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JustFab reviews

250 reviews
2301 Rosecrans Ave #5100
El Segundo, CA 90245-5109
Tel: (866) 337-0906

250 Reviews for JustFab

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New Reviewer

I received everything I ordered and in a timely fashion. My shoes were cute upon arrival but the quality is poor. They started falling a part only a couple months in. I did understand that it was a monthly subscription upon signing up. I did not want to continue paying for poor quality shoes so I canceled my account, which was easy to do. Five minute phone call.

New Reviewer

I have ordered from justfab about 6 times and never had a problem with them. They always send me just what I ordered and on time. I would recommend to anyone. I am a vip member and as long as you remember to skip that month if you don't want anything you do not get charged at all. Its kinda sucks that you do have to do this but to me its worth the savings. I sent my phone alarm to remind me every month on the first to skip if I don't have the funds to order. I have never had any issues with them. Just remember people always talk ten times more about the bad then the good. People are 10x more likely to leave a review for a bad experience then a good one. But I deff recommend. I do not know about returns because I never had to return anything, they always get it right.

Tip for consumers: Just remember to skip by the 5th if your not gonna order anything and its a great site.

Ask erica about JustFab
New Reviewer

THANK GOD I decided to look at this review site before going through with my Just Fab order. I find it pretty fishy that all of a sudden I'm paying 10 dollars for boots instead of 50 with the VIP Memebership!! Obviously they get thier money back from scamming you!!! Also the website says that you can cancel anytime but no where does it say that you will be charged for the full price of the shoes if you do. STAY AWAY this site is nothing but wasting money and headaches!!

New Reviewer

I ordered one pair of booties of the site they weren't great quality at all they had creases in them with in the first 30 minutes... signed up for the stupid vip services then got charged the 39.95 after i called to cancel my account i just let it go was not a big deal called again and made sure they canceled the vip account, but i hate getting advertisement for the 2 pairs for 39.95 and there are absolutely no shoes in that section to even use the credit on seems just like a waste of money and time ordering from them again after i use my credit.

Tip for consumers: just use shoedazzle i think their shoes are way better quality.

Ask Joann about JustFab
New Reviewer

I made my first order on a credit card that expired the same month I ordered. I figured I was pretty safe even if it was scammy because they couldn't charge the card. A few months later I realized they'd been continuing to charge my card, so I called to cancel. The lady was super nice, refunded my money and cancelled immediately, no fuss at all.
I went back on their site a few months later and noticed it said I had credit to spend. I phoned into customer service and turns out they have no record of my cancellation; they've been charging me for months now. I asked for a refund and cancellation of my account, the woman said she could only refund 2 credits. I argued for a while then asked for her supervisor. I spoke to her supervisor who told me unfortunately she could only give me refunds for 4 credits. I demanded a full refund and argued for a while, then finally asked to speak to her manager. The last manager dealt with it, but I was stuck on the phone with them for close to an hour. The whole time they kept trying to convince me to stick with the program and buy more or try again one more time.

Ask K about JustFab
New Reviewer

I read everything about the membership, ordered a pair of boots, cancelled the membership afterwards and was still charged the next two months. I called again and made sure they understood to cancel my member ship and refund my money. All seemed good...for about 8 months then the charges began again. Sooooo, I call again and the person on the phone insists I wanted to keep the membership open. I completely assured them I want nothing to do with their company now or even again in the future. (still wondering how they got my new debit card number)

Ask James about JustFab
New Reviewer

STAY AWAY! Very poor customer service. You can't chat with them - I waited to be connected for almost an hour. Email replies are standard spiels and on the phone - representative is struggling to communicate to you.

As of today - I have not received my order yet. This is after one month of ordering.
When I said that I will just get a refund - the rep said she can but less the tax that I paid. This is crazy! Why pay tax when there was no sale at all. They are scheming customers for money. Business practice is shady!

Ask Nova about JustFab
New Reviewer

I am SO glad that I did not purchase anything from this website because CLEARLY based of these reviews these people swallow your pocket! I found the website to be too complicated in the sense that I knew it was a little more than 39.95 or whatever. However I still get emails from them and etc BUT I thank God that I had not purchased anything.

Tip for consumers: Be careful !! You'll be robbed!

Ask Sarrana about JustFab
New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of boots from JustFab apparently 21 months ago. When they came it turned out they sent me the wrong colour of boots but I didn't feel like returning them and just decided to keep them. I think it must have been 2 pairs for $39.95 but I don't even remember what the second pair was.

