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FanStory reviews

60 reviews
Categories: Writing
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60 Reviews From Our Community

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I found this site and thought it might be a good way to get feedback from other writers. (in 37 reviews)


It also time and date stamps your work when you post it. (in 26 reviews)


Whether you're a polished writer, a a budding poet or one who writes scripts, there's a place for you at Fanstory. (in 52 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I'm so glad I found Fanstory. When I discovered this site, I was looking for contests where I could enter my writing. This site offers all kinds of interesting contests every month. So I became a member, entered a few and won some too! But that's not all I found here. The writers that participate on this site are fantastic. I have received good feedback and support from so many reviewers that have given me confidence. Most importantly, I've met lots of wonderful people from all around the world and read some great stories and poems that I may never have heard if I hadn't joined this awesome site.

New Reviewer

I stumbled onto this site last April. I thought I would give it a try. I'm glad I did! It has helped me improve my writing. The talent of writers and poets on the site is absolutely amazing! I've learned of the different forms and type of poetry that you can write (usually because I was challenged in a contest). This is truly a great place to share with like-minded people and I've made some wonderful friends! Such sharing is also nice because we can each other in our prayers.

Ask Michelle about FanStory
New Reviewer

If you write poetry, stories or are working on a book Fanstory is a terrific resource. You get feedback for everything you write. I'm working on a book and after I complete a chapter I can't wait to post it on fan story. My last chapter got 55 reviews! Many of the reviews offer suggestions I on how I can improve it. I'm also developing a fan base which I plan to tap into when I publish my book. Highly recommended!

New Reviewer

I think Fanstory is a terrific website. I highly recommend it. You can enter writing contests and you can post your writing for feedback. The feedback has helped me. Reviewers read my work and provide suggestions on how it can improve. I also write poetry and enjoy sharing my poetry with others. What's great is everything you post gets feedback. I don't know how they do it but it's a great website for writers.

New Reviewer

Many published writers have used Fanstory. So I joined to see if the reviewers could help me. I'm glad I joined. I have met so many truly talented and wonderful people. There are so many writers that are willing to take the time to offer support when I post something. Since I joined I've become a fan of over 25 writers. I look forward to the notifications I receive when they post. It's great to post my writing and read the comments they all leave. They are encouraging, supportive and uplifting. This is a wonderful avenue for people to share their writing, to learn, and to grow.

New Reviewer

I highly recommend Fanstory to anyone that is looking to share poetry, stories or that is working on a book. I joined several years ago when looking for a place to share my poems. I was very nervous about sharing them! What did I know about poetry? But I was very pleased with the response I received. It encouraged me to write more and I did. I am now a published author! I have the reviewers at Fanstory to thank for that.

New Reviewer

I recommend fanstory to anyone that is looking to share their writing and enter writing contests. The feedback I receive for my writing is very helpful. The reviewers really seem to be interested in helping me improve. The reviews are usually detailed and helpful. There are over 50 writing contests that you can enter every month. I like the contests not just because of the prizes but because it gives me new ideas of what to write about. Great site for writers or someone looking to become a better writer!

New Reviewer

There are good writers and reviewers on the site. If, through the "fan" function, you build a community of your own with other writers who agree to seriously critique each others' work, it can be a good resource.

Other than that, the reviewing system encourages perfunctory and unhelpful reviews -- which you have to pay for. Here's why.

A decent review of an average story takes ten to twenty minutes. Each review awards, on average, a dollar in member bucks. So, a decent reviewer makes about four to five dollars an hour in member bucks.

In order to get your work reviewed, you have to pay at minimum $60 in member bucks, and often much more. So, back of the envelope, you need to do 60 reviews for a dollar each; you can do five of them an hour; so that's 60/5 = 12 hours of reviewing you need to do to pay for your own story to be reviewed.

That's clearly not practical.

So site members have a choice: Either churn out dozens of perfunctory and unhelpful reviews, or pay cash money, and lots of it, to get your own work (shoddily) reviewed. Doesn't sound like such a good deal now, does it?

I get that FanStory is a for-profit business, but in the balance between making money and serving writers, it clearly skews toward making money.

