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A nice email service with a simple and powerfull interface... (in 6 reviews)

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New Reviewer

been using this site for years. Plus, once they found out that the email may be accesible under the patriot act, they encoded everything, even against themselves, so that no one is able to see your email. truly google is watching out for us, unlike that jerk Zuckerberg over at lamebook

Ask nancyj about Gmail
New Reviewer

Write your review to help others learn about this online businessGmail is the best webmail client out there. Finally, my inbox is organized thanks to threaded messages. The search is quick and works well (figures) and I'm able to track conversations much more easily than I ever have been able to before. Highly recommended!

Ask marial about Gmail
New Reviewer

Very nice and easy to use, the email is fast and it is not chaged with all these complicated stuff, i use it as my main email.

Ask joee about Gmail
New Reviewer

I use Gmail service as my work mail account. The threads systematization is good for work mails only I consider. I tried to use this mail service as my personal box, but I failed in that, threads of personal e-mails got me really nerves.

Ask garya about Gmail
New Reviewer

Love everything about it. It's intuitive, simple, efficient. Easy on the eye. The real deal.

New Reviewer

best mailing system ever. yeah this is a system. filter and lab features are awsome, and once you know how the priority inbox work, yo'll fell in love with this. Lab features are another spices in this tray... Simple Awesomeness.

Tip for consumers: Gmail is good service

Ask Willard about Gmail
New Reviewer

The mail which has been used by the most of the people in the world. The reason is simple, compatible, user friendly like this we can say so many. s this can be used by even the illiterates especially for the illiterates who are doing business and are in a high position in the society are all also having the gmail mail Id's this itself shows us the compatible, userfriendliness of gmail.

New Reviewer

It use to be average webmail client.
But lately you can really see that google put some serious talent into it.
The new layout is great and I really like how it automatically sorts emIl into tabs based on its origin.

Apprentice Reviewer

THE best e-mail program. I like how it groups email chains together; how you can label emails, so the same e-mail can have multiple labels; the easy search function. Another great product by Google.

New Reviewer

I'm guessing that an email site will be liked or disliked based on the tastes of many people, however gmail really pleases me. They make updates every now and then and I feel like they are always for the better. They have really cool themes (I'm using the space one) and although I have a limited memory on my account, I never seem to run out of space for my things. Now the emails are organized into the folders: social, primary and promotions. I really, really like gmail and I don't think I will be using another site any time soon.

New Reviewer

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New Reviewer

I am not a big fan of the new gmail system liked the old version much better. Anymore I just use email system, which is pretty solid!

New Reviewer

is there a better site than for emails? I think not.
I have had an account with them for years and have had no problems.
Good spam filters, setting up filters to sort your mail into different labels. Just awesome features.

New Reviewer

Gmail is simple, its easy to use and best of all it has the most advanced spam filters in the market. By that I don't mean that it doesn't only do a good job at removing spam, but it also is nearly flawless and letting email through to the inbox that may otherwise be categorized as spam on other email services.

For instance, in my business I am often needing to email customers with quick little attachments such as pdf's for review and a quick response. When I see the customer has a gmail associated email address I don't have to worry. On the contrary, when I see a customer has a hotmail address...I almost always have to call and tell them to please check their spam folder and most likely my message is in there. I'm not a spammer, i'm sending an email that the customer requested and needs to view, i'm not sending to more than one person at a time, and its not advertising related so it makes no sense that my email should end up in spam. Again, with Gmail this is never something I have to worry about.

Great product, great interface, and free (well...advertising funded which they don't abuse). I don't need to tell you to check it out, because chances are you have and feel the same way I do.

New Reviewer

I like the the new look overall - except the lack of text on the buttons. We should not have to hover the mouse over the new button icons to see what their function is - text is much more preferable. At least the option to retain this should be added.

New Reviewer

The new look is more difficult to use and see, and the use of icons in place of words is confusing. It looks like you are concentrating more on cool graphics than functionality these days. I wish I could un-upgrade at this point, but it looks like I'm being forced into this so too bad.

It is also much slower. Is there more Java or something? I don't understand how it all works, but i can tell you that Google has lost the clean simplicity that made Gmail such a great find in the beginning. Please don't go too corporate on us...some of us have been here since the beginning and don't want to start disliking Google the way I now dislike Apple.

And now I have to be within a message to apply a label to it? It was very useful before to be able to 'check-mark' several messages and apply a label to multiple messages at the same time. That functionality is gone.

