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32 reviews
8759 E. Bell Road, Building G
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Tel: 1-866-830-4576

32 Reviews From Our Community

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My daughter suffered with chronic lyme disease for 18 years. (in 9 reviews)


They are continually searching for better ways to help their patients. (in 12 reviews)


My family is very grateful to the doctors and staff at Envita. (in 14 reviews)

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1 review
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When I first came to Envita, I finally got a correct confirmation of the fact that I had Lyme. I had been very sick with multiple symptoms for several years, without getting any information or help from the doctors I consulted. This is a common story from all the Lyme patients I have met on my journey. I was told by my Envita doctor that my condition was critical and fragile at the beginning. I have persevered with the help of the excellent nurses, doctors, and other staff who are always available. I am so much better, with a few more weeks of treatment to go. I have my life back. I truly believe that this facility is the only place to go. Lyme has not been acknowledged or studied for effective treatments anywhere except for the 15 years dedicated at Envita for better and better ways to help us get well.

Ask Donna about Envita
1 review
4 helpful votes

We're from Indiana so we're 1900 miles from home. Rachel Mae was being off and on at Parkview Hospital in Ft. Wayne, IN. and didn't seem to help as she kept getting worse as they called the family together twice. She has breathing problems and anxiety. They took everything off and her in hospice care. Everyone was praying for her and all at once she wanted a pencil and wrote, please pray for me that I can get well. We were all astounded, so our daughter in law Amy started searching the internet and this place popped up called Envita in Arizona and sad they treat natural and medical and that's what we were looking for. We felt it was "God sent" so we started making plans so we spent one whole day faxing her medical records and filling out forms and we were accepted to come. They sent a med jet called Angel Flight to pick her up. It took four and a half hours to get her here. Her brother Ben and Sister Barbara Ann flew with her. They had a good flight but when they got here they were worried about her breathing so they sent her to the hospital for a few hours to get her fluid drained and put her in Hospice of the Valley two weeks before she was able to come for treatment. They gave her too much fluids at home and it caused the breathing problems. We rented an apartment and have been bringing her 5 days a week for treatment. The first 6 weeks or so they built her body up with nutrition until they felt she was able to withstand radiation and chemo. She went through most of that now and is starting to eat well and get around on her own. It's amazing what Envita and lots of prayers did for her. We also want to thank Dr. Just and his coordinator Samantha and the staff for all the loving care! "God Bless You All" She is hoping to be healed soon to go home again.

Ask Rachel about Envita
1 review
6 helpful votes

I just saw Dr. Just at Envita to go over my labs and thus far my experience has been very informative. He was able to tell me what was causing my symptoms, and it was nice to actually spend time with him not a PA or Nurse. The center feels very welcoming and you don't fell like your at a hospital. The staff was very attentive and overall the experience was excellent.

Ask Eric about Envita
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been a patient at Envita for a while now and wanted to share my opinion and experience. The staff here is great from the front desk to the doctors to the nurses. I was treated for different infections, and it was the first time I was able to spend that much time with a doctor. I was amazed to see so many patients having good results, myself included, especially after listening to their stories. I would recommend this place not only because of the treatments they offer but because of the healing environment they provided.

Ask Charlie about Envita
1 review
11 helpful votes

What a wonderful experience I have had at Envita! I have met with two of the doctors there and both have been outstanding. I very much feel that they put me first as the patient and this is not just a business for them. I was listened to completely and never rushed to get to the next patient. The environment is very positive and welcoming. Thank you Envita for everything!

Ask Dina about Envita
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Not writing for myself, personally, but for my father-in-law, Terry Skidmore. Battling with prostate cancer, his quality of life and happiness suffered greatly, until he started receiving treatment at Envita. The treatments, supplements and care were all first rate, and his outlook and mood improved noticeably afterwards.

Ask Wesley about Envita
1 review
6 helpful votes

the people at Envita are so nice and helpful. They make it pleasant to go to the DR.

Ask Terry about Envita
1 review
16 helpful votes

My family is very grateful to the doctors and staff at Envita. My mother was a patient there earlier this year from mid-January through mid-February. She originally sought treatment options for some diverticulitis that she’d been experiencing for a few months, but she’d in fact had a lot of health problems over a long period of time. She struggled with chronic migraine headaches for about 20 years, had thyroid cancer in the late 90’s, had been dealing with chronic fatigue for about 10 years, and it seemed like she was always sick with something…obvious signs a very weak immune system. The doctor explained that this whole complex history was probably linked and that the inflammation that was fueling all these different diseases was likely being caused by undiagnosed chronic infections and accumulation of environmental toxins.

One thing we really appreciated about Envita was their attention to detail and proper diagnostics. They didn’t rush to treatment recommendations based on hunches, assumptions, or theories, and they didn’t expect my mom to take a leap of faith and start treatment right away. Her initial visit to Envita lasted for just one day so they could evaluate her and do some testing to try to pinpoint the source and depth of her disease. She then returned home to Oregon. A couple weeks later, they did a phone consultation to review the results, explain all the data, and fine tune her plan. Over the years, my mom has tried every herb, tincture, supplement, oil, and homeopathic remedy available to find some relief from her symptoms, but Dr Oertle helped her understand that while those home remedies could be helpful to manage symptoms and help people feel better, none were powerful enough to truly resolve the causes of her condition.

My mom needed almost 3 weeks of multiple daily IV treatments to treat the viral infections, toxic heavy metals, and diminished immune system that had kept her sick for so long. She did have to get a port which she didn’t really want, but it ended up not being a big deal once she had it for a few days. I’m the only one of my siblings that lives in Arizona, so I got to accompany her for treatment whenever my schedule would allow. We learned that the majority of the patients treated at Envita have either Lyme disease or cancer, and some even have both, so a lot of them are there for closer to two months. The doctors quickly ruled out Lyme disease for my mom, so her treatment plan was a lot less intense and she didn’t have to do the antibiotics and some of the other treatments that Lyme patients do. It was neat to be there and be part of the patient community at the clinic. The patients and staff really become close and draw a lot of strength from each other.

