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Review of JobsRadar

JobsRadar reviews

43 reviews
Categories: Job, Resume
201 Broadway Street, Suite 7
Cambridge, MA 02139
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43 Reviews From Our Community

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When you are applying for a job always make sure that you are not clicking on the Ad button when you do your job search. (in 6 reviews)

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2 reviews
59 helpful votes

This is an awful outfit, when I spoke to them on the phone told them this wasn't going to work, and next time I knew they hung up the phone.

Ask Michael about JobsRadar
1 review
1 helpful vote

Omg where do they find these people???!! Kept asking me the same questions over n ove . N berating as if I'm a child, I hung up never again!!!!

Ask Jasmine about JobsRadar
1 review
0 helpful votes

I looked up the phone number that texted me (256-927-4997) and it turns out to be a landline that belongs to a person in Ft. Payne, Alabama. Just seemed odd to me for a website to be sending me a text like that, asking me to call a number.

Ask Amy about JobsRadar
1 review
2 helpful votes

Kept saying," that's awesome", when I talked about my future plans for school. I finally hung up!

Ask Chief about JobsRadar
1 review
0 helpful votes

Why is JobsRadar only sending email to me marketing Obamacare and sign up for health insurance starting in November 1 2015 for 2016 - I inquired with Enroll Alaska and they will enroll and bill for the insurance but, no detail information on co-pays and or cost per type of health insurance. Jobs Radar should not push costly (rate increase for 2016 of over 40%) insurance to Alaskan's that they do not understand or researched.

I am sick of Companies from the Northeast getting in Alaska that DO NOT UNDERSTAND OUR STATE!

David Morgan
Anchorage, Alaska

Ask David about JobsRadar
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was called by these guys MONTHS ago and they got me then. After a 10min convo from someone located in "Florida" but with a VA phone number I gave him my full name, zip code and info about my current employer. He was enthusiastic and ready to help. At the close of our call he told me he had 3 jobs he was going to send me to my email and wanted to transfer me to someone to further my career by helping me with college. They ask for a small one time fee. And payment over the phone. DO NOT DO THIS! They sell your info to colleges to call and harass you non stop. I caught onto the game and then I got very mad. They hung up on me for being non compliant with giving them personal information. When I called back multiple times they kept hanging up on me or put me online with a pre recorded person talking. -------Now FF to 3 months later. They are at it again with a TEXT now telling me to call them and the same thing happened again. A woman with an South African accent asking for info, enthusiastic and willing to help. When it came to the part about transferring me for college info it set off red flags for me. I asked the company name and she said Jobs Radar. When I started to question her, she hung up on me. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF TIME...and MAYBE MONEY. SAVE YOURSELF FROM BEING HARRASSED AND SCAMMED and your PERSONAL INFO BEING SOLD TO MULTIPLE COMPANIES.

Ask N about JobsRadar
1 review
8 helpful votes

I found a job on which redirectedd me to JobsRadar. It seemed innocent enough. I applied. I don't even believe it was a real job any longer. I was hassled HARD to create a profile (I didn't) and I received a text from them. I texted "STOP' to stop receiving them. Then came the barrage of emails and phone calls. Unsubscribed from emails and marked as SPAM.

I called them back after another voicemail. Here's where it gets upsetting. I answered the phone and it was the prerecording for voicemails. I called back and they asked for my name and number. I didn't give it to them, but asked to no longer be called. The rep read my phone number to me, yet they asked for it? It's just little things like that which make this company seem really shady.

I asked to not be called, I got called again the next day. I worked at a call center before. I know there's a difference between a "do not call list" and being remove from the "call list." So this time I made sure to say "put me on a do not call list, and remove me from any call lists. I do not wish to be called." I repeated this very loud and clearly for the rep. Let's see if they call again.

Ask Curt about JobsRadar
1 review
3 helpful votes

Recently I was looking for a bank teller position in order to grow and make a professional change. I received a text from your people and suddenly the agent was very rude with me by phone, hanging me up. In addition I read almost all the reviews here and you are really a shame!

Ask AVA about JobsRadar
1 review
3 helpful votes

One of the most disgusting people call from this site. Today a guy called and talked nonsense. If this is the way recruiters call, the world is going no where. I just deleted my account from this site. Thank you for the disgusting calls!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a graduate with 8 years exp in the tech industry!!!

