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LaptopScreen reviews

220 reviews
Categories: Computer Repair, Laptops
1334 131st Street, Seattle, WA, 98133, 1073 Churchill Crescent, North Vancouver, BC, V7P3K8
Tel: 1-855-630-1111

220 Reviews for LaptopScreen

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great experience! Will call them first for my laptop screens!


price was lower than other competitors and the screen works perfect


easily explained how to find model number of lcd srcreen.

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New Reviewer

I repair pc's and laptops for people regularly, this screen was for my best customer.

I searched around for the best deal I could find and laptopscreen was the 2nd lowest price I found including the 2day rush shipping. The other place I found was cheaper by $6, however, they only had a 90 day warranty and even if there was a bad product and you wanted an exchange. You would lose money because of a 15% restocking fee.

I decided to go with laptopscreen after extensive research and reading many reviews. I am glad I chose them and could never be happier.

There is only one thing I am dissapointed about. The day after I placed my order I received an email stating that if I made a video I would receive a $20 refund. Well needless to say the screen replacement only took a total of 15 min from start to finish. The next day when my customer came to pick up her laptop I forgot to make the video. I will not forget to produce one the next time as I will undoubtedly give them all my business for screens in the future.

Ask michael about LaptopScreen
New Reviewer

Orders were processed and received promptly. I had to call for support on the install of one of the screens, and the support technician was very helpful.

Ask Ginny about LaptopScreen
New Reviewer

Easy to understand website allowed me to choose the right screen for my laptop. It took literally 15 minutes to replace a totally destroyed screen with a brand new, awesome looking display - you'd never know it was replaced! I got my order quicker than expected, the screen was cheaper than other sites, and everything went perfect, thanks, you kept a decent laptop alive and useful, and out of the trash!

Ask Barry about LaptopScreen
New Reviewer

My laptop fell off of, and was run over by my motorcycle trailer.
I ordered the replacement LCD screen from this company, and it arrived at my door two days later. It arrived so fast because I believe they are located right here in my state of Washington.
My screen was very well chance of it being broken, and it was in a static bag.
It was the correct screen, it works, and I am very happy with my purchase.

Ask Tom about LaptopScreen
New Reviewer

A computer repair person wanted $200 to replace/repair my mini screen. LaptopScreen looked up the proper part, told me where to review the video to replace it and shipped it in 3 days. All this for $53. Replacement was easy in 10 minutes. What a deal and what a savings. This is my highest recommendation.

New Reviewer

Very fast delivery. Great price. Received the screen and was back up and running in about 15minutes.Had one question and it was taken care of online almost immediately. Will definitly use them again is I need a screen

New Reviewer

I cannot believe how truly easy it was to replace my laptop's cracked screen. I had the assistance of the very culprits who cracked it, my 4 and 5 year old girls, and a youtube video to guide us, and we had it done in no time. I did need my hubby's tiny tools also, but just used my fingernail to peel off the frame, easy peasy.

New Reviewer

I needed to replace a broken screen on my 17" Acer laptop. The website for offered me two choices, either glossy or matte; I bought the least expensive. The screen arrived on the second day, well packaged and protected. I installed it the next day, and it works perfectly.

New Reviewer

Ordered my replacement screen from this website. It arrived the next day (even though i didnt pay next day shipping), and fit perfectly. I would recommend these guys to anyone who has a smashed screen.

New Reviewer

It was my first time dealing with laptop rate them as very friendly people.all went very well.

New Reviewer

Dropped my Dell Studio 1550 and cracked the screen. Searched using another PC and found and was pleasantly surprised at the prices. Plus they had videos posted showing how to do the replacement. Ordered late morning and the screen was delivered by noon the next day. Less than 10 minutes later I was up and running. All less than US $100 delivered overnight.

One small hiccup. The email I received provided a tracking was for UPS and it never worked. The package was delivered by FedEx but the packing material was all labelled UPS. I was a little anxious when I could not track the package but was happy once it was delivered.

I would order from them again and highly recommend them.

New Reviewer

It was a perfect fit, price was right and shipping was prompt. Having an inexpensive laptop break a screen, the repair was affordable too.

New Reviewer

Easy website to navigate. Easy to buy. Fast delivery. Safe and Sound. EASY to replace. I almost want to break more screens because it was so easy and I felt so accomplished (I'm old and tech OH NO!)

New Reviewer

Arrived with a broken piece. Poorly packaged as well. I used it anyways and it worked. Satisfactory at best.

New Reviewer

I cracked the display on a refurbed Asus; having them fix it would have cost more than the thing was worth to begin with. Found this replacement display in about two minutes using their selector, and for $40 shipped to the house, I got the part I needed to replace the display. the repair itself took about an hour. I'm perfectly happy with my replacement part; it's at least as nice as the one Asus shipped.

