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Fandango reviews

60 reviews
Categories: Movie, Movie Review
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New Reviewer

I will never use Fandango again. I was not please that they charged me almost the price of a ticket just to process my order. That is ridiculous. I just made a purchase of several tickets for myself and several friends I wanted to treat.I assumed I could distribute the tickets to my friends individually, as we were all arriving at different times, from different parts of town.

When I went to print my tickets they were ALL on one sheet!! I contacted Fandango to see what I could do about it...NOTHING!!! We all had to arrive at one time and enter at one time in order to get in on this one ticket. What BS!

Seriously? Since when do numbers of professionals arrive anyplace at the same time? Get with the 21st century, Fandango. And for this you charged me almost the amount for another ticket?

What's the benefit?

As it turns out, we now have to miss the movie because one person was coming late.Since we ALL must wait for her, what's the use of having these tickets?

New Reviewer

I tried to use previously purchased Groupons to buy tickets, but was not able to redeem them. Then I had to pay a service charge of $1.25 per ticket, so it cost me $7.50 for the inconvenience of buying tickets through this site. If I had not been given a couple of these giftcards, I never would have used this site. Also, I still need to go to the box office to get my tickets. Total waste of time.

New Reviewer

I purchased two tickets to see a movie and Fandango did not send the tickets to my phone. We were unable to enter the theater and had to purchase a second set of tickets. I have contacted Fandango twice and they refuse to issue a refund for the tickets that they failed to deliver. Do not deal with this company, they refuse to refund money when they do not deliver the product purchased. I have filed a dispute with paypal and am awaiting the result.

New Reviewer

I used Fandango to purchase movie tickets ahead of traveling to the out of town theater thinking it would save me time avoiding the box office. Instead, I still had to visit the box office window and the ticket agent had to type in my code, wait for confirmation and print us tickets despite the printed form I presented. It would have been slightly faster to just pay at the box office and Fandango charged me a fee for their service. Complete waste of time and money!

New Reviewer

I have used the Visa Signature 20% offer which saves a little bit of money. I have used the Fandango website more than a dozen times and I have never once had an uneventful transaction. The website either states that an unknown error has occurred or something else. Customer service is responsive but their website is really totally absolutely positively awful. I'd stay clear of it except to check movie times.

New Reviewer

I use this site to look up movie times ONLY. Purchased tickets once and was pretty surprised to see their service fee. Never again.

New Reviewer

handy source of show times and info but don't buy tickets there. They charge a hefty convenience fee (buried in the fine print) and dealing with their customer service its obvious they are just trying to brush people off.

New Reviewer

I paid $29 for 2 tickets to see "Noah" at the IMAX theater in Grand Blanc, MI. My companion came down with pneumonia and we were unable to go...I called the day before the showing. Fandango told me they would refund my money the next time I bought tickets from them (within a limited time)...I then spent another $19 for tickets to see 'Draft Day'. I called them about the refund. They then told me they were not going to refund my money, it was not their policy. This is the poorest and dishonest website I have ever dealt with. I am a big internet shopper, but this is the worst site I have ever heard of !! Customer beware! Warn you friends and organizations about this rip off.

New Reviewer

Fandango reserved my tickets in the wrong state, so I didn't get to see the movie, and Fandango refused to in any way refund the service fee they charge for the tickets. The theater in the other state actually gave me my money for the movie I could not see, and they said they frequently get calls from people who gave Fandango money for a movie in the wrong state.

New Reviewer

They have the worst customer service ever. My daughter purchased tickets without my permission and then on the next day tore her ACL in a lacrosse game. I called twice, first on the unauthorized purchase, then on the torn acl, and they refused to refund the purchase. I contacted my credit card company and refused the authorization. Don't know the outcome, bur I can tell you theat terrible!
Dont ever use them...

New Reviewer

Worst customer service ever! I made a mistake buying tickets online. I contacted customer service through their costumer office website for a refund, I told them that I have to go with my wife to the hospital and will not be able to go to the move. They promised a response and a refund within 7 Day. Finlay I cold the office of customer service and I was told that will be no refund, the situation I have for not attending the move is not so problematic to request a refund.
Do not bay tickets from this side.

