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New Reviewer

Well, at least I know where all the phone sex operators went, they are all cam girls now. They won't talk to you unless you go on cam. Oh and you happen to have to give out your credit card information. Burned up one bank debit card and one prepaid Mastercard on this site. AVOID unless you just like scam baiting like myself ;)

New Reviewer

This site is a con, the profiles are cyber profiles, not real people. Any profile with CV sign in the top right hand corner shows this is a Virtual cupid i.e not real. You will never meet or chat to a real person on this site. Out of a search of a 100 mile radius 492 profiles came back 18 were really people the rest were cyber profiles. Stay well clear of this scam.

New Reviewer

Completely conned into joining by someone from another site. They offered me a huge discount to join, but made me a life member without my consent... and charged me 3 times as much. The only contacts are from camgirls... they offer you the world but you have to join their camsite because They dont trust you......WHAT A LAUGH.....Very dishonest stay away surely what they do must be illegal....extortional scams...

New Reviewer

Horrible fake site. None of the profiles are real. Do not be sucked in. My husband signed up and now we can't cancel our membership. They are ripping people off left and right.

New Reviewer

OMG all fake everything. added so many fake emails and skype accounts im going to erase my google plus, gmail, skype and anything else jushookup has touched. I cant seem to figure out how to deactivate my account yet. I even had a few girls on cam in skype but it turns out they are just recordings of girls not real at all. I saw the exact same recording of a girl from two different girls on skype from justhookup. One of their people actually recorded my with my long john in my hand and threatened to post it on facebook and actually showed me all my facebook contacts. not only are they fake but they are criminal.

New Reviewer

This is by far a scam They bombard you with dozens of dazzling chicks they say are right in your back yard. Then you bite and all of a sudden your the only one on the planet. Eight months and I haven't connected with a single one. Even stopped looking. Should have known Ten minuets after signing my bank called me to ask if the transaction was legitimate………Thomas

New Reviewer

If I could I would rate this site a negative 10 stars!! Don't use it, my recommendation would be to go to a site like

New Reviewer

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!! I found out the hard way!! its all a complete con and I cant believe that sites like this are even legal! from now on I am going to make sure I read full reviews of sites before I sign up to them and I hope that you all do the same!

New Reviewer

ok i have spent over $13,000.00 and logged into over 400 web cam sites and i am now banned from 2000 web sites due to security issues. it has been 16 months and i have never even seen a girl on web cam. oh wait i did see this one and after $50.00 down the drain i ask the model how do i vote and she said you just did. The bank is furious with me and i took it as far as i could run with it. if you wanna throw your money away go ahead get addicted and it will be like gambling with no return lust lose, lose, lose. I had some money to burn and time to kill but POF is where i ended up. Customer serfvgice will never help you. You will get someone asking you to send money to the philippines or ghana. i am a musician i play guitar and this web site of scammers will have you smashing your guitars like Pete Townshend so buy a lot of guitars before joiningt ehehe

New Reviewer

I stumbled upon this "Justhookup" site by chance and it seemed very promising, I got winks and messages from about 6 different girls in an hour all supposedly 15-200 miles away and giving their Skype details in their profile description, also another thing the majority of these girls are gorgeous, supermodel level, it's seems a bit too good to be true (and it is trust me), there was even 2 different profiles with the same dating description. So I decided to add them all on Skype and see if they responded to my messages. In about half an hour all of them had replied and I began to see a pattern: First they ask where your from and generally respond that they live close to you, then they ask for your age and give you theirs ( usually 1 year older), then they ask you if you like to have fun then it get's interesting they then ask you for a favour, so to test my hypothesis I said sure. Each girl sends you a link to a variety of web cam sites so you can vote their show. I got hopeful at one point when I had a 5 min genuine conversation with a girl and she would be interested in dating me, but 5 mins later she asked me to rate her site and I knew then it was not legit, she even gave me her Birth date. I asked for her Facebook since she seem the most reliable, she accepted. Now I found a few things fishy with her Facebook ,firstly it was only created a day before (When I asked her why she was vague and just said her last account was blocked and she didn't know why), there were no friends in her contact list and her birthday on her Facebook did not match up with the one she told me earlier (I'm mean who forgets their birth date really?) Her likes and interests seemed normal until I looked closer and they look very generic, she like One Direction, Twighlight and other girly things.So I ruled the page as a fake. Now back to the Skype when I asked if I could take them out to dinner instead of voting on their web cam they just kept insisting it's free. If you ask any question not regarding the credit card, they either give a robotic response or completely ignore you. One such example is I complimented a girl on her stunning smile and her reply was a very underwhelming: "Ok". So trust me this is not something you should get in to especially if you intend to use your credit card. It's a scam and my guess is that they will extort you once they have your information. I'm glad I came to my senses before I did something stupid. Beware guys, spread the word I would hate for this to happen to an ignorant person.

