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33 reviews
Categories: Tax, Tax Preparation
PO Box 51048
Provo, UT 84605-1048
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33 Reviews From Our Community

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They send a notification every year just to remind me, it time to file your next tax return. (in 5 reviews)


I also paid this company to file my state return instead of going straight to the state website like I normally did. (in 3 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I was surprised that one of my entries showed a "question mark pop up" that actually omitted important information and got me really confused as to whether I should enter
the information in that specific place.

I am SHOCKED that their program wasn't written more efficiently since this is a common entry and it could confuse a lot of people. When you click on the question mark box it should give you the complete and right information so you know you are putting your entry in the right place. I also, saw another piece of information on there that was correct but also inaccurate for a more complex return and could really confuse people.
with a more complex return.

I complained to them about it and hopefully they will fix it. Otherwise, everything worked ok. I felt customer support was not all that good at communicating and it wasted hours of my time. I will use them again now that I know about this one problem with the entry, that I have to make every year, but gee, they really wasted my time! Very Bad experience!!

Ask ann about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
1 helpful vote

Free Tax USA is great. I believe I've been using this for approx 10 years for myself as well as filing it for six other family members. I just helped my daughter with hers & I was so amazed that both State & Federal were accepted within 30 minutes. That was the 1st time ever that acceptance was received that quickly. Hers was not a simple situation, with many dependents as well deductions. Also within a week both State & Federal refunds were deposited. It is 14.95 or so for the state only. One still needs to learn about the process a bit & not just depend on the website to walk you through it. I have never used the deluxe edition which is only $5.95...that's a great price for those who don't have much experience with filing their own taxes.

Ask Jeannie about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
5 helpful votes

It says "File Free Federal Income Tax!" and under it says "State Income Tax Only $12.95!". So I fully intend to file a free federal tax and no state tax. But, after you finish typing in all the info from the W-2 forms and give them all your information for federal tax, they start asking questions about your federal tax. Then you go to support and THEN they inform you that you MUST file a state tax to file your "free" federal tax. They make no mention of this before you start inputting the data. They figure that you will just fork over the $12.95 in order to avoid going to a REAL e-file site and entering it all over again. Well I will be entering all the info again on another site, I refuse to pay them as this is false advertising. I will be reporting this to the IRS and Better Business Bureau and I encourage others to do the same thing.

Ask John about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
1 helpful vote

Turbo Tax 2014 is not what 2013 was. I have been reviewing complaints on the major services (?) prior to selecting this one (re: "turbo tax complaints" as search line). All of the problems of each are significant if you're the one in pain. Been there with turbo for 2012. Each company has huge numbers of returns processed with insignificant numbers of complaints online.

The type of complaints have taken me to select freetaxusa for 2014.

CT and Federal return e-filing can be confirmed and refund processing can be tracked online. You may not immediately see that success has been achieved as daily computer files need to be merged with the main files first. This prev took about two days.

CT maintains a wonderful telephone help service during the day in the boiler (type) room of their tax bldg. I do not believe there has ever been a wait time. US SERVICE PERSONNEL are encouraged to call so as to get all their credits.

Tell em Jim says Hi!

Ask Jim about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
6 helpful votes

We have used for 8 years now. It conveniently remembers all of our information from year to year so everything is ready to go. This year, I actually used my cell phone to complete our taxes, and I was finished in less than 15 minutes! I can hardly believe that places like H & R block are still in business. I finished my taxes faster than the time it would take me to even drive to my nearest H&R. The IRS sent emails, from both federal and state, saying that my return was accepted within 4 hours of processing them. Each year, our refunds arrive within 7 days and I expect no less this year. I love this user friendly site... it makes filing taxes a piece of cake!!

Ask Amy about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
3 helpful votes

They save your info from last year and let you use it this year without holding it hostage for money!!! I just filed my taxes for the second year in FreeTaxUsa. They saved all of my info from last year, pre-filled family info, employer info, mortgage bank info, etc. All I had to do is go in and make updates to income, mortgage interest, etc. Saved a ton of time in data entry.

