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27 reviews
Categories: Cats, Childcare, Classifieds
Wibautstraat 224-2
Amsterdam, 1097 DN, The Netherlands
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1 review
3 helpful votes

Kijiji which is owned by ebay is another example of a company with enough money to have google list them 1, 2 and 3 in google search results and honestly for a company that charges so much money to post ads at top and erase without refund or more than a reply of wrong category, duplicate ad. It has to also be the only business I know that has no customer service phone number. Kijiji site should be shut down. With so many complaints maybe a class action lawsuit is in order. Disruption of business or loss of income sounds about right.

Ask Pissed about
1 review
2 helpful votes

They are trying to call me a dealer and charge me for the adds and I am not a dealer and do not sell cars for living, I've had the same two adds running for months and couldn't sell anything on this site due to all the window shoppers that visit this site, your add is on page 30 just 10 minutes after listing. I will not use this site ever again and will start supporting other sites suck as the Auto trader.

Ask Moe about
1 review
2 helpful votes

This ad service needs to die with AltaVista, so nobody ever uses them again, they will take your money but then delay your ad and not post it!!! horrible scammers, unbelievable!!!! and then when help desk was contacted, the agent had the audacity to tell me: "you'll just have to wait like everyone else"!!!!

Ask Barbara about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I run a business in Belleville , Ontario for the past 20 years. I posted my business on pet service on Kijiji only to have a spam user trash me on kijiji through her ad for 8 months. And you couldn't even imagine the things that Lynda Skitch would say , she even uses the name Lynn Crosby ... I don't know this person what so ever . Kijiji would kick her down but then allow her to go right back up again even the same day ... Even Constable Monique Waite has reported it to kijiji, but still nothing... After everything kijiji has put me through I will never post my business ad with them ever again... They don't care to protect real clients at all.

Ask Shelley about
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Kijiji customer service is lousy. Really, really a waste of time. Don't bother to sign up 'cos they have a SERIOUS spam problem. which they admit themselves, actually.

Stick to Craigslist at least they try to be nice when you contact them. Besides while I get ten Craigslist hits for my ad I MAYBE get 1 hit from Kijiji, if that. So until they get it together don't waste any time with these boneheads.

Ask teresa about
1 review
5 helpful votes

We Are All Tired O Kijiji.
Show Your Support And Visit:


Many Thanks

Ask Sean about
1 review
7 helpful votes

I WAS a loyal Kijiji user for years. They have got their heads so far up their arse's they couldn't care less about anyone anymore. Their rules are so contradictory, and yet if you do something totally ridiculous like post your ad in two cities...OMG, they will block you and even if you try to rectify the problem they don't even respond. They truly think they have a monopoly and can't be touched. We need more people to show their dissatisfaction to fix these $#*!s.

Ask Erma about
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been using kijij for more than 5 years. This is my review - THEY ARE GOING TO DIE SOON. Look for alternatives.

Such a waste (PS: I might have spent close to $2000 bucks in 5 years, it was good initially)

Ask Sivalingam about
1 review
3 helpful votes

If you do not like kijiji, there is an alternative. Try this website:
This website is 100% like Kijiji but the only difference is that allows you to post as many ads as you can. There are no restrictions at all.

I personally do not like kijiji and that is why i use

Ask Richard about
3 reviews
8 helpful votes

Kijiji totally sucks, like the guy before me said you put your car on there and in 2 days your on page 6 so you delete it and make a new ad. and kijiji blocks you for being a dealer. I hate using them for anything anymore

Ask patriciam about
1 review
2 helpful votes

I hired Dust Busters...who advertise on kijiji and operate out of Lacombe to do a "move out" clean on my house. I had originally set a $300.00 budget but when the crew was there on Saturday I was told that the house was bigger than expected and it would cost $360.00. I agreed to the price and left. When I got the invoice, the total price was $425.00. I asked about it and was told that "there were a few things they just didn't want to leave undone" I paid the bill without any further discussion. Yesterday, the people that bought my house moved in and I got a whole bunch of pictures texted to me of dirty cupboards and drawers, appliances not wiped down, layers of dust on the ceiling fan, a dirty shoe print in the shower, and a vent cover off and a bunch of stuff left in there....and that isn't even all!! I paid $425.00 for three people for 4.5 hours!! Needless to say I texted Shelly the pictures and saw that the texts were "read" but I got no response. Later in the day I called and left a voicemail asking her to please call me back, I have still not heard back. Late last night I sent an email and re sent the response. I wrote on their facebook page to try and get a response and noticed this morning that my "review" has been deleted and I am blocked from the page. What a shameful way to run a business and treat your customers!!! Until I get a response, I will do whatever I can to deter people from getting suckered into using your service....if that's what you want to call it...I sure don't.