So the other day I looked at my credit card statement. Now this is my fault, I rarley look at my statement because I usually call in to do my payments and haven't noticed anything really off. I saw that I was being charged by JustFab. I had no idea I even had an account let alone was being charge! I have been paying for a pair of shoes for 21 MONTHS and not even knowing it. It is totally my fault that I didn't notice this on my credit card statement but I had no idea they were charging me and I never received even a receipt.

So, at first I thought I would try to use the 21 credits but that was nearly impossible. You are only aloud the use them on items that are priced $39.95 (not anything less then that heaven forbid) and I honestly don't think that I would need to buy another 21 pairs of boots in my ENTIRE lifetime.

I tried to call to cancel my account and the phone number they had on the website is out of order (I found the proper phone number here). The told me I cannot be reimbursed for the 21 months, and that I CANNOT cancel my account without using the 21 credits or else I will loose all of the credits.

They told me they would give me 1000 reward points if I kept my account with them but honestly I already have 21000 reward points and they are worth discounts on more product that I have to pay for because it isn't $39.45.

Now I am stuck with an account until I buy 21 pairs of boots. I guess I am going to have to build another closet.

NEVER sign up for an account. Not worth your money or your time. You would be better off ordering from one of the actually decent discount sites like beyond the rack.

Tip for consumers: DON'T DO IT

Ask Holly about JustFab
New Reviewer

Worst online company I have ever come across.
Everything about Justfab is disappointing.
I’ve been sold items that were faulty (minor faults), items that were a full size too small.
I’ve ordered items and after 14 days queried it with them and they had no idea why it wasn’t received. I called again and apparently there was an issue with the products, I call again and it had been cancelled. That was a week ago and I still await my refund.
Online staff are nice but have no authorisation to rectify problems so in my mind they would be better off cutting those staff from the payroll completely.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE THIS SITE – Better quality in Primark and better service too.

Ask Pauline about JustFab
New Reviewer

I din't receive my notice of an impending charge to my account more than once. I ended up with 3 credits which they refused to refund. After much discussion, they agreed to refund 2 credits and assured me the chargeback would go through within a week. It never has. I would've signed back up after my money situation improved if they hadn't cheated me. The $80 they held onto cost them $100 of dollars in profits from me. I tell everyone about how they treated me. I'm considering a call to the Better Business Bureau if I can't resolve this and I am going to post about it on every site I can find.

Ask Lisa about JustFab
New Reviewer

JustFab is a horrible company. First of all, they don't tell you that when you buy your first pair of shoes that you are signing up for a recurring membership that automatically charges you every month. You don't have the option not to sign up for it. Then there is nowhere on their website that you can cancel your account (although there is a button you can click that says it will deactivate your account, it doesn't do anything), you HAVE to call their customer service (that is obviously outsourced) and spend at least 30 minutes on the phone while someone asks you 23 times if you are sure you want to cancel your account. After I cancelled my account I went back to the website to make sure it was and they never deleted my account. I have called many times (with no answer) and send e-mails to customer service with no response back. Finally, I used their chat option on the website and spent over 45 minutes trying to reason with the customer service representative. They would tell me that I needed to call to cancel my account, which I had already done.
The worst thing is when I asked them to get rid of my credit card information on my account (because they won't let you leave those areas blank) and they wouldn't do it! They said even thought my account was "deactivated" they would leave my credit card information there!
Do not shop from them!

Ask f about JustFab
New Reviewer

I got an email from JustFab telling me since I haven't ordered anything In the past year they will give me a coupon for any pair of shoes I wanted for $5. I used that coupon for a pair of wedges. I also got a pair of earrings for $10. In total that was $15 dollars. The next month they charged my account $39.99. Then the next month after that they charged my account another $39.99. I called their customer service and told them my situation. The First Lady i speaked to was yelling at someone in the background then hung up on me. I called again and I was talking to a gentlemen who told me that I signed up for their V.I.P club (which I had not). I told him that I wanted a refund and he refused to give it to me. I told him I would return the shoes and the earrings and he told me even if I did they cannot give me my money back. What kind of B.S. Is that??? Now I'm trying to call again and hopefully talk to someone less ignorant.

Tip for consumers: I honestly think people should probably get their shoes using another site.

Ask Emily about JustFab
New Reviewer


New Reviewer

0 stars! ! HORRIBLE COMPANY!! Don't buy anything from this company! They will TAKE your money without your authorization. I called to get a refund and they REFUSED to refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Plus, the one item I did actually purchase, was very poor quality. Please don't patronize!!!