They didn't just transfer my last year's info to show me how easy it would be to to have everything pre-filled, then hold the info hostage if I didn't agree to buy a higher priced product like some other tax preparation software companies. They just let me use my own information. Another thing they allowed me to do that SOME OTHER tax preparation software companies wont allow me to do is file a 1099-misc. for non-employee income for free instead of $50! I love this and have told everybody I know.

I also paid this company to file my state return instead of going straight to the state website like I normally did. It was a fair price, and I appreciate their business practices enough to pay them. Frankly, I wouldn't mind paying them a small fee for federal filing either.

Ask Stephanie about FreeTaxUSA
13 reviews
4 helpful votes

I have used this site two or three times and plan to use it again. My only concern is, could I have gotten a bigger tax return? I will be shopping around to see if I find anything better. This is way better that TurboTax, them, I will never use again.

Ask Dorrel about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
1 helpful vote

My boyfriend fell on hard times and did not file for four years. Free tax helped me to file them and get his irs dues paid plus 20000 back. We are still waiting to file the last two states. But will be doing that as soon as we file this years state

Ask torrie about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
9 helpful votes

I have used this site for years now and never had a problem! I have received my taxes each year within 2 weeks. Last year, 2013 it took 6 days to receive my 6,125 return and only 2 weeks to get state! I would absolutely recommend this site!!!

Ask Billie about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
5 helpful votes

I love this website. I started using it when I was 18 and had no idea how to do taxes. It really helps you step by step. I also like how it saves your information from last year so it really saves time. I've never had a problem and will definitely be using it again this tax season.

Ask Sarah about FreeTaxUSA
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

I have used them for the past 4 years. I used to be a dedicated h&r blocker, but they charged more for the same service. Mind you, i have not ever needed customer service for any of them, but i have NEVER had a problem filing or getting a very timely return.
My only complaint would be that sometimes when they tell you to fix a problem, you dont know exactly what needs to be fixed.
They import my information from year to year and for me, thats the best part! Easy!

Ask Ruqayyah about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have been using freetaxUSa for last 3 years, never had any problem. They send a notification every year just to remind me, it time to file your next tax return. Love it! FreeTaxUSA is easy to use and works perfectly fine for me.

Ask sanjeev about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
5 helpful votes

Free tax USA is well designed and easy to use. As other reviewers have observed, they mess up when it comes to filing the return. I had a substantial refund coming from the state of Illinois. Out of curiosity, I decided to look if the check from Illinois was deposited electronically in my bank. To my surprise, my return was never submitted. Milton Friedman was right when he said "there's no such thing as a free lunch."

Ask Bruce about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
4 helpful votes

I just moved to the USA and had never filed here (or anywhere by myself) before. I found this website and just started to fill out the form "for fun" to see how easy it was. Within two hours, I'd finished filing both my state and federal taxes and I received $3,500 return. I couldn't believe how easy and helpful it was. I didn't even plan on filing my taxes that day, but it was just so easy I couldn't stop.

Ask Mike about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
15 helpful votes

I don't trust this site....they took my money but NOTHING in email notifying me that my taxes were received by the that normal??? I am worried they took my money and didn't submit my paperwork.

Ask dashaun about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
6 helpful votes

They have provided wrong address for paper filing of the return which I was require to do for my specific case. I waited for 8 weeks to receive my refund. Then I came to know that the address appearing on their website for Iowa return is wrong so I was required to resend on correct address. On complaining about the same, they just came back with correct address, didn't also feel for apology. Had I not crosschecked the correct address, I would have kept waiting for months together. Support team doesn't go in deep to your question & just reply by seeing first or second line of your query. I wouldn't recommend anyone to use this service....

Ask Shailesh about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
4 helpful votes

Worked surprisingly well for me. Filed taxes on the 4th and received refund on the 16th. Each year I get more annoyed that lobbies like TurboTax and H&R Block fight reforms to tax laws, just to protect their ancient business model. Over the last 20 years I've probably spent $1000 dollars on tax software. Never again. FreeTaxUSA is a great solution and a great first step to bust that up. Ideally you should be able to log into the IRS site and confirm the data they already have, like many other countries around the world.

My taxes were relatively straight forward. I found the navigation easy to use and I verified my numbers against some other pay tax sites (Including TurboTax) just to see if they provided any value. They didn't.

Perhaps I was lucky, but reading the reviews I wonder if some of these people should even be near a computer let alone doing their own taxes.