New Reviewer

I recommend FanStory. FanStory provides such a needed service for writers. The feedback is so helpful. I was recently published and I feel certain I would not have come so far without the support of of the reviewers. It's so good to be able to get helpful feedback for everything I write. The community is wonderful.

New Reviewer

Before joining FanStory I looked at this site; it was an eye opener. I have to admit that I was tempted to join, but after reading all the negative reviews first I have come to the conclusion that it is just a money making mill for FanStory. I agree with the person who said that a writer should’t have to pay for his or her writing. Thinking you are a writer and being a writer are two different matters; one you pay the other pays you.

New Reviewer

I just want to say how happy I am to have found this site. I've always enjoyed writing but at the same time had struggled with confidence and actually getting things finished. Since joining last month I have written (and finished!) 7 stories. The feedback I received from other writers on Fanstory has helped me. The site encourages you to write and share your writing. Reviewers on the site are wonderful about helping you. It's a great idea and it WORKS.

New Reviewer

Fanstory is a site I highly recommend as a writer. If you enjoy writing you really must participate on this website. You get feedback for everything you write. So if you write a poem you can share it on Fanstory (and Fanstory will copyright it when you post it!) and you will get feedback for it. I have learned so much from the authors on this website. I enjoy the writing classes, the community, and the contests too.

New Reviewer

Fanstory has helped me become a much better and more confident writer. When I first joined Fanstory, I wrote but I had little confidence in what I was writing. I didn't know where to go to get honest feedback. After joining, the feedback I received from Fanstory was invaluable in turning me from a writer for my own pleasure into a published writer. Other authors took time out from their own work to comment on my writing, and my writing improved. Reviewers have commented that the stories I write seem to get better as I progress. For that I thank the reviewers. The feedback I received from reviewers, many of whom were published authors themselves, has helped me greatly.

New Reviewer

Fanstory is fantastic. I highly recommend it. I found on Facebook. I saw an advertisement and I clicked on it. I thought I'd try it and see how it worked. It was the best thing I ever did for my writing. After being on this website for just a few short months I have learned so much. I enjoy sharing my writing and learning from the feedback that more experienced writers offer. The reviews are kind and supportive (I was worried I would get crushed). Everyone is so supportive. It's an amazing community of writers.

New Reviewer

I enjoy sharing what I write on fanstory. I'm amazed at how posting my work here has improved my writing. It's great to receive unbiased feedback, corrections and suggestion from published authors. I've made some great friendships along the way as well. Through both posting and reviewing the work of others, I've learned what works and what doesn't.

New Reviewer

Three years ago I joined Fanstory. Every writer that reviewed my writing offered me useful help in their critics, and I learned from it. The benefits of being in a community are amazing. I learned so much. Mostly I learned of humility and acceptance. I want say to Fanstory, "Thank you".

New Reviewer

The feedback I receive at is excellent. It's so nice to see how well my writing is doing in every category. Your ranking system is fantastic! Each day I can see how I stand on the ranking of writers. The review system is great. It encourages me to write reviews, allowing to understand better others work and, eventually - mine. I know I have a lot to improve and I found here quite a few writers willing to help me. Which never happened before on any other site. I can see from one glimpse everything I need, there is always so much to explore and I have never been bored being on Fanstory.

I learned on Fanstory that feedback is always required for improving quality. But more than that, I understood that the answers to the feedback also matter. And this was an important lesson for me. Thank you very much for everything! I will give five stars anytime.

New Reviewer

I read recently that Fanstory can be a teacher, a mentor and a motivator. I agree! It is a teacher because you get reviews for everything you write. These reviews often point out areas where you can improve your writing. There are published authors looking for writers to mentor. And it's very nice to get immediate feedback for something you write. The motivation part comes in play by being part of a community writers.

Fanstory provides an outlet for the self-doubting writer, an outlet that keeps you anonymous (if you want) so you can have the courage to post your writing. And don't worry about sharing your writing online. Your can copyright your writing at the time you post it.