From what I saw while I was there with my mom, Envita really helps a lot of people who don’t really have many other good options, but they are by no means perfect. It was exciting to see some of my mom’s Envita friends get into remission from late-stage cancer after their doctors back home had given them no hope. It was also heartbreaking and disappointing to see some of the patients who got there too late for the treatments to really be able to take effect against their disease.

I hadn’t been home to Oregon very much over the previous several years, so I was surprised to learn about how sick my mom had been. She is really a warrior and would always put on her best smile in order to entertain and take care of us kids whenever we gathered for reunions and holidays, but it would really take it out of her and each gathering left her debilitated for days afterward. It escalated to the point that she would need to rest even after very simple tasks…even getting dressed in the morning would put her out of commission for an hour. She has always been a very active, involved grandmother to her 20 grandchildren, but she often had days where she had to pass up on grandkid time because she just didn’t have the strength. She had always enjoyed going on long walks with friends for exercise, but she had gotten to the point that even a lap around the block was too much for her.

Dr Oertle had cautioned my mom that it often takes several weeks after completing treatment to really start feeling better, but my mom felt improvement even after the first week. She worked really hard to be compliant with the diet and supplements that they had recommended, and she made healing a priority. Taking all of those supplements was basically a full-time job, but she did it. She even did the coffee enemas that they recommended to help with detox and got a lot of benefit from doing it. She continued to improve each week that she was there, but the most significant gains in her health were definitely seen after she returned home. It seems like her strength and energy returned more and more with every week that she was home, and everyone has been amazed and very grateful to have grandma functioning at 100% again. This October, she and my dad took off for two weeks on a camping roadtrip through Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. That kind of trip hasn’t happened for probably 20 years, and would not have been possible for my mom if she hadn’t gotten her health back the way she did.

We are just so grateful to the doctors and staff at Envita. It’s almost an hour drive from my house to get to the clinic, but my wife and I have both been back for supplements and/or IVs whenever we start to get sick. We’ve also spread the word to friends and people we know at church who need better options for their health.

Ask Dan about Envita
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

When my father was diagnosed with cancer I was devastated. My father did not want to go through chemotherapy and radiation. He chose to go to Envita and have a Integrative therapy. Dr Oertle took the time to listen to all of my fathers concerns and then formulated a treatment plan that shrunk his tumor and boosted his immune system. The staff took such great care of him and everyone felt like family. I cannot say Thank You enough for the care that my father received from Envita.

Ask Tonya about Envita
1 review
8 helpful votes

I, along with many of my family members, have been treated at Envita and have felt so very grateful and blessed because of it. I appreciate the very knowledgable and courteous staff, the great doctors that are extremely skilled and truly listen to you and provide individualized care, and the professional, beautiful and comforting environment. I felt like I was a person they genuinely cared about and that, along with the top quality and cutting edge treatment, made all the difference. I feel like a different person now since the time I first saw them 3 years ago. I am much healthier (and subsequently happier) because of what they were able to finally diagnose for me (which other doctors could not) and treat and in the process I have learned how to better take care of myself. That total body healing approach has made all the difference. I highly recommend Envita.

Ask Jordan about Envita
1 review
9 helpful votes

I recently had a short treatment protocol at Envita. Not only am I feeling much better but everyone from the doctor to the front desk administration was warm, open and honest about costs and expectations of the treatments. When I was there I saw patients in the treatment rooms that were smiling and laughing and later when I found out that some of these patients were late stage cancer patients I was shocked at how "healthy" they looked...truly, rooms full of sick people that didn't look sick! I would go back to Envita and would recommend any family member or friend to have treatment there as well.

Ask Krysta about Envita
1 review
9 helpful votes

For the weeks that our loved one was at Envita, he was tended to by the same nursing staff, same doctors, same patient care coordinator, same Receptionists, etc. This is just what anyone would expect when they go to a "treatment facility". The only thing that we could have changed was the fact that they don't bill your insurance, rather gave us some resources of how we can bill them ourselves. All-in-all after we left Envita, we all agreed that we wished we had known about them from the start of his illness, and glad that they were there when we needed a different option.

Ask Lila about Envita
1 review
24 helpful votes

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Envita for helping me on my way to recovery from Chronic Lyme disease. I don’t know where I would be right now without them! They continue to bless my life today, and I am forever grateful for the help and support they give.

My story began when I was 19 years old. I traveled to China in 2007 where I received hundreds of bug bites. I came home feeling okay except for pain in my stomach. I began to notice an increased level of pain in my stomach, only to have several symptoms flare up all at once a couple months later, March 2008. These “attacks” would last a couple of hours and include: rash, burning sensation of the skin, extreme stomach pain and cramping, loss of feeling in limbs, swelling of the throat, face, eyes, ears, hands, and feet, rapid heart rate, fever, chills, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. At times there was loss of vision and hearing as well. I felt like I was dying because I did not know what was happening to me. As time went on, these attacks would happen consistently during the day and would last up to 8-9 hours.

When these episodes would come up, I always had the same plan to help me get through them. I would go straight home to wait it out. It was difficult to stand or sit up, because I would get too dizzy and lightheaded, and my limbs would get too swollen, heavy, and lose feeling. While all of this is happening, I would be having uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea while lying down. It felt like everything in my body was trying to fight off the infection inside of me. During these attacks I would have heart palpitations and shortness of breath. I would have to focus as hard as I possibly could to breathe very slowly in and out. I would concentrate during the entire 8-9 hour attack on good thoughts and breathing so I could keep myself calm. I knew that I was not going to die and so I would work my hardest on not letting myself pass out from lack of air and dizziness.

Never having any serious health problems in the past, I concluded that I was allergic to something because of the swelling I experienced and how fast the attacks would come on. After much allergy testing, there was nothing to indicate that I was allergic to anything. I began seeing many different doctors and began testing to find answers for my problems. Every test showed that there wasn’t anything wrong with me! Each doctor I saw, either could not help me, or came to the conclusion that I was experiencing panic attacks caused by too much stress.

I became very depressed and hopeless about everything in my life. I had dropped out of college and quit my job because I couldn’t function in a normal routine. I withdrew myself from people, social events and activities. I felt really uncomfortable socially, because I always felt sick and didn’t know how to handle the symptoms that I had. I was nervous that an attack would come on and I wouldn’t be able to get home in time.

