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First asking to talk to real customer service person...


I had placed an order and after 14 days it hadn't shipped yet.


I was quite happy with my product, and the fact that they got it to me within 2 weeks.

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New Reviewer

I ordered $100 worth of merchandise and $35 shipping back in April and I still haven't received my order. They won't get in contact with me and refuse to answer my emails. I'm pretty pissed off as I ordered clothes for my partners birthday which was in July and had to buy other things as I never got my order. Don't order from this site! It's a scam and ripping off the lgbti community!

Ask Laura about Fckh8
New Reviewer

I NEVER write reviews. Ever. I think they're a dishonest picture of a company, and there is zero accountability. Yelp has personally cost me money based in fictatious reports..
This is the worst shopping experience I've ever had, and I'm an out lesbian- I've experienced some pretty homophobic $#*!.
I ordered one sweatshirt on October 2, 2013 as a birthday present to myself in Late November. (Self love- it's a big deal.)
Mid November I start sending emails and getting auto responses about a new guy in the office. Eventually asking to cancel my order, with no avail.
The phone number is a dead line.
I came out to my parents in that time,
And moved.
And broke up with my girlfriend. Twice.
In early May, 2014 I finally get a box with my sweatshirt in it, a few stickers, and an extra t-shirt.

If anyone is suing their asses and wants evidence I kept every email, and every detail of the transaction, let me know.

Tip for consumers: DONT use this site.

Ask Izzi about Fckh8
New Reviewer

Ya'll lefty liberal customers is plum crazy. So much fo bein tolerant yall jus plain ignunt!
Cant chu see these people love gay folks? They love str8t ppl too! Hell the juz luvz erbody. Send dem you goddam can wait a little if you don git yo $#*! ...WHO Cares? Dey Care! itz allz about the fell good anyways. Send in yo damn mony!

New Reviewer

I love my fckh8 gear! I decided to order a few shirts two weeks ago. I ordered two pride tank tops and a pink "chicks marry chicks shirt". I mistakenly gave them the wrong address to send so I quickly emailed them to have it changed. I didn't receive an immediate response but the next day I received a reply saying my address had been changed like I asked. I received my package in the mail today. Everything in my order looks great!

Ask Robin about Fckh8
New Reviewer


Ordered something in JUNE and still has not arrived. This is a scam company and does not help through email and if you try to call they do not even accept messages because the inbox is "full."


New Reviewer

Ok......i dont get how its so damn hard to ship me my order i placed on 7/22/2013 and now its almost august of 2014!!! Over a year ago.... are you kidding me! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD dont buy from them.... CANT IMAGINE THE MONEY THEY ARE MAKING... im so mad and the sad part nothing i can do about the number never answer or call backs, auto email replys that arent helpful. ZERO STARS!!!!! i just want my money back...:(

New Reviewer

Worst experience I have ever had buying anything in my entire life. I was hoping to have these tanks that I ordered for my wedding (which I ordered a few weeks in advance) I contacted them to let them know I needed them as soon as they could get them once I saw the handling time. No response. The wedding came and passed and no shirts, I contacted FOUR times until I got a response saying. "We will look into it..." No apologies or anything. Still nothing and I will never purchase a thing again.

New Reviewer

This 'company' can go to hell. I ordered a sweatshirt and bracelets for all about $50 bucks, that was FIVE MONTHS AGO. My first couple emails questioning where it was got a mixture of "we'll get to it later" and just plain ignoring.Then this new guy, Santi, plays the friend card and tries to act like they have it together now. Nope. Two more months, and I've officially had it with this company. I've been requesting my money back, and am once again being ignored.

This company is CRAP. They are scam artists. It's too bad since they seemed to support a good cause, so I didn't think they would be out to screw their patrons. It's just a bunch of untrained chimps working the orders.

