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New Reviewer

As I was setting up my information when I was signing up to join f* I had a girl view me, add me as a friend and send me a message before I was even finished. Does that make sense? What normal person would do that? I had no picture or pictures for that matter and very little information. All I had at that time that a normal person should see is a username, that I'm male, my age and that I'm interested in girls. THAT'S IT!
To me it proves that sites like f* is only here to get your money. As soon as you get your toe in the door/website they have a bot contact you to make you feel you have to sign up for the premium account.

New Reviewer

They hire 'Emissaries" to chat with you. See section 14 here: http://www.$#*!
Then they charge you hundreds in unauthorized fees.

Tip for consumers: Waste of time.

Ask lu about Fuckbook
New Reviewer

It says free but as soon as I get a message I HAVE to enter credit card information to "verify my age" no I am not going to enter my info good bye @^#$book.

Tip for consumers: Just stay away unless you want to enter your credit card info

Ask Jared about Fuckbook
New Reviewer

Appalling. I've been receiving unsolicited mail from this ridiculous website and each time have been replying to their support team that it's obvious that someone has set up an account giving my email address. Can they delete the account ? Apparently not. Too busy w**king over their own boring porn material no doubt...

New Reviewer

I joined the site - without parting with any money - and with hours I had very beautiful girls sending me messages ( which I was not able to read ). I am 73. Why would hordes of 20 something girl wamt me ? Total rip off. I tried to modify my input to include my email address but it was blanked. Also, of course, several girls appeared under different names in different towns. Keep away and hold on to your money. Rating = ZERO.

Tip for consumers: Don't part with any money

Ask Arnold about Fuckbook
New Reviewer

Here's the thing. Fkbook like hundreds of such sites are not either true dating sites nor social sites. What most people fail to do, is read the small print. Every complaint made on review sites are true, and are even admitted so in the terms and conditions. These sites are for the purpose of adult entertainment, not for hooking up. I reiterate, read the small print in terms and conditions and learn the art of understanding the way such terms are specified. The reason they are long documents are because they understand humans, and humans are far too lazy to run the gauntlet of the blah blah blah of reading terms and conditions. They just skip them. All free memberships are generated teasers by the company. Upgrading is just a shooting gallery of looking for someone who is willing to share your interests. Yet, chances are, you will not fit their ideal. It is a simple fact, one would not go to any such site if they had a real active social life and the charm to pull it off.
This site's purposes is to make money, and once you have become a paid member, they continue to pick your pocket.
I am a consumer advocate, who had investigated and tested over one hundred of such sites, up to and including full membership, and doling out for the extras. I do it completely independently without affiliation to any company or site, at my own cost, without compensation.
Such sites are not frauds, they are not scams, but they are misleading which is far more dangerous because it is and always be, Caveat Emptor, also known as let the buyer beware. To make terms and conditions simple for you is this. The site takes no responsibility, the end user is legally responsible for anything and everything that can go wrong.

Tip for consumers: Spend less time in front of your computer, and get out and go to pubs, bars, clubs, casinos, or even a Bingo hall. Talk to real live human beings that can at least shake hands. Human touch is the key.

Ask Mark about Fuckbook
New Reviewer

I've waste my time and money....fakes were everywhere in my area, not to mention when broadening to other areas, I always come up with the same results....fakes. Granted there were no bots activated, however when corresponding to individuals there were merely just amusing messages a site play, more than likely they were individuals who worked for the site as my personal assumption. In my experience this has also be placed in a dark little hole with the rest of fall out sites that can't put up what they offer, I'm going back to the usual that actually works, no questions asked.

Tip for consumers: don't waste your money, just stick to the free stuff, save your money for a paid entertainer at a saloon and for the protection you'll need for those places, this is no more than of another porn page, no need to pay for free attention lol coming from my own opinion.

Ask Nick about Fuckbook
New Reviewer

I'm a member of $#*!book and it's cool but you have to learn the ropes first, know how to ignore the fakers, web porn girls, scammers etc..but when you have mastered this you can get into some great contacts with horny men and women.

Tip for consumers: At first, just learn the ropes, don't be impulsive or commit yourself, do't pass personal info until you've sussed out people good and proper

Ask Nick about Fuckbook
New Reviewer

tried it , the results is not what i wanted

Ask Professor about Fuckbook
New Reviewer

Same as another site i tried. full of fake profiles probably paid for by a group running these sites or even other scam sites just selling each other info on members. i found my personal info on another site that i had not joined... photos even, with different name and location... total scam. none of these hot chicks that suddenly bombard you with 'friendships' and requests are legit. just to test it on fbook, i signed up for free with NO personal info/no photo and had bots really liking me and saying to sign up for premium we could get in touch. sigh...

