's quite fitting and i also know (as our company gets reviews) - that sometimes, people will wrongly moan about things that aren't really true or relevant. I hope this brings the ratings up for - thank you.

New Reviewer

I really appreciate having access to being with you all since 2011, and the person i spoke with over the phone- was really polite, and knowledgeable about the questions i had. Sincerely, Thank you.

New Reviewer

On 21st October 2014, I used law depot for a quick promissory note and then cancelled my subscription the next day. It all worked beautifully and the cancellation was easy.

I HIGHLY recommend these guys. Give it a go!

Iam in no way a legal person. I am a truck driving miner. This site was very VERY easy to use.

Tip for consumers: Check it out!

Ask Stuart about
New Reviewer

Quick / fast / freindly and expalained my question great!

New Reviewer

Well pleased with the documents and the extra help.

New Reviewer

Janet at Customer Support was extremely helpful.

New Reviewer

On August 27, 2014 I found WWW. LAWDEPOT.COM and thought I'd give it a try. I didn't like their FREE advertising because there isn't any FREE anything but like a fool I went ahead and bought a 2 week subscription so I could write up a Bill of Sale and some other documents that I needed. That worked out OK so I decided to purchase their 1 year subscription for $95.88. That was on Sept. 8, 2014, I used the service for about 2 weeks and now I can't even log on no matter how I try. I've used 2 search engines and typed in and none of them can bring up their website. I think they have some how blocked me from getting on their site. I tried to call their number 1-855-231-8424 yesterday and it just rang and rang and rang. I called again today and of course they are closed for the holiday. I will try to cancel their service tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get some of my money back but after reading many reviews it is probably unlikely. There should not be ANY issues with a company that takes your money for a service. My advice to readers. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, PERIOD.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE THIS SITE !!!

Ask mike about
New Reviewer

I signed up for the Free Trial for 7 days. I Canceled after 2 days. I have been Charged $33 twice so far!!! I'm in the process of a BBB Complaint!!!

New Reviewer

Good but trouble downloading lease

New Reviewer

It is very good but I am having difficulty printing my Living Will past page 3

New Reviewer

Can not get E-Mail Attachment to open!

New Reviewer

No problems, Rep. was very helpful .in solving my issue.

New Reviewer

First Class

New Reviewer

I checked this website and grabbed my document with the free tial, and all went well and canceled my free trial right after. I have recieved emails stating that the trial has ended but we will see if my card gets charged. So Far So Good?

New Reviewer

Signed up for a free trial. Was charged $33 for 5 months before I caught it. Sneaky @#$^#%$@!!!

New Reviewer

Sure glad I read these terrible reviews before I took the trail.

New Reviewer

I, unlike almost every one else whom commented, actually read the trial period condition and got a FREE document. I simply cancelled my TRIAL subscription upon printing the document. I also used a debit gift card (with no money on it), so if they do reneg on their free guarantee, I will be the one laughing in the end.

New Reviewer

TOTAL SCAM SERIOUSLY I OPT FOR THE 7 day trial and then I DID CANCEL literally the next day... Come to find 10 months later they have been billing me the entire time! Never once sent me any email or statement! RIDICULOUSSSSSSSS, I HAD TO TAKE TIME TO CALL THEM TWICE ANC HAVE A LIVE.CHAT TO FINALLY GET THEM TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT! And of course no refund! They could clearly see I had no ACVOUNT ACTIVITY AND DID NOT SEEM TO GIVE A @$)&! Not to mention their documents are crap!

New Reviewer

i like many others who commented on this site was SCAMMED big-time. I do not even remember using this site but alas, I have been paying 33 dollars since aug. 07, 2012. Stay off this site. It is a vicious scamming site.

New Reviewer
7/5/14 is a scam. This web site is just false advertising. They tell you that creating a will is free, and after you spend a lot of time inputing data, they charge you a scam. They tell you that the will is free, and that thye just need your credit card for verification purposes, but you end up with a $33 charge from on your credit card statement. Stay away from this scam website!

New Reviewer

i down loaded and used the tenancy agreement, all was fine until i had problems with the tenants and needed to start eviction proceedings, that was 9 months ago and two solicitors thousands of pounds and two court appearances later im still stuck with them. the agreement has no section 8 which is the bit enabling eviction proceedings. i wish i had never found law depot web site

New Reviewer

The Will template is great, comprehensive, informative and easy to complete. The issue I have is that the whole premise of their ad is that the template is free. It is not, and the site therefore appears deliberately misleading. Having competed the Will I discovered a cost - potentially ongoing cost. Why not just be upfront and explain the costs at the beginning! I would happily pay $20 for a Will...most people would.

New Reviewer

I find some of the previous complaints naive, to put it mildly. It was quite clear to me that failure to cancel in a timely fashion after the free trial would result in a charge. This is a long-used, well-known and legitimate practice. I completed, downloaded and printed a rental/lease agreement as they advertised. I'm going back to look at wills I may use. I can't speak to ongoing charges after someone cancels but contacting your bank or credit card company to deny unauthorized charges is on the consumer. It will take a little paperwork but the bank won't charge you.