Ask Ranu about JobsRadar
1 review
7 helpful votes

This is a site that fishing for people information in order to sell it to for profit universities. These universities scam the government out of finical aid. In an effort to remove my name from the site I contacted the sites domain name owners. where I found a contact number (617 758 2001). They refuse to remove my name and email address from the site. They would only unsubscribe my email address so I would not receive emails from their site. THEY are not only collecting info but collecting names so they can suggest they have a certain number of applicants WHEN in reality they are stealing people's info and forcing them to be a part of their scam CONTACT LET them know how your feel about your information being stolen and forced to be used on this site.

Ask Bridget about JobsRadar
1 review
2 helpful votes

Anyone who lives in NJ, Please do NOT call back this number 732-837-2300, its a SCAM!!

Ask Rochelle about JobsRadar
10 reviews
7 helpful votes

This company appears to mislead people about jobs in order to spam them regarding college no matter what your level of education is. They ask for sensitive information and try to trick you into agreeing to allow them to share it with colleges.

Ask Nexus about JobsRadar
1 review
2 helpful votes

None of the jobs I have searched for are really open. None of them are in the cities that I have specifically requested to search. If you go to the sites of the companies that they list as having the opening, you will find that they have been closed for months or are not in the city you ask for. All they want is your information to sell to third parties and spam you to death with other false postings. Do not fall for it. No stars though this site makes you give them one.

Ask ben about JobsRadar
1 review
2 helpful votes

Shevone? IS that your real name. Who knows. Anyway. I did not appreciate the first question she asked me. And by the way JobsRadar. Why dont you hire people that speak english if you plan to call americans. Your employee has a horrible accent and she sounds like she is calling from INDIA. 1 star for sounding grossly unprofessional and for sounding like a third party BILL collector. Too much f^* noise in the background. N

Ask Jane about JobsRadar
1 review
2 helpful votes

People are bashing jobsradar but the issue is that some people do not know how to search for the job application for the companies they are trying to apply at. When you are applying for a job always make sure that you are not clicking on the Ad button when you do your job search. Make sure you are going to the actual company website. Learn how to apply for jobs and you would not have to worry about getting a call from a telemarketer

Ask melinda about JobsRadar
1 review
3 helpful votes

Very slimy. Reps call from several different numbers with local area codes, trying to bypass auto-reject. Answered a call today and told him I was busy. He continued to ask if I wanted to pursue further online education and training. I told the rep no and that I was happy in my current career. He promptly hung up on me. Scam artists.

Ask Jeff about JobsRadar
1 review
6 helpful votes

This company should be shut down. Do not waste your time. They advertise fake positions to entice you to enter your information, then obviously sell your information to other vendors.

Ask J about JobsRadar
1 review
7 helpful votes

I am looking for a job. Have been for a while. sick and tired of thesee bait and switch. I want to work. Jesus why are people trying to screw us. makes no sense. oh and I have to register on this site to do what. just post what i said $#*!

call me if you want an interview. you site is bull$#*! 4802412986

Ask $#*! about JobsRadar
1 review
5 helpful votes

Don't even bother posting on this site! Once posted, they keep calling and calling to see if you have a job. When they call, they say the call is being recorded. Then they ask for your address. What is the point of giving them my address when it is already on their site and my resume. When I talked to the person, I asked, again, where she was calling from and why she needed my address. Her response: "I just told you, I'm calling from jobsradar." SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!

Ask Jane about JobsRadar
1 review
8 helpful votes

very deceitful. I recieved an email from a different job site and they reffered me to Jobsradar. After reluctantly giving htem information such as my address and phone number they still didn't show me the job posting, but insisted that I call a representative. I wonder if there ever was a real posting and why that company would ever choose jobsradar for recruitment.

Ask tabor about JobsRadar
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

When you register, they force you to put in the date you graduated from high school. That's a sneaky way to figure out age. It's ILLEGAL for employers to ask your age - why is it okay for them. Forget it!

Ask karen about JobsRadar
3 reviews
25 helpful votes

Very rude customer service associates. They are trying to sell you educational classes by pretending that they are trying to help you with the job search.

Ask sammiem about JobsRadar
1 review
17 helpful votes

Stay away from this site! They will call and try to solicit some non-related garbage. I told the guy that I am busy and I don't want to waste my time talking about anything that isn't related to a specific position and he said, I quote, "well, you are wasting my time" and hung up. I am in awe that this site is still in business.

Tip for consumers: Don't use it!

Ask Simona about JobsRadar
1 review
14 helpful votes

They post job listings on local websites, but it isn't a job listing, it is a drag net to get your info.

Got a call from one for the reps asking if I had a computer and email.....thought it was funny because applied on line......

Clearly they don't actually have job listings or have the ability to help.

