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New Reviewer

Really like this site. Great deals and great customer service.

New Reviewer

This site is A-OK in my book. Joined at a neighbors after he told me how hes won a bunch of things, but when I woke up the next morning I had a message in my account that I violated a policy because I have the same IP as someone else. My account ended up getting closed, but I wrote them and explained the situation and they were understanding and opened up my account. I appreciated them not just blowing me off. Now I'm sure to never bid at my neighbors again.

New Reviewer

I've been using HBD for months now with a fairly high success rate. They recently changed the look of their homepage which I really like. Its much more user friendly. I only have one complaint and that is that I wish they'd put the ended date and time on their closed auctions. 5 stars all the way though!

New Reviewer

After seeing a lot of commercials for different Penny auctions I decided to look into it because I'm a girl that LOVES a bargain. After checking out reviews, I decided happy bid day was the place for me to start. I joined, bought bids, and started bidding. I've already had some luck and I'm quite happy with their site, I plan on continuing to use them.

New Reviewer

After using another site and feeling comfortable to migrate to another site, I joined happy bid day early in the week. Within 24 hours of registering I had already won 3 auctions, within 72 hours I had received 2 of my 3 wins! They must employ Santa's elves on their off season. I have never in my life received anything so quickly. I haven't had to deal with their customer service yet, but if it's anything like their shipping department I'm sure I'm going to be extremely pleased.

New Reviewer

I won a $50 card to AND I received it in 48 hours. Can you say AWESOME!? I love this site, no body compares to happybidday!

New Reviewer

Fast shipping, great customer service, cheap wins, what more could you ask for!?

New Reviewer

I won 3 different auctions during my first day bidding on this site. So far, I've had quite a bit of success. Way more than I thought I would. Overall this place is good, you can definitely get deals you just have to put in a little leg work and see who your bidding against. As a newbie don't go an bid on the biggest item out there, try bidding on something smaller to get your feet wet.

New Reviewer

This is the best place to get things for pennies on the dollar. Thier shipping is very fast. I always get my amazon gift cards within 48 hours and my other items usually get delivered in a week. This is my favortie penny auction site!

New Reviewer

I've been using penny auctions for a few months now and I really like this one. I always get my winnings fast and the customer service people are very helpful. I dont like that theyre not always there though But I guess everyone needs a brreak sometimes.

New Reviewer

I've never used a penny auction before, but after hearing how a friend was able to win a bunch of things on one I knew I had to give it a try. I spent probably a week or two googling reviews and checking out different sites. I decided I'd spend my money at first. I joined, bought a bid package with UNLIMITED BIDS and won an auction that same afternoon! I can't wait to get my pizza maker and will update as soon as I receive it.

New Reviewer

OMG! I love this site. I never thought I'd be into this type of thing, but after winning a few items I'm totally addicted!! I had one small issue, but it was my fault. I typed my address wrong, but after I wrote them they fixed it for me practically immediately which was nice.

New Reviewer

My wife and I bid on several pay to participate auction sites. This is one of the best sites out there...They respond quickly to all customer service, ship products fast and are always giving us free bids because we are customers.

They know how to treat their customers unlike some of the other sites.

New Reviewer

I saw an ad on a website I was on and I decided to check this place out. My first visit I didn't buy bids, but I ended coming back a few days later because I couldn't get over the idea of such discounted items and I've had my eye on a new xbox! I signed up and got a bid package with unlimited bids for 24 hours. I didn't win the xbox I wanted, but I won a kindle fire. I wanted to give it to my mom for mothers day, but I didn't think I would be able to because I only won it last week. Would you believe it arrived in 4 days!!!! My mom thinks I'm the best son ever and I think this is the best site ever. Can't wait to win me an xbox!

New Reviewer

An old coworker told me about this site and I was a bit skeptical, but I joined anyway. I bought some bids and started using their beginner auctions. Within a matter of minutes I had already won one! After you get 3 wins you can’t use the beginner auctions anymore so I moved on to their regular auctions. I didn't do too bad to my surprise and it's a lot of fun. I've told a few people already and actually got bids after they joined which was awesome.

New Reviewer

I'm a mom of 3 so I'm always trying to find good deals. I heard about penny auctions before, but never knew what they were. After doing some googling, I decided to join I have done pretty good so far. I had some trouble understanding how everything worked, but their customer support was so kind and really helpful. After registering I got some free bids and won a gift card to amazon in my first auction. My son's birthday is coming up, hopefully I can win him an xbox.

