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JTV Jewelry Television reviews

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110 reviews
Categories: Jewelry
9600 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37922
Tel: 800-581-3002
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110 Reviews From Our Community

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What set this company apart from the rest is their positive customer service approach to everything that they do. (in 22 reviews)


My husband bought me a chrome diopside ring from them for our anniversary last September and it was spectacular!!! (in 48 reviews)


I love jewelry, and have bought items from jtv for over 10 years. (in 25 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I do not understand all the negative reviews. I have been incredibly happy with the products I have bought from JTV, as well as their customer service,

I have spent thousands with them, and have received beautiful items, always at way under market price. I know, because I have had my jeweler of thirty plus years look and appraise them, he is usually floored at the prices I paid.

You do have to be a savvy shopper. You need to know something about gems and what to look for, you need to understand settings and mountings, and you need to be selective about what you buy. Also, you absolutely must add the JTV warranty. Everything I have needed to have repaired has been done in a timely and professional manner, so I would never take a chance and buy something without the warranty.

I am so happy with JTV, their products, pricing, customer service, vast selection and ease of use, that I rarely buy jewelry anywhere else.

They get a resounding five stars from this happy customer.

Ask Gayle about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was watching the other day and notice how over dramatic the host is, she makes even the worst piece sound like you have to have it, instead of liking every piece, give an honest opinion, they were selling a chain in stirling silver, i think they wanted something like 29.99, I can get the same damn thing for about 3 to 4 dollars from another site I always shop at and I'm never disappointed with, you can get almost any kind of chain in silver, or steel, from16 to 26 inches, and from1mm to 12mm thick, and prices for the 1mm anywhere from 1 dollar to a12mm for 4 to 20 bucks, I have 2 sites that I always buy from and if your picky like me, just ask and i will be glad to let you know where to shop for cheap but get great product, for what you pay at JTV, you can buy 4 times as much.

Ask sally about JTV Jewelry Television
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I love to $#*! the hosts feet.....

Ask georgette about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
1 helpful vote

JTV double dips when u return an item. I will never purchase another item from them.

Ask JoAnn about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
1 helpful vote

I love everything that I have purchased from JTV!!!
I love the sterling silver and the gems!!! I wish that they would bring back some items that are sold out!!!

Ask D about JTV Jewelry Television
7 reviews
30 helpful votes

I have purchased several items from their CZ line Bella Luce. The items are pretty, the ability to mk monthly payments appeal to many. Here is why Im telling you to run 1st the shipping is slow I hv only received my purchases quickly when I paid extra for express shipping. Usually you order and use standard shipping it will arrive in 5 days and thats long mostly I hv paid standard shipping from other companies and items will arrive 3-4 days. JTV items hv taken 7 days sometimes 2 wks. Sending items back is easy you can use the prepaid return label and the shipping is deducted from the return amount. My items hv arrived in a regular box and usually a velvet pouch. Every single item I hv ordered has been sterling silver rhodium plating on some. They all hv turned blk and cleaning makes it worse.. The stones are pretty for a week at best then cloudy and no amount of cleaning helps. The settings on my necklaces and bracelets hv all broken or stones hv easily fallen out. I hv used no harsh cleaners I hv even taken some to my jewelry store to be cleaned and the jeweler is shocked at the end results. Its not my skin causing this. I hv purchased sterling silver cz pieces from other retailers in fact I wear a cz tennis bracelet everyday and hv no problem cleaning it I only paid 15 bucks for it yet its still pretty and I wear it everyday. I hv purchased over 10 items hoping that maybe I did something wrong. Every single time I hv been disappointed. They offer a protection plan but lets just say that its a joke. Just save yourself the trouble and money. You can look but don't buy. Especially if you plan on giving the item as a gift save yourself the embarrassment.

