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Graze reviews

55 reviews
Categories: Food, Food Delivery
25 Colony Rd
Jersey City, NJ 07305
Tel: +44.2080000000
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55 Reviews From Our Community

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I got my first free box and I was hooked from there. (in 46 reviews)


The amazing number of people who do this is the very reason we all have to give a credit card # upon sign up. (in 15 reviews)


You can also set up an automatic delivery for every 2 weeks (tasting club) or once a week (healthy snacker). (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Their site is confusing to redeem a gift coupon/code. I design websites for a living and their site is not clear about the gift redemption. Furthermore, I gifted graze boxes to my niece as a Christmas gift and when she went to go use the gift code, it said it was expired. I have inquired THREE TIMES over the past week and a half and have not received any sort of response except an auto generated one. SO unacceptable. There is NO WAY to call their offices directly- the email is the only way and they are not responsive. Totally awful customer experience, NO EXCUSE in this day and age. Totally pissed/annoyed at this point. About to go to my credit card and get a refund.

Tip for consumers: TERRIBLE customer service: little to no way to get anyone at company to respond to you. Pathetic.

Ask lisa about Graze
New Reviewer

I was a customer of grazes for over a year. I love the concept but found the boxes repetitive. I also used the "rate or slate" function and found things id requested not to have continually appearing in my boxes. And things i had requested to try were never there. The quality is good and some is very tasty but not all of it and I found myself giving a lot away which defeats the object.

Tip for consumers: Listen to what the customer wants. The rate or slate option is fantastic but only works if you pay attention to what the client requests else the function is obsolete.

Ask kadi about Graze
New Reviewer

Can you please help me? I have an account and it won't let me email you. Can you contact me so I can get help? Otherwise I'm just going to have to cancel because this is annoying. Please contact me at . Thank you and my name is Andrea Murphy

New Reviewer

I consider myself a savvy internet person. I really wanted to like this -delivery snack idea. I admit it I put in my credit card info, and when I realized that I could not choose the items I wanted to try, I tried to cancel. YOU CAN"T!!. I did a screen capture of the cancelation, but it still hit my Credit card. I did not do a dispute over the 6.99. I did cancel my card with the help of my Credit card company.

New Reviewer

I signed up fro graze a few months back. Even though i was angry they charged me a dollar processing free for my first box which was supposed to be free i decided to stick with them. When I signed up I got my first box free and EVERY 5th box free. I am 100% sure that ever 5th box i got was free. I remember distinctly receiving multiple free boxes over the course of a few months. I agreed because I factored in the "free" box to the overall price and decided it was a good deal. A couple months ago i realized i no longer was receiving free boxes. I checked the website and saw they were no longer offering EVERY 5th box free. I also noticed they changed the minimum amount of delivers you can receive from 1 per months to 2 per month. They did all this without tellign anyone.
I was furious. I scoured my emails, their website, and my documents for proof that they changed their policy. They changed their website and scrubbed it of any evidence of their old deal. I wrote them about it and they said i was mistaken and only my 1st and 5th box are free. Not every 5th box. THEY ARE LYING! I am 100% sure i was getting "free" boxes well after my 5th box. They didn't even care that they obviously increased the minimum perchase. They didn't even bother to address it. I am so angry! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCAM ARTISTS!

New Reviewer

Graze box is a scam. I got an offer for a "free box" so I started filling out the information. When asked for a credit card number I naturally thought it was strange but they explained via a little question mark button that it was simply to "check my details." Well, actually no. It was to sign me up for five more graze boxes that I'd be paying for, I'm surprised this is hasn't gotten them in some sort of legal trouble since they are blatantly lying to stealthily suck money out of their customers without them noticing. Completely disgusted at their deceitful methodology. If you're reading this before you claimed your "not so free" box then you're welcome.

New Reviewer

I stopped the signup process before I entered an account number. It started sounding more and more like a magazine subscription or music club gimmick. I got sucked into one of the latter YEARS ago and it practically took an act of God to get out of it.

