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FlexJobs reviews

68 reviews
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Review of FlexJobs

FlexJobs reviews

68 reviews
Categories: Freelancing, Job, Work At Home
Tel: 1-866-991-9222
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68 Reviews From Our Community

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I encourage anyone looking to work at home to start their job search on FlexJobs. (in 11 reviews)


I have a college degree and have used FlexJobs to search for management level, telecommuting jobs. (in 7 reviews)


It is a free (to employers), widely traveled job board that we are now using to find most of our employees. (in 4 reviews)

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1 review
3 helpful votes

I was searching for a remote job as an IT consultant because I have to live in rural Virginia for family reasons. I signed up for FlexJobs and set up a job search. I received daily emails with relevant job openings. I ultimately found an exciting new job that matches my skills. I would never have found the job opening without FlexJobs. I definitely recommend FlexJobs to anyone who is looking for remote and/or flexible work.

Ask Philip about FlexJobs
1 review
8 helpful votes

Three times over the course of a few months I have contacted support about an issue. It is the same issue each time. Each time I have received a reply that the webmaster is looking into the issue. I have not heard back from the webmaster nor support after my last request. So on December 16, 2015 I wrote a third email to the CEO through LinkedIn. I have not yet heard back.

I could not find all of my emails and support's subsequent replies but here is what I could find. It is in chronological order.

I sent a second message Oct 30, 7:59pm
Contact Form

Message field: This is the 2nd message regarding this. All of the "Today's Jobs of Interest for You!" emails that I receive show the first 7 out of X jobs. No problem. But when I go to the "New Jobs of Interest page" to see the rest the additional jobs are not there. Is there any reason why I can't just get all the "jobs of Interest" in the email instead of just 7? Not being able to see/find the additional jobs is becoming very frustrating.

Auto reply from support:


Thank you for your recent email to

Our client services business hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm (MST), Monday through Friday. We will respond back to your email within one business day of receipt.

You can refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for links and information on accounts, job information, and more about our site.

Best of luck in your job search!

The FlexJobs Team

Reply to my second message to support Nov 2, 10:59am

Thank you for your recent email to FlexJobs. I will let the webmaster know that you are seeing a different number of new jobs sent in the email then you are showing on your account. This is a bug that is happening to certain users, so I will have them take a look.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best,

Client Services and Support

My third email to the CEO:

Hi Sara,

I joined Flex Jobs a few months ago. I was very excited by all of the telecommute jobs. Great service.

I realize that you probably don't deal with these types of issues on a day-to-day basis, and I want to keep the service, and did not want to go this route, but the issue I am experiencing is a showstopper and one that I think that you should know about.

I signed up to get a daily email about jobs that match my criteria. They arrive everyday but they only show me the first 7 jobs regardless of how many there are. The email directs me to login to my account to see the rest of them. But they are not there.

I have sent [three] message about this to support. The first one before October 30th, the 2nd one on October 30th, the third one on November 12th. I am told that the webmaster is working on this.

This is unacceptable. I'm an IT person. If the service is set to include just 7 notices in a job alert, then it can be set to include any number of notices. Why is it throttled at 7? If this is a business decision or a throughput issue I can understand. But in either of those cases I should then be able to see the remainder on the site. And I cannot.

Ask E about FlexJobs
1 review
5 helpful votes

I am a remote graduate student and mother of five young children and have sought remote work for the last 4 years. is absolutely the only site that I could find that offered a comprehensive (and I mean REALLY THOROUGH) list of remote jobs in every possible industry that are fully vetted. No scams whatsoever! The moment a job posting is gone I just clicked a button to let the Flexjobs team know and they were on it to take it down.

I was actually able to find multiple jobs on Flexjobs, including my current full-time, salaried (with benefits) position at a successful publishing company.

Flexible work options are an absolute necessity in our current society where rent costs less than childcare and Flexjobs seriously understands this.

Ask Jill about FlexJobs
1 review
1 helpful vote

So thankful to have found this website that delivered great value. Jobs listed are true jobs, and search/filter options made it easier to find positions that fit my specific needs. Very impressed, would definitely recommend it.

Ask Jenn about FlexJobs
1 review
7 helpful votes

I found my job through this website within one week.I would suggest it to anyone!

