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New Reviewer

I signed up for multiple niche job sites in the last few months. This is the only one that let me connect with mentors who are executives at companies I want to work for. After talking to 2 mentors I have some good advice on how to get ahead.

New Reviewer

I found a few boutique jobs I liked on there and then while trying to network into those companies I eventually landed my current job. It worked out great at the end.

New Reviewer

This review pertains to customer service.

I had trouble signing in so I found their phone number and just called them. A male customer service rep who I think was named Greg answered only after a few rings and walked me through the login process. He took the extra time to tell me about some features I didn't know about.

I am continuing to use the site as I progress with my job search, and will update this review as necessary.

New Reviewer

I didn't apply for the jobs on there but I went to a few of their online workshops and used the information from there to refine my approach. After 6 months of working through my network I eventually found a job. So in a way the site worked for me, but not as intended.

New Reviewer

My first bad review. I randomly checked my credit card statement today and found a $175 charge from them. Apparently when I signed up for the base subscription 6 months ago there was some fine print telling me I would be charged a regular fee at some point. I received no email or other notification that I was going to be charged or that I was getting moved from free to fee subscription and received no email or other notification that had been charged after the fact These are really shady business practices that I would expect from a scam artist trying to sell me magazines or somesuch not a legitimate job search site.

As for the content on the site - ALL of the jobs are already posted elsewhere on free sites, Indeed, Linked-In, etc, and MANY of the jobs on their site are out-of-date and seem to be there to make it look like they have a bunch of leads.

New Reviewer

I've been a free member for years and wanted to provide my feedback. I take advantage of their free webinars when they have them and have gotten enough value from that to keep subscribed to it. I checked out other job site reviews and think that this site isn't perfect but not many other job websites are. We're living in a tough job market and who knows when it will get better. My thinking is that if I can get a leg up by using them, I will.

New Reviewer

after finding them on the Inc 500 list I tried them out. i'm currently in LA but thinking about moving to NY. sadly, they didn't have many high quality jobs in my field in LA, but when I checked their NYC postings there were more suitable jobs to pick from. so far I applied to 9 jobs and am count on that using them will pay off.

New Reviewer

Another shady internet operation preying of job hunters. Ivyexec acts as a middle man, scraping job postings from different websites and reposting them under their own banner. And try to sell you a membership to their 'premium' plan.

New Reviewer

Scam. They don't do anything other than take your money and steal your identity.

New Reviewer

Had a mentorship call through their Mentor network. Now I know what I should do at my job to get ahead. I'm going to follow up with my new advisor over Skype and phone as their system was hard to use, but there would be no way I could get access to my new mentor otherwise. My 2 cents.

New Reviewer

My friend told me about the site a while back after I got laid off from my previous job. The main benefit I got out of this site was that when I connected my LinkedIn account with it, I was able to see who in my network worked at the company that posted the job. I just reached out to my network and eventually found a job. I didn't use the site otherwise but I'm glad that in a way it helped me get a job.

New Reviewer

I am not looking for a job right now but decided to attend two of their webinars. I wasn't expecting much but the presenters both times were great. I was able to use the advice I got in my current job. TIP: If you go to their blog and click on the Webinar Library, you'll see a lot of their previous webinar recordings for free.

New Reviewer

Tried applying for a job via SimplyHired & it took me to of which it said I had to register in order to apply for the position. I got a could not be approved for membership email back with some lame reasons. I could care a less about being a member - I just was interested in applying for the job. It was the job I do now - same field, same industry. Are they covering themselves legally - seems that they are discriminating on certain factors....but turning around and sending lame excuses as to why the "membership" was denied. Don't bother with this site - you can most likely find the same job somewhere else.

New Reviewer

I was looking for a job in marketing and stumbled on one of Ivy Exec's jobs on Indeed. It ended up not working out with that particular job but I found a few other leads in my specific area of marketing. I, for one, had a good experience.

New Reviewer

You will be calling the customer service number because their website isn't very good. Customer service rep is pleasant enough when they can answer the phone but I wonder exactly what they do. Their job board is dated at best or filled with fictional jobs, at worst. Of all of the job sites I have visited, easily the worst.

New Reviewer

I applied for a job for which I was eminently qualified (a senior, non-executive job), and was turned down for membership in Ivy Exec. Not that I really care -- since I have a large network of recruiting contacts and am a member of other boards WHERE I HAVE SEEN THE SAME JOBS, but this is ridiculous. False exclusivity worth nothing, really.

