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FragranceNet reviews

49 reviews
Categories: Aromatherapy, Perfume, Shopping
900 Grand Blvd.
Deer Park, NY 11729
Tel: 1-800-727-3867
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49 Reviews From Our Community

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but I automatically noticed it so I called their customer service. (in 9 reviews)


I had absolutely no problems with shipping, I received my order within a week. (in 38 reviews)


Priced for $62.00 + tax at local department store. (in 5 reviews)

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New Reviewer

My first time to order from fragrancenet.The Clinique Happy I bought smells different from the one I bought in store..and you have to pay shipping fee when returning the item.

New Reviewer

I have ordered men's colognes and women's perfume multiple times, and never had a problem. I find them cheaper than anyone else, and then service is great. They do offer a money back guarantee. I am a very satisfied customer from Fort Myers, Fl.

New Reviewer

I'm surprised at the low score for this site. I have friends who have ordered from this place with no issues.

New Reviewer

Delivery of my order was quick but I had doubts about the product right at the get go...I purchased Jean Patou 'Sublime' and Jean Patou 'Joy' eu de perfume. The 'Joy' smelt different to some I already had and the 'Sublime' smelt stale immediately. I'm trying to use the Joy quickly as I'm worried it might go off and the Sublime.....well I can see that one going in the bin.
Although the prices were better than say Myer or David Jones, in the future I will return to these stores to purchase (they generally have specials at Christmas), that way at least I know I am getting what I pay for. I've unsubscribed from Fragrance Net but they still keep sending me emails.

New Reviewer

FragranceNet completely disappointed me. The product is not at all good and it smells terribly. The customer service did not respond properly when I tried to communicate with them.

New Reviewer

I agree with other rewires that fragrancenet sell fake counterfeit fragrances. if your review is negative they don't even post it. I ordered Creed Aventus & knew how good it is. First I ordered the sample to check. sample was fine so ordered the bigger size. To my utter disappointment that larger size was fake. I realized it as soon as I opened the packing.
but to my surprise they refunded me full amount with out even me starting a refund request. I just wrote the review in which I mentioned that I will ask for complete refund.

Ask B about FragranceNet
New Reviewer

I finally got my shipment today... I order on 8/12/14 they sent delivery info to fedex on 8/14/14 but it was actually shipped on 8/16/14 and at first it said to expect delivery on 8/20/14 but I actually received it today which is 8/18/14 so I got my order sooner which I loved!! I got very excited when I received my order I was very pleased with the entire order!!! I order 5 perfum and all were great...I was a lil worried as I was reading the reviews but I gotta disagree with most of the ones that said not to order from this site!!!! MY FIRST TIME ORDERING AND WILL ORDER AGAIN HOPEFULLY WILL HAVE SAME EXPERIENCE.... YES THEY ARE LEGIT!!!!!!

Ask Gissel about FragranceNet
New Reviewer

i got my perfume super fast and it smell great .. they also sent me samples and coupons ... ^_^

New Reviewer

These people shipped me expired suntan lotion. Order placed and received in June 2014. Lotion expired in October of 2011. They have no sense of quality control nor did they seem apologetic when contacted. DON'T buy from them

New Reviewer

If you think its too good to be true it usually is and that is the case with I've been wearing Viva La Juicy for years and i know the true product when i see it and what was poorly shipped to me was completely FAKE! I compared it with my old bottle and the emblems did not match (which the fake one actually fell off the bottle the second i opened it), The cap was much lighter and made of plastic not glass like the original. I received the box which was wrapped in plastic just like the department store so i thought it was legit at first but as soon as i carefully slid off the plastic the box reeked of rubbing alcohol and was soaking wet, and the bottle was almost half empty. Every time i moved the bottle it would leak. The smell is very close to original but will not last nearly as long, real Viva La Juicy will last for days on my clothes. Overall this website is a sad excuse for a business and i should of known better, however i am currently in the return process and I expect every penny returned to me or it will not be pretty. BBB has given it an a+ rating which is complete BS and i dont know how that is even possible. Save your money an buy the real thing people its worth it.

