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Kickstarter reviews

72 reviews
155 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002, USA
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72 Reviews From Our Community

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About 90% of the projects that were backed have been fulfilled in the time frame that the project promised. (in 50 reviews)


If your goal is not matched by the due date (you set) then no money exchanges hands between you and your many backers. (in 28 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Way back in the first week of April, I made a 'pledge' to a company advertising a way to stop internet ads. Recently (08/27/15) I went back to kickstarter to follow up on my pledge. To my surprise, they had no record of it!!! I have disputed the charge with my CC company, because I WAS CHARGED, and hopefully this will be the end of it. I thought kickstarter would be more consumer friendly than I have found. As far as I'm concerned, this is nothing more than a complete RIPOFF !!!

Ask Randall about Kickstarter
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

My pledge was taxed by 20% because the vendor is in France even though I'm in Australia.
While the vendor was kind enough to refund my pledge, it was minus the 8% Kickstarter fee and 20% VAT. After foreign transaction fees and exchange rates I lost $250 of a $600 pledge. Ouch.
Lesson hard learned, just not worth it for bigger backings overseas. Stay under $100 and stay local.

Ask Sascha about Kickstarter
1 review
3 helpful votes

I can not believe what I found out today. If you do not the goal that you set, Kickstarter will send the mone back to people and then tell you oh well to bad you deal is done. And now all that time is gone, and have you ever tryed to get a email or phone number for them, and lets even take this one more stem here. Once your deal is posted, about a week or two b4 your listing is done, You will get an email from someone blowing smoke up you well you get it. And they can help you, and think for a day and they will get back to you, but pay attention they are asking if you spend money they will help you get things done on this,By law they can't ask for money but if you state you are doing this cuz you do not have money well they just got the work you are looking for free help and it will not come from them, because you will not get email from them again, and if you mail thm they still do not get back to you. I know I had this happen 4 times and got $00.00 cus I did not pay....My Job was Hooked On Sport Fishing

Ask Mike about Kickstarter
1 review
2 helpful votes

My horrible experience with Kickstarter​. This is a great and powerful tool, don't get me wrong, but there is a lot more to know about it. They will promote the things that they want. There were things that they constantly put above others. No matter the design, practicality, or use, they will make sure that funding happens for only the things they want to by promoting it in different ways like "staff picks" "New but worthy" and etc. Also they keep piling on their favorites on top of the list, and by default, when you do look at a specific category, the projects are sorted by "MAGIC!" ??? seriously? the magic of, "we think you should fund these and not those"? While I appreciate the website and allowing opportunity, I was less than thrilled by the way things were handled. Good luck to everyone else and your Ideas. But I'll tell you this much, that it is very hard to get your project, great Idea, and unique designs noticed, when they keep putting projects that are 1700% funded on the top page, and your project somewhere on page 175!

Ask Herbdin about Kickstarter
1 review
5 helpful votes

Nice idea. It sadly has been adopted by SCAM merchants. Lack of support from kickstarter means merchants have free hand to do whatever they want. You have no recourse and no support from Kickstarter itself.

Tip for consumers: Avoid like the plague!

Ask Haje about Kickstarter
1 review
2 helpful votes

Great idea, poor execution. If a project gets "funded" then later fails before you ever receive your product, theres nothing you can do about it and you are out the money. I funded a project for $240, never got my product, and after the company abandoned it, I was only able to get a 20% refund on it (which that isn't even guaranteed... the company says I will get it in 90 days.)

Tip for consumers: If you back something, make sure you are willing to lose that money for chance for nothing in return.

Ask Justin about Kickstarter
1 review
2 helpful votes

Kickstarter is just short of an out and out scam. You put your money in and if the people who raised the money through Kickstarter fail to deliver for whatever reason, even when they actually admit that they never planned to deliver on parts of what was promised during fundraising, Kickstarter just throws their hands up in the air and does nothing. I've had extensive emails back and forth with their customer support over one such project, and they essentially told me that my only option was to contact the project creators for redress, which I did to no avail, and, if they didn't work, sue, which the average person isn't going to do. I'd have more protection if I bought something on eBay through PayPal from a random person. Eventually they just stop responding to emails.