Update: After a long and painful day of back and forth finger resolution has been achieved. The owner stated that she would go back and re clean....but then told the new homeowner that she was uncomfortable going back plus the new owner had already cleaned what had not been done...then she sated she would "happily" give a refund, which she still has not done and is no longer wanted...After all the arguing, she said that on a house the size of mine (3200 square feet) it would need 18 hours in order to do a proper job. She also told me that she was there cleaning as well.... as I pointed out to her...4 people working for 4.5 hours equals 18 hours. Exactly what she said would be needed to clean a house that size...but still I got pictures showing me what was not done and a very unimpressed new home owner who ended up cleaning it all herself. I have been accused of harassment and slander, which is not true...she told me she would only give me a refund if I took this review down (as well as two other review on different sites)....but I would rather leave this review up for others to at least be forewarned than get a single penny back from her.

Ask Jessica about
1 review
2 helpful votes

sleaze bag site.. garbage interface. Ads get randomly deleted, $#*! customer support. Just a piece of $#*! of a site.

Ask Dave about
1 review
3 helpful votes

Kijiji totally sucks, like the guy before me said you put your car on there and in 2 days your on page 6 so you delete it and make a new ad. and kijiji blocks you for being a dealer. I hate using them for anything anymore

Ask robert about
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

In order to place an ad for a basement suite, you can either choose to list it in the "House Rental" section or the "Apartments, Condos" section. Neither of these is really the clear choice for a basement suite. People who want a to rent a place with one or two bedrooms may or MAY NOT look in both sections. It makes sense to advertise a basement suite in both sections. It would be nice if Kijiji made a section for "Basement Suites" but their website has a lot of hiccups and software bugs which don't seem to get fixed, so I am not holding my breath. If one advertises one's basement suite in both sections, Kijiji will randomly delete your ads and send a threatening email for breaking their rule of "Do not put an ad in two categories". This is despite being an excellent customer who has spent a lot of $$ advertising with them over the years. I guess blacklisting and banning good paying customers will be next !!! As I write this review, there are 230 ads for basement suites for rent in the "house rental section" and 130 listed in the "apartment section". Don't try complaining to Kijiji about software problems or billing errors. They do not care!! Shame on you Kijiji for your poor customer service and providing a poor product to good paying customers!!! I don't like to complain AT ALL but Kijiji needs to clean up their act.

Ask Susan about
1 review
5 helpful votes

over the years I have used this website to sell or look up or find things. lately have used them looking for a rental and twice have been contacted through kijiji by fraud artists posing as landlords with rooms to rent. both are scams and luckily no money was sent as they ask for of course and not stupid enough to send it but some people do and disqusting how kijiji doesn't even answer my complaint that I sent them. 3 weeks ago now and no word...not good business practices? they should be accountable for whoever posts ads

Ask doris about
5 reviews
8 helpful votes

Kijiji is possibly the worst place for a business or professional to advertise their services or products. While the average Joe selling his couch without paying a dime to Kijiji has it easy, the advertiser, the one with the real money is left in the gutter.

I spent $300 in one sitting on promoting multiple ads on Kijiji. First of all, their category systems is a complete fiasco. Who doesn't have a Computer or Web category under Services in this day and age?! Second, I asked for help from their support. They deleted my ads and told me to post a banner..

Here's where the fun starts. Their banners on paper look very nice and promising, although they are "managed" by a second company, Shiny Ads. I never had a worse experience with an advertiser before! I am now waiting for the weekend to be over (apparently they don't work weekends...) and asking for a full refund; at the rate my banner is going now it comes down to about $11/click (!!!).

