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78 Reviews for FreeShipping

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or it is a scam and I was fooled into giving you my credit card information.


I thought that I was simply signing up for a rebate on a purchase I made.

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New Reviewer

They charge for this “service”? I signed up today to get the Walmart card, but saw nothing about a monthly charge. Having read these reviews I’ve cancelled my account. Now we shall see if they try to charge me.

Tip for consumers: Beware of hidden charges.

Ask Nicolas about FreeShipping
New Reviewer

Dear Sirs

I don't feel comfortable about putting very negative review since it might be mistake from both sides, so I put 5 stars, hoping that you will earn them, but this is a NEGATIVE review.

I feel bitter if not very angry with how our partnership had worked out.
It's been 3 month since you've told me you'd answer and you never did.
But my biggest concern is that my banking account being charged
it has been charged
It's been 3 month since you've told me you'd answer and you never did.
But my biggest concern is that my banking account being charged
every month since 07/03/14.
As hackneyed as it sounds: there must be a mistake.
I have never had used any of your services,
the only time I sent documentation for free shipping rebate was three months ago
That's it
I never have intended signing up for something to pay each month, sine I have never used this service again.
I must have stupidly press some button, which is ironic since I am probably the only person in the world who reads "Terms and Conditions"
I am not sure if it is just a mistake and you are able to refund me 12.97$ for each of three months
(the charge for september is currently processing)
or it is a scam and I was fooled into giving you my credit card information.

I wouldn't notice it if only it wasn't the fundraising money we've been raising for XANGO Goodness cause.
I urge and plea you to make this refund and cancel it as soon as you can.
And please accept my apologies for any inconveniences I caused you.
Sincerely Yours,

Tip for consumers: Be very careful, please.

Ask Maulen about FreeShipping
New Reviewer

They billed me 12.95 not once but TWICE in a week AFTER i had repeatedly contacted them to stop doing this but they have continued i am now in the process of contacting the better business bureau as well as the attorney general. This service is a scam

Tip for consumers: dont use unless you want them to keep charging you multiple times

Ask arianna about FreeShipping
New Reviewer

I canceled my membership online. I paid the 12.97 on 08/05/14. I saw the charge on 08/06/14 so I went online to cancel on 08/06/14. Even though I paid the fee my membership was canceled immediately. I called to find out about getting my money back since I paid but got no time to use service. I was told I should have called instead of canceling online but they would not extend my membership nor give me my money back. It does not tell you this online.
What a scam!!

New Reviewer

I don't know why all the bad reviews. I shop alot online and rarely pay for shipping. I get a check like clockwork from these folks every 3 months and it more than pays for the $12.97 a month membership charge. They also pay to ship back and item. I like them so complaints.

New Reviewer

After getting my third bill for $12.97, I noticed that I had been billed the month before also. I called their number and was informed that I signed up for a Wal-Mart charge card and that their ad came up on a POP UP. They said I got a $20..00 rebate and was notified by e-mail.
I told them I never sign up for anything like that. I did not get a Wal-Mart charge card and I never received any rebate. I never received any e-mail. I told them this was a SCAM, they said it was not a scam that I had signed up for it in April and they had the last four digits of my debit card and my PASSCODE. I never give my passcode over the phone. They said they would cancel my service but I lost the three monthly charges of $12.97 each. I also would like to get on a class action lawsuit but don't know how. July 26,2014.

New Reviewer

These guys are crooks ! I never even signed up and they charged me $12.97. They can't find any records concerning me....I cancelled my credit card and blocked them from future charges to my bank account. The banks must know, because they immediately redacted the payment.

New Reviewer

So I actually came to this site before I signed up for the offer.

I onestly thought it was a scam, but ~30-40 days later, my check for 20.95 (2 offers) came back! Boy am I surprised!

I was given a 1-month trial of it and it said I would be charged afterwards if I continued the service.

Here's what I did.

I used one of those visa gift cards worth just $25, and I signed up with that as my payment card, and I believe it was never charged.

After about day 25, I thought the check wasn't coming, so I unsubscribed thinking no harm done.

Well I surely benefited from trying! I might sign up again if I ever am buying large amounts of things on the internet in which they support your rebates!

Definitely worth a try!

JUST REMEMBER: Unsubscribe before a month so you aren't charged!