New Reviewer

the site is run by a megalomaniac and, unless you're ga-ga, wealthy or have oodles of time to spare (mayhaps doing porridge) or all three, is to be avoided!
referring to a post by Aaron F earlier in this thread, regarding 'eats, shoots and leaves', i was banned for two days for bringing this blatant plagiarism to the attention of the aforementioned megalomaniac, Tom Ens, and, as Indie S. said in a previous post, the little hitlerite makes the rules as he goes along, wringing his hands all the way to the bank. it is obvious to an amoeba's braincell he has no interest in poetry and writing. he's a moneygrabbing egoist. but, if you simply want a good ego trip and have the money but no talent, then, go for it!
mind, having now dredged several writing sites, they're all pretty much the same, and should be avoided if you wish to improve as a writer.
instead, why not send me £20! it'll save you lots of money and you'll be able to write like what i do and be as good as i do in know thyme a tall! whoop-whoop!

New Reviewer

Fanstory is fine if you keep your mouth shut regarding sexual predators and contest cheats soliciting votes. When I tried to bring this to the attention of the site owner Tom Ens, I was treated with contempt, had my work consigned to the fanstorian crematorium and my account suspended numerous times. He reactivated my account after supportive poems from other members. Today he finally deactivated my account permanently because I had once again written a cryptic poem regarding a cheat who had procured votes and won the month of the poetry contest. The contest cheat identified himself in a review of an open letter to Tom Ens from another fanstorian poet who had written a letter in my defence,. The result was; her account 'temporarily' suspended and as I have already said, mine being deactivated permanently. The ratings system is a con. All you have to do is look at the poor quality of poets in the top 10. In particular - Mrs Happy at no 7 and Righteous Riter at no 4. Righteous Riter posts homophobic posts, such as The Writing on The Wall and shows no poetic skill. Despite protest from a 'minority', Tom Ens refused to condemn the post, Sadly, the majority supported his homosexual rant. He recently wrote another purporting to be Jesus Christ himself! Barely one objection out of over 100 reviews. There are many members on this site who are genuinely lovely people, have integrity and are talented writers, but they are not given the recognition they deserve. When disgusting sexually offensive remarks were made by one, Tom Ens refused to suspend this member's account. He is one who purports to be a Rabbi, but is not even Jewish. Tom Ens simply deleted his offensive remarks, although I had asked them to stand so others could be warned. The owner of this site has two years membership paid by me, but of course will not refund my money. He makes the rules up as he goes along and has his favourites, i.e., the members who pay the most money to promote their inadequate works. BE WARY!

New Reviewer

I recommend fanstory because I have learned so much from the other members. I joined last year. I posted my first poem and have to admit I was very nervous! But the feedback was wonderful. People really were interested in helping me improve. I enjoy sharing my poetry for the feedback that I receive. The contests are fun too! I have won a few and that is always a good feeling! There are new contests every day.

New Reviewer

I'd like to express my thanks to Fanstory for all that I've learned in the 3 years. I highly recommend Fanstory to anyone that is looking to improve their writing skills. Since joining I have found that I am much more serious about writing. I attribute that to the reviewers on Fanstory that are helping me improve. Since joining I have been improving. There are many excellent writers and reviewers that are available to help writers improve.

New Reviewer

Fanstory is a website where you can get feedback for your stories and poetry. Other writers read your writing and give you feedback on what you can do to improve it. There are also (many) writing contests with cash prizes. It is a popular writing site and is also a writing community. I have been a member for about one year now. I enjoy it greatly.

New Reviewer

Fanstory provides a place for a writer to share their writing anonymously for critique. You share your writing and have it reviewed. Other writers, many of great ability, read your writing and offer advice. The site has a large number of poets and novelist. That includes a surprising number of published authors.

FanStory can teach and also be a tool to get motivated. I have met some fantastic writers and look forward to their feedback. I have received over 100 reviews on poetry I shared at Fanstory. I have over 30 fans. This has opened doors for me - doors that would be closed without Fanstory.

New Reviewer

For poets and writers of stories or books, I think Fanstory is a must. This website is a place for writers to help each other improve. It is very useful to get feedback and, yes, encouragement from other authors. I found found that writer's with more experience are ineresting in helping me. Joining Fanstory, was the best thing I could have done for my writing career. I am now looking at getting published while before I was struggling to get motivated.

New Reviewer

I enjoy FanStory. It provides poets, short story writers and writers of novels a place to get feedback for what they write. I find the site to be very easy to use. The support staff very helpful and friendly. It's easy to understand how to post your work and get feedback. I enjoy the daily writing prompt challenges. Each day they challenge me to write something different. The people that participate are primarily adult writers that write for enjoyment. Some are looking to be published (and many have). The site does a great job of helping author's improve. Try it - you won't be disappointed.

