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33 reviews
Categories: Bicycle
1920 S. Rochester Ave., Suite 105
Ontario, California 91761
Tel: (888) 733-0088

33 Reviews From Our Community

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I bought a beach cruiser at jbikes in ontario ca, on sept 11 2013. (in 10 reviews)


J Bikes was very friendly and good customer service. (in 6 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I got this bike for Xmas and love it!!! Assembly was easy and all the parts were there with no problems. Compared to the bikes at the local bike shops, this one blows them away and my fiance saved a couple hundred bucks!!! I'm 6'2 190 and this bike is very comfortable to ride.

New Reviewer

I really glad I made my choice with J Bikes for their honesty and outstanding customer service. I ordered the Chloe women's beach cruiser from J bikes for my wife's birthday. I called them on Monday, the 25th to inquire about the experdite shipping to Arizona because my wife's birthday is on the 27th (in 2 days). I was surprised that Johnny (the rep) told me I do not need to pay extra for expedite shipping. He guarantees me that he'd ship the bike right away and my wife will receive the bike on or before the 27th. So long story short, I took his words and BAM...the bike was delivered on 27th at 11:30 am!!! My wife was so happy and in love her vanilla bike. She even went back to Jbikes website to purchase some accessories to match up her new bike. If you want a quality and good price beach cruiser, I would recommend you to J Bikes.

New Reviewer

I ordered fenders for my bike and they didnt fit nor did they give correct screws. I wanted to return them but was told they would subtract shipping and restocking fee. I was also told very sarcastically I was lucky I got 9 screws they usually only send six. Entire experience was terrible. Do not waste time or money on them. Worst company ever. Zero stars!

New Reviewer

Terrible. Don't trust their website, they don't stock most of the product listed. A staff member told me it's only updated every few weeks - I've notice product out of stock for months however still listed as in stock online.

New Reviewer

Man I wish I could give zero stars. These people are the worst and once they have your money, you will be on your own. They apparently aren't thinking about the future of their company, just making (stealing) money now.

I bought a cruiser that arrived damaged. I followed their procedures for documenting and reporting it to them, but they pretty much pulled every trick in the book to avoid having to do anything to replace it. They made up stories, but I researched them and found out they were lying and called them on it. Then another story, etc…

You know, I got a good price, but it wasn't worth it. I just ended up with a damaged bike, a lot of wasted time, and feeling like I was violated by robbers. It's funny when you look at the many 1 star reviews, they seem to always have an answer, don't they?

New Reviewer

Wow whatever happened to customer service?
The quality of the product was good but the bikes we ordered did not come with any of the decals shown on the picture of the bikes I ordered. I ordered 2 Bella Classic Beach Cruisers. The bikes were shown with Flowers on the frame and they looked like the perfect bikes to give to 2 little girls for their birthday. What we received was 2 plain bikes with no decals at all. JBikes said the would send me the decals and I could put them on myself. These decals are large and run the full length of the frame. Certainly not something I would want to attempt. So I guess I have to decide if I think I can be successful with putting decals on 2 bikes. Why because this is my problem not theirs. I suppose if I am successful on one bike and not the other that will be my problem too.

New Reviewer

Great deal on a cruiser for my daughter. She loves it

New Reviewer

Bought a Beach Cruiser for the summer of 2013. Had to drive from Long Beach to Onterio (90 miles) round trip. Bike failed, broke down. Ball bearings where peddles go in to frame failed. Another 90 miles to have it repaired. Another 90 miles to pick it up. After a few days, failed again. Another 90 miles to hear they were ordrering parts from Mfg. Another 90 miles to pick it up when fixed. After 2 days, it failed again. This time I asked for my $$ back but no dice. OK, going back tomorrow n another 90 miles. Will let u know what happens.

New Reviewer

I bought a beach cruiser at jbikes in ontario ca, on sept 11 2013. The service was very good, very polite and helpful. I was very happy with the selection that I chose. I would return for more products.

Tammy Besneatte, Moreno Valley CA

New Reviewer

Everybody was very nice and helpful. Can't wait to pick up my bike.

New Reviewer

My husband and I were well pleased with our experience at J Bikes. We are looking to go back for another purchase. Service was good, conscientious with follow through, and in fair timing. We were also happy with the pricing. We have no reservations in recommending J Bikes.

