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JTV Jewelry Television reviews

39 reviews
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39 Reviews for JTV Jewelry Television

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New Reviewer

I have had no trouble with JTV and am pleased with everything that I have gotten. I do wish that they would write the name of the stone and the carat on the box like they used too. I also noticed that they changed their packaging and it is a little hard to open. I liked the last packaging better. No complaints from me. I love the turn tables and am glad to see them back.

New Reviewer

Overall, a poorly-produced show--bad camera angles (can't see the item well), bad lighting (hosts look scrappy), way too much meaningless chatter and not enough presentation of product. 95% of the time when I've tuned in, the camera is focused on the host speaking which goes on and on and on and I finally change the channel. I very rarely see even a partial presentation of an item because of this. Are they trying to tease us as buyers? If so, it's not working--at least for me. Can't compare to the professionalism of QVC, or even HSN. Very rarely are there good metals presented. Buyers would like some substantial metals instead of something over sterling (which always wears off!) JTV really should reexamine it's name--Jewelry Television--and make themselves into a higher-quality program with higher-quality jewelry.

Ask Mary about JTV Jewelry Television
New Reviewer

You take a chance when ordering what you pay for:-) You pay more the quality is the best! I have gotten great items from JTV and not so great but because they have massive quantities and can't just throw the stuff away. I am a happy customer. I only buy loose stones though. Sorry if you've had a bad experience with them.

Tip for consumers: Loose stones save a lot of money but it's a crap shoot as any business who needs to sell to make money. They are very reasonable and the people are very nice. The sales reps and hosts! Another network yells if you insult them by giving them the lowest bid they ask for and you can feel the negativity thru the television! Harsh environment to work in I bet.

Ask kate about JTV Jewelry Television
New Reviewer

As a Top 50 Contributor, I've spent SEVERAL thousands with JTV. I'd say at least $3K-$4K has been on the auction site. My experience has been a 50-50 split. I've gotten some beautiful pieces at a fraction of their listed price, & I've gotten some ridiculous duds that cost me $13.98 to 2-way ship. I order such a high volume (& therefore MANY returns) that I started storing to-be returns in a box that could be shipped before the 30-day deadline. I can then only waste $15 to ship at the post office rather than Smart Labeling @ $7 a pop. Unfortunately, the $2K or so I've spent on air (could NOT keep) makes me ill.

A couple months ago, I decided I'd try to sell off some of my loose gems collection to take up for some of the money I've spent just to send crap back. Warning: Ignore the hosts & website prices! Even my most prized rare stones have proven to be dumb investments! For an example, I won a $148 opal for a mere $8 ($15 w/ship). I was certainly pleased with the quality! The most I was able to get for that $148 ("below retail" per JTV) opal was...drumroll...a whopping $6! Maybe a fluke? Nope. I took a bath on 5 opals before deciding I'm stuck with boxes of pretty but near-worthless treasures. What good is an appraisal value if you can't actually unload a gem for even close to that price?!

I've thought many times that I should just pack up the years of collecting to return & just eat the 10% restocking fee for missing the 30-day window. However, the idea of losing even more $ on items I no longer own keeps me crossing my fingers that mines will suddenly deplete & my kids will make a killing off mom's hobby some day.

To the person who asked where to find loose gemstones, I'd recommend eBay of all places. Of course it takes time, research, & a fee aggravating lessons, but I've gotten some fabulous tanzanites (3ct auction win for $38!) that put JTV's high-priced stones to shame in color! Keep in mind that eBay is NOT the place to SELL (see above), but be patient & place a lot of small bids. Eventually you'll win one due to the oversaturated market. I like to randomly pop in to see auctions (not Buy It Now) options that are ending soon & still low. I've beaten even some questionable bidding practices (another account jacking up the price) by bidding within the last 10 minutes on stones.

If I can get 2-9x7, 1-10x8, & a carved cab tanzy on eBay for LESS that JTV's listed price for 1-8x6 tanzy of a similar color (well, on the pic anyway) AND pay less shipping, benefit from buyer protection & timely refunds...well, lesson learned!