Also, as a writer, it's so obvious that most of these positive reviews were not written by real people but by employees of IVY EXEC or hired guns. Seriously -- too well-written, too pat, hit on the selling points of the site one by one. Really, whoever the charlatans are who run this site should at least pay for fake reviewers who can write convincing copy that really sounds like a spontaneous review, not like talking points for the site.

Finally, if IvyExec really extends membership to recent MBA grads, so much for exclusivity. Unless you're a Harvard MBA, that degree is a dime-a-dozen these days and many companies are are deciding that paying more for these people doesn't mean they're getting better qualified people.

New Reviewer

My club in grad school was offering discount codes for this site a while back. I like that as an MBA student it was free while we were there. I canceled my premium account before graduation since I didn't need it, and never had any issues. I'm starting to use the website again for my new job search and I was pleasantly surprised to see all the new changes to the site since last time I logged in grad school. So overall, my experience with this website has been great.

New Reviewer

I attended a few of their webinars and I have to admit that I learned a lot. I like that the presenters provided a lot of good information that was actionable, and that they didn't do a lot of selling. I just hate webinars that are all about sales. I followed up afterwards with one of the presenters, and she responded really quickly.

The audio of the presenter sometimes cuts out which is a little annoying. I guess that's what you can expect from a live webinar.

New Reviewer

I joined over 10 months now through a LinkedIn group for my university. At first I was skeptical if this is right for me but then I realized they have something called their Mentor Network. I got paired up with a version of me, just 10 years older. This executive works at a big company in a position I want to be in one day. Without Ivy Exec I probably wouldn't be able to reach this person. Now he is a mentor I speak to monthly.

New Reviewer

I've been a member of Ivy Exec for close to a year now, and have found the site to be very valuable. Knowing that I am part of a exclusive professional network distinguishes me, and puts me in a group of other distinguished executives. If you are looking to generate strong professional relationships, I would encourage you to consider applying for entry into Ivy Exec.

New Reviewer

Do they recruit or just place ads? I applied for a job and they denied my application with no reason...they said it could be one of three is that helpful.

I'm a headhunter and have been since 1998... don't pay for this service, especially because you could do a search for many of the jobs and find the employer directly...

New Reviewer

The session was great! My mentor is a wonderful individual. He recommended that I read a book on the industry. He may also be able to put me in touch with one of his contacts. I am still in touch with him.

I am very happy with this experience and opportunity.

New Reviewer

We've been extremely pleased with the ROI we made working with Ivy Exec. Not only did they deliver on a fully customized marketing campaign for in record time, they also worked closely with us to monitor results and follow up on action items we took to increase our performance.  The results exceeded expectations and proved to be one of our most effective marketing vehicles.

New Reviewer

I've hired my CFO through Ivy Exec and paid a fraction of the cost I would have paid to a traditional executive search firm. The Ivy Exec recruiter I worked with was first class, I couldn't be happier. I had previously hired my Controller through them as well.
congrats, for a job well done!

New Reviewer

They lure you in with a very slick website. However, once you apply and are accepted, then they string you along and you never get close to finding a job.

Waste of time - completely.

New Reviewer

I have my first Mentor session on May 24th. The team at Ivy Exec was very professional and helpful throughout the process. Gayle, thank you for helping me pick the right mentors!

New Reviewer

Back in 2010 I used Ivy Exec to find my old position at Novell. Since then I moved to IBM, but now that I am back in job search mode I am using Ivy Exec again. I've had a number of interviews and I am hoping to get another job through their website soon. This service has worked for me!

Apprentice Reviewer

great Mentors program. I just completed the first call with my Mentor which was very useful. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I still haven't sat in on the webinars.

New Reviewer

I signed up with Ivy Exec through their partnership with Columbia University. So far I've been impressed with the quality of the content and the jobs they offer. I attended one of their webinars on personal branding which was very useful. I've also been applying to director level marketing position and so far I got called by 2 companies (with one I am in second round interview). I haven't had this much traction with other job sites, so I like Ivy Exec.

New Reviewer

I recently signed up on Ivy Exec to look for a senior manager / team lead job with a consulting firm in New York. Within 10 days of joining an Ivy Exec recruiters by the name of Kaye-Anne reached out to me with a position that was exactly what I was looking for.

She prepared me for the interview with some useful information. I made it to the final round, and although I didn't get the job, the Ivy Exec team was helpful every step of the way. I've recommended Ivy Exec to a few colleagues who are also looking to make a switch.

