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eTradeSupply reviews

26 reviews
Room 502, 5th floor, Fullerton Centre, 19 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 30696827

26 Reviews From Our Community

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I have been using etradesuppy for a few months and cannot fault the customer service or the quality of the parts. (in 6 reviews)

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New Reviewer

We own a repair store in northridge California and thought we can add etradesupply to our list of suppliers. We order min $1500 to $5000 / mo. There customer service is a horrible. They offered free shipping, then went back on there word saying have too many ipad screens in our shopping cart and it's just too heavy to offer free shipping. They then offered 4% discount, and went back on there word, no 4% discount shows at checkout. There customer support is horrible. I wasted 3 days chatting with there customer service, very slow responses, hard to understand English, and then ended up no where. I don't trust a company that do not care about there customers. Good bye etradesupply. Webcarts#gmail

New Reviewer

I ordered a screen-assembly for my Samsung S4 Mini T. and received the part for the Samsung S4 Mini. I complained, sent pictures of why it did not fit a week later I received the reply that the T version is not available in their region (?). Now 4 weeks further, they do not answer my e-mails, two weeks ago I received an e-mail saying that it's a holiday there and they will get back to me. After 2 weeks still no answer.
They want a 30% restocking fee, and I have to send it back on my expense!

Ask Hans about eTradeSupply
New Reviewer

Please do not make the same mistake like me: I ordered bye EtradeSupply.

The qualitiy of the products is verrry bad. The worst. Just trust me I bought a lcd htc one m7. To get the money back you must send it to China or US thats terrible.

After 2weeks no using of my handy a didn't get the money back. And believe me I am not one of that morons that can't repair their mobile phone. The display works for one weeks.....

New Reviewer

Ordered a telephonescreen on June 17th which was delevered two days later from across the world. The screen was transported in a hard plastic case. Information update during the processing was very good.

New Reviewer

Great customer service. They were quick to answer, and very accommodating when I ordered the wrong unit at getting me sorted out, and making sure I was happy. I would definitely deal with them again. Shipping options were reasonable, and a great selection.

New Reviewer

Easy ordering process, super quick delivery and they even supply you with a video in the email to help you out. Over all, a great experience.

New Reviewer

Fast shipping, and very good packaging, this housing is perfect like the original, i had some problems assembling the volume buttons and power button, missing in colored ones some small metal pins to ensure the click of a button. Finally, the product is well made, and it was not necessary to make drastic changes to the adaption.

New Reviewer

After assembling all back, I tested the all the sensors, IR blaster, TSP hovering, SPen hovering, red blue and green, black, and most importantly like most all note 3 problems, the multi touch. I could put 10 fingers and no glitching. which makes this product perfect. I recommend this to you all.

New Reviewer

I have repair shop. I have been buying from etradesupply more than a year. Always good quality products, and deliver on time. Love thier Glass lens OEM and gorilla glass

New Reviewer

i think it is one of the my fav and they selling goods in various qualities.

New Reviewer

I have ordered from Etrade Supply for over 3 years. They have great consistent quality, compared to other China or HK sites. Order and shipping time usually 2-4 days. Now that they ship some parts from the USA (Dallas I think), I can get some parts in 1-2 days. Their packaging is phenomenal--if you get larger orders it comes in these tough "Tupperware" tubs. Cool! My service rep Tom is great. Thanks Etrade!!

New Reviewer

I have ordered parts from etradesupply recieved it in second day, the packing was good, quality excellent. Nice fast customer service gave me good advice. Just loving it.

New Reviewer

Parts are of good quality but flatrate shipping charge of $18.99 is bad. Buy a $80 HTC LCD digitizer, shipping is $18.99. Buy a $1.66 speaker, pay $18.99, buyb a screw $18.99 shipping even if the part is in their Texas wearhouse. I don't buy from them because of their excessive shipping charges.