Ask Alisa about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
3 helpful votes

I got to wear them 3 times before they broke. They should call this company Junk Tv. I had to send the necklace back due to how cheap it looked and not laying straight on my neck. I will never watch or buy anything from Junk Tv again. BUYER BEWARE

Ask Lanel about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
6 helpful votes

I see people on here grousing about stuff they bought from jtv. One was complaining about losing a tiny diamond from a ring. If you are not careful with multistoned settings it will happen no matter where you bought. Other people complain about glued in stones falling out, I always check the web site for info on the setting glued, bezel or prong. This helps me decide whether to get an item or not, glued items need to be kept out of water as much as possible because it is GLUE and will get weaker every time it is wet. If you are buying the cheapest stuff they have it is not real gemstones so yes it could look like junk. My point is buyers need to know and understand what they are buying so they understand how to take care of it. I have bought many things since 2007 and yes some things were sent back because I didn't like the quality or style when I saw it at home. My returns are processed in a timely fashion for a smart label, these do not get handled like regular mail, it's slower so I went back to paying for my own shipping and learned its cheaper and faster. I have kept most of my purchases however and have had no problems with losing stones because 1. I don't sleep in my jewelry, prongs get stuck in bedding and brake, 2. never wear jewelry when cleaning, cleaning agents are caustic and will change color of stones, plus break down metals so prongs break, 3. don not put alcohol based hand sanitizer or wear swimming, alcohol and chlorine are really caustic on all metals causing weakness which leads to breaks and more lost stones. I understand that jewelry should hold up to wear but if you aren't taking care of it properly you will have problems, the golden rule is wear with care. Every ring that I have purchased from them has all the stones and I have several multistone rings. I am pleased with all my loose gemstones that I buy, understanding that since mother earth created it will not always be perfect and I do my research of other places to make sure the price is not way out there, usually buy my stones on clearance and have some very nice rare gems. I saw another complaining about hand setting, they are handset pieces in mass quantities and yes made in china but guess what, so is everyone else's jewelry and they are more pricey on the other networks and less informed. I agree that the hosts can be rather pushy with their pitch but they are selling something so that makes them salespeople and everywhere you go you get pushed to buy by a salesperson, it's their job!

Ask Karena about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
4 helpful votes

Why does the stones keep falling out. The stones even fall out 1to2 days after receive it. Is this a trick for us to buy more. The insurance doesn't help any. Ps avoid the dock items. Also I wanted to buy a mystic topaz from jtv and my son found THE SAME ONE ON EBAY. He bought me one fro m ebay and saved over thirty dollars! Figure that one We are the fools and they fill their pocket

Ask Doreen about JTV Jewelry Television
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I have received a lot of items from them and they were usually nice but then I started seeing those charges in my account! When I called them they said that those were "ghost charges" and they'll drop! Hmmm
Also I caught hosts exaggerating the facts about gems and "values" to sell more items! One host even said that "Amber was rare" Really?
Shop from them at your own risk!

Ask Simon about JTV Jewelry Television
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

This is Jewelry TV. These people model themselves after qv* in terms of luring customers and offering "convenient terms" (JTV's term is flex pay, LOL) to get people to buy subpar quality bling that is akin to dollar store merchandise. In my opinion, the JTV staff and proprietors have no moral compass whatsoever. My 88-year-old mother is currently being debited for at least 5 items (all look like junk from almost everyone's perspective) and the flex pay ranges from as little as $5 to 19.99 for anywhere from 1 to 5 times (debits). It is impossible to keep track of and the quality of the items does not even merit returning. It sounds cliche, but there ought to be a law against this type scam....especially of an octogenarian!

Ask DJ about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
4 helpful votes

Why are some of the BELLA LUCE stones keep falling out! ??? Why does the darker dyes rub off on the ladies'nails???You can see it!A dark rim around their nails!!!FROM THE DARK PEARLS!! WHERE'S OUR VALUE???????

Ask Ruthann about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
5 helpful votes


Ask Dotti about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought item DOCZ695. Beautiful blue opal with spinal band. About 3 mos. ago. Not long after it went from blue to green. And I mean green. Should I call Customer Service ( its been about 3 mos..) I'll even send back for exchange. I. really do love your jewelry, so don't take this as me being nasty, just disappointed. They are even posting it today for promo. for JTV. Elyce O'Leary in Penna .Phone # 7246528115.

Ask Elyce about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have ordered many jewelry pieces from JTV and have returned them all. They have the cheapest and crappiest products , that don't resemble in anywayhow they appear on TV. JTV claims to "choose the best stones, that are hand chosen (each stone) for their jewelry that are assembled by hand by master craftsmen." What a bunch of crap! Their products are mass produced in China. If choosing 0 stars I would!