Quite honestly, I don't think this company should be allowed to operate this way. At some point, a company that takes on projects knowing that some portion will turn out to be fraudulent, takes a percentage of the funds raised, and then stonewalls and keeps their cut is participating in the fraud.

Steer clear. If the product is good, it or something like it will find a market and you can buy it from a retail outlet you trust when its ready. Kickstarters often offer what they say is a discount relative to the retail price, but you've got to weigh that against the knowledge that there's a chance people will just keep your money and essentially flip you off, and also that there may be a sale later that is even better than the "price" kick starter is offering things for.

I backed a project from a musician who's work I loved who's been making music since the 60s. He screwed us all over, even wrote an update quoting me personally and flaming me. Now I have trouble listening to some of my favorite songs without thinking of that experience and how unscrupulous the guy is. I also wound up having a falling out with an online community of fans who I knew for a long time and who felt it was an honor just to give this guy money and anything we got back was a bonus. So, the cost can be more than just financial.

Crowd sourcing wasn't a bad idea in theory, but it requires a site that can exercise contractual rights that allow it to garnish the money from the person running an individual project that goes rogue to refund the backers and that is willing to do that. Kickstarter isn't a site that can or will do that, so unless you're willing to sue, anyone can screw you on there and leave you with little recourse.

I wish we had stronger consumer protection laws that would force these companies to take some responsibility or shut the down.

Ask John about Kickstarter
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have backed 3 Kick starter projects that have simply evaporated. The one I backed most, buying 3 units, had a prototype on their campaign. All of these had regular updates... At first. Then, complete and total black out of correspondence and updates. Even if the entrepreneurs start in earnest, they flee like scammers. The minimum etiquette would be to admit they did not budget correctly, the tech was not viable... The truth. If that is the truth. I think when I lose $500 to a fledgling company, who enticed me with promises of product, I have earned the expectation of some notice of their failure. Jorno, for example, posts nothing to any site. They had a prototype. What happened? CST had a thin watch where batteries and the band became an issue. That wasn't so clear when they had campaigned for money... It was worse that they contacted me to clarify payment when online fraud kicked in on my card! I guess my credit card knew I was getting greased! Shame on all of them! No matter what the fine print says: we all paid to see product. We all expected regular updates. A minimum expectation would be to notify investors that they would never see goods! Kickstarter is to blame as well. If they get their cut of our investment, they should be obliged to refund their brokerage/commission when it falls through. I actually think Kick starter has the real grift. They get paid as soon as reserves are met... And feign neutrality and claim immunity. Kick starter needs to feel some hurt for these losses too!

Tip for consumers: Buy technology you have seen working from reputable firms and vendors... With warranties and returns.

Ask Kent about Kickstarter
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been a backer for several Kickstarter projects and would like to share a word of caution for those contemplating being a Kickstarter backer. My recommendation is to first read the Kickstarter's "rules" so that you know what you're getting into when you back a project. If something goes wrong and the backer doesn't deliver or doesn't fully deliver what they promise, you are on your own. Kickstarter does not intervene nor will they even attempt to push the developer to comply. From my experience, I would say that the general tone from Kickstarter is to take the developer's side ("things happen", "developer is solely responsible", "be patient and understanding") versus a more balanced, business like position. Yes, you have the option of legal recourse against the developer but good luck with that approach.
Word to the wise - don't count on Kickstarter to stand up for you as a backer.

Ask F about Kickstarter
1 review
6 helpful votes

Below is what I posted on my Kickstarter project page. I did not let the project run its course, but instead stopped after the first week into the 37 day project term. A worthy project titled "Reserve" In memory of Kennedy" (The project is continuing without kickstart.)

Project link for kickstart;

Project link for project continuation;





I have been completely disappointed in the reality of Kickstarter compared to the image they give to the public and contributors.

The public is mislead to believe that the hard earned money they support a project with goes to that project.

That's not correct.

When we launched this project, on the anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death, Nov. 22, 2014, we were not contacted by supporters. We were instead contacted over and over by a flock of independent hucksters, salesmen, carnival barkers, fast talking sales personnel. Their messages were all the same;

"Pay us and we will promote you project. Do not pay us, and you will fail."

