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211 reviews
2 Park Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Tel: (877) 280-0545

211 Reviews for

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Only Shoes and Clothes are returnable and only for store credit.


The one bad thing about this site is the return policy.

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New Reviewer

Ordered a Shirt online. First out of stock, then they ship me Towels for some guy in Texas.
I called and emailed customer service and was told basically everyone makes mistakes.
In order to get my shirt, I had to print a label off their site and send the towels back. Once they receive the towels and check the condition...I will receive a refund on my order and then I can re-order the is all their fault and not only did I not get my shirt, but I am the one that had to go out of my way to ship their mistake back!
I saw some really nice looking items on their site, but with all the comments about their poor customer service and my experience, I am dome with Gilt and everyone else should be too!!!!!!!


Ask bill about Gilt
New Reviewer

I have purchased items for a long time on Gilt.Com and achieved "Premier Member" status. Prior to today, I had only a few complaints about product defects but no complaints about their willingness to take the returns. After the most recent experience I will no longer use them. I purchased a rather pricey home decor item July 24th. Since that time, the screen has always shown "Estimated delivery Jul 28, 2014 to Jul 29, 2014". Over the next 7 weeks I called four times. With the first two calls the customer service reps said there was an unexpected 3rd party vendor delay; the third call rep stated that the 3rd party vendor had a "lead time" of 40 days from order date; and the fourth call rep stated that due to a "computer glitch", an originally predicted delivery date of September 19th (57 days out) was not relayed. From my perspective, only one of these explanations can be true, and the reps seem to be saying whatever appeases the customer and gets them off the phone. Further, I see that this 3rd party vendor continues to be advertised on the website without any notice of any "lead time" to warn future customers.

Ask D about Gilt
New Reviewer

terrible customer service, no refunds and very long delivery times. How is this site still in business? Stay away from it!!!

Ask Leon about Gilt
New Reviewer

Loved this place! I got unreal prices here, and everything is such incredible quality!!!
This Dolan jacket I bought for $26 was over $200 on other's unreal! Would definitely shop again!

Ask Sara about Gilt
New Reviewer

I have a strong hunch that most of the items that suggest they are from the designer are actually either "inspired" by the designer's style but made by someone else OR a lower standard knockoff possibly made by the designer exclusively for Gilt. If you read the fine print, it tells you to check the FAQs to understand what is meant by 'slash through pricing'. There is just something about this site that doesn't seem right. Can anyone shed any light on this thought? For instance, how is it possible to be on a waitlist for something that is 80% off unless they're simply manufacturing it again and, if so, could they really already predict that the new inventory will be 80% off?

New Reviewer

My first purchase was a chandelier and it had missing crystals. It took about 3 weeks to get them, but love the light fixture but hated the hassle.

My second purchase was 2 outdoor lounge chaise chairs. They were finally scheduled to deliver 3 days past the time frame, but no big deal. My delivery; however, has been a NIGHTMARE! I received one box which ended up being a California King Headboard!?!?!? WTH?

So after multiple calls and emails to both HomeDirect USA (delivery idiots) and Gilt (clueless people) I still have a headboard sitting on my back deck (box is now destroyed due to numerous rain storms and I can't lift it to the garage nor do I feel like I need to) I get an email finally today that, OOOPPS, sorry we can't get your items. Basically, sorry about your luck.

And I still have this stupid headboard on my back deck that I keep asking them to pick up. This company is a joke. I'd rather pay quadruple price for an item I can actually get than this run around, BS.

ADIOS Gilt...oh and by the way, social media is a wonderful thing for upset customers. Next....making all my friends and family aware on Facebook and Twitter.

Tip for consumers: BUYER BEWARE!!!!! The prices are great, but you won't get the merchandise.

Ask Angie about Gilt
New Reviewer

I wish I had seen SiteJabber before buying from this company. They are very dishonest. As other posters have indicated they engage in false and misleading product description. They have refused to accept a return of the product and further even refused to provide a manager contact when I requested an escalation of my compliant. Based on this product description:
"Astor Sofa Set:
Set of two sofas
Durable powder-coated cast aluminum frame construction"
I purchased the product. What they delivered was 2 halves of one sofa which have to be connected by with a clip to create one sofa. Their rep said 'each piece is a sofa.' Apparently in Gilt math 2x .5 = 2. If I could give them ZERO stars I would. I encourage everyone to report them to the NY Attorney General's Office. When enough complaints build-up they will be investigated and hopefully shut down.

