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Review of GoodRx

GoodRx reviews

22 reviews
Categories: Health, Pharmacy
Santa Monica, California, USA
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22 Reviews From Our Community

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Just showed pharmacy my coupon on phone and saved $40 off prescription price. (in 3 reviews)

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3 reviews
0 helpful votes

This app is easy to use and saves me money each month. My medication is typically $70, but with this app, I only pay $8.50. I thought it was too good to be true, but when I brought it to the pharmacy the first time (and every time since) it worked. This app is a blessing.

Ask William about GoodRx
1 review
0 helpful votes

First time tried to use GoodRx was told by Walmart they don't take it, second time HEB said they would honor but if it turned out to be a scam they would not do it again. I feel better off trying another dicount program that the pharmacies back. Tired of f being embarrassed.

Ask Linda about GoodRx
1 review
0 helpful votes

Went to Shopko in Freeport il and they said it was a scam and would not honor coupon.

Ask Michelle about GoodRx
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Since Obamacare took effect I lost my prescription coverage at work. So I tried this website for the first time. It was easy to use, I found best price with coupon and downloaded app on my smart phone. Just showed pharmacy my coupon on phone and saved $40 off prescription price. I would highly recommend using GoodRX to save money on your next prescription.

Ask Vicky about GoodRx
1 review
1 helpful vote

No problem with Target or Walgreens, saved me money

Ask Mary about GoodRx
1 review
2 helpful votes

While some may have had issues with GoodRX, I have nothing but praises for them. When I was moving from one state to another and found my medicare part D insurance was NOT nationwide, I used them for 3 months to get the best discount on my medicines! As long as I asked first that the pharmacy had the brand of generic that the discount covered (the only issue that I ever encountered), I always received the quoted price, never found a regular pharmacies price to be equal or lower and was never treated as a substandard customer/ In all cases, the pharmacy personel were MORE than happy to make sure I got the quoted price!

I read other reviews and don't agree at all with the one star reviews (other than the lost card, which I cannot speak about as I did not need a card....not even a printed coupon, JUST my I-phone and the correct numbers for that medicine's discount, which they were happy to read off the phone and enter for me! I guess you are treated as you treat others!)


Ask Anthony about GoodRx
20 reviews
6 helpful votes

It's so easy to get a coupon an medication that exist in a pharmacy. So easy to just print out the coupon, and the even include a coupon card that can be used at nearly every pharmacy

Ask Your about GoodRx
1 review
0 helpful votes
3/21/15’s the deal. I went to dermatologist and got a prescription for hydroquinone for age spots. My insurance doesn’t cover it..... while I was at Publix I asked them to give me their price. WITH the Publix discount the price was $83+....WHOA! I am thinking I can live without it. Crying on the way home and deliberating the pain of living with brown spots taking over my face, I bucked up and determinedly attacked my laptop.
WELL....shortly..... came through. Unbelievable price for one tube of God’s saving grace. It took me about a week to get enough courage to go to the store with the lowest price. Walgreen!! After dropping off grandson Friday morning, while waiting at a traffic light, I pulled out my trusty new fangled toy, the cell phone. Swiped the navigator app and plugged in: Walgreen. Wah damn....500 ft. on my right up popped Walgreen. Alright , it is time for the old lady to muster up the courage....go ahead and DO IT!
Tentatively l approached the pharmacist , almost embarrassed. $27.41 later......I am clicking my heels out the store. Thrilled is mild for how I felt. I was very skeptical about one of these internet site being real. Well GoodRX is for real!
For all the stupid hesitating and dragging my heels, I GOT A REAL DEAL! GoodRX is the real deal.

Ask sobe about GoodRx
1 review
3 helpful votes

Dr. wrote a prescription not covered by insurance, so I googled it to get the best price. GoodRX offered a coupon, so called ahead to find out if the pharmacy accepted it. I was told they did. I also called a second pharmacy to find out how much the prescription would cost if I just walked in off the street with no coupon whatsoever. Bottom line, when I tried to fill the prescription using the coupon, the price I was asked to pay was THE SAME AS the price I had been quoted as the "regular/normal" cash price. Thinking the problem was with that particular pharmacy, I went to a second pharmacy and tried to use the coupon. Both places were asking the same price. I then called GoodRX, and their automated recording says that whatever price the pharmacy is charging is the correct price! They must get a lot of calls like mine. What a joke. Either a coupon is valid or it isn't. By any measure I can think of, this is called false advertising. Don't waste your time.

Ask Nana about GoodRx
1 review
5 helpful votes

I had a coupon for 120.46 for a drug. Called Walgreens and ask if I could use the coupon. Was told no. Asked why and was told GoodRx will not pay them for the medication so they no longer accept GoodRx. Why is the coupon taken at some Walgreens and not others? Plus I was on hold for for 40 mins when I called the phone number on the coupon. I just hug up. GoodRx encourages you to call the phone number on the coupon if there is any problem with the coupon not being accepted and for best results call while your at the pharmacy you are using. Who has time to hold for 40 plus mins?? This wait time is unacceptable.

