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New Reviewer

10/10 it sucks - ign

New Reviewer

community is entertaining and reaches my sexual desires
All these parents- oh my gosh.
Can you let your child actually FACE the real world and its consequences? You know, if you don't let him learn about this stuff, he's going to find out about it eventually. Also, there is NO possible way of having your child not face this stuff in the internet. There are holes in safety and privacy all over the internet. If you can't put up with this, I have a small guide right here for you.
1. Find router
2. Unplug router
If your computer is a desktop:
1. Find ethernet cable
2. Unplug ethernet cable
For both guides, you will also need to:
1. Hide your kid from society
2. Lock all his doors
3. Make sure he has no friends
4. Make him depressed
5. Put him in shame for absolutely $#*!ing nothing.

New Reviewer

I am 15 and I have had Blockland since early 2008. Overall it is a really awesome game and has a lot of great add-ons that are easily installed. I would not recommend online play for anyone under high school age though. Everyday more idiots are joining just to be stupid pests or hack your computer, I've seen it happen to people. There is endless cussing and inappropriate stuff being said. There are some good people out there but the Blockland community is just really messed up. The popular guys who beta tested the game or made a lot of add-ons are just such snobs. I will not name any names but they just hate being talked to, or asked a simple question by the "inferior noobs". Even though I would not consider myself a "noob" after being active for five years. I have earned some administrative positions but I haven't done anything spectacular for the game. I will give the forums a 3/5 for its add-ons but the dramas are just total crap...I'm not even gonna go there. The other reviews are right about it being forum-hell. The game itself deserves a 9.5/10. It just keeps getting better and better. I can't do anything about the scums out there but hey, this is a really stellar game!

New Reviewer

Fun game, horrible developer & equally worse community. Angry 12-16 year olds badger younger children and cause a lot of grief. The maker of the game has no morals and is absolutely socially retarded when it comes to dealing with children.

New Reviewer

This website is incredible. The only people who wouldn't like it are overprotective parents or really idiotic 9-year-olds. This is the good side of the internet.

New Reviewer

Riddled with Cyberbullying, there's even a section dedicated to talking trash about other members.

New Reviewer

A great place to chill with a community just small enough that you can know almost everyone you see, people there will accept you for who you are, be that a pedophile, rapist or even hispanic. Unless you are a $#*! in that case $#*! off.

New Reviewer

This website is filled with kids pulling excuses out of the places you'd least expect. Sure, nice people will be on there, but everything else is just an eye sore. The Off-Topic section is filled with horrible lies, which lead into the Drama section. Drama is basically hell. You'll see older members picking on the new guys because they don't "approve" of them, when the new people are just trying to fit in. Even the new people might not fit in correctly, and they'll bash the regular people, just to cover up something that they did stupid. When I say they, I mean the new guys, they might make a horrible clan, instead of closing it after bad comments, they go on a whole rampage. It's like they're going "HULK SMASH!" and try to smash everyone's reputation. What I'm trying to say is, the blockland forums is just a horrible place to hang out, everyone is just mad and maybe even retarded, especially if you try to share your feelings, they'll just bash you, and put all of their hot steam on other people. If you want a simple place to hang out, blockland forums is not recommended. Seriously, who knew that a great game like blockland could have such a bad forum!

New Reviewer

First of all, I am a parent. There is supposed to be a censored chat, and even though it was enables, the F word came through full and clear. The player that used that word also banned my son from his server and I had read the chat session and I can't see where my son did anything to warrant this behavior. I contacted Blockland support and they told me I didn't have my censor chat enabled (wrong) and that the player that banned my son could do so if he wanted (even though he violated rules himself) and even though they DID NOT review the chat session. In addition, he turned the tables around and accused my child stating that "normally younger children provoke players". This was not the case, they didn't even look into it and they ignore the fact that a safety measure that they have in place does NOT work. They got our money and they don't care. PARENTS....this is not credible behavior by a supposed site that should have safeguards in place. What other filth is being sifted through their supposed filters?

New Reviewer

I think blockland is great! But the forum is well
if there was a fourm heven and hell this would be in hell
Flame war all the time! i aksed if i should get a ps3 and i got flamed.

oh well if you don't mine F-Bombs all the time go ahead!

New Reviewer

This forum can be a great one to visit.

New Reviewer

Ive been with the community for over two years and I don't plan on leaving any time soon. Its the only forum of which Ive been able to stick with and grow friendships with other members. Although there are quite a few morons on the forum youll have fun flaming them and watching them attempt to fight back :D

New Reviewer

Great community and some funny people, also has a ton of good content to download for the game.

New Reviewer

The original poster of this review only gave it a bad review because he was banned for being a complete and total dumbass. As long as you have more intelligence than a shovel (and a candy necklace, for that matter), you'll be fine. The community can be harsh at times, but you learn to cope with it. You'll make some friends, and get to talk about anything (well, maybe not EVERYTHING) you want with a group of people who have a diverse array of interests. Did I mention it's the forum for one of the best building games on earth as well? Check it out if you get the chance, just be careful how you make your first impression, or you'll end up like trainman (That's bad). By the way, this is Regulith. <3

New Reviewer

Great site, don't listen to the people who got banned from it.

New Reviewer

I got banned for "spamming" of which i took no part of.

New Reviewer

This website is the shiggles!
I can't even enjoy internet porn anymore, i keep getting distracted reading all the stupid cool discussion here :D
wiggity wack!

New Reviewer

It's awesome. The user that was banned for "troll/retard" is a total idiot and has created a biased review.

New Reviewer

Hostile. Online bullying. I was accused of fakely being another User who was banned. Everyone spammed me. Even in the game. After peacefully protecting myself. I was banned for the reason. "Troll/Retard". This site has Gameboy Security. 0/5