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InboxDollars reviews

52 reviews
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52 Reviews for InboxDollars

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New Reviewer

I just started two or three days ago and almost to my first pay out. So far so good all depends on you dedication and effort. I plan on going through one year with out collecting then hit the companie hard for cash. All is good tho takes time to find surveys but if you got nothing better to do youull get used to it. And also when you don't qualify you get spins on a wheel game you could wina survey bosst .25 cents five cents or even five dollars very good very good sign up today I am not a paid spokesman :)

Tip for consumers: Work hard my niggas

Ask inbox about InboxDollars
New Reviewer

Inboxdoller is one of the best site I have ever see I have Ben with inboxdoller for about 5 to 6 yr. and I am not gone an we're I don't make a lot of money but it do help when I need some money thank you inboxdoller .

P.S. Time to go up on the money!

Rodney Holsten

Tip for consumers: Yes get that money it there you just got to get and it is so easy and fun to

Ask Rodney about InboxDollars
New Reviewer

It's takes entirely too long for me to get a payout, I'm working on my second payout and I joined in November of 2013! They constantly send me surveys that I don't qualify for (Smoking, kids, alcohol) when I plain as day put on my personal profile that I do none of those things and I have no kids or they send me surveys that as soon as you click on the link it's says "Sorry you don't qualify for this survey" Why send it to me idiots?
I'm tired of getting sent the same surveys they know I don't qualify for and they've cheated me out of money on the spin and win. It's more like spin and get absolutely nothing!
The sweepstakes is probably not even real just a "reward' to make you feel like you've gotten something when all you get is cheated out of your time and money.
The only good thing is it's a high payout but it takes FOREVER to make it.
When I make the $40 and skip the $3 processing fee, I'm done with them. My account will be shut down, screw them.

Tip for consumers: Seriously don't waste your time with this crap. I'm only 19 but I know this isn't worth your time.

Ask Kayla about InboxDollars
New Reviewer

I have been with inbox dollars for 6 years and i really dont have anything negative to say due to the fact that i am cashing out on payment and hey the money is free! I know lot of you are getting frustrated because it seem like eternity to get $30 in your account but you got to realize this is not a get rich website, For those that think its a scam let them continue to be skeptical until they give it a try just like" we" that are making money are are doing. To everyone that is taking your time and earning good job.

New Reviewer

I have been an inbox dollars member for more than 2 years and I love it. It's an easy and fun way to earn some cash,albeit it does take some time to earn a lot,however I've found earning more will come from referrals. This site wasn't intended to make anyone wealthy however if you want to earn some fun money then this site works just fine. I have no complaints and get referrals if you want to earn more with less work and time spent.

New Reviewer

I have been paid out once, working on second time. HOWEVER, they owe me about 20$ in just coupons I have never gotten credit for, and about 30$ in surveys I never got credit for after finishing. You CAN make money, but you will take a lot of time to do it, and you won't make a lot. It is one of the best out there, though. I mean, what do you expect for taking surveys online and reading emails? Better than nothing, but they are cheats with crappy customer service. They tell me to keep waiting for a credit...never happens.

New Reviewer

I feel that it takes FOREVER to make any money on InboxDollars. If you work really hard you can get some money. I found that survey websites are mainly gunning for your personal information. There are some cash rewards sites that do have a legit system but I could only find cash crate:

This website has the survey option, but it also has other ways to getting paid without giving too much personal information. I usually reach payout 4 out of 5 times just for 5-10 minutes a day.

New Reviewer

Okay, so this is my problem with Inbox Dollars. I go through pages of answering tons of questions, so technically they are getting my opinion and at the end they go "Oh, sorry you don't qualify for this survey." So even if you put 30-40 minutes of time into your surveys and actually answer all the questions and get all this information, they make sure you don't get money out of it WHILE still technically getting your information. It's a scam to me because I don't think it's fair that I go through about 30 survey's a day and they tell me all the time that I don't qualify for anything at all. I never qualify for anything which is bull$#*!. Don't give them your opinions for free, I would opt out of Inbox Dollars and if you're thinking about joining - don't. You'll be working for free.

New Reviewer

Waste of time for Pennies!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I have been a member of in-box for 4 years. Have received several checks. It is hard to qualify for surveys but it does happen. I now use the site for an extra "Christmas club. Works for me. You won't get rich, but anything helps.

