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65 reviews
Categories: Job, Recruiting
7501 N. Capital of Texas Hwy Building B, Building B
Austin, TX 78731, USA
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It also allows job seekers to search for jobs in a specific category or profession. (in 5 reviews)


No games with this one-they find the jobs and bring it to you. (in 17 reviews)


What I learned mostly is how to better my skills regarding Customer Service. (in 4 reviews)

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New Reviewer

This job search website is one that actually works for me. I've used it twice and both times it worked for me. Shortly after posting my resume on here, I received emails and calls regarding job interviews from both head hunters and prospective employer. Site is easy to navigate and their job filter is amazing.

Tip for consumers: Have your most updated resume posted to their site for the best result because there are employers that will contact you by seeing your uploaded resume.

Ask Tammy about Indeed
New Reviewer

I used this site to post ads but my account was deleted without any explanations.
Very negative about this site.

Ask Slava about Indeed
New Reviewer
9/16/14 allows scam artists to post bogus job listings. I received a job offer that I initially couldn't pass up. Pay was $2000 per month, part time and it was work from home plus possible monthly bonus. I immediately got suspicious when Frank Mills (I doubt that's his real name) hired me without ever calling me for an interview. He claimed he was out of the country in the U.K. Frank Mills told me my job duties were to send client proposals, enter data, maintain administrative records, and he would send me all materials in due time, names and addresses of companies to send the materials to bla bla bla. I asked him for the name of his business, website URL, and description of what his company does which he only gave me the name of the company "FIM Consulting LLC" and never gave me any other info. Everything was done via email. He started sending me very poorly written emails with many punctuation mistakes. He said that payment is done either by direct deposit or check which is a single monthly payment. I wasn't about to give a company that didn't seem legitimate my checking account or routing number for direct deposit! I was never able to find anything by googling the companies name, which is a big red flag. I was curious about the scam so I went along with it. He asked me for my address and phone number and I told him that information is all on my resume. At this point I thought he was the dumbest person alive. He seemed he had a lot of urgency for me to get the check and deposit it as he even provided the tracking number. Here is Frank's exact email:

"I just track the package now i and i see that you have got the payment from my client. i will like you to go and deposit the check with your bank ATM machine or with you bank teller..then let me know when the check will cleared in 24 hrs, i will tell you what to do with the remaining funds after you will move your month bonus with is $300. I will tell you what to do with the remain money..Am waiting for your mail urgent"

I got the check in the amount of $2,650.46. delivered via USPS priority mail. It was shipped from New Jersey, but the Bank's address was from New York. The check was from HSBC bank, however the bank logo looked home made because it was pixilated and distorted, which was another red flag. The memo on the check read "Funds Available", another red flag. When have you ever written a check and felt the need to write "Funds Available" on the memo line? I wondered what would happen if I just cashed the check? Probably no money available. I didn't want to waste anymore of my time when I knew that it was a scam. I want other people to know so they don't become victims. Trust your gut instinct. If something seems off, then it probably is.

New Reviewer

I used this site to post a job opening as a trial using their free offering. A month later I was charged $235 without any notice of my free period expiring or any indication of what charges were accruing. After contacting them they were unwilling to do anything for me. During this period I had 2 people post a resume for me to review. One of them had NO qualifications. I do not think they even knew what they were applying for. This is the WORST experience I have had with any business ever and I have been an employer for over 20 years! Do not use them!.

Tip for consumers: Try somewhere else.

Ask Daniel about Indeed
New Reviewer

I've been using the site for about 2 weeks and gotten contacted by" recruiting " companies, not the actual employers and they want some very personal information. Extremely shady. When you question these people they get VERY ignorant about you doubting there credibility. Won't be using this sketchy site any longer.....

Tip for consumers: DON'T TRUST THIS SITE

Ask jeff about Indeed
New Reviewer

This job app absolutely sucks ill apply for over 100 jobs in the past year and nothing has come through i am freaking pissed and tired of being unemployed stop putting all these jobs here of they are not really hiring they deserve 0 stars not 1

New Reviewer

Indeed is a site full of job scams and lies.....people email you and try to get personal information and will use your resume as their own!!!