New Reviewer

Great site...I am a loyal bidder since 2010. Many penny auction sites went out of business because of bad practices. HappyBidDay has been in business for over 4 years and is one of the best sites out there. I tried them all and believe me stick with HappyBidDay.

New Reviewer

I registered and they gave me free bids for their happy auctions. I couldn't buy a bid pack because I just paid the rent. What I love about this site is you don’t have to buy bids to play. You can use your free bids to bid on auctions that have a happy face icon. I won several items this way and overall savings around 50%. Great way to get bids for one cent auctions.

New Reviewer

Very prompt in win deliveries.. nice variety of products. Excellent autobidder... can enter start price, amount of bids, and end price .. a feature I really appreciate since the bidder has control. Auctions almost continuous throughout the day. Free bidding on bidpacks, which are limited to two daily..very fair. Only downside is a fee for each auction win for delivery/processing and a foreign fee if US resident. But still one of my favorites.

New Reviewer

Scam, Scam and scam... I won a free bid bundle bid pack without entering any CC information...(WTF), I should have thought... I felt good to win an auction and felt okay to but what I had won by then entering my CC information. Then, once I see only a handful of the same user names bidding>>>(HUH)... Once I start using my (BID BUNDLE), I cannot win a thing(usually from the same user name who has been on multiple auctions for hours who end up out bidding me...HMMM?(ROBOT). They say "there is a sucker born every minute". I fell victim to this, try not to be the next. "THEY" also say," the only person who wins at the casino is the owner... Keep that in mind, this is new generation "HOPE" for a to good to be true "WIN"...

New Reviewer

I signed on two days ago, won some bids and bought some. After $150 was applied to my credit card they shut me off and I can't log in. 3 Emails, 3 phone calls to a non existant seeming customer support. I am still waiting for a response. I'll have to dispute the credit card charges and fight it. I give up trying to be nice. This is war Be warned stay away. crooks

New Reviewer
12/17/13 is linked to and Penny Auction fraud.

So I fell for the Craigslist thing too, and got routed through several emails to the same message: "Hello Someone just purchased, but I can tell you where I got it from." Guess which site they directed me to? Any danger if I haven't bid on the site?

BTW, other names in the email tree, Tiha Anderson at, the infamous Diana Cyrus (or Jean Paul Centore) at, pala at, and the original CL email,

New Reviewer

scam, you have to pay for bids to bid then when you win if you do? you pay the amount of the ending bid. what a scammers not mentioning all the hours spent

New Reviewer

HappyBidday use to be a honest bidding site... Something has gone very amiss ... All of this is my opinion based on fact and what I have come to believe.
1. HappyBidday ships almost exclusively from say for instance you bid on and win 3 items and they charge you shipping of 7.99 8.99 and 9.99 HappyBidday just netted there self over 26.99 just from you because anything over 35.00 is free on Amazon. They will ship all 3 in same box also.
2. They make you believe your bidding on a High Dollar item by jacking up retail for Instance Syma Helicopter 16.88 on Amazon Happybidday says its worth 152.00 that is too get you to bid higher believing your getting a real bargain I have seen them bid these all the way up to 50 something dollars... Its not illegal for them to lie but certainly unethical.
3. They have odd crashes at the last minute making you lose auctions very odd then say its your server not mine... Odd my server does this at no other time. I am not a computer genius and I do not know if its possible to scramble a ISP server but very very odd.
4. Lousy customer service when you call no one picks up just a recording saying we will phone you back. E-mail forget it!
5. Most items are bid way past what they are worth for instance Bissel steam cleaner 34.00 on Amazon bid up to 42.00 on Happybidday.
At least DealDash customer service is good... Items are listed at exactly what they are worth and if you chose buy it now you only pay what they are worth and receive all your bids back.
Yes happybidday has a buy it now feature as well example Amazon 25.00 Gift card and 100 bids buy now for 95.00 and get back all your bids... You can get a hundred bids on there for 6.00 if you bid on there happy auctions... I guess some people would be goofy enough to go for this deal but not I said the fly. If you get a chance log in and watch this auction site than post your thoughts.

