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FabKids reviews

37 reviews
609 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
Tel: 1-855-FAB-KIDS

37 Reviews From Our Community

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The membership entails charging the credit card on account $29.95 in return for an outfit credit. (in 8 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Horrible. My Daughter picked out the outfit and ended up disliking it. She did not care for any of their fashions. So I cancelled. I was on the phone forever because they tried every way to get me to stay. Although the woman was nice, it was so disgusting the way they turned everything into a yes question to try and get you to say yes I will stay a customer. Forward two weeks, they charged my credit card 29.95. Why? Then when on the phone with them, they tried their horrible tactics to keep me on as a customer again. Thank you Fab Kids for the hassle and charging my CC the week before Christmas! Worst place ever and the clothes are poorly made.

New Reviewer

Not so fabulous! Worst online shopping experience ever. Purchased an outfit was automatically enrolled in there membership program. After being charged $120 over a few month period with no receipts indicating the charge, called customer service who had no option for refund. Eventually was given one of the payments back but needed to use the rest as credit on the website. Ordered a few outfits which had minimal options for sizes. Made the order and the shipping address was for a lady in Virginia and I live in Minnesota?? Made another call to customer service to fix the shipping address, while on hold they ran out of some of the leggings that I orders#fustrated

Tip for consumers: Avoid at all costs!!!

Ask Joni about FabKids
New Reviewer

I had an awful experience with them. They sent me a skirt instead of the dress that I ordered. When I emailed them they told me I have to send it back to get my dress and they would charge me $5.95 to do the exchange even though it was their fault!!! Their customer service is awful, I couldn't get anything but canned responses. Too bad too because I love subscription services and I would have been a good customer. I had to call and cancel. Beware of this company!

New Reviewer

Horrible customer service. I canceled my account after waiting over 45 minutes twice and they still charged my account. This place is a scam. STAY AWAY!!

New Reviewer

I was aware of the membership, however, I had an option to opt out and once you're a member they won't let you cancel - they just keep charging your credit card.
NEVER deal with FabKids - anyone else would get jail time for what they are doing!

New Reviewer

i hate this site i order one shoes for my daughter and i dont know that when you sign up its automatically your a VIP Custumer and when i did order one shoes i got the shoes so im so confident to order another maybe later, in 2 months i check my bank account i saw 3 charges from $29 dollars really? so now i check there website i saw that when you sign up your automatically VIP what ? what is VIP so i check and i found out if you dont order every month they will charge you $29.99 and they charge me twice coz i dont order there site in 2 months i was very upset i dont know that they do that i will cancel my account to them.

New Reviewer

This is the worse website ever.i ordered a month ago still didn't get my stuff or my money reimbursement.DONT ORDER FROM HERE PLEASE ITS A SCAM

New Reviewer

Fab Kids is TERRIBLE!!! I was just trying to look at their site but could not get past the part to where you have to enter a childs name and size!! What?? How dare they ask that information with all the stuff that happen today. What business it is of theirs to know the name of the child I'm shopping for? Also I have multiple children that I am shopping for not just ONE! HATE this site and will not ever go back as not worth it. Will tell everyone I know my opinion of this site as well. It's too bad as it looks like they actually have cute things that I would love to buy! SO long Fab Kids. You are TERRIBLE!!!!

New Reviewer

Horrible!! My first order was to be $6.95! They charged my card over $70!!! I called they said they fixed it and my money would be back within 24-48 hours!! Then they charged another $6.95!!! Its been 4 days and my money is still not returned!!

New Reviewer

Horrible company to try and cancel. I was on hold for at least 20 minutes. Then because I had a credit which they wouldn't refund, I still can't cancel the stupid account. I haven't been happy with the styles for a while. But I also don't want to lose $30-so I decided to order something, well I have to pay shipping. Worst company EVER!!

New Reviewer

The one outfit I ordered was nice, but in order to cancel the membership I was waiting for 35 minutes for a 2 minute conversation. They offered extra points and tried convincing me to keep the membership. It was a pointless & time consuming hassle.

New Reviewer

I'm fully aware of the membership requirements as I subscribe to the other Fab stores as well. Why they can't combine them all, I don't know. I called to cancel my membership and was on the phone for 22 minutes between being left on hold and having to answer a series of questions and hear all about why I shouldn't cancel my membership. RIDICULOUS!!!!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I too purchased items from FabKids not fully understanding the guidelines for VIP membership. Thankfully, I re-read the details again the same day I placed my order and was able to call and cancel my VIP status. They were very nice and understanding about it and I was not charged more than the amount of my first purchase which was extremely cheap! I just received the items today less than a week after ordering and I have to say the quality of the items was great and dress is so cute! If you are going to start shopping here read carefully all the details.

