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iBid2Save reviews

20 reviews
Categories: Auction, Penny Auction
2820 Selwyn Ave, Suite 415
Charlotte, North Carolina 28209
Tel: 1-888-240-5288
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20 Reviews for iBid2Save

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New Reviewer

Love love Love this site. So easy to win. I love that ibid2save does not force you to buy bids like the rest of the penny auctions out there. They are very generous with coupons too it seems. I won a 3/2 vacation and got the ecode with a good amount of promo bids also. I had to pay deposit to reserve the room of $50, but I found out I get it back. The directions were easy to follow, i got the email code sent to me, and got this all for under $30 after their fees! I also have won some other ecodes, some jewelry, and now have a ton of bids to try and win some gift cards and apple stuff.

New Reviewer

Would give less than one star if possible! I "won" a vacation package. Was not told about all the other fees in advance, but even so, the $29.95 sounded like a good deal....I was charged shipping for an email!! Yep I received my prize through email and they charged me for it! The email contained a link to a third party website where I could choose which package I wanted, ok fine, not happy but still sounded like a deal. It was through the 3rd party website that I discovered sooooo many things that was left out of the details of what I had bid on, things that IF I would have known, I never would have bid. First off, vacation package was for 4 people, turns out it was for 2 adults and 2 kids, but you could leave kids off if you didn't have kids, however the 2 adults MUST live in the same household....I live alone, making me ineligible. Sent email to ibid2save, explaining situation and asking for money back....their answer was that only one person per household could use the prize....which contradicts the 3rd party website. Emailed them back, told them this, they then sent me another email, contradicting themselves! I have contacted the BBB and am waiting on them now to take care of this. If not resolved by them I will sue. One more thing, the 3rd party website charges an extra $50 on top of everything else, ALSO left out of the details given by ibid2save before I bid! I have talked to a lawyer and a judge about this, they have told me I have a clear case of consumer fraud...I showed the lawyer both websites along with all emails back and forth. He said I'll have no problem getting more than my money back since this is out and out fraud!

New Reviewer

Is there less than 1 star!!! This is the WORST of the worst. I lie to you not. I'm lucky as I spent only about $7 for some bids. Then they gave me 300 and 350. So I gather they're giving everybody else "free" bids too. You NEVER win. I see people bidding over $17 on a $20 gift card and when they add in auction/shipping fee, they pay over $20 for a $20 gift card? Why do they do that? Gift cards are about the only interesting thing I see plus a few computer type items. I can't imagine this site will survive.

New Reviewer

I usually don't write reviews but I was trying to figure out which penny auction to bid at. I went to and saw ibid2save was #1 in Value returned to consumers so I tried them out yesterday. I saw it was super easy to win some stuff, so I knew there had to be some sort of catch. There kinda was.. A 4.9% auction fee when you pay for what you win. Once I got past that i had to pay a fee and did the math though I realized I was getting some great deals! I got a $100 shopping card, a 3/2 cruise to the Bahamas for 2, a 3/2 vacation for 2, and a $300 health egift card for just around $100! Are you kidding me! I also am sitting on a ton of bids now that came with the won auctions to try and win some amazon or visa gift cards. Gonna tell all my girls about this cool new site!

New Reviewer

Ok so I actually came here and read all the bad reviews but got free bids so I tried it anyways. I won a cruise for .02. I knew there was an auction fee from this site, but he it was less than $30 and I got a lot more bids! I followed the directions after the Ecode was sent to me and booked my cruise for my boyfriend and I! So excited! We saved a ton of money! Since then I have won $100 eshopping card an got my stuff I ordered super fast after I got the code. Love what I got. Now I have all of these bids to try and win a big gift card or MacBook. So this site is the real deal once you actually get past the auction fee which hey at the end of the day is nothing compared to what you get for it. I am very happy and can say I love ibid2save! Thank you!

New Reviewer

Honestly, it's too bad you can't rate any lower than one star. They are unclear about what you're buying, and the customer service is unreasonable. ibid2SAVE? More like ibid2LOSE.

