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InWeddingDress reviews

59 reviews
Categories: Wedding Dresses

59 Reviews From Our Community

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Keep up the good work and the outstanding customer service!!! (in 11 reviews)


My sister will certainly be looking at bridesmaid dresses for the day too. (in 7 reviews)


The dress was $127 (it was $10 extra for custom measurements - that's included in the $127). (in 5 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I ordered my dress hoping it was as pretty as the picture and it really is!!! The lace its simply divine! not cheap looking at all! My measurements were bigger than the largest of dresses but there's around 1.5-2 inches give in both side seams. its a really easy job to alter. I have also taken out the bust cups as they really looked funny, it looks much better without them.I am also adding more sparkles again you can easily do yourself.
My dress came in 12 DAYS!!!!!! AMAZING!!! Don't hesitate to buy from this site its great value for money. But don't expect couture quality that's not what you pay for.

New Reviewer

I bought my wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen ties off this site. They arrived all crushed into the smallest back each other them covered in creases. I thought that this was the worst part, until me and my bridesmaids put the dresses on. They were disgusting! The quality of the fabric was terrible, synthetic stuff and the designs did not match the pictures in the website at all.
The bridal gown was extremely heavy and there was an attachment on the back that fell off with less than three steps as I practiced walking in it.
The lace was tearing away from the top of the bridesmaid dresses and one of the zippers wouldn't do all the way up.
Not only were their products bad, but their customer service was terrible. They were rude and refused to give a refund until PayPal stepped in on my behalf.
After I thought everything was over, they requested that I send a cheap "free gift" bag back that I had forgotten to send back because it was not an item I had purchased and the dispute had gone on so long. They refused to take any offers of a "pay off" only to make me go to the trouble of sending back the bag as well.
Needless to say, ALL of products are MADE IN CHINA despite the fact that they don't mention it on their website and they out source their makers so the consistency across products is practically non-existent. Do not buy from them.

Tip for consumers: DON'T!

Ask Chey about InWeddingDress
New Reviewer

The dress is gorgeous! It does not even require any alteration.
It’s clear that is not the most expensive dress, which I definitely would have preferred but for the price, it is an unbelievable deal. It makes me feel like a princess. It also shipped promptly and was packaged so it wasn't destructive to the dress which I appreciated. Thank you so much.

New Reviewer

VERY UNHAPPY ! I ordered a Mother of the Bride dress custom made with very exact measurements. It arrived about three weeks later which was good, BUT the sleeves were way too tight, the armholes were too small and the bodice was about 5 inches too big. The fabric color was a bit different to the photos (Chocolate). The fabric was no where near the quality of that in the photo. The actual dress was well made, lined with good craftsmanship. When I emailed the company they instructed me to take it to a tailor to have it fixed. I asked for more fabric to remake the sleeves. They agreed to send the fabric but I had to pay for the postage. IT TOOK 9 weeks for the fabric to arrive. I had to pay $120 to have the dress altered and another $25 to have it professionally pressed because I came screwed up in the bag.
I like the style and look of the dress and it is now wearable, BUT I would never order from this company again.


Ask Joyce about InWeddingDress
New Reviewer

I ordered my dress to be custom made as I fell between size 12-14. I waited anxiously for almost a month, and it arrived perfectly on time. I tried it on, fully expecting to need some type of alterations would need to be made, but I was wrong. It fits PERFECTLY! The quality of the dress is remarkable, the lace looks great, and the inside material is very soft. I removed the train (for my beach wedding)and added straps to the dress, it turned out beautifully. I'm very happy with how it looks. My only complaint is that a few beadings were not really good, so I will have them removed.
Anyway, I would say that I am still satisfied despite the little defaults, it worth the price that I’ve paid it ! I will continue to order from this site. THANK YOU!