New Reviewer

I wouldn't even give them one star they are terrible! Firstly they steal from you without you fully realising, then it takes forever arguing with someone on the phone to cancel your account: I had to threaten legal action to get my money refunded but got there in the end.

Today, I open up my emails to find one from JustFab telling me to skip a month if I want to ..... Skip a month I absolutely do not have an account with these theives any more, I ensured it was cancelled!! Just emailed them and told them to do one but dare say I will have to phone them hundreds and times again and argue with someone again.

Never ever ever use this company. Total fraudsters and their products are absolute rubbish too!!

New Reviewer

I called to cancel my account and the person on the other line gave me the hardest time trying to resell the service. After I said there is nothing you can say to persuade me because I am NOT INTERESTED in managing this account any longer, he held me on the line for another 5 minutes trying to sell the account. Just Fab, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS and just allow people to cancel. There is much more going on in the world than Just fab! I cannot afford to participate, and do not have the time to keep skipping everymonth. I was considering reactivating at another time, but because of the hardest time I was just given, I realized that would be a BAD idea. I will NEVER use your service again and will discourage others. Dont get me wrong, the guy was nice, but he couldnt follow simple directions to CANCEL!

New Reviewer

How I got ALL of my money back from JustFab
I was in the same situation, but successfully managed to get back the full amount of £420. I did this by sending 3 emails. I sent one to Paypal telling them that I did not consent to these fraudulent transactions, and two to Justfab. Please find the emails I sent below and feel free to use them as templates. This company is devious and what they are doing to 1000's of people is outrageous.
Hi Paypal
I purchased some shoes from the above trader (JustFab) last 21 July 2013. I checked my online banking account today and noticed that JustFab have been taking £35 per month out of my account since then (total £420).
I have spoken to JustFab and they are insisting that I am a member of a "VIP" Club which costs £35 per month to be a member of. I dispute their claim, I never agreed to be a member of their VIP Club. I spoke to ** first, then a lady called "**" whose email address is ** and asked them why I have never received any confirmation informing me that I am a member of a scheme, either through email or post. ** said that they didn't have my correct email address but on checking my emails I found that they do have my correct email address and have been sending me regular offers and junkmail since 9/12/2013 but no mention of me being part of a scheme against my will, or giving me the opportunity to opt out. ** also lied about the amount of money they had taken from my account, she said it was only £385 not £420. She also apologised and said they would refund me £210 but that I would have to accept the rest of the money they had stolen from me in the form of shoes or clothing! The facts are, that I did not agree to these transactions, there was no credit agreement signed or in place, no confirmation that they were going to take the money. No cooling off period. No goods received for the money they have taken. The fact that they have offered to pay half of the money back and the other half in goods is an admission of guilt and I think this company is dishonest and devious. I have spoken to my bank and they have launched an investigation. I have also reported this matter to the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and Trading Standards. I am also considering reporting this issue to the Police and the FSA. Please refund this money ASAP and seriously consider any dealings you may have with this company in the future.
Kind regards

Hi "**"
As requested please find below the unique Paypal numbers for each of the12 unauthorised transactions.
And to confirm the conversation we had today - I purchased some shoes from your company last 21 July 2013. I checked my online banking account today and noticed that JustFab have been taking £35 per month out of my account since then (total £420).
I spoke to you today and you insist that I am a member of a "VIP" Club which costs £35 per month to be a member of. I dispute your claim, I never agreed to be a member of your VIP Club. I spoke to ** first, then you "**" (email address ** and asked why I have never received any confirmation informing me that I am a member of a scheme, either through email or post. You said that JustFab didn't have my correct email address but on checking my emails I found that you do indeed have my correct email address, and have been sending me regular offers and junk mail since 9/12/2013 (I have received 8 junk mails from you since the 11/07!). but no mention of me being part of a scheme against my will, or giving me the opportunity to opt out. You also misinformed me about the amount of money you had taken from my account, you said it was only £385 not £420 (as you can see from the below references you have stolen 12 payments from my account including this month on July 7th). You said that your company would refund me £210 but that I would have to accept the rest of the money you had stolen from me in the form of shoes or clothing.
These are the facts,
1. I did not agree to become a member of your "club", or for this money to be taken, and no written confirmation was sent or received (contrary to FSA rules and regulations)
2. There was no credit agreement signed or in place (contrary to FSA rules and regulations).
3. No written confirmation that JustFab were going to take any payments (contrary to FSA rules and regulations).
4. No cooling off period (contrary to FSA rules and regulations)
5. No goods or services were received for the money you have taken.
6. The fact that you have offered to pay half of the money back, and the other half in goods, is an admission of guilt and I think your company is dishonest and devious.

