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FactoryOutletStore reviews

85 reviews
Categories: Electronics
575 Underhill Blvd, Unit 350
Syosset, NY 11791
Tel: 1-800-816-0810

85 Reviews for FactoryOutletStore

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New Reviewer

I ordered 4 batteries from this site for my phone. According to the website under disclaimer at the very bottom (which of course everyone reads...NOT) it says that you only have 30 days to return product because the warranty is only for 30 days. Well since I don't usually read the disclaimer at the bottom of a web page then I am unable to return my batteries two of which don't even fit my phone (they said they would) and one that fits but wont charge. So I am stuck with 4 batteries of which only one fits. Hope people read these reviews and don't purchase anything from this company. Wish I had taken the time to look for reviews!

Tip for consumers: Don't buy from this site. Look elsewhere.

Ask Angela about FactoryOutletStore
New Reviewer

Ordered a roof rack system over the phone. Item came in 3 days as promised but the wrong foot kit.
Contacted their bogus offshore customer service department to get correct kit shipped overnight as I needed it the next day. They stated it was my fault because I ordered the wrong part number. Sad excuse because I didn't order by part number, I simply told them the model car I had. Their sales person did the rest. It went downhill from there. Ended up having to buy the correct part directly from the manufacture for an additional $75 plus shipping.
There is way more too it but it's not worth wasting another minute of time on these jokers.

Ask Gary about FactoryOutletStore
New Reviewer

Placed order on 8/12. Waited for tracking information for 6 days. nothing. Went to the website and was advised FOS was waiting for tracking information. I sent an email asking for a better status. Was then told item was on back order and should be "received" in 7 to 10 business days. Responded to that message with a request to clarify if I would receive it in 7 to 10 days or would it be received by FOS in that time frame. No response. On 8/25 asked for an update. No response.

Ask Jim about FactoryOutletStore
New Reviewer

Thieves! I bout and paid a new phone system with 2 extensions I got a refurbished items that do not work. I have tried to call and get it fixed and it is impossible to do!

Tip for consumers: BE AWER! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

Ask Asher about FactoryOutletStore
New Reviewer

Would not buy from them again. Sold me garmin GPS running watch and told me it was compatible with bike cadence counter. It's not. I returned whole order ($200) for refund but was refunded only $150. Their return information is buried -- and not even displayed on their order confirmation form. (UGH). So they got me for a 15% restocking fee as that's in their terms and conditions -- but they also charged me $15 as cost of shipping -- which is excessive for this small package. Since they sold me incompatible components, I think they should eat these charges and refund entire amount.

New Reviewer

Don't bother with this company. They never tell you if the item is actually in stock, but debit your card anyway. If you try to call you get placed on hold for ever ("your call is important to us..."). When you finally get a customer service agent the connection is so poor coming all the way form India that you can barely hear them. When you finally ask for a refund they say yes but never seem to actually get it done. Don't believe the 2-3 day promise.

New Reviewer

I never had such a terrible on-line purchase experience.

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S-4(Mini) which the company claims is a factory unlocked phone. It can be used anywhere in the world. But the phone is not working in any countries except USA. The company deceives the customers by the false description of the product.
I will never order any product from

New Reviewer

Shopping was great. Easy to navigate and find products. Don't bother calling for a "Special offer available by phone" they are just going to tell you the same price you were looking at on the web sight.

no military discount either.

New Reviewer

I really wish I had read these reviews before I placed my order. They shipped me the wrong item, when I called they said it was a problem with the warehouse and would call me back before the end of the day. They did not call and when I called back they put me on hold forever, I guess they thought I would hang up. They SUCK, do not do business with these people.

New Reviewer

Very easy to find what I was looking for, with out a bunch of other items to make it hard to make a choice. I also feel the price of my item was a good price and not over priced.

New Reviewer

This is the worst on line store - purchased 4 new phones and headsets. headsets were not compatible with the phones even though the rep stated they were. I called customer service and was on hold for 35min. The rep was so rude and didn't give a $#*!. They want me to pay shipping and restocking fee on there error. Don't buy from this store they suck. I will blog this store wherever I can to keep people from getting burned.

