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Hulu reviews

70 reviews
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70 Reviews for

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Gene Simmons Family Jewels AND Family Guy on one site!!! Im in


Nice to be able to have all of the current season's TV shows as well.

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New Reviewer

Hulu is cool, like just cool. They have shows but not every episode. Then when they do have the episode for example " dragon ball " doesn't have English version of shows. However they do have a wide variety of shows.

Ask Fishem- about Hulu
New Reviewer

Hulu is by far the worst. I cant even watch a episode of anything without it pausing from anywhere to 10-20 minutes. I have to restart it to finish watching anything I try to watch. My husband and I have been trying to watch the same episode for over an hour. And it doesn't help that thier are advertisements. I dont wanna pay to see advertisements. There is no way im going to continue to pay for hulu when netflix is 100 times better.

Ask Misty about Hulu
New Reviewer

Paying money to watch commercials just sounds like a bad idea! Its crazy that you have to watch 3 or 4 commercials per break and then they play them over and over!

Ask Andrea about Hulu
New Reviewer

No one wants to pay and still have to watch commercial after commercial. I click the not interested button but I always end up with the same commercials anyways. Netflix is WAY better, you get what you pay for.

Tip for consumers: Don't

Ask Luna about Hulu
New Reviewer

I started using Hulu to watch my favorite shows a few years ago. I have really enjoyed being able to keep up with my shows until lately when Hulu decided to only let you watch shows if you connect to your tv provider? I don't think that's ok. I don't have tv...ergo the internet. I vote hulu gets rid of this permanently. Seriously, ruined one of my down time activities. I can't watch my favorite shows anymore. Thanks, hulu.

Ask Dominique about Hulu
New Reviewer

Don't waste your freaken time with this stupid thing called Hulu. Who the Hell wants to pay to see the same three damn commercials three to four times per episode you watch. I have never took the time to right a review but In this case I can't stress enough to any readers to not waste your time with this $#*!. Not worth it!!!

New Reviewer

I've had Hulu for about 6 weeks. I like the selections that they have but absolutely HATE all of the commercials. I don't see or like paying for this service and then have to watch stupid commercials at every interval. They have it rigged so that you can't even fast forward through them. They run the same commercials over and over again. I'm considering canceling my subscription. I'd rather buy a smart TV and stream from the select website I'm interested in viewing.

New Reviewer

I have Hulu plus on my phone and on my TV. Hulu on my phone is ok, I'm not a fan of the commercials. As for hulu on my TV, it's awful!!! We also have Netflix, it constantly freezes and get blurry on hulu. Netflix we have zero problems with anything downloading, even during a storm. On Hulu, at the moment with no clouds and full wifi it STILL freezes during my show. HUGE negative!! I would not recommend hulu to anyone, paying for a season on DVD is cheaper that paying for a years worth of Hulu. Due to the fact it will take you a month to watch one episode.

New Reviewer

I just started an account on hulu and do like some of the choices.. was very unhappy to have the adam and eve commercial come on in the middle of watching a show with my kids. I dont think this is really appropriate advertising in the category we were watching. I think that it should be in the adult category or gay and lesbian or something that is more sexual in nature.. That alone is almost enough to make me cancel before I have even been on for a month. Then after that is was for call in dating services not really happy with that..

New Reviewer

I don't really want to spend my time and money on watching commercials. If I did, however, I would pay monthly for Hulu.

The only reason Hulu can double charge (via advertising revenue and monthly recurring revenue) its users is because Hulu has effectively monopolized internet streaming for a large amount of popular shows.

Hulu has demonstrated in every possible way (through product bugs, horrible customer service, and shameless price gauging) that it doesn't care about its users whatsoever. I believe this company should be avoided.

New Reviewer

Well, it started out good but now for the past 4 months almost EVERY thing I watch stops constantly to load . It s' so irritating and i have to turn it off. I would keep it if the loading problem was corrected.

