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Kizoa reviews

51 reviews
24 rue de l’Est
Paris, California 75020, France
Tel: (844) 898-4402

51 Reviews From Our Community

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I don't get why they have negative reviews, I really loved this website and the customer service is amazing! (in 9 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Both the Yanks and the Frogs in the computer market will rip you off as soon as look at you, and considering both countries share the company I am not at all surprised.
After reading the reviews, an noticing how there was either one star, or five stars mainly given, the one star gross dissatisfaction wiping the floor with the five star, it sounds to me as though the staff, and a few friends of Kizoa wrote the good revues.
I was about to purchase a two year subscription, I'm glad I decide to do a search first. Sorry you guys were so badly burned, but thanks for the heads up, and saving my anger, and money.

New Reviewer

I was in a hurry to make a last minute video for a funeral and came across Kizoa. Very easy to use and I was able to get my video done within minutes since i used one of their templates. I really liked it and will probably use them in the future.

New Reviewer

I just tried them out this weekend for a birthday party and I must say it was really easy to use and the video turned out amazing! Everybody loved it and I cant wait to make some more videos for christmas! I definitaly recommend them and didn't have any problems whatsoever.

New Reviewer

I was very scared about the comments, but most of it is NOT true.... this website is AWESOME!! easy to use and it really has customer service. I contact them online and through the phone, they called me back 3 times after I left a message, it took only 15min for them to reply my calls. I was scared because is a website based overseas... don't be afraid, they are very nice and are very caring about their new american market. Payment is on US dollars and not in "euros" like some people commented... totally worth the price :)

New Reviewer

Horrible site trying to get my money back!!! Do not use this site!

New Reviewer

Terrible experience - I paid a full 2 year fee to use it for one day but I wanted to show my daughters wedidng pictures at her reception. I burned a DVD using their software and it wont play on ANY of the multiple dvd players we have. It was a total waste but they will not refund your money under any circumstances. DO NOT do business with this company - that's not how you treat your customers.

New Reviewer

When I found this website I thought it would be great for uploading videos to YouTube instead of using Windows Movie Maker because it advertised the ability to add effects and animations but as soon as I saved my video it said I had used Premium effects when I clearly only chose options from the free side.Also, the option to add your own music does not say it is premium until you finish downloading the music, which half the time takes forever. I understand that it takes you to a list of what free offers if you click premium at the top of the page but it is very misleading because I thought by clicking premium it would redirect me to a place to purchase a premium account. After I nearly cut out everything out of the video I had worked on for about 2 hours I went to download it to my computer and it said I used Premium-Only options but it would not tell me what was premium. No "P" icons appeared on my slides and I had to Google whether or not downloading to the computer was Premium. I later noticed a Kizoa Assistant message that explained in very small print that you need a 2 year premium plan just to download to your computer or upload to YouTube. That is crazy. Especially since if you type in the page says in big blue letters "Upload your slideshows onto YouTube!" and next to it a big green icon saying "Free". That is basically the only thing that convinced me to create an account. I do not reccomend this website it is full of false advertisement and it does not offer what it promises for free. Who would want to pay $49.99 just to download to my computer or upload to YouTube.I will continue to look for a website that actually delivers what it advertises as free. I will continue to use PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker in the meantime.

New Reviewer

It really sucks!!! Don't waste your money. I was working on a slide show for my Grandma's funeral and it took me forever. It was looking really nice. When it came to downloading it to my computer it was giving me a hard time. Finally after hours it down loaded. When I played it at the funeral, I was so angry when it stopped less than half way through.

New Reviewer

Do NOT order from this site. The email of my slide show did not go through and burning/download also did not work. When I contact customer service, I was told that I was in error...that they have many happy customers. I informed them that I was going to refer to my bank because their product did not perform the way it was promised and they told me their headquarters were in France and they didn't have to comply with US rules. BOGUS! If you sell somewhere, you have to support that sell...period. Or have criminal intent in my book. They are rude. Their product doesn't work as it indicates and you will end up fighting to be treated with respect, or worse, to get your money back. Don't do it!