After a few more weeks, I noticed other symptoms developing in addition to the ones I already had! These symptoms would happen many times during the day, such as: fatigue, racing heart, hot flashes, red “hot” hands, feet, face, and ears, shortness of breath, memory problems, mental confusion, tingling sensations, anxiety, sharp stomach pains and cramping. My head always felt fuzzy, “foggy,” and slow.

The symptoms worsened as time went on. I was dealing with insomnia and could hardly get out of my bed because my body was so fatigued. My parents did not know what to do with me, but we were desperately seeking answers and praying. Thanks to my wonderful parents, who found out about Envita Medical Center, and for bringing me in to be tested for Chronic Lyme disease. In all the time searching for answers, I never really believed I had Lyme disease. I didn’t believe it, because I didn’t have the correct information and didn’t properly understand it. With the help of my mom, dad, and Envita, I learned that I did have Lyme disease. The doctors at Envita took the time to help me understand about my situation because I had a lot of doubts. They listened to everything I had to say, and I could feel that they cared about me. They explained everything that I wanted to know about and always took time to educate me about Lyme disease.

I began treatment a month after learning my diagnosis, and completed eight weeks of the Lyme protocol and four weeks of the viral protocol. Reviewing my symptoms and further testing during the treatments proved that I was not only dealing with Lyme disease, but also other infections and many viruses and parasites. The treatment process affects everyone differently because every case is different. By the fourth week of the Lyme protocol, I was noticing how each week was becoming more difficult. I was feeling very sick and frequently wanted to give up. The doctors encouraged me and told me that I would feel worse before I felt better. I didn’t give up, because I set my mind to it and believed that Envita could help me. The doctors and all of the staff are so wonderful and supportive. They are continually searching for better ways to help their patients. They truly love and care about people. It was very encouraging for me to be around all of the other patients at Envita, too. They are a great support system to have there while receiving treatments. Everyone shares stories and gives help to each other. I am able to accept what I have and face any other obstacles that may come, because I have the desire to fight my hardest. The doctors at Envita have the same attitude and have helped me to stay focused on getting well. Having faith and hope is the most important way to face these challenges.

During the last weeks of treatment, I was having more periods of time feeling much better and steadily improving. At this point of my life, the bacteria from the infections are gone and the virus load has decreased significantly. I am forever grateful to Envita for their knowledge and the extra effort they put in to each patient and their condition. I finally know, understand, and can handle what I have. I know that by faithfully committing to the Envita protocol, I will continue to feel good. I am so thankful for Envita, for their hard work and willingness to help and care for those who are suffering. They don’t give up on you, but figure out alternative ways to help you.

I am now back in school as a full-time college student and am involved in many activities that I love. I love many outdoor activities, including rock climbing. I love and enjoy snowboarding, hiking, and coaching young children in gymnastics! I also recently got married this past year and have never been happier! Thank you to Envita Medical Center for helping me back into life!

Ask Anne about Envita
1 review
15 helpful votes

My wife was treated at Envita for several weeks in 2013 for a chronic medical condition. I spent the entire time with her acting as her patient advocate so I believe I have a pretty good understanding of the day to day function of Envita. I was able to observe without the hindrances that come along with being a suffering patient. My wife was not healed at Envita though that would have been a wonderful thing to report to you. Though she was not healed, she was helped and we received an innumerable amount of blessings that we will remember forever. Every member of the staff, I believe there was around 17 at the time we were there, was very easy to communicate with and I feel were genuine in their desire to help us. You will not find a more pleasant staff anywhere. This is so important in the healing process. I know that they don't have all the answers but they are quality people that are working hard to help people who most others have written off as being "unhealable". They were very sensitive to my financial needs and worked with me way beyond what other clinics would have. The treatments were difficult on my wife but the staff was there helping to get her through them. I found Dr. Korn and Dr. Oertle very professional and willing to spend much time answering any question I had. Yes, I wish that my wife was completely healed from her awful health condition, but if I were to evaluate Envita based on that critera alone that would be unfair. Some will be 100% better while others may not see a lot of improvement.. This I know, you will find a competent staff with good character and morals that will work very hard to find a better quality of health for you. My wife entered the doors to Envita hopeless both physically and emotionally. The experience there brought healing in ways that go beyond ridding oneself of a disease. I don't suspect that is the typical experience at most medical clinics. We made friends while there and left with a peace that God had directed our steps to a wonderful place for medical treatments.

Ask rick about Envita
1 review
11 helpful votes

As Voltaire the French philosopher correctly stated hundreds of years ago, "The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease."

Ask John about Envita
1 review
15 helpful votes

In 2010 I was cured of advanced stage 3 breast cancer. Because my cancer was so advanced, several doctors said I would for sure have multiple tumors throughout my body and would die if I didn't go the route of chemo and radiation. I went to Envita and was cancer free within two months. Here's my suggestion: Go to Envita first and do your part - the diet and life style - and you have a very strong chance to be cancer free. If you go to Envita and continue to drink pop, smoke cigarettes, or eat junk food, you will be wasting your money. I live near Envita so I have been able to over the last 3 1/2 years to come in for maintance from time to time. I have met many people over the years who would come in for treatment go out for a smoke or bring in pop and junk food during or after treatment. They come sick and left sick. Speaking from personal experience, if you truly want to make the best attempt to overcome cancer and not destroy your body, go to Envita and work it like a job; like your life depended on it. If you are not disciplined to do your part, you will go to Envita and waste your money. I know people who had terminal cancer and were cured. Miracles happen but you have to be disciplined. You have to change the diet and lifestyle!! I am a walking miracle and have met many, many others who too are walking miracles because of Envita.

Ask silvana about Envita
1 review
22 helpful votes

My daughter suffered with chronic lyme disease for 18 years. No one could figure out what was wrong with her and no one would go to any effort to find out or to help her. When we finally realized what we were dealing with, we traveled to the Envita clinic and under the care of Dr. Korn she began to see real improvements.

Envita is a place we will stay connected to for a lifetime. Their staff is very kind and helpful in everyway. The medical care is the best I've ever experienced. What they did for my daughter is nothing short of a miracle.