New Reviewer

They use FREE advertising come-on to suck you in. When I noticed my credit card had been billed for two months straight (June) I called. They promised cancellation and a refund but never did either. They are dihonest in their advertising and hid their mandatory subscription in the "Terms and Conditions". I don't mind paying for a product or service but not for one
i don't receive. They do not notify you that you will be billed monthly and do not e-mail before taking more money from unsuspecting customers who place trust in this artfully constructed con.  Once they have your credit card they will continue to debit you monthly until you cancel the card. I'm filing with my state Attorney General and the FTC. They also have a California address so I can sue them as well.

New Reviewer

I saw that there was a credit card sign up at the end of the form and decided to check the reviews, as I am having to supply my n
bank deets and am aware of false website. I would have been happy to submit my details with an option to cancel, which allows you a free document, had there not been so many reviews saying that it was difficult to cancel.

But you can simply copy and paste into word. So for me the service was very good. I would be happy paying if I required and more detailed document but I simply required a one off tenant agreement. Thank you for the service

New Reviewer

The website is advertise free but actually charge you monthly and withdraw money straight from your credit card. No receipt can be found in the account you register. Stay away with this website!!

New Reviewer

It was easy to create a simple will. Not easy to save to my own computer - had to copy and paste everything into Word. I took out a free subscription and cancelled it immediately I had saved my Word document.

Lawdepot clearly make their money from free trial inertia. Most people will take at least two months to notice they are paying £29 a month, in which time Lawdepot will have earned the equivalent of a year's subscription at £4.99 a month. So don't forget to cancel within the free week.

New Reviewer

A real waste of time. They offer nothing free as stated. You have to buy a licence to use service.

New Reviewer

My daughter is putting together a business plan for herself and some schoolfriends, so she used this website - it says "enter details, review the plan and print it out". What it doesn't say is that once you've entered the details, you can't see what you've entered until you sign up (with credit card details). If this is the "free, try before you buy experience", i.e. not making it clear that you need to put in credit card details, it makes me want to steer clear from paying money to them.

New Reviewer

I tried their "Free" offer and it didn't work so I never actually used their service. Months later they are still deducting from my account. I am trying to get a refund but by all accounts you cannot cease their deductions. This is a total scam and avoid this company. If they do not refund me I will be going to the financial ombudsman and then the media to expose the trap. BUYER BEWARE. Oh and don't believe the responses to the reviews. It is a shame because the concept is good - I personally don't mind paying for their service but if is too difficult to use then I do not expect to be charged. I will submit another review to let you all know the outcome.

New Reviewer

I went on to do a power of attorney, using the free trial subscription. I just cancelled the subscription within the trial period, and assuming there are no mysterious charges on May 26th, it appears to be easier than it was previously. My only complaint is that they don't offer a "general" power of attorney.

New Reviewer

I like this website. residential lease is very easy to create online.

New Reviewer

They are operating a 'con' once you buy something from them they start taking your money each month, they never let you know when it start and when they take monthly subscriptions and when you try to get your manoey back they won't refund your money - buyer beware,
the use their purchasing process to trap you into a subscription - there must be thousands of people and companies who atre paying their subscriptions without knowing that they signed up for a subscription.

New Reviewer

I had a very good experience with LawDepot. I found their chat to be very helpful and quick when I wanted to ask questions. I needed a few residential leases and I was able to get them right away. No problems at all.

New Reviewer

Financially a nightmare, although the Roommate Agreement was fine. They are nice on the phone (Canadians) but can't seem to stop charging me for a subscription I did not intend to opt into. Called them within 20 minutes of accidental click, they sympathized and arranged a refund. Fine. But 4 months later I am being charged again and after calling them I contacted my bank to cancel the debit card (and get another one with a new number so they can't access it). Just BE REALLY CAREFUL and move slowly during the one-time purchase/free week-long trial opt-in and read carefully before clicking. They act like it isn't one, but their aggressive, wordy "free" thingy has scam all over it ... and even at the supervisor level they don't seem to be able to fully cancel taking your money.

New Reviewer

I was satisfied with until I tried to cancel my subscription. I originally signed up for the free trial, which they make you place a credit card for, and then I let it renew because I thought I would use it for some additional documents. When I decided to cancel, I feel that purposely makes it difficult to cancel by never having a live person answering the phone to handle cancellations, and for misleading cancellation information on the Live Chat. This is what I was told by George in Live Chat: You are now speaking with George of Technical Support.

George: To manage your subscription:
Sign in to your account at
Go to 'My Account'. Click on the tab 'Subscriptions'. From here, you can change your subscription renewal option

Your party has left this session.

There is no link labeled "My Account" on the page after you sign in. After searching around the site drop-down menus, I noticed there is my personal email address in upper right corner, and I clicked on it to discover that was the link to My Account. Also there is no link labeled "Subscriptions"; there is one labeled "Site Subscriptions" which I guessed was the right one, and it was hidden half way down another drop-down menu.
On top of this, before I had any chance to follow his directions, George ended our chat immediately, without any chance for me to ask any follow-up questions, like how to get a confirmation number for my cancellation. If I were less internet savvy, like an older person (like the ones they have photos of on the website), I would have a very difficult time navigating the website, especially to cancel my membership, which makes it appear the company purposely designs the site that way.

On top of that, they claim they have been featured on, when I clicked the link on the site, was not one of the sources listed on their own site!, and a search of the website only resulted in an article where CR mentioned as one possible source for rental agreements, not a feature or review of the website.

I will not be recommending to anyone, in fact I will dissuade anyone from using it, and especially not to any older people.

Dissappointed in their greed and lack of company moral character,
Lalli G.

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