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IGE reviews

40 reviews
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40 Reviews From Our Community

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They say you get your order within 24 hours and I got my total order in less then that. (in 7 reviews)


They do take 48 hours + to deliver but they do eventually get it to you. (in 6 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I bought gold on this site. after buying the gold i read some scary reviews and got kinda freaked out that it would take days to get my gold. However i am pleasantly surprised and happy to say that i received my gold 4 hours after ordering. That's great! i will be ordering again. OCT 7 2013

New Reviewer

Yeah yesterday i buy 1.000k eso gold from they.And after that when they realieze im contacting with they block at skype and dont answer from chat.

I contact with haspay which their payment source and take refund THEY ARE SCAM! dont buy from them.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. It is a shame that IGE recommend for their virtual currency for WoW. I do not recommend this site to anyone. Except to our President Obama. They seem to do business the same way.


New Reviewer

First of all the wow gold is not nearly as cheap as other sites so for that reason I am giving IGE a 2 star and second it takes FOREVER to get your gold and I was almost thinking this was a scam site. The only reason I am giving IGE a 2 star instead of 1 is they did deliver the gold. I am not sure I will try this site for anything on D3.

Ask helenj about IGE
New Reviewer

Stay away. Waited over 72 hours now.
Was supposed to be only 5 - 30 mins.
I actually talked to them via The chat.
But they just gave me excuse after excuse.

They even had The nerve to call me "kid" and "inpatient".

Hade opened an case with PayPal.

Never again.

New Reviewer

Look, these guys aren't necessarily a scam when it comes to the guild itself, but with the time. I ended up getting my gold just now, so I can't complain too much, but it stated in the email that it'd be delivered within 48 hours, whereas I received it 5 days afterwards. I'm happy, I thought I got scammed, but it could be better. I guess it all depends on what realm you're on. If you're patient, buy from these guys but I'm sure there's better.

New Reviewer

Beaware of this site, they are scam and will not deliver anything to you. I contacted them via live chat and I have clearly asked them if they have what I need and they said it will be delivered within 5 to 30 min and guess what never delivered. im luck I but via paypal where I can claim my money back. stay away from this site you have been warned.

New Reviewer

Horrible site. Scam. I have been lost on finding a place to purchase gold or plat since disappeared. I normally go through playerauctions, since they don't get their money till you CONFIRM you received your items Pressuring the seller to not scam. But this $#*! site along with their Epictoon screwed me out of 50$ No way. Screw these guys, If I don't get my gold or money back soon you will regret it.

New Reviewer

My most revent email to IGE:

I have now written 3 emails (amongst many, many more) which have not been responded to in respect to the order I placed with IGE on the 27th of February (17 days ago). I have still not received delivery and despite numerous requests for a refund, have not received that either.

I have said on several occassions that it is not acceptable business practices to sell a product that you not only do not have, but also clearly do not have the means to produce. There is no other business on the planet that would be able to get away with such dubious and unethical practices - and of course people are going to be very angry if you steal from them. It should be said, in the last 17 days, I have farmed the amount of gold myself that I had purchased from IGE - so it is beyond pathetic that the business isn't able to do the same.

I expect an immediate response to this email and immediate resolution to this matter, whether that be to fill the order, or to issue a refund.


they stopped even bother responding with their pathetic excuses and run around answers. This business is a complete and utter SHAM.

New Reviewer

I've been a customer of for more a couple years, and until now have had no problems. But now? Buyer beware! On February 16, 2014 I placed an order for 5K platinum, at a cost of $49.99. Luckily I went through PayPal, because three days later, I'm still waiting. I got no response from several emails. Also, the website looks like it has Live Chat, but IT HAS NO LIVE CHAT. I tried every means to get a Live Chat window, but it never happened. So I opened a Dispute with PayPal, and almost immediately, guess what? I get an email from Louise in IGE's customer service department apologizing for their slow service, and begging me to give them one more opportunity to make it right. Same exact words as others here who have had problems with IGE. So I reply that I want what I paid for. Simple. She replies back that I need to close my dispute with PayPal first. Again, BUYER BEWARE. If you close your open dispute, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO OPEN IT AGAIN. You've been warned. Luckily, I did not close the dispute, and instead sent her another email stating the reasons why, and telling her in no uncertain terms that because IGE ALREADY HAS MY MONEY, there is no reason to close the dispute until I get my plat. Simple. Straightforward. Fair. I'm still awaiting a response. Don't think I'll get one, though. Now I'm left waiting a few more days until I can escalate my dispute to a claim. You better believe that I will, too. I'm out $50, with nothing to show for it. I'm just glad PayPal stands by its customers. So, once again for the hard-of-hearing: DO NOT USE IGE.COM!! YOU WILL BE SORRY!