They agreed in phone conversations that their motives were borderline questionable and stated that the public is best not aware of this matter.

This is a bit of a scam that is defrauding the public trust. I simply do not feel comfortable participating.

Kickstarter needs to come clean to the pubic about the secondary business that have grown up around this mess and that Kickstarter actually does nothing to connect the supporters to the projects. It is done by secondary, unconnected hanger-on's, pitchmen with out whom Kickstarter would fail.

A little misleading.

Sincerely, Loren Salazar WWW.LORENSALAZAR.COM



. Nick at Kickstartmyads (

. Funding Successful (

. SMT Agency - Crowdfunding (

. Eran Back (

. Don White (

. Crowdfunding Services - The Road to Success ( campaign-under-2-names-and-tweet-about-it

. Harry Hillstrong says: Hey Loren , I wanted to connect early on in your Kickstarter campaign. I may be of some assistance in helping you drive more potential backers.


These are just a sample of the contacts through Kickstart, I have already deleted dozens more.

Over all, I am disappointed with Kickstarter and will have nothing further to do with them. They are misleading the public and those who post projects on Kickstarter.

Kickstartes policy states the they OWN this information, photos, and project and it will remain online even after I have stopped it.



Web site;





Tip for consumers: Don't bother unless you do not mind taking money from contributors that do not know where the funding is really going to and feel good about paying off unaffiliated people to be successful.
This was more misleading then I could consider continuing with.

Ask Loren about Kickstarter
1 review
1 helpful vote

I guess the site has done good things but my experience was pretty negative. I was setting up a photo studio which was going to use a vintage method of photography. In my presentation I included that the kickstarter would help to rent the space. Seems like a studio would need a space to work out of.

Three days after submitting I got a denial email saying that my project went against their policies due to the funds being used "to acquire real estate".

I emailed back twice explaining that the space was essential to the project and that I'd already paid for it out of pocket but would definitely reimburse myself if the project was successful and sent in an appeal letter which they suggested.

I never heard anything back from them so went with indiegogo and got my project financed with only 4% fees instead of the 12% that KS charges.

$#*!ty service.

Ask giles about Kickstarter
1 review
6 helpful votes

I would NEVER put money in a Kickstarter project again. Scott Crider of Watchdogs scammed everyone who gave him money and Kickstarter's response is "oh, well, you got scammed, not our problem." No accountability. I would have been better off throwing my money in the toilet. Then I would know where it went.

Ask L about Kickstarter
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ridiculous. Go to Indeogogo or somehwere else, but not here. I proposed a project that was unique in re purposing used paper for notepads and stationary, yet was rejected with no reason(s) provided even after numerous emails to their corporate office. Yet, I see other projects that simply don't make sense and have smaller impacts, such as funding a icecream truck being approved; WTF.

Ask Jason about Kickstarter
1 review
5 helpful votes

It's really hard to get your product noticed when you launch and products that have funded over 100% are still up front. Rotate items from newest to oldest!!

Ask Tammy about Kickstarter
1 review
6 helpful votes

See that sewer across the street there??? Ok, take the $200 in your pocket and throw it down the sewer. That way you'll avoid all the hassle of trying to contact Kickstarter or their partner is the scam, Frank Anthony Shorts, and all that wondering if you'll ever see your money again. There, I saved you a lot of time and a lot of trouble.....NO CHARGE.


Tip for consumers: ok, here's my tip....DO NOT USE KICKSTARTER OR FRANK ANTHONY SHORTS.....EVER!

Ask Donald about Kickstarter
1 review
2 helpful votes

Completely unethical business that will not act against even the most dishonest/deceitful project creators. The only things that ever do get pulled are ones that cause a PR $#*!storm - irrespective of whether the project actually violates ToS. Otherwise, they refuse to act even in case of clear ToS violations.

Will not censure project even creators that have repeatedly scammed backers by delivering product not of the promised quality and way late.

Would deserve a -5 star rating.