I found that Envita was knowledgeable about every possible lyme treatment. They use a combination of western and alternative medicine along with immunity boosters that really leaves no stone unturned. They keep the patient motivated and comfortable. It was the best possible environment for healing that I can imagine.

Ask Sherri about Envita
4 reviews
11 helpful votes

i'm a lil confused about a lot of the reviews on this one. seems like sitejabber is a site for reviewing websites not medical history... i havent been treated at envita, but i'll give them four stars for the info on their site. that's what i really came here for. i learned a lot about lyme disease treatment... but jeez their website clearly says "does not guarantee" results. no medical clinic does. sorry.

Ask Jimmy about Envita
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

This site is really fantastic because you can find everything you want, regarding me I especially buy technologic stuff and my expectation are always respected!!!

Ask Vitish about Envita
1 review
26 helpful votes

I went to Envita for treatments from 1/14/13 thru 3/21/13. My overall impressions are that the center itself is a pleasant place with a professional environment; the staff are friendly, helpful and professional, especially the nursing staff and front desk folks. My doctor, Dr. Korn, seems very knowledgeable, sincere, and helpful. Did I benefit from the treatments there? After I left there I would have said “absolutely not” (details below), but at this time I am less certain (details below).
I came to Envita in desperation. I had suffered from severe facial and head pain since 2004 and, following a hip replacement in 2008 and revision surgery in 2010, had much worse pain in that hip than before and also started having chronic fatigue and sickness. I have been to over 90 doctors (including the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins), and healthcare practitioners. I endured many fasts, diets, medications, surgeries and various other treatments. I had tested for Lyme disease several times but there was never any clear positive result. A couple of doctors concluded that I did not have Lyme disease and a couple of doctors concluded that I did. The doctors that thought I had Lyme disease based their diagnosis on the symptoms that I had. I truly had all the symptoms of Lyme disease.
I found out about Envita thru an article sent to me by a loved one. I was skeptical, but called them and was sent a web video of the founder, Dr. Dino Prato. I was impressed with this video; I felt he was speaking directly to me about my illness. As a result, I was very interested in what Envita had to offer. My first appointment was with Dr. Korn in October of 2012. I was ready to sign up as soon as I saw how nice the facilities were, and I was very impressed with Dr. Korn’s knowledge and demeanor. My husband, on the other hand, needed convincing, and he did quite a lot of research about Envita. Like many subjects of research, you can find just as many negative opinions as you can positive opinions. After talking to Dr. Korn on the phone a couple more times we bit the bullet and headed out to AZ for at least 2 months. I had hope, one of the best feelings ever!
During my initial visit at Envita October 2012, I had numerous blood tests taken. The results of these showed that I had chlamydia pneumonia (CP), a bacterium that can cause pneumonia, heavy metal toxicity and candida. I did not have a test for Lyme at this time because I had already had several of those tests. According to Dr. Korn, my treatment plan was similar to a Lyme disease protocol because, if the infection or “co-infections” were CP, the protocol would be the same. My treatments included several IV’s a day. Each week I had 2-5 IV’s of doxycycline, rocephin, calcium EDTA, oxybush-ozone, peroxide, MSP, a “biological injection”, glutathione, and vitamin C. I was also prescribed oral antibiotics, coffee enemas, ozone and dry saunas, and numerous supplements.
Although I had a comprehensive list of the treatments, I had no idea what to expect and how my body was going to react. The best part of the Envita experience were the patients that were being treated in the same room as I. (Envita provides patients with a choice of a private room for treatment or a public room with other patients.) I was very fortunate that there were several patients that had been there for several weeks and knew the ropes. I was quite distressed to witness many of these patients reacting to the treatments by being terribly sick to the point where they requested IV medication that helped them to basically pass out. The sickness included severe nausea, vomiting, tremors, chills, terrible pain and all sorts of malaise. But we believed that this was the price we paid to get better. I was told before I started the treatments that it would be no picnic, that I would get much worse before I got better, and that I could expect to begin feeling better after six weeks, generally. The other patients and I would do just about anything to get well. And I did witness some patients getting better. I also know of patients that did not get better.
In my case, my first 3 weeks went relatively well compared to the other patients. I had a lot of edgy energy (like steroids) due to the coffee enemas and the Himalayan salt that were part of the treatments. Also, my body seemed to gobble up the various IV treatments. Other patients were not able to consume the IV’s as quickly as I was. I was told that that did not mean anything; every individual is different. It was during these first three weeks that I got to know the other patients and learned so much from them about Lyme disease, about the treatments, about what to expect, and about what to do in general. I was surprised that no one on the staff gave me any of this information during my 1st week. I do not know how I would have gotten through without those other patients. The nurses were very helpful if asked a question. But it was up to the patient to ask first for any information.
It is also the responsibility of the patient to be cognizant of each and every IV to be sure that the proper one is administered. Several of the patients have a friend or loved one there with them who can be their advocate as well as support. I could not have gone through the treatments without my husband there. Surprisingly, there were a few patients there alone; but they did have the other patients for support.
It has been noted in other reviews how horrible it is to endure these treatments. I am not in a position to criticize any of the specific treatments. I will, however, point out that the vitamin C IV's were particularly horrible. After watching all the other patients react negatively to this treatment, I finally got so sick from the vitamin C starting in my 4th week that I actually stopped taking it after my 5th week. I will also point out that the treatments for each of the patients were individualized but there were a lot of similarities. And there were some patients who were diagnosed as having Lyme disease in their brain that had an even more aggressive and intensive treatment that I do not think I could have endured. It was horrible seeing how those patients felt after that treatment. I can't recall the name of this treatment, but it involves the patient going into a separate room where they are given insulin to drop their blood sugar to a very low level where they almost pass out.
So after my first 3 weeks I got so sick I could barely get out of bed. The world felt crooked to me; I was so dizzy that I had to hold the wall to walk. I couldn’t eat; everything tasted strange and water tasted terrible. But I was told by the nurses and by the other patients that being this sick was necessary to get better. I believed this and did my best to get through the horrible sickness. I requested marijuana pills to help my appetite and they did indeed help.
Part of the treatments included seeing the doctor every two weeks or so. When I first met him I was doing much better than the other patients. On my second visit I was feeling terrible but this was expected. I was told by both the doctor and the other patients that the period of horrible sickness would last about 2 weeks. After 4 straight weeks of feeling terribly sick (my 7th week of treatments), I saw the doctor and shared with him how sick I was. I was expecting him to tell me that I needed to hang in there and continue the treatments for a couple more weeks. In fact he told me that I should stop the treatments. This was music to my ears, but I was a bit confused by it. I stopped all the treatments and just had a daily IV of saline solution and continued with the saunas to help clean my system of all the medications. I had become so close to the patients that I did not want to leave and was glad to continue coming to Envita. It took about 10 days for me to feel somewhat better, but I still felt worse than when I walked in the door in January.
Sometime during the last couple of weeks at Envita I was re-tested for chlamydia pneumonia (CP), heavy metals, and candida. And in every case my test results were worse than they had been when I was initially tested in October. Dr. Korn said he suspected that I had CP and not Lyme disease and that one of the antibiotics I had been given is ineffective for CP. All of this news put me over the edge, and I basically went downhill. I was so devastated and disappointed with how I felt (which again was worse than when I started the treatments). I was told by some of the nurses that this happens to some patients, and that they feel better after a couple months.
In addition, I had been told by the doctor, the nurses and the patients about the “at home” or “after treatments” which consisted of a frequency device to continue to kill the bacteria, Himalayan salt tablets and several other supplements. In my case, since I tested very high in CP, heavy metals and candida, I was given 3 different protocols to follow when I went home (in addition to the machine and salt). One of these was the Wheldon protocol which involves a series of oral antibiotics over a year. Another recommendation was to continue having the calcium EDTA IV’s for heavy metals.
My husband and I decided to go home on March 21st. I went into a depression because I was devastated with how I felt, and I was so disappointed. The hope was gone.
I started all 3 “at home” protocols. I tried a frequency device and continued the Himalayan salts. We called the doctor and asked why I felt worse. He did not know. We discussed that it might make sense for me to do one protocol at a time rather than all 3. I followed the Wheldon protocol for a couple more weeks because my husband had done a lot of research and was hopeful that this protocol would help me.
After a lot of prayer, I just instinctively wanted to stop all “at home” protocols. My husband hesitantly agreed, so I stopped. Then, in April, my depression started to lift. I still felt sick physically and was in bed quite a bit. But in mid-May I started feeling more energetic and was able to do things around the house. Since then I have continued feeling much more energetic and have been able to be out of bed the majority of the time. I continue to take the pain medication that I was taking before I went to Envita. I also take some vitamins and about 6 Himalayan salt capsules a day. I now feel as good as I felt during one of my good periods before I went to Envita. If this continues, I will be inclined to give Envita credit.
A criticism I have of Envita is the lack of formal feedback from the patient to them on how the patient is doing after the treatments. There is so much to learn from the patients. Since leaving Scottsdale four months ago, no one from Envita has called to follow-up on my condition or on the results of their treatment.
A plus for Envita is the documentation provided to you when you finish the treatments, which include extensive notes by the doctor on your history, assessments, diagnoses, plan and procedures. A full report is completed for each doctor visit. Plus you are given a copy of every test result.