Tip for consumers: Read every detail of membership carefully before signing up!!

Ask jennifer about FabKids
New Reviewer

Wow. The reviews on this company are ridiculous. Yes, when you buy an outfit on this site you are signed up for their "VIP" membership. The membership entails charging the credit card on account $29.95 in return for an outfit credit. You can then choose one of the two piece outfits on the site. You are charged $4.95 for shopping unless you spend $50 or more and then shopping is free. You also have the option of "skipping" any month you would like. You can skip as many months in a row as wanted but you have to skip between the first and fifth of the month. While I do agree that $29.95 is a bit overpriced (but a normal price) for a children's outfit, calling this company a scammer is ridiculous. All the ads and specials clearly state that the sale price is for VIPembers and the site very clearly states the membership details and what you are signing up for. Anyone shopping online should be smart enough to read the details of your purchases especially before giving card information. I knew what I was signing up for when I made my purchases from fabkids. I personally have chose to skip the last couple months because I do not want to pay $29.95 for an outfit I have however made a few purchases from the site. They have a "sale" section with clothing choices from previous months that are 75% off! I purchased nine outfits for $115.05 which makes each outfit around $12.50. That is an amazing deal! The pants and tops start as low as $3.99 a piece. The clothes are pretty high quality in my opinion. I'm used to shopping at target and children's place. I would say that fabkids clothes are higher quality than both of those stores. The people in this site giving bad reviews are people that obviously did not pay very good attention when making a purchase. That is not the sites fault.

Ask Alyssa about FabKids
New Reviewer

I do a lot of online shopping and am generally quite savvy about it, so boy, did I ever feel like an idiot when I rushed through the process to get a free FabKids outfit, only to realize I'd signed up for a monthly subscription! Yes, it was completely my fault for not reading the fine print, but honestly, I just never expected it. I thought FabKids was like a cheap GapKids or something, and just trying to make a name for themselves with some giveaways. Then I realized what I'd done, and freaked out when I saw all of these negative reviews. However, when I called to cancel, they were pretty prompt about it, just gave me one counter-offer of more loyalty points to stay, and then went ahead and cancelled my account. I got a confirmation of the cancellation immediately, so I can't complain there either. As for the outfit itself, it's cute and reasonable quality, I just hope it fits the girl I bought it for as returning it won't be an option. A monthly shopping club isn't for me as I know there will be months when I forget to "skip", but I was pleased with FabKids customer service both in placing the order and cancelling my subscription.

Tip for consumers: Read the fine print when you become a VIP, you are signing up for a monthly charge unless you go to the site and "skip" during the first five days of the month. It's not really a scam, just read everything before making that first purchase so you know what you're getting into.

Ask Sooz about FabKids
New Reviewer

Horrible company! I would give 0 stars if able to. Tricked me into signing up as VIP member through a promo in which I thought I was making a single purchase...big mistake! They DO NOT clearly state you are signing up for anything but once they have your credit card number, good luck!! Their products are cheap quality also. Do not waste your time or money with these people you will regret it if you do!

Tip for consumers: Do not buy anything or they will scam you!!!!

Ask JS about FabKids
New Reviewer

these people giving awful comments about fab kids are basically have not read the friggin terms of services.... what they did is just click and click.. sometimes you just have to read before you click..

I am soooo loving fab kids.. their product is just fabulous!

New Reviewer

Terrible! They don't tell you there is a monthly fee when you join....and just try to use your points or cancel... You try and call and you can tell they are reading from a script because they never answer your question...they just tell you the same information over and over again. Don't join any of their companies...Kids or Shoes....waste of money...

New Reviewer

This company does not deserve any stars in my opinion. Fab kids/fableletics is a coward company looking to scam it's customers in a very sick way. They claim not to charge membership fees, but when reading below terms of use they 'credit' your account with them, $29.95 a month. I did not sign up for this, and they need to advise about their methods and how they misguide their customers. I've had to call them at least 3 times to credit back my money and to cancel all ties with their company. Poor management and guidelines in my opinion. Would warn anyone to be careful or just avoid at all cost!!!!!

New Reviewer

Very very disappointed! Got first order, great outfit for my 4 year old. Then they enrolled me without my knowledge the vip program and withdrew 29.95 two months in a row without my knowledge. Emailed several times with no response. . Not happy at all!

