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Gettington reviews

65 reviews
Categories: Shopping
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65 Reviews From Our Community

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In that time I've had nothing but respectful customer service, And a pleasant experience. (in 15 reviews)


Your item is on back order, please contact us for other options". (in 43 reviews)


I have been dealing with Gettington for 2 years and never had a problem with my orders. (in 4 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I have been dealing with Gettington for 2 years and never had a problem with my orders. Last year I ordered a Laptop and bought it with a $25.00 off promo the day after I ordered it they reduced it by another $100.00. I called them up told them that I ordered the laptop with a $25.00 off original price and they were selling it now for $100.00 off. they honored both sales and I got the laptop for $125.00 off!!! So what is wrong with a company like that?

New Reviewer

DONT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!!! They have the absolute worst customer service! I made an order that had not been delivered after 20 days. Customer service rep seemed to be inconvenienced by me. Will not do business again.

Tip for consumers: Dont spend your hard earned money with a company that does not care about your satisfaction. needs to work on customer service before they have no customers to service.

Ask Jason about Gettington
New Reviewer

I have not purchased anything from this company yet and I will not after reading so many bad reviews. This company had better pay attention to their reviews and make changes before they end up out of business! I'm so glad I decided to check reviews first!!
Shame on you Gettington. Pay attention to your feedback because your potential customers certainly are!

New Reviewer

Been buying from them for over a year and have purchased so fairly expensive stuff. Their credit is easy....everything showed up as complaints here!

Ask Greg about Gettington
New Reviewer

I worked in a warehouse that sends out the products ordered online for this company and fingerhut, and I Will never order online now that I saw first hand how the online products are handled, they are dropped and damaged on a daily basis and yet they are still shipped out to the customers, there also happens to be alot of workers that cannot read english very well that are handling the orders.

Tip for consumers: Better to buy the products in the store and know what you are receiving and know that it is not damaged.

Ask Mary about Gettington
New Reviewer

If you plan on paying for your order in full, using a debit card, DON'T DO IT! I ordered over 400 dollars worth of merchandise from them, used my debit card to pay for it and it went I thought. The next day, my bank called me asking about suspicious activity on my account. Once I looked into it, Gettington charged me an additional 355 dollars the day after my order was placed, on top of my 400+ I spent. I called to ask what was up and they said one of my items shipped so they are now charging me 355 instead of the 400. So, because one of my items shipped I now show 755 dollars spent at gettington in my "pending" purchases through my bank, meaning I now don't have access to any of that money until the pending charge of 400 dollars is removed by my bank (which could take up to 5 business days). After each item ships, they redo your charge to what you currently owe, meaning I could have several "pending" purchases from them which drains your bank account until the "pending" charges are dropped reflecting what you currently owe. The way they do this can not be legal so I am looking into it. Thanks to them I now can't make a car payment on time because I have all these "pending" charges. Not to mention I have to redo all my Christmas shoping (which I will now do through Amazon since I can't trust other companies like them I guess). I'm so pissed off, we'll see what a lawyer says about this!

New Reviewer

Worst customer service I have ever received! Tried to order something but they couldn't send it to the shipping address I had on file. I sent them an email with a different address. Heard nothing from them. Called and had a 30 minute conversation with 3 different people. Finally got it changed so I hung up and went online to make a new order. Declined! Called back, had another 15 minute conversation trying to order this damn tv and at this point they informed me since I changed my address my account is locked for 24-48 hours. You've got to be kidding me.

Tip for consumers: Hope you don't have to use customer service.

Ask Eric about Gettington
New Reviewer

We bought a fireplace and a rice maker a week apart. They both came in damaged. We have been waiting over 3 weeks for the replacement part for the rice maker and over 2 weeks for the replacement part for the fireplace. I have never been so disappointed in a company. I will never order from them again. They have bad customer service, they do not care about their customers. They sent us a $10 coupon for future purchases, what an insult that is. So we have a broken rice maker on the counter and a half built damaged fireplace in the living room, and to this day, we have never heard another word from them about our replacement parts. I will never recommend anyone to this site.

