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LaptopScreen reviews

205 reviews
Categories: Computer Repair, Laptop
1334 131st Street, Seattle, WA, 98133, 1073 Churchill Crescent, North Vancouver, BC, V7P3K8
Tel: 1-855-630-1111
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205 Reviews for LaptopScreen

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great experience! Will call them first for my laptop screens!

price was lower than other competitors and the screen works perfect

easily explained how to find model number of lcd srcreen.

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New Reviewer

No problems. Good price. Ordered a screen, it came undamaged, installed it and it worked. and that is all that matters.

New Reviewer

It was easy to search and find what I needed.

They shipped quickly, and install using the on-line video was easy, although the video was for a different model, it was close enough.

New Reviewer

Laptop replacement screen arrived promptly and in good condition. Installed on laptop without a problem. However, when screen came on, there was a stubborn bright blue pixel right in the middle. Very irritating. How can I get rid of this?

New Reviewer

Great service, fast shipping and excellent product!
I will buy all my screens from this site in the future!

New Reviewer

anyone please help me i order screen from now they dont have any reply i am waiting still nothing after they deducted 104 dollar on my credit card no one now is replying about my order please anyone help me the money is not mine its from my friend he just ask me to buy it for him

New Reviewer

Ordered screen for HO dv7...notably the hardest screen replacement out there.
Received it in two days. Super fast shipping!!!
Installation instructions were accurate and easy to follow.
Great quality!!!

New Reviewer

Arrived faster than projected. Screen works great - its already been installed into my laptop and is being utilized during this survey.

New Reviewer

I am very pleased with my laptop screen purchase. It was an exact fit and this screen has a better picture than the screen that came with my laptop. The make of my laptop screen is from LG which I have always had good luck with. The shipping was very fast too. also gives you a 3 year warranty while Dell Computers only gives a 1 year warranty. Best of all, it was $130 less than what Dell Computers wanted for their screens. I also like the video they have to show exactly how to change out the screen of your specific make and model laptop. I am so glad I found

New Reviewer

Couldn't believe that a company actually sent me the correct item the first time around. Plus it definitely upgraded the screen since i really hated that n
matte screen it originally came with. Now the screen has that bright crisp picture. If i ever break a screen again I'd definitely buy again from here.

New Reviewer

Really great service,delivered on time certainly to be at the top.I will use it again and again.Recommended .........

New Reviewer

I needed a screen for my laptop and with one call had all the info I needed to place the order. the support on the phone and on line was excellent. I would recommend the site to everyone.

New Reviewer

I found this site on a google search and i was surprised (pleasantly) how easily you can purchase a laptop screen. Then I found on youtube how you can substitute by your self your broken laptop screen and everything was very easy. As it arrived (less than 1 week from Canada to Italy), I could mount the new screen immediately so in about 1 hour my laptop was just as new. In conclusion I am very satisfied by the way every thing worked out. Greetings!

New Reviewer

Absolutely satisfied. Perfect communication, fast delivery, good packaging and an excellent product. I needed a better screen for my Dell Vostro3560 since it's original B156HW02 V.1, as some may know, is a crap, so I ordered B156HW01 V.4 Indeed, it is what I need fot my photo work, the purchase was absolutely worth it and now I do not need a Lenovo workstation.Great!

New Reviewer

My screen arrived damaged and had a big black dot, which is appearently not covered by warranty's fine prints. Scott from was not helpful at all, very blunt and cold in his replies to my inquires. He couldn't care less about his customers. At the very minimum, Scott could have at least expressed some sympathy, or perhaps offer me to buy another screen at a discount. Instead, they were delighted to point fingers and blame me for the damaged screen. Very little committment to customer satisfication.

In the end, I bought another screen at full price just to complete this project and move on. I should of just bought a new tablet in the first place... It was a very frustrating experience communicating with them.

As you see from the replies to these comments, also does not respond well to feedback and always blames the customer for everything. They often try to portray the customer's experience as "unbelievable".

New Reviewer

Making the purchase was easy, there's such a huge selection of screens available that I was able to easily find what I was looking for. Shipping was prompt and fast, it arrived a few days before it was expected to (amazing in Canada), anyway, everything was perfect in the package, installation was easy and they had a guide to help if you needed it. I'd recommend to anyone, it's awesome.

New Reviewer

Ordered on a Friday...had them on my desk Monday morning! Very well packaged and awesome price! Extremely happy!

New Reviewer
11/11/13 is very easy to use and understand. I found what I was looking for almost immediately and with a great price. Thank you!

New Reviewer

Great customer service, great price and very fast shipping. initial installation going well well see how long screen last before burning out... fingers crossed

New Reviewer

Price was good.
Delivery time was pretty good.
How to videos were good.
Took about 45 minutes to watch the video and install myself.
Great site and product.