New Reviewer

What's this? A review for FCKH8 that's higher than one star? Has a miracle occurred?
I think, perhaps, something right is finally happening at this company.
I ordered a tank top and a bumper sticker from the website at the end of March. The money was almost immediately taken out of my account, and I received an e-mail telling me that my order would be shipped within a week. I heard nothing that week. Now, I usually am the type of person who checks out reviews for a company/etc before buying from them, but in this case, I didn't. I had been waiting for a couple of years to buy a tshirt from them and had finally decided to do so.
What I found was...less than reassuring, to say the least. However, I received an e-mail about a week and a half after I placed my order telling me that the company was switching hands and would get back into action on April 14th. Lo and behold, April 14th comes, and I get an e-mail telling me that my order is being sent to the shipping warehouse, and was given a tracking number that I could use on USPS's website. I was still a little wary, but was feeling a little bit more reassured, so I just relaxed for a few days. It took a few days for my order to get out of the warehouse and into the USPS shipping facility, but after that, it was really fast getting here! It just arrived today, and I am very pleased. They also threw in a few stickers, bracelets, and pins, I'm assuming as an "apology" of sorts for it taking so long.

Hopefully, this represents the dawn of a new era for FCKH8; it really seems that the company is now starting to pick up on their slack and actually, you know, do their job.

New Reviewer

Am I allowed to give 0 stars? Everyone is talking about how it's been a couple of months...I placed my order in November. Of 2012. I sent so many emails it was ridiculous. But I never heard back.

This morning I got an email from Tyler that said my order had been placed "on hold."
It's been a year and a half! The hoodie was for Obama's campaign...Yeah, I really need that now.

This company steals your money and won't respond when you inquire about your order or ask for a refund. Stay away.

New Reviewer

If you think ordering from these fools is a good idea, go here first and read about all of the consumers who have had money STOLEN from them from

My story? I ordered back in September. I requested a refund after two months. I contacted the BBB, Fckh8 ignored that. They don't return calls or e-mails, they block you on Facebook if you complain.


New Reviewer

Placed my order for a tank on Feb 12th. Still have not received my order. On march 8th I sent an email to ryan asking about the status. Got an email back from Chris saying he was new and coming to "whip things into shape" and that he'd be in touch soon. It's now 2 weeks later and I haven't heard from him or anyone else. I'm moving in a month so it's doubtful I'll ever receive my order at this point. So disappointing.

New Reviewer

Placed an order on 11/13/2013 and still haven't received my order. When I ask for someone to contact me from customer service, all I receive are the same automated email about twenty times. This is getting ridiculous. No refund, no product, no customer service. I'm out $50. Do not purchase from this company.

New Reviewer

It is now March 5th. I placed my order for 2 shirts and buttons on NOVEMBER 15th 2013! It has been 16 WEEKS since I first placed the order. You sent me an email to myself on January 7th apologizing for the delay and offered a free shirt. I can understand a delay taking a few additional weeks but I PAID for something FOUR months ago. The intention was gifting the items for Christmas. It's almost ST.PATRICKS DAY! This puts me in a very awkward position, please advise me further because I am an up most dissatisfied as a customer because this is not what I intended when I spent my money. No one will reply to any of my emails or phone calls! I don't know what to do...

New Reviewer

Same song and dance as everyone else. Ordered a shirt 2 months ago, never got it. I call and leave messages, no response. I send emails and instantly get the auto generated email in return. They posted a pic of the shirt I ordered on their fb page, and when I commented that I never got mine, they instantly deleted it because others started making the same comments. I find it ironic that an anti bullying site is taking advantage of hundreds of people!! There must be something that can be done to stop these people.

New Reviewer

I like everyone wish I had found this before placing an order. I placed an order for a hoodie totalling 36.99 after almost a month of nothing from them I started calling and emailing tyler and ryan. Still nothing. I have asked for a refund. I dont even want the damn hoodie anymore! Ive also contacted the police department and printed off these reviews as well as other negative reviews from other websites and am filing fraud charges.