Tip for consumers: Think twice before you buy from Gettington. If your item comes in damaged, you could be waiting months for your replacements

Ask Carolyn about Gettington
New Reviewer

I've been buying from gettington for 3 years and have never had a problem. I don't work for them & am not being paid to leave a review. I've ordered furniture & kitchen appliances. All have been delivered quickly in brand new condition & cheaper than other online retailers. Often they have free shipping promotions so I suggest getting on their mailing list and order bulky items during promo times. I started with $500 credit but now it's almost $3000. They allow you 22 months to pay back with nominal interest fees. It's great to build your credit.

Ask Aly about Gettington
New Reviewer

I'm noticing, whatever I seem interested in, they don't have in stock. "shipping from supplier on bla, bla". And the shipping from supplier dates keep going further out.
I'm thinking they're not paying (or having trouble) paying suppliers. The prices stink, they're full retail prices. I'm waitng to read that this company is on the rocks.

New Reviewer

I wish I saw this before, I ordered a juicer the product arrived in several weeks. When I tried the product it didn't work right. I couldn't find anyone within gettington to help me. So I call the manufacturer to assist me. They told me a couple of things to try and then said if they don't work that the machine must of been faulty or broken in shipment. I tried to return this product and it took me weeks to manage that form printing the return slip to finding the right place to ship from. Once I returned it I thought it was resolved. A month later received a bill called explained, a month later received a bill called again, again thought resolved. Several months go by started receiving phone calls from an unknown number but they never left a message. I got tired of it as they were calling 4 or more time a day so call it back and spoke to gettington. Apparently there was an unknown return fee and they racked up late charges and put it on my credit report.

New Reviewer

I have to say I am surprised at the number of bad experiences people have had with Gettington. I have been a regular customer for about 3 years, and I have had nothing but wonderful service. I have bought a variety of things, from small decorative trinkets and gifts, to clothing, to power tools, to large things like Air Conditioners. Everything has always arrived in good condition, and in a timely manner. And there are ALWAYS promo codes that you can find online that give you a nice discount. I have worked my credit limit with them to nearly $6,000 because I am such a regular customer. I can only give them 5 outta 5 stars based on my experience.

New Reviewer

I wish I had saw this site first. My mom got a catolog and wanted a coffee table from them. We ordered it in Nov. of 2013 As of today Mar. 28th 2014 they still havent got the order correct. We keep getting damaged items and twice the wrong thing was sent do to wrong item number and when I let them know it still wasnt corrected. then the last time the coffe table was bent and rusted in a sealed box ! Do yourself a favor and dont go with Gettington !

New Reviewer

I believe the reviews and the five star reviews are probably fake. I've been receiving catalogs but my next step will be removal from mailing lists. No ordering for me...I suggest whoever's adding the five star reviews focus on enhancing quality of service.

New Reviewer

Just got off the phone with customer support for the 3rd time. I ordered an exercise machine on Dec 11th and still had not received it. When I talked to CS exactly one week ago it was decided that I would wait till the 5th to check back and if it had not shipped yet I would then cancel the order. When I called today to see if it had shipped I was told that the manufacturer cancelled the order because "I had moved and it would be shipped to the wrong address!!!" Although we are planning a move soon, I have not yet moved.......... I waited 56 days for delivery and still did not get the product and someone took the liberty of cancelling my order for me before it should have been. This is the first time I have ordered from Gettington and I am sorely disappointed, I will never try to do business with them again.

New Reviewer

Been a loyal customer since summer of 2011. Started out with a $300.00 credit limit, up to $2700.00 now. Have bought quite a bit from them since I opened this account without any issues. Always quick to ship, pricing it decent compared to alot of company's I've looked at. Product line is decent and getting better daily. I can't believe all the bad reviews I've seen in here either. Personally I haven't had the issues that any of these people in here have. Would and have recommended this company to others to buy from!!!