New Reviewer

I love writing. Sharing my writing with friends and family was not something I felt comfortable doing. FanStory gave me the opportunity to create a pen name, share my writing with strangers, and get honest feedback. I have found the feedback very helpful. Sometimes reviewers are a little too brief. But generally I find that the reviewers are professional, courteous, and often very helpful. They generally seem interested in providing me with help and give me thoughtful feedback. It's a very valuable tool for any writer to have. And it's available on the internet. Highly recommended.

New Reviewer

I recommend this webiste. Fanstory is hypnotizing. I find myself obsessed as I spend my free time, even late at night, reviewing poems and stories. I've never read so many creative people in my life. I enjoy reviewing greatly. And what is nice is in return, I get feedback. The more time you spend on Fanstory the more you get out of it. It's wonderful to write a poem and get 50+ readers that will tell you what they think of it. It's a unique experience. I highly recommend this website. What a wonderful group of people.

New Reviewer

I just LOVE Fan Story. The website has really boosted my self-esteem, my pride, and joy. I have learned how to become a better writer by reviewing the writings of my fellow poets. Joining contests, pulls out my gift of writing from inside me, and lets me express my joys and pain. FanStory is such a beautiful place. I finally get to meet people who think like me, literary people who relate to me, understand me, and are poets like me. It has helped me improve greatly.

New Reviewer

I have come away feeling incredibly disillusioned with this website, and would warn anybody who thinks that they will 'improve' their writing and meet serious, professional people on this website to enrol in a writing course at an institute or university instead. I was primarily attracted to this website for its writing contests and the hope of encountering some good writing, but soon discovered its ugly side. Although the site claims that contests can be entered "for free", this is false and misleading. The site runs on a little capitalist system, where its members each have an account made up of a virtual currency - called "member dollars". These dollars can be earned by writing reviews on newly-posted stories or poems from other users, with new content paying a larger amount of currency to the reviewer (as an incentive for their input) in comparison to an older poem, which pays almost nothing and is thus pointless to review. This is how the 'five-minute feedback' promise by the website is achieved, but I find it utterly exploitative - reviewers of new content are motivated by the amount of currency they will be paid, and will hastily write a comment, often vague, positive and offering no real criticism, in order to earn the proffered amount of currency so they can pay the fees required to submit entries to contests or 'promote' their writing on the website. Thus, they are not actually reviewing the material for its merit, but for the virtual money it pays. The amount earned by a user in reviewing a piece, whether old or new, is disproportionately low in comparison to the fees required to enter a contest - a review will pay around 40-70 member cents, for example, but an entry fee for a contest will typically be around 5.00 member dollars for more. This means that you'll be reviewing other people's work more than what you'd paid your membership fee to do - writing and sharing your own work, and thus the membership becomes more of a job or responsibility than a source of fun or satisfaction. The only alternative to reviewing is to buy virtual currency over PayPal with real money, which should ring alarm bells about the nature this website.
The content I was made to review to earn a decent amount of currency was almost always poor or downright atrocious, and I often felt embarrassed and slightly sickened to be reading it. Many poems I read that had won contests were often clichéd and lame, and would not merit publication or praise in any decent or professional literary circle. The website also appeared largely composed of retirees or housewives who wanted to dabble in writing, rather than improve their craft or write on serious subjects, producing repetitive and boring poetry preoccupied with subjects such as fields of flowers, the ocean, loving embraces, ad infinitum... it is definitely not a place that will produce the next Sylvia Plath or Robert Frost! I made a comment on my profile complaining of the poor quality of the writing on the website and the positive reviews it got, only to be firmly reproved by one user who invoked the example of Dan Brown as proof that "one man's trash can be another's treasure". Be that as it may, it still provided no excuse as to why many writers on the website were using improper grammar and clichéd, sentimental themes. Other users agreed with thIS user's claims of the subjectivity of writing. However, I still think my concerns were founded and well-evidenced and that Dan Brown is complete rubbish, not serious literature.
To conclude, I must say that this website completely violates the creative spirit of writing - it will try to claim a profit from its users regardless of the quality or merit of their work. While FanStory sounds like a nice idea, it still has all the faults of a business firm - exploitation of its members (who effectively get sucked in to become workers), those who are willing to spend money have the most power and benefits etc. Even though you will pay quite a hefty membership fee considering what you get out of the website, it requires you to give back time and effort in doing something you didn't pay to do. As an example, it's like if YouTube suddenly required its users to review random videos from others, in order for us to be allowed to post our own videos. Wouldn't that encourage people to leave vacuous and pointless comments when reviewing, such as "This is good", as they are forced to watch content they are not interested in in order to make a personal gain? This is exactly what happens on FanStory - things are reviewed for the profit, not because a user likes a poem and wants to review it on its own merit.
All in all, it is a business designed to extract maximum profit from its users with little concern for creative merit or quality of writing. It's features may sound attractive and it may sound like a website genuinely interested in helping writers and making a collaborative community, but it completely hides the fact that it is a profit-making scheme.