New Reviewer

My order came in on time and in perfect condition. Their video tutorials made it so that I knew exactly what I needed to do and I encountered no difficulties.

New Reviewer

We are the PC Help Desk in the Village of La Jolla California and we love ordering from LaptopScreen because we know they ship quick and can expedite orders as needed. We will continue to give them business.

New Reviewer

Received product good condition as seller describe from their website. Price is reasonable, part works good and fast shipping. Very satisfied with the product and highly recommend to buy from this site.

New Reviewer

it is only pricey site and they send you different screens with lower quality

don't pay more just go to amazon at least they are cheaper

New Reviewer

I was reluctant to purchase technological equipment off ANY site, but I took a chance with these guys. IT WAS WORTH IT. Excellent system of cataloging, you can rest assured the version is what they say it is, and it arrives promptly and in perfect protection. The site contains self installment videos and if you aren't an idiot, you can save yourself some 200 dollars!

New Reviewer

I like the fact that i had choices of the type of monitor i was looking for (Matte/Glossy) along with very decent prices. It was a fast delivery and the monitor was just as described, brand new and in perfect condition. The wires and connections were perfect as well.

New Reviewer

I ordered at Monday afternoon from Austria. I got the display at Wednesday Morning. Real fast delivery 1.5 days from Canada to Austria. The display works after 15min work and everything was OK. Total savings more about $400 against Lenovo repair service. My first choice if I need to replace a display.

New Reviewer

I bought the LCD for my laptop from Came early and it was the right fit for the laptop ... Works very good.

Thank you,

New Reviewer

No problems. Good price. Ordered a screen, it came undamaged, installed it and it worked. and that is all that matters.

New Reviewer

Ordered a replacement for a 2 year old Lenovo laptop. Product arrived in perfect condition, packaged well, and a great price. They also have videos that were helpful to assist in replacing the screen. It took me about 20 minutes is all, good overall experience and saved a ton over a laptop repair center!

New Reviewer

anyone please help me i order screen from now they dont have any reply i am waiting still nothing after they deducted 104 dollar on my credit card no one now is replying about my order please anyone help me the money is not mine its from my friend he just ask me to buy it for him

New Reviewer

This website was so easy to use. I ordered my screen and it was super easy to put in. The screen looked great and works great. I would definitely order from this website again!

New Reviewer

Ordered an Lcd display for a Customer broker laptop screen and received it in about 4 business days from Vancouver to Québec. Very fast shipping. Installed the display that fit and work perfectly.

My Customer was very happy to get back his like new laptop.

Thanx you laptopcreen

G Brown

New Reviewer

I was able to find the exact screen I needed. Once ordered, it arrive in 4 days although the estimate was 7 days. A friend installed my laptop screen in less than 15 minutes. It works perfectly.

New Reviewer

I am very pleased with my laptop screen purchase. It was an exact fit and this screen has a better picture than the screen that came with my laptop. The make of my laptop screen is from LG which I have always had good luck with. The shipping was very fast too. also gives you a 3 year warranty while Dell Computers only gives a 1 year warranty. Best of all, it was $130 less than what Dell Computers wanted for their screens. I also like the video they have to show exactly how to change out the screen of your specific make and model laptop. I am so glad I found

New Reviewer

Couldn't believe that a company actually sent me the correct item the first time around. Plus it definitely upgraded the screen since i really hated that n
matte screen it originally came with. Now the screen has that bright crisp picture. If i ever break a screen again I'd definitely buy again from here.

New Reviewer

Really great service,delivered on time certainly to be at the top.I will use it again and again.Recommended .........

New Reviewer

I am glad that I found this Company.
I Ordered 2 Screens For 2 Different Laptops in 2 Months.
Great Service, Prompt Shipping. Brand New Screens A+++++++++++++
Best Prices and Screens. 100% the Best
Jack PC Tech

New Reviewer

My screen arrived damaged and had a big black dot, which is appearently not covered by warranty's fine prints. Scott from was not helpful at all, very blunt and cold in his replies to my inquires. He couldn't care less about his customers. At the very minimum, Scott could have at least expressed some sympathy, or perhaps offer me to buy another screen at a discount. Instead, they were delighted to point fingers and blame me for the damaged screen. Very little committment to customer satisfication.

In the end, I bought another screen at full price just to complete this project and move on. I should of just bought a new tablet in the first place... It was a very frustrating experience communicating with them.

As you see from the replies to these comments, also does not respond well to feedback and always blames the customer for everything. They often try to portray the customer's experience as "unbelievable".