New Reviewer

good for building credit but by the time all is said and done it could be bought for way cheaper than these guys...their tools suck and although cust. service is good...its good for a reason...the stuff they sell is subpar at best.... aside from a few items...this is only good for building credit and dont have high expectations

New Reviewer

Stay Away!!! I purchased a sofa for my daughter moving into her first new apartment. The sofa price was great and was a good quality sofa on sale for $299. However, by the time it was all said and done it cost me nealry $700!!! If I wanted to spend that much on a sofa I would have gone to the local furniture store for something more elaborate than a small apartment sectional sofa. Here's what happened. I purchased the sofa online. After delivery I was informed that the deliver charge was another $150. Since I set this purchase up on a line of credit with this company, I worked with their customer service to set up automatic payments each month. After 5 months of payments, I received a call out of the blue telling me I was late on my payment. After explaining that there shouldn't be any late payments as my account is set up for automatic payment each month, they told me that auto-payment I set up expired. It was only good for 5 months and that I must have made an error setting up the payment schedule. I was asked if I wanted to reset the payment schedule. I figured if I was going to go through all that hassle I would just go ahead and get the payoff and pay the full balance, assuming it would be around $350 or so. I almost fell on the floor when they told me my balance was $607!!!! I asked how that was possible after paying for 5 months. How could my balance be more than it was prior the payments they've received. He told me that when my automatic payments were set up that the payment date was scheduled 3 days after the due date so I've been being charged a late fee every month. I confronted him asking why I wasn't notified of any late fees or why the person that worked with me would have set up a payment date that would be late every month. He would not answer the question. I asked to speak with a supervisor. Can you believe he asked me why I wanted to speak with a supervisor??!! DAHH!! I told him I felt I was, at minimum, owed a credit for the late fees. He then - FINALLY - offered to credit back late fees. Wow - he offered me a $60 credit. At this point I was so mad, I just wanted to end the relationship all together. I went ahead and paid the ridiculous new balance of $547.67 and asked them to close my account and remove me from all mailing lists and to never contact me again. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these rip off artists!!!!

New Reviewer

I have been a customer for 2 years, made all payments on time. I recently moved and got behind because my mail wasn't reaching me and lots of other problems. They called being rude and hateful, I told them when I would mail the payment to get caught back up, they continued calling, sometimes 6 times a day, I mailed the payment, they called again and called me a liar and the harassment has not stopped, after being abusive and harassing I told them to send it to a collection agency and I would pay it in full, I will not send them another payment until I get a letter of apology. If you order from this company, you better make sure nothing can happen to get behind one time or the harassment never stops. I still get 6 or more calls a day from them, I do pay my debts but not when a company is doing what they know is illegal. Plus, the merchandise is crap. Well, a man called and apologized for the behavior of some of the employees, so now I am making my payments but will not order from them again.

New Reviewer

I recently received a catalog from this company, so I decided to order a Christmas tree. They said the one I chose in the catalog was no longer in stock, but was on back order, so I said I would wait for that one to come in; however, someone went ahead and shipped me a tree that they already had in stock which was the wrong one, had colored lights when I asked for the tree with clear lights, and had a very over-powering smell of chemicals/paint. I promptly returned the tree within two days of receiving it and did not order a replacement and just completely cancelled my order. I have an e-mail dated December 6, 2013 which states that they received the returned item. But, I am now getting collection calls from them and being told that I have to pay them $47.00 for the shipping and handling!!! Are they kidding me? Do they actually expect me to pay for THEIR MISTAKE??? And especially when I have none of their merchandise??? I have no product at all because they sent me the wrong item, but they still want to make me pay them something anyway, even though they sent me merchandise that I did not even order!! Can you say "thieves?" I e-mailed them and told them that I expect this charge to be taken off of my account immediately. There is no way that I legitimately owe them this money. I hope I will not need to contact my attorneys about this, but I will if necessary. We'll see what happens.


New Reviewer

I've been shopping here for 3 years. In that time I've had nothing but respectful customer service, And a pleasant experience. I signed up for the email notifications, And ended up getting my Kitchenaid pro 600 mixer for $80 less than anybody else I could find online, and this was for brand new, not referb. Like any place else you gotta have a little discipline and wait for things to go on sale. Will buy from them again.

