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IvyExec reviews

92 reviews
49 W 38th Street Floor 12A
New York, New York, USA
Tel: (888) 551-3444
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92 Reviews From Our Community

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I have many fond memories of my time working with Ivy Exec while I was on my job search. (in 6 reviews)


They are flakes who switch and bait (charge the credit card after offering first month free). (in 10 reviews)


Good mentoring, interesting webinars, and excellent customer service. (in 7 reviews)

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New Reviewer

This site is sketchy. I was looking through job opportunities on and found one I liked. When I clicked apply for the job I was transferred to a marketing page for this site asking me to register before I could get any information about the job.

New Reviewer

I'm not a client of but I am considering it. I've read all of the reviews here (good and bad). All the bad reviews seem to have 1 thing in common. You "Cheap Charlies" always want something for free. When you don't get it - you think someone is cheating you. These people run a business not a charity and they are not the state employment office. If they are providing a higher quality of service that or then they are entitled to charge a few for that. Wake up people. Just because you finished college (presumably) does not mean the world is going to now lavish you with riches and they especially will not do it for free. You are not entitled to ANYTHING more than what you earn. Now stop crying and either play these people for their services or go post your stuff on and starve to death waiting by the phone. Networking (the personal kind, not the IT related kind) is definitely a lost job hunting skill. The first generation Y kid who masters it will rule the world.

New Reviewer

Their job matching technology is amazing in that it seems to be able to pick THE most irrelevant jobs to my experience. Wow, brilliant job Ivy Exec!

New Reviewer

Really good service. It's incredibly scary trying to find a job by yourself, even if you have good contacts. There's a level of fear that creeps into your daily life when you're attempting to get things back on track in that insidious vacuum. Ivy Exec was a great resource to me when I was out of work last year. The best thing they did was set me up with a mentor.
The only complaint? The price. It seems like a service that is most effective when you have a good job but are looking for a GREAT job.

Tip for consumers: I would see if you can find a coupon code online somewhere. I found one when I initially signed up.

Ask Peter about IvyExec
New Reviewer

I have many fond memories of my time working with Ivy Exec while I was on my job search. I no longer have a membership because I've since found work (thanks Ivy Exec!) but I would recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone who is well qualified but struggling with their search. The support they give is priceless.

Ask John about IvyExec
New Reviewer

Amazing site. My favorite subscription based business. Unlike the other job boards I used, I actually got help guidance and a mentor with Ivy Exec.

Tip for consumers: It's a good service if you have the money for it!

Ask peter about IvyExec
New Reviewer

Sometimes I get a feeling that the "job search" process changes on a daily base. Everything from writing your resume to interviews just keeps changing and I, and I'm sure that there are many people just like me, think that I can't keep up with it. Over the course of time, I have found an online service with "up to date" information and that's Even though I was sceptic at first, thinking that they're not different from any other site of the kind, I found that their advice is really helpful. All being said, I recommend it to everyone looking for work or just trying to adapt to these constant changes.

New Reviewer

Well, I'm still searching for the career that I will love and I think I'm on good path. I've been checking out employment sites for a couple of years now and I must say that Ivy Exec has so much to offer. Not only the job openings but webinars (which I find most helpful and that you can watch any time) and the blog with so much info. Their blog posts are written by experts in fields and you can find all sorts of helpful stuff. I would recommend it to everyone in search of a job since it can help in figuring out the way you want your career to develop.

Tip for consumers: Check out the blog section!

Ask Kerry about IvyExec
New Reviewer

Ivy Exec was a lifesaver when I was switching careers. They set me up with a great mentor, gave me support. And ultimately got me hired.

New Reviewer

I absolutely loved Ivy Exec! They got me the job of my dreams. My favorite part? The mentor calls. I felt taken care of.

New Reviewer

I accidentaly bumped into and I must admit I was sceptic at the beginning but everything turned out great at the end. The things I like the most are the free webinars. You can watch them on their website or on their youtube channel. They try to cover all relevant subjects for people like myself, looking for a job or trying to change careers. Other than that, their mentors are great! Give it a try!

New Reviewer

A great site for MBAs. I was invited to join the website and I wasn't sure how it would work out at first, but I really love it. Good mentoring, interesting webinars, and excellent customer service. If you're getting an MBA, IvyExec is the place for you!

New Reviewer

A colleague suggested that I look into and what services they might have to offer. Ivyexec presents a stress-free way to further my career with some of the most helpful webinars I've managed to come across. If you're looking for solid, insightful advice on moving forward and improving yourself, your work, and your life then I highly recommend that you consider using their resources.

New Reviewer

Totally loved the Ivy Exec experience. From the start, throughout the entire process, the customer service was very helpful. They have great mentors who are there to guide you through out. I was very impressed with the quality of jobs they offer. The webinars are just as useful. It is definitely worth your time , makes your life easier when it comes to reviewing resumes and eventually leading you to the right career.

