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eCRATER reviews

32 reviews
105 Alberti Aisle
Irvine, CA 92614
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I was a seller on this site with my store now on hold. (in 23 reviews)

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New Reviewer

While they demand e-mail only contact, all businesses must have a listed phone number. eCrater's is 949-378-2444.

New Reviewer

Hello i need help on ecrater i try to search my listing on the stie and i dont see it why i only see it on my store

New Reviewer

A week ago, I purchased a very large set of markers from a seller named scrapbookallie on eCrater. I immediately emailed her asking if it was fraud. She denied it, and said she was sending the order out on thursday.
I replied asking politely for the shipping information. She never replied!

It's been a week. I didn't have the option to pay with paypal. I still don't know for sure that it's fake, but all signs say yes. I know she has been online because she adds things to her store often.

What do I do?


Ask Layla about eCRATER
New Reviewer

How do you know if your seller is active or not? >< I'm so scared that they will cheat my mom's money :( I want to find out my seller's email, but I can't find it. My seller is scrapbookallie

New Reviewer

I sell on here, and I am happy to say I like it. I have been on ebay since its inception, and still sell on there today..The ecrater site has less traffic than ebay..But I have not had an issue with any ecrater seller or username on ebay and ecrater is midtnpower..we have over 6500 combined sales on the 2 sites, and 100 percent feedback on both.(never a neutral or negative).We welcome any of you that think either is a scam site to try us out!

New Reviewer

I bought some curlformers from this seller and I had no issues. The shipping was fast and they have positive feedback.

Tip for consumers: I would check feedback first!

Ask Melissa about eCRATER
New Reviewer

I am interested in purchasing an engagement ring set and I see one from Seller

How do I know this is real? I love the way the ring looks and I see a lot of comments, more negative than positive, should I just try it for myself, or is there anyone that has ever bought from this seller before "BWJEWELRY" and could offer their experience?


New Reviewer

I am a seller on ( From my experience as a seller, everything is great except traffic.

I don't expect the kind of traffic we get on Ebay or Amazon, but I only have a few sales per month and I'm sure my high quality low price items are not the problem.

I think one way to get sales going is to have buyers leaving feedback and eCRATER needs to do a better job to encourage buyers to leave feedback.

On Ebay about 30% of buyer would leave feedback(100% positive for me), but on eCRATER so far no feedback.

I hope the traffic will improve over time.

New Reviewer

WATCH OUT SELLER " BIKE2012 " on S.T Dupont lighter it is a scam and Fraud, if you have any issue with your item, Seller never accept a refund and try to blame on your fault, to refused from refund.
Seller even not worth for 1 star

New Reviewer

Ecrater enables Sellers to set up their own site / page, enabling them to upload their logo, pictures and to connect with the stores facebook page. It also enables sellers to accept credit card payments through Stripe, or simply through Paypal and google checkout. Ecrater uploads all listings to itsmarketplaces (US, UK, AU), but also sends them to Google Shopping for free as well as allowing sellers to import listings from ebay. However unlike bigger market places, you have to sponsor your site by your self, and you can do so by connecting your store through Adwords and Facebook, meaning you can sponsor your site (this is not free however). You can upload your listings for free, and they will stay there until they are sold out (unless you remove them), and they will charge a small fee only if you sell your product. Now this all sounds great however there are some slight disadvantages to ecrater compared to other sites. It does take a while to start selling products, especially if you don't sponsor your page. It also does take some time to set up your store, and some IT knowledge is needed. Sellers are not allowed to leave feedbacks to buyers, and often people forget they have listings on ecrater as they do not time out, so ALWAYS check that you are buying from an active seller by emailing them first and by checking their feedback. Unfortunately the ability to personalize your own site is limited, and they have a fairly old looking interface (looks like its from the 90's) however the ecrater team is always bringing up new updates, and I am sure that they will soon update the looks of the sellers sites, as the have already done with the market places. Overall I find that ecrater is a great alternative to ebay and amazon, less fees, and more freedom for sellers (ebay sellers will understand me here) and I definitely would racomend it to everyone! happy selling from Maerg2014 :)

New Reviewer

a very professional fantastic site to sell on. one of my favorites and did I mention... FREE!