New Reviewer

I give IGE a minus 5 stars. I suggest you stay away from this site. In the past, it may have delivered, but after 8 days - No delivery what else might I recommend?

They have the following on their website.
"Contact us Now You can reach us at any time of day. Just click on the Live Help button below and you will be connected to our support department.
Do not beleive it. You can not reach them now. This is not a live chat link. It looks like it is designed to make one believe it is real-time.

I have sent several E-mails. While some did get a response, They seem to be a canned response. When I asked specific questions like how do I cancel an order, I get a response, We would like to apologize for the unreasonable delay in fulfilling your order..

They never answer my specific questions.

I'm in the process of submitting a complaint with PayPal about

February 2014.

New Reviewer

I paid $47.49 a week ago through Paypal. Just like most of the other reviewers have said, I get the run around and false apologies that I am the next one in line to receive delivery, but I never get anything.

I have filed a complaint with Paypal to get my money back and I will file with the court system as needed. I also intend to contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint.

Stay away from the rip off outfit. They'll take your money and you'll get nothing but excuses and empty promises. These people are thieves, plain and simple.

New Reviewer

i bought 20 dollars in world of warcraft gold. It has been 2 weeks and they didnt deliver. I got emails from them saying they are working on it. They said 48 hours. I am glad i did a test for 20 vs the 200. I went to another supplier 6k and they sent it in less than 24 hours. I still am mad that i am out 20 dollars and my time talking to them.
DOnt buy . My guess it that they either wait until they get a few orders on that server because it cost 15 a month to play and my order was 20. Or they didnt have any in the "bank" and no one to farm it.
Just avoid , simple .

New Reviewer

I was told the usual delivery time was between 1 and 48 hours. When I had been waiting for 72 hours I sent them an e-mail and I got this answer:

"I would like to start by saying how sorry I am for the unacceptable delay in delivering the currency. I don’t want to raise false expectations by giving a precise delivery timeframe, which is what the competition usually does. Your business is important to us. Please give us one more opportunity to meet our commitment to you. I've also pushed it to the top queue so that when supply becomes available, it goes to your order first."

It's been another 24 hours and I'm still waiting...

New Reviewer

Purchased 14k gold on Wow. same story, 48 hours. A WEEK later, no delivery, even after confirmation email was sent saying it was delivered. I gave them 3 options for character deliveries. Nothing. They kept apologizing about the delay and what not. Will see if they actually deliver or steal my money. Do NOT use.

New Reviewer

Thought I would balance out some of the bad reviews with a more recent one. If you are looking for gold in under 24 hours, try somewhere else. They do take 48 hours + to deliver but they do eventually get it to you. I ordered 22k for WoW and was expecting it within a few hours. Was dissapointed that it took longer, but they did respond to my emails within around 12 hours each time. In their emails they explained it will take 24-48 hours. Was dissapointed again when they sent it about 12 hours late BUT at least I got it.
Its not a scam, but they are a bit slow.

New Reviewer

Live chat gold was in stock, Placed order for 39.99. Got confirmation letter Sunday, December 29, 2013 11:21 AM. We are now approaching the 48 hr mark not one copper one silver or one gold. Not one word for the delay, Sent email awaiting response. Token gold amount would have kept me quiet. Glad I did not pay the 100.00 I was thinking about. tem I was after is now gone from AH and Might not ever appear again

IGE a response would be nice, You took the money and are drawing interest on it.
Live Chat is a bunch of Miss informers, will not call them liars as I am customer Service and am Told stuff to tell clients and I am pretty sure it's wrong.