In other words, stay back if you are a business. They will squeeze every penny from you and give you close to nothing in return. If you are simply a consumer, then by all means, go and sell your couch!

Ask Alberto about
1 review
7 helpful votes

This place sucks do to advertise, they will delete your ad with out tell you what it's wrong with it but of course, they will accept right away your payment and then delete your ad!! Dont use it!

Ask Julie about
1 review
3 helpful votes

Kijiji unethically and in my opinion illegally censors covers up blocks and deletes post and posters that try to post anything negative in regards to there advertisers, specifically in this case Metropolitan Movers who is subcontracting all their work building huge payment tabs with small independent owner operators through out canada and then they just stop acknowledging all phone calls emails ect and don't pay. After searching other sites such as UsedEverywhere and BackPages to name a couple these ads outing Metropolitan as a criminal syndicate are everywhere.

Shame on you kijiji

Ask Adam about
6 reviews
5 helpful votes
10/25/13 works great if you know how to use it. They will not allow multiple ads in different target market locations of the same product or service - although this is supposed to be a global policy, many professional resellers are now flooding the pages with repeated ads for their products. Automobile sales and marketing "opportunities" - these sellers have found a way to get their ads placed in multiple categories, but joe-public is usually denied. There is also often a long delay in when you submit the ad to when it is posted, so posting time sensitive ads can be a problem as their review of posted ads is slow.

Ask Garnet about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Some services advertised on Kijiji are not reliable, since there is no control on what is advertised and no way to get a reviews or references on these services. I used Kijiji to search for moving companies and when I found one they delivered most horrible moving services demanding twice more than we have agreed with these company before.

Ask Juia about
1 review
3 helpful votes

Car dealers must pay $12 per ad. They fill up car pages with advertisements so the ad ends up on page 10 in minutes.Then they want $4.00 per hour to "bump up" the ads. It's outrageous. When is someone going to make a site that isn't totally sleazy?

Ask Trevor about
1 review
2 helpful votes

They have no site maintenance technicians. Distance filter has not worked for over 3 weeks, so ads cannot be found locally. This is bad for people looking to rent for July in their own town. Ads deleted still appear, and forum postings are impossible. Kijiji admits they are having problems but nothing is changing.

Ask Monica about
19 reviews
12 helpful votes

Easy to use and an effective free way to sell. Of course there are paid options and even these are pretty reasonable when compared to ebay or Autotrader.

Ask Joginder about
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've bought and sold many things on I am a private individual, not a business.
Though I do receive offers for additional services, such as to bump my ad up, post a web page, etc, I have NEVER paid a penny to Kijiji, and have never had my ads pulled (I've sold things that were up there for many, many months; I just had to renew the posting with one click, when they sent me a reminder email).

Ask Paul about
1 review
1 helpful vote

well i guess there are people who will complain about anything. I posted my house on kijiji for free and sold in within 4 weeks. There were no fees except for the 1.99 that i paid to bump the ad back to the top, which by the way was worth it cause that is how my buyer found it. Kijiji is a great site i have bought things there and sold things and have no complaints at all GREAT SITE loads of exposure for minimal to no cost

Ask Trevor about
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Yeah, I agree, the site sucks. jackslist is much better and there are paid ad spots but it is automated like craigslist, so your ads go up and they are found just as easily as others are. I would check it out...super nice site. Kijiji is way not interested in being a public forum, they are out to make a dime.

Ask Jack about
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Kijiji isn't so great. - <p>I placed an ad on  3 days later, I got an email from them wanting me to pay for a top ad $17 or a homepage ad $30.  I didn't respond.  Shortly after, they started pulling my ads, delaying posting my ads and not posting them at all on their site, but left all my information on the Google search engine to drive potential customers to their site when they clicked on my ad on Google, (so people who would pay for the ad spots got the business).  It's like bait and switch.  They say they want the public to advertise for free, but as soon as you do, they want you to pay.  If you don't pay, they pull your ads and only leave information on Google to drive business to their site.  Very disappointing.</p>

Ask Betty about

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Q: Hi I want to know why all of a sudden I can not have mupitiple ads??? They are not for the same item yet you are restricting me to 2 ads>
4 days ago
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