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE customer service, do not waste your money.
My daughter got the book seriers Divergent, 2 of the books had peelable stickers to redeem for $8 toward a movie ticket. Once it was peeled the codes were not there, like they had been imbedded in the cover of the book. I contact their customer service and repeatedly send emails with 2 attached pictures of the coupons. everytime it sends back saying no attachments. I talked to a guy on the phone, he was NO help at all. I asked him to take my number and he said well I can't call you back. and their email is so poor that you have to fill out your reply in a specific part of the email or they will not get it. Epic fail.

New Reviewer

Worst website on the internet. Wants you to open your computer to ALL cookies, which causes a security breach, then won't let you login - even if you try 2 browsers. Had to drive 10 miles to the theater in St. Louis to buy tickets in advance. AMC is nuts for using Fandango. I'll never waste my time with Fandango again. They have no posted help line, but theater gave it to me: Fandango support number is 866-857-5191. But they are as useless to talk to as their website is to use. I probably have opened up my computer to all kinds of security breaches and still couldn't buy tickets. I've logged into 25 other websites for my work in the past 2 days and had problems with NONE of them. Fandango stinks.

New Reviewer

When someone buys a card, and gives as a gift, then we find that the number doesn't work 3 months later....and worst of all there is no place to fix this from FANDANGO website.

I would feel terrible going back to the gift'er..."hey your card doesn't work".

These electronic cards are useless...use cash, or take them out with you.

I just have to say it.....Fandango cards SUCK!

New Reviewer

Won a Fandango gift card at work - what a scam! You cannot use the gift card at the movie theater - tickets HAVE to be purchased online so there is no way to avoid the $1.25 INconvenience fee. Ridiculous! Plus I can only actually buy tkts through Fandango for one chain in my area - none of the others even accept them. The other theaters must already realize what a rip-off it is for their patrons. If I was planning to give a movie gift card I would buy one for the movie chain itself.

New Reviewer

Worst customer service ever! My daughter made a mistake buying tickets online. I contacted customer service through their website. They promised a response within 24 hours. After getting no reply after 4 days, I sent another message. Again, not response, then they declared my problem "SOLVED" (yes, they wrote it in caps).

And, of course, they kept the money. They are horrible. Just horrible. I will never use Fandago again.

New Reviewer

I searched and booked a movie For Feb 14th. The Movie did not even open till the 14th. My tickets were made for the 13th. I tried to call them and was on hold for 2 hours then I was hung up on. I tried the live chat and after a 1.5 hour hold I was disconnected in 15 seconds. The website will not allow emailed questions and answers to go through. All in all this is the worst service provider I have ever used. about 4 hours of my time wasted trying to get the tickets straightened out and I was NEVER able to communicate with anyone!!!

The BBB should shut this servers provider down!!!!!

New Reviewer

If I could give them 0 stars, I would. They actually tried to make me purchase more tickets in order to get a refund.

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY TICKETS from these crooks. If you will not be able to go to the movie you will lose all your money. I bought 5 tickets for my kid and 4 other kids for a movie, and the date by mistake was chosen wrong. Right after the purchase, I chat with them and NO REFUND with this suckers. DO NOT BUY ONLINE> Just go to the theater bit early and by tickets there you'll save extra bucks that these crooks call "Convenience fee" or suckers fee. Save that and your peace of mind.

I gave one star because there is not MINUS (or negative) stars. YOU"LL lose your happy event in case of a situation like mine.

They are the worst ever crooks, suckers and ........s in the ticketing business. There is nothing for them to prevent making a refund for us. Tickets are cheaper at the theater (Less suckers fee). so go to the theater buy your tickets there whenever you are ready and have a HAPPY MOVIE.

I will post this message for all everywhere so others will save their bucks from these MFs.