New Reviewer

HAPPY BIDDAY is a fraud! I have checked out many of the penny auction sites and the best one is i've won more prizes than I have spent on DealDash. On the other hand, I have spent 1300 bids and have not won anything. I got so used to the bidders that I started to keep track to see if anyone was bidding more than the value of the prize. There is an auction for a 1 pz silver bar. One ounce silver is worth $21.63 on Nov 4, 2013. The auction is for 1 oz silver and 50 bids. Bids can be bought for as cheap as 5 cents each. Silve ($21.68 spot price and $2.50 value of bids = $24.18). Right off the bat, Happy Bidday values this auction at $74.99 when it's true value is only worth @24.18. That's 3 times the value of the true value. Bidder steveo44 made over 1500 bids. The bids at 5 cents each is worth $75. At some point steveo44 wins the auction and not only has he spent $75 in bids but he has to pay for the prize and it was at $31.58. This means he paid over $106 for a prize worth only $24.18. steveo44 is a bidder that's a made up bidder Happy Bidday is making up to sucker other bidders in to bid on a prize package that's worth less than 1/3 of the value Happy Bidday says it's worth. Happy Bidday is such a fraud!! Save your money and go to to buy your silver bars and rounds.

New Reviewer

I would give this site zero stars if I could especially for customer service.
They say they just fill out a customer support request and we will get back to you the
next business day. Well, it has been one week and one day since I have been trying to get
in touch with them, but still no reply. It is no wonder. It seems as if you can get a good
deal there. However, if you do, they will not let you pay for it. They say they take
all major credit cards and I have tried five different one's, even one connected with my bank,
and none of them have worked. They directed me to a site that does not exist. Prior to this I had questions and they got back to me right away, but since, they are mute. There is no way To get in touch with them, no number, no live chats, nothing. I even tried to hook up with This site's partner, Dwolla, a site located in Whales or some godforsaken place that you can Use to pay something sort of like paypal, with the exception that they ask you questions about people you don't even know to try to verify your information. They too are impossible To join or get a response from. I am sick over the time I wasted! This place absolutely
Disgusts me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask yourself, why would they not take Paypal or a CC (they didn't DECLINE, just told me there was some sorta problem and directed me to a non-existant site- I know this because I tried an old one that did decline. Forget this GO SOX!

New Reviewer

HappyBidDay has started giving 1st time bid package buyers BOTTOMLESS BID PACKAGES. Yes, for the first 24 hours or until you win an auction you can bid and bid and bid.
Problem is every other new player is doing the same. EVERY auction worth anything was bid to the hilt and usually took 24+ hours to finish. I saw a $100 airline card bid up to $120. Yes, the winner had to pay $120 cash to get his $100 card. Somebody got really frustrated with what's dished out on this site. I've noticed that bad auction results often do not make it into their closed auction listings, so there is no record of how bad it is.
After placing over 2500 bids to no end, I ended up getting a $10 item after bidding it up to $7.50 real money and placing over 250 bids. It worked! My bottomless bid package got me $2.50. I still have my 100 bids, but what can you win with 100 bids if over 2500 got nothing?
This site doesn't need shills or bots, it uses new members as shills to bid the auctions up.

New Reviewer

Penny auctions are not for faint of heart. Winning is not easy and they tend to be hyped-up as being easy to win. That being said, Happy bidday has been around a long time and I've always thought they operated fairly, shipped products on time, etc. Beginners should us the beginner auctions because the expert auctions are tough to win if you don't have a good strategy.

New Reviewer

I stay away from any site whose "terms and conditions" and "privacy policy" links don't work. Sounds like a scam to me. Especially when the true Overstock auctions site recently closed. I hope someone (FTC/FBI/AG's Office) will look into this one soon.

New Reviewer

Hey, I give you free bids just to take your I a bad guy? I don't answer emails and the phone number never gets answered. Does that make me a bad guy? I need to pay the rent and feed my addictions too. Oh......Aunt Edna needs meds so I have to deal with that. If you can't tell.....I'm being sarcastic about this site. I used it and they did rip me off. I have proof with screen shots and video. Once I told these people that I was watching the same names winning everything......they closed my account without warning. Nice way to make a living......just take money and close accounts that see what you are doing.