New Reviewer

Went on the site to see about the product. You have to put your bank info in to see the price, and we decided not to get it. Well a few days later, here comes a box in the mail - we assumed it was a free box to show their product ( it wasn't) so we kept the box but then went on the site to cancel. The web page appeared to show that the product was cancelled, but here comes another box. Went back on the confirm the cancellation and sent the box back in the mail.
Well they DID not cancel, so I may have to contact Attorney Generals office or BBB.
Very poor way to do business,

New Reviewer

I did not complete the signup process. I NEVER accepted the terms nor agreed. But the boxes started to appear. I thought as they had my address from filling in the form that they were trying to entice me. Then another box turned up. I was like wow, they are really trying to get us. When the next box arrived I got worried. Checked my bank account and they have used my details without my permission! They are crooks!

New Reviewer

I'm probably the only not getting paid to give it a good review. I actually like the graze box I get every week. The reason for the 4 stars is because it's true, the "free" box not so free. I guess they updated the website recently though because they warned when you sign up subscription you get charged early for the next box. I was a little peeved I was charged again pretty early, however the box was pretty good and it's not that much money so I stayed signed up. For a lot of people this can be a let especially if you didn't like what you got. What I did before my first box was rate a ton of stuff (it was a sunday) and I so far haven't gotten any thing I hated yet. My partner loves it as well. He at first wanted to cancel the subscription until he ate some of the box. OVERALL, the subscription will be dissapointing if you want something that is actually free, and if you don't rate a bunch of stuff before hand. Otherwise me and my partner love the surprise snacks and they so far have been ontime. Would recommend but with an asterisk about the "free" box.

New Reviewer

I really want to try this service. I love the idea of getting healthy nuts , fruits and chocolates in the mail. But after reading the reviews, I'm scared. I have a code for a free box but reading these reviews tells me its not free and its hard to cancel if i am not happy. I have now decided against ordering from this site. First reason is the credit card info for a free box, Second The fact i cant cancel with a simple push of a button and third the portions seem small for $7.00.Fourth they have no phone number i can call if i'm nervous, unhappy or just need help. I'm really sorry but with 2 1/2 star review doesn't put much faith with your company.

Tip for consumers: Wait until the reviews get to 4 stars.

Ask David about Graze
New Reviewer

I can't believe the negative reviews. I saw the ad for Graze and ordered the first box. I went online and scrolled through all the flavors so I could rule out the ones that I knew we would not like. We loved it from the first box. I then doubled the boxes each week. We are up to 3 boxes a week. We are like kids at Christmas waiting for the boxes to arrive, then tear into them to see what we got. Love, Love, Love them.
Thank you Graze, Kathy Slone

New Reviewer

Thank You everybody for your reviews.
I got two promotional vouchers with my PC mouse, so I decided to give it a try.
When I've seen that before you get your "free" box you need to put your bank details, I decided to google the reviews.
It is a big shame that someone is promoting such stupid business.
Thank You everybody again for saving my money by writing your wonderful reviews!!

New Reviewer

i ordered the free box.. i put in my credit card number like it said.. when i got the box i didnt like anything in it, so as soon as i tried the stuff in the box i went to site and i cancelled any more shipment.. that was Sept 15 2014. the site comfirmed it wasnt gonna send anymore and that it was cancelled. then on Sept 23 2014 it shows up on my credit card again... so i called my credit card company and had them put a stop to it

New Reviewer

When I saw the free box offer on TV I though why not this could be great for weekend snacking with the grandkids. But, my problem is that to get this SO CALLED FREE BOX, I have to give my credit card info. so they can start sending more...sorry but that's not free. Free is free, all you should need is my mailing address.

New Reviewer

I agree with some about the price of the box, but I am food junkie, and love trying new combinations.Although I can go to the grocery store and buy myself the nuts, fruits, and all the spices; I won't. The whole point of this site is to simply open my mailbox and get tasty snacks, where I can just sit down and eat- no mess, no cooking, no wasting my time. I don't like all the snacks, but in general they taste great. It's a small package, but a lot of times, it's just what I need to fill myself up as a little lunch. Great website, and great idea.

New Reviewer

Never received my first, second or third box. Company says they were mailed and delivered but they have no signatures to prove so. I spent over a week going back and forth with customer service, mind you all by email because they will not call me, and still cannot resolve the issue. They keep giving me the runaround and telling me they were delivered. It's a smallbox of snacks, can they not afford to send out a replacement? terrible cusotmer service. I would not order from these people. I have had to file a fraudulent charge clain with my bank in order to get refunded for the 3 different snack packs I have still to receive. This company is such

New Reviewer

I am very surprised to see all the negative reviews on here.

