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48 Reviews From Our Community

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I have a college degree and have used FlexJobs to search for management level, telecommuting jobs. (in 7 reviews)


I encourage anyone looking to work at home to start their job search on FlexJobs. (in 8 reviews)


Best of luck to you all and keep up the great work!! (in 27 reviews)

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1 review
6 helpful votes

I found a great part-time job. I can work at little or as much as I want; and it works around my family's schedule. Just what I needed!

1 review
4 helpful votes

Fantastic site and easy to navigate!

1 review
36 helpful votes

I paid for a one-month subscription at at $14.95 and within a day or so received interest from a company that I am now freelancing for. I would recommend Flexjobs to anyone looking for part- or full-time work. I am delighted and comforted to know that Flexjobs is just a click away should I need their help in the future.

1 review
31 helpful votes

Great service! I was skeptical at first, but what you pay for is nothing compared to what you receive. I count myself as one of the success stories because thanks to this service I found a job that fits around my schedule. Thank you FlexJobs!

1 review
32 helpful votes

FlexJobs allowed me to find a job that fits my schedule. I now have a job that I do not have to fit my life around. The site is easy to navigate. What I like best is the jobs have all been vetted before being posted. In addition, the size of the companies represented on FlexJobs is very diverse in you will find smaller startup companies to major corporations with flexible and/or telecommuting jobs.

1 review
32 helpful votes

I found the most AWESOME job through FlexJobs within just a few months of joining. Absolutely fantastic service, I'd recommend to anyone looking for a telecommute or flex schedule job!

Ask Katherine about FlexJobs
1 review
32 helpful votes

I got a new job in less than a month, making 50% more than I was making before! I am extremely happy with the site, the level of service, and the results. My new job is fantastic!

1 review
31 helpful votes

I used to work for an employment newspaper and job board after graduating from college so I am very familiar with the job search process. I knew there had to be a job board for people exactly like me. After a few Google searches I found FlexJobs and knew it was exactly what I was looking for!

I have worked remotely for the past three years living in Hawaii and Japan and loved it. My husband and I wanted to travel before settling down and starting a family and we were both fortunate enough to work remotely. Now that we have settled down and started our family, I really love that I can be available to my family and still provide top quality work for my clients/employer. I started to feel like I was ready to make the next advancement career-wise but still wanted to work remotely. That is when I began my search.

The main selling point for me was that they vet all the jobs so you do not waste time with scams or positions that aren't what you want. As a qualified and serious job seeker, you don't want to waste your time going through hundreds of job listings unless they are what you are looking for.

If you are seeking a flexible work schedule where you can still advance in your career and achieve the goals you have set for yourself professionally, is the only site I have found so far that I feel gives quality positions with the schedule I work best with. It is well worth the monthly cost to use the site. It is an absolute no-brainer.

1 review
29 helpful votes

In this job market, searching for flexible work was very difficult. FlexJobs made it much easier. After a year of searching, I finally found a fabulous flexible job!

1 review
31 helpful votes

Great website!!! I found my dream job after 3 days of registering.

1 review
39 helpful votes

I signed up to become a member of FlexJobs for one month. I applied to several jobs I was interested in and received 4 job offers. I took the job I was hoping I would get and I love it. I love having no commute time and having my own private office. The job I took has full benefits, they sent me a computer and headset and my checks are direct deposited. I encourage anyone looking to work at home to start their job search on FlexJobs.

1 review
34 helpful votes

I saw FlexJobs advertised and saw that it was featured on a number of national media outlets so I gave it a try. I am a long-time telecommuter and started telecommuting 20 years ago when my son was born. I knew that another flexible work arrangement was really what I wanted but I was open to any job that was a good fit even if I had to commute. One of the first jobs I saw that was a full-time telecommuting role was with a small company so I researched the company and felt it would be a good fit for me. I sent in my cover letter and resume and heard something back right away. Initially I didn't get the role so I continued to use FlexJobs weekly while looking and found many roles that I would not have found just looking in my local geographic area. I found the site great to use, simple to submit your information to different companies. I also used the search to see different companies that focused on flexible and telecommuting roles to expand my search across the country. I have recommended FlexJobs to my friends and Facebook network. In the end that first role I applied for came through. The person they hired didn't work out so I am now happily employed with a new company. Thank you FlexJobs!