New Reviewer

ordered a perfume for my mother but when it arrived the package didn't look the same as on the picture and it didn't smell really good. my mother didn't like it either. and it wasn't even that cheap.

New Reviewer

This site sells FAKE perfumes under the guise of half price. The sad part is that it appears on and EBay as a legitimate perfumes retailer. I noticed that most international customers are being scammed by Fragrance net. I am in the USA and i also bought perfumes from them Calvin klein and Elie saab the perfumes smelled like alcohol and disappear in minutes. I got the sample from a Mall the difference is loke day and night. The sample from the mall is beautiful lasts all day. Fragrance net should be shut down. Please report them to Better Business Bureau for this. Disappointing. Don't let the prices fool you. Buy at a mall or a reputable retailers in your region.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 men's fragrances, Christmas 2013. My purchase was originally $61.90. On the right side of the order page was a notice "included with your qualifying FragranceNet purchase is a magazine subscription valued at $19.95. If you prefer not to receive a magazine & receive a rebate for its stated value, please print & return this form with a copy of your order,"..... blah, blah, blah." I sent all the required documentation in immediately. I should have received my rebate in 6-8 weeks, instead I received "Living" magazine. After multiple phone calls to, whom then gave me multiple other companies to contact for the rebate, I still have not received my rebate and no one can help me. Beware, of this scam. I also only received part of my cologne order because they ran out of stock on the other one.

New Reviewer

I've never shopped at this site, but I am a cosmetology student and I know for a fact that you cannot get real (or good quality) Pravana, Matrix, quality brands from anywhere except a salon or a salon professional store. You cannot buy it online or in a Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid...only a licensed cosmetologist can buy these.

New Reviewer

I had absolutely no problems with shipping, I received my order within a week. The perfume is genuine and fresh. No complaints what so ever!

New Reviewer

Omg this site is poppin. It's the real deal and they have so many discount codes you can use. I ordered four perfumes and they sent me two extras for free plus a mirror as a free gift. Definitely recommend!

New Reviewer

Never again! Read the myriad bad reviews posted and they all confirm my bad experience. This company took days to even bother processing the order. A week goes by and THEN my two orders were shipped. Two weeks later and they're still not here!
Other sites promise orders are shipped the same day received and you get them days later!


I've read too, too many conflicting reviews about fragrancenet, but based on fragantica threads I decided that it's mostly OK but I had my reservations. I ordered two mainstream fragrances (pretty common, on good discount) knowing that they could be older stock or store returns. I think that issues come with ordering niche or rare fragrances where people seem to think those are fakes or really old. It took them about a week to ship to me, granted I live closer to their warehouse than other parts of the countries. International orders seem to have the worst reviews but the fragrances I received were full, one was completely new - the other one may have been opened (aka a very new store return) but both smelled fine. I would say, it's a great site for mainstream fragrances (esp. if your guilty pleasure is hasbeen celeb fragrance) but its split reputation has its reasons, so if you want that Marc Jacobs or Britney fragrance it's probably OK. One of my peeves is when companies say (we ship using FedEx, UPS, USPS, OR DHL but we can't specify which unless you order) so I'll mention that for me it was FedEx Smartpost which is notoriously slow but for a cheaper price, I don't mind the wait.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Terrible customer service. No update on my order for 6 days. Finally called and was told makeup and skincare takes longer to be shipped.Rep says it could be another week. Then she begin to blatantly lie about my order date.

I requested to speak with a manager, the rep ressponded "there is no manager". She then hung up the telephone in my face. I requested the order be canceled. Still no response.

New Reviewer

packaging and bottle all look like the real deal, but my cologne smelled like rubbing alcohol. Ive been wearing Pleasures for men for 15 years(yeah, I like it) anyways I know what it smells like, this crap smells nothing like it. bottle of Pleasures at Macys $70 came out to $50 from this place. Really dumb not to spend the extra 20 for the REAL stuff.

New Reviewer

I have ordered several fragrances from this merchant over the past five years or so. I worked in cosmetics and fragrances for quite a few years and would be able to recognize counterfeit packaging. Everything I have received from FragranceNet has been legit.