Ask Glenn about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have happily used freetaxusa for the last three years and have even referred five people to use it. I have never had a problem until filing this year. I filed my returns on the last day (no one's fault but mine). I prepared my federal and state returns and thought that I was getting ready to file them BOTH. I paid $12.95 for the State; the federal was free. I hit the submit button to only find out that only my federal was e-filed. I tried to go back and e-file my State return but was given an error message stating that I had to wait until my federal return is accepted, which could take an hour or a few days. At this point, I'm like oh my God, I will get penalized because my State return is going to be filed late. I sent them an email asking for an explanation as to why my returns did not get filed together and why no alert button came up to let me know that I was ONLY filing my federal return. I also let them know how upset I was. I let them know that I am not blaming them for me filing on the last day; I am blaming them for taking my money and not alerting me that I was only filing my federal return. Customer service emailed me back within an hour with no explanation only to say HOPEFULLY THE IRS WILL ACCEPT YOUR FEDERAL RETURN BEFORE THE DEADLINE SO THAT YOU CAN E-FILE YOUR STATE RETURN. Are you kidding me? That's it? No explatation whatsoever. Needless to say, I won't be using those scum bags again!!!!!!!

Ask dslr about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ive used them for the last couple of years and have had no problems. Recieved my refunds direct deposit within 10 days that I filed. This year was only 7 days Ive even filed previous years and had to mail my paperwork in. Received those in less than 3 weeks and it says its usually 6 weeks!!

Ask Stacey about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
6 helpful votes

I used them for one return. They charged my card twice. I contacted them several times... via contact page. They dont have a contact phone number. Copy and pasted my card statement that showed I was charged twice. No definitive answer. Do not use them. Go Turbotax or H&R Block

Ask Rick about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
6 helpful votes

Used yea last year without any issues. I completed everything including authorizing payment from my bank account for preparation of state tax. I was unable to complete final step, no PIN number. The site says just log out and complete later. What a sucker I am, my' user name. password or security answers' are being rejected. My taxes are sitting in LIMBO and my bank account is a little smaller. They send e-mail notices that I need to complete it, but they will not respond to my appeal for help. I will not use them again next year......

Ask Shirley about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have used FreeTaxUSA for federal taxes since 2008 and for federal and state taxes since 2009. Until the 2013 tax year, I absolutely LOVED it - so practical and easy for simple return! However, for 2013, I filed on 2/8/2014 and received their confirmation that the IRS had accepted my return. A confirmation number was provided. Later, I submitted a request to the IRS for a transcript of my 2013 taxes to use for my child's student financial aid, and after two requests, the IRS says it has never received my return.

I contacted FreeTaxUSA via their website and I received a timely response stating that I should not mail my tax return to the IRS because it would be rejected as duplicate, along with a comment as to how I can print a copy of my return. This was not helpful.

As I write this, I am on hold with the IRS Accounts department (1-800-892-1040). Hopefully, an IRS agent will help me resolve this mess.

Bottom line: FreeTaxUSA is great as long as you don't need support, so be aware.

Ask Kathy about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've used FreeTaxUSA for several years and have not had any problems. I used to file my state taxes separately to avoid paying for it but my state made their tax forms even more complicated. So, I gave up on that and pay the $10. My time is worth more than that.

In general, I've found it extremely easy to use! I also like that I can look at previous returns.

My only problems, which may actually be more of an inconsistent "division of taxation" problem, has to do with the W2 information not exactly matching the fill-in boxes.

Ask Wanda about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
10 helpful votes

LIARS!!!!!!! "Free" taxusa is of course, BS> They claim free federal Tax return a thousand times, and to there credit, It may be. But they then force you to file and pay for the state. There is no way to only turn in the federal forms, even though I have no need or desire to file state taxes. I hope this saves someone from getting trapped into a lie after spending an afternoon filling out the forms only to find out that without paying them, you have wasted your time. LIARS!!!!

Ask Jon about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have no problem with the filing , however if you need to get back into your account nothing matches...username password sec questions.... I have contacted support a month ago & Im still waiting... would be better if there was a phone # for support or online chat help. I used this site for 2 years & probably wont use it again...