Ask Catherine about Envita
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Envita is the place that I always remind to people when they are suffring from cancer. My mom was very weak and chemotherapy was killing her body. We found a friend in Atlanta that had brought his mother to Envita Medical Center with fatigue and low energy issues and had really good things to say about the cancer patients they met at the center. Envita really was a surprise for me, they took great care of my mom and gave her great energy and overall gave her several really good years of life before she was called home to the Lord. I also have a pastor friend from Boston that brought his wife to Envita with breast cancer and she had a great experience to. I feel like I want to give back, I keep hearing about how people are getting cancer all around me. Envita is the place to go; they helped my mom and did it naturally. I know that if we didn’t go to Envita, she would have not lived as long as she did or have the quality of life that she did. If I ever get cancer, I wouldn’t hesitate in going to Envita.

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I've decided to write a review about envita because I've been getting alot of questions regarding Lyme disease and my care there from other lyme/cfs sufferers. It's hard to find info about there protocols on the web so I thought it'd be beneficial for patients wanting to know more about how treatment is there. I have to add I am not familiar with their cancer treatment so I can't comment on that. The staff is friendly and seem competent although I think most the staff is pretty young (under 30,some 20) so it was a little uneasy for me to have such young people dealing with invasive therapies. There were some errors on who got what iv and mix ups with other people's protocols. Communication from dr to back office could be improved. I've heard turnover is high in the back but I can't comment on that. The whole staff had been there around 7 months I think ( coming from a business background I know any business can have turnover problems).

There protocols are very expensive and don't count on any insurance reimbursment. Be prepared for a 40k-80k estimate. it basically consists of iv antibiotics/vitc/peroxide/glutathione/homeopathic push/iv silver/chelation monday through friday for 2 months. They also recommend nutritional/detox/herbal supplements and have an infrared sauna/ozone sauna. They also claim a 90% success rate. Each of the other 6-8 lyme patients I was with got around the same iv treatment plan. Most differences were in some supplements, type of antibiotic, and amount of times of a certain iv. Their follow up plan is also focused on taking himilayan salt and using a bcx ultra rife machine.

Dr. Korn seemed well informed about lyme/coinfections and confident enough in the beginning but as treatment went along I got alot ( and heard from other patients) of "well you could try this" and alot of I don't know why this is happening. That was frustrating, I paid him to make decisions and to at least make educated guesses about what was happening to my body.

Here are my issues with the whole thing. I just don't think you can blast someone for 2 months with everything you got (tons of herxing) and send them home with salt/rife for 40k-80k. I do think the therapies are beneficial and needed but with this disease your just not going to turn it around (in most cases) in 2 months and expect to use all the therapies full force for from the get go. Most patients are fragile and too cause such massive die off/side effects can cause alot if suffering. But business wise you can't charge all that money and expect patients to spend 6-12 months away from home in a hotel getting treated. They make more money claiming 90% success rate in 2 months. In reality they would never get someone to come out if they said it took longer than that plus no one would fit the bill. I wouldn't be so critical but out of the 6-8 people I became close with only 2 people got benefit from the program. The others seemed to fall into a never ending "herx" and left worse when they came. Another disturbing part of it was twice I heard from patients (different times during program) that after much back and forth from the doctor that he claimed that they were either cursed or needed an exorcism and referred them to a priest. I don't know what to say about that one other than one if the worst things a lyme patient to hear is "it's all in your head" but I'm pretty sure the next worse thing is " oh I figured it out.. You got a demon inside you". Really?! Is this the 1600's witch hunt type stuff when people who had seizures were thought to be possessed?