Tip for consumers: Don't shop there. The false production description will mislead you into buying over-priced products which you can find elsewhere at MUCH cheaper prices.

Ask Jay about Gilt
New Reviewer

This site is HORRIBLE!!!! I bought a deal for a car service roundtip to the airport and right before my trip they send me an email saying sorry but we are refunding your deal. No explanation why. On top of that I had to wait 5 business days for the money to return to my account. I was left with no ride to the airport and down $100 before my vacation. Will NEVER use this site again!!!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE!!

Ask Tina about Gilt
New Reviewer

Review of
HORRIBLE , horrible horrendous horrendous (x100) shopping site.
The prices on the actual goods are way marked up; e.g. I compared on other sites..the prices for some of the goods are more expensive (apparently discounted) than the RRP.

They also scam you on shipping and falsely advertise a 'flat rate' but when you don't buy above a certain amount; the shipping 'automatically' increases.

Stick to the more reputable online sites which there are plenty of.....don't waste your time and money with GILT. Doesn't get any worse than this!!

New Reviewer

Hi, I am in Australia and purchase from Gilt. Have been pretty happy with some of the clothes I have purchased, fortunately I know my US size. The other thing I like is that it was easy to call them via telephone when I got a different colour of a Rachel Pally dress I ordered, I told them it was not a colour I would wear. I was concerned due to their 'no return policy'. however was really surprised when the girl said no problem, she could see that I was sent the wrong colour and said unfortunately there were no more in the colour I wanted. So I asked if they could arrange postage so I could return the dress, she said no don't worry, "Keep the dress anyway" and they would credit my account back with the cash I paid. AND they did! Great as this colour suits my sister-in-law, so she gets it and is very happy! Makes me one happy customer and a 'popular' sister-in-law!!

New Reviewer

Like many other reviewers, when I contacted customer dis-service, all I got was the rep VERY SLOWLY regurgitating what was on the website. No help, no answers and NO resolution.

New Reviewer

one of the worst businesses I have ever had to work with. They do not honor any of their vouchers and have horrible consumer relations

New Reviewer

Terrible company who lies about the product. I was promised tickets for a Yankee game that I bought for my mother's 75th birthday. The game was rained out...The Representative assured us that we could go to a game in the 2014 season. NOW they are denying us the tickets. I even have an email from Jon Andres( their rep) stating we could get another game in 2014. BUYER BEWARE!! They took $300 from us and we never got to go to the game. They shouldn't even get 1 star. Donna

New Reviewer

As a "one time FAVOR" they returned the credit they applied to my account to my card for a pair of shoes that were way small. As a Favor I will not use there site again in order not to invonvenience them. Get real.

New Reviewer

I question gilts commitment to customer service given 30 day shipment fulfillment. I feel drop shipment sales with no return policy benefits only gilt. Heck of a business plan but I canceled my membership, I get better treatment from janky ole eBay.

New Reviewer

Beautiful merchandise with good prices BUT watch out for the shipping/handling prices and the return policy. Also, c'mon Gilt, NO OTHER WEBSITE makes you put in your credit card number before they let you test your coupon code. I refuse to put in my credit card number before I know whether or not I'm going to purchase an item, and whether or not I can use a coupon code makes all the difference.

I ended up using Live Chat to find out that my coupon code wasn't valid (rather than entering in my Visa card number, then the coupon code, which is what the Gilt website requires in order to find out whether the coupon code works). So I did not purchase the item (a $35 throw pillow with $9.95 S/H--no way!) and wasted my time to boot.

New Reviewer

Bought a voucher from the website. Called and was told they do not provide the service any more. Contact Gilt and requested refund, who insisted to refund to the credit card I used for the purchase, which I have canceled a while ago. I was insured the refund will come. My bank told me they will not accept this refund and returned the money to gilt two days after receiving the refund. I contacted gilt numerous times after hearing from my bank but was completely ignored. No response, nothing at all.

New Reviewer

This review is for Gilt Home.

Having ordered a couch from Gilt, I have had one of the worst experiences actually receiving a product from an ecommerce store.