New Reviewer

I went to inweddingdress the first time, to get a mother of the bride outfit and came away with the most amazing outfit, which I loved. So when it was my turn to look for a wedding dress I returned to this site. When I got it, it’s more than I ever wished. It's looking not exactly like on photos on web site but it’s still good. It fit me perfectly and gave me the exact look I wanted. Can't wait to put it on my wedding day. My sister will certainly be looking at bridesmaid dresses for the day too.

New Reviewer

The dress came in, it wasn't exactly the right color, but it was for my niece, and she was very beautiful. She was a junior bridesmaid, so the color was off from the other dresses, and it made her stand out, which ultimately we took as a good sign.
We ordered the dress a little bit big, on accident, because her mother didn't want to measure her.. LOL. Anyway, now she has a nice dress she was able to wear to her aunt's wedding (me!) and something she can keep around for a while in case she needs a formal dress for any other occasion. Wonderful quality, punctual shipping, and well manufactured. Excellent bargain!

New Reviewer

Dress for a Dinner. I am a size 14 top & 10 bottom and 5ft 2 so decided to go for custom made in Black. I was very cautious at first at using this site BUT the service is fantastic, no hassle at all, the dress fitted perfect with no alterations and the quality is superb. I am so happy with style its a gorgeous dress so elegant. I deducted 2 cms off length of dress as it stated on measurements that they added this on to allow for shoes, I did not want mine dragging on floor, so glad I did it is perfect length. Brilliant service and able to track once shipped through DHL site. Definitely recommend this site.

New Reviewer

A great big thank you to the Seamstress who lovingly crafted my beautiful dress. The quality of the dress is exceptional, and fits me perfectly according to the measurements I submitted. As the Mother of the Bride, I was struggling to find something and became dismayed at some of the dresses I tried made with inexpensive fabrics and lack of attention to detail. My dress, on the other hand, at a very affordable price, makes me feel elegant and beautiful and I am looking forward to wearing it at my daughter's wedding.

New Reviewer

The quality of the dress is genuinely better than some of the dresses I tried on in several wedding shops. There are clear sequins and beading amongst the pearls which I wasn't expecting, but they actually give the dress the wow factor. It is heavy which feels luxurious. The built in bra is so comfortable. I ordered the size 22W as it was closest to my size.
If you are unsure about ordering from here, I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Just wish I knew about this site when I went bridesmaid dress shopping.

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress for my wedding. A friend of mine recommended the site as I am getting married next month. She ordered a bridesmaid dress and showed me and I was impressed with quality. I found a gorgeous dress out of the hundreds of wedding dresses available. I finally decided to order it and went for custom made measurements as it is only a slight cost more and completely worth it.
After receiving my dress I am so incredibly happy. I would not change a thing about it. The inbuilt bra is amazing. I don't even have to wear a bra with the dress as the support the dress gives is amazing.
The delivery time was amazing as well. I was quoted 3-4 weeks and it was in my hands within 2 weeks and I ordered a custom made so I expected it to be longer.
After I received my wedding dress I recommended the site to my friend who then purchased her maid of honour dress and also a friend from Australia who is attending the wedding as well ended up purchasing dresses from the site for her trip because of my recommendation.

New Reviewer

I ordered 3 bridesmaid dresses from InWeddingDress. The first dress I ordered was beautifully made and came in a pink colour. I was so impressed and very happily ordered 2 more dresses in the same colour and make.

This is where things went wrong. The second 2 dresses came in Peach colour, which was a different colour to the first dress and were not well made like the first dress.

I contacted the company about this and they advised that I could not get a refund or new dresses in the correct colour, as the dresses were ordered at different times.

I have had to buy 3 new dresses from another vendor as the bridesmaid dresses from InWeddingDress are not usable for the wedding.

A word of warning to anyone considering this site. The dress quality differs as they contract out the construction to different suppliers. Be prepared not to get the dress of your dreams - and be ready to buy another dress from another supplier.

I would not recommend this site.

