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Review of ihookup

ihookup reviews

89 reviews
Categories: Dating
Tel: +1.4165385457
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89 Reviews From Our Community

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I've been on so many dating sites and I can tell this one is WAY better then most of them. (in 16 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

joined ihookup on a 2 day trial subscription. In 2 days I GOT over 20 site messages to VERIFY my identity, some on the site, some to my email. To do this, they take you to two separate sites. I am not saying I WOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED to be a verified member of theirs, but I did not care to take the chance, as other charges were mentioned. They told me if I did not verify my identity with them, my credit card would be charged extra fees. I told them to try it! They threatened to report me as a fraud to their affiliates, and said I would be banned from all dating sites. I said I THOUGHT THEY WERE A SCAM, and I wouldn't be missing out on anything! The last email, coming from their customer service said, Ok sir
All your naked pics will be uploaded on google and we will send it to your family on facebook.

Thank God there were none!
I hope my experience makes readers of this review weary of joining this hot mess of a site, and any affiliates of theirs!

Thank youmail, told me that because of my stance of not joining, these were their exact words:

Tip for consumers: You're going to be sorry!

Ask Ned about ihookup
8 reviews
33 helpful votes

just got a flirt from some woman in new york and i am in the uk so how do i get there f**king swim and thats before i had finished on here or verified my email address wow good or what haaaa not. Save your time and money for instead!

Ask Andreas about ihookup
7 reviews
9 helpful votes

This site does not look too trustworthy. You find many profiles which don't seem "real". Safe your time for REAL hook up sites like, for example, or a few other sites.

Ask ABHISHEK about ihookup
116 reviews
1,326 helpful votes

I was on and didn't get nearly as many flirts, messages or requests to view my private photos as I got within three days on iHookup. Since I only signed up for the free membership and didn't pay until I saw what I was getting, I have no losses. I am also glad I used a new gmail address that I don't care if it fills up with spam.
My recommendation? Try HookupHangout. I've been on so many dating sites and I can tell this one is WAY better then most of them.

Ask Justin about ihookup
4 reviews
18 helpful votes

Do not waste your time and money! All the women are fake! STAY AWAY!

Ask Diego about ihookup
1 review
0 helpful votes

My problem about IHOOKUP.COM is i meet a girl but she want me to upgrade The website before we can sex .. ..

Ask sonny about ihookup
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

They use fake profiles and you don't find out until you sign up. Want is what they write me:

These profiles are used to enhance the experience of online companionship and overall entertainment. Sweethaarts are also used to demonstrate the features and communication tools of the site to our members.

We are sorry to hear that to date you are not satisfied with the service.

We are willing to assist you and provide you with suggestions if you require help with any of our site features. However as per our terms and conditions we do not offer refunds and therefore are unable to accommodate your request. For further information please review our terms and conditions.

So if you are looking to pay for this site... You are screwed!!

Ask Ben about ihookup
98 reviews
459 helpful votes

Many negative reviews here...Yes, I agree that sites like will get you faster results if you want to hook up with women for casual fun. But still: deserves more than one star rating and I wonder where all the negative reviewers come from...

Ask Peter about ihookup
1 review
1 helpful vote

Yep total scam

Ask washington about ihookup
1 review
2 helpful votes

Don't waste time or money! Complete fraudulent acts going on at this site.

Ask Joseph about ihookup
1 review
3 helpful votes

As 99% of the reviews say total BS save your money and go else where

the girls general will contact you from a few cities and then they rotate to a new city. They had a few people from my area listed which I tried to contact but if you look at the last time they logged in was probably 4 or 5 years ago.

Stay away! !!!! Put these scum bags out of business

Ask Ted about ihookup
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

thanc you

Ask pipo about ihookup
1 review
5 helpful votes

Checked for a few weeks, not one real woman on there, maybe far off in the past they had real woman on there. Woman are now gone so not wanting to give up on the site they I guess decided to scam people, by having the thing over run with bots. It's full of bots with fake pics, and really funny pre-scripted emails and requests for access to pics. It's really funny to see when you are on there within seconds the bot fav's you, then a split second later asks for access to pics, then sends an email, all within seconds LOL. I know women can be fast with computers, but not that fast LOL

This site should have been shut down, sell the URL to someone that at least will try to run an honest website, or just use the URL to direct to a legit site.