The order referenced below was a month and a half late (which meant I had nowhere to sit) for that time period. Not only that, but I could not get a clear answer from Gilt on when the delivery would occur and continued to reach out. Estimates I would get were consistently wrong. At a certain point when the delivery was already a month late, I was told that apparently the item had not even shipped and that now Gilt would look into it.

Then, when I was told that the item had arrived in NYC and I would be contacted by a local delivery agent shortly, I did not hear from them for about 10 days. I called them myself many times and the call would never be picked or returned.

Then today, I received a call at 9 AM saying that the delivery people were downstairs. No warning, nothing. I was not home but since I have been waiting for the delivery for months at this point, we agreed that the delivery people would wait 20 minutes for me to get back. The delivery people were gone by the time I got there 20 minutes later and would not pick up the phone. They then came back an hour later and called me from downstairs to deliver the couch. My building generally requires me to schedule deliveries ahead of time, so I had to break the building rules to accept the delivery.

This is not the level of service I expect from Gilt and this was very disappointing.

New Reviewer

The clothes on Gilt are very good and have a good discount on them. But if you order the clothes from Europe the prices are basically changed from dollars to euros. For example if something is priced at 100 dollars on US website on European website the same clothes would cost 100 euros. So it can be rip off if you 're not buying it with a discount.

New Reviewer

Having placed a couple of orders and receiving good service from the different companies, I was going to order from another Gilt City retailer,, and I decided to look up
the company at BBB. They had a 'F' RATING. Not with my money. I would have thought Gilt City would back their advertisers, since they are representing them to
the public with their name. I advised Gilt City and have heard nothing.

New Reviewer
7/3/14 definitely has some great deals but I wouldn't recommend shopping with them unless you're willing to wait a decade for your merchandise to arrive! I ordered a dress two weeks ago and it still hasn't even SHIPPED. I can't track it or look into the status of the order. It's absurd. At this rate my summer dress will arrive in time for Christmas. I emailed customer service and they simply said that items ship directly from the seller so they have no control over the timing of anything. In my opinion that's very poor business structure. I also don't love their returns 'for credit only' policy. That's simply not customer friendly. If I want discounted designer items I'll stick with the many other discount websites that are out there with far better service and delivery.

New Reviewer

Gilt is the worst e-commerce website i've ever experienced! The product picture onsite is very nice but it's not 100% same as actual one. And the poor return policy is the worst on the earth! I said i can pay for the postage but they still didn't accept which i don't understand at all. It's just a waste of money to purchase anything from their site!

New Reviewer

Stay away from this site..I ordered a towel set but got the wrong item twice.Originally ordered a Hewson towel set but received a Waffle Terry, instead .Then I decided to kept the waffle terry to save me the hassle of returning it.I decided to purchase the Hewson towel set again for the second time hoping they will get it right this time ,since I let them know what happened the first time.But guess what after the second order for the Hewson set, They send the Waffle Terry for the second time again!.Wow!what a joke right?..stay away!

New Reviewer

Gilt is the Worst!!!! I am an avid online customer. I love the discount sites. I have been a groupon customer since they began. I never had a problem with groupon and the items are pretty much as they are stated, no bad surprises mostly good ones.
Living Social same thing. very good no problems.

my friend bought me a gift certificate to blue apron for 3 meals to be delivered to my home. I went to redeem and was told I have to join a weekly subsciption or they will not honor, I never heard of this. Why would they issue a gift cert if they are not honoring. Scam. I am delfated and feel like they got us.
never again....

New Reviewer
6/14/14 is very deceiving. They marked most of the items as final sale. Watch out before you make any purchase. I bought a pair of earrings for ~$300. They were much bigger than pictured. A bag I bought for over $1000 is not the same color shown on the site. When I contacted the customer service, they simply told me that they cannot accept the items for return. What a big ripoff!!! I would never buy another item from the site.

New Reviewer

Purchased dinner at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in LA (@ The London). Offer was for 5 course meal and wine pairing.

After purchase was made, received email from support stating: "Thank you so much for purchasing our Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood.

Unfortunately, the voucher incorrectly listed that your offer would include wine and/or wine pairings. Listed below is what your offer will now include:"

If this is the standard business practice of Gilt, offering a very specific item and than once purchase is made changing the offer, not a company that I want to do business with.

