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JibJab reviews

61 reviews
Categories: Funny, Videos
PO Box 5356
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: 888-959-1297

61 Reviews for JibJab

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New Reviewer

Would have been nice if they told you ahead of time, that you can't share without paying. It would have saved me half an hour trying to get everyone's heads perfectly situated.

Ask nicole about JibJab
New Reviewer

I'm also quite disappointed they removed the fine tune of the heads. But I found another site that offers similar functionality

Seems like it's still quite new but looks promising

Ask John about JibJab
New Reviewer

Like the others says, DO NOT fall for this scam. Absolutely pissed. I wanted to only be charged for however long I wanted it, such as 6 months. it says that they will take $1.50 per MONTH. It took $18 out for the whole year. Don't freaking get it, how can they get away with this bull? Gonna try to dispute due to false advertising.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT PURCHASE THE $1.50 OFFER. Stay away. It will take $18.

Ask Skorp about JibJab
New Reviewer

JIB JAB is a treacherous site. I bought one ecard for $1.99 thank god with paypal and upon checking my transaction I was charged $18.00! I notified paypal and JIB jab of the fraud and cancellation action. Coincidentally, I had signed up with JIB jab through FaceBook and within 2 hrs FaceBook had notified me someone on a computer in New York had tried to hack my FB account!

Tip for consumers: NO no no no no no !!!!

Ask Anne about JibJab
New Reviewer

I have never even heard of this site and I did not sign up. I received a notice in my email indicating a name that was not mine and that I was signed up for a auto - renew membership. This is not something I signed up for. I didn't even use the Internet on the day they say my email address was registered. This is definitely fraud. I did not sign up for anything and did not provide any billing info. If they don't clear this up I am going to the BBB and will file a complaint with my State's attorney general.

New Reviewer

JIBJAB officially sucks! I made a complaint about the cost of their downloads and they cancelled my account. At this rate they'll be out of business soon! They solicit feedback and when it's critical they act like children. Take the ball and go home. How juvenile. This is how you run a business...WOW!?

New Reviewer

Don't sign up...Misleading. It says that they have a special and it is 1.50 for 1 month..., they charged me 18.00. You can't even reach them to dispute this. I just called my bank and they are disputing the charges,

New Reviewer

I have been a paying member for many years. They have very few cards "starring you." Only a few have come out in 5 years. Recently they did away with their method of modifying heads where you can crop them to remove background and set the mouth for motion. Now they just have a peanut shaped mask. The effect is not nearly as gratifying. If they would bring that back and come out with some new and funny cards I would give five stars easily. Such potential, such a let down.

New Reviewer

Same as others... I'm a longtime user/subscribed member of the site ... they changed decreased the functionality of the site ... took away the ability to properly shape the heads, (from user uploaded photos, that are to be superimposed over animated bodies in the video e-cards). And for that reason... I am cancelling my subscription. Decrease in service = loss of customers / loss of interest / loss of a quality & unique site.
What they have replaced that feature with is inadequate & doesn't work

New Reviewer

i joined then the next day someone charged over $300. on my card. DONT give them your card # !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Signed up in February 2012. Used the site for just a couple of cards and then was unable to access my account anymore. ?? Couldn't find a telephone number to help me out, so got frustrated! Who imagined that there was a yearly fee that automatically charged me again in February 2013. Somehow I missed seeing the fee on that statement :( Note that I never used the service in 2013.
Now there is another fee of $12 on my February 14, 2014 statement! Tried to cancel by using their "submit a request" and never received a response. Then tried to access my account, no luck once again. Asked for new password, no response. So finally got their telephone number from the Better Business Bureau and called directly to cancel! Their number is 310-664-1971 in California. They said they would reverse the 2014 charge and send me a confirmation.
Automatic renewals should not be allowed without some correspondence with the customer that shows the charge is about to be made or shows receipt shortly following charge with ability to cancel within so many days. I feel I was Jabbed by jibjab!