New Reviewer

I wish I had read the reviews for Fandango before buying the gift cards. What a mistake! Basically 25% of the value of my $25 gift card is eaten up by convenience fees. This is a huge rip off and the company should be ashamed of itself.

New Reviewer

Yes, I made the mistake of buying these $25.00 cards for xmas gifts thinking they were cards you could use at the theater. Not only are you going to pay a convenience fee but you'll be be paying allot more for the actual tickets. My senior parents usually pay $13.00 for two tickets. Fandago will charge 19.00 + the Fees ! And this is if they even offer tickets for the theater and movie you want to see. I really feel duped. Never Again!

New Reviewer

Same experience as others below. Fandango claimed that AMC Van Ness 14 had reserved seating, so I was willing to pay the extra convenience fee. Fandango's process very cleverly says "At the end of your purchase process for a reserved seat on Fandango, you will be provided with a specific seat number on your confirmation page that will be waiting for you when you get to the theater". Which of course turned out to be a lie, and since it's the END of the purchase process you have already paid for the ticket. Talk about "this way to the egress". Never booking again through these hucksters.

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE Fandango. We received a Fandango gift card as a gift, and tried to use at the theatre, but were informed that it could only be used online. When we used it online, they charged us $1.25 per ticket as a "convenience fee". This is a rip-off. The $25 gift card turned out only being worth $21.25 - the remaining $3.75 went to "convenience fees".

New Reviewer

We received a Gift Card for Christmas but it is not a gift card but rip off. You must purchase tickets on line and pay a $2.50 convenience fee which makes to cost of using the card about twice what we normally pay at the first play of the day ($10.50) vs $19.50 for two tickets at the first play of the day. I don't feel this site deserves any rating at all but you cannot choose a "no rating"

New Reviewer

If you like getting completely $#*!ing ripped off and dealing with the most embarrassing excuse for "customer service" EVER, then Fandango is just for you!
I'd rather walk through every circle of hell getting raped by demons than deal with them again.
My entire family, friends, and facebook have all agreed to ban Fandango. There are so many other options available to the public there should be no excuse to use them.
Save yourselves.

New Reviewer

the worst experience ever. got a fandango gift card for xmas.tried to buy tickets for an amc theater,didn't know that you had to change the url from express to redvines but first had to call fandango to obtain these instructions. oh i forgot that you had to go to faq to learn the code for amc was 769. still couldn't buy tickets. called fandango and after a 25 minute wait i spoke with a very pleasant lady who told me that where the website asks for the card code you actually have to put the claim code.NEVER AGAIN. this movie better be good

New Reviewer

Avoid Fandango gift cards. Fandango gift cards can only be used at the few theaters which do online ticketing (and these are also the most expensive theaters). Can't get through to customer service without being on hold 20 minutes minimum. The website isn't user friendly, even the tickets couldn't print right. I had to drive 1/2 hour to use mine and when you factor in the convenience fees for each ticket and the higher ticket prices at participating theaters, I spent $29 ($7.25/tkt) to use my $15 gift card, only saved me $6 (compared to the $5/ticket at my local theater on discount Tuesday) and that $6 I saved barely paid for the gas to and from that far away theater. And I was lucky with that because all the other theaters 1/2 hr away didn't even have discount tuesday and tkts would have cost $9.25 each... so for those it would have cost more, than if I just threw away the gift card and went local.

New Reviewer

Never never never give anyone one of this cards! They will never be able to use all the money that's on the card unless they keep adding tickets and then have to pay for the rest. Can't use it to buy popcorn or anything else! Wish I would have know this before I got this card!!