New Reviewer

I'm ashamed. Somehow I got signed up to this scam way, way back in October 2010, and I've been paying $11.97 per month ever since, without even knowing I was signed up. That's how closely I (don't) monitor my credit card bill. Of course it averages about $8,000 in new purchases per month, so this charge is easily skipped over, but still, I'm embarrassed that I've missed it for so long. That's an expensive $300 lesson to check my statements a little more carefully.

I never knowingly signed up for this service. Now I will see how easy it is going to be to cancel it. My experience with another scam in the past is that these con artists sometimes don't let go that easily.

New Reviewer

I just called about the charges from on my bank statement as well only to be told I signed up for it when in fact I DID NOT. If I see "free trial" for 30 days then cancel, I won't sign up for it. Strike one. Additionally, they told me I applied via a sales campaign, sign up for a credit card and get $10.00. I NEVER signed up for a credit card. Strike two. So if I didn't sign up for the credit card, with the correct last four digits, who the hell did!! Plus I am now also out all the charges from as well. Something is definitely not right here!! Sounds like law enforcement needs to do some investigating into this company.

New Reviewer

I signed up for their free trial and they delivered as promised. Even had the professional courtesy to contact me when they realized they had the wrong address. I do not shop enough to justify a subscription. As long as you shop enough with the qualified sites and are discipline enough every time, it'll work out.

New Reviewer

I went to the rebate site and the only orders that were eligible for a rebate were shipped free anyway. Coincidence. I think not. Why do you have do go through hoops and hurdles to pay for a service. They should be doing this for us. They would probably have more time to do it if people weren't calling in to cancel and try to get what they paid for

New Reviewer

Fraud Company. They just give 1 month free trial and they charge you for the next month without notifying you. Website won't allow you to login and cancel the membership. They just talk rubbish about terms and conditions and hung up the phone. They are just earning money through this type of frauds!!

New Reviewer

The whiners who are complaining that the "knew nothing" about those "mystery" $12.97 charges failed to read this on Main Page of the Site:

Offer Details
Start your NO COST 30-day review with our compliments. If you decide not to continue your membership, simply log on to cancel during your review. Otherwise, we'll automatically extend benefits for just $12.97 a month, billed to the credit card you authorize. Your credit card will not be charged during your review period.
I know because I pulled the same bonehead stunt with another Site. You MUST read the fine print. I would suggest that a law or regulation be passed that states that with offers like this that it be illegal to continue billing you if you do NOT respond.Only if you give a positive confirmation that you wish to continue. I imagine that companies with these policies make big profits off the people who don't check their Bank Statements regularly.If i's any consolation, it cost me $240 because DirecTV automatically renews "subscriptions" 6 months after the season ended. So I now put alerts/reminders in my Google Calendar 30 days before the season starts, both texts & emails telling me to make sure that I don't get hosed..

New Reviewer

I noticed a charge on my Discover Card:
IC*FREESHIPPI9NG.COM 855-226-7047 CT. $12.97
I did not recognize this purchase, and called the number, whereupon a woman told me that via Ebay, I'd joined the Freeshipping Club and the $12.97 charges were my mpnthly dues, which "are non-refundable" I have no idea how I joined or even what it's about. Have others had this same experience?

New Reviewer

What's the problem with all these reviewers?? I've been a member for years and have never had a problem. The yearly membership started around $69 and has now gone up to $95, but I still get much more than that back because I shop mostly at stores that are listed on their site, and there are many listed. The best part is that they reimburse RETURN shipping costs from any website, not just the ones on their site. I buy most of my clothes online now because I can order them (with free shipping), try them on, and if they don't fit I am remibursed for the cost to return them. It's a no-brainer if you follow the rules.

New Reviewer

I just got off the phone with my bank. A representative from my bank and I called this company to ask some questions about some reccurring payments on my account. Apparently, almost 9 months ago, I purchased something and this site offered free shipping. It wasnt made clear to me that you had to opt out of the service (or that I had even joined), or you would be charged a monthly fee. This went pretty much unnoticed the entire time today.
I dont remember what I purchased, but im sure i paid for it three times over with the frees this company charged me. The representative for this website apologized and told me they had a strict no refund policy, then proceeded to cancel my account. This is a SCAM. A good one! I check my bank records every month. This company slipped by me because they charge your account on irregular dates. DO NOT USE THIS SITE! And in the future, Just Pay The Shipping cost. There is no such thing as free.