Ask Margaret about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
6 helpful votes

Be very careful to check ALL the fine print in the online descriptions. Because of the enlargement of photos, the wrong impression is easy. Also look very carefully at enlarged photos in description. Chinese made items are cheaply made. I should have stopped at the first purchase--Cubic zirconia earrings set in plated silver--they are beautiful and seem well made--good costume. Have worn a lot and gold plate is holding. But if you are trying to buy inexpensive karat metal jewelry, don't! A local jeweler or pawn shop is a better bet--you can see what you are getting in personl.

Ask Sharon about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
5 helpful votes

Followed there advice appraisal FAIL ! Jeweler put magnet to gold necklace ,said it were plated or filled , not real BEWARE check your product carried 4 pieces all passed but theres ! returned item ,was told item liason said it was O K ! BULL ! Bet he wont buy it at 90% off ! Check yours now ! File with KNOXVILLE BBB ,sooner or later they will close or do right . I took the high road at 1rst say they were deceived ,they could take a hint ! remember all items viewed at high magnifier and colored background to there benefit

Ask william about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had Dock 162 A ring with guard purchased for me and I Love it. Lois-Elaine P

Ask Lois about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
11 helpful votes

I had two beautiful rings in my car for a couple of hours and I was still looking I go to check them out and guess what you guys stole them out from under me how the hell did that happen Pamela Kuhlman

Ask Pamela about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
8 helpful votes

I've been ordering from jtv for a couple of years.
Just recently the quality of the jewelry is poor. And for their customer service it's unprofessional. They have lost a good customer. I haven't spent a whole lot of money with jtv but I did spend I'm so sorry I ever did.
I returned I ring and look to see if they ever received it and they did. But I have not received the credit. So I'll just have to dispute with Amex. That's one thing I can say about my Amex card it does take of it's customers. No more JTV for me....

Ask Maxine about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
12 helpful votes

The perfect jtv host: 1) speaks with a normal pace, never shouts.. 2) is animated and pleasant, never hyper or annoying..3) has no obvious speech challenges or annoying nasal tones 4) never exaggerates to the nth degree, never talks down to the customer..5) never pretends that their line of work is heroic or they are doing customers a huge favor with their service and business, is humble..6) never, ever, says that anything is "flying out the door"..7) does not smack between sentences 8) knows that it is best to have a conversational voice, never rushes or counts down "3 left in a size six", etc., just lets you know when an item is sold out..9) absolutely does not have a crazy laugh 10) keeps in mind that the audience is made up of sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers and has genuine respect..

Ask reba about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
6 helpful votes

4 strands of my bracelet broke within hours of getting it. No more for me, They have just cheap stuff.

Ask shelly about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have bought a lot of items over the last month. 7 rings for me and tanzanite bracelet, ring, and earrings for my daughter for Christmas. Now according to jtv, these tanzanite pieces were museum quality. My daughter had only worn the items for an hour and notice the bracelet came loose. She handed it to me to take care off. So a few days later I took it to a local jeweler and said they could fix it but every stone in the bracelet was cracked or chipped!!!! I asked how could that be, they told me this is very common with companies that order large quantities from overseas!!!. I called jtv and yes I can return it and since I have Jewelery safe they would check it until they found one that didn't have any problems. Well shouldnt they do that before they send it out? Their excuse is older people don't like to receive items that look like the packages was tampered with. Today I'm picking up the bracelet, not sure what I'm going to do yet.

Ask just about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
17 helpful votes

Ordered a 5.5 carat ring and received it on May 2015. However, in November 2015, due to a faulty prong, ( unknown to me) one small diamond fell out. I called JTV and they said just return it for repair. When it was delivered back to me I fully expected that the company had repaired the faulty prong and replaced the small diamond. The ring came back with the following information, " No stone available to repair". No other explanation was offered. JTV did not call me or seek to resolve the situation, they simply returned the 5.5 carat ring supposedly in the same condition in which it was sent to them. This company has your money and you have their faulty product. You have no recourse except to purchase an additional warranty to insure the ring. Had I purchased the warranty they could have helped me. I suggest you use a local jeweler that will stand behind your purchase.

Ask A about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
6 helpful votes

It has always been hit or miss with orders placed. I have purchased Bella Luce and returned it every time along with the Moissanite. I have gotten clean diamonds that were clear and beautiful and others that were below commercial grade. I am a fan of both Sharon and Misty. I watch Girlfriend Friday on occasion but if I have to hear that we are best friends in real life, we don't just play it on tv one more time, I am going to gag......