New Reviewer

Fandango advertised 'seat selection when you complete your purchase' for opening day of Mandela at Loews Broadway. Upon completion of the $29 purchase, no seats were offered for selection. The theater confirmed that there was NO seat selection available for that movie, despite the fact that the Fandango website said there was. A remarkably dense customer service person at Fandango couldn't understand that this was a problem created by Fandango, not my change of mind about the movie, but a supervisor through her told me to expect at $29 refund in about a week. Instead, I received a form email saying there are no refunds, tough. I wrote back explaining this yet again, and received a 'we're going to close out your service request' email rather than either fixing their mistake or, at least, displaying an indication that they even understood it. I am stunned at how bad Fandango's customer service is, much less how unwilling they are to correct their error. Of course, we won't use them again. Is it fraud or just negligence plus stupidity? Who knows, but who cares. They stink.

New Reviewer

They had "technical difficulties" that made them unable to actually deliver our tickets, but which still allowed them to take $66 from us. Not only did we get no tickets, but they double charged us. Then they won't give a refund, and say we have to go to the theater for the refund. But of course they keep the "service charge." I've contacted them twice, and that is the only answer I get. Goodbye money. Definitely going out of my way never to use Fandango again.

New Reviewer

I purchased two tickets to 4-Star Cinema (two weeks ago) as a gift for my boyfriend on his birthday through Fandango. The day of, he realized that he would not be able to make the showing. I called 4-Star requesting a refund and was told that I would have to go through Fandango.
I went onto the Fandango website and was directed to "live chat." I waited over an hour and a half for a representative. Once the rep became available, she told me she would have to call 4-star. I waited an additional 20 minutes for her to do so. Once she returned, I was told that 4-star did not offer refunds, only credits, and that I would have to contact them about it directly.
Once the "live chat" ended I went back onto the 4-star site and filled out a digital form regarding the issue and asking for some sort of compensation or option. I even pasted the "live chat" conversation into the request.
4-Star never got back to me. We never made the showing and I was forced to eat the $18.

New Reviewer

Fandango displays a ticket price and then changes it AFTER you've pressed the final 'purchase' button. They call the extra charge a 'convenience fee'. I might agree to pay the fee IF they told me about it before charging my CC. They are NOT TRUSTWORTHY. I won't do business with them again.

New Reviewer

I had a promotional code from groupon that was going to expire. I attempted to use it. It was applied but due to an error with my CC, when I reentered the information, it was removed. When I contacted customer service right after (Karen), they advised me to go to the theater for the refund. They didn't mention that the convenience fee would not be refunded. I got the refund from the movie theater but not the fee. When I contacted fandango about it, this time speaking to Brittany (must more intelligent), I was advised that what Karen told me was correct procedure since the theater does the refund and basically, it wasn't Karen's job to tell me that the convenience fee was not refundable since its in the purchasing policy. I then spoke to a supervisor who advised he couldn't refund. I don't know what supervisor doesn't have the ability to process a refund. I work for customer service and I know if a customer contacts you, you need to tell the customer everything, not leaving any important information (such as the fee won' t be refunded) out.

New Reviewer

I was not told about the $5 "convenience" charge until the order was already completed. There was no way to cancel it. Had I known about the charge, I would NOT have ordered the tickets online.

New Reviewer

My niece purchased 5 tickets and was charged $1.25 each. The ticket office was closed because they were short staffed per the Theater Manager. She had to stand in the concession stand line and wait behind those purchasing tickets, popcorn, soda, candy. She was denied her request for a refund of $6.25 from Fandango for the inconvenience. They don't care about customer service

New Reviewer

Not refunding back my money is considering stealing. First of all, I did not ask for a refund if you follow the conversation below. All I wanted was a simple switch from Danvers, MA to Revere, MA Since that's where I live I wanted to go see the movie in Revere just because I wanted to be on time picking up my kids after the movie because traffic would have been bad when it was time to go home. What ever you're company is doing is unfair to your customers. Why you want to make unsatisfied customers? why is my business good enough for you? Why you don't want to your customers to keep coming back. Rules are rules yes everything should have rules, but please tell me why instead of granting me the simplest request to go to a nearest theater but you rather keep my money for no service and that is STEALING FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS. How will your business grow when nobody has anything good and positive to say about you? I demand an answer back and a transfer to Revere theater.