Ask Fara about FlexJobs
1 review
2 helpful votes

My experience with FJ was a bit tedious at the start, but if you are a serious job seeker - a small hurdle to help you find what you're looking for.

Ask D about FlexJobs
1 review
4 helpful votes

I signed up for FlexJobs and was hired within the first 45 days. Amazing.

Ask Freda about FlexJobs
1 review
6 helpful votes

I wasn't looking for a flexible was looking for me and has worked out perfectly! For 2 months I had been working from home and discovered how much more work I could get down because I was able to completely focus on the work. Being able to work from home opened up a whole new world of jobs, literally! I am currently tele-commuting for someone in another timezone!

Ask Michelle about FlexJobs
1 review
4 helpful votes

Flex jobs was a painless experience compared to my recent experiences looking for a traditional 9-5 job. Flex jobs made the experience enjoyable because they tailored the job alerts to the type of work and hours I was looking for. I'm currently working to increase my freelance writing experience in hopes of one day making it my full-time job. Flex jobs has been extremely helpful in making that path easier by providing tips on improving my resume for freelance positions.

Ask Taryn about FlexJobs
1 review
23 helpful votes

I joined not long back in search of a legitimate job that I could do from home and after about five months or so I found one. I started my new job with Sutherland Global Services back in April and I absolutely love it! I couldn't be happer. Thanks so much Flexjobs!

Ask Corina about FlexJobs
1 review
12 helpful votes

Wonderful site. Found legitimate work-from-home job. Had great tools and resources to help with my search. Only took a month in my case. Will most liekly continue to use service in future.

Ask Jared about FlexJobs
1 review
97 helpful votes

This site appears to be a well designed, legitimate job site. Unfortunately, from the responses I received (none), I question its legitimacy.**Note: I received extensive correspondence from the FJ staff asking me to not question its' legitimacy, but after 5 months of service, and not a single reply, I still do. It IS, however, risk free to try the service, as the company WILL refund you if you are dissatisfied and contact them.** It's (still) my suspicion that FJ is a space for by-law required external HR posts where the positions are already filled by internal promotions or existing employees. My experience with FJ: I have 8 years of experience in digital marketing at a Director level, and couldn't even get an interview or consideration for the most entry level positions (which I tested applying to - after applying to many roles in my experience tier and receiving zero responses). I tried FlexJobs on 4 different occasions (4 months of paid subscription), and never received a single nod or interview for ANY position. Amazing.

**Follow up: Flexjobs reached out to me with good customer service and refunded my paid months. They also gave me a free month of subscription. Sadly, my experience is exactly the same. Still would not recommend, as it is a time drainer filling out the fruitless applications.

**Update 3: I honestly felt slightly threatened by the company "We take this kind of criticism to heart...", so gave it one more star. My ONE STAR rating remains, based on the RESULTS of their service. An added star for refunding my money.

Ask Roxi about FlexJobs
1 review
18 helpful votes

To be honest, it just came into my mind to Google, "Legit Work-from-Home Career Opportunities" and there, on the 1st page of course, was FlexJobs! I applied to about 3 of interest - Wednesday! Thursday I had an email and interview! Friday I completed the Hiring paperwork! It's Full-Time and has been going strong for a little over a month! :-)

Thank You FlexJobs!

Ask Shae about FlexJobs
1 review
25 helpful votes

I was skeptical about this site but after looking t reviews and comments of happy applicants, I decided to try it out for at least a month. I applied for various companies and found one fit for me. I was happy as too how fast it took to find a job that fit my schedule and my life , especially being a Mom of 3 toddlers. I would use this site again and have sent it to many of my friends that are stay at home Moms! Thank you FlexJobs!!!