As for the observation that a fragrance doesn't smell the same as what you bought ten years or however long ago: fragrance companies have been changing some of their ingredients, even in France. This has been due to allergens, animal testing, availability of substances, etc. They don't publicize this, but it does happen every so often.

New Reviewer

I placed an order on 12-10- 2013, did not receive my order as yet, no communication from FragranceNet, Tried to contact them this morning, Sat morning,business closed. Order charged to my Amex card. I have a record of my transation, first time i have had problems getting my order from them. Should have been no problem with misdelivery since we have been in very small community for over 30 years. What happened to my order? 90$$ and no perfume. Something smells and not like flowers or spice.

New Reviewer

Placed an order on 17th Dec 2013, and still waiting for the items. Got an email on 24th Dec saying that the items have left warehouse via Australia Post with a tracking number, but the tracking never worked! Always displayed 'Invalid Tracking Number' on Aus Post website. Wonder have they ever sent out the products or they just gave me a fake tracking number???

New Reviewer

I had my doubts about this company but decided to give it a shot. Although the perfume smells exactly like the original, the smell does not last at all! I purchased one perfume and received another as a gift, both perfumes I have owned and used before. Both perfumes, Chloe and Gucci guilty intense are strong, long lasting perfumes. When ordered from fragrancenet, the scents did not last even an hour. This site is horrible. I would rathe pay more and know what I'm getting is legit. Do not make the mistake I did!

New Reviewer

This place S.U.C.K.S. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waiting three days for tracking info to find out there is a hold on my "Confirmed" order. Called to find out why. Was on hold for 46 minutes. Then I get a B-atch who eventually hangs up om me!
WOW! Customer service? More like F-you, we got your money, now piss off!

New Reviewer

I have been on hold for over an hour just to speak with someone as I ordered gifts for the holiday over a week ago and was excited that I finally got my order or I thought so. The packing slip shows that they shipped both items, I only received one. When I finally reached customer service I was told the money was refunded as one of the items was out of stock. I purchased this on a gift card, I have no idea if it was refunded. They said they sent an email which I never got. I will NEVER purchase from this site again. Customer service has an attitude also after waiting over an hour on hold. There are other sites and stores that sell discounted perfumes. There is no reason to return to them and be treated so poorly. While some may have a good experience, I think these are their employees are relatives, 95% have had the same or worse experiences than me. Do not order. I wish I would have read all this first.

New Reviewer

I Used This Before For Hair Products And Everything Was Fine. This Time I Used It For The Same Products, Ordering On Monday And Paying Extra For Shipping Before I Went Out If Town For The Weekend. By Thursday After Checking tracking, My Order Was Still In The Warehouse. They Would Not Let Me Cancel, Even Though It Hadn't Shipped. It Finally Shipped And Two Of The Three Items I Ordered Were Out Of Stock. That Would Have Been Nice To Know When I Put The Order In, since I Would Have Gone Elsewhere. I Will Not Use This site Again.

New Reviewer

This is the first time I've ordered from this company and after reading the bad reviews, was worried that I'd been scammed...of course I didn't read any reviews until after I ordered :-(. I received the order today, 1 week after I placed the order. I got the perfume I've worn for over 10 years and can tell it's the real stuff. I also ordered cologne for my husband and it's the real stuff! Both packages were factory sealed. I don't know if I was just lucky with this purchase but I'm 100% satisfied.

New Reviewer

I saw a lot of feedback about this company so I was a little Leary when I read both good and bad reviews, unfortunately, I had already ordered. After reading the reviews I tried to call but there numbers did not work...scary!! (this was a bad sign to me..)

I ordered both the coach poppy and A juicy Couture Fragrance, the larger size. My colleague also ordered from this site. We both got our tracking number and tracked it through fedex! They gave us an estimated delivery date and both came on time!
Both of my fragrances were perfect. Full size, the right ones and smelt good! This site was awesome in this aspect...and such a good deal! I wanted to post a good review because I had such a good experience! I would definitely use them again! I figured if they did over 10million fragrance sales it must be legit...but reviews did scary!