I have spoken to my bank and Paypal, and both have launched an investigation. I have also reported this matter to the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and Trading Standards. I am also considering reporting this issue to the Police and the FSA. Please refund all of this money ASAP so I do not need to escalate this matter any further (I will not hesitate to take you to the Small Claims Court and publicise this matter in national/local press, and social media like Facebook and Twitter)

August 13/2013 4UV86017
September 6/2013 332PX888501U
October 9/2013 636287515327
November 7/2013 56X426852230
December 9/2013 9PA150411
January 8/2014 697FL299161E
February 6/2014 3YF6896045L
March 11/2014 7407600234
April 7/2014 895X9850210F
May 8/2014 66TF819104X
June 10/2014 1GR0463143
July 7/2014 0559305346
...‡ TOTAL £420.00
Please respond to this email within 7 days.

Kind regards

Hi **
Thank you for your reply.

Your whole business model is centred around this underhand and devious sales tactic. If you are indeed striving to be as transparent as possible why is there no mention of this scam on your Home page? It is only mentioned on one page of the checkout procedure, and by this point the shopper has no intention of entering into any kind of long term relationship with you, so they are not interested in reading your extensive list of T&Cs, they just want to pay for their purchase and get on with their lives. But you at JustFab know this, which is why you are turning over so much money. You boast of 1000's of members, but how many of these people know they are members! There are literally 1000's of people on the internet all complaining about your deceptive procedures, and whole forums dedicated to people complaining about JustFab.
So please stop pretending that this situation is born from my inability to grasp your honest and transparent business model, we both know that JustFab is masquerading as another online shoe and clothing retailer, but is really a shoe of the month scheme operating in a devious way to trap people into a long term financial commitment they know nothing about.
I don't think anyone who looks for your website types into google "justfab shoe of the month scheme"!!!
Any long term financial commitment needs to be covered in the UK by the Consumer Credit Act, you have not adhered to this legislation. I notice that in Germany where consumer protection is more stringent, that your website is indeed honest and transparent, but you probably don't make as much profit over there as a result.
My advice to you is to completely rethink your business ethics and sales strategy. Stop tricking people out of their hard earned cash and start being honest with your customers. If you do this, you will spend less time dealing with angry people asking for refunds and more time taking orders, and repeat orders.

Yes I can confirm that I have settled a chargeback from Paypal for all credits dating from 13th August 2013 up until 7th July 2014.
Total chargebacks 12 @£35
Total £420

I hope this helps. My bank were also in the process of getting my money back but Paypal did it on the day I contacted them! So do not put up with this company's awful and dishonest antics, they are scum.
**[personal info redacted by admin]

New Reviewer

They are very clever about getting you to subscribe to the £35 a month charge and trying to cancel this was very painful. They really would not accept that I did not want to be a 'VIP' member anymore and offered me 50 extra reward points to stay. After nearly 15 minutes of asking to just cancel my membership they finally gave in and I am no longer a member. Will never be doing this again!

New Reviewer

Love love love this site! You can't get better quality for the price. I've ordered 6 pairs of shoes and a pair of jeans. All fit properly and good quality. Not to mention how beautiful the designs are! I get many compliments and just love the purchases I've made! People that complain clearly don't see that when you sign up it take the money off your card and give you a credit. And I don't see the big deal of having to call to cancel. Not that I would cancel! They have great sales frequently too! I can't say enough good things about JustFab!

New Reviewer

Purchased a bright orange purse a few months ago. The front clasp broke. Theiir return policy is only 30 days. First time in years that a purse has failed so fast. Do not buy from this site. Plus, you get automatically get signed up for an approx 40 per month deduction on your credit card. Not good. Nothing beats a good retail store with a solid return policy that doesn't take money on the back end.

