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New Reviewer

$#*!book is a great site to meet local, like-minded people, or to just have a bit of online fun. I've gotten alot of pleasure from it, both aspects. I've also met a lot of great people on there, some I even call good friends.

New Reviewer

I've been with them for over 2 years and had some great experiences... Of course some people likes to screw things up, but if you are smart enough you can identify the fakes before they scam you.

I've met lots of girls, some way out of my league, others where is the other way around, but if you want to F somebody, that is the best site I've ever been to.

the supervisors are always helpfull and answer my questions in a timely manner.

I've been payed member for an year now, but always had great service. Really recomend!!!

New Reviewer

Not sure what everyone is complaining about. I've had a good experience. I've been using the site for over a year and have some had discrete hookups.
Yes, there is some trashy profiles (there is on all these types of sites) but on $#*!book I found a real community after a while and happy to say I've made a few friends as well as $#*! buddies. :)

New Reviewer

After joining I immediately started getting suspicious about it. They KNOWINGLY are committing fraud and I'm sure other illegal activities through their site (I'm actually reporting them to the FBI). They will try and force you to go to some other site for verification and threaten to close your account of you don't. I contacted them and they claimed no knowledge yet my email trace was from them to begin with. My account was shut down 2 months early even though I had paid. Mistake...The site's so called users are probably 95% webcam trolls looking to take you to another site where you will further be scammed of your money. Thankfully I never fell for that. Some of the users even claim to be Fbook staff etc. and Fbook is totally aware of this yet do nothing while claiming they are. (Luckily I took screenshots because I was very suspicious early on). It is a massive scam that has somehow not been exposed for what it really is. Until they do actually get exposed and shut down I will continue my mission to make sure it happens. Wanting to get laid isn't a crime, fraudulently taking someones money for a bs, non-existent 'service' is. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

New Reviewer

Absolutely terrible site, homophobic, racist and is nothing more than a gateway for scammers and camwhores to find men to rip off.
Real women last very little time there before one of the pimps (moderators ) bans them.

New Reviewer

Horrible scam. I was a "member" for about 10 minutes and had already gotten seven messages from incredibly hot women "in my area." It was such an obvious scam that I googled "$#*!book scam" and found out the real deal. Stay away!!

New Reviewer

just joined today, and its full of automated bots, and within joining I received about 20 requests for IM, and about 10 emails, all from very hot girls, total scam site, glad I did not pay anything

New Reviewer

i.m 26 year boy

New Reviewer

ReI've been on there for almost a month, ive hooked up with two ladies and have more pending for the next week or two. Yes theres a bunch off scammers on there but learned quickly how to spot them , my major complaint is that the site has sum serious issues with going down or not functioning properly, 8 out of the 26 days ive been on there , i either couldn't log in, couldn't send messages or couldn't navigate some areas of the site. Hell i cant get on now and theres lady very interested in doing anal with me, that really f#@%ing sucks.

New Reviewer

As is the problem with MOST sites of this type, they are part of several interconnected sites designed to mine as much information as possible from their users. The "owners" of the site, or actually the site itself is usually based outside the U.S.A. in some third world locality where laws, if they exist, are not enforced. Thus, once you give your financial information and it is sold, you have absolutely NO recourse or protection. Can you say "Identity Theft"? The physical site is loaded with pictures of beautiful women who are, amazingly, all local. Given that I live in a very small town, it is obvious that these women not only do not live here, but probably are residents of every town in the U.S.A. and placed to con poor horny bastards out of their credit card information. Stay away from this site except to view the pictures. Nothing here but disappointment and trouble if you believe the hype.

New Reviewer

i went on the site & paid the one month fee and started getting messages and invites from ppl. almost every one of them asked me to skype with them. anyways about every single one of them had similiar stories.. they were from out of town, maybe in for a wedding or something, got bored and wanted to hookup.. some were even giving me addresses to hotels in my area, but could never give a room number. and no matter how real it seemed, right before you actually hookup they want you to register to something, or go to another page, or enter in your credit info. so i got tired of that sh!t after a couple of hours. and deleted my account. Paid $30 to learn that lesson. At least i accomplished what i came to the site for, was to get fcuked. That site fcuked me right in the a$s.

New Reviewer

Site is a total rip off and scam. As a unpaid member your bombarded with friend requests from whats turns out to be sites own created auto bots, once you pay to join their replaced by camwhore spammers trying to get your credit card info or take you to their own site.
The moderation on the site is terrible, very racist, particularly against Asian women and extremely homophobic towards lesbians. Despite claiming to be international practically all the moderators are from the USA and Australia and are appointed by certain leading moderators.

New Reviewer

Not that good of site.... I like much better.

New Reviewer

As many disappointed customers on here we can turn this into a $#*!book lol e mail me at adrianfoster50@gmail. Com we will call it dirty book 8)

New Reviewer

A complete scam, run by pimps for camwhores, worthless moderation, terrible administration

New Reviewer

ada aku kesah!