Ask Grace about FlexJobs
1 review
28 helpful votes

I have used Flex Jobs at LEAST 3 times in the past years. They've ALWAYS been legit. But they just keep getting better and better! They have developed so well over the past few years thanks to their business model. They DO ALL THE WORK for you!!!!
Look, there are a million in one sites that you can go to and search for jobs. I have narrowed it down after multiple years of putting myself and others to work. I learned the tough way. Trial by error. But I've hit the Golden Jackpot when I discovered Flex Jobs. I didn't mind paying the small price they ask for their subscription fee because it is MORE than worth the results provided.
There are so many features at Flex Jobs now that can help you be successful it is almost impossible NOT to find a job that suits you. I never had the time or need to use but maybe 1/8 of the tools and info they can provide you because I've always landed the job I zoned in on and took off for awhile. But regardless of where you are in your job search, they provide great, solid leads and information as to how to apply, and they are also ready to help you gain your confidence and develop a strong profile by allowing you to pass hundreds of mini courses/tests/quizzes to help your image in getting hired.
Not only can you filter out what you are seeking from the hundreds of filters and various jobs, but you can be "head hunted" and have your profile reviewed from companies that go looking for you based on what you have provided them.
This is a huge deal for me. Not only have I used this site as a professional to assist disabled adults find work that they may otherwise not find because of the flexibility they may need, but also for myself. Whether it be a temporary or part time job I need to help earn extra money for Christmas, or because I had no idea how to pay for my daughter's wedding, I have really benefitted from this site.
At this point in my life, I am rejoining the task force after recuperating from my battle with cancer! (Survivor!) I really wanted a job that I could have flexibility, and be able to work from home, and work in an area of expertise that would be a challenge and provide a good source of income over minimum wage.
I worked with my profile briefly, added my resume and filled my profile in the most important areas that I thought would relate to the job I was going after, and I narrowed down the job I was seeking by using the many filters, and I found more jobs that really looked perfect for me, than I had time to contact and apply to. Because I had other obligations, I only had the time to spend about 2-4 hours a week on my search, and the only additional time I would add to that is when an email came in matching me with another new job that just came in that I found I wanted to apply to. That saved me even more time. I didn't have to go back in the system every day to see if anything was added, because with my agreement, they emailed me every new job that matched my profile and needs.
After about 3 weeks and 4 applications submitted, I landed the job that I really wanted. I know I won't be needing Flex Jobs for awhile now so I cancelled my subscription, but they will hear from me again. If I don't ever need or want another job, I have friends and family and strangers that I can send their way.
There are all types of categories and options that they have access to. This is a site that can change your life! And if you don't think it's worth the money to pay the subscription fee, you couldn't be more wrong! I'm an advanced user of computers and have spent more time searching for jobs than most people due to the fact it was my profession for awhile, in addition to doing the searches for myself. And what do you have to lose? That was my first thought when I subscribed the first time. I thought well, if it doesn't seem worth it then I will cancel.
If you are one of the ones lucky to enough to stumble upon Flex Jobs, then you really need to share the secret. That's why I'm spending the time writing this. I wish that I had found it earlier, as it would have saved me sooooo much time and frustration.
Now this isn't a "magic" site. You have to do the work. I mean you have to take the time to build a profile at least with a resume added and some brief additional. You have to take the time to narrow down the search for what you are looking for and take the time to review each job to ensure you are qualified and it does fit you. And then you have to take the time to complete applications or follow the directions as to what each company wants if you are interested in them because every company is different. And you have to take the time to follow up. So the site doesn't get you the job, but they sure do help! The number of and type of jobs are many that you wouldn't find otherwise, and their tools they provide you to help find the jobs you want are the best. Their technology they use is definitely great and up to date for sure.
I've had 2 communications with company representatives. Both were personal and professional and handled like I would want them to be.
I have completed 3 full reviews online in my 52 years. one company was so bad, I couldn't let other people go there without hearing of my opinion, and the other was a product review for a dog. This is the 3rd online review and I've one more to do regarding the great DJ at my daughters wedding. After cancer, my time spent has to be meaningful everyday and as I've stated before, this site can definitely change your life in more ways than one. I probably sound like the marketing agent for this company (lol) but just believe in what they do so much, that I had to take the 20 minutes out to write this.
By the way, I found a position with a company who allows me to choose my own hours, work from home out of my office, and help with corporate travel plans. It is a job that I have to commit at least 25 hours a week to, but can do more if I wish. This is the job landed from using Flex Jobs. Good luck with your job hunt!

Ask Terry about FlexJobs
4 reviews
24 helpful votes

I used Flexjobs for 2 months and did not find a job in that time. I applied for a few positions here and interviewed for two. I appreciated that the Flexjobs staff had done the "leg work" in making sure they were REAL jobs, not work-at-home scams. One thing Flexjobs cannot control is companies that take forever (over a month!) to get back to applicants, some that never reply to applications, or those that add requirements after you've applied.