New Reviewer

Well i've been in just fab for almost a year now.. the items are good, the Services are great.. where in the world you can get a fashionable item for $39.95 and below, well for those people who don't read what they are signing up to well the PROBLEM IS IN YOU not the company, i love how the fashion works out here.. for me i will recommend just fab to all of my friends, People are just so stupid who are not being careful of ordering online...JustFab Rocks! <3

New Reviewer

They charge you $39.99 every month automatically when you buy something. The website sets you up with a membership. and when you call to cancel the membership phone consultant tries to persuade you to stay and pretty much told me I couldn't cancel because of "the great offers" BS. I had to hang up on her and call again to get another consultant just to cancel my freaking account. If you want cheap shoes go somewhere else this place is CRAP.

New Reviewer

I have been a member on Justfab for may be a year now and have made about 4-5 purchases.
The shoes you get for 39 dollars are not leather, but the quality is still great and the design is beautiful. Got lots of compliments on them.
I also ordered one dress and it was very very pretty and quality is great.
Downfall is that every month you must not forget to skip the month if you do not want to be charged. Otherwise they will charge you a membership fee of USD 39.99 and it is non refundable.

New Reviewer

Con artists! They trap you into having an account with them and then make it very difficult for you to,cancel it! DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

New Reviewer

THEY WONT CANCEL AN AUTO PAY ACCOUNT UNLESS YOU CALL. I couldn't call and since they charged me three times without purchasing before I realized what was happening, I wanted it canceled. All the chat girl did was copy and paste the same "oh we cant but here's the number" message. This company is the absolute worst.

New Reviewer

Absolute shambles of a company!

After ordering 2 items (buy one get one free offer) I received the items but the shoes were too small. Not only do they make it incredibly hard for you to just request a return but you have to wait at home for hermes to pick up your return (I was not sent a confirmation email about what day/time hermes were coming so I got a shock when they turned up at 8am on a Tuesday morning without any warning from just fab!

After a month I am still without the exchange and after requesting that I be removed from the vip status (which is fine before the 14 day cut off point) I had found that they've been taking £35 out of my account each month! !

So im down an item that I've paid for and being charged for something I didn't ask for!

Called to complain and they were absolutely useless. Talking to me as if it were my fault.

Im about to cancel my account (which again isn't simple as you have to communicate with one of their insanely unhelpful employees.

I vow never to use this company again. And will also let all the ladies in my office know about my experience too!

New Reviewer

Okay, I was a loyal VIP customer to JustFab AND fabletics for over a year. I skipped the months without trouble every time, and only bought things when I wanted. A year and several purchases after, even after skipping the month, I was charged $39.95. I called to have the problem fixed and the money refunded, and as I was staring at my list of bank transactions and the one saying that JustFab had taken the money, the lady on the phone downright refused that they had taken the money, because they had on record that I skipped the month. She would not let me talk to a supervisor, and no, I did not get a refund. I let it slide, because they had shown me such great service in the past, that was so stupid of me. I watched closely the next month and after I skipped it, they charged me AGAIN. I called immediately to cancel my account. Not only did I not get a refund, I was also on the phone with the guy for an hour while he begged me not to cancel, offered me 1000 reward points, which, with more than twice that all I got was a crappy headband, and again, would not let me speak with a supervisor. They took 10 cents short of $80 from my bank account that I never got back, and again, I was a customer for over a year with no problems. Please don't give them your business, there are better shoes for better prices and from less scammy websites.

New Reviewer

I also would give this 0 stars if it gave the option. The same thing happened to me as it did to everyone else. IT'S A SCAM!!!!! I have done all my shopping online and have never experienced such an awful company before. I thought since the site seemed so well known I had nothing to worry about.. WRONG!! They took the $39.95 out of my account for the monthly "VIP" status that they automatically give you without your knowledge. I should have realized a red flag when they wouldn't even let me brows the site before entering in all of my information. Do not give this site ANY of your credit card information, no matter what! Thankfully I'm in the process of filing a dispute through my bank, if all goes well the amount taken from me (without my permission) will be credited back to my account and I will never have to deal with them again. Also, deleted my account off of their site AND blocked ALL payments to them through my bank, therefor they can not access my account anymore. For anyone who hasn't done so after purchasing through them, I would highly advise it. From the looks of everyone's reviews, it seems as though they don't care whether your a member or not, they will remove money from your account as long as they have you card information. GOOD LUCK!!

New Reviewer

I'm a savvy user and I missed it. I was duped but then realized it from the "welcome" email. I immediately called to cancel my bogus "VIP" membership. They can keep the $20 shoes. I might have stayed if the sign up weren't so shady. Why not just come out and say what they are? If people are missing it, it's clearly strategically placed somewhere they hope people will miss. That's shady no matter how you slice it. Do business with a company who values honesty, not trickery.