Ask j about ihookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

I just found out my soon to be ex husband is on this site and is in contact with a girl named Sophie about some party being held in New Orleans. He is to send $300 to the Philippines for this party. Go ahead and take his money. He's an idiot and he deserves it. Please, just wait until I am through with his sorry behind!!!!

Ask Donna about ihookup
1 review
5 helpful votes

I was contacted by someone on another site claiming to organise parties. I join the party you needed to sign up on ihookup. Nothing but a scam. They recruit customers through deception and continue to deceive you with fake profiles and tiny check boxes agreeing to spend money you don't want to spend.

Keep away. Nothing to gain. Lots to lose

Ask rob about ihookup
1 review
0 helpful votes

Scammed by scammed profile on OK Stupid (Cupid) who tried to get me to sign up at 4am. Barge poll came to mind

Ask submarine about ihookup
1 review
3 helpful votes

What a pathetic site, was scammed into joining by someone on Ash-Madison, then find that the profiles are all fake or they are trying to scam you to join another site, get your email or get your cell number. Pretty sure no one actually real ever is on the site. Demanded my money back and the sent me form letters telling me to pound sand.

Ask Unhappy about ihookup
1 review
3 helpful votes

I love you

Ask kamron about ihookup
33 reviews
214 helpful votes

Do yourself a favor and use sites like etc. I think people's success with this site depends on a lot of things but sure it is not easy at all.


Ask Bojan about ihookup
1 review
0 helpful votes

Got an email from the site asking me to verify/activate my account. Have no idea how the account got created, it certainly wasn't created by me. Now getting mail messages from the site notifying me of '"my profile" views/flirts, messages from female members. Have sent them a message through their "contact us" page, asking that my account be deleted as I have no interest in it and didn't create it. I refuse to follow their links to "unsubscribe" or "activate account" so that it can be deleted as I don't trust the links provided by emails from unknown senders.

Ask bill about ihookup
1 review
11 helpful votes

The site is owned by a company based in Malta, a small island between Italy and Africa and there are many affiliates sites connected to the same company. The site is set up very poorly and cheaply and is full of fakes, scammers and bots.

As a percentage I would guess 99% of the profiles are likely fakes to keep your interest and site traffic high. They entice you into paying for a membership with flirts, messages and hot photos from fake profiles.
You waste your time sending messages to and responding to messages from fake profiles that won't read or respond to the messages you send or reply to.

They claim gold members get message storage for 1 year but they start deleting your messages after about a month. Probably so you can't go back and review to discover you're getting the exact same messages from the same fake profiles you had already received once before.

It takes about 6-10 weeks for the site to cycle through all of their fake profiles depending on how much time you spend on the site.
Your mailbox and flirts will be very busy at first until they run out of fake profiles. After they cycle through all of their fakes, your account activity drops to nearly zero except for a few scammers from Africa contacting you. Some of the fake accounts are so blatant they use photos of the same girl, in the same clothes, on multiple profiles from totally different areas of the U.S., Canada and Europe. Total joke.

They also claim gold members get 24 hour customer support but if you complain to them about the site, you don't hear back from them at all.
Once you've paid your money to join you can't get it back. They list a no refund policy in their terms and conditions and you have to agree to the terms and conditions to join.

iHookup collects your profile info and pics and uses it to create fake profiles to be used on other scam sites.
Any profile info or pics you post becomes their property to do with as they please as listed in the terms and conditions you must agree to to join.

The iHookup site is a scam to get you to spend money on their 'live chat room girls' The live chat room girls are real and some are very nice, they're paid a % of the amount their live chats generate. Fine if that's how you want to spend your money but your chances of actually hooking up with anyone in the real world from this site are very slim as 99% of the female profiles are likely fake. The site is a front to lure you into buying cyber-porn.

Tip for consumers: Stay away from this site. This site is only interested in your money and selling you cyber-porn.

Ask Michael about ihookup
1 review
8 helpful votes

Thanks for the info I almost fell for it, but after asking lots of questions like anyone I told myself to do a review search first, due to the fact a few of these sites to include xmeeting, HornyAffairs, Xcheaters...appears they all have you sign up and then fake you out by getting you hits with sexy chicks, but nothing ever pans (Adult FF legit)?