New Reviewer

Terrible service, I am trying it for the 2nd time in 2 years. I signed up for 1 day 2 years ago on a week trial and noticed it sucked. I tried it again this week because my wife got into a tv shown but the programming freezes, it skips, and yes it does play the same commercials over and over again. Don't sign up it sucks. This makes me want to break my tv because I am so Flippin angry at hulu! Don't try it, it's a waste of time.

New Reviewer

I tried the month free decided less than a week into that month I didn't want it. Cancelled it this was three months ago and I just noticed they are charging $7.** a month for never watcbing their stuff what gives I know it's not a lot of money but I don't owe them $#*! I am being ripped off I want this to stop at least and my money back as well if this bappens again next month I will take legal action

New Reviewer

The idea is great, but the ads, OMG I HATE THE ADS! The ads just create more annoyances, when the days over you just want to sit back and relax, but they want to make you watch repeating ads time and time again

Apprentice Reviewer

Hulu enables me to knock out my favorite shows or series in a matter of days. I hate getting into a series a couple seasons in, so before I start to watch them on TV I use hulu to catch up to the current show so I'm not lost.

New Reviewer

Great site, almost every TV show from the network channels is available. The only disappointment is that when you pay the monthly fee you still have to watch a TON of commercials.

New Reviewer

I just hate the commercials when you are paying for the service. Besides that it would be five stars.

New Reviewer

I agree with other reviews that hulu plus is great in theory but ads are aweful. We watch it on the Wii and every time the ads start they don't play. You have to click the "a" button without it pointing at the screen for it to play and then you have to do it for all 4 commercials every time! I had also hoped for more networks to be on it. I wish you could find out what shows are on hulu before purchasing it.

New Reviewer

The only reason I still use Hulu is because there are no good alternatives. Hulu is the $#*!tiest website/app. It has consistent bugs that are never fixed. Even worse, it plays the same commercials over and over. And over. Until you'd rather poke your own eyes out with a spoon than watch the same commercial for the 50th time in a row. Even worse than the fact that they have a total of 5 commercials they play at any given time is the absolutely idiotic commercials they choose to feature. I despise Hulu.

New Reviewer

Hulu Plus is great in theory. You pay a monthly fee and you get to watch past and current TV episodes. The only problem is the ads. I understand having ads to pay for free content but the fact I am already paying for access just pisses me off. I would gladly pay a higher monthly fee to not have to see ads. I greatly dislike the fact that if I sit through 2 or 3 ads then I pause the show for 30 seconds and when I resume, I have to watch more ads. I will stick with netflix and my xfinity apps. They may not be as up to date with current seasons but I much prefer not having to sit through the same 5 commercials up to 5 times in one television episode.

New Reviewer

This site rocked when it was 100% free until they added hulu plus which made hardly anything it is OK as they have some shows free but it was much better when everything was completely free though.

New Reviewer

I like the concept of watching tv shows online, but its pretty sad that there are more commercials on hulu than what is actually on TV. DVR at least allows you to fast forward through commercials.

Apprentice Reviewer

I love Hulu. Great shows. Low monthly price. Although, sadly, I have noticed that some of my favorite shows are being taken off hulu and on to their own network apps, i.e. Downtown Abby. Only downside is that you can't use it internationally.

New Reviewer

I love! Even though it doesn't show every episode of certain show, you can pay to get everything, or get tons of cool stuff for free!

New Reviewer

the service and all of the other features are top notch but if I wanted to have a bottom level experience I would have asked Moses to turn my staff into a serpent. f*** that s***. Content is all this has ti keep it above a 1.

New Reviewer
6/19/13 is the best entertainment source for people like me who are fond of television shows. The website comprises of an excellent range of shows, clips, movies, and more. When I visited this website initially, I believed that I may have to download additional software or at least a plugin to watch the videos. I was so happy to know that this website allows us to watch our favorite videos in the web browser. Browse, select, and watch! It is simple. I kill my leisure time by spending it here.