For the most part, JTV loose stones aren't any better quality than what you can find for a fraction of the price. Their service standards & s/h fees are silly. Their resale value is maddening. Quite while you're ahead....or at least before you loose any more. :)

New Reviewer

Holds your money against prepaid cards repeatly and nevers sends your products, even when you have used the card several times with them. (25) Says they just take longer then other cards, but no other company has this problem and I am a online shopper. They could care less. They don't contact or explain why it takes longer, but if you call the card company, they say JTV is continuing to hold the money for the purchase. If you don't keep calling and following up they will just keep holding it. Terrible customer service. Never lets you speak to a supervisor. Just keeps saying I'm sorry. I kept with them this long because I like their products, but they continue to provide terrible service and what good is the jewelry, If I can't get it without a battle. Terminated my business with them today and they could care less.

New Reviewer

I have been shopping with JTV for about 15 years now. I have made VERY FEW returns, usually due to the fact that the style didn't really look good on me (or someone else) in person. I have ALWAYS found the customer service reps to be friendly, courteous, and very helpful. With VERY FEW exceptions I have received my merchandise within two weeks, quite often sooner. My returns were handled in a timely manner. I definitely think the merchandise is well worth the money. And for the record- things can get broken in shipping no matter how well they are packed! And I once paid $17 to send a letter by 2 day mail. It was delivered 5 days later with the explanation that the post office "TRIES" to deliver in two days, but did not "GUARANTEE" delivery in two days. Maybe you are blaming the wrong party?? I am a VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER and recommend jtv to all my family and friends!!

New Reviewer

Your review will help others learn about this website.

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website. I placed an order but had issues with my credit card so I called the bank & finally got it straightened out. I then was able to place my order and customer service told me that the money would be taken out before they shipped me the merchandise. My account was finally charged and I knew that the order was on its way I could not wait! Unfortunately the order never arrived, they in fact said that they had cancelled my order.. they would not give me a reason and they did not give me a call to let me know that this has been done. I was waiting all this time for something to come in
the mail that would never arrive. To beat it all they would not refund my money that they had taken from my bank account!!! Horrible Practices!

New Reviewer

I have been buying from JTV for two years now. I believe they have improved their operation. I have had only one problem with a ring out of all of all of the items I have purchased. They have treated me very fairly with any problem I had. I like buying from them.

New Reviewer

The Quality has become a joke!!!! I have been w/ them about 5yrs. NOT ANYMORE!!

New Reviewer

This review is on base of my experience with customer service, quality and shipment.
I entered this website to see people's experience with jtv and all I see is bad reviews, which now from my experience I have to disagree with some.
1. If you buy a piece of jewelry that cost more than 100$ why not buy a warranty?
Times are very hard and everybody should protect your investment.
2. If you had bought things from a website, you should already know that to exchange something is a process that usually takes from 4 to 6 weeks.
3. And the last thing, what do you expect from jewelry that is plated? If you want to buy a piece of jewelry that is not going to loose shine or change color then this site is not for you! Remember you get what you pay for!

My experience!

I bought this beautiful ring which I waited too long for it to be available in my size, I'm a size 8 so that's what I ordered. When I purchased the ring I want it fast so I paid for Express delivery, they send you a tracking number where you can see when your item is going to arrive, I got it on time but for my luck the ring was too big and it was the right size, so I had to return it the same day. But other than that it was a beautiful ring and for 63$ it was a great deal for me.

Fast delivery, good quality, you have the option of a stretch pay with no extra charge!
What's with the paper box? Really? If you buying something for a gift make sure you buy a nice gift box because the presentation is really poor.
Don't like the return and exchange policy is really just refund because they won't give you the opportunity of getting something else and like I said before it takes 4 to 6 weeks till you get your money back!

My advice to you!
If you are going to spend 100$+ on a piece of jewelry, go to a jewelry store! Look at it, try it, feel it. Or go to a known website. I don't think this website is a scam, you just got what you paid for plus didn't collect the right information!

New Reviewer

I bought a ring and set of earrings from JTV after running across them on late night tv. I did receive a return label but I don't know why. After reading the back it states that shipping plus a restocking fee will be deducted from my payment. The merchandise was awful. Both earrings claiming to be the highest grade of Bella Luce Dillenium cut diamonds that put out more sparkle than real diamonds look merely like a hunk of glass. No sparkle. Both had been used and obviously returned already. The packaging showed that they had been cut open with scissors. Very bad quality and lack of attempt to even make it look new... buyers beware.