New Reviewer

I gave FABKIDS 4 stars only b/c I think they are a bit overprized. BUT the quality of the clothes is great. I have a 4 year old girl and everything I bought fits her true to size and quality is amazing.
Their return policy is great too, had to return some boots which I purchased and they fell apart shortly after and they replaced them quickly for a brand new pair.

New Reviewer

Total crap. SIzes are not true, so a leather jacket for my normal sized 5 year old in MEDIUM doesn't fit AT ALL. And there's no available sizes to exchange it. Customer service is horrible, and background noise when you call is so bad, you can barely hear the service rep. Who can't do anything for you anyway.

Stay away. There's a reason this place is getting all one-star reviews

New Reviewer

Guess I should've a $5 shoe deal, the crappy shoes fell apart within days. Email to company went unanswered.

New Reviewer

Worst ever i ordered one outfit which was HORRIBLE quality and they enrolled me without my knowledge as a V.I.P which means they charge you 29.95 a month and when you call to cancel you just nearly have to get rude to get them to understand I want my money back and cancel it all!!! And now i have to wait 5-7 days to get my money.

New Reviewer

I want to let everyone know that this company has no way of removing your account once you (or someone else) creates one. I received an email from them that I did not solicit (I don't even have kids!!) and they said I created an account, thus the email. Well I did not create the account and I do not want them to have my email address so I called them. The only solution they could offer was to have me log in to their site with a temporary password they provided and change the email to something that doesn't exist. That's a very bad computer system if they cannot (or will not??) delete an account. I would not trust them with your credit card information!!

I went to the site and logged in AND THERE IS NOT A WAY TO CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!! It is assigned as your username.

New Reviewer

What a SCAM! I placed an order, received the order and immediately returned the order. The product was cheap and disproportionately sized. torso was too short, arms were too long. To add insult to injury, after returning the items, they had the nerve to continue charging me a monthly 29.95 fee for three months after I cancelled and returned everything. OMG. DONT USE OR PURCHASE FROM THIS site. there are so many other options.

New Reviewer

Worst. Place. Ever! No customer service to speak of. If you call you get a call center in India and they won't communicate with you by email. If you contact them they just send an email directing you to call their number which is the aforementioned call center. The clothes are ok, not great, and not worth the price you pay. You can get better deals and much more variety at Target or Kohls.

New Reviewer

I will NEVER use this site again. My items looked cheaply made. Shipping took forever. And they continuously charged my credit card WITHOUT my permission after i cancelled my account. Then when i called them to do the initial cancel they kept questioniong why i wanted to cancel. Note that I explained it serveral times. I DO NOT recommend this site at all. I was better off going shopping for my children at other retail stores.

Expert Reviewer

Site is safe to use as long as you fully understand their membership/site terms.

This type of site is also called a "Credit Card Recurring Payment Scheme" and has mixed reviews as do most sites conducting business on the internet using a Recurring Payment Scheme.

I give two out of five stars due to the "forced" membership imposed on a visitor who is just trying to make a good purchase or get what they see as a great deal. Even for me just to view the site I kept being "forced" through a pop-up to join their site's membership and was only able to view some of the items after reloading several different pages. For me, a site which needs to "force" membership on a visitor who is still "thinking" or just wants to view their site is not a good business practice. The merchandise should be "easily" available for viewing/searching by anyone.

And the practice of "forcing" a visitor who just wants to make a "single purchase" to see if the quality of the merchandise and how the site will treat them prior to being "forced" into their "Monthly Automatic Purchase Feature" AKA: Recurring Credit Card Payment Membership is not a site I wish to often use.

No, I do not need to be a "site member" or have made a purchase from them to write a review as I am not reviewing their products/merchandise, I am review the website!