New Reviewer

was a vip member for awhile when times got tough i had to cancel when i canceled they asked a bunsh of questions to get me confused tried to make deals the lady said everything so fast wasnt sure but once i caught on to what was happening i told them just cancel it no i dont want to keep it .... now the 2ed part is i cancels befor end of month cause i didnt want to be charged the next month they went ahead and still pulled out the money i called them for a refund they told me they coudlnt do it cause once it was made into credit it lost its cash value and their was nothing they could do .... NEVER again will i buy shoes online like this again this company is a down right horrible

New Reviewer

OMG #Ditto!


Be careful, site claims no obligation to purchase - but takes money anyway!?! Luckily paid with Paypal so they were able to help me get my money back and then block them as cancelling login is a nightmare, sorry impossible!

I don't know how they're getting away with this, felt I must have been an idiot for missing something silly but it would appear they've caught many of us out.

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I ordered two pairs of shoes, received a confirmation with correct order. Couple days later received a shipment confirmation of the WRONG ORDER, contacted them and was told to refuse shipment. Tracked it and waited at house for it, but it never came, however later that night showed it was DELIVERED. IT NEVER WAS. TRIED CONTACTING CS several times and no one has been able to help. They have my money and shoes. TERRIBLE COMPANY.

New Reviewer

I have ordered several times from this website and I must say that I am very impressed. The only reason I am not giving it 5 starts is because sometimes I can't find a style I really love and then sometimes when I do it is sold out! Anyway, I love the shoes that I have purchased and also the bags/handbags as well. The quality of the shoes and bags that I have are great. Shoes are true to size and comfy and the bags are last forever! Some of the shoes I have already had for 4yrs and they are still in good shape. I will definitely continue shopping here. A time or 2 I forgot to hit the skip this month button and I was charged the $40 for that month. However, when I called to cancel my membership because I couldn't remember to skip they offered me my money back and a credit to get something for free! Needless to say, I did not cancel and I have remembered to skip whenever I need to. Great customer service and the mobile app is great too!

New Reviewer

This company does not even deserve one star. They have taken so much money monthly without me realising, and when I emailed them over it, their reply was rude and condescending. The products I did purchase from them were of poor quality and really not worth the £35 I was forced to pay. I was talking to an employee on their online chat in order to cancel my membership as I did not want to pay the ridiculous charges just to phone so they would stop taking my money. The employee was rude and extremely unhelpful. I was finally forced to call the company and bear the cost. The employee I was speaking to on the phone was impossible to understand, genuinely sounded like I was talking to a robot. There was a lot of static in the connection. After a 10 minute phone call I finally got my membership ended, after which the employee on the phone tried to encourage me to 'like them on Facebook'. Extremely unprofessional company with little customer service and poor quality of clothing. As an employee in the retail sector, I am absolutely disgusted with the service and products I've received.

New Reviewer

my experience is apparently like the rest
i had made a purchase, read everything
and unknowingly was signed up as a vip member, being charged 39.99 a month.
no conformation email explaining what they have done, and yes, again, i read all the pop up when making my first and only purchase.
i never asked or approved being a vip member.
4 months later, after 160dollars was quietly pulled from my boyfriends account, justfab was uncovered. we called to get an understanding on how this even happened and they of course had no answers, could not tell me i was wrong didnt read any "fine print" because there wasnt any with my purchase. after talking to 3 different people making several accurate points they could not dispute, our demand to refund the 160dollars within 24hrs was met.
and that is the only positive thing i can say about this site.
i will gladly go back to shoe shopping in person, not online thanks to justfab

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of cheap boots from this company, they arrived and were ok they only cost £28.00 so i wasn't expecting too much. When i checked my bank account they had taken a further £70.00 out. I called the company and explained they had taken £98.00 for the boots and was told that I was a V I P customer and was paying £35.00 a month for this, I explained to her that I did not sign up to be a vip customer and only wanted one pair of boots, I asked to have my money refunded to my bank account and was told i couldn't i had to use it to buy items on there site. She said i could close my account and leave the £70.00 and they would not take anymore money for my membership. I argued for quite some time and ended up having to spend my £70.00 there and then on their website. I think this website is a huge scam and would warn anybody from buying anything from them they could have been taking money from my account without my knowledge for months if i hadn't noticed more than one transaction to the company. They refuse to pay your money back and just keep repeating the same thing over and over no matter how much you demand to speak to someone in authority till they wear you down.