I ordered and received my free box from Graze. Loved the snacks in my free box so I went online to customize my preferences and have since received three more boxes all with a good variety of snacks (some sweet, some savory). My kids like it a lot (fun to open the box to see what we have received this time around).

In my opinion this is a great concept, on time delivery, nice quality snacks. I will continue to order from this company and hope that more of the people who DO enjoy the product will post their reviews too to give some balance to all the negative ones!

New Reviewer

I ordered the free box from Graze. I was charged $6.49 so I emailed you. Your response was there was a $6.49 charge for shipping the free box. Your site says free shipping and free box of snack. Graze refuses to take this charge off my charge card. My name is Irene Poelz and my email is I intend to take legal action on this matter. Please respond.

New Reviewer

I got to the website so its not free oh well I type in credit info won't take my card keeps saying invalid. can't contact them so I'm glad I didn't cuz I didn't realize it was a scam where u can't cancel. I've been down the road where you get free trial then cancel after thirty days u cancel but still get charged do you call back and no one will refund your money. Scam scam scam! The people giving five stars are paid to rate it... Believe me I used to be one of them. They are paid to rate highly and probably work for the company.

Tip for consumers: Don't do it. Don't listen to the people getting paid to rate five stars they are scam artists too

Ask heather about Graze
New Reviewer

Saw a commercial on TV (First Time Ever) Loved the concept and checked out the website, read all the combos and thought it would be a good deal; however, if you are going to advertise a code for "FREE" box and you want to have repeat business, you should make sure that the code works. If my first introduction to your company is that you code is no longer valid I gotta wonder.....

New Reviewer

I am a bit of a skeptic but thought I'd give them a try after seeing a "free sample" ad on tv. After 10 minutes of information entering on their website, I found out that a "free" sample requires a credit card. I find it a bit dishonest, if they told me that a "free" sample was just a little marketing scam upfront, I wouldn't have wasted my time. A business promoting their product should be honest, thumbs down

New Reviewer

I have been very satisfied with my graze box & my payment options, no problems what-so-ever. I was a little concerned about the freshness, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Very good, low calorie & more than affordable. I would recommend to anyone. Good for snacks on the go, which I do often.

New Reviewer

I saw a commercial on tv about getting a free box- no strings attached. I ordered the free box and it turned out okay, and I didn't think much of it after that. I then found out that they were charging me automatically for another box. I wasted 6 bucks on some nuts and raisins. Horrible. I want my money back.

Tip for consumers: Don't use this website or make an account

Ask aj about Graze
New Reviewer

I don't like the fact that people are rating a company with one star based on other peoples reviews! The point is to review YOUR experience not what you READ fomr others who have experienced. I wish you could report these as false reviews.

On to the product! I have tried Graze box, received my first box free, was charged two weeks later $6 for my second box as described by the site. The snacks are wonderful, varity and quality are not lacking, you can customize items you want and it comes in a nature inspired box shipped to you home or work.

Great idea, great product, I am an ACTUAL (meaning I've actually tried this product) satisfied customer!

The only issue I could possibly see happening is shipping might very depending on location and time of year, i.e. Christmas season might delay delivery, but this would be true with absolutly anything you buy that must be shipped. They mail them out every two weeks (or weekly depending on what you want) but it can very on when the box actually hits the mail box.

Love the product, please ignore the people that have not even tried the product or have actually communicated with the company. Try it for yourself, I did and I'm happy with the product.

Ask Christina about Graze
New Reviewer

Well I like the product , just one complaint every saturday I recieve my box, I was charged for I never recieved it , whats going on.

New Reviewer

I've read through some of these reviews and don't believe half of them. Graze is great! The price is excellent. $6 for 4 snacks with free shipping? When was the last time you tried to ship anything? Very expensive. Make my own snacks? Sure but that would cost an arm and a leg to get all of the wonderful ingredients you get in these snacks. I love the variety and while I don't love everything sent, I have the option to "trash" items that have ingredients that I don't like or trash items I've tried and don't want to receive again. Free box? You bet! The credit card thing is for a hold charge. The $1 holding charge goes away. This is a great service and it's fun. C'mon, where else can you get a surprise in the mail that isn't a bill and is tasty and inexpensive? Just try it. Now excuse me while I snack on my hot cross yum.