Ask The about Kickstarter
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

This site depends on you being popular or having money to make money. I have 7 failed kickstarters. I have 1 successful one - and I didn't even claim credit for the book I wrote in that one. I gave my husband the credit. If your campaign isn't showing success, the system buries it so it's not easily found. If it's successful it's all on their front page, which is kind of retarded if you're counting on Kickstarter to "promote hope" because it's very hopeless. With my last two campaigns I was flooded with spam from companies what wanted me to give them money to get my campaign funded (which makes no sense, if I had that kind of money I wouldn't have started the campaign) and one person wanted to know if I had hundreds of dollars to buy their stupid domain name. Meanwhile superstars who don't even need the funding get people to fund them by the hundreds of thousands... and I'm out $250 with bounced checks because I fell for the hype. I was stupid. I won't be stupid again. If I could see Kickstarter shut down, I most certainly would.

Ask Katrina about Kickstarter
1 review
6 helpful votes

I love the concept of crowdfunding and have pledged money on several projects. BUT, I've now been scammed on two Kickstarter projects I've backed losing about $100 in the process. Kickstarter actively promotes projects with "staff picks" which would lead you to believe they've properly vetted the project and creator. Kickstarter is more than happy to collect their fees, which are never refunded, despite no product ever being delivered. If you have a concern all you'll get from Kickstarter is some legalese which states that the dispute is between you and the creator. Interestingly, Kickstarter won't divulge any information regarding any creator so you can't get ahold of them. Stay away from Kickstarter!

Ask D about Kickstarter
1 review
2 helpful votes

The requirement they have on the website to start a project is misleading. I tried to run a software project on their website and they kept asking for more information. I needed money to run the project to attract customers and run an alpha site at a company. I already had a working prototype. If they need excessive amount of information on the project such as a video of the project or how many years of experience someone has doing a particular type of a job then why not put that on the website and make it a requirement? By the way if I need to jump over so many hoops to get the project approved on their website I would rather go to traditional investors and demo my product! It was a total waste of an afternoon!

Ask kevin about Kickstarter
1 review
3 helpful votes

Lost $600 backing a project with a company with a proven history. After delays for over a year, the manager discontinued the project promising refunds that never materialized. Kickstarter was very complacent.

Ask Earl about Kickstarter
7 reviews
18 helpful votes

Great idea! I personally funded a couple of startups. I think that crowdfunidng could replace tradiotoinal angels. However, since more and more projects appear, it becomes hard to filter out the good fines. Besides, I have no clue how their 'featured" system works. It is obvious that featured projects always get funded, but who is there to judge which one is to get all the attention? I really think the guys should make their project curration more starightforward and open.

Ask Rick about Kickstarter
1 review
7 helpful votes

I backed a project that seemed completely legitimate as the creator is big in the media (Scott Crider btw as I am trying to get his attention then maybe he will care). He had it posted on his twitter, facebook, facebook pages, websites etc. I backed him with 125 dollars because the reward for that was to have my dog remembered in the book with half a page photo and writing. I backed this project a year ago. It was supposed to sent by Christmas. It was delayed, but he hasn't said anything since February. I'm not the only one trying to communicate with him so I reached out to Kickstart. He is even ignoring them but Kickstart doesn't care. They keep saying delays happen. Yes they do, but we should be told about it and the creator shouldn't have seemed to drop off the planet (not to mention a few months after the funding ending he bought a new car)! I will NEVER back anything again, let alone use Kickstart. They don't care, they don't help. They deliver to scammer needs. A few of us will be taking legal action as there is no reason for us to believe this project is legitimate or that any book will be delivered. I am not going to let someone just take 125 from me. That's a lot of money and I saved up to back the project and I will not stop until I either get the book or my money back.

Ask Nikita about Kickstarter
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

fun site, I have good times betting on random projects however I must admit that a lot of them are BS.