New Reviewer

Laptop screen ordered Thur AM. Received Fri noon. Installed Fri PM Up and working by 4 PM. Tip, my screen is mounted on a three sided frame fastened with four impossible, tiny screws. Use a large rubber band to hold screen in place while attaching screen to frame. was very though in assisting me in making an appropriate selection of model screen to order. Many thanks for your service.

New Reviewer

I ordered a screen in Feb/13........wrong one! Sent it back for them to order the proper one, gave them all the details, even sent the old screen to them so they could look at it closer to make sure, still no screen and emailed a number of times to get in contact with them and have not yet received a reply!!!! If this is how they do business, cheap or not, at least let me know they can't get a new one or let me know the status!!!!!

New Reviewer

I was fixing my laptop from a recent drop and ordered a new screen from I don't know if my experience is the usual experience, but the screen I received is not anywhere near as good as the original. For some reason, with solid blues, the screen flickers, but is pretty good for everything else. The contrast is also not as good. The screen suffices, though. If you don't care about getting an OUTSTANDING screen back, then I'd go with them.

New Reviewer

The quickest $100.00 I have ever wasted!!! I guess these people decided my money doesn't warrant a great product or good customer service. No reply to service tickets. Poor phone skills. Cheap LCD quality. I'll take my chances with eBay from this point forward. Good luck to all of you who continue to deal with this company.

New Reviewer

I ordered my laptop screen and was surprised at how fast it arrived. There was no damage to the box and the screen was packed very well. The screen is working great and I love that it has a warranty. If I ever need another laptop screen this site will be were I go.

New Reviewer

Screen showed up early, information on the web site made it easy to order. As well as the extra help in explaining how to install. Saved me a lot of cash as the otehr option was taking it to the big box electronic store and having them send it away for a couple of weeks. Awesome

New Reviewer

They made everything easy. Got the right screen, got it fast and the price was right. I was worried about using a company on the internet without knowing who they were. No worries. They are great!!

New Reviewer

It gives you the option to fill in credit card details, but you can't use them for payment ......... what do they do with this info ........ :S
It gives info about cheap int. shipping info; Priority 5-14 days: Canada Post Tracked Packet International - $26.20
But when you check out it is not there, just US$50,- and up options.
So a little dodgy website I would say

New Reviewer

I am still waiting for my order. Tracking number shows it was delivered but I never got it. I'm still waiting to find out what they are going to do about it. Right now I am not very happy. Just send me my screen please. It was suppose to be insured so I'm not sure why I haven't been sent another.

New Reviewer

Had the correct part, 2 day delivery, works great. I would not hesitate to buy from this company again.

New Reviewer

Fast service, the right part, excellent price and it works like a champ. The videos are very useful if you have any doubts how to do it. What more could you ask for? These guys are first class.

New Reviewer

Fast shipping with quality packaging (good chance of not breaking the screen).
Best prices anywhere.
Screen was exactly what I wanted, and works flawlessly.
Couldn't be happier with my purchase!

New Reviewer

Fast, cheap and the right screen. What a great experience. I will always order from laptop in the future. Thanks for the great customer service.

New Reviewer

The process of replacing a laptop screen seemed pretty hard at first but having the video available with step by step instructions made it relatively simple. Great company - fast delievery and the product was exactly the correct replacement.

New Reviewer

It was so simple to find the screen i needed on this website. I ordered my screen and received it within 2 days!! Easy install and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

New Reviewer

" was recommended to me when I needed a screen fast. I found out they were local (within 55 miles to my house), so I thought I had found the perfect solution to my problem. Boy was I wrong! I made the order on May 27th early enough in the day to expect it to arrive the next day or maybe even the day after. When it didn't show up on either day I gave them a call. The kid on the phone kept talking over me while I was explaining (which was pissing me off even more) and after looking at it tells me that it will take at least 5 working days to get to me, cause that was just how it was. I am hoping it does finally show up. Due to poor customer service and horrible shipping practices I would never recommend this place to anyone."

New Reviewer

The screen was the best price I found online and arrived very fast. The online video for the laptop was great especially for Sony Laptops since I was unable to find any kind of repair manuals for Sony stuff! Their video was exactly what I needed to replace the screen and accomplished it in less than an hour. The only problem I had with the site is that I search by the computer model number, the computer part number and the actual screen part number and I got three different screens numbers (all the same price). I wrote their tech staff and they recommended using the screen number that I got back when searching using the existing screen number. That is what I was leaning toward but thought I would double check. They gave me a quick response back. I ordered on a Thursday, was told I would received the screen the following Thursday but actually received it the Monday after the Thursday I ordered it!! Very Fast and I live in the middle of the USA. Great Job Guys!!

New Reviewer

I was asked to replace the damaged screen in a friend's laptop and although I've done this before, I felt insecure about ordering the wrong screen. I was able to search the site to find what I thought was the correct replacement screen and was then able to confirm this with a phone call to their support desk. Additionally, their library of videos demonstrating screen replacements for my specific model greatly increased my confidence level to perform the job. Extremely POSITIVE experience!