New Reviewer

This was the worst online shopping experience I have ever had!!!!! I purchased a Garmin GPS from them that was a worthless and defective piece of junk so I called to return it, after being on hold for 30 min. they tell me I have to pay for the return shipping, I let them know how upset I was which did no good, I still had to pay it. Then after returning it they refunded me $93 even though I payed $120 plus $7 in return shipping!! I call them and a after being on hold for 30 more minutes they tell me I was charged 15%, if I was charged 15% then I still would've gotten back $102, not $93, I explained this to them and all they did was act like they didn't understand me and put me on hold again for 20 min. Do not buy from the Factory Outlet Store!! They will rob you blind!!!! I lost $32.00 plus a lot of time from this company for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would give them triple 0 stars if I could, they don't deserve any stars!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I placed a very big order . 20 items - over $ 2500 ! Still haven't gotten the stuff and they cannot find any tracking. Sent a email to cancel the order and still no response. They charged my credit card. Still no response from the company on my cancelled request or if they have a tracking for my items. DONT USE THIS COMPANY !!! They do not care. As of this minute I am still waiting for a response !

New Reviewer

Stay Stay away from this company!!! Its the worse company even though I cancelled my order they still charged my credit card when I called them up he was so nasty on the phone and hang up the phone in my face .

New Reviewer

PS. Got the phone today and it is a refurbished set. Package opened, smudges on key board, badly wrapped.
Confirmed liars

I should have checked here first

New Reviewer

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone from Factory outlet store. Their website promised that the unlocked phone would work at near 4G speeds in the USA. After receiving the phone, I was unable to get it to operate at high speed. I was disappointed, and called them to discuss. I had long wait times on the phone, and was disconnected a few times, but I did finally talk to someone that suggested that I send it back for an exchange to a phone that would work properly. I got the information that I needed to return the phone on an exchange, figuring that the phone was defective. I shipped it back to them.

Further conversation with Samsung told me that this model phone was manufactured for use in South America and wouldn't function fully in the USA. On the day that my phone was to arrive at their offices, I called back again. Once again having long wait times and getting disconnected a few times. I was told that they didn't have a different model phone to send to me. I asked for a refund. They said that they would charge me a restocking fee. I insisted that this wasn't my fault, because their website had promised it would operate properly in the USA.

Eventually I spoke to a supervisor, who told me that I would get a full refund. 10 days later, the full refund (no credit taken for shipping or anything else) was posted to my credit card.

Although I was disappointed with the phone that I received, they made good on their refund.

New Reviewer

Crooks Say item is new and when it comes in it is refurbished and last year model Will gty returns BUT will charge you back for the FREE shipping for a piece of sh-- and deduct another 15% from your credit, end of day almost worth just throw in trash as to have to continue to deal with them. You think you are dealing with Garmin, NOT SO SLEEZY outfit

New Reviewer

Dont' do business with this company! I went online and saw a wireless Panasonic 4-line phone system that I had used many times in the past. The web page had "NEW" plastered all over it. I called in to verify the price since it was at least $100 less than all others that i could find on the internet, to verify it being new. When I got a representative on the phone, they gave me an even better price. I should have known right then it was a bait and switch operation. I again asked if it was new equipment, and was assured it was new. I then made the mistake of giving my credit card to the rep. They immediately charged my card and sent me a confirmation email. Should have read the email, it showed " Factory Serviced" with 90 day warranty and Returnable 30 day Guarantee. When it showed up, it was not in Panasonic boxes, (First clue), and When going to record the Voice Mail message it already had a message on it from the "Robinson" family (2nd clue). When I tried to return it, they told me sorry for the misunderstanding (should have told me they lied), and that if only I would give them my credit card a second time, they would be sure to get me the "new" equipment out. I told them in no uncertain terms that I didn't trust them to send me new, since that is what they said the first time. After 3 times with three different managers, I realized it was a lost cause. Now before the 90 days, i have had 2 of the three wireless handsets go bad. STAY AWAY> THEY ARE FRAUDS!!!!!!!

I guess the phrase if it is too good to be true, is accurate.