New Reviewer

I purchased a treasure chest valued at $375, and the shipping was a whopping $15.99 on top of the auction fee of $18.71. I received my treasure chest today. Want to know what I got? A very LIGHT, TINY box containing a usb car charger (by the way, shipping for this alone in other auctions is only $2.99), and a SINGLE piece of paper that says I can take time off work, pay someone to watch my kids, pay for a ride to the airport, pay for a flight to Florida, pay for a hotel, pay for transportation to get to the cruise site, pay $59 per person for charges and taxes, and somehow enjoy a 2-night "free" cruise. Last I checked, it didn't cost $13 to mail a piece of paper either. I was also very upset that the "treasure chest" didn't contain anything I could actually use. This extremely expensive piece of paper that calls for a lot more money that I don't have to be spent to actually get anything out of it is going in the trash. I suppose I could regift the car charger to someone who actually has a car, but was it worth me paying the auction fee of $18.71 plus $15.99 shipping and handling? No way. I did a test-run, and I will not be using this site any longer. They got me, but they won't get me anymore.

New Reviewer

When I 1st signed up, I won several bids for 1 cent. A mystery bag full of cheap junk, a treasure chest also filled with cheap junk. Then a $100 e-card that I am unable to access, a $500 restaurant card with not one single restaurant in my vicinity. All were on a 1 cent bid, plus auction fee and shipping charges. I have also had to call them multiple times to get my items. One clue, if they say the mailbox is full for inquiries about a prize won, select the customer service option. You will get to talk to a real person. All of the items that go for 1 cent are junk, some of the others that sound good are really ripoffs, and the electronic stuff can be purchased online or in a brick and morter store for much, much less that the value they put on the items.

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE...... Heres my experience. On January 20, 2014 I won an auction for $0.01. I won what they called a SUPER treasure chest and 750 promo bids. What the SUPER chest was to contain was three random electronics of their choosing at a total retail value of $500. They charged me $19.99 for shipping and a auction fee of $26.70. It said it would take up to 14 days to receive my items. Well as of February 12, 2014 I had received nothing. Over the time period I phoned them and emailed them. I never got a response, and the voice mail message said there mailbox was full and could take no more messages. So at that point I contacted Paypal and opened a claim saying I received nothing and would give the seller a chance to fix this. Finally ibid2save contacted me through paypal asking what my username was and my email to the site. Which I then provided, and never heard anything back. Today I got my SUPER treasure chest which contained a pair of earbud headphones that anyone could get online for $3.00. A pest repelling aid which you can buy for $10. An some sort of "ecard" online shopping card for $100. I got scammed by this site and I will do what I have to thru paypal to get my money back! Look around th einternet there are many complaints about this bogus site!

New Reviewer

I bid, I won, I got scammed. Auction fees plus (PROMO BID charges) which they don't tell you about end up costing you 20 dollars for a .01 penny bid. I was mortified.
BEWARE -- Customer service sucks as well. NEVER AGAIN! ...and I don't ever review stuff, I was so angry that I searched for a review site just to write this.

New Reviewer

They are NOT 100% scam but they steal ur money smartly..
Ok let me share my experience, you go to website, you buy some Bids, which is 60 cents each!! It's not cheap not at all..
Ok, people are betting , however they have their own bidder which try to makes you pay more but anyway after that imagine you won an item, they you scroll down nd see what!! on top of that you have to pay for item value and shipping!!!
Excuse me! , for example for a $200 visa card, Auction fee is $35 + $2 shipping, see how easy they make money on bids and this stupid AUCTION FEE.

Then imagine you win the best offer they have "$500 Dining Dollars! + 415 Promo Bids"
You pay like $38 after all your bids you waster.. then after like "One week or two" they email you a code that you can go to a website nd use it..
Ok, then you see wow all gift cards nd stuff but listen, your credit is just for you can't buy any gift card ;(
So what is Dining ... haha yep you think it's credit to use for restaurants and stuff but NOOOO
They just sell you the dining coupons , yes COUPON
Like subway, if you buy one you have chips nd drink free or some like that..
You can't even find your favorite restaurants, so you have $500 value coupons haha which you can find free everywhere...
On top of it, just try to call them , haha , no one will talk to you, yep ANSWER MACHINE..
***** Don't waste your money for such a BS website... *****

New Reviewer

I won a bid for a penny , i checked ebay and it was cheaper on ebay with free shipping for same item , they inflate the auction fee and shipping and handling fee , before i buy next time ill check other places 1st , major rip off

New Reviewer

I won an auction on Jan 12th. for one cent... I knew there would be an auction fee and shipping. That's not the problem, the problem is I never received anything. I have contacted them 4 times (2 calls, 1 email, and once on facebook) and nothing.. They won't even return any of my messages. I guess I now contact my credit card company to dispute the charges... BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!