New Reviewer

I received my free box as promised and have received 2 more boxes for the $6.00 per box fee. The snacks are VERY tasty (if you can't find any you like, then you may be a very picky eater). It's fun to receive it in the mail and the packaging is cool in itself. I have had no problems with the website or them sending me the items I have rated that I like. I think $6 is an inexpensive cost for what you get. A scam is when you pay money and you get nothing or nothing as promised. I have not seen that with I think that those of you that don't like something 100% and then go online to bash it, should get over it. Like the person said on an earlier review, if you can't afford the $6 then maybe you shouldn't be ordering things online.

New Reviewer

I had a feeling that this may not be a good company to order from because it is so hard to find the information about how to cancel on the website. I am glad that I decided against it because reading these reviews showed me some shady things. The worst part is that the person from the company named Amy that has responded to all of the negative reviews gives 3 different emails for customers to use when requesting refunds, and when making complaints. I have seen her suggest using,, and one other one as well that is completely different back in the reviews from February. I have trouble trusting a company that sends out a representative to troll for complaints, and then gives out 3 different email addresses while responding to them. I have not ordered from this company, and have no complaints directly about the food or the customer service, but will not be trying it based on what I have seen on the site.

New Reviewer

I signed up for Graze and was offered the first box for free. While going through the online process, it also offered me a free breakfast box with my first order.

It is only today that I noticed that they charged my credit card, despite the 'free' offer.

I am waiting for their reply on this, but wish i'd kept to my stance of not giving credit card details until you purchase something where payment is actually due!

New Reviewer

Love this box and theyre rewards system. Use my code, PWMZKK5CP, to get your 1st and 5th box free. Ive gotten some really delicious snacks.

New Reviewer

Let's start with the Pro's; as Customer Service will be needing to earn this solitary star I've just afforded them.

The first box was really free. To be honest I've happily paid for two others, and was hoping to continue on with the service for months. I am no health food eater; but at $1 per serving, $1 for the packing of 4 snacks, and $1 for delivery, I was all in. Summer berry flapjack, scrumptious blueberry swirl, Scandinavian forest, and triple berry smoothie are all worth changing my eating habits, for the better, over.

The Con is the website(business model) is the epitome of reverse psychology. In any Food Establishment that I can think of(movies too) when a patron of that establishment is handed a menu, then that patron is expected to pick what it is he/she would like. An analogy of how graze is setup would be if after the establishment showed a patron the menu, that the establishment then informs the patron that the Chef will actually be deciding which menu item you will be paying for!?

Each box contains 4 different things. The website has about 100 different things. One would expect to fill up a basket with 4 things for each week moving forward. But the website literally asks you to "Trash" things you are not interested. The problem is that is the only way it asks you what you want. So in order to narrow down the realm of possible choices, for the Chef, to 4 things; you need to literally "Trash" %96 of the website!? This problem then exacerbates enormously when Customer Service representatives carry on mentally handicapped over the psychology of the site; as they literally berated me for having "Trashed" a majority of the site, through multiple emails!? An these were private messages to my personal email; from them, actually regarding both a credit and shipping errors!?

I told them in one such message if I ever heard anything vaguely similar to a complaint about my personal taste, with regard to my own food, again; I would cancel my membership without a second thought, and change my social media views, because their pressing the issue was beginning to get a little too personal! And in deed it did end up feeling a little crazy. I was expecting an apology; but that next email came from yet another Customer Service agent, impaired by the same attitude, indignant about their complaint to me, that I change my tastes!?

So I say if "" wants "Trash" let's...

New Reviewer

I made an initial payment and received their box of nuts etc. As I did not care for the eats I tried to stop any further payments but found nothing on their web site to enable me to discontinue my membership - no phone number, no address and a "no reply" email. I was therefor forced to instruct my bank to refuse any further debits from Graze. I do think that all web sites should have a telephone number and/or an address for communications.