New Reviewer

Replacement screen arrived early and safely packed. Installed in 20 minutes and works great.Highly recommend this company and will use them again if needed.

New Reviewer

I have been very satisfied with the screen. The delivery date was earlier than expected. The price is reasonable and can't say enough about the delivery. The tutorial video was great and made this project flow smoothly...I highly recommend them.

New Reviewer

Better price than competitors, and super fast shipping... BUT the screen already has dead lines flickering occasionally :- / It's only been 1 month.

New Reviewer

Great screens and even better service (screens always seem to surprise me by arriving earlier than expected). So far I've replaced screens for three different makes and model laptops without any problems. Best internet business I've dealt with so far.

New Reviewer

There are pros and cons to this company. The pros are definitely the videos. My screen, successfully installed, has no hot spots or missing pixels. I did business with this site because of the videos, and they did help. I was fortunate to have a working computer beside my broken one, but if you can arrange to have that, you will definitely be able to save money. However, my experience was not perfect. When your screen arrives, it has a wire coming from that screen, which I should mention was ordered specifically based on my computer's brand and model number. This wire plugs in to your computer. After I had attached my computer to the frame, the wire was not long enough to reach to the little plug on my computer. When I contacted the company, they did indeed offer a replacement - after all the work was done except for the plug. You pack it up and send it back. Or, you could solder a wire extension onto the wire that was too short - AND THERE WAS A VIDEO ON HOW TO DO THAT!!! Apparently it happens all the time! I suspect this company carries only a few different screens, and if it doesn't fit your particular model number, you have to solder. It was only short by a half inch, but that was as good as a mile. So, if you are good with soldering, this company is great; if not, it might be a hassle. Once the screen was installed, the dim and brighten controls no longer worked. The company blamed that on an old driver, but it was not out of date. That supports my theory that the screen was not my specific one. The company did offer to send me a replacement wire (I cut the one off my old screen), and I said yes, to see what they would send. They actually sent an empty envelope! But, it was at least express mail. Weird.

New Reviewer

My initial contact was via chat session during which I was provided prompt and accurate parts selection assistance.

Next, my order arrived promptly and in good condition.

The installation videos proved priceless as a means to quickly and effectively replace the screen myself. It took all of 10 minutes.

Lastly I add that it has now been about 10 days and the screen is without defect.

I am very satisfied with my experience.

New Reviewer

Screen arrived on time. Easy install. Works wonderfully! Will definitely use again. A+++++++++

New Reviewer

Ordered 2 laptop screens from here. Was less combined than the last screen I purchased. Very fast shipping, and packaged well. Will definitely purchase here again. Worth it to purchase here.

New Reviewer

After identifying the correct part number for the laptop, I looked at several sites that had the laptop screen. The "laptopscreen" site had the best price. I requested expedited shipping and received the replacement screen on time. Packaging was satisfactory and the screen was well protected. I installed the new laptop screen and it works great.

The only problem I encountered was the screen was not an "exact" replacement. Although it was the same part number as ordered, the metal frame around the old laptop screen had four mounting points to secure the laptop screen. The replacement screen came with a different frame with no mounting points. Rather than returning the screen, I was able to come up with a method to secure the screen.

New Reviewer

Hi everyone out there, I'm from Singapore,recently,I had purchased a piece of LCD Screen for my HP Pavilion Notebook, it took me ess than a week to received the item by UPS and surprised to say that their product was so indentically to my original LCD Screen, it looks the same, no different and I can hardly can't differential... I wish to say a thousand thanks to LaptopScreen for their fast service, value for money,last but not least, follow up with customer via email to check whether are we happy with their product. Thks...

New Reviewer

My screen replacement was easy to find and arrived very quickly. The online video made it easy to replace.

New Reviewer

the other day to be specific march 11, 2013 i ordered a laptop screen for my Toshiba Satellite L755 and since i live in California the expected day for the screen was on march 19 but the company manged to ship it to me 4 days early. But when my screen arrived i received it cracked and for a couple of days i was upset but i noticed that the website has a great support ticket system which there you can tell them what happened etc. but talk about customer service they asked me some brief questions and i answered them. Then, i sent them two pictures one of the box and package and one of the screen and then they asked me for the screen serial number in less than to 2 business days i received an email saying that they were going to send me a new one free of charge afterwords i received the tracking number and i received my new screen packaged twice as better as the first one shipped to me. the screen as flawless not a single scratch on it. that is why i would recommend every one that needs a replacement screen to order form laptop they have one of the best and fastest shipping rates and there screens are not all that expensive. Plus one of the best customer services that i have experienced.

New Reviewer

Excellent! The screen shipped very fast and was in perfect condition.
Will definitely do business with again.

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