New Reviewer

Before signing up, I had a serious look at this site and was frankly horrified. I came away thinking there had to be some reason this guy is still in business. After a quick look at Alexa, I see that the majority of members are older people who have somehow been tricked into thinking writers should pay to publish their work. No, no, no. Sites like this are using people. They are NOT doing you a favor by publishing your work. If you want to learn how to write, you shouldn't be listening to reviews from others with no idea. If you want to be a writer, take a real course, learn your craft, and get paid for your work. If you don't care about quality and want people to stroke your ego for bad work, then maybe this is the site for you but it's going to cost you plenty in time and dollars.

New Reviewer

This is an example of the kind of writing that gets all time best rating:

It is from an author defending himself about not copying a joke that he called an original piece.

In a "ten word story" he used 6 of the following words: Panda Bear Eats shoots and leaves
If you Google those 6 words you will find thousands of jokes using those words.
Well, that top-ranked Fanstory writer tried to pull off that joke as his own original work.
This joker had a "story" that has the same setting, same character, same conflict and actions, same theme. Yet dares to call it original. I would more likely question if it is downright plagiarism.
The site owner made a big deal about it not being a violation of a copyright. That's true because jokes are public domain. However, what about a violation of ethics, integrity, originality? Those things don't seem to matter to the site owner. If a person went on FanStory and posted a jokes every day, they could become a top ranked author in a hurry. There are a few reviewers with integrity that would question that practice, but unfortunately not enough. Then guess what, if you start to question it, the site owner will punish you.
If you think the FanStory is honest competition, think again. That almost incoherent essay above earned an award as one of the sites All Time Best. What's worse is that author is the one of the site's highest authors.
The way to "earn" your way to the top is to give everything you read 5 stars, so everyone else you read gives you 5 stars. It has nothing to quality of writing (as the above example shows) it has more to do with quantity of reviewing and writing that you do. More 5 stars given, the more 5 stars received because you will be able to buy your way to the top of the ratings.
Reviewers are peer pressured into to giving 5 stars to everything. There are very few honest reviewers on the site.
Also, a review is not like a movie review where you can tell that you didn't like the movie because it was boring. Say that and you will get punished because honesty will not be tolerated by the site owner. No, a review must always be a sugar coated pat on the back, or else the site members or even the site owner will attack you.
If you like a tribe of average writers that will give you a pat on the back then it might be the place for you. It is a very difficult place to rise above being average. It is not a good place for above average writers, which is too bad because it has the potential to be. However, an above average writer will get discouraged to see their piece get all 5 stars, but it will be along side the tale with a punctuation error every paragraph and tells (not even shows) a boring story also getting 5 stars.

New Reviewer

I came here placed some of my work, and to find that the only way to move up your work is to pay for it with Member dollars or CASH, this poet will not pay to have his poetry read.

I've removed my work and I'm done here. Waste of my time and membership fee! I should have read more of the Negative reviews about this site before I dropped my dollars here, but lesson learned. I couldn't believe that one has to build up member dollars, which can take ages and to read lots of poorly written poetry. Now of course they are hoping that you will be bored with that so you can pay REAL CASH dollars to buy what they call member dollars to pump your views up on their ladder, I wonder how much REAL CASH had to be paid to be in the top 10 on their list. After reading much of their top ten poets?? I found much of the poetry substandard to say the least. I've asked for a refund and would caution everyone to read about them first, they say FREE, yes FREE TO REGISTER only then you have to pay their monthly membership fee. Very misleading indeed. Stay away REAL WRITERS.