New Reviewer

I was trying to make an ecard and came across this site. A few of the personalized videos cracked me up and I was planning to buy one. Turns out you have to do an annual way I'm paying $18 for one video. Why is there no pay-per-use option? Also, an adjustable face shape would be nice. Went somewhere else.

New Reviewer

This site provides a variety of amusing content, but your level of interest in that will be subjective and based on your own taste.

I am reviewing this site purely in terms of their business conduct, which I found to be excellent. I am no longer interested in using this site, and unbeknownst to me, I had left it on auto-renewal on an annual basis. When I saw the charge come through, I submitted a cancellation and refund request on their online form. I received a refund within 5 MINUTES of submitting my request. Frankly, anything within a day would've been fine by me, and this was above and beyond.

In addition, when I went into my account profile, there was a clear option to disable auto-renewal, so I was able to do that to prevent further charges before I even received the refund.

I'm not interested in this site's content anymore, but their professional conduct in this matter has certainly made me willing to do business with them again in the future.

New Reviewer

Very disappointed with the removal of the advanced editing features. Hard to now justify the price. Including the fact that the majority of the templates are not "family friendly"

New Reviewer

I hadn't been on the jibjab site in quite a while even though I pay the annual subscription fee. Just went to make some new cards and discovered, like many of the people on here, that I can't edit the head shape of my uploads. My old heads are still in there, nicely contoured, but the new ones look like potato blobs. Very, very disappointed. The videos themselves are still fun, but the interface is now terrible. I will be canceling my subscription.

New Reviewer

SCAM...Don't sign up...Misleading. It says that they have a Christmas special and it is 1.50 for 1 time...ends up that they charged me 18.00. You can't even reach them to dispute this. I just called my bank and they are disputing the charges, and I am getting a refund. I hate scams, I am going to every site to give a bad review.

New Reviewer

I recently signed up for $10/year (Christmas sale) with recurring payments via Paypal (this can be changed in Paypal).

I sent a bunch of cute Christmas cards and look forward to using it for other occasions throughout the year.

But they need to be more transparent as to the cost of membership and downloading videos.

I think is is $24/year one time or $12/year with recurring charges annually, and $1.99 to download the video.

New Reviewer

On a previous year I purchased a $12 membership and sent cards until the membership expired. This year I paid the $12 for one card and was asked to upgrade. I have a $12 debit charge on my debit card but they say I had a free membership. Not sure what has happened but it is turning our to be a lot of work and less than a pleasure.

New Reviewer

This site blows worse than a drunk Asian hooker on a typhooned deserted island. Stay away, far...far...away!

New Reviewer

I just tried to upload my family photos to the cards four times and each time it gives me a card with their members. $18 dollars and promised me 1500 cards and then asked for $1.99 to see my card when I'm not even sure it will have my personal pictures. SCAM!! I'm going back to Elfyourself.

New Reviewer

Never suscribe to this site. I bought 1 year membership but impossible to cancel the auto renewal from my JibJap account. I cancelled this option from my Paypal account and now my JibJap account reflect a free membership but i have already paid ! And of course no reply from JibJab.

New Reviewer

I like many of the people here used jibjab and don't recall being charged before. I just sent in my cancellation.

New Reviewer

This is a very deceiving offer. It says you could try it out for $1.99, but when you pay with Paypal, you get a shock that says you have to pay $18.00 per year! Shortly afterwards, I received an email from Paypal saying that I signed up for reoccurring payments forever! Paypal gave me directions on how to cancel this merchant and so I went in and clicked cancel. What was the $1.99 all about? This is a scam, so be careful and don't give your bank credit card, or you will be sorry. Paypal is the way to go, so you can control your reoccurring payments.

New Reviewer

I've been using this site for years, to send funny videos to my friends and family. I don't ever recall paying $24 for the year!!!!!!! I don't usually write reviews, but this was just so dissapointing. The quality of the product is good, but the fee is outlandish. I absolutely understand that people need to make a living, and I'm all for that, but $24 is just plain greedy. How about partnering with other companies to buy advertising space on your popular website? I'm sure that Best Buy, Target, Walmat, and other retailers would gladly spend a few dollars. Or maybe do some product placement on the videos? It seems to me that companies would love to get their products advertised directly to consumers. Jib Jab would probably make more money doing that as opposed to taking advantage of loyal customers who are now searching for other websites with comprable services at a fair price.