New Reviewer

Horrible site, nothing but a scam, I sign up for a month just to try it out, but the decide to charge me for that, plus out of no where,they end up charging me for that plus six months and also a year, which I never clicked on, so at this very moment, I`m out around 170 dollars for something I never agreed to, don`t waste your time with this scam, they only want your money, and when you try to contact customer care, they stick you with a bot that answers and helps none whatsoever, awful!!

New Reviewer

Nothing but spammers and fake profiles, a total waste of money. A better alternative would be

New Reviewer

Surprisingly, every female on this site is in Ghana. Some admit this outright and some admit it when you ask them where they are from. Only one turned on a cam for a few seconds. But they pretty much try to steer you to join a random list of sites to vote for them or whatever. Join with a credit card for which you will see stuff you can find at numerous free sites I'm sure.

Not worth it, even for the picures as they are all small, and you have to join/pay to see them larger than 1"x1", if that is even true.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

They got my interest but not my money. I couldn't get verified without paying, so I contacted one of the profiles that gave an email in her profile. It was finally stated that she just friended me so I would visit her web can to write a good review about her to make her more "popular". I use a special email just for these sites. I spotted a profile I liked. She lived close to me but never responded to my profile that contained my personal email. No one did. So I signed up again using another email. This time I used another zip code that put me about 600 miles away. I found the same girl and guess what. She must have moved, because now she lived close to me again. What a joke. I bet if I signed up saying I lived in Australia, she would be there too
What a joke.

New Reviewer

Just a bunch of fake profiles and posers. Much better alternative that is halfway OK is

New Reviewer

Fake profiles, I was 'verified' when all I did was load an avatar pic!! I got spammed from fake people directly to my gmail account !! They even admitted where they'd got it from. I can't close my account, as their links just redirect to their robot 'support service' which is useless!! It's nothing but a rip-off. Don't bother with JustHookUp it's a waste of time.

New Reviewer

A whole pile of fake profiles... it's very obvious when you live in Montreal Quebec and the girl says theirs a Staples across the street from where she lives... (its called bureau en gros in Montreal) esti

New Reviewer

All kinds of people with fake accounts, i have seen three or four pictures of the same girl with different names over and over again!!! They all talk a big game and then just ask you .tk send them money for food or they're sick uncle or mom or aunt or for calling cards...if you refuse to send them money they cause you of being the $#*! and then you run across them again under a different name! It is a site full of scammers and 90 percent of them claim to live in Ghana, but when you give them your cell and they text or call you it is always a US area code... i just spent the last half hour trying to cancel my account and justhookup won't even let me do that!!! Stay away from this site!!!

New Reviewer

full of virtual users, and fake accounts. They would charge you to log on if they could, I'm sure. Don't waste your time, or spend your money.

New Reviewer

Pretty bad, no one replies to your emails after you sign up. if people were real they would at least try talking to you but they don't. The local selection is not great either. Don't join if you are a guy especially.

New Reviewer

Yeah this site terrible, doesn't get any worse than this site! You much better off using a site like

New Reviewer

I keep refusing to enter in a credit card and they start getting all pissy at me!! saying im wasting their time, when I said lets meet up then they have some bull$#*! excuse why they cant meet up or they don't wanna give out their looks but they'll go on Skype all nude fingering themselves for like 2 minutes! Seriously I timed it 2 minutes EXACT! and when I asked where they're from they say where you from ? I tell them Canada Ontario then all of a sudden ! oh me too ! then they say they're from my town like get the $#*! out of here. my town is like 500 people!!! everyone basically knows everyone serious ! Complete b.s and scam.

New Reviewer

Horrible! First website I ever joined. Got a call from my bank 2 minuets after I gave my credit card number.Bad news I was told. They played the zip code game from towns around me.It doesn't take long, after dozens of inquires. With no answers. this site belongs in the toilet.I will drop a line to the Attorney Generals Office of Pa. After all I'm a senior and deserve a less corrupt society. Already warned my bank.leatherthong

New Reviewer

Complete scam, just as described by others.. their forums are joke as well.. all members seem pissed about the lack of real profiles. But they censor your posts on the forum as well... Hiding the truth from everyone.
It took some work , but i have my account closed down finally...

Stay Away from this website, they are only Scammers..

New Reviewer

This site is nothing but a fraud, scam....with a bunch of fake bots! I would totally recommend any day over

New Reviewer

Leave this site well alone. The first 100 profiles had at least 50 "virtual profiles". ie Not real people. You will be sucked in after joining the freebie membership with lots of emails and winks for people who don't actually exist. Pay your membership and you will never hear from them, again.