New Reviewer

I ordered two "Don't Be Hatin' On the Homos" Wristbands on 1/15/14 and it is now 2/21/14 and I have yet to receive my order. I have e-mailed Ryan several times, and all I get is the whole "sorry we are a bit behind" mass e-mail that everyone gets. I got the e-mail that they received my money (of course) right after I placed my order, but after that, NOTHING. I would not recommend this site to anyone. From what I have already read on here, I am not the first one to have trouble and I'm not the worst case. I love what they are doing and what they stand for, but they clearly need to get their ducks in a row before I ever even think to order from them again. I'm a very displeased customer right now, and if you order from the site, you most likely will be too. I just wish I found this site before I ordered from them.

New Reviewer

I ordered ONE sweater from them in August.
They finally responded to my countless emails with an automated email in December where they said they would ship me a free t-shirt with my order because it got "lost" in the Christmas rush. I ORDERED IN AUGUST!
I haven't heard from them since other than their stupid automated emails.
I just want my damn sweater or my fcking money back.

New Reviewer

I got an email in August 2013 from fckh8 (who I've ordered a t shirt from before and got it in a timely matter) promoting a discount on rainbow gear with a promo code. I thought this was great so I bought it, used the code and ended up paying $40 and change for shipping. My card was charged almost immediately, and they've had my money ever since. Literally 5 and a half months later, and I still don't have my merchandise. I've emailed "Ryan" so many times, always getting the run around. After a couple months he said they were out of the product I ordered and asked me to choose another hoodie. I understood and chose another and thought that would be the end of it. Another few months pass and I still get nothing. I emailed him almost every month asking and asking. Eventually he said "Wow we've been slacking on your order! I'll throw in a free shirt!" So I chose a shirt (this was after asking several times for a refund because I was over this) and he said "Okay it's all taken care of." That last email was sent to me over a month ago. Still nothing. No confirmation email that it shipped, no nothing. I just emailed him again saying that if he didn't send me an email with the exact details of what I'm getting, when it's shipping, and when it will get to my house by Monday, I'm calling my credit card and disputing the charge. Like I told Ryan in my many emails, I'm all about this cause. No matter what your intention, however, terrible customer service and charging for orders you KNOW you can't fulfill is a great way to lose customers. I'm so disappointed. I guess all I can do is hope they get their act together and keep emailing Ryan until I get an answer. Overall verdict: great cause, terrible business.

New Reviewer

I, like many others here, placed an order months ago, with no product. Order was December 4. I have written back to Ryan, but no word from him. I note that Ryan appears to be going through the reviews here to send product to those who complain publicly. So here goes. Love to get the shirts still.

New Reviewer

I tried to give them Zero stars, but couldn't!!!. I ordered on October 31, 2013 a sweatshirt for my daughter. It is January 29, 2014 no sweatshirt (37.14) No one answers the phone. I message on FB with a reply that they would look into it on January 14. Ready to dispute charge with bank. Horrible customer service. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!

New Reviewer

RUN - you will have nothing but a bad experience.

I ordered OCTOBER 2 2013. I have been following up with "Ryan" since October 11. It is now January 29, 2014. Anything wrong with this picture?

I really wish I would have done some research before giving them my money because I'm sure that I'll never see the product I ordered.

I hope that they get theirs.... I was just trying to support a cause I believe in, through what I THOUGHT was a company that aligned with my values. Turns out they are just capitalizing on people like us that feel that way.

I'm sure "Ryan" is a bot and "the team" is living it up with the millions of stolen dollars for product never delivered.

New Reviewer

Sitting at 60 business days since I placed my order, (October 17/13) I've left over 15 voice messages and have been calling at least every other day, they WILL NOT return any phone calls... Can't actually seem to get a hold of anyone, and there should be no reason for a hold up of this magnitude. Ridiculous! They say they've "shipped hundreds of thousands of t-shirts to supporters", but apparently they forgot mine. SMH

New Reviewer

I ordered almost $60 worth of tshirts as Christmas gifts for my son 2 months ago and they have yet to arrive. I have BEGGED for the money back in emails and phone messages but all I get is automated responses telling me my order will arrive soon. I feel completely swindled. Do not order from these people, they are awful.