New Reviewer

I've been using fanstory for almost six months now and I'm very heappy with it. It has really helped me a lot. I've joined many websites hoping they would give me a place to improve my writing and get in touch with publishers and authors. I was disappointed. But I found fanstory perfect for the job. The site is easy to use. The community is wonderful - so anxious to offer writers help. The contests are fun but also challenge you to try something different. Frankly, I'm a little addicted! But I'm writing more then I have ever before. I'm finding a new passion in my writing.

New Reviewer

I have been using for the past 2 years and absolutely LOVE it. I use it to share my poetry and participate in the writing contests. There are so many contests to choose from and there are new contests every day. The interacting with other writers is a really unique feature of the site. Posting your writing and learning what others think about it is a fantastic experience. I'm not a professional writer and have no plan to become one. So at first I was a little hesitant. But I learned that while this site does have professional writers everyone (including the pros) are looking to help each other improve. Love it.

New Reviewer

I recommend Fanstory to anyone that is looking to improve their writing. I had never heard of this website but a friend of mine referred me to them. The main reason I'm giving them such a good review is because the website motivated me to write. It's so hard to finish a book. But the feedback I received on each chapter I wrote was both positive and encouraging. And I found myself motivated. The feedback encouraged me. My fan base on Fanstory has grown and I have a good following of readers. The social aspect of the site is fantastic. I also enjoy reading the writing of others and learn from reading. Highly recommended.

New Reviewer

I want to share my experience with Fanstory. Listed here are a few likes and dislikes of them. What I like: -fantastic group of writers. The generous support I have received for my writing and warm welcome was both pleasant and shocking. -Features. You get a lot with your membership. Your own profile, can enter many writing contests with cash prizes, you get feedback for everything that you share on Fanstory. The reward system is fantastic which keeps you motivated. Dislikes: -a little too nice. Reviewers tend not to want to hurt your feelings and sugar coat the reviews and the ratings. Not all reviewers do this, but some do. Overall: I rate this a five out of five because the site is unique, the members wonderful, and most of all I am learning and improving with every post. Every serious writer will appreciate this site.

New Reviewer

Fanstory is a terrific writing site that has aided me greatly in my writing skills. The reviews from published writers has helped me improve as a writer. It is very nice to finish a chapter and immediately get feedback on it. Participating on Fanstory has lead to the publication of my first book. The friendly and competitive community of writers has become my online family and has fostered deep friendships.

New Reviewer

FanStory is a site I highly recommend to writers and poets. You can share your writing for feedback. The feedback I have received has always been very helpful to me. Reviewers often see the little things that I miss. I had a lot of trouble with point of view when I started writing. One of the first reviews I received went into great detail about what POV was. I have become a much better writer since joining this website. I won several contests. If you enjoy writing I strongly recommend FanStory.

New Reviewer

I have been a member of Fanstory.Com since 2011. Fanstory is a community of poets/writers ranging from novice - professionals. It gives the opportunity to have your poems or stories read and reviewed by Fanstory members. Fanstory members have a chance to rate each poem/ story they read, on a star system ranked from 1 star to 6 stars ratting. Fanstory also holds competitions from prompts, challenges and monthly reviewer rewards or poem or story of the month.
you only win fanstory credits (Member dollars) from prompts and challenges and can win up to a max of 90.00 member dollars, but other contests created by fanstory/Tom, you can win cash prize for 1st place of $100.00 USD , 2nd I think is member dollars and 3rd prize is: 10.00 member dollars.

You also have the opportunity to Self publish your book and sell them at

Other positives of this site is you are able to get positive/helpful reviews off other poets which can allow you to grow as a poet.

There are also poetry and writting courses that can be taken with professional teachers for a fee of $90.00 USD you can learn grammar and punctuation, how to write stories, sonnets, Haiku ETC.

My experience on this site has been positive until a few days ago. When a poet named: Dean Kuch was caught plagiarizing on a recent fanstory Write a Dr. Seuss style sonnet contest, where his poem (Dr. Suess on aging. by Dean Kuch) which was a copy and paste (plagiarized poem) of this bellow. copy and paste it in your browser and then press enter and you will see the poem.