New Reviewer

My experience is the same as everyone else. Money taken from my account without me realising and when I did realise and called to stop them, they continued to take the next month anyway! With all these complaints is there nothing a consumer watchdog can do?

New Reviewer

I am rating JustFab 1 out of 5 stars. I would give them 0 if I good. I ordered 2 pairs of boots from them, and I am happy with the quality and price of the boots, but the customer service is just SO horrendous it takes away from anything good about the company. I called to cancel my account after learning about this monthly fee (my own fault for not noticing that when I signed up), and the woman on the phone was like a robot instead of a person. She WOULD not let me cancel my account. She asked me why I wanted to cancel it about 5 times, and each time I would just tell her I didn't want the account anymore. That should suffice. She kept going on, and on, and on, about the benefits of the website and what I would be missing out on if i cancelled. I remained calm for as long as I could, explaining all I wanted to do was cancel, and that I didn't want to hear about the benefits of the site. She wouldn't listen, she kept reading her script. It was almost disturbing, honestly. I got to the point where I became upset, and had to raise my voice a little bit and tell her if she didn't cancel my account I would like to speak to a manager. After that, she canceled my account in about 5 seconds and got me off the phone. It should not be this difficult. I felt rattled after getting off the phone, as I am normally a calm person, but she pushed me to the edge by ignoring every word that came out of my mouth and keeping me on the phone for 10 minutes for what should have taken 1-2 minutes. HORRIBLE.

New Reviewer

I gave one because you cant give zero. Basically, it's a scam based on people inattention or laziness. They take money from your account hoping you'll forget. Quality of their stuff is very poor. It's only a matter of time until they are shut down. Don't get caught!

New Reviewer

I bought a pair of booths in Nov 2013, I looked at my bank statement this month and it stated that Just Fab have taken £ 35.00 from my account when I looked at last month statement I realised they had also taken £ 35.00. I phone and spoke to a robot, (well she sounded like one) she explained that I have opened an V.I.P account? I never agreed to any such account and I certainly never agreed for them to take money from my account. They now have £ 245.00 of my money, surely this cannot be legal? I am now have to wait up to 7-days for them to refund money that I NEVER AGREED FOR THEM TO TAKE..... I will never shop with this company again.

New Reviewer

Justfab shoes are cheap and sizing is not accurate. I initially ordered 4 pairs of shoes, only 3 arrived (I returned all 3). I reported to them 1 pair was yet to arrive and they said they would get it shipped ASAP...2 weeks later the pair of shoes had still not arrived. I called them again and they had no idea. I eventually got them to give me a refund for all 4 pairs. I skipped every month.
I called to cancel my membership and the girl continually tried to get me to stay a member, unfortunately in the end I had to be quite forceful and rude as she would not take no for an answer. I asked to speak with her supervisor and she finally relented and cancelled my membership. I was on the phone for over 15 minutes as she kept putting me on hold to speak with her supervisor.
Useless customer service and useless site. Avoid if you can.

New Reviewer

If i could give any less than 1 star i would. Tried to cancel my account, but i guess in addition to canceling on their website you also have to call. I'm negative in my account and all i can say is thanks alot!!!!! Lost "credits" for not using them in time. Small print on the website where it tells you what you NEED to know.. If you are one of those people with money to blow and never have to look at your bank accound then this website is for you, otherwise, not so much!

New Reviewer

I am totally not surprised by the number of negative reviews from people who clearly didn't take the time to read/understand the fine print on the Justfab website. They were either too ignorant/rushed to really comprehend the terms, which are quite simple really. I've been a member for just over a year now and have ordered several pairs of amazing boots, and more recently a handbag. The quality never ceases to amaze me, especially the genuine leather products offered in their Luxe collection. I once had to return a pair of boots that didn't fit and wanted to exchange them for a different style, and doing so was a seamless transaction. I've used the online chat feature numerous times to discuss any questions/concerns with a Justfab representative who was always courteous and professional, and ALWAYS helpful. This is not a once-and-done kind of website, rather, it's a club. You are given the option to "skip the month" each and every month prior to the 5th, and you will not be charged the $39.95 credit. If you do forget to skip the month, the credit is applied to your Justfab account and is stored there until you apply it towards a purchase. Don't listen to the Nancy Naysayers on here using scare tactics and drumming up conspiracy theories. It is what it is, and if you read the terms and conditions, you'll be just fine.