Thank you

New Reviewer

I was given a gift card and the only way to redeem it is through their website with a $1.25 "convenience" fee per ticket. Then, the so-called printable ticket at home (to supposedly avoid theater lines) is also plainly and simply, a lie. It's merely a printable scan bar and confirmation number that MUST be exchanged for an actual ticket printed by the theater itself which means, you guessed it, waiting in a line. There is nothing convenient about Fandango gift cards and besides, I'd like to know who they believe has done any work for that $1.25 to cover exactly? Then to be blatantly lied to about the ticket exchange process is unacceptable. If I ever owe someone I don't particularly like a gift, I'll be sure it's a Fandango gift card.

New Reviewer

Fandango is great - until it is not. Then, their attitude is "we have your money, you are not getting it back and you are on your own." The Fandango web site clearly said that a movie had reserved seating and also said that the ability to choose seats would come at the end of the purchase process. The purchase process ended without an opportunity to chose seats - first Fandango claimed that their web site did not say that reserved seats were offered. They backed away from that when I sent them the link of the page that showed reserved seating. Next, they claimed that the theater was responsible, not Fandango, for Fandango's web site. Then, they simply said "We are sorry you are frustrated" and clicked off of the support chat link. No one should every use this company!!!

New Reviewer

Attempted to redeem my gift card for 2 tickets. Trying to do this thru their website is a Nightmare ! I eventually called customer support which seems to enjoy making the customer believe it is their fault. I then spoke to a manager, more of a waste of time. I demanded a refund check ( not another card ) and informed him that if I did not receive this within a week I would report them to the Better Business Bureau.
I will NEVER use Fandango again and will discourage everyone else also.

New Reviewer

I got a fandango gift card for a movie and could not use it at the movie what a crock !!! I would never buy a gift card for any of my friends Ill just pay cash and take them to see whatever they want . Fandango is just plain BAD BAD BAD TO REDEEM YOUR GIFT HORRIBLE CO STAY AWAY !!!!!!

New Reviewer

fandango does not even deserve 1 star. received a gift card which is not accepted by any movie theaters, the web site does not accept the code on the gift card. the phone support was not able to make the site work for 45 minutes i finally was able to get 1 movie ticket for my $25 gift card. no way to redeem the balance on the card. they just keep what is left on the card. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

New Reviewer

10% upcharge "convenience fee" in the fine print.

Never ever use this site unless you
1 are purchasing tickets in advance
2 for a newly released movie
3 in a major metro area
4 on a weekend or holiday

Otherwise it's better to just buy your tickets at the box office as there is seldom a line..

New Reviewer

Bought 2 x Travel Zoo coupons for "Movie Night for 2 w/$100 certificate bonus", good for "any Fandango movie tickets including IMAX and 3-D films", "including new releases". When I tried to buy the tickets for a Sunday morning showing of 'Gravity' on opening weekend Fandango site said "unable to process order please try a different showtime". In fact, all the showtimes on Sunday were unavailable, but Tuesday showtimes were all available through Fandango. I phoned the cinema directly and spoke to the manager - they had plenty of tickets for Sunday. After 30+ total min wait Fandango call center they said they were aware of problem - I had to clear my cookies and "Ray" showed me how, and that did work and I was able to purchase the tickets - but WHY would Fandango put a cookie on my computer to block a weekend sale for Regal Cinemas? Then using Fandango charges an extra 'convenience fee' (= more than a third of the price of the ticket!) to use the TravelZoo prepaid ticket... Lucky me - I spent $56 for $30 worth of movie tickets through Fandango!

(PS - the certificate 'deal' was a total rip-off too but that's a different story.)

New Reviewer

I will NEVER use fangago again. I purchaced tickets through their mobile site. No conformation ever came but they charged my bank account immediately. The customer help line had a 30+ minute wait so I used the live chat via internet. Chatted for approx 20 minutes, they could not help me and eventually I was disconnected by them. I then decided to go to the box office and purchace the tickets there to watch the movie. The next morning I called customer service and waited 20 minutes to speak to someone (from a foreign country which is frustrating). They do not want to give me a refund. They sent it to a review department that told me I would recieve a responce via email in approx 5-7 days (not acceptable). I will be disputing these charges with my bank.