New Reviewer

I purchased 2 beach cruisers from and I must say that I was very happy with my purchase.

They are now located in Ontario so it is much closer to my home. I paid Cash to take advantage of the no sales tax special and walked out of the store with 2 bikes, fully assembled (both with 1 year warranty), for under $400! WOW ~

I could've ordered it online and took advantage of their 'Free basket' online promotion but I ended up saving more money with the no sales tax, so I made my purchase in person instead.

I would definitely recommend Jbikes to anyone in the area who is looking for a new beach cruiser (they do not sell any used bikes). I love my bikes (Micargi Rover and Firmstrong Bruiser Prestige) and will definitely go back to pick up some accessories! Thanks, Jbikes!

New Reviewer

I just ordered a beach cruiser a week ago. The bike that I wanted showed on the web site that it was available, so I called to double check. They said there was one more left in stock. They took my credit card info over the phone to hold the bike and assemble it (for $25) since I wouldn't be able to pick it up from their shop until the weekend. Since I was driving from Long Beach, I called the shop that morning to make sure the bike was there, assembled, and ready for me to pick up that day. I showed up and paid in cash (you don't pay sales tax if paid in cash) saving about $20, which in turn practically paid for the assembly! The guy brought the bike out and we checked together to make sure everything worked and that there were no dents. He then helped me put it in my car and told me that it came with a year long warranty on things that were defective. So, all in all, I got a great bike, for a great price, and everything went smooth! I would totally go back there to by another bike!

New Reviewer

J Bikes was very friendly and good customer service. Bought this for a 7 year old boy. It came all the way to Tennessee and was in perfect shape. It was well packaged. Assembly was easy and the fit and finish is excellent. The paint job is awesome. It is a cool looking bike, much like the Schwinn Stingrays of the 60's but better quality. The springer front is the best feature. And you cannot beat the price. I just wish they made an adult size.

New Reviewer

I rarely rate things but after a few months of thinking about it this place was the pits. I wanted a bike for my girls bday and i found these guys. I left work to pick up a bike way out in the middle city of industry. I asked for a specific bike over the phone and quoted the price on the ad. They told me they had it so i did not listen to that little voice inside of me and got in the car. The place seemed like a boiler room when i went in. i asked for the bike and they said they had it. I asked for it and SURPRISE it was not in the store was told i had to drive to a factory to get it another 20 minutes out of town. I agreed because i was pressed for time. I told her i wanted to get it, she quickly gave me a inflated price with out the "free basket" they promised on the site. I told her that was not what was on the site and she said I was wrong. So out of my pocket i pull the web site screen shot of the ad, she said it was wrong. So I have made a fake website image to steel a friggin basket. I am in a daze at this point and imaging slapping some people around. I give her cash at my price and tell her to take it or leave it. She took my money and told me "no returns". So now i have a no return purchase of a bike that is not in my hands. I leave the store and drive way out of the way to some shady factory where no one speaks english or helps me. i wander around the inside of the plant with no service at all. i am told the person who takes the orders is missing and to wait outside. After 30 minutes they find her sleeping in her car! No kidding. She stumbles out and takes my ticket. She comes back with a box and tells me all is good. I demand to open it and they say WHY? Well we open it and the bike is .......wrong in every way. I demand the right bike and that takes forever. I finally get the bike home and put it together, wrong F'n directions in the box. It was a beach cruiser and the directions are for winnie coopers wonder years bike. I have been sitting on this for months and it has been eating at me like a open sore. These guys suck. thats it pure suckage, not one good thing from location to service to product to ease of paying (cash only, tax evaders). Do not go to this hell on earth.

New Reviewer

Sent me a defective bike, ignored my phone calls and emails. basically robbed me. DO NOT GIVE THESE TERRIBLE PEOPLE MONEY

New Reviewer

Horrible. They have some lowest prices but they have one terrible customer service. They sent me a defective bike and refuse to take it back.
Save your money. Don't use this company. They are bunch of crooks.