New Reviewer

I recently had the screen on my dell laptop depart to lcd heaven. After a bit of investigation I settled on While their prices were competitive with what I could find on ebay and elsewhere on the net, what pushed me over the hump were their excellent installation videos on youtube. I figured that any company that put extra effort into instructing their customers deserves my business. After placing my order, the screen was promptly shipped and I received it a few days later. Packaging was excellent and the screen arrived in a flawless condition. Installation was a snap. As for the quality of the screen itself,unfortunately it doesn't quite match up to the screen it replaced. There's no dead pixels or anything of that nature, rather, the screen just appears a bit washed out and not quite as vibrant. Additionally, the viewing angles struck me as somewhat narrower. Looking up the model number and manufacturer, sure enough the screen is listed as having tighter viewing angles than the laptop's stock screen. On the plus side, power consumption and contrast ratio are both listed as superior. Still, it would be nice if they stated the model number/manufacturer on their website and let you know if these deviated from a laptop's stock screen. Since the screen was listed specifically for my brand and model of laptop, I assumed I'd be receiving an identical screen - but this clearly was not the case. Still, the screen and service from this seller are both good enough to recommend.

New Reviewer

I have used on several occasions for repairs. Always got what I ordered and in a timely manner at an excellent price. They even took a screen back when I discovered the laptop under repair was beyond help and I no longer needed the screen. That my friends is why I continue to use this company. Outstanding customer service.

New Reviewer

Outstanding. Finding the correct screen and ordering it were simple. When the screen arrived, I just followed the video instructions on the website. I had the new screen installed and working on my HP laptop in about 10 minutes.

New Reviewer

My order was filled accurately and quickly. My screen was delivered in two business days, and thanks to video tutorials on the website I had it installed in under 20 minutes.

New Reviewer

Ordered two screen to replace two broken Dell units. Delivery was superfast and they worked perfectly on the units. Price was a fraction of what Dell wanted to charge. Very satisfied with the service

New Reviewer

The price was the best. The quality of the screen is outstanding. No problems at all with my order. I will definitely order from them again.

New Reviewer

replacement laptop screen received even before the expected delivery date. Perfect match for my laptop. No dead pixels.

New Reviewer

Laptop screen ordered Thur AM. Received Fri noon. Installed Fri PM Up and working by 4 PM. Tip, my screen is mounted on a three sided frame fastened with four impossible, tiny screws. Use a large rubber band to hold screen in place while attaching screen to frame. was very though in assisting me in making an appropriate selection of model screen to order. Many thanks for your service.

New Reviewer

I ordered a screen in Feb/13........wrong one! Sent it back for them to order the proper one, gave them all the details, even sent the old screen to them so they could look at it closer to make sure, still no screen and emailed a number of times to get in contact with them and have not yet received a reply!!!! If this is how they do business, cheap or not, at least let me know they can't get a new one or let me know the status!!!!!

New Reviewer

I was fixing my laptop from a recent drop and ordered a new screen from I don't know if my experience is the usual experience, but the screen I received is not anywhere near as good as the original. For some reason, with solid blues, the screen flickers, but is pretty good for everything else. The contrast is also not as good. The screen suffices, though. If you don't care about getting an OUTSTANDING screen back, then I'd go with them.

New Reviewer

The quickest $100.00 I have ever wasted!!! I guess these people decided my money doesn't warrant a great product or good customer service. No reply to service tickets. Poor phone skills. Cheap LCD quality. I'll take my chances with eBay from this point forward. Good luck to all of you who continue to deal with this company.

New Reviewer

I ordered a replacement screen for a friend of mine who had managed to drop her laptop and crack a corner of the screen, rendering the top-left portion of it completely pitch black and unusable. had a decently priced replacement, so I placed an order with them.

I was impressed in that the screen was a direct Samsung component, and that it was properly packed to prevent damage from shifting and possible ESD. The instructions that they had for the laptop model in question were easy to follow, and after a few minutes, I was able to replace the screen with no troubles. My friend could not be happier with her laptop now that the screen has been replaced and she can use the entire screen-space.

I would definitely recommend when it comes to getting a replacement screen, and I would definitely buy from them again should I have to perform a screen replacement in the future.

New Reviewer

I love this website. It was easy to use and I found exactly which screen I needed. I recieved my screen just two days after I ordered and it is exactly what I wanted and works perfectly.

New Reviewer

Screen showed up early, information on the web site made it easy to order. As well as the extra help in explaining how to install. Saved me a lot of cash as the otehr option was taking it to the big box electronic store and having them send it away for a couple of weeks. Awesome

New Reviewer

It gives you the option to fill in credit card details, but you can't use them for payment ......... what do they do with this info ........ :S
It gives info about cheap int. shipping info; Priority 5-14 days: Canada Post Tracked Packet International - $26.20
But when you check out it is not there, just US$50,- and up options.
So a little dodgy website I would say

New Reviewer

The laptop screen was delivered very fast and in perfect condition. The screen quality is excellent. I will defintly do business with again.

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