This site ihookup....Like I said was suspicious and more when the emails came back with broken english You would think, if they are going to scam you at least take an basic english or writing course!!! So can anyone tell me if the meetings all fake, including the little get together parties they hold that apparently you have to sign up for to be a member first? Thanks for the info guys!!!!

Tip for consumers: Check out reviews before you do anything else!!! Ask lots of questions and do your research....its a total money driven scam!!

Ask Johnnie about ihookup
1 review
1 helpful vote

Same as everybody else. I got screwed by the site. Stay away it is a scam.

Ask mike about ihookup
1 review
10 helpful votes

This site is a porn ring scam. It's a part of a network of scam sites including,, and about 3 or 4 others. The "members" are all fake and the fake profiles are actually people recruited to scam you. They get paid for leads and if you sign up for any one of the other sites. After some conversation and photo sharing (of widely circulated cute girl images) they lure you into making credit card purchases on the ring of sites, saying that the information is just used to verify your identity and status on another site. Of course this is bull$#*!.

Currently going to fight a series of purchases that's basically throwing money away, after a recent terrible laps in judgement. Stay away who knows what else is in these sites in terms of phishing and malware.

Ask Janky about ihookup
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

This site OK, however is much better and is free to join!

Ask Chris about ihookup
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

STAY AWAY from this site and COUGAR911.....Ihook pays "cute" little girls to tease you...I write back to them that they are FRAUDS.....You WILL NEVER get a response back from anyone unless their a TROLL....

Ask Michael about ihookup
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

it is a total load of bullsh*& .. want better things to do with your money??,,,, wipe your bum with it

Ask wes about ihookup
1 review
8 helpful votes

This site is a major SCAM. Stay away and do not provide your credit card number. The women may provide some risqué photos but the pictures' backgrounds oftentimes belie the supposed residence of the women. You never get a straight answer response and most messages, the few times they come, are geared to enticing you to the chat room which costs extra. All this appears to be is a big tease to get men to pay monthly site access fees and chat room fees while, at best, viewing some X-rated photos.

Has any man on this site actually had an in person "hookup"? So far, I have not heard of one.

Maybe this scam should be reported to the Attorneys General of each state in which this scam is being conducted.

Ask Raymond about ihookup
1 review
9 helpful votes

I got contacted by a young girl on another dating site who skyped and left nothing to the imagination and then asked me to subscribe and sent me a free code to use after subscribing - of course I did not, but everyone be aware of the potential scam :-) Nicole Anderson - nicoleprofile3

Ask Sean about ihookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

This is truly the original scam dating site. First off the profiles are all fake, I see these same profiles on a bunch of other dating sites. You need to pay to play but once you pay you won't ever talk to anyone. You will get some pretty sad fake messages but thats it. No one is the video chat besides guys and scammers trying to get you to join other sites.

The guarantee is a scam just like the site, you get 3 months free if you fail to "meet' some one on a 3 month membership, you have to be "active" and do a bunch of other crap to even qualify, and why would I won't 3 more months of fake bull$#*!?

The run a bunch of other sites as well. xxxblackbook and sweetdescreet. I found out they have a program to sell memberships which is called loadedmoney or cash, something like that. I think that is how I got spammed and tricked into the site in the first place

Don't touch this site!

Ask c about ihookup
4 reviews
20 helpful votes

When on dating sites, if you are suspicious about a profile, then do the following

1. Right click on the photo
2. Select 'Copy URL'
3. Go to google images
4. Select the camera icon in the search box
5. Paste the URL into the search box, and press 'search'

I have always found this useful to determine if the profile pics are real, or taken from another site. On the better dating sites you will find that the profiles are occasionally fake. On less good sites they will often be fake. On, every single one is fake. This is absolutely the worst example of a scam dating web site I have ever found. Bar none.

Avoid at all costs.

Ask Mark about ihookup
1 review
5 helpful votes

I joined last winter (I'm a male looking for mature women) and quit because of their strange system of having a limited geographical area of women accessing my profile at any one time. I wasn't looking for "girls" from South Africa wanting to "fave or flirt" me.
I did meet a women who fit my requirements and we "hooked up", prior to my quitting. She looked like her photos and was no more untruthful in her profile than I was.
I rejoined recently and have been defrauded for some money that they said I needed to pay for an additional website I supposedly joined. Questioning their operating procedures has gotten me no interest at all from the "women" on the site. To add insult to injury, one girl contacted me to join for "free" a months worth of chat, all I had to do was give them my credit card info. I guess when your country's broke, suckering the Americans is a solution. Remember, there are anywhere from 25 to 100 more men per women on these sites!