New Reviewer

Ordered two bikes from them. One came with a defective pedal mechanism. When I called them they keep saying they would have to check with the manufacturer about what to do. The first resolve was to send me the bearings and have me fix the bike myselft. The bearings that were sent were not the correct color and I didn't have a special tool required. I called again and got the same answer, 'we have to call the manufacturer'. The resolve was for me to dis-assemble the bike, repackage it and ship it back for the manufacturer to inspect. Once this happened they would determine what to do. One of the employees. Johnie was able to request another bike be sent out prior to the bike being recieved by the manufacturer. I was then told there was a 'miscommunication' and that the replacement bike was being sent regular shipping (7-10 days) not expediated. Spoke with another employee, Stacy, who told me that I WOULD have to pay for the expediated shipping and thats all they could do. NOT CUSTOMER ORIENTED AT ALL!!!!!

New Reviewer

This is the second time we bought from jbikes. They had expanded to a larger showroom in the same business center. One good thing about these "mom & pop" stores is that the staffs are friendly and with a remarkable memory. Stacey, was the girl who helped us couple years ago, still remembers us and even remember what we bought from last time. Unlike the big chain store, you pick, you pay, and off you go. Stacey was very thoughtful and suggested what should we buy for our 10 year old daughter from our budget. At the end our daughter was happy with her new bike, and we were happy for what we paid for.

New Reviewer

ordered 2 cruisers from this site and had them for will call. once got to jbikes shop, they already had them assembled and ready. staffs there are friendly. Helped me carefully loaded the bikes onto my truck. Sales was smooth, clean, and quick. At first, i had hold back buying from this place since for quite some bad reviews. But since they had been here for the past few years, they probably know what they are doing... And as a result, I got 2 cruisers for my 2 daughters at a good price and friendly service.

New Reviewer

I ordered a bike from them and received it in a timely manner but, it did have a good size dent in the frame. I called and talked to Stacy, she advised me to take some pictures and submit a claim to their claims dept. I did and after a couple days I got an email saying they arranged for a pickup and I just had to box everything back up to leave on my porch. I called a couple days after it was picked up to see when they replacement would be shipped, since I was going to be going out of town. Again Stacy was very helpful and was able to get it expedited for me; I got the replacement the day I was leaving for vacation. When I got home, I assembled the bike and I'm happy to say I got what I paid for. It's a very impressive looking cruiser at a great price, the first bike had red rims which I liked a lot and the replacement had the black ones as shown in the picture. Either way the bike looks cool, I just wish you were able to specify/customize it a little more. Over all, they seem to be fair and affordable with good customer service and I would definitely purchase another bike from them in the future.

New Reviewer

I bought a bike from J Bikes off EBay. The experience started out very positive but after my 36 year old son assembled the bike he found the front rim to be bent, making the front tire wobble. I wrote to J Bikes, below is how are unedited correspondence went, which I found less than satisfying, as in customer satisfaction:
March 27, 2012
Dear jbikessuperstore,

I received my new bike yesterday, very speedy delivery-Thanks I put it together and found the front tire/rim is bent so it wobbles. What should I do? What will you do? I don't want to send the entire back. Please respond ASAP

- mskyti

Dear mskyti,


If the wheel is indeed bent you can send this back to us and once we recieve it we will have this repaired for you or send you out a new rim.

Please advise so we can authorize the return of the wheel.

Thank you.


Dear jbikessuperstore,

The wheel is "indeed" bent. Will the return be at my expense???

Dear jbikessuperstore,

Would you be willing to credit a percentage of the purchase price to me and I will go to the bike repair shop by my home for the repair, avoiding the shipping fees and saving some time?


Who assembled the bike for you? We do highly suggest with all mulitspeed bikes that you have them professionaly assembled for you. If the wheel is wobbly this may need to be adjusted. All bikes requiring the wheels to be aligned and tuned. You can have the bike shop inspect the bike for you and they can contact us. However we will not offer any credit or any adjustments for fixes. Please alos provide a photos of the wheel to

Thank you.


March 28, 2012
Dear jbikessuperstore,

I assembled the bike using the very comprehensive instructions that accompanied the bike, and took it to the Hub Bike Co-op close to my house for two reasons; 1.) As I'd initially planned to do all along I had the assembly looked at, the breaks fine tuned, and the handle bars and seat adjusted as you suggested. And 2.) because there is a slight wobble to the front tire and, I wanted professionals to look at both tires and to give me an estimate to establish what would be fair as and adjustment from you, the seller, for the defective item. Attached please see the estimate, along with contact information if needed to the professionals I contacted regarding a percent credited for the damage. The professionals I contacted state not only the front tire but the rear also is "untrue", which I am of the understanding is industry jargon for 'bent". I am not asking for JBikes to pay the cost for the rims to be fixed, I am only asking for a credit of say 15-20% of the cost of the bike, which I think would be fair.
- mskyti

Found there is no way to attach a file, so I was unable to send estimate.

