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Graze reviews

13 reviews
Categories: Food Delivery, Food Sites
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New Reviewer

There is no FREE sample. I understand they can't give away to people over and over if no one ever wants to buy BUT I had every intention of trying the product and then deciding on my own if I wanted to purchase again. They require a Credit Card, then charge you a dollar (so not free). I saw they said in responses on here to other people that the charge is voided well, MINE was not voided.I checked with my bank. Also 2 days after they billed me 1 dollar they billed me for a new box. They are VERY DECEITFUL in how they lure people into signing up. If it's a trial offer that requires you to be charged for things then say so in advertising, and you don't wait 2 weeks to bill for the next order. I mean this company billed me for the supposed FREE box and a second box at full price before I ever received my sample box. I only found out because I check my bank account daily on my mobile phone. Now I am having trouble canceling the future orders. STAY AWAY.... food is okay but not worth the hassle and I REFUSE to support a company that uses deceit to try and reel in unsuspecting customers the way that they do. Too bad for Graze. com I actually like the food and would have continued the service if I hadn't been deceived. Not to mention all the breast feeding moms I work with who are always looking for healthy and easy ways to eat. I thought I would try it and see if it would be something the breast feeding support group I run would enjoy and I'm sure they would have loved it but now I will tell them to stay away.

New Reviewer

If anyone has an imagination they can create their own box. Geeez!
Get your lazy ass down to the store and buy mixed nuts and dried fruit for even cheaper. Why do you follow this sales crap?
Use your brain. Trendy and lame. A box of snacks in a designer box.
Get real people and create your own.

New Reviewer

Seriously? I never realized there were so many unintelligent people in this world. Graze is a business and like any other business they must make profit to stay in operation. They aren't a charity organization. How long do you think they would stay in business if they went around giving away free boxes to anyone that wanted one? The free first box is a promo sign up offer. You get your first box for free to try upon sign up. Now, if you have a legit complaint or reason for deciding you do not want to continue service, for example you realize the food they offer doesn't follow the dietary needs of a strict diet you follow for health reasons, or you really just do not care for the food or service, etc. That's one thing. But the majority of the people complaining of having a supposed hard time canceling were just out for the free box. How can you call this company a scam when you tried to scam them? The amazing number of people who do this is the very reason we all have to give a credit card # upon sign up. To sign up with a company offering a free product upon sign up, only to get the free product with the intent of canceling after receiving it is wrong. You are trying to steal and getting angry because you weren't allowed to do so. The dollar charge some are mentioning is only to confirm your account, it isn't actually a charge. The only way to validate a credit card via the internet is to run a transaction. This is only a pending charge, meaning they never turn it in for payment. Depending on your bank and their timelines, these type charges fall of in 2-5 days and never actually post to your account. As for all of the people complaining of the price, you cannot seriously believe they could offer this service any cheaper? They have to pay overhead and shipping fees and that nice little packaging everyone loves and seems to expect isn't free, they have to pay for it. Health food isn't inexpensive no matter where you purchase it. It cost $6 a box for my subscription. If you can't afford that, perhaps you shouldn't be purchasing subscription boxes at all.

New Reviewer

I LOVE my graze boxes! They did give me my free box. Then I get my boxes every 2 weeks. Twice I have sent messages to them in which I got a reply back from a HUMAN the very next day. The website is very easy to navigate. In fact, I like it so much, I sent them a note to send me a box every week! Most of the stuff is really good. It's definitely unique! You might think 6 bucks a box is a little pricy, but I like to splurge on myself once in awhile. I love looking forward to that little treat box in the mail. Especially after a hard day at work, to get home and have that yummy little box of heaven! These people are way cool. And see, Amy is here on this site responding to the complaints. They truly do work with you and try to make you happy! Anyway, I am a fan. Keep em coming! Laurie

New Reviewer

I didn't have any issues with my free box. I went and picked out some of the things I thought I would want to try and I got a couple in my free box. I just got my second box along with my $6.00 charge. I have had no problems so far and LOVE my graze box! They're delicious little snacks that help keep the day interesting:) I don't feel it's a scam, and before signing up, I always read the FAQ's and policies on charges and how everything works before giving my cc to any company- esp online. With this being said, some people will just have issues, while others, like myself have smooth sailing with companies like this. I am very happy with my service so far and look forward to my next box! Thanks :)

New Reviewer

I am very disappointed with the Graze web site. In my experience it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to cancel my order. I have tried several time to do so but been unsuccessful every time.
G. Phillips

New Reviewer

I've read the reviews on this site, and decided to contact the people at about the whole "credit card" thing. For clarification, since the valpak coupon provides a free box, it does make sense that a CC be required so that they aren't just giving away free boxes to anyone with more than one email address. It's also just a hold on $1, not a fee.