Ask Tom about ihookup
1 review
5 helpful votes

I tried the 3 month membership. I made very sure that there were no reoccurring renewal fees. I searched high and low and checked and unchecked all the proper boxes. Low and behold my credit card has been billed again!! My credit card company is in the process of reversing the charges as I write this.

Most of the messages I did receive were of the cookie cutter variety. Most of the profiles seemed fake as well.

DO NOT use it is the biggest scam

Ask Wade about ihookup
3 reviews
14 helpful votes

Full of phony profiles, all from the same major cities, containing one photo and no information. Absolutely no personal responses of any significance.

Fortunately, membership comes with a guarantee: Hook-up, or the site will extend your membership (which already has proven worthless). Thanks bunches.

One redeeming quality ... you can download some decent nude photos of exhibitionist members. Profiles with many photos usually include "private" shots, which require a 'key" to unlock. Since the models are exhibitionists, they want you to have their photos! Ask, flatter a bit with "flirts," and you shall receive. (no interest in hookups, but they'll allow you to view/copy their pix).

Ask Randy about ihookup
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

Believe it or not, many people don't like “BS” and don't really like it when an advertisement is clearly spreading it on thick. Evaluations of essentially anything have to be taken with grains of salt, as paid and fake recommendations are everywhere. Pay for your advertisements with a <a title="Use payday loans to make money" href="">payday loan</a>.

Ask Zack about ihookup
4 reviews
22 helpful votes

Cheap is not good, good is not cheap

Ask sam about ihookup
1 review
2 helpful votes

The free membership is ridiculous there is no way you could interact with the other profiles. It's easy to pick out fake accounts because they never reply to you. The fake ones I would suspect are used by ihookup employees. Why are you going to send me a icebreaker like "hey handsome" then no reply. It's because they aren't real accounts. I uploaded a pick of my face for the first time and got a message from a real girl I think. Her message read "So what are you doing in a place like this..." She wasn't very attractive so she seemed like a real account and message. Hey don't get me wrong I hope she finds a place like that. I only went for the 2 day trial so it wasn't highway robbery. Maybe if I went for more time I could of found a hook up.

One last thing I hated the fave system. You are able to add a person to your favorites profile list. I hated that people would fave you and they are from a different city of country (maybe ihookup employees). Its like oh cool she's hot but lets hope on a plane hope she's real? its a waste of time.

Ask McLovin about ihookup
1 review
3 helpful votes

Web site is total scam. Found the same woman using three different names and cities. Dead give away was using the same hotel room - only changing clothes. Don't waste your money.

Ask Bobby about ihookup
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Well signed up and thought that getting the typical flirts but then started to get emails thanking me for contacting them even though I didn't. Even when you reply to an email you don't get a response. Thankfully I only signed up for the 2 day trial.

Ask D-Man about ihookup
1 review
3 helpful votes

not a good site... needs online chat with the person you are trying to talk with
no real people on the site

Ask carl about ihookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

The female profiles on this site are 99% fake. I received 1-2 messages, faves, & flirts every day immediately after putting up a profile. I would respond to most and either receive no reply, or a reply that was completely off subject, like it was a random message from a pool of pre-determined messages.

After then researching and reading reviews on this site, and realizing it was probably all fake, I started replying to "girls" who messaged me with messages asking if they were fake. Suddenly, wouldn't you know it, I no longer was receiving any messages from new girls at all! I attributed that to the site operators probably realizing I knew the jig was up, so they took my profile out of the fake message rotation.

Needless to say, I deleted my pictures and quit logging into this fraudulent site. DON'T use this site... save your money! It's all fake.

Ask Jim about ihookup
1 review
6 helpful votes

I'm a woman. I want to register on this site for the heck of you-know-what. When I registered as a woman, I received this message saying "account is suspended" even if I haven't used the site before. I tried registering as a woman for at least 10 times and I always get this kind of message. I even asked my female friends who wanted to try this site if they get the same message. Apparently, they also receive the same message from the site. Then I tried registering as a man... well what do you know, the site worked! Now I have an ihookup account saying that I am man looking for a man. WTH. This site is so gender-biased. Can't a woman hookup too?? Total bull crap.