New Reviewer

im purchased from seller soccershirts2013 two soccer jerseys and im really happy with transaction! i think its good website

New Reviewer

I have purchased multiple adult toys from seller and have had great experiences. Great customer support from I believe her name is Brooke and always fast shipping. I highly recommend them.

New Reviewer

No actual complaint regarding this site specifically, which features a decent variety of sellers and merchandise; however, my SINGULAR experience here with one of the dealers was literally abominable -- numerous transactions (before and since) with online sellers elsewhere have been positive. In the grand scheme of things, a single bad experience is likely "statistically" predictable; however, following THIS one, it definitely "soured" me on using this site -- it's a shame that eCrater doesn't offer, seemingly, anyhow -- a "feeback forum" commensurate with eBay's, which clearly is "The Key" to monitoring BOTH buyer and seller satisfaction.

New Reviewer

Seems like eCrater will close a site after suspicious activity. I wish they would do their homework and check the stores before granting them the ability to steal money from consumers.

New Reviewer

I have been selling on eCrater for over 3 years now & I absolutely love it! If you are a buyer, remember eCrater allows sellers to have their OWN just do a couple minutes homework to check out the seller by viewing feedback, & check the date at the bottom of their main page to see when the store was last updated. I'm very happy with my sales, the people at eCrater have always responded to my inquiries, and I have enjoyed the ease of listing, with no limit to the amount of items, and no fees except for a small fee if the sale is generated through their marketplace & PayPal. The site requires self promotion, but I have learned so much about marketing because of this & it has been such a rewarding experience. I can't say enough good stuff about eCrater. You are invited it visit my store @

New Reviewer

Ordered pen knife,seller said don't rate them till you receive goods.
After delay,seller said goods stuck in customs.
Pay pal protection ran out of days and I still never got my goods.

The site offers no protection so beware.

New Reviewer


Items Purchased:Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Gold Card

Dont return emails, dont get item, buyer beware

New Reviewer

I was a seller on this site with my store now on hold. It has some good features but lacks what it takes to be a premier site. My moneys on eBay who back not only the buyer but the seller as well. My reason for this review is to let would be sellers know that you wont receive protection from unfair feedback. They insist that you send a screen shot to prove your point which I was not able to do. I sent proof of a 100% refund with a response of: when you send a screen shot we will review the case. I couldn't manage a screen shot, but did find the box to put my store on hold. EBay or amazon are still the best market place's for a seller with customer service just a call away. Sorry eCrater... The next box to check is close store.

New Reviewer

I have actually used the site to buy plants and garden decorations for my home and I have NEVER had a problem with the site as far as a buyer goes with product or with the sellers.

I mostly use the site as a seller and I have had a WONDERFUL time using it! It takes a few things to really get the site and items going but that is just technical like google key word thing. Its a free site and it allows you to choose what form of payment you accept. If you don't pay using paypal then buyers can't leave feedback at the moment. I am hoping that they make it so all buyers reguardless of how they pay for items can leave feedback at some point. Once that happens it would be a better selection of proof that the sellers are being reliable.

Until then I would look at the selection and when the update happened. Just because the seller doesn't have a lot of feedback doesn't mean they aren't selling or people aren't happy. I send a message after every transaction asking if when item arrives if they would please leave feedback for items they purchased and let me know their items arrived. Alas even with that people just aren't courteous about leaving feedback good or bad anymore. They buy the item and then are never heard from again.

I would research your sellers, check out their pages, see what they are or who they are, read reviews/feedback, check for last update, things like this. From there ask yourself a few questions. Do they have links to other places with current or a bunch of feedback that you can see what kind of track record they have? If so, check those links, feedbacks out. See what they have for reviews. Are they known online..? Would people recommend them? From there make an informed decision. I list all my places of feedback as I am active on a few other places and not just here since I have so many items for sale. I had personally been selling items on ebay and the other places for years before I ever heard of ecrater.

I am one of the honest sellers that are out there and there are many of us. Do NOT lump us all in the same boat and label ecrater as a bad site just because you didn't research enough on your seller.

New Reviewer

I ordered an item from Ecrater .com, with their seller Mvintagezoo. The charges were transferred from my credit card and the item was never delivered. I have contacted Ecrater and Myvintage zoo on four different occasions. I received no return messages and still no products after five weeks. Just another rip-off site.

