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IziDress reviews

29 reviews
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29 Reviews for IziDress

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New Reviewer

I will NEVER purchase anything again from this company. Terrible refund policy, poor quality and it costs more to return the dress than its worth. They also ask you to LIE about the value when you return it so they dont have to pay tax. There should be some kind of consequence for doing business like this.

Tip for consumers: Don't shop here!!

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New Reviewer

HORRIBLE company. The dress I ordered and the dress they shipped to me were two completely different items. Terribly put together, 4 sizes too small, mismatched fabrics, no beading or applique as advertised, pins left in where sewing was not completed, a random train was added, and.....LORDY!....I could go on and on! They refuse to take it back or refund my money. Even the photos they sent me of their finished product (which they actually sent to show me what a wonderful job they had done) backed up everything I complained about. Their resolution? They told me to take it to a tailor and they'd give me a discount on my next order. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME??

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress, for a wedding. Shame on me for not reading return policy. Kmart would have had a better made dress. As their return policy is $50 stocking fee, and return shipping cost about the same, (you are shipping back to Suzhou, China) my $150 dollar dress was a lesson learned. Fabric quality and sequins (what you find on Christmas ornaments) are less than reflected in photo. I sent email same day to request return information and was told I got what I requested. True enough. However, wish I was writing a review for great customer service. Then, I could have considered purchasing again. Sewing quality is fair about $1 store quality. I have sewn for 40 years so I am learned in this trade. I will suck up loss of money. BUT want to warn others, you dont get what you pay for. I am not saying dont use them. I am saying use caution and if its for a special event, then NO I say stay away.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

This is unbelievable. I ordered a dress that looked nice on line but looked terrible on me. I want to return it but they will not take it. What kind of company does not take returns?? I am going to the BBB to report it.

New Reviewer

Wow! I wish I had read their return policy before ordering!! I ordered 2 dresses , both were HORRIBLY too small. And they won't post any negative comments on their site.. Man, chalk this one up to experience, and expensive one at that.

New Reviewer

I am so upset with this website i dont understand how people can do this to their costumers... Im getting merried in octuber of this year and i dont have the money or time to buy a dress so i went online and didnt even look at the reviews i purchased a dress and i was really nervous about it ...
Today i finally got the dress and im sooo disappointed
Its terrible the worst thing it could happen to me right now
I dont knw wat im going to do i cannt spend more money and after the reviews i read i dont think im getting my money back which is even worse
I have been calling them all day long today and no one picks up ...
I send them emails and theg havent repply back
I dont recomend this page, people be aware dont order from this page i wish u guys can see my dress and the actual picture two different things
I just want to cry my ass of cuz im getting married in 2 months and i dont have the dress or the money because i just wasted it on this page .... I hope they call me i really do

New Reviewer

My daughter bought 2 wedding dresses from this company.

Both beautiful and excellent value for money.

Had to get one shortened and dress maker could not believe the cost and quality.

New Reviewer

Buyers Beware. This is a bate and switch online dress company. I purchased my 16 yebar old's prom dress from The online photo of the dress we ordered was not the same as the dress we received. Color, bodice, and the embellishments were different. The tailoring was not done to our measurement specifications. The dress was not hemmed, it was sloppily tailored around the zipper area. All extra fabric that should have been trimmed was left tucked in by back zipper which could be seen through the shear fabric. I took the dress to a local tailor who agreed this dress was poorly tailored and not the same dress shown on the website. I spent an additional $150 (original cost of dress was $175 plus shipping)to get the dress tailored correctly in the bodice and hemmed to specified length. I am still trying to get the company to pay me $75 for the extra expenses. They want me to return the dress, pay for return shipping and receive 50% back. I don't trust they will credit my account, if I return the dress. Very dishonest company. I spent a total of $325 on this prom dress because of's inefficiency. Very disappointing.

New Reviewer

ordered dresses for my son's wedding was promised a specific delivery date. No dresses arrived when we called them they hung up on us 4 separate times. Emailed them their response was the dresses would be mailed out n a couple of hours, received a second email from them that they would take another three to four days to put finishing touches on them. Still have not received them. Heart broken bride furious mother of the groom. At the very least be professional and answer the phone and be responsible for your actions. Does Alberta Canada have a Better Business Bureau. This company gives Alberta a black eye. Shame on you! YOU ARE DREAM CRUSHERS!!!!!! AND THIEVES!!!!!! AND LIARS!!!!! Shall I go on!!!!

New Reviewer

Don't use this site, they don't tailor anything. If you aren't sendning them your measurements you aren't getting a tailored product and if you want to try different sizes, forget it. There is a 50% refund policy. They destroyed 3 dresses I had ordered and asked them to put on hold until my credit card company had done an investigation. They returned 50% of my cost but destroyed the dresses so I couldn't get them after the despute even if I wanted to. Terrible business Ethics!!!.