Ask Erica about Kickstarter
1 review
1 helpful vote

Kickstarter pretend it had enhanced his code of conducts and policy but in fact it s just a smoke screen as nothing is done to prevent scams

Ask Hawk about Kickstarter
1 review
4 helpful votes

I've had my account permanently banned on a whim by a mean Kickstarter employee. Despite being a regular and active customer on Kickstarter, you can have your rights revoked in a moments notice with no way to get them back beyond pleading with whomever is working the customer service email. You can find that you lose access to all the content you backed because once an account is blocked, you cannot contact anyone through KS, or ask for a refund on their comments section. The KS staff are a close knit group of miserable trolls who enjoy rewarding loyalty with a banned account. Before you give these people money, be warned. They have even banned people for being the victims of harassment and stalking. They are a terrible, wretched group of unprofessional children in control of a multimillion dollar website.

Ask Cornelius about Kickstarter
1 review
2 helpful votes

Kickstarter is a good fundraising platform. However it offers no protection and no guarantees that projects will be finished and delivered. This created a good opportunity for Kickstarter scams, when people raise money for projects that were never planned to be completed, or projects that lie about the quality and basically resell low quality Chinese stuff 40 times the bulk price.
Thus if you really want to get what you back for, you need to be sure in the project you back in and in the person/people behind this project. But if you know the people already why share with amazon/kickstarter 10% of all pledges? Why not have all the money go directly to project creators, who need them.

Ask E about Kickstarter
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

Personally I have backed 26 projects as of this review. About 90% of the projects that were backed have been fulfilled in the time frame that the project promised. I have not had a bad experience yet. A couple projects that I have backed were pulled, but I have not paid into a project that has stole my money. I am personally on this website daily and love all of the new projects. It so exciting to see what people come up with, and even more exciting when you a able to open up a personal reward that you made happen. This is a truly rewarding website.

Ask Calvin about Kickstarter
16 reviews
29 helpful votes

It's great when the project I help fund actually happens. I've help fund 24 projects. All of the projects I've helped fund have taken my money. Only one of those projects actually moved forward and delivered the reward. Like everything else, buyer beware.

Ask Becky about Kickstarter
1 review
0 helpful votes

Why do sites exist? As a purely charitable act of kindness, sprung from the spirit of love and giving that's solely for you and your needs or- for a profitable gain? Before doing business with any site/person/company, 1st ask yourself- What do they gain? In the case of, the gain is your idea, your invention.

Ask jennifer about Kickstarter
1 review
1 helpful vote

A good idea that works for the most part - I've never had a bad experience, but there does seem to be a lack of protection for when projects do go south.

Ask James about Kickstarter
1 review
3 helpful votes

There are very many great projects that I would never have been able to learn of and help support if not for the site, or "crowd funding" type sites. Kickstarter, though, has some very awful people working in customer service. I'm one of the more active members, having backed well over 100+ projects yet am treated very poorly by the staff. I have faced regular harassment and had outright lies told about me in order to justify suspending my account (suspending means that, despite the fact you backed projects, you are not allowed to communicate with the projects owners or post on the comments section of backed projects). I've witnessed them allow projects that outright break their TOS , but when this is pointed out not only do they ignore you and everyone (and there were many) else, they suspend those that complain. They act like small time dictators now that KS is a practical monopoly (Indiegogo being so far behind and servicing a different form of crowdfunding). Overall, if there was any other choice, I would use it and not feed the egos of these terrible individuals, but no such option exists.

Ask Nathan about Kickstarter
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

Great site, lots of potential, lots of risks but if you wait it out and you pledge smartly, you won't regret it

Ask Henry about Kickstarter
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I went to their site and went through the idea submission process and found every step well explained with numerous suggestions for the decision process related to posting your project.

Ask Randall about Kickstarter
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have supported a friends art project and paid with my credit card. Instead of securing the amount, they withdrew $1 from my account and saved all my credit card information. While I was on vacation, they tried to charge my card, when it didn't go through they informed my friend that I withdrew my support from her project. Now she's pissed at me and won't accept the support. Kickstarter doesn't care about the problem and I'm not sure if they still keep my credit card details and if they will attempt to withdraw from my account in the future.