At least 40 of the remaining 50 profiles are cam girls trying to suck you in to spend money watching them perform on camera. IF YOU ARE LUCKY you may find 10% percent of the so-called members are real people and THEN you find they are US based!

Avoid this site like the plague!

New Reviewer

Embarrassingly bad. Some of the fakes are so funny it's untrue. Best one for 'favourite sexual encounter' was the answer "Under the stand at the rodeo". This was from a user who was supposed to be 5 mins away in suburban South London.

There is no one real on this site, complete and utter rip off. Don't waste your time.

New Reviewer

Complete scam! I've been trying to contact them to cancel. There is no way to cancel. They give you the run around saying they will send you an Email that never comes and also tell you to send them an Email that comes back as a mailer-daemon. I searched all over the net for answers and found it. Spread the word, you can cancel this scam so you don't get charged. Go to this site and it will cancel these scum bags.....

New Reviewer

begging for your $$$$$$ with no real way of knowing if these girls are in fact...real. anyone want to see a list of the girls that have contacted me & u want to see if these r the same girls writing YOU. let's figure this out!!
I wanted to post the screen shot I took.. but see no way of uploading.

best way to show you guys these girls??

if they're the same.. which I am sure they are, we'll find out.

New Reviewer

before even upload my photo lot nice girsl want to meet me.
dont pay any penny they are already made themself rich already with this fake site
and many more like" elena" they say not to send money to anybody meanwhile they cheat on you with fake photo!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

It sucks reading these reviews because I am an attractive girl who was looking for a guy and yeah, no site that asks for money is going to get girls to join...I could just go to a bar! Try pof, that's the site I use. But I have on my profile that I'm looking for a relationship because if you SAY you're looking for just hookups you don't even get a reply! I don't sleep around...but I signed up because no nothing for like three months is driving me nuts!

New Reviewer

This is Horrible :( its fake they just want to take your miney,

Try POF i love that side down load it from your android market i have found my date there 3 times n its Free

New Reviewer

Worst Site Ever..... I Got Directed There Through A FacebooK Hookup That Told Me That I Needed To Get Verified Before We Meet Up...OMG!!! I Can Not Even Delete This Account Now Because Of THe Circles THis Site Runs You Through And The Spam Is Incredible That Comes In.....Stay Away From This Site For Your Dear life.

New Reviewer

look for a v surrounded by a c in the top right corner, these are the virtual cubits or fakes about 90% of the "women" contacting me had this symbol.

New Reviewer

i sign up 3 month and they cherge me 3 month AND alifetime
when i send ticket it say ticket solve but i never receive any answer from them

New Reviewer

Fake profiles, one girl with 4 different profiles with different age, city of living, but had the same photo of just 1 girl. Yeah it is fake as hell, no real girls at all, just want to get you to go to there cam sites, and use that credit card. Want your email or cell # to sell to other sites. Stay away.

New Reviewer

My god this site is fake. Every profile is fake.

Start receiving messages, winks and being favourited by supposedly attractive women in my area, yet the messages say stuff like "your profile doesn't have anything on it" even though I filled out my profile properly, I check their profile and it is literally bare, without a single bit of text to tell me what they are like.

Has alot of profiles that say they are Male, yet they have a female profile pic, they send me a message with really poor grammar, I respond and get a similar message like they're not even talking to me.

Every time I visit this site, it plasters a popup trying to promote a way to "Get laid faster" even though I paid for a membership and if this site was real, would have happened by now.

Have used the site for almost a month, and haven't received a single legitimate response from any user.

Trying to cancel your membership is a pain in the arse. I got offered 12 months premium membership and "Featured member" when I told them I wanted them to cancel my account and delete my profile.

Absolutely despicable.

New Reviewer

Unfortunately I was one of the foolish ones for not doing a bit of homework before signing up on this site and paying for a subscription. Next I know, I'm getting spammed by what appeared to be really attractive women from my area telling me how hot or interesting I seemed. I hadn't even filled in the details or a picture on my profile yet! To top it off, I also got two miscellaneous subscriptions to other websites/services that I was not even aware of or have any interest in but were automatically charged on my card.

This website is a total scam. Stay away!

New Reviewer

I came on here to tell everybody to read the small print; these people are out of London, England and can be hard to legally challenge. I payed for one month just to check it out and they kept charging my account every month without my permission. On the second month, I sent them a "Cancel Subscription" notice very firmly. They sent me back a nice e-mail which said nothing but tried to sell me 3 more months. The third month, I had to call thier 800 number and threaten legal action....finally they agreed to send my money back and cancel my account. The flirts and pics are bogus. I got e'mails from towns close by that I personally know are so small they couldn't have that many people let alone females....LOL..purely a scam or girls trying to get you to go to thier webcam site.I'll never go on another dating site again but will be contacting my bank to make sure they are permanently blocked from taking money out of my account ever. Don't let them suck you dry!