New Reviewer

So I first saw this sight because I was looking for a specific item and saw it for way cheap on this sight thought that was awesome. So I ordered it without getting a credit. Wrong answer, because I used a checking/shaving account it took 10 days for it to even process EVEN thought they already took the money out 24 hours after I ordered it. It will be a full 3 weeks since ordering for it to even arrive, and its not because of holiday traffic. Last time I order ANYTHING off these kinds of sights.

New Reviewer

I went to order a ring and I had a coupon for $25.00 they turned around and tried to hit me with a $20. charge for shipping and handling for 1 ring. Needless to say I cancelled the order. There is no way it should cost $20. to ship a ring worth less than $100. OMG, I have never run into to this before with them but they are nuts if they think for even a second that I am going to pay $20. for a $53.00 ring.

New Reviewer

I have been a customer for a little under a year and never had a problem-my items come right on time and they are always correct-I have cancelled and order and had no problems-I love shopping on line because I hate crowds and love that I have this option-all credit card interest changes are ridiculous but we need them for convience

New Reviewer

I am a new customer of theirs. I just ordered 3 items from them. The first item I received was supposed to be a 4" mattress topper it was a 3" topper so I had to send it back and reorder still waiting...the 2nd item came a few days later a worklight for my boyfriend way smaller than advertised for 50.00...the 3rd item came today..a game for my son for Christmas and you guessed it...the wrong game was am going to have to send it back and cross my fingers I get the correct one in time for Christmas. I was really hoping this would all go smoothly. I hope that in the future they can get it right!

New Reviewer

First time being a customer. I first thought it was great and would of gave it five stars BUT...I purchased items around Thanksgiving and got items quickly. I saw that there a was a coupon for cyber Monday which was 20% for items over $XXX. I quickly called and explained to representative(Sue) that I just purchased items just last week that would like to take advantage of the 20% special for cyber Monday. I explained to Sue that it would be ridiculous to return items I just received and re-order items again to take advantage of savings. Sue agreed and told me she was processing the discount and that it would take 24 hours to process. This is where it went wrong.....this is 24 hours later....I called back to inquire about exchanging one of the items, I spoke with a person named Gene this time around. I also inquired about the credit that Sue processed yesterday and Gene told me that there are no notes of this...UUUGGGH...Bad customer service. I was gonna give 2 stars but changed to 1 star. Customer service at your own risk:(

New Reviewer

I've been a Gettington customer since 2010. I have never had a single issue with this company regarding a product , a bill , a question , anything . I have ordered an Asus laptop last February and no problems whatsoever. My first order was a Food Saver for my daughter for Christmas in 2010 and she still uses it .I have ordered from them 5-6 times and have never had a problem. If you watch for sales in your emails you can get some good deals and often an email with $ off. I am a catalog goddess , just wishing not buying and I do get a few ridiculously pre- approved offers from companies that DO sell tacky overpriced items . Gettington is getting better at putting a lot more quality brand name items in their products. I'm a credit skeptic having been screwed over royally from mortgage companies, banks and car dealers and credit card companies. In my opinion and this is just MINE , I think they're a good company and worth my 5 star review. Even if you choose to the long way paying it back like I do the monthly interest with Gettington is still less than what I would pay for with a major Dept. store credit card I couldn't have gotten anyways. Sorry about every ones bad luck , been there over and over . Just had to give credit where it's due in my opinion.

New Reviewer

I did some research on this company:
I figured they were associated with FingerHut but wanted to clarify it with the proof. Prices are jacked up and they are predatory, preying on the working class people of this country, right up there with payday lenders. Research their other company PayCheck Direct, dang didn't know crap like that exsisted.