New Reviewer

Ridiculous that you have to pay $12 a year to use this. Then another $2 to download it... and it's the crappiest quality! 360p!? Really?! You can't even give us an HD version of our $14 video?! Canceling NOW.

New Reviewer

WHY WHY WHY Did you change the user interface. make it an OPTION for Advanced Users! Won't renew unless you change it. BAD DECISION

New Reviewer

It is so dang hard to make videos on this crapy website! It will even say that it's a video but the it ends up turning out to be an eCRAP. $&@$%^#*#}{$&.

New Reviewer

Totally disappointed that the faces can't be fine tuned/customized to the shape of the actual head. Why would they removed that feature?! Now the faces look so crappy and cheap looking. Not worth it to renew membership.

New Reviewer

Rejoined after some time away only to find they screwed up the site and me out of $12. Why would they change contour feature? Completely ruined a great site so 1st graders can use it.

New Reviewer

It used to be good but since you deleted the head shaping tool it is crap! Why don't you leave it in as an option for the people who want to use it!

New Reviewer

Add another complaint about removing the "fine tune the head shape" option. I won't be renewing. I don't wanna be forced to cut off my friends ears and give them potato shaped heads. Simplified option for those that want it would make a hell of lot more sense.Thanks for screwing up something that functioned perfectly well JibJab. (sigh)

New Reviewer

Loved JibJab for years. Every holiday season I would make ecards and later order them on mugs and magnets as gifts for family. I logged in today to begin this year's shopping only to find that the site has deleted some of its key tools. It seems I can no longer modify the size/shape of a new head. The option to adjust the faces to the image you are using has also been removed. It is now impossible to create an image that doesn't look like a kindergarden craft. JibJab has lost my business. Currently searching for a JibJab alternative for this year's gifts ...

New Reviewer

JibJab member since 2008 . . completely satisfied until now. Haven't logged on since last Halloween, popped on to make a new ecard today only to discover that uploaded headshots are no longer fine-tunable. Impossible to make the ecard / video look like it should. Not happy about JibJab taking away that option. Canceling my renewal. Darn, it was a lot of fun.

No worth the subscription, is my opinion.

New Reviewer

Changing my password is like jumping through an underground sewer tunnel. No cust service no to be found on the website unless you have a receipt? Ok so I will look on my bank statement because that is my receipt. So sneaky and tacky. You lost me at "connect through Facebook or bust" Too much work

New Reviewer

I find a few of their videos funny, but there aren't enough to keep my subscription, even at $12 a year.

New Reviewer

This company is a rip off. I paid for a one year subscription, but due to some bug on their end, I was never ever to get it to work, even after troubleshooting. After several days of trying, I emailed them my problems and requested to cancel the subscription and their response was 'sorry YOU'RE not able to make it work, we won't renew your subscription when it expires.' They never refunded my money. Do not give this company your money.


The site is nothing like it used to be. Everything essentially has to be bought in order to share. It is now about money instead of cool and creative cards.

New Reviewer

Made a video paid the 12 dollars to view it and was able to share it and all that, from that point on after any video I made I'd have to register and pay again. After going back and forth with jibjab in an email 3 times repeating the steps they offered to fix it, same thing every time, It would show my account but still try to charge me. I requested a refund about a month ago and still no response.

New Reviewer

Oh, I'm so happy i found this site...It's Valentine's husband died unexpectedly 5 months ago...I'm very ( to the enth degree & then some) sad, faking it to make it. Yesterday, I spotted JibJab- -and went into the site...hmmm...JibJab has to be a "God Wink" for me...a timely- perfect valentine...cathartic, very ...... ......I've put my husband's face and my face in almost every scene..weird to some, sure.....then- sent the scenes to myself via jibjab e mail option.... I've been playing the e mail vignettes over and over today.... mostly, I'm laughing out loud.........we're at the disco, we're in silent movies, we're skating....happy memories....hilarious, ingenious.....just so funny.....really aValue added valentine....$l2...can't wait to jibjab s'more...