Ask Tansel about Kickstarter
1 review
4 helpful votes

I pledged 30 projects within a short time. A few have already provided what I pledged for, so that's good. I'm still waiting for the rest. One project, Maple Syrup Infusions, completely did not provide $59 of stuff, then they deleted their website and email. Kickstarter now says they will not help me at all ... but Kickstarter takes 10% of my pledges as its fee ... I am disgusted by Kickstarter, their business model depends on allowing innocent people like me to be scammed by fraudulent projects. Kickstarter is not operating in good faith. I will not pledge anymore, and I discourage others from pledging.

Ask Jane about Kickstarter
1 review
5 helpful votes

Kickstarter is absolutely horrible. Our project had reached its goal, & then some, & then 5 days before completion, it was 'suspended.' No explanation - we had absolutely not violated any terms. (and we scoured them again afterwards to be sure.) I have no idea what agenda they're pursuing, or what motivates them, but it is very bad business to rely on them for this service. Don't make the same mistake we did. There are much better fund raising sites out there.

Ask Stobie about Kickstarter
16 reviews
82 helpful votes

I hate kickstarter. I see them turn down great ideas all the time but promote dumb ideas like a facebook clone. Come on, isn't one facebook enough? They helped these guys make $250,000 to make a copy of facebook when there's already dozens of open source social networking websites. That was 4 months ago, and there's still nothing to show for it. These guys took the money and ran, we'll see nothing of Diaspora, no one is going to leave Facebook. What a waste!

If kickstarter is going to support ideas at least support NEW ideas not old ones!

UPDATE 2013: Like I said 3 years ago, we saw nothing of Disapora. Kickstarter is a scam, they take the money and say "we'll give you something in 6 months!" and when you get nothing and try to complain to Visa they say "Sorry, that was 6 months ago!"

Ask David about Kickstarter
1 review
9 helpful votes


Ask HILARY about Kickstarter
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

Kickstarter was awful in every part of my experience. I had an idea for a unique fishing reel, but they rejected it because it was a "consumer product". After looking around on the web, I found that a lot of funding sites also do not like the "consumer products". A friend told me about a new crowd-sourcing site called Product Funder; they are actually focused on consumer products and have helped me find manufacturers to help produce the reel. These guys are way better than kickstarter.

Ask Jack about Kickstarter
1 review
5 helpful votes

We had a project get funded. I was a backer. It turns out that Seth Nemic the creator of the project has either skipped down, died, whatever. All said, he cannot be found. I contacted Kickstarter with this email. The reply will follow. Kickstarted did not address my comments. Their response had nothing to do with my question. It was just a sidestep. I was going to start a kickstarter project, now I will use the competition.

Here is my letter to kickstarter followed by their response:

I'm pretty sure that you guys are aware of the Odin's Ravens Kickstarter. It appears that Nemic either up and disappeared or he died or something.

I'm sorry, but I can no longer fund kickstarter projects if there is no protections. If you look at my patterns, I had started being more involved, but since this fiasco, I'm done.

Ebay has buyer AND seller protection. It's not great but it helps. I need some kind of assurances that we aren't getting screwed or at least enforce some kind of insurance to protect the backers.

I was going to start my own kickstarter campaign, but not until I feel safe about your process.
(joke) or maybe I should.. I'll get people to pay my annual salary, then do it again in a year.
I won't even have to do much.

I don't know what else to tell you guys other than, it takes a lot of good press to make a company, but takes very little bad press to destroy one.

So, let me know when you've created some kind of fix for things like this. Until then, I will never support another kickstarter project.



Hi Terry,

Thanks for writing in and sorry to hear about this.

When projects launch on Kickstarter they’re often in the early stages of development. Before the project can be fulfilled they have to complete it first. Please keep in mind that it is an “estimated” date rather than a firm ship date. It’s not uncommon for things to take longer than planned, and creators are expected to keep backers in the loop whatever is happening.

Also, creators should be updating their backers on the project’s progress. If there’s news this is where creators would most likely be sharing it:

If you feel that the creator hasn’t updated enough, send them a direct message or post a comment letting them know that you’re interested in what’s happening with the project. Sometimes creators just need to be woken up. If you have already tried to contact them through the "Contact Me" link on the project page but haven't gotten a response, you might also check their profile for other contact information.