New Reviewer

What a joke! The dress was four times too big, even with tailored measurements sent in. I'm getting married in a year and bought one dress online to see what it is like...big disappointment. CBS news did an exclusive on buying bride dresses on,ins and specifically mentioned, I laughed at how how right CBS was about this company. Ladies...spend the money on a real dress or go to a retailer like JCrew or Anthropologie and buy a dress.

New Reviewer

Horrible Product and Customer Service....I ordered a dress for my daughter's wedding about a month ago. Upon receiving the dress, it was the wrong color..I ordered it in royal blue and it came as fuchsia. I followed the sizing chart and the dress came two sizes too large. I immediately tried to call the customer service number and a recording told me they were not talking calls at this time. I tried the number several times over several days with the same result. The phone number showed it to be from Alberta, Canada? At the same time, I tried the online chat, where I was put in a que for over 20 minutes and before I could actually chat with someone, I was cut off and had to start over again. The last few days while trying the online chat, their message has been there are no agents available. So finally, I emailed the customer service email with the guarantee from izidresses that it would be answered within 12 hours, it has been 4 days with no response yet. In addition, on the returns area of the website, it states all returns must be made within three days of delivery. But, there is no return address given. I wish I would have read others ratings before I ordered. I will never order from this company again.

New Reviewer

If I could, I'd give them a zero. This company is a complete scam and I wish I would have read the reviews before I ever bought anything from them.
The dress I got was extremely heavy when it was supposed to be a lightweight chiffon. The neck collar choked me, the sides were extremely wide and the length was way longer than it should have been. The mid section was so big that the collar didn't even stay hooked in the back. Oh, and did I mention it was a CUSTOM measured dress? We went to a tailor, got measurements, and sent in my exact sizes. I emailed them and I was asked to send them pictures of proof (exactly how they worded it too, they needed evidence like I was lying). So I did what they said. Over the last MONTH I have been emailing a very poor english speaking woman and I have finally ended it with just letting my 200$ going down the drain. You can clearly see how big the dress is in the pictures and they want more proof of the measuring tape around me to make sure it wasn't their mistake. It clearly was and they are just dragging the situation out. I want to do everything in my power to make sure they lose business and don't scam anyone else.

New Reviewer

I would NEVER NEVER NEVER order anything from this website ~ the dresses are cheap ~ they are not what is pictured ~ the returns are blatant fraud ~ I would not take the chance!!! EVER!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I read the reviews after I ordered my dress and was very alarmed. I could not reach anyone by phone and it took forever to hear from someone. Finally, an email was received. Lack of communication is because they are in China. I finally received my dress and it is absolutely beautiful, it is exactly like the picture. I would use them again, but I would make sure to order very early.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I also ordered from this website, without checking reviews. I have not received the dresses I ordered and was promised that I should receive them within 4-5-days of my conversation, and that I would receive refund if I did not receive them by the projected date. My son's wedding is just days away. They have you when you make the order. How can you charge a restocking fee for something that presumeably is not in stock, it has to be made??????? I will definitely not use this website again and will not recommend it to anyone. I will have to now go out and buy a last minute dress that I probably won't be really satisfied with..

New Reviewer

WISH I WOULD OF GOOGLED THE REVIEWS FIRST. first shipping cost more than $23 for 3-5 days and it takes more than 16 days to ship out because according to them they have to make it because they do not sell from stock. on top of that to contact customer support it takes an hour or so for online chat. Horrible. this is my very first review I've ever done and this is only because of how upset I am.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 dresses. I gave my exact measurements. The dresses came 2 weeks after order. Both are fantastic and fit perfectly. They are well made, material is fantastic, lined, boned with bra cups, so no need to wear a bra underneath. I will definitely order again and tell all my friends. I dont know why all the bad reviews...

New Reviewer

Brides, this company is horrible!!! If I had read reviews first, or atleast realized they were in China, I never would have made the mistake of ordering from them.

We ordered 3 bridesmaids dresses in three sizes and none of them fit the girls! The sizing is way off and the construction of the dress wouldn't allow the girls to raise their arms.

Their exchange policy is very bad (they only offer a 50% refund) but in the situation where the dresses were made incorrectly I thought for sure they would exchange. When I contacted them to exchange (I actually needed 6 dresses so I was also going to order more) they told me they wouldn't take back for a full exchange, they would only give us a 50% credit.

This was a costly mistake for us...please heed my warning and use another company!