New Reviewer

My feelings are the same as a lot of the other reviewers here. I was well aware of the VIP membership, and I don't have a huge problem with that. My problem is with the quality of customer service that has been encountered when I have had to deal with them directly over any problems. It's terrible, they should be ashamed of themselves.

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE. Same issue as everyone else is having. Wasn't ever made aware of the membership fee. Paid 2x the amount I purchased my boots for. So my boots ended up being $60 instead of $20, which wouldn't be bad if they were high quality but they are NOT. So annoyed!

New Reviewer

I purchased a pair of shoes a couple of months ago from this site because they were having a sale. However, when I received the boots I could see why they were so cheap. The quality was poor. This is not why I am angry, because you get what you pay for. Yesterday I see a $39.95 charge on my account that is a recurring debit from Just Fab. I didn't sign up for this!! Just Fab thinks I did though. Apparently I signed up for some VIP account that charges you $39.95 every month if you don't go on the site and tell it to "skip this month" during the first few days of the month. I called the company to cancel this 'VIP Membership' and get my money back. After multiple attempts to get me to sign up for other things, I finally was able to cancel my membership. I was told that I would not get my money back because of the 'fine print' and since I do have the ability to 'skip the month'. I want my money back. I have read some of the replies from this company and read claims that they try to make their customers aware of this monthly charge. Whatever they are doing it is not working since I didn't even know I was a VIP member. I would not have signed up for a recurring charge from Just Fab after the quality of the shoes I received. Anyone who purchases shoes from this site needs to beware of this scam!!

New Reviewer

Definitely Pros and Cons.
I like a few other reviewers, thoroughly read everything when performing transactions online. As such, I knew exactly what I was getting into regarding the VIP status. I'm also a pretty savvy shopper, so I am familiar with the adage "you get what you pay for". My dissatisfaction is neither with the VIP program (in any capacity - labeling, enrolment, implementation, TofS, etc.), nor the quality of product. My issue is with the management of Customer Service issues, and the ethical handling of legitimate complaints.

My first purchase with JustFab went off without a hitch. I even love the product (a pair of genuine leather boots for a decent price). My second purchase however, has left a poor taste in my mouth. This round, I purchased another pair of genuine leather boots, and a jacket. Jacket is fantastic...have already worn it twice since receiving it a week ago. The boots however, were a problem. When I opened the box, the wrong product (incorrect style, colour, AND size) were inside. Outside of the box reflects what I ordered...inside not so much. Contacted Customer Service through the chat feature to inquire about resolution, only to discover I won't be able to have them ship me a replacement pair of the correct boot, as they are sold out. Customer Service rep offers me a credit. Excuse me? Not only is it clearly indicated in the Returns Policy that full refund (minus a re-stocking fee) is an option, but this is not an issue of "it doesn't fit" or "I don't like it/I changed my mind". They physically sent me the wrong boot, and in the wrong size, so even if the style was agreeable to me, it doesn't fit. It is nearly the equivalent of a defective item. So far, my requests to customer service for a refund have gone unaddressed. I've shipped the boots back in order to at least obtain my credit, but I suspect that short of having to get extremely aggressive, this vendor won't honour their policy, nor do the right thing with regards to not charging me a re-stocking fee and/or waiving replacment product shipping should I use the credit.

I'm truly disappointed. Consumers deserve to be able to rely on the published policies and be treated with respect when a company makes a mistake...regardless of how much they spend on an item.

New Reviewer

Placed an order for 2 pr's of shoes. Realized during checkout they hijack you by " making you a vip customer" Their website says "cancel membership anytime". Shortly after placing the order, I called to cancel the membership. After requesting my membership be cancelled close to 10 times, as the rep - Vanessa keeps reading a script instead of cancelling the membership. Finally she informs me that she will have to cancel my account in order to cancel the membership, thus cancelling my order as well. I was totally fine with that. There are so many other reputable sites that don't require automatic charges to your card monthly if you don't "skip " or opt out.
So unethical. This is completely not necessary for them to conduct business.

New Reviewer

The thing that makes this company feel so slimy. Is that they take you through your check out process and from those that don't read the terms and conditions which they place at a point strategically so that you won't. You think your on a regular website signing up as a member for e-mail purposes. They are not clear that they are going to charge you 39.95 a month. When you see they charged you, you think there was a mistake only to find out you were automatically signed up for a membership you din't really want. They should make it clear so that you can choose, either just purchase from them like you do any other regular website or become a 39.95 per month member. Its really unfortunate because they make a LOT of money doing this but give website purchasing a bad name.

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