New Reviewer

Boy do I feel worked over! I signed up so I could get my shipping covered on an order I made and it was not clear until I tried to submit a claim that I HAD to first go through their website in order for the shipping to be reimbursed. What a hassle! I was buying flowers. I had the flowers picked out, the recipients name and address, my billing information, and card written. I would have had to redo all of that in order to get my rebate. What a joke. However, had I known, I actually might have done the extra work if I was properly informed before I submitted my order. Just feel really jerked around. I definitely will not be recommending this site to anyone I know!

New Reviewer

i was trying to get my cash back rebates because i have two receipts. i have an account with early moments and they send a receipt saying "this order qualifies for a cash back rebate" then it sends me to i selected early moments and it sent me to freeshipping. now when i went to go through the process i had an issue. so i spoke to someone and she said "because i didn't go through freeshipping and make the purchase that i will not get the rebate checks". this is complete crap! i have done this before twice and have not heard of this being the case. i am completely dissatisfied and will not be dealing with freeshipping again.

New Reviewer

What a RIP-OFF! Bait and switch, hidden costs, false charges and smart A$$ reps, to boot. Took over an hour just to get someone on the phone - constant busy until then. Told the rep I was not interested in anything they had to offer, wanted to be removed from the list and refunded the $12.97 charge. He simply said that I had signed up for it and they could charge my card for that reason. I don't know what they claim I signed up for, because all he could tell me was that I did it with an ebay purchase. So sick of these "legal" scams running rampant on the web. ENOUGH! Get a real job and stop stealing from unsuspecting consumers who want nothing to do with this useless company and only want whatever it is they had purchased in the first place!

New Reviewer

I don't think there is an option for no stars, but my experience has been awful. I ordered some gifts for a relative on Personal Creations website and was given the option for the offer. I submitted the request for the shipping rebate and attached the shipping notice via email as instructed on the site. I received a confirmation email from stating I'd get my rebate in 3-6 weeks. It is now 12 weeks later and I have still not received the rebate. I never received any follow up communication from the company about my rebate, so I don't know if there was an issue, but I did notice when I checked my account today that it shows no record of a rebate request. As others have stated, you end up being charged $12.97 per month. Also like others have stated, you can supposedly go through the website to shop through companies offering free shipping. Unfortunately, none of the company's I've needed to order from in the past 3 months offered free shipping through their site. Of course, they say that you can simply submit your request for a rebate of the shipping you pay, but I wasn't about to count on having pay me when I still haven't received my initial rebate from 3 months ago. Needless to say, I've basically paid this company almost $40 in monthly fees for nothing. Another thing I noticed was that the name of the company to which my credit card was charged changed from one statement to the next. I'm guessing this is to confuse people so they don't realize they are being charged a monthly fee for a useless service. I canceled my membership today but I'm still requesting my shipping rebate and a refund on the monthly charges. Do Not sign up for this service. I don't see how it benefits the average online shopper, but I'm guessing that is how the company makes its money.

New Reviewer

this is , a scam... fraud. robo..escroquerie ..stay await from this people. mantenganse Alejado de estas personas. I'm so upset. they charge me 12.97 dollar and I don't even know why. when I call the customer service number and ask for my money back one of the thief says, I'm sorry we have a policy that we can't no give money back.. LaDRONeS.. no se molesten en visitar su website. dont go to tha website ...

New Reviewer

I decided to give the site a try checking out through Kohls.con because the site offered a free $25 Kohls gift card just for signing up for their free trial. During the time I had the account, I searched for a few sites within the database, only to be disappointed the site didn't offer free shipping r them. I canceled within the free trial without any trouble; I haven't been billed anything and it's been over a month since I canceled.

I gave the lowest rating because I never did get the gift card promised to me. If it wasn't for that offer, I would never have signed up for a a program.

New Reviewer

I don't even remember signing up for them... It looked like it is a scam but when I called it conformed that it was not a good company to deal with. When I told them that I don't remember signing up with u guys and I haven't received any service or goods from you so that I have to pay. So I want my $12.97 refunded to my account. The customer service (Alba that's what I heard as her name) did not helped me and respond me in a very lazy manner as if she just woke up from her bed. I would like to give you minus 5 stars for your service and company.