I will say that I was one of the 2 that did benefit from the program. The dr wanted to take me off abx at 2 months but I refused and didn't want to quit until I felt I was in remission. I am doing the salt/rife as recommended, I just hope it's enough to put me and keep me in remission.

My recommendation? If money is no issue, go for it. If you feel it's working, stick with it until your in or close to remission. Otherwise you can find a clinic that does some of these therapies for cheaper. But if your gonna spend every last dime you have, don't do it. Slow and steady will win this race. I am thankful I went to envita but am saddened everyday when I talk to all the friends I made and they are broke/sick.

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My review is speaking strictly to my direct experience with this clinic as a Lyme Disease patient. I don't have much knowledge on their success with cancer patients so I can't comment on that aspect, though I do believe they attain some good results with them.

I am not one of the more complicated Lyme Disease cases. When I walked into Envita's doors I had been sick for less than a year and had responded to antibiotics immediately whenever I was prescribed them through a physician (I just was never kept on them long enough). When I came in the staff was warm and friendly. The patient care coordinators (essentially salesman for the facility) assured my they had a success rate over 90% with lyme disease patients. When I asked them to elaborate on what they defined as success, they said a, "significant improvement in symptoms." Though it was a very expensive treatment, I figured this was the place that would finally put me on the right path. Before I was inflicted with Lyme I was a healthy 21 year old male who had never come across any health problems so I believed them when they told me they'd get me well and I wouldn't need to see another Lyme doctor after working with them.

The nice thing about Envita is you are placed in a room with other Lyme patients so you immediately have a support system, and we all relied on each other throughout our experience. Though the staff and doctors vehemently preach the fact that we all receive an individualized treatment approach, almost all of us received essentially an identical treatment. I am not a doctor, and my knowledge of this illness is limited, but I do understand that this is a complex illness and each person has their own path to wellness. What works for person A will most likely not work for person B. Envita has essentially created a small box. They group everyone into the same treatment plan and there are a few lucky individuals who will get well because they fit into that box. However, the majority of their patients do not react well with the extremely aggressive approach, and if that's the case than you are most likely out of luck and out of $40,000-$80,000.

I was one of the lucky ones, I did in fact fit into that box. Let me make it clear that it wasn't easy, the treatments are brutal, they throw ever concoction at you at high doses and it will make you extremely sick. For the first month in there I vomited nearly every day. In the second month I was still very much struggling. I had to extend my treatment past the eight weeks like most of the other patients did because I was not well when my time was up. Luckily for me, that next month I spent in there was the difference. I spent $20,000 more than I anticipated because I had to extend my treatment plan but I walked out of the facility feeling 50% and felt like I was on my way towards a full recovery. It was difficult to see the other patients I spent time with struggling so much, but I felt lucky that I was one of the few that fit into the small box that Envita provides.

I was sent out with an after care protocol that was identical to what every other patient received when their treatment was over. I began the after-care protocol and started doing terribly. Because I was lucky enough to live in the area, I constantly made appointments with the doctor overseeing my care in the facility (Dr. Korn) to help provide me some guidance with the after-care. Dr. Korn told me that the more I pushed myself with his protocol the faster I would get better. At this point, nearly every other patient I treated with had abandoned Envita's protocol due to their negative experience but I kept at it. As each month wore on, my condition deteriorated more and more. After 7 months of treating through Envita my illness was actually worse than when I had started with them. What aggravated me even more was the fact that of the 14 lyme patients that I had met there and kept in contact with afterwards, only 2 had seen significant improvement in their symptoms. At least half were actually worse in their condition. So much for that 90% success rate they pitched.

Looking for answers I made another appointment with Dr. Korn. When I explained to him my situation he simply would just state that he didn't know what was wrong with me. Instead of providing me answers he simply asked what I wanted to do. I pushed him further looking for some guidance on the issue and the conversation veered into an area I was not expecting. The man I had entrusted the last seven months of my life with told me that it was very possible I had a spell cast on me by a witch while I was doing volunteer work in Africa. This "spell" that was placed on me, was a major contributing factor to my current condition. He insisted on giving me the name of a minister who we found out later performs exorcisms on his patients. I must also say that I saw him going down this path early on in the appointment and tried to steer him away by telling him that I was jewish, but it didn't stop him and explained to me that he was also jewish but believed in jesus. He also did this same exact thing with a 17 year old girl who was treating with me as well when she was not getting well.

My family and I were obviously upset with what had transpired. I understand that spiritual faith may in fact play a part in recovery from an illness, but I was there for his medical advice, not a lesson on finding Christ. The fact that he had done this with other patients pushed me to meet with the owner of the facility Dino Prado.

I want to be completely transparent in my review. When I met with Mr. Prado (From my understanding he lost his license to practice medicine so to call him a doctor would be misleading) I was intent on letting him know how his physician handled my care and wanted a refund on my treatment. I did think my care was mismanaged to the point of earning a refund but went into the meeting knowing that wasn't probably happening.

I must say that Mr. Prado was very receptive to my advice/criticism in the meeting. It is obvious that the facility has no intention of being a scam, and they truly do believe they are helping people. He seemed to be genuinely shocked when I told him that nearly all of the patients had a negative experience with Envita. Dino and his staff are under the impression that they are helping people, but they do not contact their patients after their eight week treatment is finished so they never actually have any idea how successful they are with Lyme patients.