New Reviewer

Ok....I was not born yesterday....I went to register and all I see are simulation bids and and an egregious bid package starting at .54 a bid! You've got to be kidding me!! Someone is rolling in the dough from this brilliant scheme but I'm sorry, I don't pay for promises without anything to legitimately back up the marketing hype and what seems to be "too good to be true" inflated double speak.....I will be passing on this should consider a free 24 hour preview to allow people to observe the site before forcing a purchase of bid packages.....anyone that buys into this under the current terms should have their heads examined.....or you have a lot more money than sense....PT Barnum lives....sad.....

New Reviewer

Good penny auction site. Have bid a few times and won. It's not easy to win on any penny auctions but this one is as good as the next. You just can bid like a dummy.

New bidders should start with the Started auctions. Don't go for the iPads and tablets until you know what you're doing!

New Reviewer

I've only been bidding about a week. So far I spent about $80 and have won about $100 in amazon gift cards. I like the concept and bidding is competitive which makes is fun.

New Reviewer

Happy bid day is one of three penny auctions that I participate on (quibids and pennygrab are the other 2). Happy has been around for a few years and, as far as penny auctions go, it seems pretty legit. I've won a few things and saved a few bucks. Customer service and shipping have always been pretty good.

New Reviewer

I've spent about $85 on HappyBidDay and have won about $130 in gift cards. I'm definitely saving money on the site but it takes a bit of time. I'm not working right now so I've got plenty of that!

New Reviewer

Penny auctions are inherently risky. I've seen others blast the entire industry but I don't think that's fair. HappyBidDay has been around for years and has always had fair auctions and delivered on time.

New Reviewer

Great penny auction website. While many other penny auctions have come, gone and scammed, Happy has been around for a while and always delivers what is promised. Recommended

New Reviewer

In a world of shady penny auction websites, HappyBidDay stands out with the most trusted sites along with quibids, dealdash, etc. I'm a long-time bidder (they've been around a few years) and have always had winnings shipped quickly. I've also found that the competition is pretty fair on happy bid day. Would recommend this site to new bidders and more experienced bidders like myself.

New Reviewer

I was on that site for almost 9 months until I finally quit a few weeks back. Here is an honest review:


1: They saturate the site with bids. Every other auction is for bid packs. So, obviously, auctions end at very high prices.

2. Their shipping fee prices are insane, considering they use Amazon which we all know is free shipping. And if you win several items, it all comes in one box. So you paid $30 + in total shipping which is ALL profit from happybidday

3. You bid on bid packs. 2000 bids is $15 for some and the same 2000 bids is $130 for others. The balance is WAY OFF. The reason for this drastic difference is because hundreds of these 'scam' bidders are using a software to bid for them. these bidders are using third party software which allow them to get these bid packs for a penny or 2 pennies per bid, while the honest bidder pays close to 6 cents a bid. At least 100 bidders are using robots to bid, which, by the way, happyBidday does not allow on paper. A joke because no one seems to care about those terms.

4 Happybidday has a facebook account but they remove all negative comments. The owner is also friends with PAW so if you write a negative post..... you are toast.

5. Their retail prices they list are a joke. They will list a safe box for $136.99 while it is $44 in Amazon. Just about every auction retail price is hiked up double.

6. RISK FREE BIDDING: Big LIE. They have a buy now option. Sounds great? Here's the deal. Take auction code 133233. White 16gb ipod touch. Sells for $189 amazon. If you lose the auction, you can buy it from happybidday for $295. $104 above retail. Why you ask? Because they have the auction listed as an ipod + 100 bids. 100 bids retail price is $70, but as you read above, bidders pay as little as a penny a bid up to 6 cents per bid. That is $5 or $6 per 100 bids. NOT EVER $70. What a SCAM. Risk free bidding does not mean pay $100 higher then retail stores.

7. They recruit tons of bidders daily and run very few quality auctions. That is why it is impossible to win because everyone is fighting for that one great auction.

8. TEAM PLAY ON THAT SITE: There are teams (most likely met on happybidday facebook) that work together. That site is bombarded with scam players participating in team play. I wrote a comment of her FB about this which mysteriously got removed.