Ask Lauren about ihookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

Total scam, as is any site that bombards your e-mail with 'views' and buddy requests, etc. I too fell for the 'donation' subscription thinking maybe there was someone real there too, there isn't. All bots that I could see. same few I fav'ed would be on-line constantly, yet no response to e-mails or 'flirts'. after a week, one did respond, with an inane response. Couldn't even recommend as a porn site, you have to ask for Key to see private albumns, and then wait to see if granted :) Usually not. If anyne has any sucess, it could only be becasue some other actual user happened to be on-line at the same time. Seems like most real people, if there really were, never come back after the first time or two. But probably as previously posted, most of those are ripped pics which their program puts out as 'local' depending on your sign-on location.

Ask J about ihookup
4 reviews
7 helpful votes

Been on this site for a week and it is turned disappointing. The only ladies who contact you, to say hello or something, are in USA. No good if you are in the UK. The good looking girls want to show-off. One girl from USA was bored and just wanted to chat. Where is that going to lead to. I don't see much of a way of local girls at all logged on. Most the girls local are really young. There is no chat room on this site. This site is over-priced and poor. I will not renew my subscription.

Ask Quentin about ihookup
1 review
4 helpful votes

It took me about two weeks to notice I was getting messages from women saying thanks for contacting me when I never did email or flirt with any of them. I also noticed that no matter when I longed in I could find the same people that are said to be close by just haven logged on or they came on with two minutes of me logging on. I began to wonder do any of these women go to work. HINT HINT GUYS AND GIRLS THIS IS S SCAM!!! . Reporting them is a waste of time because of the fine print statement and also 35.00 is not much when you consider everyone would have to have a class action law suite. DON'T BUY IHOOK-UP AND A FEW MORE THAT ARE ASSOCIATED WITH THEM> DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

Ask Andrew about ihookup
1 review
6 helpful votes

Is it possible to vote for 0 stars? I too got roped into this rouse. Not only did it rope me into a SECOND trial membership with some other BS site for $1, but when I went to cancel my membership via their third party billing company (, I started by cancelling my membership with whatever that $1 charge was for, and then when the page refreshed, there was no listing for my membership to I checked hours later, still nothing. The next day, I get charged $29.99 for my monthly subscription. I finally contacted and after a heated argument, they reluctantly refunded me my money. I explained to them the situation but they didn't seem to care that they were in business with a blatantly fraudulent company.

In addition, I filed a formal complaint with I suggest you all do the same.

Ask will about ihookup
1 review
3 helpful votes

The profiles contain photos that are several years old in many cases and responses are never direct and logical. I get many responses that state "It's great to hear from you" from people that I never contacted. It's a total scam.

Ask Scott about ihookup
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Same experience as everyone else, messages/responses make absolutely no sense. Either automated or by women who are part of human trafficking or employees who second as strippers or escorts. Glad I only did the 2-day trial and only got dinged for $9.98.

Ask Tesco about ihookup
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

This is a SCAM! If you Have Paid for it, Reverse the Charges on your Credit Card, you have up to 3 years to do this. Claim fraud which it is and you will automatically get the money refunded to you and they have to prove it's legitimate. Enough People doing this and the CC company will cancel their account. Pass this on. I'm doing this and you should too. 90 percent fake adds and bot accounts most overseas.

Ask Cliff about ihookup
1 review
1 helpful vote

Received spoofed spam emails that are telling me I signed up from I.P. address X.xx.x.xx when the one they listed traces back to my OLD HOUSE at my home town where there's NO INTERNET ANYMORE.

Obviously something fishy and I've searched for more of their bull$#*! spam and found the same rthing, menagelite21401 (whatever kind of username that is...) signed up form X.xx.xx.x!

Ask Jo about ihookup

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3 weeks ago
A: has worked for me. although they do have a free membership it is very limited on what you can do. you do have access to the instant messenger and are allowed 5 messages a day and you can goto members that are streaming video for free and possibly chat with them online the 5 messages applies to this area as well. they do allow you to use a gift card to pay for membership, if you need to be discrete about being a member. i think the lowest amount they accept for gift card payment is 10.00 and that would get you 9 days of gold membership. basically 1 day less than the dollar amount used.
but i have not found anything better out there that is free.
2 weeks ago
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