Next Step is filing a complaint with the BBB in NY.

New Reviewer

After calling once to get a replacement INVISIBLE FENCE COLLAR, for my dog, they sent me a BARK collar for a MINI dog. I called to exchange and was on hold for 10 mins when the machine said I was 'caller number 0' and HUNG UP ON ME! Then I called back, talked to an idiot, who put me on hold for another 50 minutes and when that woman answered, she said "please hold, there's another caller ahead of you" and I screamed NO! I WILL NOT HOLD! It plainly said I was caller number 0 in line. Also, then she was a complete IDIOT! They didn't send me a receipt at all, but kept asking for my order number, then said they'd put me on hold because it was somehow MY fault that they didn't send me a receipt. She couldn't understand what the initial problem was with the collars, like how I was sent the wrong thing, she really was quite dumb. In the end, she told me she'd refund my money but begged me not to send the wrong product back??? weird!?? I will be anxiously waiting for that refund…and oh, by the way, they didn't have the original product I needed at all to begin with, even though online says they do. Hmmmmmm.


New Reviewer

Two words: STAY AWAY!

I ordered a factory serviced TomTom GPS with lifetime maps in the beginning of April, 2014, and, after after charging my giftcard Visa (but claiming the payment hadn't gone through, despite the bank waying otherwise), after 10 days or the order was finally processed and shipped. Shipping was, to their credit, quick and perfect good.

However, when I opened the box it was very clear this was not the the item that had been advertised on their website. There were no lifetime map code included, and the GPS itself was scratched and dented on all sides.

It was in a non-original hard leather cover, and the only sign of anybody ever doing anything 'refurbishment' to it was an (unoriginal) piece of sticky plastic slapped on the screen.

I contacted FactoryOutletStore by email 5 times through the end of April and start of May to obtaining a return postage label and confirmation they are going to either exchange the product for a proper, refurbished unit with lifetime maps, or a full refund.

So far they have not found me worthy of a response.

So I'm proceeding the only way I can: Disputing the purchase with my credit card company.

Obviously, I can only recommend you do what I will do in the future: STAY AWAY from FactoryOutletStores.

New Reviewer

I have been searching for a good GPS. I clicked to buy at after reading reviews, checking BBB status, etc.. Then something just tickled my brain and I left my PayPal screen...I went to another site for the same product and was directed to Take a look! Same address, everything as, I believe they may have changed their name/opened a new site because has a horrible reputation with the BBB, Ripoff Reports, etc.. BEWARE!!!

New Reviewer

Horrible! I purchased a Garmin MicroSD 24K Topo map for my GPS. I failed to work. After 20 minutes on the phone with Garmin customer support, we verified that the GPS unit was fine, the MicroSD was defective. The garmin rep asked where I purchased the card. When I told him he was very apologetic and said the have a well known history of selling defective, re-manufactured and chinese counterfeit items. I called to get a refund and they want to charge me 15% plus shipping. According to Garmin they are NOT an authorized Garmin dealer or re-seller. BUYER BEWARE, THESE GUYS SUCK!!!!

New Reviewer

FACTORYOUTLETSTORE.COM is a RIPOFF. Unless you want to pay top dollar for refurbished items, stay away. What's even worse, they send you a copy of your order, with "BRAND NEW" in the listing of your item ordered, then when you call to complain and return item, they have the gall to charge you a 15% restocking fee. Definitely crooks run this outfit.

New Reviewer

It my fault for not researching this site before buying. Do yourself a favor DO NOT USE THIS EREATIALER FOR ANYTHING! It is not worth your few dollars savings! Doesn't get any worse than this. Stay away!

New Reviewer

Stay away from this company if you want to maintain your sanity. Horrible experience. Charged my credit card twice and then sent an email requesting a copy of a photo ID and the back of the credit card to authorize the order. They claimed they only charged it once and they need the authorization to release the order. Customer service appears to be overseas and is very rude and unhelpful. Ended up canceling the order.