He told me he realized this was a weakness in their protocol and he planned to do something about it. When I told him I was doing worse, Dino said it was due to the fact that I had recently started taking a couple percocet a day, though it was his doctors that prescribed my the percocet and never flinched in refilling that prescription. Dino also made it clear numerous times that Envita was the best at what they do. He told me that if I were to get well at another doctor it would only be because of all the good things Envita had done for me. I am not exaggerating my meeting with him in any way, this is exactly what he had conveyed to me. Though Dino clearly has good intentions, it is very apparent that he is delusional in terms of how much they're helping patients. Their treatment costs in the mid five figures even though their success rate with Lyme patients probably lays somewhere between 10-20%. The top lyme doctors in the country have a success rate between 60-80% with patients and provide their services at a much more generous price than Envita.

When I asked for a refund, he was very offended, but he and his staff were generous and insisted that their goal was to get me well and would provide me with a few months of treatment on their dime. They would switch me to the other doctor within their facility who would now be overseeing my care. I met with this other doctor, who does seem competent, and is a very nice man, but didn't strike me as someone who had a great understanding of Lyme Disease.

I gave Envita two stars because they have a tremendous nursing staff who truly care about their patients. They also have a state of the art facility and some of the front office staff truly do care (Craig), but thats about where the positive stops. To recover from Lyme you need a physician who really understands the illness and caters the treatment to you specifically, and that is something Envita lacks.

Sadly, lyme patients will continue to spend their life savings unsuccessfully at Envita. They are a marketing machine and I doubt my review will last on here long as they most likely have a way to take it down. My advice is to do your research on this facility before committing to them. Not only is the conventional medical community against them (which is fully expected and understandable), but the Lyme community is also against them. When I contacted the top Lyme Disease advocacy group who helps patients find LLMD's, Dr Korn was actually on their list of banned doctors. The main reason I chose not to take them up on their offer of free treatment is because they are basically shunned by most Lyme advocates. You can get better from Lyme, so please seek out the care of a trained Lyme Literate Medical Doctor who will work with you closely. I have lost $70,000 to this facility but more importantly I lost 7 months of my life. I am now under the care of a different doctor who I am very comfortable with and respect very much. I hope I dont come off as sounding like I have an axe to grind, I would have never left a review like this if it wasn't for the fact that nearly every lyme patient I was in treatment with did not get well while treating there. Best of luck to all the other lyme patients out there!

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This place has really impressed me with their transparency and willingness to educate you about your condition(s) as to what your options really are. Whether it's alternative treatment or conventional treatment, they'll explain everything to you before even taking a payment from you. Their website has been really helpful and has provided a lot of helpful information that I would have otherwise had a hard time finding on my own using google alone. It's really easy to be skeptical of a smaller, lesser known place like Envita when being compared to the larger scale places like Mayo clinic, but I quickly learned to not be blinded by the marketing powers of the bigger places that only offer conventional treatments and really nothing more. I stumbled into a fairly recent "radio" style review he conducted with a former patient that may help anybody who is still on the fence about whether to give this place a chance.

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I don’t typically post on blogs, but I thought it would be worthwhile posting my story in here. A few years ago I was diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer. It was a terrifying time in my life since it was late stage and I was very scared I was going to die. I researched many clinics both big and small My Canadian friend during this time was also diagnosed with cancer. He decided to go to a much larger, very well known standard cancer center. They would not help him with anything until he had wired 250k to their bank account. I certainly did not have that kind of money, and on top of that, I was not willing to subject myself right away to the chemo / radiation lifestyle. But he did and he went forward with them, deciding to go with the approach that most people end up going with, chemo / radiation. He went downhill very quickly, his body just deteriorated and he ended up dying about a year later. I really don’t know if he could have been saved by going somewhere else, that is a judgment call that is impossible to make, because he didn’t try anything else.
My story is dramatically different. My daughter found out about Envita through a friend and she did some research about the clinic. I became very excited to hear about the treatments and technology that they use. Their education is superb, and it helped put my mind at ease about their qualifications for dealing with advanced cases such as mine. My questions were answered I really felt that the doctors cared for me and my wellbeing because the time they spent with me. They never acted rushed, like they wanted me out their door. While I was at Envita, I got to know a lot of other patients, and they were all so happy to be there, not because they were sick, but because they had a place that truly cared about them and was doing everything they could to get them well. I know that Envitas treatments and integrative approach is what ultimately got me well and saved my life. I couldn’t be more grateful to the doctors and staff. I also know of other patients with similar stories, but nobody knows about them because they aren’t shared, like mine wasn’t shared until now. I’m sorry to all those that suffer that go through the mainstream care without at least trying alternative care.

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They did a very thorough history and a lot of tests. Some we could have done by an insurance in-network lab. The rest Envita did and really would not give us enough information or help us to submit them to insurance. I was worried that everyone who goes there with vague symptoms gets diagnosed with Lyme disease. They told my daughter that her tests, although not normal, did not really point to Lyme disease or anything else specific. They offered a very expensive treatment plan, but made it clear that they were not sure how much it would help.

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Envita Medical Center and it's doctors saved my life. I went there 2 years ago for treatment of chronic lyme disease, it's coinfections, mercury and uranium poisoning. When I first asked my father to send me there for treatment, his initial words were, "I'm not going to spend my money on those charlatans!!" After 9 weeks of their iv protocol AND following through with their recommendations of further home care, he is a true believer also in Envita Medical Center. I had been ill my whole life(51 years), had 13 medical specialists, a sevice dog, multiple surgeries, my whole personality had changed and although I have a master's degree, I had completely 'dumbed down'. My adult daughter thought I had alzheimers. Envita has given me my life back. They were the first and only doctors who were ever able to help me. I highly recommend Envita Medical Center. If my family or loved ones ever needed their assistance - I wouldn't hestitate to take them to Envita Medical Center for their expertise.

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I wish I would have saved myself 50k. I was told I would leave and feel 100%.
I don't.
The clinic is understaffed and works a short day Monday and a short day Friday. It felt like it was more important for the office staff to leave on time then it was for the patient to get the care they are supposed to receive. (at 6 to 8k + per week I think the patient should come first?) Envita needs to find more dedicated front office staff or pay them a full time salary, just throwing out ideas here.
Some of my protocol was forgotten by the doctor, as were some tests and I was told the reason for forgetting : "it's a staffing issue". So, there were no baselines on some of the tests. How can I tell if my test results are showing improvements if I don't have the baseline test?
The clinic is disorganized and seems like high staff turnover.