New Reviewer

7 days ago I ordered one of their video downloads. This is a virtual product costing just $4.99 and availability should have been quick considering the video card is already viewable with their link. Numerous email sent to them asking how long I should expect to wait and while I did get replies from support they never answered my question. I have now escalated my Paypal payment to a claim.
This was an impulse buy and this is long gone!

New Reviewer

Scam: I am reporting these people to the Texas Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau in Venice California. It is a scam; once you pay; you cannot send a members card; stay away. Eternal loop taking you back to the join page; They want $12 for each card you send. I have spent 6 hours; reset my password 11 times (jibjab reset it once); created my heads 11 times; cast my card 11 times; added my message 11 times; looped back to the page that says you need to join before you can send 11 times; Help desk and contact forms SUCK -- Again this is a scam

New Reviewer

Paid and after 5 emails still cannot get them to let me do member cards. I can still do the free ones but not the paid ones even though I paid. The the auto renewal shows up. NO ONE RETURNS MY EMAILS!!!! TRAP !!!!!

New Reviewer

Well it used to be you could get cool videos for free, upload your pictures (family, friends, pets, etc.) and email it. You also had the option to buy one at a time for $5 or so. Now, they force you to pay for an annual subscription to get anything other than their crappy, single scene, free ones. I hate being forced into something like that. I guess they won't get my $5 or $10 a year!

New Reviewer

I cannot get anyone at Jib Jab to help me get onto my paid account. I keep getting the message that the email address is being used by someone else. There is no one else. I paid in March and have not been able to get a single card sent or a reply to my emails that says anything except "Your request has been deemed solved." Tonight it is request #(#221485. It has NOT been solved. Their customer help people don't do a thing. I've requested my money back, but no one answers. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

New Reviewer

my only complaint is that they advertise that you can send one of there cards for free but there is no such thing.... you have to get locked up into a payment charged to your credit card every month for at least a year. So if you want to send one card a year to someone, you have to pay every month... what a dumb idea.... you sheep can let someone auto bill your credit card if you want but I would steer clear of that option.

New Reviewer

This is the worse site in regard support and contact support. I received a welcome from Jib Jab (after sending in my credit info, etc) inviting me to begin using the site. Could not find my account, could not send anything, it is a total waste of time and money. I cancelled it within 3 hours.

New Reviewer

Really pleased with my JibJab experience. Tried it for free first and then got 10% off here It's really good fun to create the card and great fun for the receiver of the card. The star in your own videos are the best.

New Reviewer

I paid 12 dollars to join and enjoyed a couple of months sending great ecards.
However after that the site no longer worked properly. I can't send anything. I can't even log in to complain to Jibjab. I have updated Adobe flash player and followed all the technical advice given on forums. It appears I'm not the only one who finds this site unusable.
Overall a waste of time and money.
Stay away!

New Reviewer

Absolutely the most horrifying sales experience. The very moment I bought a membership on my credit card the site glitched hard and just kept loading and reloading the page. I checked other online reviews? TONS of people said the very same thing!!

Stay away unless you're taking advantage of the free stuff. Once you pay, you can't play.

New Reviewer

I've bee a paid member since they started, I paid for 33 downloads too. I had no idea that the videos I made are 100% their property? So before you pay for a dowload and post it to You Tube, remember, it isn't your video! One video they did have was Brenda Lee's "Rockin around the Christmas tree" Was BANNED from You Tube because Warner Music Group owns the rights to that song. They did refund my 1.99, but they said they had bought the rights to that song. They didn't!
I did not like the way Lonna treated me in the emails and I have no intention of ever going back to this site again! They became greedy, like so many other companies out there. I thought they would apologize to me but it never happened! I removed ALL my videos from You Tube... It used to be such a fun place for me to go, but Lonna changed all of that with her lack of customer service skills. This is what they did to me... It was wrong and totally unfair! I am done with JibJab forever....
Rad Bell

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