New Reviewer

Here’s a picture of me trying it on when I got the dress back from my local tailor.
I ordered it in navy. It was a lovely dress with nice colour. I was satisfied with the good quality material and sewing and the detail at the chest were carefully made. I would recommend you to my friends and relatives.

New Reviewer

My dress is AMAZING! I ordered it in a size 12 and I chose the color claret with black accents. The dress is true to size, has a built in bra, wrap included,beautiful color and it is a great quality satin for the price. I also purchased the 3/4 length sleeve jacket to go with it in the claret color and it matched the dress perfectly.
This is my third purchase from Inwddingdress and they have all been wonderful purchases. I will definitely keep buying from this site.

New Reviewer

Fantastic! The dress is really really beautifully made. I love it! Thank you InWeddingDress people!

New Reviewer

I am thrilled. I ordered the dress with the custom fitting 14 days ago. It is for my 13 year old daughter who is going to be in her brother's wedding. Not only did it arrive much sooner than I expected, it fits great! I was a little nervous regarding the quality but actually its much nicer than what I saw in the stores. I would definitely use this site again and I am going to tell the other bridesmaids about it.

New Reviewer

I love my Dress, its so beautiful. Unfortunately the dress does not sit over my bust nicely as I have quite a large bust. I though I could squeeze them into a size 14, but it looks far too busty, with a lot of cleavage.
I have just re ordered the dress in a larger size because Im so in love with it, and HAVE to wear it to the ball I'm attending.
The only downside, which is very miner, in the dress is that there is some tulle under the skirt to make it more voluminous, where the tulle has been attached to the lining, there is about 1.5 cmd of extra tulle that is a little scratchy but if I trim it or wear high wasted spanxs/undergarment I wouldn't feel it. Anyway, very gorgeous dress.

Tip for consumers: If you’re going to order the dress defiantly make sure you measure correctly and if your in-between sizes, got for the larger one.

Ask Joanna about InWeddingDress
New Reviewer

Thank you for your wonderful service!
I received my dress today in perfect condition!!! A whole 28 hours earlier than estimated! The dress material is heavy and of good quality, and just (if not better) as in the picture! I am very, very, very happy and satisfied! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I also paid some money for my alterations. I had the hem taken up and a bustle put in, but it was still MUCH cheaper than buying a dress from a bridal shop, so don't hesitate to buy from them!!!!! I can't wait for my wedding day!

New Reviewer

We are having a beach wedding in October. It is the perfect barefoot wedding dress- I bought one a few months ago to see what it was like then bought another so i can get one wet in the ocean during photographs.
The price allowed me to do this without feeling guilty for ruining a $2000 dress AND its beautiful. There were slight imperfections on the hem lines and a few loose threads, not
something that would bother me.
If you want perfect im sure you would get fitted in an expensive boutique and pay the top dollar they ask for instead of taking a gamble with a dress bought online.
Thank you Inweddingdress. If Im in need of a nice dress for another occasion, will be back to check out your selection.

New Reviewer

I dont even want to give them one star put it wont let me post unless I do. Please do the research before ordering from here and DONT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered a wedding dress. Had it customized sized and delivered. It looked NOTHING like the picture. The stitching was literally falling apart at the shoulders, the sizes were completely off and ot looked like someone took a box cutter to the neckline and arms of the dress. I was disguisted with it and they refuse to give me a number to speak to someone and keep sending me links from there website when I email them about how poorly put together my dress was. I guess I could go with "you get what you pay for" but I didnt even get that. They totally got one over on me.

New Reviewer

The dress was ordered by our daughter, and she is absolutely delighted with it. It is a perfect fit, the sizing chart was very accurate, the dress itself is of great quality at a very good price, all in all a very nice dress, just as described; with the ease of online shopping..
The ordering and payment process was very easy, and the dress was delivered in 7 days, that is fantastic service.
Keep up the good work and the outstanding customer service!!! We will be back in the future!