New Reviewer

Bad quality products. Replaced s3 screen and digitizer. This has got lot of scratches and also got a crack. The quality is not as good as genuine products.

New Reviewer

OMG... I never have this worst customer center before.

I got the wrong item, so I returned it. (I contacted with the costumer center and they told me how to send it) I understand that they charge 25% for returning, but I returned the item over a month ago and they never gave me refund back. They always excuses. I paid $200- for the item, so I'm supposed to have $175- back from this company,
If you have to return the item, you should take pictures how you put it in the box. And pictures of the box.
I'm so irritated and I never recommend this company to anybody.

New Reviewer

We use Etrade Supply for any parts we can't get from our Wholesalers in the states. Even with our Ebay account Etrade outdoes them on quality of products we have ordered. I have three service centers and we order in bulk and I have an personal account specialist that we deal with for returns. No issues here one of the best wholesalers. Just take into account its overseas for shipping. In 2014 they will have a facility in U.S. for quicker shipping.

New Reviewer

I've ordered quite a bit from eTradeSupply. I can't vouch for their returns product because I've never had a defective part, but I love what I've gotten from them. They're a great place to get the parts that you can't find anywhere else. The only downside is the huge shipping cost and the week long shipping time. Both are because the parts ship from a store in China. If you can handle $20 in shipping or just need a specific part that you can't find elsewhere, then it's a great place to get your parts.

New Reviewer

I am their customer for over 6 months now, and so far have no issues !!! Customer Service is awesome !! Shipping is super fast and all the items are A+ Grade. So far I am very satisfied.

New Reviewer

Returning a defective part is a BIG hassle. I'm pretty sure they won't replace it if it is.
They said: "Regarding 1 x defective white iPhone 5 LCD assembly, the second QC is finished. However, the inspection report shows that many scracthes on the digitizer were caused by improper man-made handling. So, under this circumstance, it is very difficult for us to offer the replacement. However, this broken LCD assembly can be repaired and look new again if you would like to do that and pay the reparing fee $24.60 please advise."
I said: No thanks. You can keep it and sell it to someone else. Please remove me from your email listing. I’m no longer purchasing parts from etrade supply. Happy selling

The part was bubble wrapped. So if I paid $24.60 (probably plus shipping) it would look new again? Thought it was scratched.

I see a Sea of separation and not much customer loyalty.

New Reviewer

I perform a handful of device repairs, and most of my parts come from trusted sellers on Ebay, well i decided to try something new , a wholesaler if you will. So i purchased a few items to repair an iPhone 4, total was around 80.00 usd, ( the iphone 4 was a personal device thank god!!). In the package of items was a screen digitizer/battery door combo, upon reassembly when testing the new screen, i noticed it wasn't functional and at times i would just get the back light with no function. i had my old screen on site to test and make sure i didn't damage the motherboard, and the test was a pass,

Well i immediately contacted etrades customer support. they got back to me and had me fill out a WEA process form, i did and included all info and pictures. Thinking this was enough to get the ball rolling, i get an email back stating that i will have to ship the defective part in for further review. at the time i was ok with this cause i knew that the item was indeed DOA.

So i looked into shipping, for this 8oz item to ship back will run me about 40-80 usd. Customer service may not be a priority in some countries, robbing a one is, i sent them a final email back stating i will be not partaking in the transaction and as a customer i will just count this as a lesson learned.

I just thought for future buyers i would give a real clear description of this company and MY experience with them. Another service they could have easily offered was sending me a new part along with a prepaid shipping slip to send the defective item back in, but that would probably make a company like this bankrupt.

New Reviewer

I've been using etade supply for a couple years now, and have never had any big issues. Anytime there's been any problem my sales rep Roger has helped me out. I make about an order every week or so, and have never been sent anything that wasn't as said on the site (unless it was broken, in which case they sent me a new piece). But I never had any OEM trouble like the guy bellow, they've always been very honest.