Love my new fragrances!!! Would do it again!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I ordered 4 different perfume for Xmas present for friends, when I got the order one of them was smell terrible, that make you throw-up..too old for what it looks like.. I tried to call their numbers, none of them exist..those people said are happy about their purchased probably dont know the real thing..I will definitely return all my purchased. I Thot I gave them a try..very disappointing

New Reviewer

Ordered L'EAU Bleue D'Essey. Paid on 11-15-2013, received on 11-18-2013. Is original and in original packaging. Priced for $62.00 + tax at local department store. I paid $40.00 delivered from Fragrancenet. I saw the reviews of the company after I ordered, so I was concerned. I'm happy with the transaction.

New Reviewer

While I've never had a problem with the fragrances I've ordered from this company, the problem I do have with them is their processing and shipping time. The website states that expedited shipping is 2-3 business days and to me that means you receive your order in 2-3 business days. Other websites I've ordered from like ThePerfumeSpot, Scentiments, and ScentMonkey always process and ship the order the same day (if it's before a certain time) or the next business day. Fragrancenet didn't process my order even the next business day, but TWO business days later. That's completely unacceptable for expedited delivery service of 2-3 business days. And when I emailed them to complain that my order still hadn't been processed and shipped, their reply email stated that they don't guarantee processing and shipping for any certain amount of time. What??? Then why don't they change their shipping policy to "expedited shipping will arrive 2-3 business days AFTER we decide we feel like processing your order which could be anywhere from 2 days to whenever the mood strikes us after that." Their horrible processing and shipping policy is exactly why I haven't ordered anything from them in almost 2 years!

New Reviewer

I ordered 4 perfumes from fragrancenet - 3 I purchased on reviews of other reviewers so i cannot comment if they smell true as i have never smelt them before but I won't be buying them again. The 4th was one I was getting low on and is hard to find so I do know what it smells like. I can tell you the perfume I received from fragrance net is totally different to the one I have. It is called Cassini and anyone who knows this perfume will know how devine it is and that the perfume lasts all day and all night. What I received was a perfume that smells nothing like the original I have, the colour of the liquid is a horrible dark brown and the perfume lasts about 1 hour. It also had the word Elixer on it which it didn't say on the website. I emailed them but got no reply and I put a review on their website which has never appeared. I have learnt a lesson to never buy from this company again. I am very disappointed with their products and service.

New Reviewer

I ordered cologne on June 10, 2103.It is now July 2,2103 and my product hasn't come.I asked on several occasions to speak with a manager and on every occasion, the representatives told me their was no manager available to speak or contact me about the where about of my purchase. Never will I order any products from again!!!!

New Reviewer

"I will never use this company again. On April 19th I ordered three Kings & Queens sugar body milks for my friends. The total shipping charge was $25.95 USD to be sent from Belgium to Greece which is expensive but still within reason.

After having sent several emails over the following 12 days asking when my order would be shipped and opening a case for non-receipt in Paypal, I finally got a reply with a tracking number. When I entered the tracking number on the site I was directed to, it turned out that the package has not actual been shipped yet (as of May 2nd).

I then had a look at my Paypal case and discovered that it said I only ordered 1 item. $25.95 USD for one 200ml body milk to be sent from Belgium to Greece is ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS, the most it should cost is about $8.00 USD and that's stretching it. The body milk was only $6.80 USD.

I have been ordering beauty products from all over the world for years and I have never encountered such bad service and practices from any company that I have dealt with. If doesn't have something in stock, they should give the customer the choice of wether or not they want to back order something and wait.
Also, they should not be overcharging customers for shipping to line their pockets. And changing someones order without informing them and then not adjusting the shipping, that is downright swindling."

New Reviewer

This site looks very interesting. It has a very well designed layout. They have designer perfumes on discount. It seems like a great deal. Not sure if it is too good to be true.

New Reviewer

Whilst the price I paid for some perfume for my wife was the best I could find (despite VAT and shipping costs from the USA), the bottle took over 3 weeks to arrive and was labelled as a tester and wasn't in the normal container.

And then, on checking the receipt in more depth, noticed that the VAT rate was being charged at 30%!

As this should be calculated at the local (i.e. UK rate), I sent a polite email question to them to which they didn't respond. And then another...and another....

I'll leave you to make up your own mind on this.