Tip for consumers: don't do it.

Ask bing about Fuckbook
New Reviewer

Don't waste your time. Signed up and as a test did not enter anything other than very basics in my profile. I did not even upload pics. Within a couple hours I am getting 'friend' requests. I have a little trick, it's called a reverse image search. The pics of my new 'friends' turned up on various websites. One of them was even an actual porn star's pics they scraped from somewhere to make a fake profile. The one friend request that did not appear in a reverse image search was possibly real, but she was hideous and I wouldn't want to date her if I hadn't been laid in a decade. This site is just like all the other 'hook up' sites I've tested, fake profiles send you requests to get you to pop in your credit card number. The chances of meeting an actual real and compatible profile are no doubt slim.

Ask Lord about Fuckbook
New Reviewer

This site is awful!!!!!!

Been on there two days now and it's pure garbage. My first day, I agree to cyber sex with some dude i don't know. I in boxed him my skyped name. We did our deed and then I deleted and blocked him. All of a sudden I started getting invites on my Skype. I don't give out my Skype info to just any and everyone. So that person must of had different accounts to re-add me.

Ppl on there post fake pics, play games, and not even interested in meeting. Only the very horny OLD men or UGLY men that lacks sex want to meet up.

New Reviewer

I joined this site this morning. I'm over 50 and living in Stockholm, Sweden. Within 8 hours, more than a dozen (extremely attractive) girls had made contact with me. Very inspiring. However...

1. All of them were in their 20s. That alone is a bit suspicious. Are these 20-something-year-old nymphs REALLY in need of men in their 50s?
2. Three of them (and perhaps more, I didn't check after I'd seen the pattern) claimed to be in Sweden, yet had numerous pictures taken next to exactly the same bed (it has a distinctive headboard) which happens to be IN THE UK (you can see a very British 3-pin electrical socket on the wall!)

Now, any statistician will tell you that if something is statistically possible, it will eventually happen. However, I'll bet my life that this particular "eventually" - i.e. 3 out of 12 or 15 highly desirable and very naked Swedish girls all having numerous pictures taken in the same British bedroom contacting me within the same working day and claiming to be just up the road - would not happen on Day One of my membership unless it was a blatant and outright SCAM!

I am, however, grateful that I saw it before I parted with any money! Nice try, folks.

Edit, a few hours later, to add the following:
I just noticed they reply to most criticism on here. If they reply to this, I'd love to hear the explanation for how 20% or more of all 20-year-old Swedish women have naked photos of themselves available taken next to exactly the same bed that is in exactly the same room that is actually in another country (and in a different time zone, i.e. in the UK).
I suspect it might take them a while to come up with a plausible answer for that one. So I further suspect they simple won't bother.

New Reviewer

I WAS! A paying member on this site for over A year! Yes I did actually meet 2 REAL people but far and away the profiles are mostly fake & obviously they employ writers to keep dudes interested.This FACT along with sit not being accessible at times,Led Me to write support! They were kind enough to just cancel My membership & deny to do anything to correct the problems I had faced!When brought to their attention,complete denial was their reaction! I am sure someone from the site will write a rebuttal denying anything said here is true! When in fact they know that they have a crappy site with paid staff baiting and trying to keep Men interested in paying!Mails will go on and on & on & so forth!Total waste of time & money!Full of Paid Staff writing fake mails & full of cam hookers and redirects to cam hooker page!All in all a horrible spam collecting site that is not worth a free membership much less a paid one! You'd have a better chance of getting laid at church!

New Reviewer

i started getting spam to get me to join up after using a free account on so it looks like theyre part of their scamming empire , thankfully i didnt give them my card details as then your on a suckers list ,but i get spam from all manner of date scam sites in the 100s from all over the world trying to get me to join up on other dubious dating sites of which they all have bad feedback

New Reviewer

My question is...will my credit card be stolen if I become a paid member. Anyone have this problem? ?

New Reviewer

Yah this has to be a scam site, here is the deal they try to say the thing is free on there web page for life long membership then they require a credit card to charge you - at which case then you are suppose to call them to cancel the membership.

at which point your then suppose to call them again to get it activated - but chances if you if your not activate paying member you are not eligible also they find any excuse they can to terminate the account to get it deleted, I have tried to get free membership sliver that promised and so did 4 of my friends just to test this.

None of us where able to get free life time as promised on web page.