New Reviewer

Ah, Ivy Exec. My relationship with Ivy Exec can be described as love hate, but currently in the "love" state.

I first used Ivy Exec about 3 years ago, and was not a big fan. The job postings didn't really fit, and I felt pretty much ignored.

I came back a few months ago, and it was like a whole new service. Wow. High quality job postings, awesome support, and customer service people who got right back to me.

New Reviewer

I initially signed up for Ivy Exec a few years ago, and didn’t actually enjoy it very much. However, last month I signed up again, and I have to say the website has really changed, for the better!
They’ve expanded their offerings, and I’m very satisfied with their offerings.

New Reviewer

I found the site after a friend of mine from business school mentioned it. I checked it out and after going to the site almost daily I was able to find a position at a bank in my city. It worked out for me.

New Reviewer

I tried out this site a while ago when I still lived in the Bay Area. I was looking for finance jobs in San Francisco. At that point I didn't really find the site had that many openings at my level in the area so I canceled my membership. I tried it again a few months ago when I moved to NYC and a had much better selection of jobs. It's my hunch that they are focused more on the East Coast, at least in finance.

New Reviewer

I have nothing but fondness for Ivy Exec. They were incredibly helpful when I lost my job earlier this year. Initially I was hesitant about the cost, but it ended up being my best decision from that period.

They were attentive, professional, and got me a job the field I was looking for. I highly recommend!

New Reviewer

Customer Service at IvyExec was responsive, direct, and efficient in their actions.

Within 24 hours of my initial e-mail, I had engaged in an exchange with two members of their Community Development Team, GR and KB. Both were courteous, respectful, and professional in their conduct and resolved my personal request promptly.

Based on my experience, I would highly recommend IvyExec's professional development offerings with a special nod towards their Customer Service/Community Development Team.


New Reviewer

I've used Ivy Exec for some time, not as a paid member, but as a consumer of their webinars. Let me be blunt- I LOVE their webinars. I don't know how they convince so many experts to come on board, but they end up getting these high quality people to come on and speak for over an hour.

I've learned about how to improve my resume, perfect an elevator pitch- even how to navigate change in the workplace.

New Reviewer

I loved my time with Ivy Exec. I was with them for about 4 months after I lost my last job. They were incredibly helpful and gracious. It took a little longer than I had expected to actually land a job, but despite that, I really enjoyed the service.

I canceled my subscription after I got my current job, but when I'm in the market again, I will definitely come back.

New Reviewer

I really enjoyed Ivy Exec. I didn't sign up for their paid service, but I've used their webinars extensively! They are free and awesome. I couldn't recommend checking them out more

New Reviewer

The things I found most helpful about are their webinars. We need to adapt to new trends in business all the time. Everything from writing resumes to behaviour changes constantly, so I need to stay up-to-date. I usually get the information I need through those webinars and I consider them to be a "must watch" for every serious businessperson. I'm also thinking about having my own mentor and ivyexec has a lot of them so I won't have any problems in choosing one.

New Reviewer

I rarely write online reviews, but i wanted to share my experience with Ivy Exec, as I recently accepted a position with a premier consulting firms, thanks to one of their recruiters who put me in touch with the company. I was out of work for close to 6 months, so this has been a very positive experience for me.

New Reviewer

The site prompts you to sign up or join it, but after you do, you get a very lovely message that you have been rejected with no clear explanation as to why.

How can they say they are an Employment Agency when they turn job seekers away?

I then questioned this and received the following:

Thank you for your email. Our professional recruiters rigorously evaluated both your academic background and professional experience. After careful consideration, we were unable to approve you for membership. While we were extremely impressed with your credentials, your background is not the right match for the majority of the opportunities we have at the present time. Thank you very much for applying for membership.

We wish you all the best for the future.

Not the right match? Excuse me!!!


New Reviewer

Had a free all access trial that wasn't useful.
Without warning account gets charged for renewal of subscription, which I don't want or need. No response to anxious mails to IvyExec or to the complaint form.

New Reviewer

Pretty solid! Got a job from them. A bit exclusive, they only accept certain people. (thus the name) But, they got me a job, which is what really matters in the end.

New Reviewer

I love Ivy Exec. The idea of an actually exclusive job board really appeals to me! I used them earlier this year to get my current job. Awesome customer service.

New Reviewer

I love Ivy Exec. They got me my current job. They were wildly supportive, and kept me motivated through the whole process. Definitely give them a shot.

New Reviewer

I absolutely loved my experience with Ivy Exec. From the mentorship program to the job advice and postings, Ivy Exec was a great experience!

New Reviewer

I don't know how this outfit unscrupulously got me into a $42 monthly auto-renew which they kept taking from my credit card which they obtained through credit check. I am employed and do not need any of the sub-par services of this group. I created an account in their site to view the executive positions they advertise. I just caught their scam while reviewing my credit card charges. There's no way to cancel your account or delete your resume at their website. I called them but nobody answers nor call back. This outfit should be reported somehow and get penalized for their scam.