New Reviewer

Real high shipping and handling cost and the product is cheap junk! DON'T DO IT!

New Reviewer

Don't be sucked in by the thrill of winning an auction for a penny! After the fees you actually have a worthless membership to something. The ski/snowboard discount package had no discounts to top ski areas! The 200 ebook downloads were for books you read in middle school- I couldn't find ONE I actually wanted to read! STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

Just a ripoff site don't waste your time of money.

Apprentice Reviewer

Well, I was just curious to see how easy it was to win on To my surpise the my the fouth auction I bid on, I was able to win. I bid on a bid pack, I won it for $0.25 I was really happy! Then when I checked out the site told me I was getting charged a 8.99% auction fee! I said AUCTION FEE!!!!! So the site explained to me in there term what the fee was for! So I just wanted to let everyone know that the is great, but the AUCTION FEE hits you below the belt a little!

New Reviewer

I did some research on the "Total Value Price" for some pieces of jewelry from this website and found something quite interesting. For example, there was a bracelet called the Silver Hope Charm Bracelet, pricing at $195 (including a 100 promo bids package). Subtracting the promo package ($60 value) that leaves the "whole sale" price of the bracelet at 135 dollars.

The retail value of the SAME EXACT BRACELET on eyresy,com and came out to be, on average, $32.98 (US). Sure you can "win" the bracelet for pennies on the dollar, but with every purchase there is an "auction fee" which costs 10% of whatever item you won.

So moral of this story is with their "Total Value Price" you pay $19.51 (assuming you win the item for a penny) including the 100 promo bid package, when instead if they used the ACTUAL retail price it'd be $9.30. (this also including the promo bid package as well) and this is not the only piece I found either but I just thought I'd share this information for all those looking to buy things for "pennies on the dollar".

Other than that if you only like bidding on only gift cards they have a wide variety on those :)

New Reviewer

Don't follow they're own return policy. Fraudulently charged me when I called to cancel orders PRIOR to the shipping out and order, which according to their policy, means I SHOULD have been granted the refund. When I called customer support, I was greeted with someone who kept saying he was the manager, well he was lying, and finally gave me his manager Cori Evans, who herself told me she saw I called at 10:54pm the night prior to the items being shipped, They were supposed to call me so I can cancel those orders, but naturally that didn't happen. Miraculously, they were willing to refund the $5.00ish and $10 dollar-ish charges, but the $60, $90, and $120 dollar charge I tried to cancel by calling the night before they were sent out, no they cannot be refunded. Plus, I was only a member for one night! I'm sure this must have happened to someone before. If so, please email me, and you could get in on my lawsuit against them for fraudulence, negligence, and in laymen's terms, being scam artists, with very deceptive, lengthy term & conditions you need to MEMORIZE while you read them, or you will get screwed and owe hundreds, if not thousands, within one day or so.. SCAM. Stay far away from this site. Please let me know if you had similar experiences as I am currently, as we speak, having them investigating by 2 different agencies. Cori Evans, the so-called "manager" (of the customer service call center) was even having trouble interpreting the return policy to both me and my mother. If SHE, a manager, cant understand it clearly, how are members supposed to understand it? There was an exception clause that I interpreted as charges will be refunded due to special exceptions on an individual basis, and she said I interpreted it wrong, and told my mom "Sue who you want, and hung up."

New Reviewer

Keep in mind, I'm not a real big fan of these penny auction sites to begin with. BUT, Ibid2save has got to be the WORST one I've come across so far. Sure they entice you with a few hundred "free" promo bids every once in awhile. But, in the end, you pay dearly out of pocket. Win an're out the bids you bought + pay the winning bid amount + pay an auction fee + pay handling fee = I paid too much. It really hits home when you win on specific items (other than gift cards) AND if you win bid packs/promo bids. I won a cheaply made hello kitty necklace for 17 cents but the auction fee was $11.99 plus handling fee of $1.99. I was so excited to win a 1000 bid promo pack for $1.13 but the auction fee was $54.99 plus a handling fee. Kinda rains all over your parade when you think you've just gotten the best deal ever. My honest opinion is to just stay's not worth the effort OR the money.

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