New Reviewer

I tried to apply for a house cleaning job in my town on and was forced to join a website called Instead of the application for the house cleaning job I was being forced to apply for baby sitting. Hard telling how many jobs I would have been forced to apply for on this website before I got to the house cleaning job if I got to the house cleaning job. I was forced to check each box and had no "No thanks" option so I can move on. So I stopped after they baby sitting. What makes this company think I want to baby sit anyhow? I hate also because they send me a bunch of jobs that I'm not interested in or not qualified for even though I have sent applications in for certain jobs and locations. So it looks like I will be saying by-by to this horrible website and it's con games again.

New Reviewer

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New Reviewer

The moderators on the forums are bias and will delete posts and ban users for no good reason. They're on a power trip and enjoy deleting posts and banning users. I have used Indeed for years and they were great, but in October 2012, Indeed became an independent operating unit of Recruit Co. Ltd. After that they went downhill and they SUCK….

New Reviewer

While I have had a few emails of interest from employers I applied to through Indeed, I've applied to thousands of jobs over the past three years on Most of the jobs are not really available to the general public; just an assuaging of unemployment anxiety to be able to apply at major companies such as Lockheed Martin, Time Warner, Viacom, LVMH MOËT HENNESY LOUIS VUTTON, etc. When in all actuality, your application for these major companies goes into an oblivious data base where YOUR NAME RESUME AND QUALIFICATIONS WILL NEVER BE CALLED UPON!

New Reviewer

I've applied for hundreds of positions through this web site.......
I made the inquiry the other day..."I have not received 1 single response"...they replied back...
"You cannot enter your resume or apply to most jobs directly on Indeed.
Indeed is not involved with the actual application or hiring process for
our search results; nor does Indeed have any contact information for the
companies in our search results".
WTF....I sent them a picture of the APPLY button,,,then picture of where you entrer your name password and cover letter....
Where the !@#$ does this information GO.....GRRRR
I've been using this site for 2 years...!!!

New Reviewer

IM with 4 other job search sites, and got nowhere in 3weeks, as soon as i tried indeed it was a more refined search and i could send my cv without any problems to all the positions I applied for, i already have and interview after 3 days with indeed.
i will always recommend indeed.

New Reviewer


Here is my very short experience with

I created an account for my boss so we could search for resumes and after sending one email I was advised that my account was suspended and I could no longer send emails.

I contacted Indeed and received this response:

"Thank you for contacting Indeed.

In order to protect our job seeker's information we have a system in place where you must contact the job seeker through your Indeed account first of all, when they reply to your message any contact information they have included on their Indeed account will then become available to you.

So if they have included their phone number it will be available to you at this stage.

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us."

If you're following along you'll note that this response has absolutely nothing to do with our problem. When I replied to that email trying to clarify I received this:

"Thank you for taking the time to go through our appeal process.

We have reviewed your account but are unable to lift the suspension. You are not able to contact job seekers through Indeed.

Suspension of your ability to contact job seekers has no effect on your ability to post or sponsor jobs on Indeed.

Further appeals or related communications for this suspension will not be considered or responded to.

Thank you,

Indeed Compliance"

I'm not exactly sure what the "appeal process" consisted of as I received one email that had nothing to do with my problem and when I tried to clarify I was banned. I don't even know what the basis of our suspension was and according to the email, I cannot even ask because they won't respond.

This is the WORST example of customer service I think I have ever encountered and wanted to make absolutely clear you knew how dissatisfied I was with this experience.

New Reviewer

As an employer, I was a little uncertain of the "pay per click" as I have been burned by AdWords. Don't recommend them either. seems to work the same way, I smoked $200 in 4 hours with nothing to show for it. I agreed to pay up to $5 per lead/click and before I knew it I had an email from prompting me to increase my budget. So the way I see it is I had 40 "clicks" with NO candidates..... see ya - EMPLOYERS BEWARE!

New Reviewer

As an Employer I cannot respond to reviews. One reviewer said they worked at a position that we never had for a department that we never had. Of course the review was extremely negative. mmm, competition flame anyone!

New Reviewer

Rather than researching jobs on multiple sites, job-seekers now have a convenient, reliable source for a wide and diverse array of job listings. Although the site could have more detailed filter options, it is a significant time-saver in the job hunt.

New Reviewer

I find the site to be out of date and when you visit the hiring company's website the posting isn't there.. Just recently a fake job posting form "Chevron Oil and Gas in the UK posted several positions. jobrapido also fell for this scam, which is most likely a phising scam. Not a very useful site and lacks security.