New Reviewer

This is now my 5th order and everytime the items come quickly and nicely.
The last time i ordered though, they sent me a knock-off. but I automatically noticed it so I called their customer service. They were quite nice to me, and DID send me the real item but it took a 6 week delivery... that was a little upsetting, but after 4 consecutive good orders thats fine. Recommended BUT DONT rely on.

New Reviewer

Good purchase. I bought it through Amazon from them. Shipping is a bit slow since they use ground shipping USPS. Product was good.

New Reviewer

This website is TERRIBLE! I placed an order for perfume and makeup three weeks ago and my package has YET to be shipped, I have made FOUR phone calls because NO information was given to me as to what was holding up my order. I was put on hold for ten-twenty minutes almost every time I called and each time I talked to a person they assured me my items would be sent via expedited shipping immediately yet when I checked the status of my package it was never shipped. Needless to say I cancelled my order after three weeks of frustration.

DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!!! They are totally unreliable and have awful customer service, they will tell you anything you want to hear and then never follow through!

New Reviewer

I bought for my sister some designer creams and designer fragrance that she could not find in her local department store. She was skeptical about the site as she is not one to order products online, but after checking them out on google, I placed the order and got a nice discount and free shipping. The package did take a little longer to arrive then expected, but the products were exactly as advertised. The creams my sister says are a waste of money as unfortunately they did not work for her, but it's note the fault of the company, it's just one of those things where what works for one person doesn't for another. The fragrance my sister absolutely loves. Overall I would recommend this site for fragrances that you can't find anywhere else.

Apprentice Reviewer

I've been shopping on this site since 2006. They have so many selections of perfume decently priced with promotional 10% off (almost every time you order). I have ordered perfumes that I cannot find in any department store or perfume emporiums. I'm a perfume fanatic - so trust me this site will not disappoint you!!

New Reviewer

I bought some cologne once from them, and when I received it in the mail, they also gave some free stuff, like a mirror and a sample of another cologne. I didn't like the cologne I had originally ordered and sent it back. However, the whole process was relatively problem-free.

New Reviewer

Ordered a fragrance I normally get in department stores. It was less than half the price. When it arrived, the packaging was not sealed, the fagrance was absolutely terrible and smelled nothing like the real one, and the color was yellow. There is no answer at the customer service. This is a fraudulent company, I have since read other reviews of people who had a similar experience.

New Reviewer

I really like this company! I've ordered from their website on 4 different occassions with no problems. I originally ordered from this company because they carry "hard to find" fragrances. I've never had to deal with the customer service department because I've never had any problems, so I really can't comment on that. I like that they enclose samples of different fragrances with my order, and they email discount coupons to me for future orders.

New Reviewer

Hi all

I recently ordered from this website and was quite surprised! I placed an order on 10th August 2010 from the UK and it arrived on the 19th August 2010. Not bad coming from the States or is it ? (They say orders are shipped within the UK?) Very confusing.

Beware of the P & P cost though. I only ordered one item and it says on the web site that orders under a certain amount are charged at £3.95 for the UK. I ended up paying £11.49 for international shipping, which worked out at approximately 50% of the product ordered. Also, they promised a free mirror with every order, which I didn't receive.

On the plus side, the order arrived intact, was well packaged and is the genuine article .(I know because I've bought this product in Saks in the States before). The price is good and I got a 10% discount because it was my first order.

If you are going to order from this site, make sure you are happy with the shipping cost before you confirm your order. If you have any issues, as a another reviewer has written, they will not enter into any one-on-one contact with you via email everything seems to be automated. Not great customer service.

I would use this site again because I can't find anyone in the UK that stocks Jivago 7 notes. If anyone can help me on this one, let me know.


New Reviewer

l initially did read other reviews of this website but decided to give them a try.Since it was an International order l was surprised it arrived in 16 days which is not bad to Southern Hemisphere.
They will NOT answer any e-mails re complaints.and of the 3 items l orderded 2 did not have the cellophane on them to show they were sealed and brand new although they are the correct weight.Time will tell whether the items are fakes or not.If anyone is looking for cheaper perfume but an original not copy read reviews posted on the Net re this site as they are not crash hot but l took a chance.

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