New Reviewer

Paid for the premium membership. Created a slide show with music and when I download it to burn a DVD or save it to my computer, it come down without the music. I have been working with Kizoa for over 2 months to fix this problem and they have me try different things but it's still not working. Now they are not returning my calls or daily help desk emails. Do not use this company, their product randomly stops working and they can't support you.
Irvine, CA

New Reviewer

This website is a peice of crap had to spend 40$ to save and another 30$ to burn it... it wont burn either

New Reviewer

I am not sure what the negative reviews are all about, if you were surpised that the free version was a scaled down offering from the full, paid version then life in general is probably one big surprise for you.

I am a professional web designer and I am very particular about the programs I work with and I have to say that making a slide show for my 8 year old daughter's class was an absolute pleasure. As a matter fo fact she did half the work easily. Everything that was promised worked flawlessly and the end result was stunning. I hardly every run into a program that works this precisely and with vritually zero mistakes. Yes, I had to pay for the premium version, but I gladly pay money for a great product. Thanks for giving me and my daughter such a fun time together.


New Reviewer

The best on-line slideshow tool. There are a lot of features and effects for images and videos. Nice background music available. I’ve created more than 10 slideshows and HD videos. It was fun and easy.

New Reviewer

Website has been inoperable for a week (I have been a customer for only about 10 days). Customer service rep agrees it isnt working, assures me it will b up and running by 8am yesterday. apparently not. actively refused refund at the same time.

This site is crap. They took my money, then 2 days later the site no longer works for me. They cant fix it, and they wont refund my money. Then they had the gall to email me and tell me that they wanted me to change my reviews. LOL why would i tell people a site is good when it doesnt work, they wont refund my money, and they keep feeding me a line of crap about how a paypal refund takes a week because they are in france. THERE ARE TONS OF OTHER SLIDESHOWS OUT THERE THAT WORK.... DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE LYING SCAMMERS!!!

New Reviewer

I edited a video for my daughters birthday for 3 hours and accidentally clicked on info for creating a collage…deleted the whole video. Re created it AGAIN 3 hours later they tell you you have to pay for extras. (Don't bother trying to make a video that lasts longer than 10 seconds.) I've invested 6 hours in creating a gift I do not have access to. What a bunch of dirtbags. I hope the creators and owners wake to find their crotches infested with the fleas of a thousand camels!

New Reviewer

Every bad thing people have said is true. They even bill you for more, all while having your credit card info. Crooks!

New Reviewer

this web site SUCKS!!!! WASTE OF TIME not payin for 29.99 just to use this just 1 time one slideshow is all i need it for ............

New Reviewer

I tried posting my creation on facebook but all it post is a advertisement for kizoa. so I spent hours working on something I cant post. try smilebox at least when you post something you make through them people can see it.

New Reviewer


Do not download this unless you aren't concerned about wasting your money away if it does not work. I bought the premium package to make a slideshow DVD for my daughter's 2nd birthday and spent hours and hours putting it together.

I downloaded the special software to burn a DVD and it didn't work- kept shutting down, wouldn't burn, said it would take 3 hours. My plans of this beautiful slideshow at her party were ruined.

What makes this worse is that I called the company in an attempt to get my money back (since it flat out didn't work) and they refused. They do not give any refunds, even if it's their error or service that doesn't work.

I am so disappointed that now I am out $50 AND don't even have a slideshow to show for it.

DO NOT use this company- go elsewhere- these are a dime a dozen and the lack of functionality and terrible customer service will get you NOWHERE (just wasted money and time).

New Reviewer

its not fair every time you try to upload a photo when your half way through a slideshow once youve uploaded a photo you have to start again! And its not fair, i tryed over 2 weeks with my daughter to add our own music and stuff but it didnt say it was premiam! . . . so when we pressed save it said to up grade £20! and that is a rip of you have to pay to make a video online and £20 for the year OMG! I mean i get the only good stickers and stuff are premiam that happens on loads of websites but for YOUR OWN music! DONT TRUST IT, IT IS A PEACE OF . . . .

New Reviewer

you people who have negative experiences are probably drunk. i purchased it on line for 49 American dollars, added 4 of my songs to a slide show along with 85 pictures, emailed it &burned it on to a DVD. It is phenominal!! Unfortunately, it was a memorial for a child. Can't wait to start a new one, this time I won't feel guilty for having so much fun!!! Read the help answers. They are very easy to understand.