New Reviewer

Awful experience with JTV, never return your money back on time, take advantage on your nerves and money!
Such a pirates!!!

New Reviewer

It's amazing how every host marvels at every stone or piece of jewelry they present. One minute Mindy (Mandy, Misty?) will show you a pale 1 carat tanzanite and tell you it's all about the coLOR and what a great deal this is for only $69. A minute later she'll show a Triple A colored 2 carat tanzanite and tell you what a deal it is at only $650.

If you like silver that's ok, but avoid buying silver with any type of stones. They will be garbage. No one mounts a quality stone in silver... or 10Kt gold for that matter. The intrinsic value will be about a tenth of what you are paying.

Don't fall for their 1Ct - 2Ct - 3Ct scams. Chances are that for each carat weight you are getting more than 100 diamond chips (worth about a dime each). They had a special recently where they were selling a 2.9 carat diamond ring for $999. A quick glance told me that each stone averaged less than a point each (about $30 of diamond dust). And of course it was set in 10Kt gold - a dead giveaway that this was a piece of crap, but this anorexic woman with stringy blonde hair made it sound like the sale of the century... of course until she moved onto the next piece of crap.

How these sales people can live with themselves is nearly beyond belief. I guess they know that they are not killing anyone, just stealing their money.

New Reviewer

They are great taking your money! Sending back jewelry was easy also with a return label furnished with delivery. Sent back one item on January 10th and it still hasn't been removed from my account! They said they received it but it will take another week or so to be deducted! Every time I tried to contact customer service to pay the bill, they are having technical difficulties! This is ridiculous! I believe they block your phone number so you can't get through! They don't want you to pay your bill so they can charge you 25.99% and then some! The best thing to do is go to the consumer protection agency in their home state to make an official complaint! That's exactly what I'm going to do! Buyer beware!

New Reviewer

I have been watching jewel school for over a year. Is JTV going to stop the show? It was on three days a week,then for Christmas they only had it on two days and now it is down to one day. I liked the show and I ordered a lot of stuff from it. I guess I will have to find something else to watch

New Reviewer

I started ordering from JTV about 6 months ago and found the merchandise very pretty. Then I clicked on the JTV Auctions website and found more pretty jewelry. What I didn't realize was "they" have at least 7 pseudo names being used to jack up the prices which are sometimes more than the actual selling price, the first one detected was Tracy, and then Sherla, Yvonne, etc. If you have already bided on an item and not realizing it, you bid again, the system says "Cannot place a bid. You are the highest bidder." BUT with the pseudo names going against you, it appears that you've bided yourself higher numerous times because the pseudo name disappears. JTV can come back and say "Oh, that's an actual bidder." NOT. Once you top the pseudo name, it is deleted from the records. I've also been the high bidder and waited 5 minutes after the bid closed, left the site, gone back and the pseudo name has bided at least 6 hours prior to my bid.

After a couple months and not realizing I had the item, I began to order duplicates on the auction site. So I started sending them back. I've found that it takes almost 30 days from the time of the return order to get the credit made to my credit card.

The Better Business Bureau doesn't have an accreditation for JTV or JTV auctions. I wonder why?

New Reviewer

Bought a 2.7 carrot ring and was told it would arrive for Christmas well it didn't. Called and was told it would take a week..strike one. When ring did arrive was in a cheap paper box..strike two. I ordered gold over sterling and was also told it WOULD NEVER tarnish..four days later ring started tarnishing you guessed it ..strike three.Called and was told i could send back to get redipped asked to speak to customer care or someone who could resolve issue person told me they would pass it along. Still havent heard from anyone and it the middle of January. Take my advise DON'T buy anything from jtv you will be sorry!! Thanks jtv for nothing.

New Reviewer

ok so i get thet it gets bad reviews. can someone please tell me a good site/company that gives you quality stones?
im just looking for loose gems thank you.

New Reviewer

Their product quality is going downhill. I am in the top 500 review contributors, but recently when I have given bad reviews for bad products, they are not being shown on the website. Two products I submitted two reviews, none of which was displayed for others to see. One product had many broken pieces, another product came with a shattered container of jewelry cleaner. People need to be aware of the bad as well as the good.