New Reviewer

My daughter's dress arrived within the time-frame promised. The quality is excellent. The interior construction hides all seams so that there are no itchy sections for my daughter to have to deal with. Gown is completely lined. I had email exchanges with Customer Service
before ordering to ensure that I was ordering the correct size. It fits her perfectly. My daughter absolutely fell in love with it on-line, and she adores it in person. The price was great. I've paid this price point for gowns in the past from other sites, and sometimes had to return them because they weren't lined. The dress is really beautiful in person.

New Reviewer

I just received my dress few days ago and I am really satisfied!!! Although the trim color I wanted in the beginning was not available, I chose a similar one (blushy pink, instead of pearl pink) for the trim color and it looks really nice!!!
The quality of dress seems really good! No doubt on that! I was afraid it was going to be falling all the time, because of not having sleeves, but the internal structure is really well-made and sustains the dress even if I jump around =)
I had it made according to my body measures, and it fits nearly perfect! It is only a bit loose on the bust. The tail is a bit longer than it appears on the pictures, but I must say it looks even more gorgeous!!! Now I'm almost ready for the big day!!!

New Reviewer

I made the mistake of ordering a dress because my dream dress was too expensive for me to buy from the actual designer. Do not let the pictures fool you. These are cheap dresses that are made with poor quality parts. I received the dress in the mail and the zipper was broken, so I was not able to try it on. The beading on the dress was not the same as the picture and the "organza" bottom was terribly tacky. I tried to return the dress due to the broken zipper and they were not willing to provide a refund for a dress that I can not even wear.

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!!! I just received my dress and it is the cheapest, ugliest dress I've ever seen. It looks nothing like the photo and in order to return it, I need to spend $45 to ship it back to China, a 30% restocking fee and less the original shipping. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND ORDER FROM ANYWHERE BUT HERE!! I've never been so disappointed in customer service or a companies product..

New Reviewer

I received my dress about a week ago but had to wait for my mum to visit before I
was allowed to take photos and show anyone (I promised she would be the first
to see).
The dress came inside out folded neatly with tags attached. I was so amazed at
the quality of the dress and materials used.
I ordered a size smaller then I would normally wear and ordered the smallest I thought I could slim down to following their chart (which was size 10) when I tried it on it fit PERFECTLY (I even have the option if I want to slim down even more as it is a lace up back). It is really a beautiful dress and I can't wait to walk down the aisle with it :)
Delivery was prompt and the dress took about 3 weeks from start to finish of me
receiving it, many thanks guys!

New Reviewer

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SELLER. What a rip off. I ordered a dress for my daughters wedding. It took well over 2 months and when I got it the quality was so bad that it could have been mistaken for a $9.99 bad halloween costume. I used pay pal (thank God). finally got a refund, but lost $60.00 due to the cost to ship back. The company tried to scam me the entire time. When I asked to send it back and get my money back they tried to tell me that they would send me another size or color only. Pay pal backed me and I got my $225 back. This seller uses designer photos and then tried to recreat the dress with cheap products and cheap labor. The edges of the dress weren't even finished. I feel sorry for brides that order from them and will never ever order another item especially clothing from China.

New Reviewer

I hunted high and low for bridesmaid dresses for my two daughters (aged 8 and 11), the bride's only request was that they should be blue - I soon discovered that it was impossible to source matching dresses on the high street and having them made to order was going to be really pricey. I found this website and very nervously placed the order. I worried about quality and whether they would arrive at all or in time.
The dresses arrived within the time scale given on the site, and the dresses are lovely and the quality is good. The size charts on the website really helped me in ordering and they fit really well and look beautiful. I bought when the dresses were on offer but there seem to be offers most of the time. Only slight grumble they have is that the organza (netting) at the top is a wee bit itchy but I think we can get over that. I was a very skeptical customer and very rarely buy from sites I don't know but this was a good experience.