He has used this poem on several other poetry sites and have won and got placings, including Fanstory.

Fanstory owner Tom was notified by a poet who hosted the poetry contest, same day contest ended which was may 9th 2013, then yesterday morning 15th of May 2013, I did my quick 2 second log in to find that he had received a reviewer reward and nothing been done so I congratulated him for the reviewer reward and getting away with plagiarism. and a link to evidence and let him know i was aware he used the same poem on other sites, he latter logged in, went to all the sites including, WritersCarnival etc and removed them, some it appears he has deleted his whole account. After I contacted Tom yesterday, The reward of split pot of the 90.00 fanstory credits went to the 4 deserving poets in 2nd place. No idea what happened with the 90.00 credits given to Dean, he had several days to spend it.

I got a warning as it's against fanstory regulations to expose a cheater or plagiarist publicly on their or your own page or to write a poem about it. He obviously got a warning even though he didn't just break Tom's little rules which punishments seem to vary depending on person. I have seen other honest and talented writters such as Indie, Tammy Gail and others banned for far less offense then plagiarism which isn't just morally wrong or breaking one of Tom's rules but AGAINST THE LAW. yet he is still aloud on the site and gets a small slap on the hand (warning.) and a reviewer reward on top.

If he has done it numerous of times before and yet again in the last week, who's to say he won't do it again? He's gotten away with it so many times.

FANSTORY also has the ability to add copywrite/protection to your poems.
Don't actually think they hold any validity, just a pretty pic.

here is my final letter to Tom after I received a warning...

Original Message

So does he get a warning to? after he has gotten away with the same poem being posted on several other sites and won with the same plagerized poem?
It's not just morally/ethically wrong or breaking just fanstory rules but breaking the laws as well. Is that aloud?


Toms reply....

Yes, he did not win. The site stepped in.

So basically Tom removed the poem after Dean disabled the poem after we caught on. Then he and I get a warning mine for exposing him, his for plagiarizing. he gets a reviewer reward on top and I'm meant to shut my mouth and let him get away with it.

Also A talented poet is able to get on front page by getting 2 x 6 stars minimum. But you may purchasing credits, I've never done it myself. you can earn credits from reviewing poems which comes free which is what I do. I think it's a waste of real money to purchase them, If your work holds any worth, it will get there on it's own merit.

It's other branches that Tom owns is which is another great site and is all fixed up now, providing helpful tips on how to do various forms of poetry from Tyburn to sonnets.

Also where people can post their created art work.
I would have given 5 star rating to fanstory if it wasn't for the allowance of plagiarism. It should be exposed , dealt with severely, not just a slap on the wrist and certainly not praised.

Also there is a fanstory membership from monthly fee of $6.95 month, $48.00 for 1 year and $67.00 2 years subscriptions.


New Reviewer

Writing a book has always been a dream for me. But I always had trouble keeping myself motivated. I think in part because writing is such a solitary activity. Fanstory helped me by putting me in touch with writers from around the world. The reviews I received were from other writers (many published) were genuine while also supportive and encouraging. . I received advice on my book and the direction it was going. I highly recommend this website. For me it kept me interested in my writing while providing me with a place to learn and improve.

New Reviewer

I absolutely adore FanStory. This is the most wonderful site in the world! I came here in July 2006 as a novice, and in seven years underwent a complete metamorphosis and a writer and poet. This is largely due to the mentorship and support of professional writers and reviewers on FanStory who helped me hone mty writing.

FanStory differs from other sites because it is so versatile. You can write poetry, prose, scripts, novels and so much more. If you want to insert images to your works, there is a wonderful collection of pictures/photos of artists and photographers on FanArtReview.

FanStory is my home away from home. I can't wait to get to my computer when I come from work. Sometimes I can write 20 hours a day. I made a lot of friends in FanStory's wonderful international community whose friendeship I treasure.

After the death of my parents in 2007 this site became my lifeline. It helped me survive the worst tragedy of losing my father and mother 3 days apart. I plunged into writing; I went through much grief in my posts, and I was amazed at the support I received from FanStory members.