LOTS of the jobs listed here, require that you be located in their city. Even some of the telecommute jobs still want their employees located nearby.

I gave this site 4 stars instead of 5 because I was required sifting thru many jobs outside my area of specialization. Also, their weekly email updates would sometimes send me jobs I'd already applied for - or jobs that I'd found were no longer available & had alerted them about.

Ask Beth about FlexJobs
1 review
14 helpful votes

I found its advanced search tool very useful and easy to use. I used it to scan available jobs before I decided to subscribe. The jobs varied, from HR to health, from writing to designing. After putting a lot of filters in its search tool, I decided to apply in 3 positions and got accepted in one of them, and decided to take the offer. All these only took me less than one month, then I unsubscribed from the service. So for me, it was worth every penny. I would recommend FlexJobs for anyone searching for telecommuting/flexible jobs.

Ask Aprisa about FlexJobs
1 review
18 helpful votes

My FlexJobs membership was a worthwhile investment. They do an excellent of collating positions with flexibility of schedule, or remote employment opportunities. Within a few weeks of creating an account, and applying to jobs listed in the portal, I received contacts from multiple recruiters, which led to several interviews from top level employers. The FlexJobs portal made it easy to see what jobs I had applied, to, when, and to track next steps for each position. I received multiple offers from employers I found through FlexJobs, and found a great move for my career path. I have been very happy with this service, and certainly will be using it again the next time I am looking for a career change.

Ask Marc about FlexJobs
1 review
26 helpful votes

I've used FlexJobs twice now. The first time, I found a full-time telecommute job in my field within a month. The job was amazing, but it was a temp position. When I came back to the site, it took about three months for me to once again find a great full-time telecommute job in my field; this time permanent. During my search, I simultaneously used all the major job sites; Indeed, Snagajob, Simply Hired, along with local resources (and Craigslist). When I wasn't hitting a dead end, I was getting spammed by illegitimate posts. Though you do have to pay for FJ, think of it as temporary until you find work. And at least for me, it's now twice been totally worth it in weeding out the garbage and dead ends, and most importantly, finding quality, flexible leads. I love working from home, and getting here would have been infinitely harder without their help.

Ask Amanda about FlexJobs
1 review
25 helpful votes

Real jobs, real employers, no games. Now that I am the one doing the hiring I can also tell you that I love it as an employer, too. It is a free (to employers), widely traveled job board that we are now using to find most of our employees.

Ask Sara about FlexJobs
1 review
34 helpful votes

I found a great part-time job. I can work at little or as much as I want; and it works around my family's schedule. Just what I needed!

Ask Kirsty about FlexJobs
1 review
20 helpful votes

Fantastic site and easy to navigate!

Ask Christine about FlexJobs
1 review
58 helpful votes

I paid for a one-month subscription at at $14.95 and within a day or so received interest from a company that I am now freelancing for. I would recommend Flexjobs to anyone looking for part- or full-time work. I am delighted and comforted to know that Flexjobs is just a click away should I need their help in the future.

Ask Linda about FlexJobs
1 review
51 helpful votes

Great service! I was skeptical at first, but what you pay for is nothing compared to what you receive. I count myself as one of the success stories because thanks to this service I found a job that fits around my schedule. Thank you FlexJobs!

Ask Lilia about FlexJobs
1 review
49 helpful votes

FlexJobs allowed me to find a job that fits my schedule. I now have a job that I do not have to fit my life around. The site is easy to navigate. What I like best is the jobs have all been vetted before being posted. In addition, the size of the companies represented on FlexJobs is very diverse in you will find smaller startup companies to major corporations with flexible and/or telecommuting jobs.

Ask Teresa about FlexJobs
1 review
51 helpful votes

I found the most AWESOME job through FlexJobs within just a few months of joining. Absolutely fantastic service, I'd recommend to anyone looking for a telecommute or flex schedule job!

Ask Katherine about FlexJobs
1 review
49 helpful votes

I got a new job in less than a month, making 50% more than I was making before! I am extremely happy with the site, the level of service, and the results. My new job is fantastic!

Ask LaNae about FlexJobs
1 review
45 helpful votes

I used to work for an employment newspaper and job board after graduating from college so I am very familiar with the job search process. I knew there had to be a job board for people exactly like me. After a few Google searches I found FlexJobs and knew it was exactly what I was looking for!