New Reviewer

OMG!!! I'm reading everyones experience and they match mine 100%! I too ordered back in Oct., I've been calling and emailing and NADA. NOT. ONE. REPLY. BACK. EVER! FCKH8?? More like FCK them!!! I'll send my money towards the NOH8 Campaign. Adam follows through on his word, unlike Ryan.

New Reviewer

Ordered two shirts in September, didn't receive the shipment until early November, but only received one shirt. Received multiple excuses about how I will be contacted again, but still receiving advertisements to throw more money aw -- er, I mean, order more stuff with them. Aside from those, and the auto-mailed excuses, nothing. Telephone number on the invoice isn't functional, and I will be submitting a report to the AZ Chamber of Commerce, AZ Attorney General, and BBB, as well as considering legal action, to get my money back. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

I also find it very disturbing that this 'Ryan' uses the same response, for the majority of reviews here...

New Reviewer

I placed an order for a sweatshirt on 10/12 and never received it. I emailed them on 11/8 and they advised it would go out in 2-3 weeks and delay was caused by a bad printer. Still no sweatshirt and its 12/23. Ive emailed them numerous times and always get an automatic reply. FRAUDULENT company. DO NOT PURCHASE from them. THEY HAVE OVER 110 complaints with the Better Business Bureau for taking customers money and never sending the product, failing to respond and failure to refund payment. I filed a complaint and the company failed to respond. I have written a letter to our Attorney General regarding this company.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE!!!!!! I ordered a T-Shirt on 9/3/2013, and till this day (12-20-13) I still have not received my package. I've called the number on the website and it's a recording. I've emailed Ryan and Tyler 13 times and no response. Don't buy from these people!!!!

New Reviewer

placed 2 orders one for 35 bucks and one for just over 40 in Nov its been over a month and have not revived any of my items. i have sent email after email and called there number which goes right to a recording saying there "busy" helping other supporters. total scam yet they keep sending out emails trying to sell there crap. ill be taking my business to the NOH8 campaign.

New Reviewer

Ordered mid august. keep getting the runa round. We are swamped. Business blew up and that. I'm out $72 which is a LOT for me. I was trying to support a cause and have gifts for birthdays (now christmas if i get it wich i'm sure i won't). I'm pissed and out of $ for those gifts for my kids :( Terrible!

New Reviewer

I would advise anyone considering ordering from them to NOT do it. The 3 weeks have now turned into 4 months. I keep getting the run around. Keep getting told they'll get it out asap. Bunch of crap.

New Reviewer

I could not be more disappointed with the level of NON professionalism. If it was simply human error fine, we are all human, but the reactions given when people ask questions are immature and childish. As well as ill informed. If you are using things that don't belong to you, BE SURE you understand what fair use is and isn't. Instead, they simply belittle people that disagree with them, or even politely point out issues. A simple, "oops, we didn't know we'll be more careful in the future!" would have gone a long way, instead I saw and got replies from this company and it's people that make me believe it is being run by a bunch of ignorant high schoolers! On a side note, no I am not a child, as they tried to state, telling me how long they have been an advocate. As a matter of fact, I am OLDER than you are! Old enough to know what the hell STONEWALL is and why you should not be stealing from them! grow, the hell up. You can't advocate for anyone when you can't be an intelligent, well informed, and professional person yourself.