Also if you sign up you will get hit up by people right away but if u send them message back - they will not respond I am thinking most of all the people on the site that send messages are bots or fake people setup by the company.

New Reviewer

I just joined the site and after am getting a lot of messages and requests but before going for a membership I should know whether these is a legitimate or not and what kind of messages am getting I should be able to read and than I can decide whether I should go for membership or not.

New Reviewer

If this site were an actual living being, it should be humiliated and then beaten to death in front of the public. It won't let you even chat with other members without a payed subscription, so to try and protect my personal banking information, I went and bought a Visa Gift Card (which is accepted by similar sites). Guess what... $#*!book doesn't want any part of that. Why? Because they want to be able to hit you with bogus charges and renewals. *** I TRIED TO LEGITIMATELY PAY FOR THEIR SERVICES, AND THEY DENIED ME *** That tells me everything I need to know about their shady ass operation.

$#*! $#*!book.

New Reviewer

Scam Central, there may be some genuine women in the site, but if you search enough you'll see different girls in the same photo location from different towns/countries. All over the site. And they are the ones that constantly message and send chat responses to et you to subscribe. This alone proves the site is set up to make money alone and couldn't give a toss about anyone hooking up, which is the main selling point, so it's false advertising. Should be arrested for illegal business practice.

New Reviewer

I have been a Premium Member on $#*!book for 10 months now. From the beginning, the site was difficult to deal with, because they are nice enough to let female members join for free. This has unfortunately resulted in a whole slew of Scams that exploit this generous feature, like Men registering as Women, Cam Girls looking for paying Clients, Escorts, Site Promotors that try to get members to vote for them by signing up on links … The whole palette basically, which you will find on other dating sites as well, by the way.

IF all the women on $#*!book had to pay for their Membership like the Men really have to, then ALL this would go away at once … But so would most of the females on $#*!book, even many of the GOOD ones who are just using their free accounts there …

Apart from that however, the site has been a HUGE SUCCESS for me when it comes to meeting fascinating women. I have already met several girls from $#*!book and had some very steamy experiences with them. This site attracts some very horny and liberated girls and women, who even venture to meet up face to face. They can also happily engage in Cam2Cam just for fun, and many here are also looking for their Soulmate and future Husband.

All in all, the money I spent on the 1 year Membership was the BEST cash I have spent for Erotic Fun for a long time. I have even become an active Moderator on the site to help and clean it up from all the negative elements, because if this site can get rid of their problematic members, hen it would be one of the BEST erotic dating sites HANDS DOWN (and I have been on most of them). MANY sites GUARANTEE that you will MEET sexy women if you become a member, but $#*!BOOK is one of the VERY FEW that can actually DELIVER that.

The only reason I didn't give the site 5 Stars, is because there are still too many shady female profiles there. However, if you you learn to recognize them and avoid them, then you can have tons of erotic fun on this fine dating site

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!! $#*!Book is a complete rip off artist. Twenty minutes after purchasing their membership they emailed me and told me that i had to prove that i was me and not a fraud and to do so i had to go to another site and put in a credit card info again and that i wont be charged. I asked to speak to someone over the phone and not only did they refuse to give me a number to speak to someone on the instantly said we will see you in court. They are going to charge me twice and rack up a bunch of fees for this and still to the second will not let me speak to anyone and now will not respond my emails either. The convo we where having via messaging i have been video taping the whole thing to bring to court with me. I told them that i have only been on this site and had a membership for 20 minutes and i have had nothing but problems therefor i want a refund and they said they dont do refunds even though it clearly says in the terms of use they will give a refund and investigagte the reason for wanting one. PLEASE EVERYONE STAY OFF THIS BULL$#*! OF A SITE IT YOU DONT WANT TO BE COMPLETELY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.

New Reviewer

a total ripoff! this site should be shut down and all owners and employees given jail time. nothing is real a total scam!

New Reviewer

Well I joined the place and pretty much experience much of the same as others state on here. I`m afraid to use my credit card on there. If they had another way to pay like say money order id at least give it a try for a 3 day offer. They need to find a way to provide actual proof of the success people are having. And phony paid people will not do the job.

New Reviewer

Overall the site has met expectations. i've met some interesting people & had my share of fun. It has a lot of room for improvement in that spammers & scammers get through a lot & the censor filters are out of control. Some areas of navigation are confusing, but most are easy to use. Personally i'm not a big fan of the pin feature in as much as when my friends use it their pins are displayed on my feed. Too bad their isn't an option to choose whether or not the pins are shared like in tyh past when favorites was an option.