New Reviewer

I tried the free trial, aware that if I didn't cancell I would be charged $12.97 a month, and I was delighted!!!! Still a member. Still using the site. Still getting checks!!!

New Reviewer

Slick talker got me to sign up. I called and cancelled with no problem. Charge on my bill in the new year, shortly after I cleared out my paperwork for the last year. Called and cancelled again. They can't remove the current charge without the first cancellation #. I'm stuck!!

New Reviewer

45 minute waste of time. Unethical trickery. Not on the level, bad bad bad. You sign up and give them your credit card info, and are told you will receive a confirmation email with the rebate. No confirmation email was sent. Then they offer to answer your question via chat, in which they circumvent your inquiries by telling you to check your spam before they cut you off of chat. Then, I had to call them in person to cancel the entire thing so my cc won't be charged in 30 days. True scammers, yuck!!!

New Reviewer

It is a scam. no aware i signed up. no confirmation, no renewal notice, no what so ever, terrible company with the goal of stealing money in stealth mode.

New Reviewer

I REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND ALL OF THIS NEGATIVITY. I have been a member for about 5-7 years and they have been nothing short of GREAT. My fee is a year at a time and it's about $95. I always get back more than I spend. It's been especially great since they now can to total electronic receipts via email. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

New Reviewer

Since I have no recollection of joining a membership to this scam, I neglected to read all the revealing reviews. I regularly check my VISA bill, but totally neglected to question 5 charges for memberships in Freeshipping @$12.97 a month and Bedford Fair for $14.95 a month. Dec. had charges from both! I never received an e mail or any other form of confirmation of my signing up or of rules or payments for membership. I never placed an order and received a rebate check of 8.99 out of nearly $60 in payments. Is there no recourse for my losses?

New Reviewer

I noticed a recurring charge on our visa bill. When I called the number, I found out when my husband had ordered from ProFlowers months ago, he was signed up for this. He had no idea that this was being done. (Yes, we should have noticed this recurring charge and investigated it - will be more vigilant in the future). This service is virtually useless to us and a waste of money. What really concerns me is how they managed to sneak in this "membership" to unsuspecting customers, who think they are simply giving information to order flowers.

New Reviewer

BIGGEST FRAUD SCAM I'VE EVER HEARD OF. They were charging my card for over a YEAR AND A HALF. I was told that when I ordered from Pro Flowers that I "signed up" and then never canceled my free trial. BULL$#*!. I never knew about 'FREESHIPPING.COM" , they stole my information and charged me every single month. They are thieves and what they are doing is ILLEGAL. I wish terrible things upon whom ever is running this fraud ring and hope to see you go to jail.

New Reviewer

is "0 stars" possible? What a waste of time. By the time you calculate how many months you've gone without placing an online order with one of their "partnered" sites but still having to pay the monthly fee and the max amounts they are willing to reimburse you, you've paid for not only the shipping, but in some cases, the item(s) you've purchase two times over. WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE.

New Reviewer

Total SCAM. Found hidden charges along with a $12.97 charge twice. Customer service will pretty much tell they can't do anything and TOO BAD> Rude & ignorant customer service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS. Never got the free gift card either. Heard enough lol

New Reviewer

Stay away from … it is not worth the pain caused. They continued to charge me after I canceled the service and all I got from customer service was their version of "too bad"!

New Reviewer

Took $12.97 out of my bank account! Never received a check for shipping and they got my info from Refuse to refund my money! Filed a disputed claim with my bank. Hopefully will get it back. STAY AWAY!!!!

New Reviewer

I am subscriber since a long time. I am buying a lot online so after paying monthly fee it still worked for me . I trusted this website,because in the beginning I was receiving all rebates and bonuses until I started control all submitted claims, some of them disappeared ! Except of free shipping they also offer rebate ( 5% or 10 % ) and you can see in your account that you earned additional money but what a surprise after a few weeks : your money on your account also disappeared. They already were there but they lowered rebate after a fact, just before your check should be send.
They ignore emails they don' like.
I hope their website also will disappear when so many good websites offer free shipping without monthly fee.This website will not stand competition playing so not fair.
Do not sign to this website! This is not honest and not ethical company!

New Reviewer

Wife unknowingly got signed up through Didn't catch on until several months later. Down several 12.97 payments. Did call and they are refunding one or two payments and said that they would cancel membership. Be very careful.