1 review
30 helpful votes

The FlexJobs site consistently delivered great job matches to my profile, and I landed an excellent position with a Fortune 50 company. Full-time with benefits, all work from home and a flexible schedule. I couldn't be happier with my new position.

1 review
35 helpful votes

I subscribed to Flex Jobs for quite a while, and nothing panned out for a while, but I stayed because I knew all the jobs were legitimate. Soon, the perfect opportunity for me came about with a brand ambassador job with Trip Advisor. It is an independent contractor job, so no benefits and no tax withholding, but a perfect job for me in my situation. You can make it either full or part time by how many listings you sign. I think Flex Jobs is head and shoulders above many other sites.

1 review
31 helpful votes
11/4/14 offers so many different telecommuting opportunities. I love this site and highly recommend it! I really took advantage and applied for as many jobs as I was interested in. It took just a couple of weeks and I found an online teaching job with extremely flexible hours and opportunity for growth. I also found some flexible internet task jobs that are fun and provide extra cash-flow. Each day I was sent new jobs opportunities. They offer free skill tests as well. I really can't say enough good things about this site!

Ask Caroline about FlexJobs
1 review
33 helpful votes

I was unhappy in my in office job and the horrible commute that came along with it. When I clicked through FlexJobs' site, I found a job that was a perfect fit for me within an hour. I applied for the job and then got hired! I liked that they have aptitude tests that you can take to test your skills. I didn't mind paying for the service because it's a huge timesaver rather than having to go through so many work from home job ads that turn out to be scams.

1 review
41 helpful votes

I found a flexible, great-paying job on It's a real, legitimate way to find work, especially if you want a remote/at-home position. I've been an at-home mom for 16 years, and the thought of going back to a traditional job was not something I wanted to do. Now, I work from my home, choose my own hours, and make good money all while still being able to pick up my kids from school, keep up on housework, and run errands when I need to. There's a money-back guarentee with FlexJobs, so just give it a try!

1 review
36 helpful votes

I signed up for FlexJobs after reading multiple reviews. I used a coupon code, which offset the subscription cost. On my first day using FlexJobs, I found a posting for a position that matched my experience & education level. I sent a resume that same night & was contacted by the company within 24 hours. I interviewed & was offered the position, which I accepted.

3 reviews
33 helpful votes

I joined up one month ago. Within one week I was in a Skype interview with a big-name CEO in New York City. I wasn't offered the job as it turned out to be necessary to be in NYC for the one offered (not made clear in the application, but not Flexjobs' fault) but I definitely wouldn't have even talked with him without signing up for FlexJobs. I've got the one-year subscription so I'll keep checking in, but I'm satisfied with it for the one interview alone. It also is giving me a good idea how to build up my experience to be suited for high-paying telecommuting jobs rather than the 1 cent-a-word crappy jobs most often advertised elsewhere.

1 review
34 helpful votes

FlexJobs has been a reliable source for job leads for me in the past few years and eventually lead to a change in my role to a new, more flexible and exciting position! Thank you, FlexJobs - you guys are the best!

1 review
32 helpful votes

My experience was really great. I was able to narrow my search for the type of job I was looking for using very specific options and it lead me to finding the right situation for me. I've recommend this site to my other stay at home mom friends to look into

1 review
38 helpful votes

I completely credit FlexJobs with connecting me to my current job, which I LOVE.
It happened to be the first of 60+ I applied to through the site. I was in the interview process when other companies contacted me - so, it's nice to know I had options had this opportunity not worked out - but I'm so glad it did.

1 review
35 helpful votes

Flexjobs is excellent. I tell every job seeker I know about - I received more interest, more feedback, and yes, a real job!

Their customer service was prompt and polite, too.

Great site!

1 review
18 helpful votes

Be careful on renewal date. They will renew your subscription even though it is not authorized. There is no way to get your credit card info off their site. Somehow they renewed it even though they didn't have updated card info (new billing address or expiration date). I was able to chat with someone who said they would refund my credit card in a few business days. Am waiting to see if that happens. They told me they supposedly send out renewal notices via e-mail 2 weeks in advance, and that my notice must've gone to spam. I did not receive any notification even though I checked my spam box.