New Reviewer

I just read through all the reviews for and the very last comment listed, or the first comment posted, at the bottom of the webpage mentioned a survey that was affliated with Experian credit services. This is not entirely true. I will give all of you some inside information on all the surveys you are filling out information for, especially if you are giving you name, address, etc., and the surveys ask about your buying trends and health questions and things you want to do in the future, or more likely to do in the future (have a baby, buy a house, etc.). Experian has 2 parts to its business - 1 is credit monitoring and 2 - is Marketing in the form of mass data collection on individuals to sell databases to companies who want to sell you things. So basically, the surveys collect "behavorial" information on you and this info is sold to many, many companies who maintain databases to sell to these companies that want to do a mass mailing, or something like that, for certain individuals that met x,y,z criteria from the behaviorial database they bought from Experian. I used to work at Experian and programmed these databases for sale per client specific requested formats. Think Junk Mail!! So, be very careful with the info you are giving out in these surveys (any survey on any website, not just and more than likely when a survey comes back and says "sorry you did not qualify" it probably actually got all the info it was needing to collect in order to be sold for a certain campaign. See, these people who sell your info to places like Experian Marketing Services get big bucks and then they turn around and give you pennies, or give you nothing!! They are the ones making the money! Genius if you ask me! But bad news for you, the naive consumer who is tempted into joining these sites to make an extra buck or two. Just be very careful with the info you give out about yourself.

New Reviewer

I am not ever credited for internet searches and I am on the inboxdollars home page when I do searches. Help what is up with this?

New Reviewer

I have been a member for less than 2 months and I'm on my fourth check earning now. I love this survey site. You have to keep at it to make money. I get probably 12 survey turn downs a day but I keep going. Good luck to all who are starting its lots of fun. You can make money.

New Reviewer

Inboxdallars is the best site I ever done . And I want to say thank you to David for helping me on inboxdallars .

New Reviewer

They will try to cheat you of credit you've earned, I promise you! I've been using this site for 1 month, and have made some money -- but if you do not keep track of every little thing you do, they will not give you credit for it. The worst of the offenders are their Cash Offers, which only some have instructions about how to complete and receive credit. 75% of the Cash Offers that I did complete, I did not get earnings for until I talked to someone from their online support chat -- and now lately, they will only give me a fake excuse about "not being able to look up your account information properly because of technical difficulties". Their site offers coupons to redeem, but they take 3 months to get credit. You are required to wait 2 weeks to ask for credit for completed Cash Offers that have not been credited. I definitely would not recommend this site to anyone -- just take my advice and stay away. If you enjoy fighting to get the credit for work you've done -- then InboxDollars is the place to go!

New Reviewer

i have been letting them buy me a mani/pedi or a new pair of shoes every few months for 7 years now. They pay like they say they will. I don't bother with the surveys and I only sign up for offers that i truly have a need for but still get a check every 2-3 months for $3o. I don't get that many outside emails because of them because I don't abuse the system to try to get every penny I can out of them by signing up for things I do not want.

Is this a way to earn money to make a living! OF COURSE NOT! If you want to earn a living, get out there and work. But this is definitely a way to get yourself a treat every once in a while.

Inbox dollars sends about 20 emails a day. all you really have to do is click the link and let the new page load to earn 2 cents. That takes you about 2-3 months (depending on how many offers you REALLY do want to do) to earn the $30 payout. If you aren't signing up for every offer they have, the "spin off emails" are minimal.

I will continue to allow them to make money off my minimal little click for each email and give me a little in return for another 7 years I am sure.

Please don't think you are ever going to earn enough money to pay your bills and make ends meet sitting at your computer for minimal effort. That is how you get yourself scammed and bogged down in useless emails. Most surveys are ways to just get info from you and most of them are going to tie you up for 30-45 minutes then say you don't qualify. So use that time look for a job instead and stop wasting it sitting in front of the computer trying to get something for nothing.

I wish you all the best! Hope you do decide to try inbox dollars for what it was intended for and enjoy your little treat a few times a year for your efforts.

New Reviewer

I joined this last 2012. So far so good. I earned something at least but this is not a way for you to get rich. You earn cents, or dollars depends on your hard work. If you focus on this 24/7 definitely you can earn more than cents. I cashed out two checks already. I am happy I earned something for what I did and I'm on my way to my third payment.Now I have 106.89 dollars. I'm happy I know this is not a lot. Just happy that inboxdollars exist. It's a safe and legit. No worry at all.