New Reviewer

Ordered in August. Was told "up to 21 days for the order to be shipped". It's now late November and I get nothing but the standard "Oh what you ordered was very popular, but we will ship it this week."
They are clearly scammers. I have demanded a refund and they have agreed, but they have not refunded me. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

New Reviewer

Terrible, terrible customer service. I ordered nearly $150.00 worth of items from this website on 2013/08/21 and it is now 2013/11/23 and my items still haven't been shipped. I have emailed Ryan and Tyler several times with absolutely no response aside from saying "your parcel will be shipped by the end of the week" two months ago. Nobody answers the telephone, I have left several messages there as well. Absolutely awful, a complete scam. I am definitely going to get a lawyer involved if they continue to ignore me. On top of it all, they charged my VISA the second I ordered the items, it would be a different story if they waited to charge until they actually ship. So ridiculous. Spend/donate your money elsewhere, LGBT folk!

New Reviewer

I order a t-shirt and a hoodie on October 23rd, and paid by debit card. Everything went through fine, and I received a confirmation that said sometimes items take up to 21 days to ship out. Fine. I waited. It's now past 21 business days, I still don't have a shipping confirmation, and despite e-mailing two separate people and calling multiple times, I haven't received much more than a generic e-mail saying that they are extremely busy and will response when they get a chance.

All I want is a refund, and their team is clearly incapable of handling their customer service.

New Reviewer

even if it was a good cause that wasn't focused on cis gay white men
even if they didn't decry, victimize, delegitimize and erase the queer identities that they are to lazy to understand like asexuality and pansexuality
even if they weren't transphobic and cissexist (saying things like men when you mean people with testis, or whatever yea)
even if they weren't horrible in lots of other respects, the list just goes on and on folks.
even if they weren't all that they still have horrendous customer service as you can tell from all these other reveiws
so yeaa find another lgbt charity that isn't a for profit business (that is what they are, they have said this) and buy from them instead of this $#*! site

New Reviewer

very disappointed in the customer service, severely disappointed in the people who run their websites and correspond with customers. long before i knew anything about the organization, i purchased a shirt. where is the shirt? god only knows, because that was eight months ago and still no shirt. i'm not too broke up about it, considering they claim to support lgtbq+ rights, but in the same breath deny certain factions of the group (no apologies yet. fingers crossed, y'all. fingers freakin' crossed), but i would like my money back. no one answers the phone. emails are repetitive and full of empty promises.

copy/pasting a letter announcing that the site's been fixed doesn't equal fixing the site, ryan. also? it's hella tacky. you think no one's reading the other testimonies or do you just have no shame?

New Reviewer

Worst representatives for any site ever. Aside from their complete lack of knowledge on lgbt+ issues, their own sales rep here "Ryan" is only able to copy-paste the same message over and over. Don't trust any company that gives you the same robotic feedback over and over.

New Reviewer

This site and its users are a neverending tidalwave of anti-queer hatred, disguised as allyship. They manipulate the queer community to sell terrible, binary-conforming shirts to people who think they're being "quirky" by supporting gay rights.
Avoid this site, its users, its founders, and anything involving it at all costs, it is nothing but toxic to anyone in the LGBT community.

New Reviewer

fkh8 constantly victimizes the parts of the queer spectrum that they don't understand, then calls themselves an ally. How dare they.

New Reviewer

FCKH8 is probably the worst organization for "lbgt+ rights." They focus only on the cis gay men, and do so in a patronizing fashion. They perpetuate the 'fabulous/flaming' gay man stereotype, and steal intellectual property from many others. They completely ignore trans people, asexuals, and largely bisexual people. The 'organization' also fails to deliver products, from what I've seen from various people.

New Reviewer

Never got the stuff I ordered. Never got a refund.
I'm actually pretty glad I didn't get anything I ordered, because after they $#*!ed me around and never really gave me a straight (lololol!) Reply about what was happening with my order, I did some digging and found out just how much intellectual property they steal from bloggers, artists and even other charities (the Stonewall anyone?). You know what I couldn't find out though? Specifically where they are donating all the money they make from their stolen ideas.