2 stars for now. will update when it comes in or I cancel

New Reviewer

I ordered 3.350mil gil from them, $99.00. They confirmed payment within a a couple hours, but nvr delivered. I have over 7 emails from them saying we are very sorry for the long wait, we will deliver as soon as we have collected the currency for you. It's been over 9 days and nothing. I asked twice for a refund and the second time they said my money was being refunded. 2 days now and still no refund. What use to be a good site is now just a scam. Stay away.

New Reviewer

Never had an issue with them until now. Multiple gold orders (and even redelivery) in the past week have gone undelivered even though the confirmation email has been sent. Stay Away.

New Reviewer

I had used IGE for gold purchase for many years (even beck thru Everquest). Did not need any for a number of years in Wo0W; and was reluctant to use them again after all the negative reviews here. I decided to gamble and was glad I did. Ordered close to 69k. Got 50k within 24 hours, and remainder in 2 days.

New Reviewer

This company is pure fraud. I only ordered the bare minimum of gold so I was only out 19.99. It's been over a week past the 24 hour deadline for delivery. The same as everyone else rating this crap site, nothing but excuses. I have since filed a fraud claim with my bank. I am filing with the Cyber Fraud Division in both the U.S. and in the U.K. where their 3rd party pay site is located. Skillrx/moneybookers. I would recommend that everyone do the same. File with PayPal, File with your bank. File a fraud report with your respective government agencies. Spread the word, Shut this piece of crap business down.

New Reviewer

ordered 76000 gil 2-3 days agon live support my ass they havnt delivered nor will the respond to any emails any1 know a phone number for them

New Reviewer

I ordered currency and picked the wrong server for FF14. When I noticed the mistake I contacted them and was informed they didn't provide currency for the server I was on yet. (if was a new server).

The immediately offered me a refund rather then attempting to hold onto the order. Overall this site while somewhat slower and more costly then other gold sites practices great business.

New Reviewer

About 5 years ago they were excellent, i would always buy from them because they delivered! just tried it last week and its been 7 days for 30k gold and they just keep on making excuses, Seems they got all popular and no longer care.

New Reviewer

This used to be a good way to buy gold, but not anymore. Now this resource is crap. They get your money and then they don't deliver - and they are using all possible ways to cheat you - from fake "delivery" emails (for example at the time you wasn't even online they say there was a face-to-face delivery) followed by "investigation" followed by promisses of redelivery which never happened - to monthes of excuses. My last order is 3 months old and honestly I don't hope to get it at all. Stay away from this piece of crap!

New Reviewer

This sites delivery process sucks ass they are by far one of the slowest sites I ever felt with and all they do is keep making excuses for the length of time it takes to deliver and order. Mmoxe is the site I normally use but used ige due to issues with Mmoxe not loading when check out. Ige can piss off don't waste your mony there are cheaper and far quicker sites that will deliver within an hour of purchase that are just as reputable as ige.

New Reviewer

Paid for my gold received a conformation email. Then received a fake Blizzard email with a fake link *us.battlle.account yadda yadda, saying i needed to verify my account. However the email I used for ige and the one I use for my gaming account are different. Basically its a scam, they look my money and then tried to send me to a fake web site to record account name and pass word. AVOID THIS SITE.


First of all the wow gold is not nearly as cheap as other sites so for that reason I am giving IGE a 2 star and second it takes FOREVER to get your gold and I was almost thinking this was a scam site. The only reason I am giving IGE a 2 star instead of 1 is they did deliver the gold. I am not sure I will try this site for anything on D3.

New Reviewer

They might have been really good and reliable once upon a time, but that time most certainly ISNT now. I ordered from them at 8pm LAST night and the person that took my order online assured me that I would get my gold in 1 hour, at the most, 3, because my server was FULLY stocked and their usual 24 hours would not apply. Well, she kept telling me I had to stay LOGGED IN to my character because there was a very good chance of me being banned if I did not pick up my gold IMMEDIATLY after it was delivered.. So I got on my main and I waited.. an hour had passed, I waited some more.. 3, 4 hours passed, and I was passing out. Hoping they would send an email like she said they would do, I set my alarm loud for email notifications, and went to sleep. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, checked my main, nothing, checked my email, nothing.. waited some more.. Finally around 8am I tried logging onto their site and seeing if there was a reason for the holdup. I tracked my order and it said the same ol thing it said 5 min after I bought it.. that my order was in the process of being sent to me IMMEDIATLY. So.. I tried accessing their 24/7 online chat support.. no mater WHAT option I selected, all it kept sending me to was to EMAIL THEM. Would NOT let me speak to ANYONE. After reading how they answer all their emails in an hour, I decided to give it a shot. This was at 8am.. it is now almost 10:30am and nothing back from them.. no gold.. no reply. They have NO contact telephone number. Worst experience I have ever ever had.. Going to report them to paypal for fraud.