New Reviewer

I'm not sure about the people saying it's a scam-I've cashed out a few times and I'm up to another $50 or so I'm about to cash out. You're not going to get rich off of taking surveys and clicking through emails-duh! I'm only giving it 4 instead of 5 stars because there's no link to the survey page that lists surveys with their payouts that you sometimes get to if you don't qualify for a survey. That page is a gold mine, which is probably why there's no link from it in the Surveys section of their site.

I think the gold standard for clickthru emails used to be mypoints but I've made more money off of this lately. Again, it's not going to make you rich, but if you're like me and like getting a little extra money for little effort this is a good one. This site is definitely NOT a scam.

New Reviewer

I signed up, spent a good hour answering all kinds of questions. Redirected here, redirected there and now my phone is blowing up with 20 calls a day from various telemarketers. I keep blocking them and they continue with different numbers. It's harassment and I know I did not check the button consenting. I was very careful not to. However, the accepting terms and conditions allows this and these type of websites need regulated from this crap. I'm even getting calls at 730 in the morning.

New Reviewer

I did the questionaire to qualify for surveys, but Istill must take a survey to see if
I qualify and I rarely do. Why do they bother to ask you a bunch of questions then send you surveys that are not catered to your answers? So far it has seemed like
a big waste of time.

New Reviewer

Ok when I first joined about 3 months ago I was pretty content. Finally made that first whopping $30 cashout ($27 on a prepaid Visa after "processing fees") and reached a second $27 cashout. It is very hard to qualify for very many surveys. I think having kids gets you more surveys and my only kid is grown.So the good news is yes, there is tiny bits of money to earn on that site. Now for the bad.

I am bloody sick and tired of spending a half hour answering multiple pages of in-depth questions only THEN to be told 'We're sorry but you do not qualify for this survey" That's a load of BS. They do not have to take up that much of your time and make you do that much work in order to figure out if you're a good candidate for any survey. It's plain and obvious they are getting all the data from you to use in their research, then refusing to pay you for it and there is no recourse for you when this happens. Sure it looks good that they have a "live chat" person on their site. Except for well . . . it's a bot that keeps cutting and pasting BS that is not even relevant to what you're asking.

Today, I was excited to get into a survey after getting rejected by 3 or 4. They wanted to access my web cam and capture my reaction to a 10 second video. Ok fine. When they want to do this supposedly only the researchers are ever going to see it and it won't be used for any other purpose, yada yada. So what's the harm right? I enabled my webcam, participated, then after they captured my reaction to something they had me answer some questions. Then guess what? Yep, they were sorry but I did not fit the criteria for the survey. That could have easily been ascertained BEFORE capturing my face on film. Clearly another case of "Let's get this poor poverty-stricken a-hole to jump through hoops and not even give her the lousy dollar she's trying to earn!"

That is a disgrace. Beyond unethical. And well, a load of B.S. And of course you cannot confront the cowards because as I said they are hiding behind a bot. I would stay clear simply because the frustration they will cause you will not override the few small payouts you will get.

New Reviewer

Made a withdrawal of 42.15 last April 10th, will be process by April 23rd.. So excited to receive the check.. And while waiting for the payment, I got 60.99 on my account ready to be withdrawn again.. I love this site.. More offers and like the surveys.. It was all free :) I just couldn't join the cash games coz it's prohibited here in my state...
So far so good... Just kinda worrying now because some of the reviews that they didn't pay them.. I hope that won't happen to me, I'm doing the offers and survey and checking emails every day, like every hour.

New Reviewer

I got my 1st check march 27 for $30 and it was about a month from when i requested it. I am requesting my 2nd check for $30 today 4/18 it will be processed 4/23 because i have the visa chase payment card so its less than a week to get payments now. Overall its a cool site for some extra cash here and there and after you get your 1st payout you automatically go to gold status and it gets easier to make cash

New Reviewer

A few years ago I had been a member for about 2 years. It took about a year to earn enough to get a first check. Then it took almost another year to earn $48 - I was about to ask for a check and they stopped sending me emails!! I wrote to them and they said they didn't know what I was talking about. Now you have to be so involved to make any money, it's like a part time job! I've belonged to two other sites that are great and honest and no scams. One I've been with since 1999 - I rarely buy anthing and never fill out a survey and I get emails from them EVERYDAY - since 1999!! Stay away from Inbox Dollars!

New Reviewer

This site is legit. I have my first check on the way and have 15$ towards my next one. You just need to answer the peanut lab surveys. Their 66 cents each but don't take to long. It took me about one week to get to the 30 just don't speed through the surveys. If you have any trouble they have 24 hr live video support.