New Reviewer

On Friday May 23rd, I was set to receive a bed I purchased on Gilt, turns out that upon delivery the distributor sent two beds and did not include the side rails. After an immediate call while the movers stood around, the Gilt representative said he would look into it and get back with me shortly. On Friday June 6th, gilt finally contacted me letting me know they could not get the side rails from Mitchell Gold and Company. On June 9th, the company refunded me but I am stuck with a bed in my house that is useless, no solution (no bed), and over 4 hours of my time speaking to customer service, etc. In return they also offered me $75 dollars… The fact that there is no solution is the reason I am writing this review. I spent the last two months passing by beds furniture shopping and if I had known how Gilt dealt with problems as they are with this one then I would not have been doing business with them.
In fact, two weeks prior I ran into another issue with Gilt where they advertised over 75 “One of a Kind Taj Pillows” and when I thought I was purchasing two of the same pillows given they showed 75+, I received two different pillows. While Gilt accepted the return, it was still a hassle and they expected one should know that “One of Kind” meant no two pillows were similar.
The overall customer service is poor as Gilt could not come through with the order I purchased and in return offer me a refund and $75. I would understand if this were a table lamp but it’s a bed!

New Reviewer

Horrible customer service. Their online support is a joke, they take forever to respond and all they do is regurgitate what's on the site. 30 days to process my order... seriously? And they're unapologetic about it. In today's market of customer service, Gilt is woefully behind compared to it's competition. DO NOT BUY FROM GILT!

New Reviewer

Their customer service is the WORST!! Even when they have made multiple mistakes (i.e., sending me the wrong order, losing my correct order, and then replacing my wrong order with another wrong order), the best they can do is offer free shipping. Give me a break! I will never use them again.

New Reviewer

Beware the site is deceiving, purchased an item by misleading advertisement and now can't return it. It was thousand dollars item. How Gilt can rip-off people like that?

New Reviewer

My complaint is that the quality of Chortex towels I have ordered has varied by order. I ordered two sets of Indulgence towels and then two more sets a month or so later. The quality of the two later sets was noticeably poorer -- threads and thinner feel to the terry cloth. This makes me think that the manufacturer may sell second to Gilt and Gilt sells them without mentioning this. And, of course, I can't send them back.

New Reviewer

Worst customer service ever! they sent me two of the same item, double charged me, and refused to let me return the duplicate item.

New Reviewer

Gilt has some great deals. What sucks about this website is that things go out of stock quickly, there is a NO RETURN POLICY on all things, and if you googled the product, you could find it for a cheaper price on competitive websites.

Sometimes the quality of an item is worth the money, sometimes it is not. Just be careful when making a purchase. You have to ask yourself, how badly you want it, and how many times it will be used, because I've bought a couple of pair of shoes from DV that pinch my toes, and have worn once. Their website it geared towards higher end items and the customer service sucks.

New Reviewer

Their website is not intuitive - it is hard to notice that the shipping address which is obsolete does not change when you enter your new address. This means that even if you entered your new address once, you have to be very careful during your next order to check the shipping address. There should be a very clear message asking to change the default shipping address. My orders went to the address that I used to live at 3 years ago, and GILT refuses to refund. Disappointing

New Reviewer

Placed an order and the delivery date came and passed without delivery. Contacted the company to find that my order has not shipped! The customer service rep did not offer an apology.Poor customer service! Looking at all of the other reviews says a lot. I will not be ordering from them again.

New Reviewer

Gilt Group is a poorly run business with terrible customer service. After losing my package due to an IT issue, I got no refund or credit. They do not have a customer service line, so after 5 email exchanges I finally received a call from a "manager" who did absolutely nothing.

New Reviewer

While they often have fabulous designers, their return policy is unfair, & Gilt's customer service is among the worst I have ever dealt with.

I purchased a pair of earrings from them. When they arrived, the stone in the center of the earrings was the wrong color. When I contacted them via email, their response, not only took 2 days but was snippy. They wouldn't enter my complaint until I took pictures & emailed them. What a pain, but I did it. Their response to me was they do not take returns for refunds unless the item is over $200, but if I pay the return shipping, they will give me a store credit. I was surprised, as THEY misrepresented the item...the picture was for a different color. Therefore, they should have to pay the return shipping & REFUND my money or send me the correct item, not give me a credit. I won't bore you with the details, but there were several emails that went back & forth & Gilt wouldn't budge. Shocking, just shocking. I will not ever make a purchase from them again. I would rather give my money to companies with better return polices & more helpful customer service.

