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Getfreakybig reviews

10 reviews
3540 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Tel: 877-940-3782
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Veteran Reviewer

* The couple responses below where directed to a so called rep of
(until he started ranting so bad that all his lies and junk was deleted. )

** 2nd response to the unbalanced get freaky rep.

1) I'm not a competitor, I'm not selling anything. So no liver failure. (unless they use your "product")

2) Your comments and the attacks against my mother, are completely pathetic and maybe psychotic! (How old are you??)

3) Hey genius what is "Happy 1014"?

4) "take your wimpy nonsense down the road along with the rest of the your buddy haters on the .02 cent websites." My response: Those are independent reviews from 3rd party websites. I realize that you don't want any other opinions about your site besides your own. But the reality is what it is. Not everyone shares your opinion here. ( in fact it seems no one does . . . )


**response to victor s. [Getfreakybig Rep]

Hey Victor! Maybe its you that can't read your own website. YOUR top line under the menu on the index page says "BUY STEROIDS NOW" in bold red letters.

Only in your fine print do you make a distinction that its "like steriods". Do you do this to mislead potential customers . . . ( all they will remember is the bright bold red "Steroids". )

Here are more opinions of you and your "product" from other review sites:
"One of many similar websites/companies. Scam,"

Do you not see a problem with the fact that they don't list any of the actual ingredients in these compounds? Come on bro. Any site that says they sell legal steroids is just a scam...pure and simple. It says that the active ingredient in their Tren-Dimethyl is Finabolene. Okay, well what the foo is Finabolene, no search of any kind that I have done has returned any results as to what this actually is.

Yeah I STILL don't think I would deal with this site.
( reading the rants of the so called rep, makes me scared to imagine, WHAT are they actually selling? )

Most of the websites pics are stock photos not customers, clients or anything to do with this site:

The so called doctor pic is a stock photo from "Photoexpress":

The pic used for "Science Anabolics Labs International" is another stock pic.

Even the big bodybuilder in at the top of the page is a stock pic:

Save yourself lots of problems and stay away from this site! In many countries just by ordering these products you can get into huge trouble when they hit the border coming in! ( you could get huge fines or even jail time!)

More info here :
The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA):

I did a search for "Steroids and the border" and got 1.7 million hits. YOU BETTER know the laws if you are going to try it!

New Reviewer

This company and how they handle business is a JOKE! The Rep who handles their "calls" is a JERK...there are plenty of companies out there worth giving your business to, and this is NOT one of them. They won't be around long. I'm guessing its owned by a washed up athlete.

Expert Reviewer

Here is their "site rep" typical reply to reviewers!
⌦ I don't know of any "legitimate and reputable company" that makes immature and childish comments about people like this except this "website" rep!

"victor s. [Getfreakybig Rep] hahahaha! Another anonymous internet tough guy getting paid $7.50 an hour by his boss peddling some liver failure junk to 10 year old kids on Amazon so he can score his next $10 crack rock on the corner. <snip reviewer> is just upset because one of our reps (who benches 315 for 3 sets of 10 as easy as <snip reviewer> mom on a Friday night) has had an on and off again relationship with his mother. Just because one of our reps has a passionate love affair going down with your mom does not mean you have to be a full time hater. Sorry bro, take your wimpy nonsense down the road along with the rest of the your buddy haters on the .02 cent websites you mention in your posts. Happy 1014!!!!!!!!!!!"

Note the lack of any education in that immature site rep's reply! 1014 ???

Response to site Rep reply below to my review:

☠ RE: victor s. [Getfreakybig Rep] - "These people just can't compete with our industry leading money back guarantee so they like to whine all day long on sites like this one about everything under the sun. Again, beware bait and switch scammers peddling liver failure products to kids. We sell ONLY the absolute strongest HARDCORE LEGAL ANABOLICS known to mankind"

✍ Do you even or can you comprehend what was written in the review? Open the basement door, ask grandma if you can come up and get some glasses and re-read the review!

❶ "can't compete with our industry leading money back guarantee"
✋ Where did you read where I asked for one? Reading is fundamental, you know! And comprehension is the key!!

❷ "they like to whine all day long on sites like this one"
✋ And YOU came here for "What"?? To complain, whine and blame everyone else on your failure and small PP!

❸ "beware bait and switch scammers peddling liver failure products to kids"
✋ ? Where did you read in the review where it "promoted" anything?
✋ And you are trying to sell "What"??? (see review below)

❹ "We sell ONLY the absolute strongest HARDCORE LEGAL ANABOLICS"
✋ No, YOU are "trying" to sell unregulated prescription "Black Market" pharmaceutical drugs across international borders without a prescription, which BTW could kill people!