New Reviewer

I switched to the new look. Not impressed. Just another look. Not really any WOW factor to it.

However, the new look does not work with the older version of IE on our computers at work. Administrative locks prevent us from updating IE to a new version. Had to switch back to the old look. If you force this transition to the new look, I will not be able to use Gmail at work and that creates problems for me and those who need to contact me in emergencies since I am not allowed to use my cell phone.

Please re-think this. I need to continue using Gmail with the older version of Explorer on my computer at work.

New Reviewer

It is great there is nothing confusing about it. It has folders u just have to push the button that says INBOX and a nice amount of folders pop up. In my opinion it is very easy to operate. Ive been using it for the past 2yrs no crashing or bugging

Apprentice Reviewer

Over this week I received some emails about a risk management projects from my peers. Now whatever I search on Google, YouTube or everywhere else, there are some advertisement related to risk management.
I don't have any privacy! They read my emails!!!!!
I want to be free to send, and receive anything I like without being monitored.
This is my personal mail box. Imagine the post office monitors your mail box, and sends you many advertisements related to your letters. Do you like such a post office?
If you like to know more about these issues, there is a very interesting section in:
discussing about Gmail Privacy.

New Reviewer

Google products simply rule the world. I highly recommend all the users to make gmail ID due to credibility factor.

New Reviewer

I simply loves all the products of Google. I have given 5 stars to Gmail because Gmail limits the spam ID's and they have a very balanced data base.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I use it for my email. It's WAY better than Yahoo! and AOL. Yahoo! is insecure, and AOL just takes too long to get mail.

New Reviewer

LOVE gmail - I've been using it for e-mail, contact sync with my smart phone and chat for 6 years now. I've set hundreds of filters and can find anything I have sent at a moment's notice.

New Reviewer

The good:
Good spam filtering
Good threaded comments
Chat is good (when it works)

The bad:
Bad navigation that seems to get worse with each so-called 'upgrade'
Changes for no reason other than to... change.
Bad contrast with newest update with no viable alternatives in the Themes section.

Gmail really has some good perks, but I'm not the only one they ticked off with the latest changes which appear to have been made just because. Some browsers can't use it now, complaints all over, and we're told "tough." They changed the icon-only format of the buttons after so many people complained about not having a text option.

I still use it right now but I'm on the active lookout for a different option that can handle all my various email addresses (like the old Eudora could). The Gmail overseers do not listen to their users much anymore. Have a problem? Well, that's your problem.

New Reviewer

Gmail was good when I first recieved a Gmail/Google account, and it was good for most of the 4 years I had a Gmail address. However, for the last 5 months of my membership, having a Google account was bad. It kept saying that the password was incorrect, and I have written my password down to prove Google wrong. I have changed the password several (around 6-8) times, but everytime I try to log in with the CORRECT username/password combination, it does not allow me to do so. So I got an email account with another site, and it does not have the same glitches yet.

New Reviewer

Gmail is an essential tool for me because as writer, i also write posts in review sites like so I need always to be online in gmail in case someone will contact me. I think most of the people nowadays have gmail account on their own for personal and business purposes. Just like myself, i use gmail in both personal and business matters.

New Reviewer

Better than yahoo mail. I us this a lot to link accounts in different websites especially in a review site like Emails are immediately received and no delayed emails so far. And to give back to gmail, i posted this review to let others people know how it changed my life.

New Reviewer

best mailing system ever. yeah this is a system. filter and lab features are awsome, and once you know how the priority inbox work, yo'll fell in love with this. Lab features are another spices in this tray... Simple Awesomeness.

New Reviewer

I really don' t have a lot to add here other than for a free email service, gmail is about the best you are going to find. It does not go down that often and is reliable.

New Reviewer

A very good free mail service. I found only one down side and that it's a little slow on slow connections. POP and IMAP services work great though on slow connections.

New Reviewer

As an email service it's great. The webmail is not something I like or use. Instead I link the account to my mail client. Easier, faster.

New Reviewer

i find gmail the best online email experience. They are very easy to wirk with. Their features are like no others. I like google products in general.

New Reviewer

I dislike google docs extremely as well as when you DL an attachment it automatically makes it a read only file. My other e-mail program does not do this and it makes editing files so much easier from my e-mail. Google docs for the lose.