New Reviewer

you can only get store credit if you do not want the item ordered. the with in 3 days shipped is great. but the bad part is they use UPS M.I. we all know is the slowest mail delivery there is. i made the order on 05 APR 14 the delivery date was 14 APR 14 but it did not arrive on the date it was promise. will not buy from them again.

New Reviewer

This company is bogus. Don't tie your money up because you will become very frustrated with the customer service. They don't care about you they only care about the cash flow that you can provide to them. Nothing ever gets delivered on time and they will promise you next day Saturday delivery and charge you more money but you never receive anything. They tell you they will call you back and no one ever calls you back. The manager gives you a phone number for their personal line and when you call that number back it doesn't exist. LIES, they will refund you eventually because there is another sucker that is tying up their cash flow trusting that this is a reputable site.

New Reviewer

The site would not process for 20 minutes after we were doing ordering and had all the information filled out. While filling out the information it kept kicking me out of the form and I had to reenter the fomr.

New Reviewer

Is there a zero-star option?

On March 21st, I placed an order for a replacement battery for my son's laptop as he had to have the laptop running for a science competition next week (April 7). I was led to believe that the part would be delivered in 4-5 business days. Well, on March 24th, I received an e-mail that the order had shipped and also got a tracking number with DHL. We were out of town for a few days with no internet access. Upon returning, I read the e-mail and attempted to track the package. No information was available on the DHL site. When I put in a CSR request, I was informed by DHL in an e-mail that no such package had been delivered to them. When I called Factor Outlet Store on March 30th, the rep was very understanding (as though this was the first time the issue had ever come up), but said it would definitely be here by April 1st, and if not, they would institute a research into it. I was really upset and told him why not send another battery and I would return the second one if I got two. He said that that would not be possible, but I could place another order. I almost agreed, but thankfully did not. Yet to receive the package (DHL does not show it either) and I am beyond calling Factory Outlet Store - instead, on April 1st, I called my credit card company and asked them to give me credit for the purchase and informed them that I never received the product.

New Reviewer

Fantastic, couldn't be easier. especially since my cell phone provider v wo anted to charge me 3 times the cost I paid and that took 30 minutes to find out!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Ordered goggle lenses in January. Never said they were on back order. After calling they said they were on back order. They said they would have them in a week. Then after two weeks got an email asking if I still wanted order. I changed to lenses that were not on back order and they said they would ship that day. Never got confirmation then called a week later and everything was on back order again. Will never use this site again.

New Reviewer

I searched for the best bluetooth car speaker, factory outlet store offer returns and that is why I decided to pay a little bit more for it. It wasvery easy to order, checkout and I got priority shipping for $3.95!
Thank you I hope I get it as fast as I ordered it

Maria B

New Reviewer

I wasn't asked for a discount code...I have an Elite Flip (2 years old) which won't hold a charge anymore(about 15 minutes of talk time!). I called the customer service number about possible battery replacement and was told that wasn't an option but was given a 10% discount code DANKET3N but wasn't able to use it with my purchase. Still a good buy with the sale but 10% more would be even better!!!

New Reviewer

Ordered a replacement battery for a HTC phone, battery lasted less than 3 months. OEM that was on the way out continues to work better than there knock-off junk.
30 warranty is all they offer, customer care agent was bloody rude. If you want junk buy from them. I know I'm done!

New Reviewer

I ordered the charging cable for Garmin 1350T from FactoryOutletStore because on the picture it looked exactly like my original charger. The thing that I received was not even close match to the picture. It was a cheap replacement with spiral cord, which you can actually buy for $5. I called the customer service and asked them to refund my money after I send this thing back. How much of a surprise it was when I got only $10 back instead of getting $16 plus shipping cost. This is unacceptable and this is not about the money. These guys need to learn how to respect the customer.

New Reviewer

I have used your services before and never had any problems so here I am again please keep the good work going. Mr.Pujol

New Reviewer

A simple order. The tracking information provided is not valid. Calling their 866 phone number provides the option to track the item yet there is no tracking information available. After speaking with a rep, I was told the order was shipped on 3/17/14 and it will arrived on 3/26/14. Even the USPS would get a mailing from NY to CT in less that 4 days, yet this company's shipment takes 10 days? Stay away from this company.