New Reviewer

So for whatever reason I decide to post on this website. I get a lot of responses from
the same towns which are all close to where I stay, but nowhere near I live. Of course to respond I have to pay for that right. I mean I'm getting bombarded by all kinds of hot chicks even with no picture. So I get a wink from an African-American female who is supposedly located in Pinecraft FL. Even though it's 31 miles from my house I've never heard of it like a number of the responses I've gotten. So I do some research and learn that Pinecraft is a small Amish community. This is a red flag. I mean the girl is black and naked. I know there's a show about Amish people going buck wild, but don't they move away before doing so? And seriously, how many black Amish are there? I happen to also be black btw.

New Reviewer

Obvious scam site. Plenty of emails and winks after you sign up. None after you pay for a membership. And no one who sent you emails to begin with responds to any attempts at communication from you. Turns out they make fake accounts that send you these emails and winks. They call them "virtual cupids". Absolute scam. Stay away. Far away.

New Reviewer

This email says it all! Absolute con. 90% of the profiles are either VC's or American women claiming to be in the UK but are actually scammers in the US trying to get you to pay to see their Videos! Read this email I received from them! I obtained a full refund as I threatened them with court action:-

Hi W*****,

Thank you for your Email,

The profiles you are referring to are our Virtual Cupid Profiles (VC), the sole function of these profiles is to increase members activity and enjoyment of our website.

These can be identified by a logo on the user's profile. For further information on VC profiles please refer to our terms and conditions.

The majority of our customers build up great relationships on the site and we endeavour to ensure that all customers have the same experience.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Kind regards

Jennifer NMS03
Customer Support Adviser

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: XFM-916-69335
Department: Sales
Type: Issue

Support Center:

New Reviewer

I joined up and paid $34.95 for one month - I figured, hey, if I can't get some action in a MONTH off of some website that holds itself out there as being solely for "hooking up," then I have no business chasing women whatsoever.

I noticed a few peculiarities right away:

One profile said she was "born and raised in Belle View, VA" that's the official post office designation for Zip Code 22307, but it's in Alexandria, VA. NOBODY would ever say "I was born and raised in Belle View."

Then I noticed that these supposedly American girls use British slang terms like "my mates..." and "I love shagging," and other $#*!. The JustHookUp website is hosted in the UK, so that's no surprise. The people writing all those fake profiles need to tighten up a little bit.

Then, I sent out probably 50 e-mails my first day, and received a few, but not from anyone I had messaged. Then, after I wrote something I thought would be offensive to one of the members who e-mailed me, she "winks" back, I keep getting just "winks" from people I've propositioned via e-mail messages. Wouldn't they just write me?

Total scam.

I requested my money back. We'll see if I get it, though.

New Reviewer

This website is a pile of steaming $#*!e.
I signed up for the 1 month trial and I cant even get proper accsess when iam logged in.
the website keeps reverting back to basic html coding.
also you cant reply to any messages you get from other people.
stay away and don't even attempt to signup because you will regret it for a very
long time.

New Reviewer

Horrible!!! both guys and girls are pretending to be someone hot, to get an email address or phone number to sell
I gave my new email account out THE NEXT day I was getting junk sex mail
try a different site

New Reviewer

Definitely a bogus site! I sterilized my account early this morning (no photos or profile comments) and I'm still getting likes and winks. Save your money. I'm just glad I opted for the one month membership.

Also, when you go to cancel, you have to do it with emails and they try to talk you into staying! I had to get nasty with them to cancel my account.

Stay away!!!

New Reviewer

Its a complete waste of time. I did responses from girls but they just have you complete a "web diary" to get you join other websites before you get to meet them which doesn't happen if you don't a prepaid credit card. Regular credit card company decline purchases because the transaction take place out the USA. They try to lure you in with their sexy talk. Don't be taken in.

New Reviewer

The biggest waste of time and money I've found so far. There are only fake profiles that want you pay to watch their web cam, or they are completely fakes in its not even a person. Your better off useing facebook to find a girl than this I've never seen such a lack of customer service. Once they have your money, messages and requests almost stop completely, and if you make a single specification on your search then it can't find anyone in your area. DO NOT PAY A PENNY TO THIS WEBSITE. IT IS A SCAM TO GET YOUR MONEY AND THAT IS ALL!

New Reviewer

Signed up for the free account and had 10 emails within the first hour. I had no idea that a blank profile and no picture were so exciting. I must try that elsewhere! Fortunately, they didn't get any money from me.

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