New Reviewer

The only reason why I give them 1 star is because the delivery was quick! Other than that STAY AWAY from this website!!!! I ordered a dress which looked so elegant and my dream dress! All I can say it is the most hideous bit of tat! I have ever seen!!!! It came 2 sizes too small! The material was cheap and the lovely lace sleeves just looked like one of my Nans doileys!! I asked to return it and they said we recommend you keep it or sell it as they knock off 30% of what you pay as a restocking fee! I decided to see how much the post office charge to send snack and it was really expensive. There was no point as I wouldn't get hardly anything back! I was so disappointed! If you don't have money to waste then please do not order from them!!!

New Reviewer

Received dress not the colour expected nor did look exactly as picture.
Asked for instructions how to return and get refund.
Will not give me either as I picked a colour from swatch ?? But the dress was just a regular size and I am sure could be put back into stock

I think this is poor customer relations and would never recommend them, I am out of pocket and still no dress for my sons wedding

New Reviewer

I ordered my wedding dress from them. The Shipping an Customer Service leaves a little to be desired. However I am a plus size woman Size 18 an my dress fit beautifully. I knew from purchasing previous formal gowns that you should always buy them 3-4 sizes larger so my dress was a 24. With some minor alterations on the bodice an hem it turned out beautiful. I would have paid twice as much for a dress like this in a store in the U.S. I just urge you not to purchase from this site if you are pressed for time or picky since it's difficult to return it if the fit cannot be altered by a local seamstress. Good Luck an Happy Shopping

New Reviewer

My dress was very affordable and was said to get here in around 6 wks and got here much sooner. I love love love my dress. Everyone who saw my dress in pictures and at the wedding was amazed that I bought it online and was able to use the size chart and had to get no alterations to the dress, with the exception of the hem because of me being 5'. I had a professional photographer, whom when I told her I bought my dress online and for the price, she was amazed because of all the little details and beading. Again, I can't say enough good things about this website. My gf is getting married in July and is using also

New Reviewer

DO NOT….I repeat DO NOT order from this website…it has the worst customer service and return policies that one can imagine!

New Reviewer

BEWARE OF THIS WEBSITE!!! Do NOT purchase unless you know 100% that you will not need to make ANY changes. After purchasing my dress, I found out I was pregnant. When I contacted customer service to see if I could exchange the dress I received a general response "Your order is past the 5 day exchange mark.." aka NO. That was it, that was all I received after sending a long, detailed email about how I love the dress but just wanted to exchange it. After FOUR more attempts at contacting them I finally sent a negative email saying that this was awful customer service and asked to speak with a manager, Jenny Foley (who offers the WORST customer service I have ever experienced, both online and in person, not to mention poor use of a comma) replied with "your order, it is not eligible for return, and your case is closed"

That's it. That's all. No trying to work with a pregnant woman, just pure and blatant rudeness.

Unacceptable. DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!

New Reviewer

First time buying from this Web site and I'm very happy, they say it takes about 6 weeks to deliver to the US and it only took them 3 weeks to make and ship and deliver 8 all different bridesmaid dresses. The quality of the dresses is good, and the price is excellent. I will buy again.

New Reviewer

My second dress from this site, love it - elegant - charming - sophisticated and looks stunning.
My only criticism that (as a professional ballroom dancer) it would have been out of this world just a little bit more - if there had of been a slight 'split' in the underskirt.
Nevertheless, I am thrilled with it. I look forward to my next purchase !!!!!

New Reviewer

Like everyone else I was a bit frightened about ordering a dress online. I had read a lot of reviews so went ahead and ordered. I loved that you could track movement of the dress once shipped. The dress arrived on the estimated shipping day. As I'd read the reviews I was prepared for how the dress would be packed.
Took dress out and I loved it. To me it looked like any of the other dresses I'd tried on at the stores so was really happy with the way the dress was made. I measured myself and ordered the closest size instead of custom made as i was happy to have it altered, it was a little big in bust area. Sadly the dress does not look great on me although others say it does it just wasn't how I visioned myself it was flattering, it flowed and was comfortable but I didn't get that bride feel but that has nothing to do with the dress (I was tossing up between 2 dresses and as we were having a beach wedding I thought chiffon dress would be better) so I have ordered the other dress (my other choice) and because i was so happy with the dress I've got. And my veil arrived too, its perfect!!