Ask Jenn about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
11 helpful votes

I love my new rings and I cannot wait to buy more jewelry. Great quality, warranty, flex pay; how can you not love Jtv? Only issue I had was the delivery. It seem like it took forever for my jewelry to come. I have another company I order from and my jewelry is delivered 2 days after I order it. Don't get me wrong, although Jtv seemed like it took almost 2 weeks, it was well worth the wait. Thank you Jtv from another satisfied customer.

Ask Christine about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
20 helpful votes

Ordered a diamond ring from their site, and one of the stones were smaller and set down from the prongs. I can test for diamonds at my job, and that stone turned out not to be real. They sell fake stones for diamonds. Be a wear!

Ask Dorrie about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
21 helpful votes

I have posted before about the only 2 items I bought from them and had to
return them. I am amazed at their longevity 21+ years on this network which
I assume they own. I think all of their jewelry item's are manufactured overseas
and boxed with the item number and then shipped back to their US location.
When an order comes in the item is pulled from stock and shipped.
Obviously, no second set of eyes to check out the quality of the item.
I am well aware of "you get what you pay for" . I guess their volume sales
are greater than the returns and that doesn't seem to be a problem with
them. I'm done with JTV.

Ask shaorn about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
20 helpful votes

I wrote a review on 11/9/15 about bait and switch tactics and theft of precious gemstones. I was happy to read my review on sitejabber but realized I must correct the facts. I wrote that four times I purchased the same Madagascan Blue Sapphire princess cut that was described as Madagascan Blue Sapphire calibrated 6 mm.princess cut .70ct. Every time I received a purple Tourmaline square step up cut from JTV I received information that JTV never had or sold a Purple Tourmaline square step up cut gemstone in their inventory. Also each time I paid $120.-$150. for said Madagascan Sapphire. I checked the Purple Tourmaline in a JTV refractometer every time and results where,are the same numbers to the SEMI-PRECIOUS tourmaline. At that time and still now the amount of money charged for a melee princess cut blue sapphire was $1000-$2000 wholesale according to the magazine GEM GUIDE which is a BI-Monthly magazine that most reputable gem jewelry stores refer to value gemstones:precious,semi-precious,pearls, and diamonds. I have also had items straight stolen switched for very low quality stones such as emeralds, opals, rubies I have orders cancelled that I won on the auction site when it was still working before the president of JTV decided to liquidate the entire jtv auction site and inventory. Even though I got many good deals thru the auction and build a bargain also other specials since Jerry passed away the company has and will contnue to go down hill.I think it had to be someone high up on the employee chain to have access to switch gems change items weights clean out entire inventories of item SBR055 7mm round Madagascan Blue Sapphire from .75ct. to .60ct. in the middle of a auction the change the item description page so they could take all the .75ct which most weighed .88ct to .60ct which most weigh .72ct. I informed them then they change the weight of said item before the auction was over so they changed the item description. Please JTV respond to this review by answering what happen to the .75ct. round Sapphires SBR055 and who in your team of employees ripped me and JTV off MR.Tim Matthews or Jay Boyle he knows what inventory consisted of. Jay Boyle is not the bad guy he in fact got some of the items for me that where switched on me. Jay Boyle is the senior buyer and knows the inventory. This would have never happened if Jerry was still alive with his good business ethics which Tim Mathews lacks or has none.where is the tanzanite, ethiopian opals,peridot,spinels,sapphires and others its cheap bella luche jewery and B grade color tanzanite . Dont try to defend this company as I seen with other people counter reviews they are people that wear suits which in my mind is a mark of a thief ,thieves? Anybody else have the same things happen yet? Thank you for letting me post this corrected review. JayC

Ask Jason about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
20 helpful votes

I bought 2 rhodium plate over silver Bella Luce rings 2 months. Plating is coming off and when I contacted JTV I was told this is outside the return period! Well just we aware you will get a very short period of enjoyment out of these products.

Ask Angela about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
5 helpful votes

love it.

Ask Jesse about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
6 helpful votes

I ordered many things from JTV jewelry n gemstones. Loved all of them!!!! Thanx JTV for making beautiful jewelry affordable!!!