I have worked remotely for the past three years living in Hawaii and Japan and loved it. My husband and I wanted to travel before settling down and starting a family and we were both fortunate enough to work remotely. Now that we have settled down and started our family, I really love that I can be available to my family and still provide top quality work for my clients/employer. I started to feel like I was ready to make the next advancement career-wise but still wanted to work remotely. That is when I began my search.

The main selling point for me was that they vet all the jobs so you do not waste time with scams or positions that aren't what you want. As a qualified and serious job seeker, you don't want to waste your time going through hundreds of job listings unless they are what you are looking for.

If you are seeking a flexible work schedule where you can still advance in your career and achieve the goals you have set for yourself professionally, is the only site I have found so far that I feel gives quality positions with the schedule I work best with. It is well worth the monthly cost to use the site. It is an absolute no-brainer.

Ask Alicia about FlexJobs
1 review
42 helpful votes

In this job market, searching for flexible work was very difficult. FlexJobs made it much easier. After a year of searching, I finally found a fabulous flexible job!

Ask Mira about FlexJobs
1 review
44 helpful votes

Great website!!! I found my dream job after 3 days of registering.

Ask Andrea about FlexJobs
1 review
57 helpful votes

I signed up to become a member of FlexJobs for one month. I applied to several jobs I was interested in and received 4 job offers. I took the job I was hoping I would get and I love it. I love having no commute time and having my own private office. The job I took has full benefits, they sent me a computer and headset and my checks are direct deposited. I encourage anyone looking to work at home to start their job search on FlexJobs.

Ask Laura-Anne about FlexJobs
1 review
48 helpful votes

I saw FlexJobs advertised and saw that it was featured on a number of national media outlets so I gave it a try. I am a long-time telecommuter and started telecommuting 20 years ago when my son was born. I knew that another flexible work arrangement was really what I wanted but I was open to any job that was a good fit even if I had to commute. One of the first jobs I saw that was a full-time telecommuting role was with a small company so I researched the company and felt it would be a good fit for me. I sent in my cover letter and resume and heard something back right away. Initially I didn't get the role so I continued to use FlexJobs weekly while looking and found many roles that I would not have found just looking in my local geographic area. I found the site great to use, simple to submit your information to different companies. I also used the search to see different companies that focused on flexible and telecommuting roles to expand my search across the country. I have recommended FlexJobs to my friends and Facebook network. In the end that first role I applied for came through. The person they hired didn't work out so I am now happily employed with a new company. Thank you FlexJobs!

Ask Patty about FlexJobs
1 review
41 helpful votes

The FlexJobs site consistently delivered great job matches to my profile, and I landed an excellent position with a Fortune 50 company. Full-time with benefits, all work from home and a flexible schedule. I couldn't be happier with my new position.

Ask Wendy about FlexJobs
1 review
50 helpful votes

I subscribed to Flex Jobs for quite a while, and nothing panned out for a while, but I stayed because I knew all the jobs were legitimate. Soon, the perfect opportunity for me came about with a brand ambassador job with Trip Advisor. It is an independent contractor job, so no benefits and no tax withholding, but a perfect job for me in my situation. You can make it either full or part time by how many listings you sign. I think Flex Jobs is head and shoulders above many other sites.

Ask June about FlexJobs
1 review
41 helpful votes
11/4/14 offers so many different telecommuting opportunities. I love this site and highly recommend it! I really took advantage and applied for as many jobs as I was interested in. It took just a couple of weeks and I found an online teaching job with extremely flexible hours and opportunity for growth. I also found some flexible internet task jobs that are fun and provide extra cash-flow. Each day I was sent new jobs opportunities. They offer free skill tests as well. I really can't say enough good things about this site!

Ask Caroline about FlexJobs
1 review
46 helpful votes

I was unhappy in my in office job and the horrible commute that came along with it. When I clicked through FlexJobs' site, I found a job that was a perfect fit for me within an hour. I applied for the job and then got hired! I liked that they have aptitude tests that you can take to test your skills. I didn't mind paying for the service because it's a huge timesaver rather than having to go through so many work from home job ads that turn out to be scams.