New Reviewer

Ordered a mob dress as my bridesmaid dress in our wedding! The fit of the gown is incredible. It is well-tailored, and very flattering. Very impressed with it, customer service, and ordering process! If you are ordering different styles of gowns for a wedding, be sure to order them at the same time to get the same color fabric! We ordered it in ivory, but it would be pretty in any color!

Expert Reviewer

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New Reviewer

I recently ordered a wedding dress off this website. My hope was have it delivered, try it on, and send it back if it was not the right fit (as anyone would do when ordering clothing online). I checked the return policy and it stated clearly that this was possible within 5 days of receiving the dress. TWO DAYS after I made the purchase, I found the dress of my dreams. I went online to cancel my purchase, and had previously received a confirmation email stating that my order would not even be processed for 20+ days... In short, my purchase had barely gone through.

I emailed back and forth with a representative who told me that they had to charge me $45 dollars as a "restocking fee". Even though my order hadn't even been processed, they STILL charged me for a restocking fee. They informed me that the only way I would have received all of my money back would have been canceling within 24 hours of purchase.

Long story short, I feel completely taken advantage of and robbed. I order online regularly, and I have never dealt with a company that practices such bad business. I DO NOT recommend giving this company a second glance unless you plan on paying them NO MATTER WHAT!

New Reviewer

OMIGOD!! WORST customer service experience of my life thus far. I purchased a wedding dress from this company, it arrived 3 sizes too small and with the lace falling apart. I had to send them 6 different emails with pictures of the dress measurements (at their request) before their "specialist" would review my request for a return, and then they still made up measurements by taking into account possible creases!!! And refused to give me a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. There is also no online support as the website suggests, just email. And no contact phone number either. BUYER BEWARE. *vent over*

New Reviewer

I ordered my dress based on custom measurements.
What I like: Flattering cut, feels solid and well-made when on. In general, it fits.
What I feel neutral about: The dress itself is also a bit longer on me than pictured -- it falls a couple inches below the knee.
What I don't love: The neckline is extremely low on me (with a large bust), and the back and straps are somewhat loose. However, it looks like it should be possible to shorten the straps and take the back in a bit, thereby fixing the neckline problem. I expect that has to do with the pattern not being designed for a large bust -- the dress fits insofar as it matches the measurements I submitted. It seems that the software responsible for the extending the pattern simply didn't take cleavage into account...
Overall: A much better starting point than anything I could find in the stores, but it will need a fair amount of work before it is perfect.

New Reviewer

Love my dress. I am 5'8 my measurements are 35 bust, 28 waist, 38 hip and 59 hollow to floor. I ordered the size 4 and it fits perfectly. The length just touches the floor in the front which will be perfect for my beach wedding. It does have a few spots where it looks like the heat singed the lace appliqués, but for the price it was overall a good deal and I am happy with my purchase. They left a pin in the lace at the bottom with a red head. I am going to try to cut it out without damaging the fabric. It is overall a well made dress with beautiful detail. I ordered Aug 15 and received Sept 4 with expedited shipping.

New Reviewer

My dress arrived this week and it's beautiful! I'm quite short, plus sized, so I paid extra for the custom sizing. Very little tailoring will be needed to have it fit me perfectly. It has a bust strap in the back which I didn't know, and I'm really happy it's there. I ordered the ivory colored one. I also asked them to add a couple layers of nylon on the inside of the petticoat since my skin is sensitive and it works well. I'm really pleased. It finished earlier than expected, shipped VERY fast, and looks beautiful. I'm a very happy customer.