New Reviewer

I need a play by play or instructions how to use this, I try to put it on facebook and it will not work for me.

New Reviewer

I liked the features of this site and signed up for a free account. I put 1.5 hours in creating a slideshow and when done they said I have used some premium features, hence I have to upgrade my membership to a premium one. I was really frustrated at that time as I was planning to surprise someone with that video. It was like a sheer wastage of time and it actually spoiled my plan. My point is they should have mentioned the premium features so that the user thinks twice before using them. But from the very first you are alluring people to create videos/slideshows for free and suddenly after wasting their time, you come and tell that they need to upgrade their account. This is cheating! And you cannot run a cheating business for long. I will not use this site and will ask everyone to think before using kizoa. It's hopeless.

New Reviewer

Horrible website and system.. Terrible customer service and not worth a dime to purchase the software. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME or MONEY!!! I have used many other FREE slideshow makers that have way more features/functions... BLAPPPPP!!!!

New Reviewer

I've been struggling with Kizoa for 2 months and can't burn a dvd...I write them and they suggest this and that but I think it doesn't work because it's a french program that does not work in the USA....want a refund!!!! And they should be reported to the BBB.

New Reviewer

I use this site alot to make organize my pics into slideshows and I think that even though you don't get everything with the free version, you do still get tons of options. Everytime I have sent them an email wth a question they always help me out. Overall i think they're pretty good and i'll keep using it!

New Reviewer

Definitely not recommended. I wrote my comments in response to someone else's post but also wanted to make sure to help bring their rating down. I was unable to use the slideshow I created after spending hours on it. It tools them 3 days to get back to me and by then it was too late. Of course they also refused to refund my money. Stay away!

New Reviewer

I am trying to get the collage I created to download so I can print it....I can't! Wish I had found this website before I paid my $$$.

New Reviewer

Don't bother... Aweful customer service, their website features are not worth the money. I am blown away at how unprofessional they were in telling me why I couldn't get a refund. Stay away...

New Reviewer

I read the website description and gave the trail version a try. It worked pretty well and I went ahead and bought the full version. As I was getting into production I began to find flaws.
* You cannot control the speed of text scrolls
* You cannot insert video
* You cannot set slide times for indivdual slides
I contacted KIZOA and requested a refund. As a wedding photography I need video input. They said "No refund". If your just loading up your family photos it's fine...if your trying to do semi-pro or professional productions, stay away!

New Reviewer


when i was done with the setting up my free version, it uploads the photos and deletes them from your hard drive. Then you find out that to save it you need to pay for membership. I didnt want to do that, emailed the Kizoa people, they told me to download my images back I had to have a premium account. WTF!!!!!!!!

Here is a copy of the email conversation with these people.
Good Day.
I uploaded photos online to create a slideshow but I noticed that now they are missing from my original folder on my computer. How can I retrieve them back?



Thank you for your email.

You can always save your photos back onto your computer by going to the MY IMAGES tab and selecting a photo and then clicking on the DOWNLOAD button to save to your computer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

The Kizoa Team
I tired that but it tells me I have to upgrade my account just to download them back.


Thank you for your email.

You should be able to save your photos to your computer so long as you have not selected the LARGE format. You can select either the standard or miniature format to save to your computer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
The Kizoa Team

New Reviewer

I have used Kizoa now for 2 weeks.
It is a very simple, straight forward site and application to use.
I had problems signing up with the promotion code applicable for the 2 year membership. I contacted the kizoa support and received feedback with another promotion code within less then 24 hours.
I had no problem signing up or paying. Mind you though I used paypal.

I love the fact I can store all my photos.
I had some issues with uploading music. However, this was more a problem on my side, which I was able to correct.
I had contacted kizoa support numerous times with questions. They always got back to me within 24 hours, which is really great!!

Love the Application. I would recommend it to anyone starting out with photography. It certainly is worth every penny.
I have gotten many many compliments regarding the slideshows I have created so far.

We love Kizoa.


New Reviewer

I found our Kizoa experience to be fantastic. I understood up front that in order to burn my slideshow to a DVD that I would have to pay for the Premium subscription and I found a Promotional code that was 50% off for a 2 year subscription. We used the site to create a 20 minute slide show for the end of our son's school year that was shown at the end of the year party. Everyone loved the video and each child got to take a DVD home. The site made it easy to upload photos and music. We took full advantage of the wide range of transitions and graphics included with the premium subscription. I would recommend this site to anyone.