2 reviews
778 helpful votes

Got my current job from here and I'm satisfied with it by this point.The guy with the long review is right though - nobody should have to pay for a decent job.

1 review
28 helpful votes

I have subscribed to Flexjobs off and on for the last several years. I am now working in a full time salaried position that I would have never known about had it not been for Flexjobs. I even had a hard time letting go of my subscription after I started my job because I loved looking through all of the job opportunities out there, and knowing that they are all legitimate positions makes it all very exciting. I recommend this site to anyone who is thinking about telecommuting.

1 review
30 helpful votes

I signed up with FlexJobs in April of 2013. I started my new, full time, work-from-home job in July 2013. I love working from home! When anyone asks me how I found a work-from-home job, I tell them about The fees are very reasonable and FlexJobs took all the work out of researching work-from-home postings to make sure they are not scams. I highly recommend this web site!

1 review
36 helpful votes

I've spent countless hours on multiple job search engines looking for flexible jobs with the option to telecommute. I had to fish through so much scam garbage only to find 1 or 2 that were even legitimate. FlexJobs was just such a breath of fresh air, because they did all that filtering for me by only showing me jobs from REAL and legitimate companies. There are tons of resources on the site about job searching, how to pump up your resume, tests to show off your skills to employers, and way more. I was skeptical at first, so I loved the fact that I didn't have to commit to a 3 or 6 month deal having no idea what I was getting into. One month with FlexJobs didn't even cost me as much as a movie ticket, popcorn, and a drink! I put in less than 10 applications, yet had 2 job offers within 2 weeks. I love the job, I work when I want, and I'm soooo thankful I gave FlexJobs a shot. Go for it - it's way worth it!

1 review
44 helpful votes

This is what I had to say to FlexJobs this morning....

Well, I was unemployed for the past two years and looking for a job. Any job. Telecommuting jobs were always on my radar. I really believe that the workforce is going that way. Heck, take a look at the tech industry and how many telecommute. And it's not just those working on a help desk. However, most telecommute sites I came across are dedicated to the obvious scam.

Stumbled on FlexJobs quite by accident. A link to a Forbes article from LinkedIn, I think. And then references to AARP articles on jobs for seniors by the same writer. Well, more links to more press on FlexJobs so I surfed on over. Figured that if the Company is being mentioned by giants such as Forbes, WSJ, Inc, AARP, etc., you couldn't be a scam like the others.

Spent some time combing through the website and decided that for the price I had nothing to lose, especially since I was considering shelling out some very big bucks for a more professional resume. You know, it's that last ditch effort believing that not being able to find a job paying more than minimum wage and wanting 10-15 years of experience, must be because there's something wrong with me or what I'm doing.

I decided to sign up for a month and just see what I could find.

Honestly, I was hopeful from day 1.

After almost two years of searching...jumping through hoops...hours shuffling through a plethora of worthless job boards with old or nonexistent job postings (Indeed and my local State of Colorado unemployment job board/office are only 2 shining examples)...dealing with offers for insurance franchises (Monster)....and finally looking at or being sent ridiculously low paying jobs by the thousands from those "other" job boards looking to recruit me for education I don't need and don't want....I saw a ton of potential jobs on your site. Straightforward. No spam offers.


I think it took all of three weeks to find the job posting I wantedl. I kept my subscription going for an extra month, just in case it didn't pan out. I didn't need to, but I don't feel like the extra month was a waste of money.

What really bothers me is that after all this time working with the Colorado unemployment office, taking classes, building skills, attending special federally funded classes designed to help older workers get jobs, etc...not ONCE was telecommuting or Flexjobs (as a viable job board) ever mentioned. Not EVER. Shame on Colorado unemployment counselors....

Do I think anyone can magically be handed a job through Flexjobs? No. I still had to investigate each posting and each company. It just made the process a LOT easier for me.

Is Flexjobs only 100% telecommute jobs. No. But it doesn't advertise that either.

Are the search engines perfect? No. And neither are any of the others. Far from it.
But the search engines are pretty good, or were for me. Folks, you have to expend a little of your own effort and discretion here.