New Reviewer

I find it interesting that without doing anything to my account I'm already receiving friend requests and messages. Now without being able to see those messages without paying is a bit of a turn off considering the messages are from admin. Id feel more comfortable signing up if there was a legitament experience oppose to what I "could be experience". If I got a real trial id more be inclined to sign up then thinking that this is bogus and not giving it anymore thaught. To secure a membership, what would you be willing to do?

New Reviewer

I am afraid to enter my credit card info to show proof of my age. Just wanna try it free for now. I got snookered like this once before years ago. Not gonna do it again. There has to be a different way to find out someone's age other than their cc info.

New Reviewer

It's interesting how they respond quickly to bad comments and use the same replies. I'm just reading all the comments and all they are doing is copying and pasting a reply. The same crap about how they don't tolerate third parties.. This is a scam regardless of how many employees are commenting stating that they've hooked up with someone on this site.. Don't believe the hype.

New Reviewer

I joined the site but have not purchased a full membership. I wanted to get a feel for the user base first, and so far I have found a lot of fakes.

First, there are the profiles created by $#*! to be used by their customer service team. This is mentioned in their terms:

"We create user profiles for use by our customer support representatives for the support, marketing, improvement of the Service, and in order for our Registered Users to experience the type of communications that they can expect as paying Members"

These "members" are easy to spot since they have a C surrounded by a square either on their profile or preceding their username

Second, there are "third-party" fake profiles that want you to go to another hookup site or add them on Skype so they can then redirect you to another hookup site.

if you filter these 2 profile types out, you're left with a few seemingly real people on the site. Best of luck to anyone searching this site or any like it.

New Reviewer

Horrible SCAM!!! Don't waste your time or money on this site.

1. I immediately got spam-mail from hot chics after I signed up using the most basic minimal amounts of info. Just my location and email, that's it. How many hotties will send naked pictures of themselves asking to hook up with guys when they don't even know how old they are, what they look like or what their personality is like?

2. You can't access anything on the site without paying. Any attempt at using it and getting any kind of useful info will send you to a sign-up page where you have to pay to proceed further.

3. All the favourable reviews here and on other sites are shills. Notice that all these reviews are from users with only a single review? They signed up just to post that review. Search on the usernames and you'll find they match the camwhores who are on the site. There's not a SINGLE review of a real person who've gotten value out of this site.

Stay away, you'd have better odds going to a pub. At least spending money there will at least get you a drink and some food!

New Reviewer

scam website with paid cam girls to lure you in stay well away dont listen to the 5 star reviews on here there fake to

New Reviewer

$#*!book is a great site to meet local, like-minded people, or to just have a bit of online fun. I've gotten alot of pleasure from it, both aspects. I've also met a lot of great people on there, some I even call good friends.

New Reviewer

I've been with them for over 2 years and had some great experiences... Of course some people likes to screw things up, but if you are smart enough you can identify the fakes before they scam you.

I've met lots of girls, some way out of my league, others where is the other way around, but if you want to F somebody, that is the best site I've ever been to.

the supervisors are always helpfull and answer my questions in a timely manner.

I've been payed member for an year now, but always had great service. Really recomend!!!

New Reviewer

Not sure what everyone is complaining about. I've had a good experience. I've been using the site for over a year and have some had discrete hookups.
Yes, there is some trashy profiles (there is on all these types of sites) but on $#*!book I found a real community after a while and happy to say I've made a few friends as well as $#*! buddies. :)

New Reviewer

After joining I immediately started getting suspicious about it. They KNOWINGLY are committing fraud and I'm sure other illegal activities through their site (I'm actually reporting them to the FBI). They will try and force you to go to some other site for verification and threaten to close your account of you don't. I contacted them and they claimed no knowledge yet my email trace was from them to begin with. My account was shut down 2 months early even though I had paid. Mistake...The site's so called users are probably 95% webcam trolls looking to take you to another site where you will further be scammed of your money. Thankfully I never fell for that. Some of the users even claim to be Fbook staff etc. and Fbook is totally aware of this yet do nothing while claiming they are. (Luckily I took screenshots because I was very suspicious early on). It is a massive scam that has somehow not been exposed for what it really is. Until they do actually get exposed and shut down I will continue my mission to make sure it happens. Wanting to get laid isn't a crime, fraudulently taking someones money for a bs, non-existent 'service' is. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

New Reviewer

Absolutely terrible site, homophobic, racist and is nothing more than a gateway for scammers and camwhores to find men to rip off.
Real women last very little time there before one of the pimps (moderators ) bans them.

New Reviewer

Horrible scam. I was a "member" for about 10 minutes and had already gotten seven messages from incredibly hot women "in my area." It was such an obvious scam that I googled "$#*!book scam" and found out the real deal. Stay away!!