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress BC632 for my upcoming wedding in Las Vegas. I was very pleasantly surprised when the dress arrived. My dress is JUST PERFECT! It was very well made, and was beautiful. I did not order the jacket when I ordered the dress. And just ordered the jacket from them, can't wait to receive the matching jacket! Thank you so much for such outstanding customer service!

New Reviewer

I have just received a package from inweddingdress
with my dress(BC242). The dress is absolutely gorgeous! I provided inweddingdress
with my measurements (custom measurements), and the dress fits as a glove! I
have to mention that I was very nervous about buying on-line because I am a
skinny person but I have a 32DD bust size at the same time. I thought I would
need some kind of a bra to hold the shape but the built-in bra works just
perfect! I don't need to worry about ugly bra straps under my dress. :) The
material is very beautiful, and the lace on top is a real masterpiece! The
length of the dress is perfect for my height.
I highly recommend this dress! Its price is a wedding present! I would pay twice
of what it costs just because it is really worth it!

Veteran Reviewer

really suspicious, all the people who write their first review, on this site. ( and think its wonderful)

New Reviewer

I ordered what I thought would be a beautiful dress for me as mother of the bride. The picture portrayed exactly what I was looking for. But that's where it all ends... When I received the dress, which took about a month and half to arrive, I immediately noticed that the color was nothing like the color sample shown on the website. Also, the size was completely off. I notified the company via e/m right away and was told to try selling it myself because they would only refund a portion of my money and retain a "restock" fee of $75.00. What? So now I'm in the dress selling business??? Although I really do not understand what a restock fee is and why it is even charged in the 1st place, I returned the dress as instructed via certified mail which cost me an extra $38.00. This was a MONTH AND A HALF AGO!!!! As of today 8/9/13, I have received NOTHING!!! I have em'd the company at least 3 or 4 times and was told that they had not yet received it. According to the post office, it is still sitting in the post office in China and will be shipped BACK TO ME when Customs decides to send it back which the US Post Office said could take months. They are returning it to me because the company said it was not returned to the correct address even though I sent it to the address the company provided on the return envelope. I've heard of a slow boat to China but this is RIDICULOUS! By the time this matter is resolved, that is....IF it is resolved, I won't need the dress at all since I will be living in a nursing home! SERIOUSLY...BUYER BEWARE....LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES...DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE SWINDLERS!!!!

New Reviewer

Run!! We ordered five bridesmaid dresses from this site. Not one of them fit. The bodices was two to three inches too small to zip and the bust lines were enormous. The dresses were poorly made and the material was disappointing as well. We took them to be altered and the seamstress would have had to rework them completely and charge more than we paid for them. Each dress was $139 plus shipping. Even if you try to return them they come from CHINA...good luck getting a refund...and good luck with the restocking fee and $75 shipping charge...I say again run!

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Beware! I wouldn't recommend this site to my worst enemy. My problem is similar to the other reviews. I was the first bridesmaid from my sister’s wedding party to order the dress she picked from this site and after I received and tried it on for her we both agreed I looked like I was going to the prom….in 1986. The colour did not reflect the sample on the website and the bust was so big I looked like I had unnatural implants. There were also hooks in the fabric that I noticed right when I opening the lovely, foul smelling plastic wrap it was delivered in. I immediately emailed the company (they have no phone number) and they stated that since I ordered a “custom” colour it was non-refundable and offered me a $20.00 off coupon for my next purchase. How generous of them! So my sister and the rest of the bridal party happily took our business elsewhere and I was left with an ugly, poorly made, smelly dress and out $140.00. I will also add that when I went to post a not so good review on their website, it was “submitted for review” and was never posted. I tried one more time and nothing. I really should have known better than to order off a site that had no phone number, silly me. So if you would like overpriced dresses to wear to costume party’s might be just what you’re looking for!

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