9. HappyBidday Customer Service: Yes, they do respond quickly. Even if it means the response is full of lies. If you complain about something...don't bother. They are never wrong. The ignorance (or lies or deep denial) on some responses are mind blowing. If the sky is clearly blue they will vehemently insist that the sky is black, AT THEIR CONVENIENCE. I was on a helicopter auction and the site froze, when it came back, the auction was over with a bidder. I lost over 150 bids which they told me was my computer error. and then I read a post where some bidders did get their bids back. I read a humorous blog several months ago where someone was blasting happybidday and he posted copies of the emails he had with them. Very funny read and it was clear lies.

10. POWERBIDDING: Tons of them on the site and they drive the prices to crazy high prices. Same users bidding and fighting for expensive auctions. They jump all the time even if a bidder already placed 3000 bids.

PROS: (honestly can't find many pro's)

1. Very fast shipping. I won about 30 things, all under $80, all were in great shape and new. I was never able to win and ipod or ipad. They do give you tracking information.
2. very fast email response. They have a phone number listed, good luck in getting someone to answer it.
3. They changed the way their clock counts down making it harder for jumpers.

New Reviewer

HappyBidDay is a good site as far as penny auctions are concerned. I've been bidding for 2 years and have always had a good experience with the website, customer service, shipping, etc.

While the auctions can be competitive, there's still plenty of opportunities to get good deals, even on the high-end electronics. I'd recommend this site over almost all the other penny auctions.

New Reviewer

HBD started up a couple years ago which is when i first found it. I've been actively bidding on auctions and have had very few problems in all that time. Any shipping issues I've had were quickly resolved by their customer service team. Compared to the other penny auctions which i've used, HBD is tops.

New Reviewer

Aweful customer service, stupid restrictions, total waste of money. Their free bids are only given as a scam for you to "WIN" happy auctions but you have to pay for alot of $ for the "set price win" they set the minimum at like $75.
Then if you win more than one bid a day your blocked and lose all of your current bids you have out their on auctions that you may have one, The customer service is probably the worst I have ever dealt with and rude. They do not refund, gaurantee crap no matter what the site says. I asked for a refund on a Bid package I bought because of the limitations of the site and I wasnt happy, had more than triple the amount of paid bids, they wouldnt do it, said that they were not the "exact bids" even through it was not even 24 hrs later, spent of $200 because I "Won" a bid transaction too. Even told them they could take double the amount but please refund me the $$$ they wouldnt.
Items suck, customer service horrible, stupid rules, total lies about refunds and I am disputing all transactions with my bank.

New Reviewer

AWESOME SITE. Im only 15 and i win PLENTY from this site. You just gotta know how to win, its not that hard to figure out. You just got to .....hehe you actually thought i was going to tell you my secrets. Just try it I need some more competition ;)

New Reviewer

HappyBidDay is one of the few penny auctions that I use regularly. I've managed to save quite a bit of money, shipping is always on time and customer service is fine.

Penny auctions have a bad rep in general but HBD is good in my book.

New Reviewer

I like the free auctions but you can only win bids. First penny acution I played and won a IPOD NANO (first win ever) but I can never get the hang of winning on this site

Apprentice Reviewer

Anything good written about this site is probably a lie because Happy Bidday pays people to write positive reviews.

The truth:
They bombard people with "free" bids, which can be used on auctions to use "real" bids. There will usually be only one or two valuable items to bids on with the real bids. Therefore it is saturated. I had 1700 real bids and did not win a thing. (Oh, and their gift cards are usually for $10 plus bids.) They always claim the their items are at least $50 more than they are worth. When a "real" bid is placed, the price does not go up by a penny, it goes up as far as 40 cents. This makes a bid win very expensive -which is how they make their money. If you don't pay in two days for a win, they cover the screen with threats of losing your bids and/ or legal action! You cannot even play bids you have paid for. You feel stuck once your get involved, because you have thousand of useless bids!

I find it annoying when people say, "You're just mad because you don't have the right strategy." I have won a 50" plasma TV and a computer- for $1000 each plus much more. I can't believe I was fooled out of $500. So believe me when I say -don't fall for their tricks, you will lose your money, which is a horrible feeling.

New Reviewer

I went on this site to bid in a penny auction- what a ripoff they only have 2 -3 auctions going on at one time more of a competition than bidding, I don't see how anyone can win on this site they just take your $$$$- no win don't waste your $$$ on this site


Don't trust these sites. They are all scams. You pay money to bid even if you don't win the item. The website tells you others are bidding, and that someone else won, but you really don't know. I lost money off of one of these sites. Don't trust them.

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