That bit of laundry aside, I've just gotten my box (minimum two weeks per box) and the things I picked were inside. Imagine that. They're also delicious, so if you're actually trying to eat healthier snacks and such, make sure that you've got at least one spare dollar in the bank and bench it for a couple of weeks.

New Reviewer

I saw the commercial which advertised healthy snacks sent to your home. I thought it sounded good especially because if you enter the promo code they claim to send you a box for free. Unfortunately, after entering my name, address, and e-mail, I was then prompted to enter my credit card information. I entered the promo code and the site still wanted my credit card information so that they can subscribe me to their bi-weekly service. I am not interested. Unfortunately, they have my information so I am sure I will receive junk mail from them and who ever they sell my information to. This company is a very deceptive!!! Stay away!!!

New Reviewer

this is the email i sent them and i feel it explains my experience very well

i signed up for a free box, you charged me one pound during the sign up process (not free) then told me my box wont come because you cant charge me, (again not free) so where exactly is this so called free sample????? i was implicitly told i would not be charged, and could cancel at any time however, here i am with a notice from my bank and you that not even two days after i have signed up you have attempted to charge me TWICE!!
am i going to get my free box or not and if not can i please have my one pound back as this is obviously not a free tester box but a get one for a pound sample box, which im not getting either due to not paying £3.89 X 2 = £7.79......
effectively paying £8.89 for two boxes when one is supposed to be a) free and b) the only one i should get due to being able to cancel pre next one is absolutely $#*!ing ridiculous!

please refund all money and delete me from your dumb ass service..
i would rather suffer from obesity at the far end of depression after several suicide attempts due to my overeating sugary, artery clogging and fatty foods because at least then ill be getting what i was bloody promised.......

New Reviewer

Before you sign up, skim/read/search through the Privacy Policy and Terms. You can also easily just click ctrl + f on your keyboard and search for the keywords "third party" "marketing" "3rd party" or whatever your concerns are.
If you're ready to sign up for your free box, just know that they will ask you for a credit card. From what I've seen around, it's pretty standard. I know a lot of legitamate sites that do this and I've never had issues with them.
So once you sign up you go through and select which foods you want to "trash" (never get, "Try," "like" (send occasionally), or "love" (send regularyly). I went through and "trashed" a few spicy items because I just don't like spicy foods.
You can then wander wound the site and check out what else they have. Try to avoid the "friendCODE" tab until AFTER you get your first box so that you can see exactly what you'll be recommending yo your friends/family/followers. If they sign up under your FriendCode, they will recieve their 1st AND 5th box FREE.
You can keep track of your box's progress by clicking on the green tab with your name, and selecting the "Your Deliveries" option. I set my box's "Due date" to every 4 weeks, so I'll be getting one every month. You can change the frequency of how often you get them.
Scroll down on this same page and you'll see "Nibble box" and "Light box" and you can select which one you want. You can also set up an automatic delivery for every 2 weeks (tasting club) or once a week (healthy snacker). Like I said (in case I didn't make it clear before) at the top of the page you can set the due date back or forward.
At the very bottom of the page is a "Cancel deliveries" option which you can select if you're not satisfied with your box(es).
Overall, I'm satisfied with and I like that it's $6/box. I would and do recommend this.

New Reviewer

Once I saw that they make you give Credit Card information BEFORE you get the free box to try, I thought that I would email them and ask about it. BUT you cannot email them until you sign up and give them personal information.
BEWARE. No way to know what they are, who they are or what they will do with your information.

New Reviewer

they were advertiseing free samples they asked for my visa making it appear that it was not binding they keep sending these awful boxes witch me and my husband can't eat i have been o9n the web site zthey keep saying they don't rcognise my mail address i have wrote to them to no avail beware of free gifts senior citizen

New Reviewer

This site is one of those sites which catch your eye straight away, because of a free trial they offer. I first visited the site after hearing about it off a friend. It's a service which sells healthy snacks which are pretty weird, infact the whole site is pretty weird so I thought i'd stay away. I then seen quiet a few adverts on various sites so I thought I might aswell take the free trial. This allows you to get a free box of graze, and second half price, but they ask for your credit / debit card details still, even just for a free box, as your signing a contract saying you want a box every week, which they state is easy to cancel at any time, so you can cancel easily after your free box, so I went ahead with it. The food was quiet nice but I actually struggled cancelling the contract, but managed in the end. I suppose it's okay, but remember to CANCEL if you don't want to start getting charged!

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