New Reviewer

Buyer Beware, the company is operating out of a barn somewhere in France, laughing all the way to the bank. They are deceptive in their charging for their membership, not disclosing that they are a foreign company, and their pricing is in Euros. The fraud dept of my bank questioned the charge that was suppose to be 39.90 and ended up 57.20, the 39.90 was euros. They do not respond to their emails, never provided any receipt for their membership. I don't care where they are hiding I want my 57,.27 back, my bank slipped and paid the creeps. I am shocked at how much money this creeps are collecting!!!! There options of a free slideshow is a lie, there is no choice than what they attempt to collect and it appears that it is different for every buyer. They have scammed the wrong blogger, I will not stop until I get my money back!!

New Reviewer

When I made my slideshow (after purchasing the 2 year agreement) I wanted to add more than one song...I asked how to add it so it would start where I wanted in the slideshow- and when they e-mailed me back they said that I shouldn't be too particular and there isn't really a way to do it unless you listen to the slideshow from the beginning- and figure out where the second song started...not great customer service- when I burned it to DVD it skips and takes forever to load- I would love my money back!!!!!

New Reviewer

I agree with all the above reports of this website. I am so mad at myself for not doing enough research on this site before I started fiddling around with a slideshow creation. They do get you with paying to download or burning a dvd for additional money. I refuse to pay 50.00 for one slideshow. I spent 2 days creating a special military tribute to our troops and it turned out fantastic. But then I starting encountering problems with uploading more pictures and the response I rcvd from someone in from Kizoa was not helpful and I still cannot upload pics.

New Reviewer

The site is attractive and works pretty well. To be able to add all the effects and transitions you do have to pay for the two year deal, so it really depends on how much your going to use it in that time. I've used it a couple of times, and it's done good, but just had problems with one I just put together for someone. Had problems with uploading some of my own music, and a couple of hiccups in the music transitions, but over all I would recommend the program. There is no immediate response from customer support, they got back to me once, still waiting on a fix to problem.

New Reviewer

I started playing on Kizoa but realized quickly that all was not free. They should make it more know what is free and what is not. A good website can quickly become deceptive to many. Companies should realize that this is not good policy and they are doing more harme then good. My experience has been good up to now. I just am having a problem uploading my own music. Don't know if it is something at my end or theirs. I have e-mailed them recently so haven't heard anything yet.
Anna S.

New Reviewer

I came across this website and think it is an awesome slideshow maker, but I am battling for 4 days now to buy the two year premium version. i am from SA and simply can't make the payment on line. I sent numerous e-mails to Kazoa but no one can tell me what my promotional code is so i could go ahead and have fun with the program. So I am very dissapointed with this, but sure I could stumble another site that is more helpfull to me. To the ones that could buy and enjoy the program i envy you.

New Reviewer

The Kizoa website states that slideshows can be downloaded as a video to post on YouTube if you purchase the 2-year membership for $49.99. However, their website does not inform you that the only video format they offer is AVI (which creates huge file sizes). The download time is extremely long. When I tried posting the AVI video to YouTube, it didn't upload (also it was about 65 MB). When I emailed Kizoa about this, they did not respond.

Later, I discovered that I could create a slideshow video using Windows Movie Maker, which comes free with Windows XP. Windows Movie Maker doesn't have animated effects like snowfall, etc, but it does have video effects, video transitions, titles and credits (text), and you can import pictures, other videos to combine, audio and music. When you save the file, it allows you to save as a Movie File, which will save as WMV (much smaller file size).

The WMV file easily uploads to YouTube. Windows Movie Maker is not difficult to use, and it's free. If the text doesn't fit on the picture, you can create a PowerPoint slide with the picture as a background, add text, save as JPEG, and import it to Windows Movie Maker.

I do regret paying $49.99 for the 2-year Kizoa membership, especially since they did not respond to my email, which is poor customer service (also, their advertisement about video downloading is misleading). Their website does not have a phone number or address (they are located in France). Later, I discovered that I could use RealPlayer (free) to convert the AVI file to WMV, which reduced the file size and I was then able to upload it to YouTube.