New Reviewer

They steal copyrighted material, and when the people they take material from ask them to stop using it, they become defensive and refuse to comply, citing Fair Use (which they've never read, or they'd know they still have to at least credit the work, and they can't make money off of it). Their campaign sexualizes underage girls, plays up the sassy gay man stereotype (which is the most visible portrayal of gay culture in the media already), is not trans inclusive, and erases asexuals (who they bully on Facebook).

They want to send coloring books to children in Russia featuring gay parents, which could get people KILLED or children taken from parents, at the VERY least, but they're too fixated on making themselves look good to educate themselves about the political climate over there.

These people aren't giving to charity; they're just scammers with Photoshop. Don't give them your money. Don't give them your support. And don't mistake them for pro gay.

New Reviewer

No info on what organizations the donations/purchases support. Most posts on the Facebook page are stolen from tumblr and twitter without the author's permission.

New Reviewer

Ordered 2 mos ago recieved zero! They charged my card anyway. Cancelled payment turned them in to better business beaureau! FRAUDULENT!

New Reviewer

if I could give this website 0 stars, I would. I spent over $50 for a sweatshirt and a t-shirt. This order was placed 6 weeks ago. I have called 3 times leaving me order number and phone number so that there would be no reason for not contacting me. I haven't received a call back.

In addition, I sent them an email with the entire order information attached. I didn't receive a response.

I'm resigned to the fact that they have a terrible business acumen and extremely poor customer service.

Save your money and aggravation and give your time and money to another organization.

I regret spending any money with them.

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FORM THIS COMPANY. I ordered 2 shirts a month ago and they have not arrived. I have called, emailed, and left voicemails to customer service multiple times thoughout the last 2 weeks and no one ever responds.

This site is a scam. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

New Reviewer

I am a great supporter of many campaigns out there like Human Rights Campaign and Greenpeace, and when I heard of FCKH8 I loved what they stood for. I have ordered from them before and I never had an issue with that order. Well in JULY I decided to buy one of their tank tops and I was hoping to where it throughout the warm season and its not almost Halloween and I have not received it. I have called many times and I have emailed them countless times, because #1 I payed for that item and #2 it should not take that long to receive it. One email good ol' Ryan sent me ( which seems like everyone else gets it as well) stated that they were backed up in orders, well if the company is having high demands then they need to higher some more employees, they are loosing a lot of customers because of this.

Well today, I called about 10 times and no one answered the phone so I decided to call my credit card company and told them about it and they are going to dispute the charges made to my credit card. Its said to say that I will not be buying anything else from FCKH8 :(

New Reviewer

I ordered a T-shirt and some little stuff from the site two months ago. After numerous emails and phone calls i finally get a response from Ryan. Come to find out it was a generic auto-send message. I emailed again and finally got a personal message "sorry about your gear. we're a small company and are having to handle mass orders. it's great for our cause but it sucks for people like you. your items will be shipped within two weeks."

Well that was a month ago. Still no sign of my items, and still no customer service. SO disappointed.

Apprentice Reviewer

First, I love fckh8's videos. I've seen them all and I love what they're doing for homosexuality but as far as ordering from them..DON'T DO IT. I ordered one shirt and one pair of glasses which I paid full price for there were no discounts at the time. I paid for express shipping expecting to wear the shirt to school the next week. Nope. I ordered my items in March of last year and I had to wait until the very beginning of October before I received my items. I got an email in June saying that they had run out and they would try to get my items to me as fast as possible so I'm thinking okay it will get here in a week or two.

NOPE! I called and emailed and I finally got an answer back in mid August through email saying that I would get my items and free stuff since it took so long. I waited and waited until October when the package FINALLY came in and I got two free stickers and those little bracelet type things. I waited six months for two free stickers and a bracelet..Six months..But they had NO problem taking my money out the very minute I ordered. I wouldn't do business with them again even though I've seen some posts that they've changed and it's not like that anymore. I wouldn't chance it either.

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