New Reviewer

You cannot beat this site for good quality streaming free movies. There is hulu plus, however there is so much on the regular hulu website to avail free movies, in high quality high definition streaming, you will never be bored. If nothing is on tv, check out hulu for free. Have fun

Apprentice Reviewer

Hulu is one of those rare sites that when you first hear about it, you think it's too good to be true, and yet they offer everything they say they're going to offer. I've been using Hulu for quite some time now since I don't regularly watch TV and I must say I really do enjoy being able to stay current with TV through Hulu. It is definitely not the best out there especially because the tv networks offer their own access to the same shows through their commercial providers. Hulu only really brings the major networks together and it doesn't provide anything outside of that. So the one thing you definitely won't see on Hulu are shows from HBO or Showtime or any other pay per view networks like that.

New Reviewer

When they drop support for GoogleTV customers so I dropped them. They have some good content and update enough to keep you entertained for the most part.

if they add support for more customers and I may give them my money again. Until then there are better options.

New Reviewer

This is a great site, it has some great shows, documentaries, movies and more...
They have started to charge for its premium service a few years back, but still offers a lot of free stuff, some of my favorite shows like "Anger Management" are only showing clips - but that might be a FX thing, I have been a member now for at least 5 years, I recommend it all the time to people.

New Reviewer

tv ,show, and movies, documentaris, cartoons and moreee an moreee, I don't pay for cable or satelite...

New Reviewer

Most of us try to keep track of all our favorite movies and TV shows but sometimes it’s very difficult with most of our busy schedules. Netflix, Hulu and Sidereel are three of many sites that allow us to track the things that we want to watch. Watching our favorite videos online saved us money and time. We can watch something faster online since there are less commercials (usually saves about 15 min.) it’s also cheaper than going to the movies or renting a video for a night. Using these sites we can watch them from anywhere in the world at a convenient hour.

Hulu is a fantastic website since it lets us watch our favorite show the very next day. Hulu is updated every day so we don’t have to wait long to watch something. It’s about six dollars a month so it’s pretty affordable. But I hate the fact that we have to watch the commercials (even when we pay). The movies are not updated often so most movies that are available are old. This website is good to keep up with recent TV shows and for that I would recommend this site.

New Reviewer

I really like hulu's website. The design is easy to navigate, and the video viewer is simple and unobtrusive. It doesn't have upload, download, or rating capabilities, but that's because it's a content viewing website, not creation. Hulu does, however, have sharing capabilities, which is important for any website that wants to keep up with other websites today.

New Reviewer

As movie stores, such as Blockbusters and Movie Galleries, are becoming slim to none in existence, many people have resorted to online options to watch movies. Many people prefer the online option to view their movies because it is often times free or cheaper than renting one at a store. Also having to be home or near a tv at the exact time your favorite tv series airs its newest episode is no longer an issue with these web 2.0 tools since they have both movies and tv episodes for their users. This instant availability has definitely been a major pro for users and is probably one of the main reasons movie stores are going out of business.
I found three web 2.0 sites that people can use to watch their favorite tv shows and movies. I took into account the websites’ affordability, accessibility, reliability, and more to create my reviews. Hulu’s website is very aesthetically pleasing. The website is organized in a logical and concise manner so that the user can find what they are looking for in a minimal amount of time. There are some episodes and movies that Hulu allows you to watch for free by simply signing up and creating a username and password. However a con is that most of the episodes and movies you have to subscribe to HuluPlus in order to watch which contains a small monthly fee of $7.99. A pro for HuluPlus is that once you subscribe to the monthly fee you can watch unlimited movies and episodes. I would definitely recommend this website to someone.

New Reviewer

Hulu is a great site to watch some of the most popular TV shows, all kinds of clips, some bad movies, a bunch of commercials, and nothing from CBS. If you are looking to watch movies you should consider Hulu Plus or Netfix, otherwise, it's a really good website.