New Reviewer
12/4/13 scam and ripoff. You are better off with

New Reviewer

I hated the Site total scam...fake members

New Reviewer

I have been on $#*!book for nearly a year, and I love it. I have tried many similar websites, and $#*!book seems to be the most user friendly. it is beautifully presented, very intuitivly laid out and easy to use. The user base is large, larger than I have experienced before, which has lead to the site being targeted by scamming cam girls. Many other sites experience similar issues, however I have noticed that $#*!books moderation staff are openly working hard against the camgirls, where as I am yet to see any such attempt from other sites. When I first created my account, I had a few questions, and I was able to contact some of the staff. Because the moderators are also users, they are friendly and very approachable. I would happily recommend $#*!book.

New Reviewer

well its great and we learn more on this site

New Reviewer

joined up up and decided to try before paying any premiums..SO glad i did.this she be stopped they are just con artists .started getting messages from stunning girls which gradually became way could there be this many stunning girls in my area sending me request after request and only when i was online..pretty easy really to stop these money stealing scum.right click picture and select search google for image.suprise suprice all models with own websites .lol youve been warned

New Reviewer

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New Reviewer

Mostly spammer bots...that said there are some genuine girls. The ones with verified accounts. Can't read messages unless you pay..i did nt luckily..had 400+ unread messages. Blocked and delete the bots and they still manage to get through. That said as a free user if you feeling frisky or horny there are loads of pics. My profile is real ofcourse but when i did n't get a reply or my pics is seen just soon realise it's 2%real ppl 98% bots..don't pay or you will be sorry.

New Reviewer

The site has had a lot of spammers on the platform - really annoying. With the recent update though the issue has become less of a problem and finding real people to chat with has become enjoying. I recommend it

New Reviewer

This site is awful. Don't waste ANY money. All the messages are bots. Nothing real here

New Reviewer

The site was getting better, but this last weekend they in a homophobic frenzy wiped out all the real women, leaving just the cam whores and porn stars.

New Reviewer

THIS WEB SITE IS ROYALLY BULL$#*!!! Nothing but a scam artist at work. Ive had girls try to have me sign up for stuff before we hook up , they say its for thier protection and safety. Meanwhile there really isnt any intention of hooking up. Total epic garbage stay away. Warn your friends!!!

New Reviewer

if you don't want to get cheated do what i do say bleep off scammers and bots and if real message me course being the scammers they are bots and no real people.

New Reviewer

So it's as EVERYONE SAYS. anyone who implies 'good fortune' is probably one of the DUDES who LEAD you on... and not well. I got a month for 10 bucks after I said NVM... and they lured away 10 bucks... more than months subscribtion to NETFLIX with 10 times less the value. AVOID. if not. no worries. it's your Time and Money Squandered

New Reviewer

I want to make it clear how many fakes are on this site.

I've left my profile up for the majority of the day for three days, and I have gotten at least 30 messages and 30 friend requests. They're all the same variations on a script of grammatically horrible garbage and a lot of the pictures show up on Google Image Search as known models.

I've never seen a site have THIS MUCH of a problem of this kind.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

this website is complete bull$#*! !! there are no real people that actually respond. it is set up with fake models that are not really from your area or city. it is purely for visual entertainment. you will never actually hook up with or ever meet anyone. just click on the small "LS" button next to "what I am looking for" and that will give the entire bull$#*! idea. DONT GET SUCKED IN>>>>>>ITS A SCAM!!!!

New Reviewer

I do not dare to say , but I am a real girl and I have putted some pictures for me , just to play.... Many girls try to come in contact with me, but it was all fake.... When I deleted them, the site blocked my account !!! I am so happy they did... This site should be reported as thieves to protect other people....

New Reviewer

The site gets no starts. Everyone is fake. Then they have fake girls send you messages on the site but you can only open the messages if you pay them. I put my email address on my page and I never got One message

New Reviewer

Pros:none unless u r 80 and have thousands to spend on webcam girls.

Cons: Not any real women unless you count escort and webcam pay site girls.
No chat rooms or other features beside occasional chat box with a scam to web cam scam.
Nearly all posts are porn clips which I can get for free on internet.
customer support is non-existent.
Nearly all posts of alleged hook up girls are professionally photo-shopped models.
Most corrupt site on net.
Third party site for all of its affiliated webcam sites.

New Reviewer

To me it just pic thawt was all only you got was porn and I can get that free so it was a bad site

New Reviewer

This website is runned by men pretending to be women. Nuff' said.

New Reviewer

same as adultfriend finder. fakes, scams. hookers who verify you by getting you to join another site, so they can get a commission.

New Reviewer

fake pictures taken from google

New Reviewer

i thank it the best of the best

New Reviewer

This site sucks it's a total scam and fake members.

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