New Reviewer

So be careful when ordering from the website. Even though it says it is in stock doesn't mean it is. I oredered a Jetboil and was everything I needed and when I ordered it the site said it was in stock. Come to find out after a few days, and no status on shipment when I called that it was on back order. When I called an found this out the customer service rep did nothing to help just said we will give your money back. So of course I won't ever buy something from this place again and went to REI.

New Reviewer

Bought a refurbished Garmin GPS with lifetime maps and traffic. When I went to update the maps, I had issues. Garmin said it was never registered with them for lifetime maps. They exchanged (made me pay the shipping) it for me but the new one had exactly the same problem. I called them and they said they would let me exchange it for another model. I shipped it again. I gave them another model to exchange for. It has now been 5 weeks since they received the 2nd bad one and I still have nothing. I have called them 5 times in 5 weeks and they say that they are shipping this week (again). STAY AWAY!!!!

New Reviewer

The purses on this site were not designer like promised and they were not even made well. Some of them were over &100.00 and they were made very cheap with stitching that was ready to fall out when they arrived. If you want a designer purse you will not get one on this site. Stay away from this site if you dont want to waste your money.

New Reviewer

Should NOT be a google trusted site!!
I returned an item and hidden text is THEN they charge you for the "free" shipping for the original purchase PLUS a restocking fee.
Unethical site IMHO.

New Reviewer

Extremely disappointing! I ordered 5 Panasonic phones for my office which were advertised as new and received 3 phones which are visibly used, with dirt marks all over them. I have spent hours waiting for customer service to pick up and never got to a live person.
Horrible return policy: they charge 15% for the return handling + deduct their shipping expenses + you ship the returns on your own. So now not only I received something that I didn't order, but I will lose tons of money returning it...
Will NEVER order from this site again!

New Reviewer

I can't waste any more time describing how this Company wasted so much of my time. Suffice it please to say that their live agent service is disgraceful. I was unnecessarily transferred and excessively kept holding. When finally I was attended to the Agent could not have been less helpful unless she actually disconnected me.

New Reviewer

When I palced an order on 2/7/14 I specifically asked if item was in-stock, they checked and said YES. I asked it item would ship today based on their web ad that says "Same day shipping" and was told yes! It was never shipped until 2/11/14. I do not like being lied too!!!! Spread the word NEVER do business with

New Reviewer

The website promises same day shipping. I paid for two day delivery. Three business days later, UPS has not received the package and customer service ignores my inquiries.

New Reviewer

What a scam. The items are damaged and broken and when you attempt to return them, you wait on hold forever, have someone who can barely speak English, are continuously placed back on is a nightmare. The first new item I ordered was damaged. I exchanged it but they returned it and only created part of the amount back due to restocking even though I asked for an exchanged. I had to order a new one outright and pay full costs. The next two items were damaged. I paid expedited shipping and return costs both times but they refuse to compensate even though they provide crappy items. STAY AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

At the end of my purchase, I was offered a $20:00 instant cash back now if I would call 1-877-846-1048. When I called, I was told that I could get another $20:00 cash back if I accepted a certain promotion. When I stated that I only wanted the $20:00 offer at the end of my purchase, I was told that both $20:00 offers we're linked together and one could not be given without the other. Of course I did not take the offer because I thought that this was a cheap ploy for me to buy something that I did not want. I think the $20:00 offer should be honored without any strings. I was very disappointed. That was not good at all. J

New Reviewer

I am still a bit wary of ordering some things online, but this is my 2nd experience with this site and I am quite pleased with the site experience, the products I've ordered, the deals that are offered, and the speed with which I received by orders. I called and spoke to a c/s person who was very helpful in providing me with the product # I needed to be compatible with the products I had previously ordered. I use to get to this site and I save even more.

New Reviewer

I purchased 2 portable phone batteries for my AT&T phone on Oct 25, 2013.
While the service was good, the batteries were TERRIBLE, lasting only about 6 weeks, whereas batteries I have purchased from other sites lasted about a year.
There's something wrong here.
DON'T buy portable phone batteries from, period!

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