====== Initial ★☆☆☆☆ review 12/15/13 ======
The website should be considered as "rogue" due to unlawful or unsafe practices.

IE: An Illegal Internet Pharmacy selling prescription "Black Market" pharmaceutical drugs across international borders without a prescription.

Illegal Anabolic Steroid Use:
☛ Are legal ONLY when appropriately prescribed for very specific medical conditions under the supervision of a physician.
☛ Getting them any other way is ILLEGAL.
☛ Using them for "personal purposes" is ILLEGAL.
☛ Getting them from some quack supplier via the internet is ILLEGAL and STUPID, as you have no idea what you will actually get.

In case you were wondering, abusing steroids is illegal because doing so is extremely hazardous to your health. Not to mention that they'll make your testicles shrink to the size of grapes. But hey, it's your body and your criminal record, right?

☛ Are Steroids Illegal?
Yes --- Without a doctor's prescription for a medical condition, it's against the law to possess, sell, or distribute anabolic steroids.
☠ Legal prosecution can be a serious side effect of Illicit Steroid Use.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA):

What Are the Health Hazards?
☠ Some of the main side effects of anabolic steroid abuse are trembling, severe acne, fluid retention, aching joints, high blood pressure, lower HDL (the "good" form of cholesterol), jaundice, and liver tumors.

☠ Also, people who inject steroids with shared needles run the risk of contracting or transmitting hepatitis or HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Other side effects include:
☠ For men, shrunken testicles, reduced sperm count, impotence, infertility, baldness, development of breasts, difficulty or pain in urinating, and an enlarged prostate.

New Reviewer

Such a scam, Just look at the rep from the company bashing everyones reviews and trying to discredit anyone who says anything about the product. Save your money and buy real gear or stay natural and take real supplements.

New Reviewer

I've purchased the dianibol and test from this. Site I'm not to sure if it was these products that worked for me or if it was the intense training but what I can say is before taking the products I had a skinny frame and I worked out taking gasparie products for 2 months I stopped taking the sups and achieved some results but I felt stuck from there so I decided to buy dbol and test from this site contact was great shipping was discret and fast but there was little information as to what I was tAking anyway long story short after my first week of taking these products I felt my skeletal muscle change and I could see my bone density getting thicker and stronger also I took no protien or any other supplements while on these products( keep that in mind.) so I stArted working out with my cousin who was already decently strong and had a good physic and no bull $#*! after 2 weeks I sky rocketed in strength I surpassed him in all his lifts and just kept getting stronger I literally felt like the hulk cause I would never get tired and after every set I was able to keep increasing the weight I like by up to 10lbs a day no bull$#*! arms grew 2 inches in 1 and a half months witch is extremely fast even tho I never finished my 2 month cycle I got $#*!y didn't eat or take protien right I lost my results almost just as quickly lol ohh and also after my 2 month cycle was over a customer service rep. Contacted me asked how I liked the products if I was interested in more ect. Ect. So once again contact was great I'm not here to tell lies but is is my story on this website and what it did for me not sure if ill buy again cause I'm still a little skeptical but half the reviews I was reading About People saying this site was a scam is a lie its legit and remember these are not real steroids there giving your there basically a safe alternative for quicker results or just keep in mind there the same as going to gnc and buying some bull crap supplement with jay cutler on the cover saying he took this and got that big lets be realistic if you shop at gnc and still look the same might as well give this a shot it won't you waste your money anyway and based on the results I got this sites products have definitely out proven any gnc sold supplement any questions leave a comment...

New Reviewer

I'm very interested in using these product to gain SERIOUS muscle at a rapid pace and I want to know if my money will be WELL SPENT on gettin this 8 week cycle to achieve the physique I'm tryin to create for myself and do I have to worry about failing any drug test ....let me know if this is the REAL DEAL or just some fly by night operation.

New Reviewer

bought the get freaky big stack,while waiting on product I found awful reviews,not one good one.Paid 250 bucks before I reviewed them thats my fault.Website is not easy to use.Website brags about money back if not happy.Sent many emails no response.Even tried calling no answer.I just bought 250 dollars worth of sugar pills.STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE SCAM!!!!!

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. I had ordered winnabol, paid with credit card, never came to my house. I called about it and the person had no response he said it shouldve been there and then i was disconnected.

New Reviewer

All I can say is that my bench went from just 225 pouns for 5 reps max to 315 for three sets of 10 reps. I also gained 20 pounds of solid muscle in one month eating right and training hard. The product I used was there "Get Freaky Big Stack" and it was worth the investment to get the results I wanted. I would buy from this site again and I have recommended these guys to my friends.


This site just screams scam to me. Legal steroids? please... spare me.

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