Ask Danilo about FlexJobs
1 review
55 helpful votes

I found a flexible, great-paying job on It's a real, legitimate way to find work, especially if you want a remote/at-home position. I've been an at-home mom for 16 years, and the thought of going back to a traditional job was not something I wanted to do. Now, I work from my home, choose my own hours, and make good money all while still being able to pick up my kids from school, keep up on housework, and run errands when I need to. There's a money-back guarentee with FlexJobs, so just give it a try!

Ask Jennell about FlexJobs
1 review
48 helpful votes

I signed up for FlexJobs after reading multiple reviews. I used a coupon code, which offset the subscription cost. On my first day using FlexJobs, I found a posting for a position that matched my experience & education level. I sent a resume that same night & was contacted by the company within 24 hours. I interviewed & was offered the position, which I accepted.

Ask Tabitha about FlexJobs
3 reviews
44 helpful votes

I joined up one month ago. Within one week I was in a Skype interview with a big-name CEO in New York City. I wasn't offered the job as it turned out to be necessary to be in NYC for the one offered (not made clear in the application, but not Flexjobs' fault) but I definitely wouldn't have even talked with him without signing up for FlexJobs. I've got the one-year subscription so I'll keep checking in, but I'm satisfied with it for the one interview alone. It also is giving me a good idea how to build up my experience to be suited for high-paying telecommuting jobs rather than the 1 cent-a-word crappy jobs most often advertised elsewhere.

Ask Scott about FlexJobs
1 review
43 helpful votes

FlexJobs has been a reliable source for job leads for me in the past few years and eventually lead to a change in my role to a new, more flexible and exciting position! Thank you, FlexJobs - you guys are the best!

Ask Jill about FlexJobs
1 review
41 helpful votes

My experience was really great. I was able to narrow my search for the type of job I was looking for using very specific options and it lead me to finding the right situation for me. I've recommend this site to my other stay at home mom friends to look into

Ask Tiffany about FlexJobs
1 review
47 helpful votes

I completely credit FlexJobs with connecting me to my current job, which I LOVE.
It happened to be the first of 60+ I applied to through the site. I was in the interview process when other companies contacted me - so, it's nice to know I had options had this opportunity not worked out - but I'm so glad it did.

Ask Shanna about FlexJobs
1 review
44 helpful votes

Flexjobs is excellent. I tell every job seeker I know about - I received more interest, more feedback, and yes, a real job!

Their customer service was prompt and polite, too.

Great site!

Ask Katherine about FlexJobs
1 review
22 helpful votes

Be careful on renewal date. They will renew your subscription even though it is not authorized. There is no way to get your credit card info off their site. Somehow they renewed it even though they didn't have updated card info (new billing address or expiration date). I was able to chat with someone who said they would refund my credit card in a few business days. Am waiting to see if that happens. They told me they supposedly send out renewal notices via e-mail 2 weeks in advance, and that my notice must've gone to spam. I did not receive any notification even though I checked my spam box.

Ask Ruth about FlexJobs
2 reviews
816 helpful votes

Got my current job from here and I'm satisfied with it by this point.The guy with the long review is right though - nobody should have to pay for a decent job.

Ask Juan about FlexJobs
1 review
40 helpful votes

I have subscribed to Flexjobs off and on for the last several years. I am now working in a full time salaried position that I would have never known about had it not been for Flexjobs. I even had a hard time letting go of my subscription after I started my job because I loved looking through all of the job opportunities out there, and knowing that they are all legitimate positions makes it all very exciting. I recommend this site to anyone who is thinking about telecommuting.

Ask Jessy about FlexJobs
1 review
41 helpful votes

I signed up with FlexJobs in April of 2013. I started my new, full time, work-from-home job in July 2013. I love working from home! When anyone asks me how I found a work-from-home job, I tell them about The fees are very reasonable and FlexJobs took all the work out of researching work-from-home postings to make sure they are not scams. I highly recommend this web site!