I assume now ill deal with 6 calls a day for a few weeks until they catch another fresher fish.


Ask Bob about JobsRadar
1 review
7 helpful votes

Total idiots! Smh

Ask Shelva about JobsRadar
1 review
12 helpful votes

Jobsradar, jobhat, career boutique, everyjobforme, and a few others are all the same company. When you call the 'verification specialist' you are calling a telemarketer pushing for profit colleges. When you receive a text asking you to call, you are calling a telemarketer. Do not call these websites unless you're looking for schools. They do NOT help you in anyway with a job search. They are 100% for schools.

Ask stop about JobsRadar
6 reviews
8 helpful votes

Sometimes wait time is long. Need to improve usability.

Ask Peter about JobsRadar
1 review
4 helpful votes

I submitted on this site, and at first was frustrated because they said I needed education. I realized that I was tired of dead end jobs. I called them back and am now pursuing business management. Guess what? I got hired and am now a manager because of this opportunity! Take advantage!

Ask Steve about JobsRadar
1 review
6 helpful votes

Very rude customer service associates. They are trying to sell you educational classes by pretending that they are trying to help you with the job search.

Stay away, save yourself time.

Ask Anton about JobsRadar
1 review
9 helpful votes

Stay away. They call at all hours and they ask questions that are not relevant to the job search or any position in anyway. Then when you ask them a question, they hang up on you. Then they have another person call. It is a SCAM. Stay away. These people don't want to help you find a job, they just want to sell you more crap and when you don't comply they get nasty and hang up on you. They can't deviate from a sales script. The personal questions they ask headhunters
at any level don't even ask. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Was called three times today and hung up on three times today alone. I have unsubscribed and told them not to call again. If that doesn't work I will report them to anyone and everyone I can.

Ask Augusta about JobsRadar
1 review
9 helpful votes

It seems to be a scam because they start asking personal questions and whether you want to go to school and they give little info about the job you're applying to. I would never use this job site -- seems as though they're trying to get all your info. The text to my phone should have given me a hint something was wrong... RUN!!!

Ask Johanna about JobsRadar
1 review
7 helpful votes

This company is a pain in the rear!!!! In the last two weeks I have received 7 calls from them 2x today!!! No one records anything you say and they are reading off of a script as they keep reading it while you are trying to ask questions!!! They need to hire better employees, Shelly and Cheryl were the worst today!!!!! It appears if you don't have a degree they are more interested in getting you to go back to school!!!

Ask Penny about JobsRadar
1 review
4 helpful votes

They made a link that looked like a dominos website so when i entered my basic information to begin my application for dominos it sent me to another link and said thank you for applying a jobsradar. i didnt think anything of it until later that day and everyday since, as i have been getting called at least 5 times a day from various numbers and at least 6 emails a day from random websites. I am now forced to change my number and email because of this BS website that shared all of my basic information.

Ask Brady about JobsRadar
1 review
6 helpful votes

The business is a scam you post your resume, then they start spoofing you with a local number. They start asking personal questions, Confirm name, phone number. How much experience you have, in what area is your expertise. Then Bam! date of bith, and social security number! Right down the road to identity theft! Stay away!

Ask John about JobsRadar
1 review
3 helpful votes

I entered the info requested and then when I clicked on apply to job, nothing happens. I finally wrote down the company info and applied directly to the company's website. EMPLOYERS DO NOT USE THIS SITE TO POST YOUR JOBS. IT DOESN'T WORK.

Ask ALBERT about JobsRadar
1 review
6 helpful votes

This site gives an ever so brief glimpse of the job (no details), then when being forced to CLICK TO APPLY (even tho' you are not sure if you even want to or not - yet) you are asked for your first and last name and email address. When I did so, I found the source of the job (WHICH YOU DO NOT KNOW UNTIL YOU GIVE THEM THIS INFO) turned out to be my ex-employer, a terrible MT outsourcer I'd made the terrible mistake of working for beyond the first 2 weeks of starting there - for what I had already begun to suspect was not professional enough for me to feel secure there. THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY OF THESE MIDDLE-MEN INTERMEDIARIES between the job seeker and the employer and their services would only ever be necessary for corporate level mgmt jobs where the employer might have to sift through a 4-5 pg resume otherwise - just to justify their very existence. ALL THESE SITES DO IS INTERJECT THEMSELVES between an employer and their applicants THEN CHARGE THEM A FEE - - FOR SIMPLY EXISTING! There are others worse in this regard, (GIGATS) where they give you ZERO INFORMATION about WHO you are applying to and expect you to fill out an entire application of THEIR OWN before you can even see if you are interested or not in the job itself! Somebody should call the LABOR BOARD about these newly cropping up fly-by-night middle men who interfere in the hiring process for all applicants.