New Reviewer

Warning. If you cash out when you earn enough you must keep the account active. It takes weeks to get your payment and they will cancel it if you have not shown activity in 10 days. There are better sites to use.

New Reviewer

This site is to make extra money. Also the name of the site is wrong for what the site is really about. It should be InboxCoins. For me it's going pretty good for someone who needs little money. I have been here 2 months or so, and currently am about $2 away from requesting my first check. I hope they don't charge me for my check, or something goes wrong. This site needs some upgrading. Every task, survey, ect. you do is not worth what they give you. They make you do things like order something for $20 and your reward is $5. Like WTf??????

New Reviewer

This website sucks! I've tried over 30 surveys and only qualified for 3. And mind you, you have to fill in a lot of information before they tell you you were disqualified. Most surveys only pay a couple of cents. It's SO not worth the trouble. They have a min $30 accumulated cash for you to be able to order your check (which they charge 3 dollars to send to you but still takes about 2 months to arrive). All in all, it would take you SEVERAL months to build up 30 bucks, they charge an extra 3 bucks, the check takes for every, and you need to put in hours of work. NOT WORTH YOUR TIME.

New Reviewer

I accumulated 20$ from this site took me about a month. I believe it's a complete scam. It took 3 months to get a 20 $ check not worth it. I found a site way better and worth my time. I'm willing to share. Send me an email if interested.

New Reviewer

I have been with inboxdollars for about a year. I have recieved 2 checks. Yes they do charge $3 per check. My main issue with this scam of a site is that I can fill out a survey, THEN get told at the end that I do not qualify. So I waste 20 minutes for nothing, even though they got all the info they needed. Also that spin and a win is a joke. Good luck getting anything from that. If you do. It is an entry to a sweepstake that does not exist. Their live chat is worthless too. I have completed 16 surveys that I have not received credit for.

New Reviewer

Inbox Dollars is a great website to earn a little extra cash. It's easy to earn money just reading your email and searching online. Once in a while I also do a couple of surveys and offers. They also offer the opportunity to earn while playing games or watching videos but I don't use those. The program is not a scam, I got my first check already. This is no way to make a living, but a nice way to make extra cash while doing minimal effort.

New Reviewer

I have been a member for a few years now and have made approximately $130! I have always gotten paid when supposed to. Get paid to read emails, watch videos, shopping, and other offers. The only thing I would say is questionable is that you have to get after them sometimes to get credit for something like signing up for a service or newsletter, etc...

New Reviewer

Got banned with no reason given other than a vague 'TOS Violation' when I tried to redeem $170 at once, after redeeming $30 many times with no issue. Scam site!

New Reviewer

they suck i had heard good reviews originally.. but once i got to 34.75 or something they stopped sending emails and telling me i needed to reactivate my account through an email.. only the little button they wanted me to click to reactivate it with doesnt do anything.. I also stopped getting emails from them.. very sad cause i totally thought they were legit.. ive been using this site here and there for like 8 months.. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME... U can not make any money

New Reviewer

My experience doesn't seem all that unusual. I spent about a year clicking links in their emails, taking 30 minute preliminary surveys that told me I didn't qualify for a full survey, and slowly building up a balance of around $70. When I submitted a request for a check, I got an email stating that my check would be held because they wanted to be sure I would continue to participate. Funny thing, they didn't send me any more emails so I COULD participate. Naturally, I never got my $70.

I held up my end of the deal. They don't have the class to hold up their end of the deal. Don't waste your time with these spam scammers.

New Reviewer

I've been clicking on this site for a year now, and I am still quite a way from the first thirty bucks. The surveys are horrible, as they tell you it's a five minute survey, then fifteen minutes in you find out you don't qualify. I just delete the surveys now.

New Reviewer

Aloha, People considering Inbox Dollars

Please be aware that many offers that you complete will not be credited to your account. You can only get a check after making 30 dollars and this takes forever. It also seems as you get closer to 30 more mistakes are made!!!!! Customer service sucks and are dismissive NOT WORTH THE TIME!!!!!

New Reviewer

They tell you get paid for reading e-mails.That worked for 1 redemption, as I was reading their emails and not participating in their special offers, then they changed the rules. Only half of your points could come from reading emails, then the other had to be from "special offers".Save your time and skip this.