New Reviewer

I love ivy exec! They are so much more than just a job board. My favorite feature is the mentoring program and the webinars. Incredibly valuable!

New Reviewer

I just completed an intro call with my Career Advisor Nii-Ato. He was helpful and insightful. gave me some tips onhow to improve my resume. He also gave me a link to a recorded webinar on resume writing which had good information as well. So far my experience with Ivy Exec has been great.

New Reviewer

Positive reviews are clearly posted by Ivyexec. There is no reason to give up your credit card information to apply for a job. That is ludicrous.

New Reviewer

I had a fairly positive experience with Ivy Exec. I absolutely loved the mentoring feature. And it made subscribing to the site worth it.

New Reviewer

I signed up for multiple niche job sites in the last few months. This is the only one that let me connect with mentors who are executives at companies I want to work for. After talking to 2 mentors I have some good advice on how to get ahead.

New Reviewer

I found a few boutique jobs I liked on there and then while trying to network into those companies I eventually landed my current job. It worked out great at the end.

New Reviewer

This review pertains to customer service.

I had trouble signing in so I found their phone number and just called them. A male customer service rep who I think was named Greg answered only after a few rings and walked me through the login process. He took the extra time to tell me about some features I didn't know about.

I am continuing to use the site as I progress with my job search, and will update this review as necessary.

New Reviewer

I didn't apply for the jobs on there but I went to a few of their online workshops and used the information from there to refine my approach. After 6 months of working through my network I eventually found a job. So in a way the site worked for me, but not as intended.

New Reviewer

My first bad review. I randomly checked my credit card statement today and found a $175 charge from them. Apparently when I signed up for the base subscription 6 months ago there was some fine print telling me I would be charged a regular fee at some point. I received no email or other notification that I was going to be charged or that I was getting moved from free to fee subscription and received no email or other notification that had been charged after the fact These are really shady business practices that I would expect from a scam artist trying to sell me magazines or somesuch not a legitimate job search site.

As for the content on the site - ALL of the jobs are already posted elsewhere on free sites, Indeed, Linked-In, etc, and MANY of the jobs on their site are out-of-date and seem to be there to make it look like they have a bunch of leads.

New Reviewer

I've been a free member for years and wanted to provide my feedback. I take advantage of their free webinars when they have them and have gotten enough value from that to keep subscribed to it. I checked out other job site reviews and think that this site isn't perfect but not many other job websites are. We're living in a tough job market and who knows when it will get better. My thinking is that if I can get a leg up by using them, I will.

New Reviewer

after finding them on the Inc 500 list I tried them out. i'm currently in LA but thinking about moving to NY. sadly, they didn't have many high quality jobs in my field in LA, but when I checked their NYC postings there were more suitable jobs to pick from. so far I applied to 9 jobs and am count on that using them will pay off.

New Reviewer

Another shady internet operation preying of job hunters. Ivyexec acts as a middle man, scraping job postings from different websites and reposting them under their own banner. And try to sell you a membership to their 'premium' plan.

New Reviewer

Had a mentorship call through their Mentor network. Now I know what I should do at my job to get ahead. I'm going to follow up with my new advisor over Skype and phone as their system was hard to use, but there would be no way I could get access to my new mentor otherwise. My 2 cents.

New Reviewer

My friend told me about the site a while back after I got laid off from my previous job. The main benefit I got out of this site was that when I connected my LinkedIn account with it, I was able to see who in my network worked at the company that posted the job. I just reached out to my network and eventually found a job. I didn't use the site otherwise but I'm glad that in a way it helped me get a job.

New Reviewer

I am not looking for a job right now but decided to attend two of their webinars. I wasn't expecting much but the presenters both times were great. I was able to use the advice I got in my current job. TIP: If you go to their blog and click on the Webinar Library, you'll see a lot of their previous webinar recordings for free.

New Reviewer

Tried applying for a job via SimplyHired & it took me to of which it said I had to register in order to apply for the position. I got a could not be approved for membership email back with some lame reasons. I could care a less about being a member - I just was interested in applying for the job. It was the job I do now - same field, same industry. Are they covering themselves legally - seems that they are discriminating on certain factors....but turning around and sending lame excuses as to why the "membership" was denied. Don't bother with this site - you can most likely find the same job somewhere else.

New Reviewer

I was looking for a job in marketing and stumbled on one of Ivy Exec's jobs on Indeed. It ended up not working out with that particular job but I found a few other leads in my specific area of marketing. I, for one, had a good experience.

New Reviewer

You will be calling the customer service number because their website isn't very good. Customer service rep is pleasant enough when they can answer the phone but I wonder exactly what they do. Their job board is dated at best or filled with fictional jobs, at worst. Of all of the job sites I have visited, easily the worst.

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