I LOVE what you are doing. Especially sweet that you are located in MY state, lol.

I don't know what to say except that I've been passing the word around.

FlexJobs isn't just for stay-at-home Moms, college students, or seniors.

It isn't a scam.

It isn't expensive. Heck, I spend more for two to eat fast food in one sitting than I did for a full month access on FlexJobs.

It saved me time. It saved me headaches.

Best of luck to you all and keep up the great work!!

Sign me: Found a great job and working entirely from home.

1 review
35 helpful votes

I was able to find a second job flexible enough to work around my primary job's changing schedule. It was easy to search for jobs, and there were a lot of options.

It was also somewhat comforting to see in one place how many openings there were for part-time work, telecommuting, and independent contracting; it gave me some hope after months of fruitless searching. For me, it paid off in the end.

1 review
32 helpful votes

Flexjobs changed my life! I will admit I was skeptical at first, but it truly was worth it. It opened so many doors for me. I had so many leads and offers that I had to turn offers down. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for flexible working arrangements.

1 review
33 helpful votes

FlexJobs helped me to live the life I wanted to live! At one point, I had to put my job search on hold and they were very accommodating with my membership situation. After I restarted my search, I was able to find the job that works for me and fits perfectly into my life. Thank you, FlexJobs!!

1 review
20 helpful votes

If you want an objective, accurate of this website and its content from a current subscriber (and an experienced recruiter) read on:

The primary reason for the two star rating is that although the user interface is good, the job assistant and personal assessment / skills tests are good and interesting, the website falls short of delivering quality, desirable, 100% telecommuting jobs. Rather, if you perform a job search that returns only 100% telecommuting jobs (which is the prime reason most of would likely join this website) it removes about 50% of the jobs database (at least last time I ran a check). Included in these results, mind you, are temporary, freelance,contracted, seasonal, short-term, etc. So if you subtract those along with "questionable" employers, you are really left with little to choose from. Now there are several legitimate employers and some fortune 500 & 100 companies on the website, but the type of jobs are limited to technology and medical administration. Part of this is, I'm sure, is that employers are not too employee-friendly right now and probably not offering many telecommuting positions. I will say the website appears as though it was developed to genuinely assist its users in finding jobs, it's just the quality of the jobs reduces the site's effectiveness and interest - at least from my point of view..

1 review
7 helpful votes

I have signed up for one month
I login and see the jobs available
When I go to the job it asks me to login and pay
Have been trying this for 3 days now and have sent them a second email
So far no reply and no value for the one month subscription let alone apply for a job!!!!

3 reviews
12 helpful votes

The site showed many promising telecommuting jobs. However, not telling visitor about the fee until they are hooked seems sneaky.

1 review
14 helpful votes

I specifically listed "Contract/1099" in my search criteria with "remote" work options, but flexjobs consistently listed W-2 jobs with travel required. I can find a M-th traveling W-2 job anywhere as I've got at least half a dozen recruiters calling me monthly. I didn't need to pay the fiftysomething dollar annual subscription for those listings. They are all over the place on, glassdoor, etc.

4 reviews
39 helpful votes

For me, time is money. When I've conducted job searches in the past it has taken me hours a day to sift through all the junk jobs out there. With FlexJobs I end up paying the equivalent of someone else less than a $1/hour to do it for me. That's worth it to me. I have a college degree and have used FlexJobs to search for management level, telecommuting jobs. I was impressed that there were so many options and ones that would have taken me forever to research and find on my own. Most work from home job sites are free, but they listed a bunch of jobs that were menial or low-paying. Not a fit. I've also recommended this site to my family members (including a few recent grads) and friends and the feedback has always been positive.

1 review
32 helpful votes

I had a great experience as a FlexJobs user. It took a couple of months, but I used the service to find a really rewarding job working from home. In my experience, the fee was really worth it and they did what they promised -- weeded out all of the scams that are out there and provided legit, up-to-date jobs. I was especially happy that the jobs they matched me with met my education and experience levels. I would sign up again in a heartbeat if I was back in the job market.

1 review
12 helpful votes

I noticed that I was being contacted less from employers after applying than I was when using I have health issues so I need to telecommute to stay afloat.