New Reviewer

They claim to have brand new OEM, but believe me they are definitely not, I work in the industry and they have all clones and copies, I ordered screens and digitizers only to find they have been somewhat tampered with telling me that they have been refurbished. all the videos they have of their QC is fake, its just a quick act for the video. and when you try to place a negative review the Mods quickly stop it, contact you and ask you to work things out.

New Reviewer

I ordered an LCD assembly for my GS II I777 from etrade supply.

I had a very frustrating experience.

I received an assembly that was broken. One of the ribbon connectors was broken off. The ribbon was not adhered to the housing and the ground for the haptic buttons was not adhered as it would be on an OEM assembly.

I decided to return the part. Their return policy is that the customer pays for return shipping even if they send you a defective part and they verify it. Since they are based in Hong Kong shipping is expensive.

They verified that the part they sent was defective and credited back my original cost, but left me out to dry when it came to the return shipping cost. I declined to have them send me an additional part because I was afraid I would get another piece of junk that I would have to pay to send back. They did offer me a coupon for further purchases to ease my pain, but I will never use it.

In summary, I will never buy from them again, nor would I recommend them to anyone.

New Reviewer

This site is amazing. I ordered a new digitizer/LCD for my nexus 4 and they not only had it but for way cheaper than everyonewhere else. Like about half the price. So I ordered and quickly got a shipping notification at the end of the day. Showed up at my house a few days later from China and it worked out flawlessly. Looks and feels exactly the same as before. Doesn't seem cheap either.

New Reviewer

I have been using etradesuppy for a few months and cannot fault the customer service or the quality of the parts. If you watch their videos on youtube you'll see how much time and effort goes into the service they give. The website is very quick and clean looking and you won't have any problems finding the right parts. I have tried other online suppliers and nothing comes close to the service etrade give you. Its a shame that most angry customers post reviews and the 1000's of happy customers don't have time. Give them a try and you won't be disappointed

New Reviewer

I recently attempted to replace a broken screen on my Google nexus 7 from ETrade Supply. I’m a novice so I did some web research and learned that the LCD screen is affixed to the glass (; so I ordered what I thought was the whole thing. When I searched for replacement screens, I came to ETrade Supply and ordered the replacement screen.

It turns out that ETrade Supply sells these parts separately because they contend it is really quite common to remove the adhesive binding the LCD screen to the glass and digitizer. Maybe an expert from the US can either set me or them straight… here is their contention after I realized I was sold not the broken glass and LCD but the LCD only:

“You could also buy a digitizer touch panel as well as an adhesive, and put the parts together yourself, though I suggest this be done only by professionals. So if you chose this method I would further suggest taking everything to a repair shop and asking for them to assist you.”

“The part you ordered was the “OEM Asus Google Nexus 7 Tablet LCD Screen” This piece comes with nothing but the LCD. We have sold several thousand of these exact units, but usually to repair shops since changing only the LCD is very difficult”

The moral of the story, be careful when ordering from ETrade supply, my mishap caused me to waste $80 and need to pay to ship the part back to Hong Kong to get a refund! But that’s not all! Before I knew they ship this mystery part, they made me do the following before offering I could ship the part internationally on my own dime.

1) Download WEA Form for Replacement.
1. Take some high definition photos explaining the claim. The photos should include the following:
• Evidence showing the part is purchased from ETrade Supply.
• Evidence showing where and what the defect is.
2. Send it to to conduct an Evaluation.

2) Then, after ETrade receives and reviews the form:
1. Print the attached WEA form.
2. Send it along with the defective part to the address of ETrade Supply Asia-Pacific warehouse in Hong Kong, China:
ETrade Supply International Limited,
RM 703 Kowloon Building, 555 Nathan RD,Kowloon Tong, HongKong
Telephone: +852 30696827

All of us in the bay area are starting to see this going sideways, $80 mistake, 1 hour to fill out the silly TPS report and then international shipping? How much does a new Nexus 7 cost?