Domain Name:
Registry Domain ID:
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2013-10-30T00:23:27Z
Creation Date: 2011-02-13T13:23:41Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-10-29T00:00:00Z
Registrar: Ascio Technologies, Inc
Registrar IANA ID: 106
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +44.2070159370
Domain Status: ACTIVE
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Domain Manager
Registrant Organization: Bluestem Brands, Inc.
Registrant Street: 6509 Flying Cloud Drive
Registrant City: Eden Prairie
Registrant State/Province: MN
Registrant Postal Code: 55344

BlueStern Brands:

Bluestem Brands, Inc., headquartered in suburban Minneapolis, is the parent to three fast-growing multichannel retail brands: Fingerhut®,® and PayCheck Direct®.

New Reviewer

Please do yourself a favor and do not purchase anything from this site. Placed an order they duplicated the order. Would not reimburse shipping charges. Placed another order same thing happened and they wouldn't cancel the order. Poor business practices.

New Reviewer

Gettington is over priced and once you place an order you can't cancel it, you have to send email and they try to respond within 1 or 2 days but by then the order has shipped. I ordered an item on Saturday and Sunday i cancelled the order. They tell you to send email to cancel but they are closed on weekends so nothing happened I called when they open at 8am was put on hold for 40 minutes then a lady checked my order and said it already shipped! Its a cheesy site with no " Cancel order " button. Now i have to pay for return shipment for something i didn't want, I will never order anything again from them........They open at 8am on Monday how could my order be already shipped as i spoke to the lady at 8:40am when they are closed on the weekends, Fedex doesn't come to a business as soon as the doors are open they arrive at the end of the day to pick up out going orders.....I know that because i was a shipper & Receiver for many years, They make deliveries to homes & Businesses first until the truck is empty then they go pick up orders for the day and take them back to the fedex warehouse.....They told me to try the computer for 30 days free then send it back......How ridiculous i told them it was a gift for someone but i found out they don't like windows 8 so thats why i cancelled.

New Reviewer

I received a catalog saying that I have been preapproved for up to $750. It is a scam!!! They made me apply on line and within 30 seconds turned me down. Meanwhile I make good money own my own house and have credit cards. Oh but they said feel free to buy from them using my own debit or credit card. I should have read these reviews first!!

New Reviewer

I have been a Gettington customer for the past 5 years. I have no credit problems and have not paid excessive prices for any item I have purchased from them. Furthermore, I am not a member of their marketing department that is being paid to leave a positive review. I simply don't like shopping in crowded stores and prefer to research products on the internet, make my selections and order them online to be delivered to my front door. It is well worth paying shipping and not getting the exceptional "deal" to be able to shop from the comfort of my home. Gettington has always provided fast delivery and nothing I have ever ordered from them has been defective or damaged in transit so I have never had to deal with their customer service dept. I have taken advantage of their credit options because it keeps my two major credit cards free for's worth it to pay a little more in finance charges for that privilege. The trick is to just pay off one item before purchasing another. I'm a satisfied customer of Gettington and highly recommend them!

New Reviewer

Wow I was a little shock to see the bad reviews. I've had nothing but great experiences with, my orders always come really fast and the prices are sometimes lower than other sites. The payments plans are awesome and customer service is great as well. I've been a customer for a little over a year and definitely plan to do business with them in the future.

T.A, Cleveland, OH

New Reviewer

I've done business with them for 2 years now, started with $500.00 credit line and they've upped it regularly. I happen to pay via auto-pay on my account so its drafted each month. Products are name brand and I can't say I've ever had a complaint. Great great company to do business with.

New Reviewer

ordered three things. no problems until you try to pay your bill. every month there's log in problems. they send me the exact password they didn't accept. they won't get security questions correct. HEADACHE. this month there is also a problem trying to submit payment. everything worked on the page except for submit button.