Ask jeanne about JobsRadar
1 review
2 helpful votes

Horrible experience.....Looks like scam

Ask NormaS about JobsRadar
1 review
5 helpful votes

I received a text saying they would like to talk to me about a position I applied for. Thing is I never heard of this site. How did they get my number? And what the hell else do they know about. Stay a from this site if possible, they found me but do not reply to any calls or texts.

Ask Charmaine about JobsRadar
1 review
6 helpful votes

These people called me after my daughter looked for an entry-level cashier position through their site. The number they used was 215-220-4767. When I first picked up the phone, this pre-recorded message was in the middle of playing "All of our representatives are now busy assisting others, please wait..." using an Indian-sounding female voice. After a couple repeats of this message, an American-sounding female cut in saying her name was Ashley and that she was calling from JobsRadar. She started to give a kind of selling pitch and proceeded to talk over me even though I told her she must be looking for my daughter, who had just visited the site a few minutes ago. Ashley was STILL doing her pitch when I handed my daughter the phone! Then, when my daughter got on, Ashley only stopped enough to ask her what kind of job she wanted and her educational background. Even though my daughter clearly told her she was a high school graduate and wanted an *entry level* cashier's job, Ashley relentlessly proceeded to try and sell my daughter some educational classes she said would get the job. Finally, my daughter got Ashley off the line. I then had my daughter show me to this JobsRadar website. It turned out to be some place where they get your name, address, phone number, etc. before re-routing you to someplace else on the web which also makes to register before giving you details on a "so-called" job the person is applying for. AND...not only that but they also gave my daughter's information to another telemarketing company that called a few minutes after JobsRadar and tried to see her the same educational classes. So JobsRadar and its affiliates are in my mind nothing more than one big SCAM!!!

Ask Della about JobsRadar
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had calls from 916-585-7840 Ashley was the person. They called 4-6 times every day. This person NEVER left a message. When I had asked them to stop I was hung up on. I had called the number back and instructed them to stop or I was going to press charges for harassment. Then Ashley proceeded to continuously call from a restricted number and not say a word, only pressed buttons. Needless to say she did this about twenty times in a fifteen minute period. So I advise anyone DO NOT use "jobs radar" to conduct anything. They are rude and they WILL harrass you.

Ask Sharon about JobsRadar
1 review
2 helpful votes

Someone called me TWENTY TIMES from the phone number of 206-651-3611 and said he was from JOBSRADAR and the number was coming from Des moines, Washington. He asked me right off the bat if I was Rebekah. This is harassment, and I told him not to call me again or I would call the police.

Ask Rebekah about JobsRadar
38 reviews
67 helpful votes

The site asks for too much personal information, i would use another site like if you are seeking employment.

Ask Gerardo about JobsRadar
1 review
10 helpful votes

Someone asked me tlook at this website to see if it was safe. Normally I don't write reviews, but since there are hardly any reviews on this website, I wanted to post my findings.

The first clue that warned me that this is a bad website for jobs is that it asks for personal information right after your first search. It would be better if the website only asked for a user id, password, and maybe their birthdate (in case they forget their password). Instead, the site wants my address, phone number, and my educational history. It has a checkbox that provides an offer for an educational advisor to contact me.

My second clue came when I attempted to search for a job. For my first attempt at searching for a job, it gave me over 200 job results for my search terms. I was surprised, considering that I used a local city/suburb for my search. The city is only 5 square miles or so, and it's mostly residential areas. I was curious whether or not the result was real since it was unlikely that there would be over 200 jobs available here. I then did a couple of job searches:

Space Monkey - 44 jobs are available (too bad I'm not a monkey)
Dictator - 57 jobs are available (do we all fight over this suburb, or do we dictate other cities remotely?)
Pimp - 222 jobs are available (there must be alot of turf wars that I'm unaware of)
President of the United States - 66 jobs are available (I suppose Obama's position isn't that unique)
Zzyzyx - 237 jobs are available (and I thought ZZyzyx was only a freeway exit you see as you drive to Las Vegas)

It seems like this website is engineered to collect information so that you can be provided with educational links, or so that an educational advisor can call you (according to another review I saw where the person had elected not to be called but was still called). By throwing your search terms back to you with a number, it tries to get you excited so that you will eagerly provide your personal information. That's what I call social engineering.

Ask David about JobsRadar

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