Dear mskyti,


We stated in our initial email that if the wheel was indeed bent to have it sent back to us and we would ship out a new wheel. It is not our obligation to pay for a service or credit you back for a service that you took upon yourself to have done. We provided a solution that could be take care by us. You will not be credited back for the service you paid for.

Thank you.

- jbikessuperstore

Dear jbikessuperstore,

My initial response to your initial reply was/is: at whose expense will be the shipping charges for my return shipment to you?

- mskyti

Dear mskyti,


This would be either at your cost to send the wheel to us, or we collect a deposit of $45 to have the wheel shipped to you in order to gaurantee the wheel you have is sent back to us.

Thank you.

- jbikessuperstore

I too should have read the review a head of time also, but going forward I will let everyone know, from my perspective this is not a company you want to do business with. It is like they were deliberately provoking me in an attempt to piss me off. NEVER AGAIN!!

New Reviewer

I ordered some accessories for my bike online.
They sent me a fedex tracker #. said things were shipped. waited....and waited. Checked my fedex tracker...still hadn't been shipped, even though they said they shipped it. Then they told me one of my items was not in stock and to chose another.
So I did. I got suspicious when my stuff didn't arrive soon after sent. I started to read reviews..should have done that in the first place. Luckily I paid with paypal. I filled out a grievance and the money was returned immediately.

New Reviewer

They are criminals. He assembled my bike for an added charge, the brakes wouldn't work and the front wheel wouldn't turn. He had me there for 2 hours trying to fix it and when he couldn't, I asked for a refund. The owner came and said that once I sat on it to test ride it, he couldn't offer me a refund. He was rude, verbally abusive and disrespectful. I left the store and left the bike there. The manager told me I was leaving them with a free bike because it wasn't theirs anymore. I couldn't take home a bike that I would die riding! The brakes didn't work! This company is a sham 100% and the manager and people working there should feel ashamed of themselves.

New Reviewer

This is not a real company! They steal your money! DO NOT ORDER from them!!!

New Reviewer

Well the story is that I've been wanting to buy a bike for myself a while ago and I've been searching and doing my homework, making sure that that my hard earn dollar is well spent. So after a week of searching and reviewing, I've stumbled to this site call jbikes The reason that I've decided to purchase from them is that they answered my emails and even had a live operator to answer my calls. You see I don't like purchasing items online w/o being about to speak to a live operator. So that's my experience w/

New Reviewer

This was the worst online shopping experience I have ever had. I received the wrong item and found it almost impossible to reach someone on the phone. Their voicemailbox was always full, and my requests to speak with a manager were ignored. After a couple of attempts, my emails were also ignored.

I sent back the wrong bike that they shipped to me, but was told that the bike I had actually ordered was no longer in stock -- even though I repeatedly sent emails requesting that the correct bike be sent to me or even held until they received the first bike.

I eventually had to file a claim with Paypal and received a refund after JBikes had my money for over 5 weeks. If I had not used Paypal to pay for the bike, I strongly feel that all I would have right now is a Fed Ex tracking number and a lot of aggravation.

There are lots of other places to order a beach cruiser. I strongly suggest that you avoid

New Reviewer

I purchased a cruiser on Monday the 21st and returned to purchase a second cruiser the following day. I had a pleasent experience with the salesperson and the person I believe may have been the owner. The first cruiser was assembled within an hour where other shops told me it would take days before I could get the bike. I must say that I will return to purchase another bike and will recommend this store to my friends and family.