New Reviewer

i have been A CUSTOMER SINCE DECEMBER 2012 bought several items always pay my bill on time now i order 3 items 2 of which were for a benefit for someone who has brain cancer i moved to a different apartment in the same adress changed my apartment number online and ordered my stuff got the order conformation and emails that said my order would be shipped however when i checked the next day 1 item had been shipped when the others had been cancelled icalled and they said the order was cancelled due to suspiciuos activity on my account because i changed apartment numbers on my account i assured them it was me and asked them to ship my order they asked me questions about myself and my account which i answered they told me that i had to mail a copy of my drivers license and utility bill to them to prove that i moved and they wound not ship until i did i asked them why i got the account i didnt have to show proof of were i lived and told them to cancel to 2 orders that didnt ship the 1 order that did ship the deliverly driver was walking to my door when he got a call not to give the package and i lost that 1 too its terrible that i have ordered and payed off several things with this company and always pay my bill i will never do business with them again

New Reviewer

I bought a ASUS Computer off this site about 8 months ago biggest piece of $#*! I ever bought has NEVER worked!!!! Dont buy from this site they sell CRAP!!!!!!

New Reviewer

i have made one order with this company 3 things 2 purses and an apple iphone. well they sent the wrong purse. and the phone they sent was broken from the inside. apple sd that it would never work. after many many calls; and messages with there warrenty comp. which is just -4 stars 7 months later i got a replacement phone great u would think but they sent me one that can be used in ireleland. well i live in ohio. they called wanting a payment i said sure when i get a working phone. i informed her that i had blew up my fb page about the comp. and warrentany comp. ccr. she became rude; down rite livid. now keep in mind i i have made calls to gettington itself and they said not there problem take it up with ccr. and many many contacts to to ccr they said they would send me the correct piece in 8-10 weeks. so we are now talking 8 wks; i set here with no working phone. as well as they lied to me, they said apple was able to be used with many carriers. that is why i went with apple i am with t-mobile and not a big fan wanted to change carriers. i found out from apple after soooo many different trips to t-mobile to get it activated went the 45 min. each way to apple store to find out it is only comppatable with t-mobile and att. i wanted to get off of t-mobile and already had att. i was wanting to try verizon. well still no phone working. oh its been so much frustration involved with this. i tried rite from the beganing to have them keep the phone and credit my acctt they said they would not do that. so if u are considering using i would reconsider. so not worth the drama. good luck to any one that is waiting for an order and pray that its going to be what u ordered. good luck.

New Reviewer

I have used since November 2012, having placed 10 orders since then. I have never had any issues at all with this company. I must live close to a distribution center (I live in NE Ohio) because I have always received my purchases within 2-3 days of ordering them. That's almost as fast as Amazon, so I am pretty pleased. Products used to come with large stickers on them that were difficult to remove so it was difficult to give any of the items as gifts, but have not had this issue in the last few months, so I am assuming they adopted a new method. I have never had to call customer service about anything, because everything always arrived, and quickly. No issues with any of their products. I have been really happy with everything.

New Reviewer

I don't have extensive experience with Gettington, but the orders I have placed have been processed promptly and delivered within the time frame promised.

I have only had one occasion to call their customer service department, and it was not because of a problem on their end. Briefly, where I live, we don't have carrier route delivery, so everyone has a PO box. But I ordered an item too big to be delivered to the PO box, and my 911 address (the closest thing we have to "street addresses" here) wouldn't validate in their system, so I had to call them.

The call was answered promptly, and the lady who answered (1) was American, and (2) immediately understood my problem. She entered a manual override for the shipping address and gave me free shipping on the order -- which was quite a bit due to the item's weight -- to compensate me for the slight inconvenience of my having to call them.

So truly, I have to say that I have no complaints about Gettington. Yes, their prices are a bit high (though much lower than, for example, Fingerhut); and yes, their interest is a bit high. But they also take chances with people whose credit is less-than-perfect, which is more than can be said of most retailers nowadays; and they tell you the exact amount your order is going to cost (including financing), based on your payment selection, before you even submit it. That's pretty honest, ethical, and transparent, in my opinion.

And by the way, no, I don't work for Gettington, nor do I have any financial interest in the company.


New Reviewer

I received damaged items. The second headache was that they don't do electronic communications so I had to wait 2 weeks for them to physically mail me a return label. I sent it back and they said they never received it. 2 months later they keep stonewalling and I haven't received refund even though the tracking number says delivered. I did it through their credit option, so I can't even file a complaint with a credit card company.