New Reviewer

just joined today, and its full of automated bots, and within joining I received about 20 requests for IM, and about 10 emails, all from very hot girls, total scam site, glad I did not pay anything

New Reviewer

ReI've been on there for almost a month, ive hooked up with two ladies and have more pending for the next week or two. Yes theres a bunch off scammers on there but learned quickly how to spot them , my major complaint is that the site has sum serious issues with going down or not functioning properly, 8 out of the 26 days ive been on there , i either couldn't log in, couldn't send messages or couldn't navigate some areas of the site. Hell i cant get on now and theres lady very interested in doing anal with me, that really f#@%ing sucks.

New Reviewer

As is the problem with MOST sites of this type, they are part of several interconnected sites designed to mine as much information as possible from their users. The "owners" of the site, or actually the site itself is usually based outside the U.S.A. in some third world locality where laws, if they exist, are not enforced. Thus, once you give your financial information and it is sold, you have absolutely NO recourse or protection. Can you say "Identity Theft"? The physical site is loaded with pictures of beautiful women who are, amazingly, all local. Given that I live in a very small town, it is obvious that these women not only do not live here, but probably are residents of every town in the U.S.A. and placed to con poor horny bastards out of their credit card information. Stay away from this site except to view the pictures. Nothing here but disappointment and trouble if you believe the hype.

New Reviewer

i went on the site & paid the one month fee and started getting messages and invites from ppl. almost every one of them asked me to skype with them. anyways about every single one of them had similiar stories.. they were from out of town, maybe in for a wedding or something, got bored and wanted to hookup.. some were even giving me addresses to hotels in my area, but could never give a room number. and no matter how real it seemed, right before you actually hookup they want you to register to something, or go to another page, or enter in your credit info. so i got tired of that sh!t after a couple of hours. and deleted my account. Paid $30 to learn that lesson. At least i accomplished what i came to the site for, was to get fcuked. That site fcuked me right in the a$s.

New Reviewer

Site is a total rip off and scam. As a unpaid member your bombarded with friend requests from whats turns out to be sites own created auto bots, once you pay to join their replaced by camwhore spammers trying to get your credit card info or take you to their own site.
The moderation on the site is terrible, very racist, particularly against Asian women and extremely homophobic towards lesbians. Despite claiming to be international practically all the moderators are from the USA and Australia and are appointed by certain leading moderators.

New Reviewer

As many disappointed customers on here we can turn this into a $#*!book lol e mail me at adrianfoster50@gmail. Com we will call it dirty book 8)

New Reviewer

A complete scam, run by pimps for camwhores, worthless moderation, terrible administration

New Reviewer

I have been on $#*!book for nearly a year, and I love it. I have tried many similar websites, and $#*!book seems to be the most user friendly. it is beautifully presented, very intuitivly laid out and easy to use. The user base is large, larger than I have experienced before, which has lead to the site being targeted by scamming cam girls. Many other sites experience similar issues, however I have noticed that $#*!books moderation staff are openly working hard against the camgirls, where as I am yet to see any such attempt from other sites. When I first created my account, I had a few questions, and I was able to contact some of the staff. Because the moderators are also users, they are friendly and very approachable. I would happily recommend $#*!book.

New Reviewer

joined up up and decided to try before paying any premiums..SO glad i did.this she be stopped they are just con artists .started getting messages from stunning girls which gradually became way could there be this many stunning girls in my area sending me request after request and only when i was online..pretty easy really to stop these money stealing scum.right click picture and select search google for image.suprise suprice all models with own websites .lol youve been warned

New Reviewer

The best SiteJabber Website Reviews are typically helpful and describe a personal experience you have had with a website. A good rule of thumb might be to ask yourself, "Would I find this review useful?"

New Reviewer

Mostly spammer bots...that said there are some genuine girls. The ones with verified accounts. Can't read messages unless you pay..i did nt luckily..had 400+ unread messages. Blocked and delete the bots and they still manage to get through. That said as a free user if you feeling frisky or horny there are loads of pics. My profile is real ofcourse but when i did n't get a reply or my pics is seen just soon realise it's 2%real ppl 98% bots..don't pay or you will be sorry.

New Reviewer

The site has had a lot of spammers on the platform - really annoying. With the recent update though the issue has become less of a problem and finding real people to chat with has become enjoying. I recommend it

New Reviewer

The site was getting better, but this last weekend they in a homophobic frenzy wiped out all the real women, leaving just the cam whores and porn stars.

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