New Reviewer

I just got my free box which was truly free. Can't say that I cared much for it. I find it odd that the initial box has two snacks with dried fruit. I do not care for dried apples or bananas so that was a bust. The herb crackers were vastly overseasoned. I like the black pepper pistachios, but when I went online to make my choices black pepper showed up a lot in the products.

I went to cancel and they asked if I'd try one more box for $3. I said yes and will hope that when I get something I choose it will be better. a little surprise in a box for $6 seems fair enough to me and I don't think that they are scam artists. They could make better choices in the free box though.

New Reviewer

I have been receiving my Graze boxes for over 3 months now. Every box is a lovely delight! I find the snacks to be very healthy (I subscribe to the Calorie Counter Box), and perfectly portioned controlled (which I personally need!) On occasion there have been a few snacks I had not cared for, but once I clicked "Trash" on the Graze website, I never recieved these snacks again. I highly recommend this product, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

New Reviewer

I just started graze. I received my first box free and I will get my fifth box free too! If you want the same, use this code: F6D44J41P . So far I like it. I was a little worried initially but the snacks were yummy. They are very small so don't expect a lot. It is a surprise since you never know what you will get. You just can't mind paying $6/box. It is a little expensive, but it is fun.

New Reviewer

I signed up with the free sample offered on Spotify, and while the food is very good, the portions are SO small. $6 for 4 small snack servings seems a bit much. Also, I was charged for the second week's box before I even reserved my first, though I would have canceled it right after the first box had it not taken so long to arrive. I canceled my subscription because it doesn't seem worth the price. I may reconsider if the portions increase. Also, there's way too much packaging. Seems like a real waste of materials.

New Reviewer

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Horrible taste. I received a box from my son and his girlfriend for "mother's day". I didn't like it from the beginning. They used my bank card and now I'm being charged for something that I don't like. It's impossible to cancel and the ones that had this bright idea (my son and his girlfriend) don't pay any attention to my requests. I will file a complaint with the BBB. This is a SCAM!!!

New Reviewer

The snacks were ok, but they use way too much sugar in their snacks for it to be considered healthy. The portions are way too small for what they charge and they make it impossible to cancel. How hard would it be to have a cancel button or phone number, instead you have to email and hope they respond. Are you kidding me? They have a complex interface to select snacks, yet you can't cancel online. Buyer beware. The whole business model seems a bit predatory.

New Reviewer

This company is a total scam. Anyone having problems getting a refund, I recommend that you file a complaint with your Attorney Generals office. This will get the company to take your complaint seriously, and get your refund quick. Companies like this are a dime a dozen, and no one does anything so they get away with robbing people.

New Reviewer

Got all the same stuff in 1 box, yes 4 of the same, even though I have loads of 'send soon' options.. Cancelled, and won't be going back.

Apprentice Reviewer

I heard their ad on my spotify and decided I'd give them a try since I'm always hungry. I got my first free box and I was hooked from there. I like that its healthy, I try to eat good and stay fit so being able to snack without breaking my meal plan is a huge plus for me.

New Reviewer

There is no FREE sample. I understand they can't give away to people over and over if no one ever wants to buy BUT I had every intention of trying the product and then deciding on my own if I wanted to purchase again. They require a Credit Card, then charge you a dollar (so not free). I saw they said in responses on here to other people that the charge is voided well, MINE was not voided.I checked with my bank. Also 2 days after they billed me 1 dollar they billed me for a new box. They are VERY DECEITFUL in how they lure people into signing up. If it's a trial offer that requires you to be charged for things then say so in advertising, and you don't wait 2 weeks to bill for the next order. I mean this company billed me for the supposed FREE box and a second box at full price before I ever received my sample box. I only found out because I check my bank account daily on my mobile phone. Now I am having trouble canceling the future orders. STAY AWAY.... food is okay but not worth the hassle and I REFUSE to support a company that uses deceit to try and reel in unsuspecting customers the way that they do. Too bad for Graze. com I actually like the food and would have continued the service if I hadn't been deceived. Not to mention all the breast feeding moms I work with who are always looking for healthy and easy ways to eat. I thought I would try it and see if it would be something the breast feeding support group I run would enjoy and I'm sure they would have loved it but now I will tell them to stay away.