New Reviewer

Their customer service is the worst. They only accept returns and only for store credit. They are very unwilling to help a customer. I am always "indebted" to them with store credits if I return something and forced to spend my money on their website until I use up the credit.

I have ordered jewelry too only to have it arrive in pieces and they refuse to accept the return even when it was not properly packaged or shipped.

I have never dealt with such terrible service. I am so glad to see so many others with the same problems.

New Reviewer

Buyers beware!! It's a scam... They advertise the wrong items. Assured me it was a dress, and showing as shipping a skirt. Pictures showing a dress and customer service confirmed it was a dress before i paid and after i paid i was told it is in fact a skirt. I told them thats not what i ordered and i dont need a skirt and I just found out they can`t cancel the order. Customer service is the worst. Their supervisor, Patrick, couldn't get me off the phone soon enough. He needed proof and asked to send him pictures. Here is the correspondence:
Mar 05 15:43:

Per our conversation, please look at the pictures below. What I committed on purchasing and was assured was what it's showing in the later pictures. The zesty orange dress as shown in the last pictures. The description says skirt but I was assured in fact that was a dress. I believe the skirt is what is shown in the first three pictures. The description on that one is Crepe Colorblock Sheath which is what I was assured I was buying. Please advise! Thank you

Lisa, Mar 06 07:33:

Thank you for contacting Gilt.

It would appear the item in your order is the skirt and not the dress. We would of course be happy to accept a full return on this if it is not what we advised you! I can also see the sheath dress was in your cart. I have reserved this for you for a further 72 hours.

to Gilt
i spoke to Patrick yesterday (was told he was the supervisor) and he asked me to email the pictures over. Patrick has all the background info. I would like to get the dress I was promised I was buying when I submitted my order. I did not purchase a skirt. I even called to make sure it was a dress and was assured it was. You guys need to figure this out and send me the item i was told i was getting. Patrick told me you don`t sell the dress and needed the pictures to verify that you do in fact have the dress. I would like to get what I saw on your website and what i was promised I was going to get when I called in to confirm, the dress!! I have been spending too many hours dealing with this. Somebody messed up the pictures but that isn't my problem. Patrick asked me to send the pics over to prove it and as discussed with him, I did. I`m not interested in the skirt, and that is not what i saw when i purchased it. I spent 10 mins on the phone before placing the purchase and was assured that it was in fact a dress. Again, I`m not interested in the skirt, i would like to receive the item I was promised, which is the dress. I have been very patient but it sounds like I`m getting the same standard answer. Patrick promised me that he would look at the pictures once and get this figured out once he saw you have the dress, and now im getting the same standard response back. This is unacceptable. I have been nice and patient so far and waiting on your resolution before i escalate this further.... Thank you!

Anna Mar 07 10:30:

Thank you for contacting Gilt.

I attempted to cancel your order, but was unable to do so. We no longer have the administrative ability make modifications or cancellations to this order. Please note that cancellations can typically only be made within the first 5 minutes of placing your order.

On this occasion I would be happy to make a one time exception for you to return your skirt for a full refund. For future reference, please note that we do not accept returns on items when they are final sale. Please visit and we will prompt you to print a complimentary USPS shipping label. Once we receive the package in our warehouse, please allow 3-5 business days for us to issue your refund.

New Reviewer

One star is way too much!

Gilt accepted my PO Box address. They then accepted my money. Nothing arrived. I called customer service and was informed that they use Fed Ex and Fed Ex does not deliver to PO Boxes. ...?

So where is my package? Why wasn't I notified that the package wasn't coming? Why isn't there an indication next to shipping addresses that they won't deliver to PO Boxes while ordering? Why did they take my money when there's no possibility of delivery??? All legitimate questions!! None of these questions had an answer.

I was informed that if I'd like to drive out of Los Angeles to the nearest Fed Ex hub (in a neighboring city which means 2 hours of traffic-each way) I can have my package. But while I live in Los Angeles I'm working on a movie in Atlanta, Georgia until July- so that won't be happening!! Had I not been suspicious about the quiet and called them, I wouldn't have even known that the rain boots weren't coming! They have no respect for customers. The time wasted, the effort expended, or the frustration they dump on an otherwise spectacular day. I ordered those boots because I actually NEEDED them- time wasted! And today, I didn't have time to eat lunch in the middle of my 15 hr day because I had to piece this nonsense together. I also slipped and said the EF word on the customer service line. No wonder "foul language" is an epidemic in customer service! That's just karma. And well deserved if you want to be party to abusing customers on behalf of $hitty company like Gilt. You can't expect 'please' and 'thank you' from customers while you take their money and treat them like dog crap!