Ask Nancy about JTV Jewelry Television
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

so dissatisfied with JTV have watched for years ordered gifts that after 2 weeks had never even shipped, they were readily excited to hold funds and cancel both orders with no concern for their customer base at all as a matter of fact "customer satisfaction team" complete joke! JTV bigger than consumers!

Ask barbara about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
22 helpful votes

Items appear bigger than what they are

Ask Luis about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
23 helpful votes

I have only been watching jv for a short time. They claim many of the stones that are sold are rare. So I go to amazon and ebay and find the gems sometimes in great numbers and in real sliver and gold for less. So check out other sites before you buy from jv !

Ask Nina about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
32 helpful votes

Stay away from this jtv jewelry bull!! Products are so inferior its a shame they are in business. Rhodium over whatever wears off, so does the gold. My jeweler warned me, but I didn't listen I was sucked in. Most of the rings if not all have been thrown in the basket. Thousands of dollars in the waste basket. The diamonds are dust that hit the floor when quality diamonds are shaped. Gemstones are cloudy. None of these host know anything about jewelry they try to come off as experts. If you haven't seen Misty & Nikki your really missing something. Gilfriend Friday is a joke. They dress so ridiculous for professionals. You could turn them both upside down and use their hair as mops. They are the only two .I ever saw that have orgasms when presenting this junk.

Tip for consumers: Don't throw your money away. Go to a real jeweler.

Ask cheryl about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
6 helpful votes

Hi there

Ask Yvonne about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
23 helpful votes

After buying a wide band covered in little fake diamonds just to wear now and again for fun I sadly had to put it away,,,the little stones were glued in and were falling out I do how ever take it out now and again to show any gal that asks me about jtv jewelry,,,they take a look at the missing stones and dont order from them ,,, I say it's a buyer beware sight

Ask Lois about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
19 helpful votes

I have ordered several pieces of jewelry over a couple of months. Have returned some due to clasps breaking. I really do not feel that return shipping should be charged.
. just received my first Bella Luce, earrings and necklace. Very inferior. Back on earrings stopped holding the first day. Not ordering anymore.

Ask Mickie about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
9 helpful votes

All my rings are great!!! I look as though I have thousands of dollars on my fingers. People comment on my jewelry all the time. It is my little secret to where I purchase my jewelry from. It is my gift once a month from my husband! I have never had any problems with any ring I have purchased. I wear it every day. I take a polish cloth once a week and do a little clean up and they look as good as the day I purchased them. I am so happy for the experience I have had. I can't believe the fast delivery. I order on Mondays and receive it by Friday. I am able to track my delivery by day until it arrives.

Ask Lisa about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
31 helpful votes

item's I purchased from 2013 to 2015 are now turning a different metal. Diamonds are so cloudy it renders them worhtless. Staff basically called me a liar when I complained yet the proof is there since I just returned it and you only need to look at it! I paid good money and have every intention of getting my money BACK based on fraud and misrepresentation!!

Ask Christy about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
21 helpful votes

jtv offers way too many pieces that are only available in gold over and rhodium over silver or God forbid over bronze. fine gemstones deserve 14k or 18k solid gold only. i do not consider 10k to be real gold since it is mostly alloy. gold and rhodium plating will eventually wear off especially in rings.

Ask Edward about JTV Jewelry Television
3 reviews
41 helpful votes

I was quite a customer of JTV until I began to receive inferior merchandise. Not only was the merchandise inferior, I felt dupped as they presented something quite different on the television. Their merchandise is lighted, enhanced and I believe a better sample than what is received by consumer.
Another issue with JTV is the way that they just chop hosts. One day they are there and the next they're gone. I have sent an email to JTV to express my disgust over their practices. Is it still legal in this day and age for a company just to eliminate someone's job at a moment's notice?? I hope the hosts who have been treated this way will take class action against them.

Ask Kathleen about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
35 helpful votes

Was a good customer to JTV. Boy was I sucked in well, and being ill it seemed so important that I left a "legacy" as the host says for my children, and future grandchildren. Well two of my legacy pieces were not as stated. I received two letters in one week from JTV, first was a letter saying the Praisiolite ring I order was found to be an artificial stone...WHAT, the second was to tell me a Mystic Topaz ring I ordered was more than 5 carats less than what it was sold for. I thought these were experts, no one noticed?? They gave 3 days to return the items from receipt of letter, the most shocking is the end the letter with "we hope you are enjoying your jewelry"! I'm not sure what to do? So sad, feeling stupid and ashamed for believing they really cared, and am sick over the money. Watching now I realize they talk about their pre show meetings, then why are the always so surprised by the price of the item as if it was a gift from Heaven that just dropped into their studio. One more thing please don't buy their diamonds, you do get what you pay for! This has been a sad situation that has only become worse thanks to JTV!