Ask Anna about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is my first year filing. I absolutely loved it. I was apprehensive when the email support said 48 hours to respond, but they got back with me within 5-30 minutes each of the 5 times I contacted them. It was just as easy to navigate and go back and make changes as compared to H&R Block and TurboTax I paid extra for state filing, the Support option and the Audit because the costs were so cheap as compared to other sites. Will use it again. Make sure to get the coupon code online for a discount!!

Ask Yelaina about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
3 helpful votes

We have used this site for approximately 8 years now. We found the site very user friendly, and the step by step instructions are easy to follow. Each year we file our federal and state taxes on this site, and we have never had a problem having our forms accepted or getting our refunds.

Ask George about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
1 helpful vote

This is the 6th year I file thru Free Tax USA. No problems with them. Easy to use, and they provide a link to IRS instructions. I highly recommend this site

Ask Gloria about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
4 helpful votes

I e-filed my tax return on FreeTaxUSA. I filed before the deadline. i even paid their fee to have my state tax forms filed electronically. My Federal was rejected because I had "already used my ss# on my state return". Their web site indicated that my state form were accepted by the tax board, I also received an email stating that my state forms were accepted. As I had filed electronically with direct deposit I expected my refund within a month. 2 months passed still no refund. I contacted the state tax board to follow up. They informed me that they never received any tax forms from me, neither e-filed no other. Now I am going through the hassles of trying to get the money I paid to "free" tax usa. Of course I have yet to find a way to even contact them. Look look I'll need to call the BBB.

Ask No about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
3 helpful votes

I filed my taxes 02/2013 and I have still not got a refund. First off while doing my taxes on this site the recommeded credit they were trying to force me to claim I wasn't even allowed to claim. So I got it send back saying I need to fix it. I fix it then it was sent back again!! This time the IRS says that they did the math wrong!!!.. WTF then when you try to call customer support for this site, all they have is email and says they cant get to you until 48 hours!!!.. I hope no one ever uses this site again.

Ask bridnee about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
3 helpful votes

I agree with Mallory Z. one hundred per cent ! Similarly, I have used FreeTaxUSA
for seven years and will confirm that it does perform perfectly. Given the common
sense way it is formatted, and the line by line tutorials and prompts, it is really
difficult to make a mistake. One example would be the W-2 entry where it displays
a blank W-2 form and all you do is enter the numbers from your W-2, starting with
box #1. If you cannot complete your taxes in one session, the info is saved and you
can return later to complete. H&R Block ? WHO ARE THEY ? ? ?

Ask Gerard about FreeTaxUSA
1 review
5 helpful votes

The creation of my return seemed to go very well. However, I outsmarted myself in the password department, and I accidentally threw the password away.

So fast forward to August. I'm trying to get prequalified to buy a home and I need my 2010 return. Forgotten password, no problem, use the forgotton password link. I opened the email they sent to me when I filed my return which has my username clearly listed. I enter my username as they provided it in the email. I entered my SSN. Bzzzzz. I get an error that they do not match. What?.? It IS my SSN and it IS the username they provided. I try several times and double check the username.

Customer service refuses to help. They continuously tell me I must have the username wrong. Will if I do, then its wrong because THEY told me the wrong one. After 4 exchanges of emails with them its clear that I'm baning my head against a brick wall. So I'll have to order a copy of my return from the IRS. That will take 7-10 weeks. So much for pre-qualification.

I guess you get what you pay for. Next time I'll use someone reputable like HRBlock or TurboTax.

Ask Kristin about FreeTaxUSA
4 reviews
8 helpful votes

I've used this site for my Federal taxes for the past 3 years and have been very happy with it. The accountant at my firm actually recommended this site to me. I highly recommend it! It saves your past tax information for you and it's quick and VERY easy to use!

Ask Jenn about FreeTaxUSA

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Q: What is their phone number I made a mistake in my return and can't fix it irs rejected it 3xs HELP I NEED MY REFUND/ALSO THEY KEP PKAYIBG WITH MY EFUND AMOUNT
A: do you retrieve prior year's tax return?
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Q: how long does shipping and order take? I ordered a copy of my ferderal return january 30th, payment was deducted the 31st as of date no copy and no response 5 emails to support, can anyone be of help... thanks
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