New Reviewer

Three years ago I bought a tanzanite heart pendant set in 10K yellow gold. I loved it so much, I never took it off, except to clean. The last time I took it off, the stones had turned whitish and there was no color on them. I since found out that tanzanite stones can be go ahead and look it up as the Gem Institute warns about this! I will never, ever buy any product from this bunch of used car dealers again! So, people beware!!!! If you bought tanzanite from them.....have it checked!

New Reviewer

I have been with Jtv for many years and the quality of gemstones have been going downhill:) I called customer service on several occasionsand all they told me was they would pass on my information in to the supervisor.I invested a lot of money in my gemstone and I just found out they were poor quality and a lot of them are damage.How do you do that to someone who is on chemo and very sick.I want to pass my gemstones on to my family it's worth very little :(((((((

New Reviewer

I have ordered from JTV for six years. I have never been disappointed in any item, and have never had to return anything. I really like the streach payments also

New Reviewer

I recently bought a ring for $567.00, I paid to have it appraised for 50 but that adds additional time and I wanted it RIGHT NOW!! I talked to a rep who was real helpful he cancelled my appraisal order, called me to confirm that he had cancelled it and it was overnighted to me. From the time I opened the box I couldn't stop looking at it it was GORGEOUS. I then took it to Zales and had the appraisal done and it was appraised at $ 2018.00. All I can say is I get many compliments on my ring and I am a jewelry lover , the diamonds are clear and not cloudy also

New Reviewer

I love jewelry, and have bought items from jtv for over 10 years. At that time, most of their peices were 10k or 14k gold, but lately they are made of sterling silver layered with another metal. I bouhgt rings, pearls, pendants and a bracelet. All the items were very nice. I did return two items - a ring because I found the ring I thought I lost, and a bracelet that I did not like. My daughter wears the diamond earrings we gave her 10 years ago (set in 14k) every day, I wear the diamond band that is stunning everyday (set in 14k), and the matching diamond earrings all the time. Because of the economy, the site has been making the items more affordable by using silver. Since I prefer gold, I have not been buying as much. But, I did recently buy a "fun" yellow diamond ring for $99. which is set in silver. I think for the price, you can't beat it. I am giving it a 4 star rating because I would like to see more gold offered. I would rather pay more because silver is not as good an investment.

New Reviewer

DON'T DO IT!!!! I purchased 4 items with expedited shipping (an extra $40) because I was leaving for vacation in 9 days, and needed the items in the 1 - 3 day window promised for the expedited shipping price. Only 2 of the items were received in the 1 - 3 day time frame. One arrived on the 8th day. The other (of course the most expensive) had not been received by the time I left, As I was going on vacation, there was no one to receive it. Several days prior to my departure, I called the company, in hopes they could redirect or hold the package, got an answering machine, left messages, but never a returned call. I emailed, and the only response I received was an email telling me that the 2 packages I had already received were shipped - a fact which I already knew. I want a refund of the $40 expedited shipping charges at the very least, and if the final package is not there when I get home, I also want a refund of that cost.

New Reviewer

I bought an $800 moissanite ring with platineve metal. The shank broke, and I was told they might not be able to fix it. i was told I should have bought the two year warranty. Really? Don't buy from them.

New Reviewer

Don't buy anything from this company. All these complaints should go to the BBB and really do them damage

New Reviewer

Well... They lie. Never by white diamonds from that site, they won't even tell you what color and clarity they are, guess why, cause 98% of diamonds they have are garbage, they literally pay pennies for them and selling them to you for hundreds of dollars assuring you that's a hell of a deal ! Believe me I'm in the jewelry industry and know it all! BTW not only jtv does that there are ton of companies out there that will tell you anything to sell. If u can't afford nice diamond jewelry try natural african white zircon or moissanite, man they sparkle !!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a blue diamond ring, it was beautiful.... on the TV!! When it came I went outside to open it, it took my breath away it was soooo UGLY. Looks like it came out of a gumball machine. I will NEVER wear it, but will keep it as a reminder to NEVER SHOP JTV AGAIN!!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

stones are a gamble, beware if you get a bargain on auction, you might not get the stone, and if you do, the cost will be made up for in shipping.

New Reviewer

If I could give them NO stars, I would. I ordered a ring over night for my wedding. It came a week later. After walking down the aisle with no ring. Once it did arrive, a stone fell out. I sent it back for repairs. They returned it with a cracked diamond, rhodium missing and prong damage. Then on a return I sent, they said they paid me back....but no money showed up in my account. Two people were helpful. Many others were not. They claimed to not know anything or what to do. I will NEVER, EVER order from them again.