Ask Melissa about FlexJobs
1 review
46 helpful votes

I've spent countless hours on multiple job search engines looking for flexible jobs with the option to telecommute. I had to fish through so much scam garbage only to find 1 or 2 that were even legitimate. FlexJobs was just such a breath of fresh air, because they did all that filtering for me by only showing me jobs from REAL and legitimate companies. There are tons of resources on the site about job searching, how to pump up your resume, tests to show off your skills to employers, and way more. I was skeptical at first, so I loved the fact that I didn't have to commit to a 3 or 6 month deal having no idea what I was getting into. One month with FlexJobs didn't even cost me as much as a movie ticket, popcorn, and a drink! I put in less than 10 applications, yet had 2 job offers within 2 weeks. I love the job, I work when I want, and I'm soooo thankful I gave FlexJobs a shot. Go for it - it's way worth it!

Ask Stacey about FlexJobs
1 review
73 helpful votes

This is what I had to say to FlexJobs this morning....

Well, I was unemployed for the past two years and looking for a job. Any job. Telecommuting jobs were always on my radar. I really believe that the workforce is going that way. Heck, take a look at the tech industry and how many telecommute. And it's not just those working on a help desk. However, most telecommute sites I came across are dedicated to the obvious scam.

Stumbled on FlexJobs quite by accident. A link to a Forbes article from LinkedIn, I think. And then references to AARP articles on jobs for seniors by the same writer. Well, more links to more press on FlexJobs so I surfed on over. Figured that if the Company is being mentioned by giants such as Forbes, WSJ, Inc, AARP, etc., you couldn't be a scam like the others.

Spent some time combing through the website and decided that for the price I had nothing to lose, especially since I was considering shelling out some very big bucks for a more professional resume. You know, it's that last ditch effort believing that not being able to find a job paying more than minimum wage and wanting 10-15 years of experience, must be because there's something wrong with me or what I'm doing.

I decided to sign up for a month and just see what I could find.

Honestly, I was hopeful from day 1.

After almost two years of searching...jumping through hoops...hours shuffling through a plethora of worthless job boards with old or nonexistent job postings (Indeed and my local State of Colorado unemployment job board/office are only 2 shining examples)...dealing with offers for insurance franchises (Monster)....and finally looking at or being sent ridiculously low paying jobs by the thousands from those "other" job boards looking to recruit me for education I don't need and don't want....I saw a ton of potential jobs on your site. Straightforward. No spam offers.


I think it took all of three weeks to find the job posting I wantedl. I kept my subscription going for an extra month, just in case it didn't pan out. I didn't need to, but I don't feel like the extra month was a waste of money.

What really bothers me is that after all this time working with the Colorado unemployment office, taking classes, building skills, attending special federally funded classes designed to help older workers get jobs, etc...not ONCE was telecommuting or Flexjobs (as a viable job board) ever mentioned. Not EVER. Shame on Colorado unemployment counselors....

Do I think anyone can magically be handed a job through Flexjobs? No. I still had to investigate each posting and each company. It just made the process a LOT easier for me.

Is Flexjobs only 100% telecommute jobs. No. But it doesn't advertise that either.

Are the search engines perfect? No. And neither are any of the others. Far from it.
But the search engines are pretty good, or were for me. Folks, you have to expend a little of your own effort and discretion here.

I LOVE what you are doing. Especially sweet that you are located in MY state, lol.

I don't know what to say except that I've been passing the word around.

FlexJobs isn't just for stay-at-home Moms, college students, or seniors.

It isn't a scam.

It isn't expensive. Heck, I spend more for two to eat fast food in one sitting than I did for a full month access on FlexJobs.

It saved me time. It saved me headaches.

Best of luck to you all and keep up the great work!!

Sign me: Found a great job and working entirely from home.

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I was able to find a second job flexible enough to work around my primary job's changing schedule. It was easy to search for jobs, and there were a lot of options.

It was also somewhat comforting to see in one place how many openings there were for part-time work, telecommuting, and independent contracting; it gave me some hope after months of fruitless searching. For me, it paid off in the end.

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A: Hello Temitope! Thank you for your recent inquiry to FlexJobs!
We do primarily work with US-based companies featuring US-based jobs. We do have some international positions, which can be found at this link
As for hiring processes and green cards, that does vary from employer to employer, so you would have to discuss the specific requirements with the companies that are offering these posiitons. We do have hundreds of international jobs that can be viewed at the above link that span all 50+ job categories we offer and the opportunities change daily.

For more information on finding international flexible jobs on FlexJobs, please read the following blog:
Thanks for considering FlexJobs! The FlexJobs Team
6 days ago
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