On each project page, you'll see a 'bio' link on the right. In the bio you will see a link to their Facebook profile, website, or both and you can try contacting them through those. Unfortunately, we aren't able to provide any additional information other than what is listed on the creator's profile.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Ask Terry about Kickstarter
1 review
2 helpful votes

Kickstarter is the Soup Nazi of crowdfunding sites. I wasted 2 and a half weeks of my very busy life carefully building a kickstarter page paying close attention to Kickstarters very vague guidelines, only to get shot down in the review process without explanation. When I tried to contact Kickstarter in attempt to get details on their rejection, I found out quickly that it is nigh impossible to contact them. I filled out their e-mail form and never got a reply. For the two and a half weeks that I wasted chasing their smoke and mirrors, they couldn't even find the decency, respect, or professionalism to give a reply. In their vague rejection form letter, they claimed that my project didn't meet their guidelines, although anyone who has the ability to interpret written English to a reasonable degree would tell you that their claim was complete bullcrap. Nothing in the language in the guidelines came even close to being cause for rejection of my project. The fact is that Kickstarter is a group of cliquey, biased insiders who apparently are judgmental of which projects meet their edgy, yerba-mate-drinking, skinny-jeans-wearing, hipster standard, regardless of actual merit or probability of success. My project was highly evolved and professionally presented, and it got bounced -- yet the famous "Death Star" kickstarter project that has made headlines somehow got the green light (google it if you are not familiar with it). I guess Kickstarter makes exceptions for publicity stunts that they can benifit from. That ought to tell you a lot about the inner workings of their ethics. Before I even learned about kickstarer, I had support from hundreds of people to get my project off the ground so that they all could benefit from the end product of my project. They literally couldn't wait for my kickstarter page to launch. I'm talking about HUNDREDS OF SUPPORTERS. I only needed a group of 150 backers to reach my $28,000 goal on Kickstarter, and with the support that I had coming in, I would have met that goal VERY quickly. Kickstarter would have had my 5% commission, and everybody would have been happy and moving on with their lives. But my project wasn't hip or edgy like the faux Death Star project, or like any of the thousands of no-name Indy rock garage bands seeking help on kickstarter to produce their CD's. Which is fine. I will gladly go to Kickstarter's closest competition and give them my commission instead. If you have an innovative technology project that you feel is close to realization, and if you value your time like I do, I suggest looking to one of kickstarter's competitors.

Ask Pissed about Kickstarter
1 review
5 helpful votes

Poor communication. I applied to kickstart for a non profit group of women artisans in Mexico. They need funds to finish their store.They were rejected with little information about why. They were called a "cause". Which they are not. There is no way to communicate with kickstart to find out how this was misinterpreted. There is an appeal process but that brought no more communication just another rejection.

Ask Charlotte about Kickstarter
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Kickstarter sucks, I will never use kickstarted ever again. They do not answer questions directly, they deny unique projects, and approve projects that violates their guidelines. Kickstarter choose projects they want appearing on their website which is favoritism. There is other websites that is 100% better than kickstarter like, which I personally use.

Ask Don about Kickstarter
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

great site I just got my first project up. can't wait to see how it does. follow our progress here.

Ask Mike about Kickstarter
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We worked countless hours writing, editing and then rewriting our Kickstarer project. And then we spent alot of time and money on developing a compelling video about our KOEZY project. After all this effort we just found out that our project was rejected from Kickstater! We were so surprised as we had dedicated alot of resources to describe our company and why we need Kickstarter help. The problem is that Kickstarter's response is that we did not meet the guideline but we have no idea why? The guideline are very vague. Does anyone have a view on what they really want ?

Ask Kathleen about Kickstarter
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Rejected my project and for those who get their projects "accepted" they don't let you receive your money unless you reach your goal. So in other words, you could be 5 dollars short of your 500 dollar goal and you don't get any of it. Try Rockethub instead! They are not biased against projects and let you keep whatever people are willing to give you.

