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Filelate reviews

7 reviews
Categories: Tax, Tax Preparation
Tel: +1.8014948462
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New Reviewer

I have filed on this TAX web site for the past 5 years, and I have not had one problem! However, I do print and mail my paper copies by snail mail. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and they also make suggestions which may influence my tax returns. I would have too say I would recommend them. The first year I filed, I also filed a previous years taxes, again no problem!

New Reviewer

Did not provide services advertised. I do not believe this is a reputable company. I would advise using a different tax prep service.

New Reviewer

If zero stars were possible that's what this rip off company would get. I got not product, copies of 1099's, but was charged twice to my credit card. Stay away! There is not was to contact these "persons" who operate out of Las Vegas, that should have been a clue. I'm working with my bank now in an attempt to recover funds.

New Reviewer

This site was an absolute pain in the @$$. The price is fine but the crap you have to put up with isn't worth it. I had to file 2009 and 2010. After re-entering a lot of info that the site failed to save, I get bounced around and thrown into limbo for a couple days while they "process" it only to receive notice that I have to send them some form I've never heard of authorizing them to file for me!! And best part?? The form has to be faxed or mailed? WTF! I don't think so!! Got on their "live chat" only to find out it's some illiterate Indian or a Bot reading a script or something, practically useless, but I FINALLY get them to give me a way to email their bogus authorizing form to them (one of the three suggestions wasn't even true, the other was to fax or mail it which was what I said I didn't want to do! stupid bot...) Anyway, FINALLY get that done and FINALLY get a link to an ACTUAL copy of my 2010 for my records and takes me three reloads of the site to let me download it!! Oh, and yeah, my 2009?? All they do is fill in a very sloppy 1040 for me to print and mail myself. Jackasses.

New Reviewer

I needed to file taxes for 2006 to current. This site offered everything I needed. You could request 1040's and do your return. I completed 2006 & 2007. Each time there is an option at the end to pay additional funds for a tax professional to review your return to see if you qualify to receive extra money. I paid for this for my 2008 return and it was a $29.97 mistake! The did not even send me a response stating they didn't find any extra funds. I was advised by someone I knew personally to change my filing status and receive an extra 2k. When I sent an email complaint it went unanswered. When I called I was refused a refund with they excuse that they can only go by the filing status I entered (excuse but ummmmmm if I pay for a review to see if I can receive additional funds wouldnt this be a part of that since it is such a determining factor) An IRS rep told me that it is common sense for any tax preparer to advise someone to file head of household instead of married filing separately and claiming a dependant. I will NEVER use this site again. In this day and age and economy every dollar going in and out counts. I can not stomach supporting a business that not only does not provide the service they sold but offers horrible customer service. I did not cuss or use foul language on the phone but the rep hung up on me. In closing I tested this on they advised me (while looking for additional ways to get more money for me for FREE) to change my status to receive more funds. The only sorry site that didn't tell me that was

New Reviewer

They do not give you the full story for there terms of service.

New Reviewer

This website is VERY leads you to believe that you are able to e-file late tax returns as far back as 2003 and once you have paid they send you an email stating that you can not e-file 2003 I paid to e-file 2004 taxes and they sent me another email stating that I could not e=file 2004 either..(nothing mentioned in first email.) Called company and spoke to a "Clarke" who later changed his name to "Clarence" when speaking to my Husband. Clarke or Clarence would not let me speak, would constantanly interupt me will jabber that he was obviously reading, and or had said the same speech many times, but it was said in a rude monotone fashion...When I asked him to stop talking nearly 10 times in a row, my husband finally got upset and took the phone from me.(thats when :Clarke: said his name was "Clarence". When we asked to speak to a supervisor, he stated, he was the only one we could speak to, then he changed his mind later and said a Supervisor would be the at he and his webpage are a rip off..dont use them

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