I received a message from an employer telling me that flexjobs posted a position that wasn't even open. Somehow flexjobs found an old page on this employers site listing a couple jobs they had open, but there was no way to even contact this employer in regards to the openings.

So, flexjobs wasted a TON of my time because this position was PERFECT for me and I wanted to make sure they knew I was here ready to start. I called them and left voice mails, and wrote them numerous emails, and finally they told me that flexjobs had no business posting a position that wasn't even open.

So how much time have I wasted applying for jobs on flexjobs? Who knows, all I know is I won't be renewing my subscription with them. Not all jobs are even telecommute anyway.

I am supposed to get a listing of job openings each day, this doesn't happen consistantly, and like I said, since I rarely hear back from any of the employers about my application, I have to think there is some foul play going on.

1 review
13 helpful votes

Signed up, and then cancelled within a few days. Site does not provide good leads for remote work despite its claims. This company continues to charge my credit card every 2 months for a three month subscription. Leaving messages on thier voicemail does not get a return call. Emailing using the cancellation system does not get a response. This is the third attempt at cancelling. Would NOT recommend this site to anyone looking for a remote position

1 review
13 helpful votes

I regret signing up for FlexJobs. I believe that it is a scam free site but the job postings are too specific (not mainstream). Applying and sending my resume has been a big waste of time, nothing ever comes of it. Another thing, my login information stopped working so I couldn't get back on the site. Despite my persistence in contacting them, no one has gotten back to me. Don't waste your hard earned money on's nonsense.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Flexjobs has a job board that it says is legitimate and I don't dispute that at all. I am an Admin professional at an intermediate level and I could find no jobs that I qualified for with Flexjobs. It seems that most of the jobs on this site is for educated professionals with degrees, I'd say about 98%. To say the least I am truly disappointed. I was so excited about a legitimate site with work at home jobs! I don't mind the fee at all if I could find just one job for which I qualified!

1 review
8 helpful votes

The search engine is fancy but not accurate. All Commute doesn't mean all commute because when you read the job descrip. says you have to live in that state or no further than 100 miles. When you click on a job title it takes you to the company site to complete a long application and take numerous tests. So basically you are paying monthly fees for a link to click on. Not effective. Waste of money.

1 review
28 helpful votes

I was really excited about this website because it finally seemed real after having been searching on so many scam websites but then I went to sign up and of course there is a fee like everything else. I do not think that this is a reason not to join, charging a fee for resources is precisely how our entire society functions so why should this be any different? That being said, you have to be wary of what resources you invest in - so do your research first! These website are kind of like the stock market, you never really know how it is going to end up but you have to be smart about it either way. I am not discouraged because I do think that this site has a wealth of resources for me that I would not be able to find on my own so I may be willing to give it a try in the future when money is not so scarce.

2 reviews
34 helpful votes

Great site, above and beyond the others out there in the telecommuting and flexible work markets. It's national (and I think even international), and has a really wide variety of career categories. Really great resource, so happy to have found it!

58 reviews
247 helpful votes

I like the layout of the site and the overall goal of finding a work at home job or telecommuting job is great. Flexjobs does charge a monthly fee for the potential workers or telecommuters to work from home and I am a little skeptical about that because that does not seem right to charge people looking for jobs so I cannot give it a full heart. Flexjobs does have a good mission and job search sites that are legit are pretty rare these days. I wonder why they cannot just charge the businesses instead though, they are the ones with the money.

1 review
36 helpful votes

Much is to be said about on-line telecommute jobs. There are plenty of scams out there and you do have to do your homework and research. I give hats off to for the owner the CEO...she screens the positions she does advertise for and has grown her business on the hearts of the truth. It takes monies to run a business. She started a cost monies to invest in a business no matter if it is online or not. It takes only a true heart that has compassion and passion to make a difference for others...and I am one of those unique people that my inner passions are to make a difference. So I will invest this small fee to try out Thank you for listening.

148 reviews
867 helpful votes

It seems this service does provide good leads to "work-from-home" & telecommuting jobs. The kicker, once again, is that they charge a fairly steep fee to "join the club". I'm NEVER OK with "pay to work". Don't care where they get leads from. It's SMARMY!