"Chevron United Kingdom
Limited Company
1 Westferry Circus
E14 4HA
United Kingdom
Tel: +447024081594

New Reviewer

I fell for the $50 free offer, and ended up spending $150 for absolutely nothing but wasted time. I advertised for specific experience and qualifications. In return they sent 20-30 listings - NOT ONE had the experience I'd advertised for (landscaping). Mostly they sent clerical, medical, a few mechanics - apparently, anything they could glean off the web. The nicest thing I can say about Indeed is "buyer beware."

New Reviewer

Most of their job postings are weeks, even months old, culled from other websites around the 'net. Also, they allow anyone to upload job postings, including phishing scammers, and there is no way to contact them in a reasonable manner in order to alert them to these scammers. They're basically enabling fraud.

New Reviewer

After receiving not a single reply to our email below after two weeks (d.d. march 7, 2014):

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Yesterday our foundation (Stichting NuRecht - ) posted 10 vacant jobs on your website in the Netherlands ( Hence we normally get a lot of reactions I checked the advertisement today. But when I wanted to sing in I received a message that our account was ‘out of order’.

I contacted your organization by e-mail and also by phone (020-4919500) about this issue. The first employee who answered my call told me that the system of Indeed probably recognized this as some kind of ‘spam’, once I placed the jobs in several cities on the website. - The NuRecht Foundation is a national ‘Law Shop’ that is working only online and therefore is searching for new employees throughout the whole Netherlands and not only in a single city. But there is no option to place these jobs on your website for the whole Netherlands, so I placed it referring to the biggest cities -

The employee ensured me that he would contact the (Privacy) Office in the United States to inform them that these jobs are really vacant, and he promised that probably later today or latest on Monday we could use the account again to post these jobs also again.

Some 15 minutes later someone else called me from indeed from the number +353(1)2543385 with a rather strange story: Even though his colleague had ensured us that our account would be soon functional again, this caller told me exactly the opposite!!! Once the jobs that we posted were concerning voluntary work, he told me that our account would stay ‘frozen’.

Surprised as I was by this sudden change - considering especially what the first representative of Indeed had ensured me (I had also informed him that this was about voluntary work) - I asked this second caller for the reason of this sudden antithesis. He answered me that the Indeed Company normally allows employers to post volunteering jobs, bus only if they are made by organizations like (his example!) the World Wide Fund for Nature. I asked him why, once our foundation is quite comparable to the WWF, and he answered: “That’s because it’s a big company”.

Surprised for the second time by his answer I explained him that our foundation is a foundation that is providing free legal advise, that the Dutch Tax Administration (Belastingdienst) has ranked us as a ‘public welfare institution’ (algemeen nut beogende instelling - you can verify this at:, that our foundation doesn’t pursue profit-making and therefore should be deemed to constitute as a non-profit organization, that - if he would like to verify this - I was willing to send him all the legal documents to prove this (resolution of the Dutch Tax Administration, our statutes and our legal policy etc.) and that our foundation - considering al these facts - can’t be treated different than a similar (but bigger) organization as the WWF. He answered: “OK, it is not necessary to send me these documents, but you can try it again in a couple of months. Then we will reconsider this matter and then we will judge your case again.”

Surprised for the third time I asked him why this could only be done ‘after a couple of months’ and why not exactly at this moment; the moment that we need new employees? He told me: “Yah, we can’t do that now. If you ask us in a couple of months we can have a look at it again.” I asked again: “Why?” His answer: “We normally just only prefer companies like the WWF to post jobs (similar to what you want to post) on our website. You can try it again in a couple of months, but, yah, I think in fact that also would not help you anyhow, once we simply don’t like these kind of jobs and organizations. So you can try again in a couple of months, but I think you will probably face the same problems then.”

Excuse me?!? I think I consider this to be one of the most ridiculous answers I ever got, since I can’t remember receiving anything like this before. And especially form a big organization like Indeed I would have expected a different and more reasonable answer, not speaking of the fact that this employee seemed to be somewhat ‘agitated’, that he showed to be unable to make a consistent reasoning in his arguments and that his way of explaining seemed to imply that he was more stressing out than willing to be helpful to his customer (our foundation in this case). And after all: 15 minutes earlier we were promised to have our account functional latest on Monday again!

I had a look at the general legal conditions that are used by Indeed. Of course I can see that your company reserves a certain ‘freedom of judgment’ whether to show advertisements from third parties or not. And of course I also had a look at these terms before I placed the advertisements. But - also again - I can’t find any condition concerning voluntary work. As far as I can see there is no article providing Indeed to only allow bigger non-profit organizations like the WWF to post jobs on her website. That - of course - isn’t strange, hence it would imply that your company would like to influence the effect of certain non-profit organizations, by opposing other but similar organizations that seem to be ‘less appreciated’ by Indeed.