New Reviewer

They are in the business of FRAUD!! They show small pictures of items that have no way to zoom in. When the items arrive, there is always something FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG with them. They are selling the stuff that couldn't be moved in the 90% off closing sale. THIS IS A RIP OFF SITE - They Sell Junk at SUPER PREMIUM PRICES

New Reviewer

I have ordered many items from them over the years and I find that they do ship within 3-4 days of placing the order, except during Christmas time where I had to wait for one month to get an order! I have gotten some amazing designer deals like Missoni, Emile et Rose etc at a fraction of the cost. All of the items that I have received were authentic contrary to some of the reviews on this site that they are selling fake items. If I have any problems customer services has been quick to resolve the issues promptly as well. However, I do agree that their return policy and speed leaves much to be desired. I love this site and will continue shopping here...

New Reviewer

their customer service socks. Asked for the evidence of wrong order, but they didn't prove any. If you click on the wish list, it automatically charge on the net. Never leave credit info on the net. So fed up with its customer service too. A different mangers reply same email without answering inquiries. I've never done any review on shopping site, but this must be known to everyone!!

New Reviewer

Some guy named Paul Meegan is the worst piece of garbage customer representative ever. This company has lost a valued member of the company, and the fact that they cannot accomodate their loyal customers says something about their poor business practices. My friends and family have all stopped buying from them, some of those who spend thousands of dollars a month.

Their no refunds policy is the worst I've ever experienced. EVERY other business is able to make exceptions, why can't they? and the previous reviews were right, they often send you the wrong item, and don't even give you a discount. Sometimes their deals are even more expensive than if you bought it directly from the store! What a joke and scam of a company. Buyers, beware.

New Reviewer

really, what a mess this site is.....I ordered 2 items with an expected delivery date, which has been surpassed, I contact them and they tell me 1 item shipped, 2 days ago, yet UPS still can't track it as they have no package in they're system. The other item will take more than 5 weeks to arrive....I could flown to Germany and picked up my knives quicker than these blowhards could deliver. STAY AWAY...SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE.....YOU'LL BE MUCH HAPPIER!

New Reviewer

Worst Customer Service I have ever encountered. Ordered a pair of Jack Rogers Whirlaway rain boots, assuming they would be great quality as JR is a good brand. Within a few month and wearing them no more than 10 times, the lining wore completely down to rubber. I called customer service and was told it was a few days past the 90 day extended return policy and there was nothing they could do. Frustrated I hung up and began wearing double socks to try and avoid the blisters. A few weeks later, after ruining numerous pairs of socks, the rubber seam split up the back of both rain boots. So now they are not only unbearable to wear, but also no longer waterproof. Again I called customer service and after 30 minutes (20 of which they kept me on hold) I was once again told they would not refund the boots. I even stressed how this was not normal wear and tear and how the boots had not even lasted on season. Their only response it that it was past the return window. Needless to say, I'm deleting my gilt account.

New Reviewer

Wrong items sent to me several times. NO Return policy which is wrong! Change in prices once you confirmed purchase... delivery takes weeks! Do not trust this site!!!

New Reviewer

I have ordered here once.
the shipping was 19 days
I ordered a kids cotton jacket, it was reasonable quality, but I'm sure a little overpriced ; I mean it's just OK quality.
I guess what is paid for is the uniqueness of the style, which was pretty unique.
I would have liked to have some kind of email confirmation and shipping status update, but I got no communication after the purchase.

New Reviewer

I would be very careful about ordering from them. They misrepresent the prices of their products. It's supposed to be a discount site, but they often sell things for more than you'd pay anywhere else. For example, I just saw a silver Prep9 9-Cup Food Processor selling for $169. They claim the original retail price was $520. I knew there was no way that was true, so I googled that product and most places sell it for $149.99, some even less. The most expensive was for $159.99 (Best Buy).

New Reviewer

Been shopping at gilt for years and never had any issues. I haven't returned many things so I can comment on that. For Mens clothing I think they have one of the better selections.

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