New Reviewer

This is a good site. I've cashed out several times, and I earned it mostly from reading emails and registering, but you can do surveys and other stuff as well. You need to have $30 to cash out, and there's a $3 charge, but they always put the $3 back in your account after the redemption.

New Reviewer

It is possible to earn cash on here, but not very much, and it will take a pretty good bit of time to get a pretty small amount of cash. What bothers me the most is the horribly long processing time. Once you reach the required $30 minimum to request a check, you'll have to wait another 2 months just to get your check sent out. It's ridiculous.

New Reviewer

This site is legit, I've already received a check for $43. But it takes a while to accumulate that kind of amount. Also, you have to accept that you will NEVER be in contact with any kind of customer service. If you use a separate email for all of the offers, then you won't have to deal with the spam email they send and it works out alright. Other than that it's a decent way to make some extra cash.

New Reviewer

This site claims you will make lots of money taking surveys and reading e-mails from them ( Ha! $3.00 to $5.00 surveys are for auto quotes or prepaid credit cards. $10.00 are for foreign language sessions. You can only do so many quotes; cards and who wants foreign language sessions, or so many of them? This site is a total scam!

Apprentice Reviewer

You are supposed to earn money by filling in surveys, playing games @ online sites like Winster, doing Internet searches, clipping coupons, etc. For each Internet search you do, you are credited one cent! Terrible. when you log-in, you are credited 2 cents. Surveys were redirected to a site called Toluna; most times I "did not fit criteria needed for survey"
Site sends emails daily; I cannot decrease frequency. Tried the Winster website for games--I was supposed to get $4.00 for signing up; did not receive it. Also was supposed to get $3.50 for accessing TurboTax through their site; again did not receive it.
I wanted to cash in and uninstall their software; found out I had to have a minimum $30 in order to cash in. It took me over 6 months; finally I hit the magic $30 mark; I am still waitng for my check.
As soon as I receive check, if ever, I will stop using site.

New Reviewer

Lots of spam but they do actually send checks, you should open a separate email for them

Apprentice Reviewer

Googling InboxDollars will bring up mixed reviews. As with Cashcrate, InboxDollars, which is owned by CotterWeb Enterprises, works using offers and surveys. The surveys are considered impossible to qualify for, as the survey companies are very specific in the demographics from whom they want information.

With InboxDollars, users earn five dollars for joining and can cash out at thirty dollars. Other than offers, users also receive paid emails, which pay two cents just for clicking them, plus hundreds of addictive games, also with a cash payout. Many users have reported dedicatedly playing their favorite games for several weeks, before realizing that no money has been added to their account. Upon inquiring with the support center, users are typically told that InboxDollars is not responsible and that payment will happen if and when the game hosts ever confirm their having played.

The offers aren't any better, though they are more attractive, as many do not require credit card information in order to be considered complete. However, once an offer is completed InboxDollars closes the page, leaving no record of it having been completed. Many complaints have been submitted by users claiming to be owed credit on numerous offers on which they wasted valuable time and offered up their email for spam. Again, contacting the support center seems to be fruitless, and many are met with rude responses from scammers whose job is to absolve InboxDollars from all responsibility towards the user.
Finally, of those who have made it to the thirty dollar payout threshold, many have complained that upon requesting their payment, InboxDollars mysteriously canceled their accounts and their money was lost.
In conclusion, InboxDollars appears to be a scam, with its main aim to collect email address to sell to third parties, leaving the user with nothing but an inbox full of spam to show for their efforts.

New Reviewer

inboxdollars seems like a good way to make pocket change, but I wouldnt quit my day job just yet. I have accumulated 48 dollars so far, and opted to cash that out, for which I am still waiting. Cashed out in June, and the check arrival time is sept 1st. if nothing else, it pays for my beer.

New Reviewer

Yeah, I'm doing the survey thing, but they won't let you "cash out" until you reach $30. It's taking forever!! I hate it, but compared to all the other survey sites I found it's ok. The others get -10 stars, lol! The surveys are interesting at least, but watch out for the ones with "complete 8 offers" they want credit card info! DON'T DO IT!!!

Apprentice Reviewer

Don't waste your precious time, If they told me earlier I would not waste my time on there. You would never get your money out. I am still yet to see anyone that actually got a check from inbox dollars

New Reviewer

if you click on emails, watch videos, and only take surveys that are emailed to you, it's very promising. one of the best sites to be honest.

Apprentice Reviewer

Not sure yet if its a scam or not, but can anyone find its true nature. Is it a valid site?
Who is actually getting sent checks?

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