New Reviewer

the new layout confuses me a bit but the site is still very nice

New Reviewer

I love the lack of spam but it begs you to ask if perhaps Google, known for spying, is actually allowing spammers through to some people? I find a lot of the functions difficult on gmail and do not understand why all my emails get stored in two places? I also have a folder that "self-duplicated" It is NOT as user friendly as yahoo was but spam is amazingly low!

New Reviewer

Gmail has become the necessary evil. They have made some improvements, but I think they have a long way to go to be truly user-friendly.

New Reviewer

I've had gmail for a few years now & knowing it's not connected to a service provider gives me some security if I need to change. I don't get spammed as my reg. accts. --as far s this review I can't see what i'm typing, so that leaves little to be desired. I just did a lil trick I know pushing F11 & was able to see it. Hope this helps others. Now I do have one other off brand email company I like, it gives me 10 in one, filters, folders, pop -pull over' my yahoo email even. GMX.Com the only problem I've had with them is they refresh while your trying to read from the box below, but if you open the email to a tab you'll be ok. I can filter to have email from yahoo go into a specific folder or it's own. So it actually can accommodate many more emails all with one login. But my gmail so far is much simpler so i can be assured not to miss an important email from a friend that might get lost in spam otherwise.

New Reviewer

Gmail is great, and better all the more for its acquisitions of sites like YouTube that give you immediate access with your login to the mail client. It's fast and easy to use, and the search feature makes need for actual folders, like in Yahoo! Mail, unnecessary. The improvements made on this free mail service have continued to enhance the overall experience of using Gmail, which I have been using since back when you had to get an invitation to have an account. It was the original web mail client with virtually an unlimited storage capacity, and had Google not made that part of the Gmail package, we'd all likely be, right now, in process of deciding what username to give our 20th or 30th 2MB max storage capacity Yahoo! Mail account. YAY Gmail!!

New Reviewer

Gmail doing fine for me since long. Yea sometimes have server issues but nothing perfect in this world

Apprentice Reviewer

Love, love, Love my Gmail. I get updates on my android when I have emails. Better than AOL and yahoo.

New Reviewer

I love this e-mail system and I'm using as my professional e-mail accounts. I have smtp and pop3 accounts. I love google and other services.

Apprentice Reviewer

been using this site for years. Plus, once they found out that the email may be accesible under the patriot act, they encoded everything, even against themselves, so that no one is able to see your email. truly google is watching out for us, unlike that jerk Zuckerberg over at lamebook

New Reviewer

How could anyone say anything bad about gmail? No, they are not perfect. Yes, the are continuing to improve. Yes, they are the absolute best email service and platform out there. And since I'm paying $0 for all this service, they absolutely will receive a 5 star rating from me. With all the new improvements they've made to make the inbox more manageable, I'd highly recommend staging a "gmail intervention" for your loved ones still operating on aol, hotmail, or yahoo accounts.

Veteran Reviewer

I love Gmail! I have used this email service for around two to three years without problems. I love the new Gmail design, I love how it offers fantastic security measures and most of all how everything is connected.

Google has improved in regards to design over the years, but over the past several months Gmail and Google have improved quiet significantly.

Gmail, along with all their other services now support two-step authentication. For example, depending on how important your account is to you, you can enable a verification code to be send to your phone each time you login through a different computer or browser. This then means you have to enter your password AND enter a code sent to your phone. This step is a fantastic Google, Inc. Initiative.

Does logging into several accounts each day become annoying? Do you prefer managing all your data in one central place? Then Gmail is a great start. For one, logging into Gmail will also give you access to he Google Calender, CRM, YouTube, Bookmarks, photos, documents, and so much more! In addition to this, with Google, you can connect your account with other services. For example, you sign into Google and you have connected your account with Zoho, then you can access their site at the same time.

Apprentice Reviewer

Hands down one of the most feature rich email site (And they are constantly making it better). The spam filter is astounding in fact I don't know how they do it so well.

New Reviewer

Not sure why the current rating is so low. It's free, it's integrated across countless apps, it rarely goes down, and did I mention it's free??

Besides potential privacy issues, I don't see how anyone has the right to hate on it.

New Reviewer

I use Gmail service as my work mail account. The threads systematization is good for work mails only I consider. I tried to use this mail service as my personal box, but I failed in that, threads of personal e-mails got me really nerves.

New Reviewer

I like the chat feature.

Makes it cool imo : )

New Reviewer

Simply, Easy to use, and powerful. I do all my email here. There are many features included that I would have to pay for else where. Love it!