Ask Bobby about GoodRx
1 review
3 helpful votes

I had a RX that my insurance won't pay for. I went to my local Wal-Mart, gave the RX and asked how much it wolf be..$93.00 for 90 days. I gace her the GoodRx coupon and she said she did't know if it will be accepted until she fills it and rings it up. I came back the next day and it rang up at $20.19. I was shocked! I have sinced gone to Publix and was charged to same discount price with coupon! It too good to be true, but it is!
Venice, Fl

Ask Terri about GoodRx
1 review
2 helpful votes

GoodRx is a lifesaver and should be shared with everyone who needs help paying for medications they need, but cannot afford. I am on long term disabilaty and do not qualify for any state aid. I pay high insurance premiums that I can barely afford with all my Dr. visits etc. I have to pay out of pocket for medications and when my Dr. told me about GoodRx I thought it was too good to be true. I researched it a little. I printed out 2 coupons/savings cards and went to Walmart and saved about $500.00 for my 2 meds. I am currently on about 6, so this is a godsend. At first there was some confusion at the register...they first said the total was $96.00, but after running it through again the total was $20.00. I will continue to use GoodRx for my other meds, with hopes all goes well. GoodRx is my lifesaver.

Ask Lisa about GoodRx
1 review
6 helpful votes

A couple weeks ago I left goodrx a bad review. I decided to try them one more time. I had an Rx for 90 Ambien 1 MG. Goodrx showed a price of $9.92 at my local walgreens drug store.

I printed the coupon and headed to Walgreens. Sure enough I got them for $9.92 just like goodrx was showing. The pharmacist punched in the information and he said "Wow that is quite a discount!" The cash price without goodrx was $130.00
My previous problem with goodrx was at WALMART! Perhaps walmart was the problem.

I'm thoroughly satisfied with goodrx and highly recommend it.

Tip for consumers: If one store doesn't honor the card price like they are supposed to try a different retailer next time.

Ask Jerry about GoodRx
1 review
4 helpful votes

I used three coupons last night from GoodRX and was thrilled! I recently lost my insurance and decided to try them at Walgreens after paying over $35 for each prescription last month for generic medicine for ambien, etc. They didn't even blink, entered the code into the register, and all prescriptions came to under 10 each.

LOVED it and so glad I investigated the web for a cheaper alternative to my meds!!! Will continue to use them (o:

Ask Madeleine about GoodRx
1 review
9 helpful votes

WalMart would not honor goodrx (Antioch, CA). I don't know who actually honors goodrx. This so frustrating!!! I finally have medical insurance, but cannot afford my medicine!

Ask Maxine about GoodRx
3 reviews
21 helpful votes

Huh! They do not honor their advertised coupon price. My prescription price was double the coupon price and they said "oh we're sorry, the coupon for $225is just an estimate".

Ask Jason about GoodRx
1 review
5 helpful votes

The reviewer who called this a scam is way off. If the pharmacist had trouble with the coupon, I suspect he/she did not use it for whatever reason, and charged full cost. It would have been nice if the reviewer had identified the store.

We have used goodrx coupons at Target, Walgreens, Kroger, and WalMart, and have gotten the prices shown on the site. We have several elderly cats, and have saved hundreds of dollars on their prescriptions. Yes, you can use these prescriptions for pet medications! Our vet now tells all of her pet owners about the site (no insurance for pet prescriptions!).

Another hint: if you are on Medicare, by law (thank you, Democrats) you can not be offered any incentive, like coupon discounts for co-pays or even Target's 5% off rewards program. We have found many prescriptions are the same cost or cheaper without Medicare (often not even needing the Goodrx coupon). We instruct the pharmacist NOT to use Medicare when processing the prescription, and get the discounts. Using Medicare is not required.

Ask James about GoodRx
1 review
3 helpful votes

Goodrx used it for first time very good saved me lots of money. Went to cvs at first I had another discount card they told me with card would cost 72.00. Went on Goodrx online found it online at walmart for 23.50 printed card. Got it fill at walmart no problem . Walmart was the cheapest . Cvs want 58.00 . Check it out good deal. Thank you Greg

Ask Alan about GoodRx
1 review
9 helpful votes

It's a scam. They do not honor their advertised coupon price. My prescription price was double the coupon price and they said "oh we're sorry, the coupon for $180 is just an estimate". Since when something that costs double the coupon price an estimate? In addition, the pharmacy had a difficult time processing this.

Ask jackie about GoodRx
1 review
3 helpful votes

Excellent!! I am so happy I found goodrx. I don't have insurance & now I save a lot of money every month for the same prescriptions I've been paying big bucks for. one of the few REAL discount drug sites. Thank you GoodRX!!

Ask Diana about GoodRx
15 reviews
20 helpful votes

very useful site and I have tried it a couple times now and they have saved me quite a bit of money. The only drawback was that the first time I used the site the pharmacist seemed very confused by the coupon and it took awhile before he was able to give me the discount. Not the sites fault though and the next time I tried a coupon it worked. .

Ask Heather about GoodRx
23 reviews
77 helpful votes

I've been using this site for about a year and have saved a lot of money. This is not only for people but also pets, that's how I found it. My one dog is on phenobarbital due to having seizures. The monthly pharmacy prices ranged from $17 to $32 a month. That gets a little expensive on a yearly basis. NOW I pay between $7.15 to $9.47
The drug industry is like the stock market, it fluctuates monthly. No gimmicks here. Just find the lowest prices at your local pharmacy and print out the coupon. Check it out, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Ask Bob about GoodRx

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Q: I would like to know how I can order my medications from Best Pharmacy.
3 weeks ago
A: If you are referring to The business Best Pharmacy like are in California, just print out the GoodRx coupon and give it to them with your prescription. Make a second copy of the coupon to have with you when you pick up the prescription to verify you got the correct price (sometimes info is lost between placing the order and picking it up).
The price shown on the GoodRx coupon is WITH NO INSURANCE. If you are covered by drug insurance, and the insurance price is greater than the GoodRx price, then instruct your pharmacist to NOT run it through your insurance, and that you will pay for it yourself (you are never obligated to use your insurance, and it will not change your ability to use your insurance on other medications).
Let me know if I missed giving you the info you are asking.
2 weeks ago
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