- Do not use these sites without Fully Reading and Understanding every aspect of their site, even the fine print in any "Membership Terms and Conditions" as you may meet with some unexpected financial headaches.
- If you make a purchase you "will" be automatically enrolled in their "VIP Member Program" (including the monthly, automatic purchase feature) where you are agreeing to be charged a "monthly fee" for the membership and your credit card will be billed automatically. This is typical for any "membership" type site.
- YOU MUST SIGN INTO THE SITE "MONTHLY" and do your account maintenance or your credit card will be billed automatically if you don't. IE: a "Credit Card Recurring Payment Scheme".
- Site text - If you're not ready to make a purchase, simply "Skip The Month" by the "5th" and you will not be charged. Skip as many months as you'd like. """If you do not take action by the 5th""", you will be charged $39.95 for a member credit on the 6th. Each credit can be redeemed for 1 JustFab style.
- Reviews do state that the site does make it VERY clear that if you don't "skip" the month you will be charged a credit and they will even remind you in their emails and on the site. YOU just need to remember to visit the site for your monthly account maintenance...
- Refunds - items purchased or acquired with their credit can only be exchanged or returned for a credit. And "credits" have no cash value and can only be redeemed toward purchasing an item from the site.
- Their business model is such that when you have "1 credit" ($39.95 monthly membership charge = 1 credit) in your "account", you cannot cancel that account as it is still active with the 1 credit and they can continue to charge you the monthly fee if you do not visit the site to postpone it in the given time frame (see their terms).
Note: It may take more than 1 credit to get another item (postage), so really they are looking to get an additional month's worth of membership fee's from you if you have only one credit.
- Reviews made suggest that there is no need to e-mail them to cancel the membership as these will be unanswered. As you are required to "call them" to cancel your membership, and wait, and wait, and wait... while they try to convince you not to cancel, and when you finally get off hold... you may encounter rude customer service, as they will try to hinder the canceling of the account. Remember; "credits" have no cash value and can only be redeemed toward purchasing an item from the site.

As with anyone, people sometimes forget. The sites business practice is like a bank and their service/late fee's. They are "counting" on you to be negligent in maintaining or visiting your account before the "5th of each month" so they can charge you with the "Monthly Automatic Purchase Feature" (monthly membership fee) and apply it toward a "credit" to your account, which "have no cash value and can only be redeemed toward purchasing an item from the site." This is called "I got you!"

Good luck!!! Happy shopping!

There are more reviews posted, just search for their site name's'.

JustFab @ PissedConsumer reviews:

Just Fabulous reviews: (best overall reviews made)

New Reviewer

terrible. I robario my stole from my account without my authorization, the service is awful .

New Reviewer

Membership is very hard to cancel, call center staff (outsourced) were rude and just kept repeating a script, website difficult to navigate. When you place initial order you end up in some club that charges you every month, which was VERY unclear from the get go. Shady.

New Reviewer

I bought my boy a little jacket this Monday and I am very disappointed with my order.The workmanship is just not acceptable,but this site just stick the unwanted merchandise with its customers, poor business practice!

New Reviewer
10/16/13 is a scam. Unauthorized charges cannot be disputed. Nobody answers the phone at fabkids. After 16 minutes of hold music it disconnects. The recording says 24hrs customer service line but if you call in the evening it says they are closed. They have a "contact us" form online but a week later you will have no response. Email does not work either. The only proof of life is that they respond to complaints on social media sites, directing you to call the phone number you just said doesn't work. They have a large number of complaints submitted to the better business bureau too. This place is a scam and consumers should be alerted.

New Reviewer

#fabkids SCAM ALERT!!! Called the Customer Service line on Friday to dispute charges. Got a message they are closed so I wrote to customer service. It's Wednesday now and no response. So I call customer care and listen to hold music for 15 mins until they disconnect me. I'm on my 4th call with no answer! Do NOT give them your credit card.

New Reviewer

I received a promo via email for a "free" outfit (only pay s/h of $4.95) although the quality of the clothes was impressive; the membership has been incredibly difficult to cancel. I can't commit to $39.95 monthly and may not remember to cancel within the first few days of the month. There is area to cancel membership online, however in the fine print, it states you must call to cancel. When you call the customer care telephone, you are placed on hold for 15 minutes only to be disconnected! I tried severeal times a day during their hours of operation and have spent entirely way too much time doing this. There's also a "chat live" feature on the website but of no help. You're advised to call. Finally after over a week of the ridiculous hold time and about 80 calls, I get a representative! woo hoo right? The young lady who answers my call tries to discourage me from canceling because of the "rewards" my membership offers, the upcoming fabrics in the upcoming months, the easy to wash clothes being featured for the winter season & finally and promos offered through the membership. This went on for several minutes after repeating "I just want to cancel my membership" all in all, thankful to be out of the commitment. Buyer Beware~

New Reviewer

I'm so excited to write the first review for because I LOVE THEM! They are a newer company that provides an online outfit of the month membership with apparel for children. The quality is so awesome and you normally get three pieces for under $40! They launched the boy's clothing in August too. I love that they carry sizes up to 12 for girls and helps moms get fashionable and cute outfits for their girls without the 'too grown up' look. I hope many have the chance to experience their awesome service and quality, your kids will thank you! Take the time to read how the program works and their history so you have the most pleasant experience possible.

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