Premium » $49.95/year (Best Value - Save over $120!)
Unlimited access to the most current database of hand-screened telecommuting, flexible, and part-time job postings available; email alerts when new jobs are posted; easy profiles process; storage space for resumes and work samples; expert job search tips and guidance; excellent customer service; and more.

Basic » $14.95/month
Enjoy the same fantastic features and excellent customer service as with the Premium subscription, but on a month to month basis.

One should not have to pay for a decent job.

For Job-Seekers
FlexJobs will find you the best available telecommuting and work at home jobs, and in doing so will save you so much in time, energy, and sanity during your job search. We offer two subscription levels based on your needs:

* $14.95 for a month
* $49.95 for a year* -- less than $5 a month!

Every subscription gives you:
* unlimited access to the most current database of telecommuting job postings available
* an easy, quick profile process that enables you to be found by hiring employers
* email alerts when new jobs are posted
* ability to upload your resumes and work samples, to make you more marketable to employers
* newsletters with news, expert tips, and special offers.

* The price of an annual subscription increased on May 15th. Please note: current subscribers are not affected.

Money Back Guarantee.

I say stay clear...especially after reading what FlexJobs is willing to do with personal information collected: sell to third parties. It's lengthy, i apologize, but scan they are prepared to do to you & your precious personal data:

FlexJobs Privacy Policy

Important Reminder - Please protect your personal information by never providing credit card, bank account, or social security numbers numbers to prospective employers. Although we do our best to remove any suspicious job postings or employer accounts, for more information on avoiding scams, please read the MSNBC article "Online job seeker says she was duped into scam."

FlexJobs is committed to respecting the privacy of our users. We strive to provide a safe, secure user experience. This Privacy Statement sets forth the online data collection and usage policies and practices that apply to the FlexJobs website.

This site provides access to third party content and links. You understand and agree that we're only acting as a conduit and that we have no liability related to the third-party, whether arising under the laws of copyright, libel, privacy or obscenity.
Collection and Use of Information by FlexJobs

In some areas of FlexJobs, we request or may request that you provide personal information, including your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, contact information, and any other information from which your identity is discernible. In other areas, we may collect demographic information that is not unique to you such as your ZIP code, preferences, gender, interests. Sometimes we collect or may collect a combination of the two types of information.

We also gather or may gather certain information about your use of FlexJobs, such as what areas you visit and what services you access. Moreover, there is information about your computer hardware and software that is or may be collected by us. This information can include without limitation your IP address, browser type, domain names, access times and referring Web site addresses, but is not linked to your personal information.

Your data will be stored and processed in the United States. The information we gather on the FlexJobs site may be shared within the FlexJobs-affiliated companies on a worldwide basis in order to deliver the products and services we offer or in order to undertake analysis of our database.

If you choose to use our referral service to tell a friend about the FlexJobs site or refer a job posting to a friend, we will ask you for your friend's name and email address. We will automatically send your friend a one-time email inviting him or her to visit the FlexJobs site to view the job posting. We do not store this information.
Our Use of Your Information

We use the information we gather on FlexJobs, whether personal, demographic, collective or technical, for the purpose of operating and improving our service, fostering a positive user experience, and delivering the products and services that we offer.

If you have provided consent for us to do so, we may also use the information we gather to inform you of other products or services available from us or our affiliated companies.

*****We may use your contact information in order to send you e-mail or other communications regarding updates at the FlexJobs site, to contact you about your opinion of current products and services or *****potential new products and services that may be offered. We may also provide additional communications, promotions and information on new FlexJobs opportunities and additional job postings which may be of interest to you. The nature and frequency of these messages will vary depending upon the information we have about you.

In addition, you may receive free informational newsletters from us relating to topics that may be of special interest to you, such as career management advice.

We have areas on the FlexJobs site where you can submit feedback. Any feedback you submit in these areas becomes our property, and we can use such feedback (such as success stories) for marketing purposes or to contact you for further information.
Choices Regarding the Disclosure of Personal Information to Others

We do not disclose your personal information to third parties, or your combined personal and demographic information or information about your use of FlexJobs, except as set forth below.