New Reviewer

These people are blatant frauds. I ordered a gown using the sizing guide they publish on site. Dress received, at least 4 inches to narrow around midriff. Contact customer service (using the term loosely). They asked for pictures of me in the dress (showing the tag still attached), front and back then pictures of me measuring myself. They received the pictures only to respond with an offer of $15.00 partial refund because the dress is of no use to them. You can't make this stuff up. Total frauds and I can't imagine they will be able to keep this up very long. STAY AWAY! my comment wouldn't post unless I gave a Star rating. Trust me it took everything I had to give them one. Needs to have a negative star rating.

New Reviewer

I also ordered a dress for my sons wedding. Very Poor workmanship. I also measured myself and it fit in a category of size 14 I'm a 12 in regular clothes. When I got the dress I couldn't even get my arms in the sleeves or even zip it up. I learned my lesson not to buy over seas again. I also have no dress for my sons wedding in a week and out 175.00

New Reviewer

I purchased a dress from A day after I purchased the dress, I looked up reviews about their website, saw that they were all negative, panicked, and tried talking with customer service to cancel my order. They told me that my dress was in the process of being made and was almost finished and that they could not cancel my order, and that if I canceled my order, then I would only get a quarter of what I paid, back. They were very rude. So, curious, a few days later, I chatted customer service about the dress and they told me that they were waiting for the dress to be made and were gathering the materials in the warehouse. I assume I was being lied to somewhere along the way. Upon receiving the dress,the package was torn and damaged on one end. However, when I got the dress out of the package, it was not damaged, and it was inside out to ensure that nothing would be ruined on the outside of the dress or fall off. The dress looked beautiful in the picture, and I saw in the policy that the dresses looked "5% different" than they did in the actual picture. I received my dress in the mail not too long ago, and even though it was beautiful, it looked cheaply made and the color was extremely off. There were rhinestones falling off in the back of the dress and It looked nothing like the picture, but like a cheap knock off. I was still happy with the appearance of the dress, so I wore it to the event. The material on the dress was not sewn right and looked bunched up on the back when I laced it up. The customer service was horrible and they were extremely rude to me. Even though I was and wasn't satisfied with my purchase, I will never purchase a dress from this website again. It is good if you are looking for a dress that you want for cheap, but the website is definitely too good to be true. It looks almost as if they steal pictures of the dresses off of the designer website and then put their logo over the pictures and say they will make the dress for you, just like the picture, but for much cheaper. I will stick to the designer websites and stores. Make sure you order the dress a couple sizes bigger, too. I am normally a US size 8 and I had to order a US size 12 in order for it to fit correctly. From now on, the dress will sit in my closet, and will most likely never be worn again. It was a waste of time and money. Buyer beware.

New Reviewer

Where should i start. .. I saw how affordable the dresses were on this i took avantage of it, and purchaced two dresses for my daughter sweet 16! after two weeks had passed i put in my order number and it went from processing to NONE on top of that, my log in was no longger working. so i looked up the reviews on this site..and my heart dropped i got so scared..i strated arguing with them thu live chat.." how come you guys never pick up" then i told her , i know the dresses are being made in china, i don't care where it comes from, " but please make sure it comes, and that the dresses look just like the picture!..she promised me it would arrive this week..i have to admite i wrote a bad review on them a few days ago.cause i had ordered june 1 & the dresses should have been here..BUT GEUSS WHAT!!!!!! my daughter calls me today at work, the dresses came and they look and feel wonderful, just like the picture.and i did receive a tracking number two days ago and the dreeses came today! free shipping and's made in china it takes time to make these dresses, they're very afordable too. it was worth every penny and the wait..overall i came off with two nice dresses for a great price!

Expert Reviewer

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New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM this site! I ordered my daughters "dream" prom dress from this site and it has YET to arrive!! I was given a "latest arrival" date and it is still not here and the date has long passed. I have been on their "chat line" because they won't answer the phone, and I have been told by 4 different operators that they will get back with me on the status of the order and I have not heard from one of them. I finally chatted with one that told me it would ship this week and my status on my order would change from "processing" to "shipped" as soon as it had. My status still says "processing" and if I try to track the order instead of saying processing for the status it says "none". I would not ever order from them again and honestly doubt I will ever receive this dress!

New Reviewer

This site offeres designer dresses at reduced prices. I ordered a dress for my son's wedding. When it arrived, it was stuffed in a shoebox size box. The dress was a gown stuffed in that little box. The workmanship was awful and the dress was not like the one pictured on the website. Trying to obtain assistance from customer service was a nightmare and I basically had to threaten them with telling everyone I know on the internet how awful their service and product was before they would offer a refund. After advising me of a restocking fee and the fact that the dress had to be returned via a carrier that could provide a tracking number, the expense of returning the dress, made the prospect unacceptable. Do not order anything from this website! Their prices are cheap and that is because the quality and service you will receive is cheap!

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