New Reviewer

I am very frustrated and would like my money back as well, terrible experience in EVERY WAY! It is a shame I wasted 7 hours of my life trying to create a slideshow much less the $50, I am absoluetly blown away that scams are able to operate like this, right under our noses! Shame on KIZOA (a company located in FRANCE!!!) for the outright scams and never responding to customer complaints. THIS COMPANY IS A WOLF IN SHEEP's CLOTHING and you better steer CLEAR!!!

New Reviewer

The webpage looked attractive. The actual program is not workable. It takes many hours to download a few pictures. If you would like to download a hundred pictures in order to prepare a slideshow - you are not possible to complete your task. You have to pay for the premium plan if you wanted to burn the slideshow to a DVD. Please try other website instead. DO NOT WASTE TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS WEBSITE - IT IS GARBAGE.

New Reviewer

great website for photo slideshows!

New Reviewer

I stumbled upon Kizoa the other day and I have been hooked ever since. The site allowed me to upload a ton of photos and then edit them with all these great special effects and editing tools. What was even more convenient was that after using Kizoa I could upload photos and slideshows right to my blog and to facebook. I was also surprised that you can take photos right from a webcam and upload them right into the editing feature.

This site makes it easy to create artistic photos and share them with family and friends. With super cool transitions, animations, text options, and the ability to add music to a slideshow I would recommend Kizoa.

New Reviewer

This website is SO much fun! I can't stop using it. I recently joined for a two year membership which is only about $2.00 per month (practically nothing!) and I've already made several slideshows that I've been able to email to all my friends. I'm thinking.......future Christmas gifts?!?!

New Reviewer

I absolutely love this site!! They had all the right slideshow and editing tools I needed for my classroom this summer and I haven't had any problems burning a DVD. And when I sent them an email for help uploading my music, they replied almost instantly...thats hard to find these days!

New Reviewer

I feel like this site is totally misrepresented by all the other reviews. I fell in love with all the easy effects and animations and upgrading right away. maybe they had some problems in the past, but I had no problem burning my slideshow to DVD and it turned out great - I love this site!

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM!!!! We downloaded this program because it was advertised as free and had lots of interesting slideshow features. My husband spent hours uploading pictures and creating a slideshow for a Mother's Day presentation for our church. After everything was done and he tried to save it to dvd we discovered you have to pay $50 to do that (this was not revealed anywhere on the website that we can find, and we did go back to see if we overlooked it somewhere). We had no choice because we needed that presentation and there was no time to create a new one so he paid the money and upgraded the program. When he again tried to burn the slideshow to dvd the computer (which belongs to the church) completely crashed and when he tried to reboot he got a fatal error message. So now we are out $50, we had no slideshow presentation for Mother's Day, and the church computer that we use in all of our services is dead! DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM!!!!!

New Reviewer

When I first stumbled upond this site, I was really impressed with all that I could do with my photos. And, just like some, was disappointed with the fact that I spent weeks putting a slideshow together, only to find out I couldn't burn a DVD unless I subscribed for 2 yrs.! But what really upset me, was the fact that I did subscribe, my cc was charged, and the program didn't even work!!! It took me hours to download the software and hours to try to burn the DVD, but in the end, my DVD was blank! I emailed Kizoa for tips and advice, but never received any response! Then, I decided since this wasn't going to work for me, I wanted a refund, yet, I still have had no responses. So now, I paid 50 something dollars for a service that doesn't even work! This is a terrible website that has horrible customer service! I don't recommend it!!!

New Reviewer

It is deceptive to the consumer, as the site lets you create a beautiful slide show and then tells you if you want to use all the cool tools you have to subscribe. You can only burn a disk if you subscribe for 2 years. I like the tools (as I was forced to subscribe or lose my hard work that I did for a school project). I like the site, but I don't like that it is not upfront to consumers.

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Q: During making a slide show .Internet Explorer failed. Work of 5 hours is gone.
Can I get it back
A: I found this site online when looking for a way to create a Memorial Dvd for my Dad. The programs I have would only copy to cd. Can someone give me some info about this site? Is Kizoa actually free to use, are there any hidden costs? I'm not sure whether to trust the site wthout further info.
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