When we, as very sick patients, go into a clinic and pay thousands of dollars per week, one would think the clinics "NO PERFUME" policy would be enforced. When we complained, were told the staff didn't want to hurt the feelings of visitors of other patients by asking them to leave when they arrived in clouds of perfume. It was better in the staff's sight to shuffle extremely ill patients to other rooms and accommodate the perfume laden quests rather then the patients who were made physically ill from perfume chemicals.

I am a Lyme patient, STILL.

But the worst part of the story is to come. My daughter chose this clinic because she believed Envita could give her quality of life while fighting cancer. She did have previous conventional treatments.
After 4 weeks of treatment at Envita, she landed in the ER and stayed in the hospital for the good share of a month. The hospital stabilized her and sent her home. She died less then a month later.

Looking back,I don't believe Envita had a chance of saving her life. It's a tough call; take away the hope she might have or take 40k of a dying person's money or be honest?
Since the founder would not look me in the eye when I passed him in the hallway, I felt he knew she didn't have a chance to live on this protocol. But it's hindsight.

If I had to do this all over again, I would have her go to MD Anderson or Cancer Care Centers of America. At least at this large clinics they would have done proper testing and probably saved her from a life threatening infection and many blood transfusions. Maybe she would have had some quality of life.

Envita does have 'patient advocates', but I think there is only really 1. The person that we dealt with antagonized my daughter and upset her for no good reason. I finally had to step in and tell the person to do as my daughter asked and it would solve the question at hand.
All in all, it was a very expensive, non productive (especially if you call death of a family member non productive) frustrating 2 months that I wish we could take back and do over.

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I came to Envita with stage 4 colon cancer with metastasis to my liver. The Mayo clinic, after chemotherapy had told me that there was not much left to do, but that there was possibly a new drug trial option. I like my doctor but I really expected more from Mayo. They were supposed to be the best!I then started researching with my husband a more integrative approach. I went to numerous integrative cancer clinics, naturopathic doctors, alternative MD’s and was really worried about their level of treatment ability, since I was placing my life in their hands. My mother found Envita on the web and started talking to them about my case. I decided to go in for an appointment, and from there it was nothing but positive. Envita gave me real hope, something I was being starved of. I started treatment there and after 12 weeks I was witnessing a major turnaround in my health. My family gave me a really hard time thinking I was totally out of my mind for leaving Mayo but in my mind I didn’t have a choice.Envita was worth every penny, they had an amazing staff, great support and incredible knowledge. The cost, when compared to my conventional treatment, was much less expensive and Envita worked with me and my husband. God provided! - is all that I can say and I thank Him every day for it. All alternative cancer treatment is really expensive anywhere you go, but Envita was the best for me. They saved my life, I feel like a mama bear protecting her cubs when it comes to Envita.The staff became like family and first thing I noticed was that no one their looked sick like in the hospital, I just had great feeling. What more can I say?

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I was diagnosed by Breast Cancer on 9th April 2009 and I received a most of the treatment for cancer treatment from the Envita Medical Centers by Dr. Dino Prato. I was treated with Integrative medicine by the Envita Medical Center from Last 10 years. The Energy which room was magnetic. My Breast Surgery was canceled three times. so I choose a Naturopathy by Envita Medical center and get the improvement.

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I have had my sister and father go through Envita, and they were incredible in treating the different issues they have had. The doctors and staff were so helpful and knowledgeable, I would recommend them to anybody.

Ask Craig about Envita
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I think this is one you need to take a look at for yourself, if you're seeking treatment for a serious or chronic illness and tend toward a belief in the usefulness of natural or "alternative" therapies (no, Envita is not that Argentinian musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, I thought so too, for a moment).

The clinic, which claims to be the only one of its kind, offers a combination of natural and conventional treatments for conditions such as cancer and heart disease. But when you get down to it, everything gets a bit fuzzy when it comes to the details. It starts to look like a typical quack medicine site. And then, if you go look at the disclaimer, you find that:

"The information provided on this Site is for educational purposes only. Please consult a physician before beginning any treatment program or making any adjustments in your healthcare, diet, and /or lifestyle. Do not remove yourself from any prescribed medications or treatments without consulting your doctor. Any and all dietary supplements or nutritional products discussed on this Site are not FDA-approved and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

"The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. While we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied.
None of the dietary supplements or nutritional products discussed on this Site are FDA-approved, and they are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease or illness. This Site and its services are for consumer educational use only. Nothing contained in this Site is or should be considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This site and its services do not constitute the practice of medicine. Users should always seek the advice of a physician with any questions regarding their health or medical conditions. Never disregard, avoid, or delay obtaining medical advice or following the advice of a physician because of something you have seen or read on this Site. "

Now most of this would be expected from a business working hard to keep itself on the right side of the law and out of the FDA's bad books by getting all the legal "t"s crossed and "i"s dotted, as they say. The puzzling part, though, given that there's a claim to using both conventional and alternative treatments, is this bit:

"This site and its services do not constitute the practice of medicine."

Now does this mean that the website, only, contains no information solid enough to be classified as medical diagnosis or suggestive of the practice of medicine as defined by law? Or does it mean that the clinic doesn't practice medicine, in which case, what does it do? All very odd. Then there's the lack of solid information, and the way it goes all cagey on the question of whether the treatments are covered by health insurance.

But then, elsewhere on the site, the promotion goes to great lengths to substantiate the assertion that it's not quackery at all, but responsible professional care. And that seems plausible enough. The clinic has been around for several years, it has glowing praise from alleged patients, and it has an A rating from the state Better Business Bureau. It has obtained permission from the FDA to begin a Phase I clinical biological trial of its natural cancer treatment, which it claims that no other similar practitioner has been able to do.

But then, there's a somewhat dark history attached to some of the people behind Envita, and a whole website devoted to the subject at

It seems that there have been more complaints than the BBB knows about.

I haven't had the opportunity to do any serious research on this one, I leave that to you, my faithful reader. But in my opinion at least, there's certainly a need to look very carefully and beyond the clinic's own promotions and publicity, before you get your check book out. Matters of chronic and potentially terminal illnesses are too important to take unnecessary risks, regardless of the type of care you choose.

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