New Reviewer

They are just plain thiefs! I never sign for anything here and they are Stealing from my bank account...Aim pretty sure they got my info. from something I bought from EBAY!

New Reviewer

This company design the services that misleading and confusing the customer to give their credit card information, so the company may keep charging their customers without doing any services. that is the way the company make money. I bought my textbook online and register the free shipping twice. I did get $20 rebate, but the company use my credit information and keep charging for six months. When I phone them 1-855-2267047, they said they send me a term conditions, which means no matter what once they sent a email to you , you are agree with the term condition. the company's service didn't require a conformation email to sent back to them. this unfair "agreement " make them charge $12.97 per month possible. I am so surprised that why this company still alive on the market? this company like poison that makes the online shopping market so stinky and toxic. Let us do something to protect online shopping security and safety on the market. Let the stinky ones out of the market.

New Reviewer

I would give this sham of a website 0 stars, but I did speak to someone there who was a nice person and I guess just trying to pay the bills like the rest of us. The confusing, conflicting information combined with an utter lack of information makes these goofballs a joke, and unfortunately one in very poor taste. I would not recommend anyone sign up unless I hated their guts. The time that I wasted trying to procure my "free e-bay gift card ", I can never get back, and at this time of the year, every second counts. I am grateful only that I did not have the vile displeasure of actually trying to use their " free shipping " and only experienced the nausea of a foolish wild goose chase in an attempt to ascertain 25 dollars to spend on e-bay. Look out "Farce Shipping ", because you will anger and frustrate people to the point that I will promise you two things in this life and the next about what will happen to you. Firstly : YOU are not going to like it. Secondly : YOU will never forget it.

New Reviewer

it's a total scam!my husband didn't even sign up for it and they have been charging us for over a year. he even called to cancel this subscription only to find out that they wouldn't reimburse him even though they illegally charged his account.

New Reviewer

It charged 12.97 on my credit card but I fotgot I registered this website after I placed an order on I was offer a rebate and asked to register this website to get the rebate, but the website didn't tell any charge information. Now I still have not received any rebate, and I lost $13 for this scams website.

New Reviewer

I found hidden charges on my credit card. I wonder if there were more. I called for a credit and to this date they have not refunded my money.

New Reviewer

I don't recall joining. In fact, I'm sure I never would have. I NEVER ship anything, so I'd NEVER give my credit card number for a free 30-day trial nor any other such offer for "free" shipping. The credit card in question is a joint card, so it took 4 months of $12.97 charges to raise an eyebrow. My only possible method of recourse: This review. And I'm not alone.... I quickly found several similar stories online by searching " scam".

New Reviewer

Signed up for this site, sent in all the required paperwork, waited and waited, still nothing. Called the company and they refused (Crystal a supervisor) quite nastily, that it was my fault and that they would not refund my money, even though they never held up with their end of the bargain. SCAM!!! Don't use this site! Didn't even want my rebate, just my money back for their scam of a website! Don't do it or you can be an unwilling fool!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Paid the monthly fee and they cancelled all my cash back as the time they should pay for it. No monthly fee back, not cash back bonus back, no response.
Do not know why they got five stars. Guess they come here and rate themselves too.

New Reviewer

I found a charge on my credit card from and had no idea what it was for or who they even were. It looked on the internet and found them. I have no idea how I got sighed up with them but I must have because they had my Credit card number. But when or where I signed up I have no idea. There definitely is something shady about it so beware. I'm not a stupid person and I am a sober person and I can not figure out how this happened.

New Reviewer

Hi, Everybody I am the kind of person who is pretty thorough in just about everything I do. I noticed that some of my claims that I sent in seemed to mysteriously just disappear even. When you cancel with them (I cancelled on the phone.) you can even hear it in their voice like "I wouldn't blame her (them) for canceling." Yes,it is a scam. (and I want to mention I wouldn't work for a company when you know you are scamming people.)

New Reviewer

If the only complaint from the reviewer is 'SCAM' then they just can't read the English language; or choose not to read, and just click*click*click through the pages.
Everything is fully explained when you sign up.
That being said, it's not worth it. Doesn't really save you that much money, takes forever for most checks to get back to you, and the responsibilities are put on you. There are much better services out there.

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