New Reviewer

Liars thieves charging me for something I never ever order from them they support china buy american give our people jobsdidn't order there stuff is junk

New Reviewer

they allowed another person to use my credit card to make a purchase without my approval. This person didnt have the same name address phone number or anything, yet they allowed her to send the item to her address and her name without questions. when I discovered this charge, all they could say was that it wasn't their fault. Capitol one is not doing an investigation. Do not trust!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Ordered a Google Nexus tablet. Received in a timely manner..however the packing was inadequate for an electronic device. When I picked up the box, the box inside containing the tablet rumbled. You would think this company would invest in some Styrofoam peanuts or bubble-wrap to stabilize the device. Just as I feared the tablet never even charged to turn on. I called manufacturer tech support and they confirmed the device is defective. Gettington customer support informed me that it would take 7-10 days to send me a return shipping label, another 7-10 days to process receipt, and should I decide that I'd like a replacement device it would take another 7-10 to ship it. So essentially a month to exchange the defective device. RUN..RUN..while you can!!

New Reviewer

So far since December 2012 I have ordered well over 10 items ranging in price from $20 to $200 (Brother Printer/Scanner. Hoover Carpet Cleaner, headphones, jewelry, etc.) I have been EXTREMELY pleased with each and every item and the time frame in which each was received. I do not have one bad thing to say about this company.

I also want to note that I am NOT from their "Marketing Department" as one reviewer suggested.

New Reviewer

Don't believe the 5 star reviews.. It's their marketing department trying to make them look better then they are. Anyways if you call this company expect 45 min hold times to speak to someone. If you email them expect 7-10 business day response delays. Overall this company is a big epic fail and you should go else were to the other 1 million online stores.

New Reviewer

January 1st 2013 -order placed - email confirmation received

January 20th 2013 - emailed about a delay. New delivery February 20th

February 27th - emailed that the item is no longer available.

I don't really think I need to say more. If you can't fulfill an order promptly, let a customer know. Don't leave them hanging. Just reordered from a more professional seller.

New Reviewer

I am someone who does a majority of holiday shopping online. Even if not the holiday, I enjoy the ease on online shopping. I have never experienced a more unprofessional, bait and switch, disaster of a shopping site! I order and item for the holiday well in advance (1st week Nov 2012) A month later when it has still not arrived I try to call-left on hold 20 minutes, I hang up. I try again the next day, same thing. I email and am told I will receive response in 24 to 48 hours- 4 days later- Nothing! Finally I use the chat (should have done that from beginning) It took 5 inutes of back and forth about my social security number to even get my question answered. Why does a company need your SSN? I said I shop online all the time and never did, nor would ever have to provide that info. He apologized, yet never had an answer as to why it was required. I never gave it. Finally I am told my shipment is back ordered until a week after the holidays. I am assured that I part of the shipment (the one thing I really need, a gift for a toddler) will arrive on or before Christmas. I did not believe the person. I said ok tried calling again. After 10 minutes I got through to someone and was told that the entire order(doll included) will be shipped 2nd week of January 2013. So the prior employees guarantee was false!! What if I believed him? I would have had a very disappointed little girl. I cancelled the order and am completely disgusted I wasted my time. Now, guess what? The doll is sold out everywhere! I had to pay double on Amazon just to get it. Thanks a lot You are a real waste of internet space!

New Reviewer

Savvy shoppers can get a good deal. For Christmas gifts I got LOL Elmo, Leappad2, Air Hog and Bissell vacuum for $209. I'm sure it would have been $250 or more anywhere else and I got free shipping!!!

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placed an order on the 16th of November.for a slow cooker. the order status shows pending payment receipt when the amount of the order was already taken out of my bank account. tried to contact customer service and they told me it takes 1-3 days to ship an item today is the 23rd of November and still no shipment. I won't be doing business with them anymore

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Q: I have the book to order on my customer number is 2480241934 and my media code is 24026332 how do i oder it?
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