New Reviewer

I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. They are fair and their products are as they say.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

To me, they are sleazebags. They have new Smart Labels, which you can use to return items. But beware. If you get something in the mail that is broken, damaged, or badly manufactured with obvious flaws, ... AND you use a Smart Label to return it, they WILL charge you!! This is especially true if you used a free shipping coupon when ordering the item. There are really no free returns with this company. Also, it may take 15 days or longer for an item to ship. Returns take up to two months to process, from the time you mail in the item to the time you finally get your money (partial money) back. JTV quality control is poor. They regularly send out damaged, chipped, and broken items.

New Reviewer

I purchased eight items from in the middle of June, 2010. I received these items by the end of June. I did not like them, so I decided to return them within the policies as set forth by jtv. A new option offered by jtv is to use a provided smart label which basically defers paying return shipping costs until the refund posts (they deduct $6.99 per label from your return).

Jtv has never been an especially fast or efficient company relating to the processing of return items, but they have gotten downright silly over the past several months. It was not unusual to need to call them (with the UPS tracking number in hand) seemingly to prove to them that the items are indeed on their return dock (which kicks off a rather long process until a refund is eventually issued).

The smart labels introduce a whole new layer of problems into the mix, as you no longer can prove to them that your return is actually on their dock (un checked in, of course). This gets into my current (and still unresolved) issue with jtv.

As of July 21, 2010 (today), depending on who at jtv I talk with, the return items:

Have not arrived.
Are showing in the system in an indeterminate state. (They're here but they're not really here).
Cannot be identified as our computers are down <!>
Status can be answered within 24 to 48 hours, after being put on a callback queue list.

Well, I suppose this covers all their bases. I get different stories from everyone in customer service and the 'experience' team. I am told different things by different people, and constantly get the feeling that all the jtv representative wants to do is to get me off the phone as quick as they can. Absolutely awful customer service.

And from here, even if miraculously, all the items are formally checked in today, the absolute earliest date the refunds would begin showing up is August 9th (given their 14 business day refund policy, except when I'm told it's their 21 business day refund policy).

Jtv has become a disastrous company to deal with. I will never order from them again.

New Reviewer

I have made a couple of purchases from JTV and most are inferior. The customer service is horrible. One time it took 2 months for my item to arrive and just recently, after waiting 4 weeks, I contacted them and was told that it could take up to 6 weeks for an item that was paid with a credit card. I complained and a couple days later I received an email from jtv telling me that the shipment of my item had been further delayed and that it could take an additional 6 weeks! I feel they only did this because I had complained about slow shipping and there was no reason to delay shipping in the first place just because I had used a credit card, it was the same card that I have always used and actually is was a debit card and they had taken the money out of my account when I had originally ordered it. My theory is, is that they have probably let go of employees which would explain the extrememly slow shipping and then they use the excuse of having used a credit card. Everywhere else that I use that same card to order online, I receive my items in a timely manner and I feel that they are vindictive when a customer has a legitimate complaint with the shipping. I canceled my order and will never order from jtv again! P.S. when I ordered the item, it was in stock so there is really no excuse for their behavior. I guess they don't really care about their customers!

New Reviewer

PLEASE DO NOT SHOP THIS SITE. They lie and will tell you anything to get your money. AVOID THEIR AUCTION SITE TOO it stinks, they cancel items that you have won just because they feel like it. The man who lost the diamond, I feel for you $900 down the drain, JTV does not care, that stinks. The reason they thought you did what they say you did is because they are crooks and do stuff like that. Try to file a complaint with the BBB, FTC or the Atty. General's something, don't let them get away with this.

New Reviewer

I bought a diamond ring for my wife March 6th 2009. I gave it to her on our anniversary April 8th 2009. In 3 weeks the diamond fell out and was lost. I did not know what they could do for us but we sent it back for repairs. They returned the ring with a letter saying we took the ring to someone else who ruined it. Why would I do that? I paid 900.00 for this ring. If they at least fixed the ring and gave me a good deal on a replacement diamond. I would have accepted that. This is 900.00 down the drain. Do not buy from them. If you most, insure it right away and have it appraised. Do not trust these company.

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