New Reviewer

I have used this site in the past for WoW gold with absolutely no problems. I recently purchased currency for Aion and have been waiting 14 DAYS and still no delivery. All I get are apologies for how long it is taking. Had I know that the delivery would take this long I would have never ordered. I understand that Aion is not as popular a game as WoW, but if you can't deliver the currency, just say so and don't take my money!

New Reviewer

NO GOLD YET,,, 7 DAYS WAITING What does That tell you???>??? If they Ever pay off I will Repost,,,,,AION online

New Reviewer

Being a businessman myself, I look at Life as I am a Problem Solver. If someone has a problem, I have a solution.

My problem: I need credits for SWTOR's solution: Buy credits from us

Simple and straight forward, right?

My problem: I need credits for SWTOR 's solution: Buy credits from us (we will gladly take your money, jerk you around forever without any concrete reason why we have not delivered, repeated attempts to obtain details but get multiple standard format replies with the same "We usually deliver within 24 hours").

I have done business with this website in the past with little issue, but this has certainly changed my opinion of the site. Either they have changed owners or just given up taking care of their customers.

New Reviewer

To start off right at the point, I use PayPal for all my internet purchases. This site is so bad that even with an open claim with PayPal, they come up with excuse after excuse to excuse their obligation to deliver paid for goods that have been confirmed. The money for my purchased item has been confirmed by PayPal and was already removed from my bank account. The site guarantees 24 hour deliver, since most people who buy these goods don't have the time to "grind" for them. It has been over 72 hours, and this site has become completely non-responsive, and unreachable. There is no live help, or contact, and they are all Chinese. I want the world to know of this site and their rude replies back to me through PayPal. They want to take your money and run. Not only did they not deliver, but they also sent me a virus attached to an email with a Keylogger attached, to boot. This company hides behind their internet name, with malicious side hack attmepts to steal your personal information. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!

New Reviewer

I had been hesitant about buying gold for my wow account but finally bit the bullet. I used IGE although they weren't the cheapest they have been around the longest. I ordered over 20k in gold and was worried at first as I only got 1300g in the mail but soon after I got another 8k and the rest shortly after that. They say you get your order within 24 hours and I got my total order in less then that. I would highly recommend using IGE for your in game currency purchases and if I have the need in the future I will use them again.

New Reviewer

Always fast and professional. No problems!!

New Reviewer

I just made a order from IGE a couple days ago, 8000gold. I read these reviews and read a history on IGE before i made my order. Even though IGE has improved a lot from 2008-2010. It all summed up. It was still risky to buy gold online. However I took the risk and ordered from IGE anyways. I ordered from IGE because, they are most reputable company. From 1-10. I give IGE a "10." My ordered was to be mailed... In WoW there is about a 1hour wait for mail between virtual characters. I recieved my gold through mail, about one 1/2 hour after I made the order. No hassle. No Talk. No wisper. Just a simple mail. I'm very happy. I would recommend IGE to anyone.

On another note. The history I read about IGE. The company went bad around 2006-2008. Someone bought out IGE and rebuilt their service. They have much better service now, from my experience and othe 2008-2010 reviews. I'm guessing it just depends and varies on which server and which MMO your playing on.

New Reviewer

gamespot actually seems to recommend this gold site, nuff said

New Reviewer

I wouldnt recommend this company to anyone. Ive waited over 48 hours for 2000 gold which doesnt take that long to farm for.


I think when ever you are buying virtual items or services such as power leveling, there are going to be issues and problems. The reason I usually choose this site for gold is that they have been around for quite some time and are at least run by a decent real company and not some fake chinese site. Here is an article on the company by wired magazine even..

New Reviewer

they are liers,get my money away and never delivery my gold

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