New Reviewer

Meeting friends for dinner/movie; waiting in restaurant.

Began ordering movie tickets using on my iphone. Friends joined us at dinner with movie tickets in hand - BEFORE I completed the fandango order. I quit the fandango site, shut down Safari and put the phone in my pocket (good dinner & movie followed).

No communication from fandango until receiving email the following day, from fandango, asking how I liked the movie...I checked my credit card site and found a $53 charge for 4 tickets, received the previous night.

Contacted fandango to protest the charge and talked to a VERY prosecutorial 'customer service' rep. Fandango's approach very similar to IRS's: If recorded the charge, then you made the charge - we do not make errors; customers make errors. No Refund, Not discussing it, Not kidding.

Got AMC and CapitalOne involved. CapitalOne rep handled the issue well and gracefully. AMC provided 4 passes as refund, but kept their fee. This is not a site or company that values customers or customer service. This is not a site or company that you should trust.

New Reviewer

I had purchased two movie dvd's that had Fandango cash offers ($7.50 a piece) on them for DespicableMe2. The movie theaters that were showing it were Marcus and AMC. Marcus doesn't participate in Fandango and I can see why. AMC was playing the movie but, did not have an option for purchasing with the Fandango codes. Going to Fandango for resolving the problem was USELESS. I would never use Fandango because there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

New Reviewer

I purchased tickets for a movie after I verified the information, when I printed of the email the incorrect information was on the email to me/a switch was perpetrated. I called Fandango and they refused to admit the site made an error, the customer service told me that the zip code for which the tickets were purchased was in my zip code not the tickets that requested and purchased. They them told me small private theaters are responsible to resolve my issue and that they will give me the number to call the theater to request my refund. I am out $36.65 for movie tickets, I am going to fight this, I want my money back.

New Reviewer

Went on Fandango to purchase tickets for a showing of the Smurfs today. This is being shown in a reserved seat theater in NY. Seats are in high demand as this is a one of a kind theater in our area (reserved, reclining seats). You are basically forced to use Fandango to reserve if you want to get in.
As I was placing my order a large promotion popped up on the top of the screen in red letters: BUY 4 OR MORE TICKETS AND RECEIVE $5 OFF. USE PROMO CODE SMURF.
Attempting to use this code resulted in numerous errors, for which I had to begin all over.In the process I lost the seats I originally wanted and had to choose less desirable seats. I decided to order without the code and contact customer service after to dispute the promotion, so as not to lose another group of seats.
After placing my order I opened a Live Chat session and was told that the promotion expired and this was a glitch in the site they were working on fixing. Fandango offered no compensation for their mistake.
It is my belief that a large, lucrative company, such as Fandango should be compensating customer, who keep them on their feet for blatant mistakes on their part.
I'm sure the $5 wont break their bank.
The issue went unresolved. In addition I had to pay a $5 service fee for using Fandango, which they wouldn't even waive as a courtesy .
This is a DISGRACE!
I will not be using this service again anytime soon.

New Reviewer

First the movie it purchased the wrong ticket when i went to the online choice.. I never recieved the confirmation in my email and the movie was about to start. last i called customer service and i been on hold for 55 minutes. unexeptable, i do not recomend this web site to anyone save the hassle and wait in line. i should have done like i always do.FANDANGO is HORRIBLE...

New Reviewer

BEWARE OF FALSE SHOWTIMES. I am so irritated with fandango. Gave us wrong movie times. Arrived at the theatre at the last matinee showing only to be told that the showing did not exist. Both my mother and I checked separately this morning and the showing was there, we planned the day around it and took all the kids excited to watch a movie to this disappointment. Good thing I didnt purchase tickets for the movie time online. Seeing as how difficult it is to get a refund, I would NOT trust fandango to purchase my movie tickets. ZERO stars if I could.

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