Naturally I understand that your company doesn’t pursue to intervene in these kinds of matters, once this most likely (in legal terms) would have to be considered as ‘discriminating’ according to the Dutch and European Law. Therefore I assume this was a more ‘unfortunate’ representation of your company and that you are willing to be more than helpful to solve this unfortunate matter.

What I think I can ask you fairly is at least to explain to me why I got these contrasting answers by employees of your organization, especially after the promise that our account would be functional latest on Monday again. And, if a may speak freely, a small apology would be on its place. But mainly we would like to use our account again, once we need new volunteers at this moment, and not after ‘several months’.

Thanking you in anticipation,

New Reviewer

Hey, you guys need to get your $#*! together. When I ask for material/planner scheduler positions I dont expect to see electrical engineering positions or warehousing positions or other positions not even pertaining to my search. Wake up!!!

New Reviewer

ummm this is a cool site as well... some good jobs listed... but registering to the site was lil difficult for me

New Reviewer

I recently used this website to make a review about the company I'd worked for. Much to my surprise, some time later I discovered that my review was removed or kept hidden obviously because it was so critical. At the same time the site denied my attempt to write another review notifying me that I'd already placed one... Also, I noticed that the number of positive reviews increased tremendously compared to what I'd seen a short time ago. I trust they play up to the company I criticized... This is why I do not think the should be trusted.

New Reviewer

I found that "downloading" my resume resulted in only one third of my resume being sent to prospective employers. The "edit resume" option resulted in having to fill in the same information already on the resume...had to contact the employer directly to correct the error......what a waste - have no idea why this site is even in business


We just came across with the information on x-employee who faked resume by addressing those projects which she did't even worked on not they went live . this situation makes up believe it is not easy for one to identify who holds what experience , employees like Anamika Kumari should be fired is recruited by any company or institutions , Most derogatory and dishonest attitude ever , Indeed must start a service to verify or provide recruits on verification of employees before the resume is uploaded.

New Reviewer

I am a professional recruiter and have worked for 3rd party recruiting companies for the past 8 years, and have used to search for candidates and it was a an okay website, but there is no way to contact candidates, I'd give it a 2 out of 10. Recently I decided to work for myself as an independent recruiter, I worked on a project for a company that does multi-layer marketing. I was kicked off the site for being affiliated with this company. I was denied access to the website for this affiliation. I changed projects a few months later, I was working with several fortune 500 companies on a retained search. I registered my information again on, and quickly got a response from their "Advertising team" that I was denied access. I quickly wrote back that I am no longer affiliated with the company that required a monthly membership fee and told them my new direction in my career. I never got a response back, never got access again. This site is shady, there is no where on the internet where you are denied access for a "free" site. I would not recommend this site to any of my colleagues or any candidates looking for work. Way to go "", great way to have gain a good reputation. Don't worry, I have a LinkedIn account, and they do not discriminate who you are or deny access to their "free" website.

New Reviewer

dont trust i just got scammed on the damn website thank goodness i did not give the employer my social im doing everythign in my power to let the word be out that swisslife is a crock. they change the names on indeed im guessing everytime they get caught and was researching everything and indeed told me there was nothing they can do even tho they allowed this false company to get others information i got a kid and cant afford for some idiot to have all my information that i put in for a job not for identity problems

New Reviewer

Bate and Switch with the $50 credit. They say you get $50 credit and if you don't start using it before the 30 days they start billing your credit card. In the billing history it shows 0, but your credit card will still be billed. Also, you get many applicants that have nothing to do with what you ask for.

New Reviewer

Total nightmare to deal with. Indeed kept charging fraudulent charges to my corporate credit even after I was told my three different Indeed employees that my account was no longer active.
I had to cancel my credit card to make the charges stop and let the credit card company go after them.