New Reviewer

If anyone has an imagination they can create their own box. Geeez!
Get your lazy ass down to the store and buy mixed nuts and dried fruit for even cheaper. Why do you follow this sales crap?
Use your brain. Trendy and lame. A box of snacks in a designer box.
Get real people and create your own.

New Reviewer

Seriously? I never realized there were so many unintelligent people in this world. Graze is a business and like any other business they must make profit to stay in operation. They aren't a charity organization. How long do you think they would stay in business if they went around giving away free boxes to anyone that wanted one? The free first box is a promo sign up offer. You get your first box for free to try upon sign up. Now, if you have a legit complaint or reason for deciding you do not want to continue service, for example you realize the food they offer doesn't follow the dietary needs of a strict diet you follow for health reasons, or you really just do not care for the food or service, etc. That's one thing. But the majority of the people complaining of having a supposed hard time canceling were just out for the free box. How can you call this company a scam when you tried to scam them? The amazing number of people who do this is the very reason we all have to give a credit card # upon sign up. To sign up with a company offering a free product upon sign up, only to get the free product with the intent of canceling after receiving it is wrong. You are trying to steal and getting angry because you weren't allowed to do so. The dollar charge some are mentioning is only to confirm your account, it isn't actually a charge. The only way to validate a credit card via the internet is to run a transaction. This is only a pending charge, meaning they never turn it in for payment. Depending on your bank and their timelines, these type charges fall of in 2-5 days and never actually post to your account. As for all of the people complaining of the price, you cannot seriously believe they could offer this service any cheaper? They have to pay overhead and shipping fees and that nice little packaging everyone loves and seems to expect isn't free, they have to pay for it. Health food isn't inexpensive no matter where you purchase it. It cost $6 a box for my subscription. If you can't afford that, perhaps you shouldn't be purchasing subscription boxes at all.

New Reviewer

I LOVE my graze boxes! They did give me my free box. Then I get my boxes every 2 weeks. Twice I have sent messages to them in which I got a reply back from a HUMAN the very next day. The website is very easy to navigate. In fact, I like it so much, I sent them a note to send me a box every week! Most of the stuff is really good. It's definitely unique! You might think 6 bucks a box is a little pricy, but I like to splurge on myself once in awhile. I love looking forward to that little treat box in the mail. Especially after a hard day at work, to get home and have that yummy little box of heaven! These people are way cool. And see, Amy is here on this site responding to the complaints. They truly do work with you and try to make you happy! Anyway, I am a fan. Keep em coming! Laurie

New Reviewer

I didn't have any issues with my free box. I went and picked out some of the things I thought I would want to try and I got a couple in my free box. I just got my second box along with my $6.00 charge. I have had no problems so far and LOVE my graze box! They're delicious little snacks that help keep the day interesting:) I don't feel it's a scam, and before signing up, I always read the FAQ's and policies on charges and how everything works before giving my cc to any company- esp online. With this being said, some people will just have issues, while others, like myself have smooth sailing with companies like this. I am very happy with my service so far and look forward to my next box! Thanks :)

New Reviewer

I am very disappointed with the Graze web site. In my experience it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to cancel my order. I have tried several time to do so but been unsuccessful every time.
G. Phillips

New Reviewer

I've read the reviews on this site, and decided to contact the people at about the whole "credit card" thing. For clarification, since the valpak coupon provides a free box, it does make sense that a CC be required so that they aren't just giving away free boxes to anyone with more than one email address. It's also just a hold on $1, not a fee.

That bit of laundry aside, I've just gotten my box (minimum two weeks per box) and the things I picked were inside. Imagine that. They're also delicious, so if you're actually trying to eat healthier snacks and such, make sure that you've got at least one spare dollar in the bank and bench it for a couple of weeks.

New Reviewer

I saw the commercial which advertised healthy snacks sent to your home. I thought it sounded good especially because if you enter the promo code they claim to send you a box for free. Unfortunately, after entering my name, address, and e-mail, I was then prompted to enter my credit card information. I entered the promo code and the site still wanted my credit card information so that they can subscribe me to their bi-weekly service. I am not interested. Unfortunately, they have my information so I am sure I will receive junk mail from them and who ever they sell my information to. This company is a very deceptive!!! Stay away!!!

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