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New Reviewer

I joined free just to take a look. In checking other reviews I could not find one positive review.

I grew very suspicious when I kept getting emails all from my town. This is a very small town and there is NO WAY this many hot women in my town are paying members of this site.

I suspect outright fraud based on the use of fake profiles to lure people into joining so if anyone did join and found this to be true I would not only demand a refund from them I would contact my credit card company and tell them you want them to refund your money based on this scam.

Report them to the state attorney general in their home location.

Registrar Abuse Contact Email:

New Reviewer

99percent r fake what a wast of time and money

New Reviewer

This site automatically sets you up to having a account when you never signed up for it. They are obtaining information about you illegally.

New Reviewer

I signed up on this site in May, just recently, after some 43 emails I decided to get a membership, so I answered all 43 members who contacted me, only 1 replied. Upon further attempt to contact this one I received no further reply. When I saw that she was online, I went to messenger and when I went to message her she miraculously went offline. I did this with several members and the same thing happened. Now I cant believe that not one will chat... My next step was I did an online search of the members im my area, I live in a small community; and only 1 was a free user, I was rather astonished there was only 1 free user out of 618.
Another thing I attempted, as there is 3 communities not far from where I live, so I typed my search to the next community, low and behold the search came back to my community...... now in ,y experience with other dating sites, you got replies, you could talk to people in other communities and other parts of the country, seems Horny WHisperer is a scam....Many people are lonely out there, and there are those unscrupulous people prey on that......

New Reviewer

After months of being a free member I decided to spend the money. It's a scam. I had one out of 185 emails that I received get back to me after I replied to them. Then the message was cryptic. Don't waste your money. They use pictures off of porn sites. I actually saw one before and then saw it on the website. Stick to the reputable dating sites without nude pictures. I mean how many women are going to post those?

New Reviewer

Heaps of photos and lots of 'replies' in the form of 'gee-up' emails and 'whispers' but ask for anything resembling what is promised .... forget it. All talk and no action. Suspect that a lot of the 'profiles' are created by the site.

New Reviewer

They tried to scam my money from me.After paying for membership(3months)they deleted my profile totally.Plus they have a contact page which you email the site but Never ever answer your emails did it 5times,& not once answered me back.

New Reviewer

This website created information about me by using information they obtained illegally or from someone who stole it from a university that I attended. I did not create the account. I terminated my account, you should too.

New Reviewer

No one ever replies I have over 100 emails from women yet when i write them back I get no replies and they initiated the emails..

So it has to be a scam.

Also all women who write me are from my city only nothing from nearby communities which are 2 miles to 10 miles away,,


New Reviewer

I need to know if anyone else has subscribed to "".
I noticed that I got 61 messages from all hot ladies in my small city. I got ZERO ladies from anywere else. Every message was different.
I replied to all 61 ladies, whome wanted to meet me and F my brains out, apparently. I've not heard back from one!
Is this site a total scam? Is it true they steal peoples photos and use it on their site to attract men and ladies? This is illigal isnt it? Should't these people be sued?

I'd like to sue them, but I need to meet more people that have wasted there money on that site, and did NOT, get "lucky". I want to get a list going and bring it to the high courts.

However, IF ANYONE out there has infact gotten lucky on that site and met a real person, let me know please. I want to see how many people got something out of it, and how many people feel like I do, scammed.

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