New Reviewer

My experience with this site is as an employer, not a job seeker. This site works like a typical organic search - the more relevant your position description is to the search terms entered by candidates, the higher your job ad shows in the results. Sounds good in theory, doesn't work well in practice. The problem here is that job seekers are generally not very discerning and will click on almost any an ad that looks like a possibility. Any experienced hiring manager knows that when you advertise a position, you always get a bunch of junk resumes from folks who are just taking a flyer. The problem here is that you pay for those resumes. I will give them some credit in that their staff will work with you to try to help, but they really have very few technical tools to work with and in the end their advice is always to focus on increasing the volume of resumes and thus increase your odds of getting the right person. But following that advice drastically raises your costs. Their reps have no problem suggesting that your budget should be something like $2,000 per month for a single position. That is ridiculous.

They will tell you that the site works like Google Adwords. I have extensive experience with that system and does NOT work like Adwords at all. Their internal search engine works on relevancy, not bidding on keywords. Yes, you pay for each click, but you don't bid on keywords. The positioning of your ad in the results in more akin to getting a high position in the Google organic search results, then paying when someone clicks on it.

Until Indeed invests in some controls for employers to prevent useless clicks, I don't see where this site will ever be of value to a small business.

New Reviewer

For the last several years, I have spent thousands of dollars using to find employees. Recently, I discovered that an ex-employee left wrote a negative review about our company and that is the only review about us! I called to verify why this was permitted as I spend a great deal of money on their site and they said anyone with a resume submitted could do that. Of course, typically only the bitter ones do! It has been over a month that I have requested assistance and been ignored. They are not the company they used to be; they got too large and now they are all about profit without any customer service whatsoever.

New Reviewer

I must give this site at least 2 stars. Only because indeed makes an attempt to e-mail me a few related jobs in my area. Sadly, it is still very disappointing that the majority of jobs listed are not located any where near where i live. In addtion to that I am receiving job openings that are no where in the range of what I have requested. For example...I applied for child care in special needs and foolishy receiving jobs in accounting! Hello...just for the record I have no interest in accounting. Very Disappointed...Ronnie S.

New Reviewer

I posted a job on this site for $50.00. Within 2 hours supposedly I had reached the limit of applicants who "viewed" my posting. Of course, I just have to trust that this actually occurred. I received 9 resumes seemingly at random. Not 1 applicant had the experience I had specified in the add and 8 of the 9 worked in completely different careers - not even close. This is a scam. After reading other reviews, I am now concerned about my card being charged excessively and will have to waste time monitoring this. Stay away from this site. Any other way of finding employees is better than this. This is a complete waste of money.

New Reviewer

As a job seeker, I run into a lot of postings that lead me to other search engines and other websites you must register on as well. Honestly, I have wasted too much time; creating user names and then passwords to post the SAME INFO I had to register on the ORIGINAL WEBSITE!!!
I wish all HR representatives and the individuals who create these site have to use them for 2 months to find a job.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE SITE .. do not use .. low quality applicants and the site STEALS YOUR MONEY if you complain about their service .. Kristin was the sales person that started writing "nasty" little notes referring to their policies when I POLITELY but directly said .. I want a refund .. 3rd ad with very poor applicant responses .. then she wrote saying "use our resume service" like I would spend more MONEY with them .. STAY AWAY human resource and recruiters .. ITS A RIP OFF

New Reviewer

Stay away from this site. As an employer who spends thousands of dollars annually posting positions on Monster/CareerBuilder/LinkedIn, I gave them a try to fill a Marketing opening. Come to find out the job never actually hit their website because an unnamed "third" party outfit didn't want my positions posted on Indeed. Tried to talk to one of their people David Jurich for help and he was 0 help, completely useless. Stay away and spend your recruiting money with the other companies I mentioned and not Indeed.

New Reviewer

I am an employer. I posted jobs with indeed and got ripped off. They charge a very high click rate and then try to swindle you into there optimizer. They also post a free duplicate ad on the same page that only promotes their site while your ad goes un-noticed. They don't provide any value or candidates. Warning to all employers don't use indeed they will charge you a fortune and give you nothing in return.

New Reviewer

As a recruiter I do not have many negative things to say about If you take the time to understand how the site works, it can be a huge asset. I also have a account, which after using for over 3-4 months now, I will be deleting my Monster account. I love that I can set limits and amounts for my postings, I control how mush I spend, not the website. is my top site and I have recruited excellent talent because of them. Do not listen to the badgers out there, if they had over charges it was because they themselves did not take the time to research and therefore got charged more than expected.
Love this website!