***** 1. We disclose information to third parties if you consent to such disclosure. We use data we have about you (such as the interests and preferences you have expressed) to determine whether you might be interested in the opportunities, products or services of a particular affiliate.
2. We disclose information to companies and individuals we employ to perform functions on our behalf. Examples include hosting our Web servers, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance, and providing customer service. These companies and individuals will have access to your personal information as necessary to perform their functions, but they may not share that information with any other third party.
3. We disclose information if legally required to do so, if requested to do so by a governmental entity or if we believe in good faith that such action is necessary to: (a) conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process; (b) protect our rights or property or our affiliated companies; (c) prevent a crime or protect national security; or (d) protect the personal safety of users or the public.
***** 4. We disclose and transfer information to a third party who acquires all or a substantial portion of our business, whether such acquisition is by way of merger, consolidation or purchase of all or a substantial portion of our assets. In addition, in the event we become the subject of a bankruptcy proceeding, whether voluntary or involuntary, we or our trustee in bankruptcy may sell, license or otherwise dispose of such information in a transaction approved by the bankruptcy court.

Personal Information on Resumes, Profiles, Cover Letters, and Work Samples

Since FlexJobs is a career site, you can store your profiles, resumes, cover letters, and/or work samples in our database. In doing so, we give you two options regarding the accessibility of your information:

1. You can make your information available only to users registered with FlexJobs.
2. You can make your information available to any visitors to our site, including search engines. In doing so, your information is considered part of the public domain.

We attempt to limit access to our searchable resume database (or copies thereof) only to paying employers, recruiters, hiring managers, headhunters, and human resource professionals, but cannot guarantee that other parties will not gain access to this database. We are not responsible for the use made of resumes by third parties who access such resumes while they are in our searchable database. However, the portions of your searchable resume (not your contact information) that are automatically made public in your FlexJobs profile are accessible to anyone who uses the FlexJobs service. You may remove your resume on FlexJobs or delete your profile on FlexJobs at anytime, but, employers, recruiters and others who have paid for access to the FlexJobs resume database or to obtain a copy of that database or have paid for access to the FlexJobs services, as well as parties who have otherwise gained access may have retained a copy of your resume or FlexJobs profile in their own files or databases. We are not responsible for the retention, use or privacy of resumes or profiles in these instances.
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Please remember that if you post any of your personal information in public areas of FlexJobs or FlexJobs Networking, such as in online forums, blogs or chat rooms, or in the FlexJobs searchable resume database, such information may be collected and used by others over whom we have no control. We are not responsible for the use made by third parties of information you post or otherwise make available in public areas of FlexJobs.

*****UPDATE October 21st, 2010.
Hi again.
I received mail from's CEO, Sara Fell. She had seen my commentary and wanted to clarify what her company does. Here's Her response to my original review here:
Sara F.
Sara F. says:
41 minutes ago
Hi Ron,

As CEO of FlexJobs, I responded last month about your review in the Conversations section. Again, while I wholeheartedly agree with your intentions of your anti "pay to work" comments, I think it's really critical to clarify that there is a HUGE difference between "pay to work" and "pay for service". FlexJobs has nothing -- nothing! -- to do with "pay to work" smarminess.

FlexJobs is a service to help job-seekers delegate the painstaking process of "pounding the pavement" to find legitimate, professional job leads. We have a team of researchers who scours the internet daily to find the best job leads, research the companies, and then compiles only the legitimate and approved ones on our site (along with hand-written descriptions on the job, the company, as well as other unique and valuable research for the job-seeker). FlexJobs ultimately saves our users an average of 40-60 hours a month (based on an active job search of about 15-20 hours a week) by not having to weed through ads, scams, and too-good-to-be-true biz opps.

I would be more than happy to provide you a free month on our service to evaluate us for yourself, and to see if you'd reconsider your poor rating after actually seeing what we provide and the kind of integrity with which we run our business. If you're interested in following up, please send me an email to sara at flexjobs dot com.

(I am in touch with Sara at FlexJobs, will be trying the service for 30 days, and will report back here on how it all unfolds, and eventual results. I assure all my summary will be fair and unbiased. Let's see what happens to my original rating. I am not above eating crow to be Ron)

Thank you for your time and consideration. Best regards,

Sara Fell

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