New Reviewer

What a rip off!! They just want your money and claim to offer 'superior' benefits, but there are so many search engines and free sites, don't waste your time and money!
I would give it 0 stars if I could

New Reviewer

Unprofessional, inept, and without merit. Poor communication, mistakes, excuses, failure to deliver on time or as agreed.

New Reviewer

They will charge you absurd amounts without any prior notification. Never give them your credit card information for any reason!

New Reviewer

If you are a highly qualified, super bright, motivated, disciplined, competitive, and well qualified individual, they MIGHT get you an interview at a company that is already out advertising in the marketplace. But why not just apply to companies directly and cut out the middleman and save yourself the "fee"? Your new employer will thank you for it - and you can take yourself out to dinner with the money you would have wasted paying an agency like this. And don't even THINK about using "IVY" if you are over 50. They won't help at all.

New Reviewer

It's a scam.

Got the invitation from my school and registered. After checking the website decided that it was too expensive for what it does and although I cancelled the auto renewal, they still took my money ($250 btw). Tried to contact them but no answer so far.

My advice to anyone is to stay away!

New Reviewer

I am from Asia. I signed up a week or so ago, and have been very satisfied with what this site has to offer. When I googled for some reviews, and this site came up, I was surprised the reviews are so negative.

You will notice my comments to other reviewers. One of them had no response, except suggest that I am with Ivy. (Well, if they pay well, I can be with Ivy too :))

The negative opinion centers around two things:

1. All these jobs are available for free everywhere on the internet. Why does Ivy charge.
2. They are flakes who switch and bait (charge the credit card after offering first month free).

Neither of these is really a compelling negative. I am not wedded to Ivy and will move in a blink to another site that offers me what they offer.

This is my view:

1. Having used The Ladders, Monster, eFinanceCareers, LinkedIn, classifieds sites from major newspapers, etc etc, I can say one thing -- Ivy Exec's filtered list of jobs is definitely of relevance to me. Sure, Indeed etc are all free. But they contain a truckload of drivel. I have to wade through idiotic jobs to find a handful of meaningful executive roles that I am looking for. No thanks. Ivy, at least so far, has allowed me to feel for the first time that even with my filters, there are always 10-15 jobs that are from bluechip companies, not from Podunk East China Engineering Ltd. This filtered aggregation is useful enough for me to pay $30. Is it relevant enough for others? Not my business.

As for "oh but the company sites already have these jobs". Yeah, and? The suggestion is that I bookmark the top 200 companies I find desirable, and check their websites every day, manually? Sorry mate. This is a valuable service and I don't mind paying for it. I'd have loved to pay $5 instead of $30 a month, but it is what it is.

2. As for the auto-renewal. This really makes NO SENSE. If there indeed are jobseeking morons who actually PAY (or specify their payment information) to sign up to IvyExec, and do NOT thereafter have the common sense to at least visit the "My Account" page even once, where it's a very clean and simple UI to turn off auto-renewal (which I did in the first 5 minutes of signing in), then these guys don't deserve anything but the most noise-filled freebie sites. This is not Ivy's mistake, this is a deficit of common sense.

A job board, whether it's a free one, or something with a bit of shininess like Ivy, is ultimately just a listing of jobs. Hopefully they have been filtered to your requirements, and hopefully they are from meaningful companies. I find Ivy to be satisfactory in this regard. Hardly anything to gush over, but it is so far the best jobs I have found *for me*.

I am in strategy, in Asia, with good name schools and decent name companies in my background. Just FYI.

New Reviewer

The site is a scam to get you to join their free trial membership and then auto join you to a 3 month subscription. By the time you realize you've been charged the grace period for cancellation has passed and they are only willing to credit you back the additional 2 months which were charged at the discounted rate and hold back the first month at the full rate. They are in the business of collecting 1 month full fee's from unsuspecting business people. The site doesn't provide any additional value to those you get for free (ie. LinkedIn, Indeed, etc....). DO NOT SUBSCRIBE even for the free trial.

New Reviewer

I am a Corporate Recruiter and realized quickly that the jobs I posted on indeed were being copied onto Ivy Exec's site. I have never talked to these people nor does anyone here have a 'relationship' with them. They will not get any candidate's in front of me faster. In fact, they won't get you in front me at all. You can apply for free through Ridiculous, unprofessional and a downright scam. They need to stop.

New Reviewer

Ok, this company is a scam from top to bottom. I recieved the same email several other people has mentioned, targetting MBAs, offering hand-picked jobs.