New Reviewer
10/8/13 is a scam. They set up an account to post positions with a "limit" for number of clicks (supposedly people who respond) If you have any issue, you can't get anyone on the phone or to respond to an email. As an employer who intends to hire several positions over the next few months -rest assured I will NOT utilize

New Reviewer

Pay per click!!! Warning, this organization is as deceitful as we have dealt with for finding qualified people our business. It's quite the coincidence that a sales rep from Indeed contacts us when our "budget" is almost used up. How many times has he clicked on our ad? I requested a listing of the individual IP address that clicked on our ad and we were refused that information. I asked how many different IP addresses were clicking on our ad and we were told that does not have the capability to determine that. That is an outright lie because that is one of the most basic stats in looking at web traffic. My only conclusion is that indeed has their sales reps clicking on ads to raise revenue. It's a common practice and an illegal one at that. You are better off posting an ad through ebay or Craig's List. Just a word of caution, stay away.

New Reviewer

My email has been spam free for over 5 years until I posted my resume on this site. Now I get from 10 to 30 junk spams a day. What ever you do do not post a thing here.

New Reviewer
10/2/13 paves the way for agencies seeking to gain information from the highly vulnerable public . This site is crap, very scam friendly! I was eagerly looking for a job like most Of the U.S unemployed population . Came across an office assistant position which later turned into a '"work from home " job . I Was emailed and asked to set up a yahoo messenger ap to conduct an online "interview" which was just used to gain personal info. BE WEARY OF THESE SITES, DO NOT FALL PREY TO THESE SCAM ARTISTS!!!'

New Reviewer

I have posted my resume and it's been on the site for about a month now. The only responses that I am receiving are from fraudulent "work from home" scams which are not listed as work from home positions. So far each one that has contacted me has several complaints against them on the bbb website. doesn't review these postings nor do they care that these companies are ruining their reputation. I'm done with this site. It's also frustrating that they do not have a report option in order for us to report this information. It's really sad because during these hard times so many people are falling victim to these fraudulent companies and the websites that claim to be there to help are enabling them.

New Reviewer

I posted a job on I paid $75 with my post to expire once that money was used up. Yesterday, about a month after my funds on the site had run out, I had a notice from my bank that my debit card was frozen and a note from the fraud dept. asking if I had made a purchase. had charged my account for over $2,000 which I did not request. When I called the company they said that they were having some "problems with their system". They said they would take care of fixing it. That afternoon I looked at my account on their site and they were listing another withdrawal from my account for another $2,000. Luckily, I had cancelled my card. Later they changed it to a credit of $2,000 for use in my indeed account -- as if I would ever use this company again! My fiance who is a lawyer called them and also sent emails. They still have not fixed the situation. Yesterday after work I went to my bank and filed a fraudulent transaction form. The bank said they will handle it for me. It's a total mess. I would definitely avoid posting jobs on this site or having any financial transactions with them.

New Reviewer

Indeed is trolling the web looking for business by offering a "$50" credit for employee search. They charge the poster $0.50 per applicant who responds. Great--I thought I would post a job with a $50 limit and could potentially get 100 resumes to review. They do ask for a credit card number, which I blithely provided. What I didn't realize is that the scam states somewhere in the agreement that the $50 credit is only for the FIRST 30 DAYS. That means, that if you don't get 100 applicants in 30 days, you will see a charge on your credit card for any applicants after 30 days until the $50 limit is reached. Found this out when I questioned a $20 charge on my credit card. The customer service rep stated that she has many irate customers with the same complaint. STAY AWAY from any company with nefarious activity!!!

New Reviewer

The job search site Indeed was once a good place to research jobs. It allowed job seekers the opportunity to read and write reviews of employers. They have recently changed their format to require users post their online resume before they could leave a review of current or previous employer. The site even goes as far as censoring material that isn't favorable towards employers. The forum used on Indeed is the least user friendly forum I have witnessed in a long time.

New Reviewer
7/9/13 is a waste of money. I get 20 to 40 applications from craigslist from the ad I placed on I didn't receive a single response from Indeed and my money was GONE in 1 day. Complete scam!

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My resume information is "site" specific and "position" specific, which means that each place that I apply has a different tapered resume relevant to the job I am seeking. Indeed.Com received a Resume from me & that resume is now on for the entire world to see. This is an absolute violation of my privacy rights. It even has my name on it & I never made my resume public on the Radaris or Indeed sites. I have put in multiple requests from both sites to remove this information. I sent documents to prove my situation, including police reports that I and my children are victims of stalking from my exhusband.

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Great job search engine. I love the ability of ineed and how they can find me quality job listing within a click. Highly recommend.

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