New Reviewer

What a joke! Placed an order on Sunday and was told bike ordered was not in stock 4 days later. Requested to cancel my order and 10 days later ended up going to my paypal to file a complaint. The next day paypal had got the credit back to my credit card. Still waiting on the credit to show up on my balance though. I was told it could take up to 30 days to show up? Watch out for this site! Bait and switch, money tied up forever, and little if any response from their customer support, if you can call it that. If were not for using paypal, my order will still say processing (which it still does?) on the site. Beware, the site is set up to take your money and they don't care if they have what you ordered or not. And, they don't seem concerned that your money is tied up forever either. If all goes as planed, you may very well have a good experience with them, but beware if you have a problem, it remains a problem until you seek a 3rd party like paypal or you credit card people. Nevertheless, if a problem, up to 30 days to see your money again.

New Reviewer

I found on a sponsored ads on Google. I checked their website and found two bikes that I liked. On the website it stated that the bikes are all assembled and it did not mention any fee for it. Also they state that if you shop in the store you will get a free gift and you pay no sales tax. I thought the bikes were great deal and with the offers it's worth the drive. I drove from LA to their store in La Puente, California. It was close to 34 mile drive each way. When I got to the store, no one came to help me.. In fact I passed by two again guys at the front counter and neither way said hello nor did they ask me for help. I even made a joke boy are you guys far.. And neither laughed or acknowledged me.. The store was empty and no one else in it. I finally found another Asian guy who was assembling bikes and I asked him for help and he told me go back to the counter. To make a long story short, I finally got help and found one of the bikes that I was looking for. When I asked about the other bike, the employee kind of laughed and said "me and my friends bought all those bikes.." I didn't even bother mentioning that on their site it clearly stated they were available both online and in the store…

The other bike I wanted had no pedals, so I couldn't really seat on it and see how it feels, and when I asked where the pedals were, the employee stated that they take them off so no one rides them to try them out.. I found that strange but that's their policy I guess.. The bike also had the chrome cheeping off the handle bar.. I asked them if there is another one?? Then the other Asian guy, who was the owner called his warehouse and found out there was another one.. He then tells me I can go pick it up there.. not that someone will bring it in the store.. again I found that a bit strange for service… and keep in mind I called them before I left to make sure they had that bike in the store and they told me they had a few on hand.

I finally decided that I like the bike too much and I wanted it.. all the sudden everything in the price started to change.. First, the owner told me that the price with no tax was good only if I gave cash.. I found that very strange and I have reported their company to IRS as well for tax fraud… Then the owner in the middle of our conversation leaves very rudely and tells his employee "see what he wants!!". Then the employee comes and tells me I also have to pay $23 dollars additional for the installation.. When I brought up the website, the owner came back and said, the website and store are not the same.. what does that mean I asked? It stated all bikes were installed on the FAQ section on their page, but apparently only for the ones ordered online.. but bikes are delivered in a box, not assembled I said.. he ignored my comment.. Then the owner said also the gift are for selected items, and at that moment he did not feel that was a selected item. I told him No where on the site does it list what bikes were selected items.. then he stated " cruisers".. Keep in mind I was buying a cruiser.. But the owner said not that one..

I will not recommend to anyone.. they are shaddy, they run false advertisement, they are rude, they give no service or help.. the owner is rude and since he makes good money acts like he owns the world. The owner nor the employees had much knowledge of bikes… all their bikes are cheap and from china that are worth half the price.. I would have reported them to better business bureau but off course just like all shady business they are not members.. Furthermore, when I stepped outside to think about what just happen, I saw the owners wife pull up to the shop with a brand new S500 Mercedes worth over $120 ,000… Now I know where all that cash he kept on asking me for goes to..


New Reviewer

I have been waiting for a bike from them for over 3 weeks now. The money was taken from my account 3weeks ago, and I still haven't received a bike. The worst part is I payed for same day shipping and they failed to inform me that it wouldn't be shipped the same day, yet they still took the money. What a joke.(oh, and I live 3hours away from there shop!)

New Reviewer

Previously reviews have said a lot of negative things about JBikes however, I just had a very positive transaction with them. I ordered two Beach Cruiser bikes from them on June 22nd and they arrived on June 29th damage free and as described on their website. The bikes were very easy to assemble and I had no problems with any of the parts not fitting, being scratched, dented or bent. I look forward to many years of enjoyment and would not have any reservations with purchasing another bike or accessory from them.

New Reviewer

This company has the worse customer service ever. We purchased a beach cruiser from them that arrived with damage to the frame. We took pictures and sent them to the company that same night. Wrote them 2 more times and called them more than 3 times. No response to the damaged bike.

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