New Reviewer

They have some good shows on there, and they are for free, their movies are not so great thought, very old style and not interesting most of the times. A lot of Life time movies, wich are mostly for lonely people

Veteran Reviewer

This is the best TV site and I just hope it stays free. Free hulu is the best thing on snowy days...... I just love hulu!!!

New Reviewer

A great way to watch TV on your computer. No "click thru" involved or downloads that can infect your computer. VERY GOOD SITE! . . . now if they would just get some decent movies...

New Reviewer

Starting to lose its appeal. Many shows that used to be free are now premium member only. We had a Hulu Plus membership for a while but figured it's not worth the cost if you still have to sit through advertisements during your shows. Another thing that is making Hulu less-attractive is the fact that you have to wait a week or more after the original air date to see some of the more popular shows.

New Reviewer

I Pay for Hulu plus for $7.99 a month and let me tell you, I no long watch my cable channels I am thinking shutting my cable off all the way and just keep my internet for hulu plus way cheaper

New Reviewer

I find Hulu Premium unacceptable. The fact that you have to pay for it and still watch adds is quite disturbing. I do not like the fact that you have to watch adds in the free version, but I can understand that. I will not purchase Hulu Premium unless they eliminate the adds.

New Reviewer

I find the site easy, great assortment of shows and movies with very little commercial time.
The HUU Plus though is a waste of money and I have found no advantage to subscribing.

Veteran Reviewer

They have a nice selection of TV shows to watch, and to a lesser extent movies. I have gotten the impression that since they started their Hulu+ service, they have started removing more and more movies from their free offerings. They have a nice selection of history and documentaries.

They only have a few episodes of current TV series in the free Hulu but may have the entire run of older ones. (I love McHale's Navy!)

The ads during shows have definitely gotten longer; whereas last year there may have been 4-5 30 second ads in a movie, there may now be 10 or more that last 1 - 1 1/2 minutes. It's irritating but the price to pay for free viewing.

Overall it's a great site if there is nothing on TV or you are looking for something specific. No heart rating though because of the relatively poor movie selection and the lengthy ads.

Apprentice Reviewer

Hulu is great for catching up on shows you missed. Not a great selection of old shows, only recent shows, BUT still great!

New Reviewer

This site is pretty good. If you missed a certain TV show, you can watch it on here. The movies are clear just like your TV. They have movies and movie clips as well. This is a very good site. They have it for free or you can upgrade it. Try just might like it...

New Reviewer

Great site to watch videos on. I regret however that I can not see how much buffering I have accumulated. I have a slow internet connection and it would be nice if I could put a video on pause and wait a long time so that I have enough buffer to watch the video in a smooth manner. There is buffering but you just cannot see how much has accumulated.

New Reviewer

hulu has a very good collection of clips and full episodes. but, commercials are getting a bit ridiculous. mostly, these back-to-back, interactive commercilas. althought there is too much advertisement, still it is one of the best websites in the net.

Apprentice Reviewer

I can't believe this is free. Huku is a great website to catch up on tv shows you missed, discover new tv shows, and basically kill lot of time if you get bored. I use it most when I am travelling, and can't find anything to watch on the hotel tv. Video quality is great as well.

New Reviewer

Love it! It's easy to subscribe to all the shows I like to watch. The queue automatically updates with new episodes. The site is free and I don't mind a few ads here and there at the beginning or interspersed in my video. Hulu has totally replaced my TV cable subscription.


Hulu plus finally launched and for $7.99 it is a really good deal IF you like the tv shows they currently have in their line up. If you ever wanted to watch a series from beginning to end, buying a boxed set is very inconvenient and this way you can watch all of their shows for cheap and then continue to watch the current season as well. I am giving this a full heart for the cheapness of the package. Video quality is also excellent

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