Ask Melissa about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
25 helpful votes

Jtv sucks! Got a bracelet for my wife and it fell off while she was wearing it. The clasp is made of an inferior material and my jeweler said that it is to soft to stay closed. When I called they offered me a crappy $8 discount, it costs me $20 to have it fixed!

Ask Sal about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
20 helpful votes

I've ordered many parcels from JTV, but this LAST one, the "SPICE MIX", was actually RIDICULOUS. So much for their advertising. What I received were such MINISCULE pieces one would NEED A LOUPE in order to see them. I was going to type 'CHIPS', but some truly WERE CHIPS, and some of the stones WERE CHIPPED. This was absolutely RIDICULOUS, and very very happy to have had the 30 day money back option, because this went DIRECTLY BACK. I AM HESITANT TO ATTEMPT ANOTHER PARCEL ORDER FROM JTV!

Ask christina about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
9 helpful votes

My Husband bought me my first pink diamond stimulant. 18K rosegold over silver ring! Bella Luce! I just Love it so much I had him buy me another, just in case I lost it. But this ring has never left my finger.I wear it as a wedding band! I'm a proud lover of pink and if you are too you Must buy it! BLL413. IT'S ON CLEARANCE SO HURRY! Did I say it is perfect! It is! Thank you JTV

Ask Joan about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
16 helpful votes

Received my ring yesterday with high anticipation. I love the setting and size, but the stones were pathetic. Would look better with nice quality czs rather than such poor stone quality.

Ask Lynda about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
25 helpful votes

when I called over 7 times order placed 4/4. I finally 2 weeks later got form to fill out and still nothing! They said no refund guaranteed. They take your money, quality sucks, c/s is aweful. Will never order again from here! I wanty refund now not in a month!

Ask Julie about JTV Jewelry Television
1 review
33 helpful votes

It has been awhile since I have made a purchase from jtv....The "last straw" for me was the $99 Zircon wide band ring. The ring all the hosts go on and on about...frequent viewers you know the one Robert bought three of...Well, the ring I received was just embarrassing. TOTALLY CLOUDY!!!! I was so disgusted; I decided to just keep the ring as a reminder of how I felt the day I opened the package. I finally realized what those liars were all about. After years of defending the network, I can no longer say anything positive. I would make excuses to my friends and family and defend why the network seemed so unprofessional. I seriously don't see how the hosts sleep at night. I could not live with myself knowing I had to continuously lie to people for the sake of a paycheck. I have bought what I thought was a sterling silver amethyst ring, only to find out 2 months later my ring was not silver. The silver wore off around the band. I never called to complain because I gave them the benefit of the dought and just told myself it was probably a vender selling them junk and they were unaware....I have purchased rings where the stones fell out after 2 months...again I made excuses and decided it was me being hard on jewelry...I have sent a ring to their jewelry repair department for repair, only not to ever hear about the status of the ring...ultimately my ring was not able to be located...only after I reached out to Heidi on fb did I get attention and my ring was returned to me repaired. I no longer trust this network and refuse to watch jtv and listen to their lies. Finally to all the hosts.....stop using scare tactics to make a sale...YOU AND YOUR NETWORK should be the only ones full of fear, where as you make a business out of selling stones. Stop using ...and some change at the end of a$39.99. 99 being referred to as some change....round up KRISTEN...that is more trustworthy, stop with the sleazy sales stuff!! NIKKI, stop with the peck round the neck are not on a are a host on tv...act and speak like it. Misty, shame on you..." you base your reputation on it" Do you honestly think people will not remember what you say..and stop with the.." I have been here half my life crap"....that makes you look worse because you have been Swindling for 20 do you sleep at night lady? I am assuming all that whispering is to see what will sell next..if it was honest and no big deal, you could just say it and not whisper. To potential jtv customers who may becreading this site before making a purchase. My advice. ...turn the channel, don't fee sorry for the southern little jewelry network trying to make it....THE QUALITY IS JUST NOT THERE!!!#

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