This site has various contests which are so much fun! I created numerous contests over the years, including three Crowns of Heroic Sonnets.

Tom, the site's owner and administrator, is extremely supportive. He's helped me a lot over the years with various issues. Tom is always prompt in his reply to our inquiry, and is always there for us when we need help. Thank you, Tom!

This site is my whole life.

Please come join FanStory! You don't khow how much it will enreach your lives!

New Reviewer

This is a really difficult one! I have met really quality people who are competent and talented writers. On the other hand the only way you get your work seen is by paying for it. The more you pay - the more reviewing your work is worth to a reviewer. That is not to say that a reviewer shouldn't be rewarded - or that a writer shouldn't pay something - but there has to be a more equitable way to do it. I have seen stuff on the featured page which is akin to vomiting all over a page - but it gets all the attention because someone paid a comparatively exorbitant amount to get it on the front/featured list.

New Reviewer

I do recommend Fanstory. It is very helpful to get feedback and encouragement from other writers. Being part of an online writing community is important now. Joining Fanstory, was the best move I could have made. I've met publishers online and am also learning from the feedback that I am receiving for my poetry and my book. I am a step closer to reaching my dream of being published.

New Reviewer

This is an incredible website for someone who, like me, like most writers, works alone without the regular interaction (read that as recognition and encouragement ) of colleagues. I have produced more viable art since joining this site than I have in almost two years . . . and I've been a member for less than a month! I heartily recommend this for anyone who might be experiencing writers block, or might benefit from the immediate gratification of getting feedback from experts and lay people alike. This site offers challenges and rewards to writers at every stage of their development, from beginning poets to experienced novelists and all levels in between. Whether your work is fiction, non-fiction, poetry or prose, this is a site for everyone who wants to improve their skills and enhance their talent. To the founders of this site, I say THANK YOU! - PEACE -

New Reviewer

I recommend FanStory. I tried other sites prior to finding FanStory and they were not what I was looking for. FanStory appealed to me because it caters to the more serious writer. The feedback I have received at FanStory has primarily been detailed and thoughtful. I get feedback for chapters in my book as I write them. The people writing reviews are other writers that seem to be very interested in helping me. The reviews are helpful and because of these reviews I find that my book is improving and I'm improving as a writer as well. FanStory was the site I was looking for. I recommend it to any writer looking to improve.

New Reviewer

I'm so glad I found Fanstory. When I discovered this site, I was looking for contests where I could enter my poetry. This site offers all kinds of interesting contests every month. So I became a member, entered a few and won some too! But that's not all I found here. I have received terrific feedback from writers from around the world who have given me confidence in my place in the world as a writer. Most importantly, I've met lots of wonderful people from all around the world.

New Reviewer

I highly recommend this site. I have been a member of FanStory for three years. It's an excellent site if you would like to improve your writing skills and learn as a writer. I enjoy sharing my poetry for the feedback that I receive. The contests are fun, challenging, and enjoyable too. You can learn from the feedback that you receive from other writers. It's a great site to learn, grow and improve. Yes, I highly recommend it.

New Reviewer

I have learned so much from being a part of this website. If you enjoy writing this is a "must have". The reason is you get feedback for the stories and poems that you write. Or if you are writing a book you will get feedback for every chapter you write. This feedback, for me, is invaluable. Knowing what more experienced authors think of my work has helped me greatly. I'm a much better writer since I joined.

FanStory has helped many authors (including friends I have met through the site) go on to be published. The feedback is always helpful and friendly. I have learned more from FanStory then I have from any other source (including college!). The site also has writing contests and other features that really are beneficial to anyone looking to improve their writing skills.

New Reviewer

When I first joined Fanstory, I was a writer of poetry, but I had little confidence in the poems I was writing. The feedback I received from fanstory reviewers was invaluable in helping me improve and also providing confidence in my writing. Other authors took up their valuable time to comment on my work and offer suggestions. The feedback has helped me in ways I can not explain. My friends and family have commented on how my writing has improved. I have to give credit to the reviewers at Fanstory for offering me the crucial feedback. I have also learned new forms of writing through the writing contests that are constantly challenging me to try new types of poetry.

I am now a published author. I finished my first book of poetry and my second one is nearly complete. I will give the Fanstory reviewers full credit in the dedication page of each novel.

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