So I decided to join, since they offered a free month if you add your credit card, so I emptied one card and put it in. The emails that I got, with the supposed "hand-picked" jobs are ridiculously bad.

One they sent me was "Product Manager" for Yahoo, so I was intrigued, and clicked apply, at which point they send me to yahoo´s own career page that is open to anyone, and this was the only job that was even close to match my experience. Others were CEO of this, and Director of that, all of which needs 10-20 years experience when I specifically told them in my profile that I have maybe 3 years tops.

The only way they make money, is by people forgetting to cancel the membership and have to pay the monthly auto-renewed fee.

New Reviewer

Any reputable site will let you cancel at any time and refund any unused fees. Ivy Exec's "get lost" policy sums up the type of site they are. Do not give them your credit card details, they will happily help themselves, not send you reminders about billing and then blame you for the charge. Not happy, not impressed.

New Reviewer

Very bad experience! And there's no way to contact them afterwards! I too was offered a "free" premium experience with the service. They attempted to bill me for 6 mo. service after that at $166. Sheesh! No contact from this company before or after this attempt. I DID e-mail them and they seem to be shrugging and saying "What are you talking about?" Amazing. AVOID! AVOID!!

New Reviewer

Applied for a job they had posted. The following day I received an email saying that I need to "complete my application." Clicked on "complete my application." They wanted money to complete my application. Called IvyExec's marketing phone number. No other phone numbers listed. Asked whether my job "application" had been forwarded to the hiring company. Was told "no." Stay away from this "recruiting company!"

New Reviewer

I signed up for free and they started sending me advertisements. As I was going through the advertisements I realized they posted an advert from the same company I currently work for and they were following up with me to pay $20 to apply for the position. The position in question was long removed form the company site. I contacted them and they asked me to send a link of the expired position so that they can give me a months subscription for free.

Not sure how I can get the link of the job which the company has removed some time back. Is there a time machine out there yet?

New Reviewer

I was notified that they could not accept me. Now I know why. I never give them all the correct information until I get something in return. Scam artists should not be in this business. People are hurting and then you get these scum bags. Go to linkedin and Dice they are the best. Hopefully these scum bags go broke and lose all their assets. Sounds like some think they are better class to me. Don't need them and neither do you.

New Reviewer

This site is a SCAM. I am qualified for many jobs on there and they come back and say my resume and application was not approved. Then they want you to pay for a resume writing service.

New Reviewer

With so many other great sites out there where one can find really great job listings, this one stands at the bottom of the barrel. You can find most of these job listings on other sites. Also, the resume review is pretty poor - my 12 year old niece could provide better feedback. Don't waste your money and try out more reputable career/job services and sites.

New Reviewer

obvious scam. I wasn't qualified for their site but if I gave them 500 million dollars they could drag me up to their level and save my soul. lol

New Reviewer

cool website with good jobs in consulting. it came recommended through my school. I spoke with a recruiter at the ivy exec who got me an interview with a consulting firm here in Boston. although i ended up taking another position, the people at ivy exec were very helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend this site.

New Reviewer

All the negative feedback on Ivy Exec is true.
They spam MBAs with "exclusive" invitations to join... they get this emails by accessing the school's internal directories and stealing the addresses from there.

The jobs they post are copied and pasted from the career pages of top companies, they tell you, you have to pay to apply and then redirect you to the original company site.... when you ask what their added value is they say that HR knows those are Ivy Exec Candidates and they get extra attention. This is bs. your resume goes into the same black hole as every other online applicant.

Then they charge you and refuse to give you a refund their excuse is that you had a free trial and you never cancelled...tricky cause they never email alerting you that your free trial is about to be over and you will be charged, if your school negotiated 6 months free after that period whether you like it or not if you don't remember to cancel your credit card is charged for 6 months of service.

If you see the logos of fortune 500 companies on their homepage, you would think those employers use Ivy Exec... not true ... several of these corporations have tried the service for free and were disappointed, Ivy Exec uses those logos without authorization.

There are countless complaints about their service and fraudulent practices I am gonna take the time to take this to the BBB

New Reviewer

Following a promotion from my business school I signed up for their free account but was surprised as it had virtually no listings for European positions. So I basically ignored the service from then on. Unfortunately, I hadn't been informed of their auto-renewal policy and was shocked to discover that they were billing me for a service I didn't use. I contacted them as soon as I'd noticed their charges but they said they were unable to do anything. My only hope now is to see if their practices meet EU law.

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