Ask Laura about Kickstarter
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. I am an experienced writer and I wanted to use Kickstarter to fund a project about child abuse, but I am legally required to protect the personal identities of the people I would be writing about.
. I read the KS guidelines to make sure I could protect identities, and then I emailed KS to explain what I wanted to do and to clarify a few issues in their guidelines that would be relevant to protecting people's privacy.
. NO RESPONSE from Kickstarter.

Ask Doug about Kickstarter
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This pretends to give fair and equal treatment to all applicants, but it rejects applications after applicants have invested serious time and effort into compiling the application and being forced to sign up for an account with Amazon's payment system. It also does not give specific reasons for rejection in spite of the applications meeting all requirements and does not respond to email queries.

Ask jane about Kickstarter
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Until Kickstarter let people like this guy below be on it, I will do all I can to get people away from it. Check what I found on youtube about this guy and Kickstarter allows him to collect money and donation? Should he be rewarded so much?

"This is the story about the relationship we had with a photographer by the name of  Eric Schwabel!

I have my shares of faults for which I came clean, and I have done many bad things to you after finding out who or what you were or what you are.
You made us believe you were real.
You made us believe we had a future as a family
You asked me so many times to marry you. Thank God it did not happen!
You made us believe we were a family.
It was all premeditated from the very beginning: taking advantage of us, of me.
Went over with accountant and attorneys and I spent almost half a million in three years to get your career going and getting you out of the mud and having your career taking off.  From paying your bills, buying you equipment and Producing all the Burning Man photo shoot, choosing EVERY SINGLE subject, with it's expenses, etc. etc. etc.  All on paper!  Black on white. We have all the receipts and statements and records.
One day, after you reached your goals, meaning you got famous and known, you left us without communicating your intentions, which as per today I have NO idea what that was.
What kind of human being would do that to a man and a child? Or better yet, not who, but WHAT king of human being?
I do not believe your parents and family knows who you really are, and all your friends and clients too.
Luca still devastated and speak of you constantly. Nothing bad comes out of my mouth about you to him. But it is hard! You created all this.
Sex addiction; cheating from the very beginning. Names, numbers, emails web-sites and hook ups all on record.
Never communicated to me your problems nor tried to work through them. You lied to your therapist,  you lied to our couple therapist, but most of all: you lied to yourself and blamed me for YOUR issues without taking ANY responsibility.
It was possible to make it work,  as I believed in you like I have never believed in anyone else before. I proved it to you!

You can dye your hair blu, pink or purple or yellow, but it will always be you. You can hide, but you cannot escape reality.
You ruined three people's life: Luca and I, and yourself.

I am so angry!
And I am sure you wonder "why" without understanding, because that's who you are.
But remember, the bad things I did to you after you left us and I found out what you have done to me/us, is because I was so angry at you. Angry for you cheating from the very beginning. Angry for not talking about your problems. Angry for you lies and cover ups. Angry for you taking advantage of me. Angry for leaving a child who adores you.
And I still angry for all of the above. Less, but still am!

My therapist said: it is not about revenge. It is about justice! I got your career going. Introducing you to VIPs, getting you a rep, spending half a million dollar for you in three years.

Got your career up and running.  Created you at Burning Man and so much more.

We are coming back to CA. We will be at Burning Man and be there with a few people that know you and know about you.

We loved you, believed in you, supported you, created a future for you. You reached your goals and split!

Fausto and Luca Callegarini

Ask Jonathan about Kickstarter
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Kickstarter is great in theory especially if you want to promote a project, not follow through and keep the money. I funded a successful project $100.00 and the "artist" Kayla Oberlin raised over $5,000 and never followed through with the project. When I contacted Kickstarter several times over the year they told me to contact the "artist" directly. They offered no refund, or any penalty that I'm aware of to Kayla Oberlin for not following through with the project.

Ask Melissa about Kickstarter

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Q: We worked countless hours writing, editing and then rewriting our Kickstarer project. And then we spent alot of time and money on developing a compelling video about our KOEZY project. After all this effort we just found out that our project was rejected from Kickstater! We were so surprised as we had dedicated alot of resources to describe our company and why we need Kickstarter help. The problem is that Kickstarter's response is that we did not meet the guideline but we have no idea why? The guideline are very vague. Does anyone have a view on what they really want ?
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