New Reviewer

This site is a complete joke and show is the owner of this site. Started as a seller, did absolutely nothing wrong, listed about 20 products dell and hp batteries. without notice this a-hole cancells our site without as much as an email. Thus c*ommie russian has a bad history as so the reviews clearly show!

New Reviewer

I have a store on ecrater. I advise potential buyers to check out my ebay feedback to prove that I am real and not a scam. I always do research and check out the seller I buy from them. If someone wants me to relist on ebay for their protection, I don't mind doing so. Thanks

New Reviewer

I would give eCrater negative 5 stars, if I could! There are no protections for the buyers at all. Most of the stores use Paypal, a trusted company, to secure the transaction. However, you never hear from the buyer and they already have your money before you can stop the transaction and save your money. ALWAYS use a credit card if you have to use the site. They will more than likely refund your money.

New Reviewer

im a seller in this side...i was a seller on ebay (im small seller) but the fees where to high for the sales i made it on the time...i change the place to ecrater the side is ok, we dont pay fee for sales, we only pay to paypal, we list the items we want. plus the page is really easy to manage.

the bad of this place is they dont have a lot of trafict, is really hard to sell a item. plus when someone left a bad feedback (i dont have any of this only good ones) you can reply it.

my store

New Reviewer

I've made two purchases on eCrater and BOTH of them were scams. eCrater doesn't do a single thing to prevent these kinds of transactions. Furthermore, eCrater will leave it to you to pursue a refund through Paypal.

Sellers love eCrater because there are no listing fees and no commissions, however, scammers love eCrater for the very same reason. It makes pulling their scams, just that much cheaper.

Buyers beware. NO ONE has your back if you're shopping at eCrater.

New Reviewer

This is certainly a "sellers' website" as many reviews state. It is, however, not at all a buyers' website. All the freedoms that sellers rave about create nightmares for buyers. I purchased a $200 item, used paypal, and never got a response from seller. No invoice, no response to emails, nothing. After I waited the 14 days, as required by ecrater, I filed a complaint with ecrater, but not until after I filed a complaint with paypal. I included a comment in my email to ecrater that I had submitted a claim to paypal already, but wanted to know what ecrater would do.

The response? "Unfortunately, the merchant's store is inactive and pending review. Please visit the PayPal Resolution Center in order to file a dispute with PayPal."

So, there may be good stores on ecrater, but there are also flat out scams. How can you ever know which you are buying from? You can't, because you can't even search for a specific buyer on the site. Do yourself a favor, and look elsewhere. I will certainly never buy anything on the site again.

New Reviewer

Purchased some comics from and Mike couldn't have been a nicer guy. Extremely friendly and lots of communication. Hope other sellers on there are just as helpful as him. A+

New Reviewer

This is just my initial impression, as I just made a purchase last night. I paid with PayPal and received the receipt. Later I received an automatic email from the seller and it had a Pay Now link.(If I click there, PayPal tells me I have already paid.

I email the seller from the automatic email and have gotten no response from three emails. I know this is early but I had etsy purchases the same night and received immediate order received and paid for and even shipment info.

Ecrater is for sellers and from what I've heard in other review sites, they aren't supported by ecrater. You cannot contact them as a seller or buyer and get a response. There is no security that the transaction will take place and nowhere on the site to search for the seller.

Luckily, I've read PayPal has rescued many a bad transaction or non-shipment. I hope I get lucky and get a response from my seller and receive my product. I will not give this a try again. You have to be lucky and pick a legit seller who is on the ball.

New Reviewer

I have said it before and I repeat it again, is a GREAT ecommerce site. It's biggest plus is it's FREE, 100% FREE!!! No gimmicks, no fine print. It's biggest downside is that it's very basic, VERY BASIC. No frills, almost no customization, but i't's very effective. If someone Goggle searches an item I have listed I consistently get first page returns on Google.

New Reviewer

The best FREE tool for creating your own first store. Easy basic tools to use, monthly stats - I love it. They don't even take any % on your sales! If you don't have an online store, you must give it a try.

New Reviewer

Virgin Mobile LG Optimus $139.99 ( Must Purchase 3 Phone Related Accessory PER PHONE Read Details)

They billed me for the accessories and canceled the order on the phone... Now I have the accessories comming to a phone I'm not gonna get... Offer is to good to be true.. Id be glad to share the order numbers if you need proof !

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Q: Id be more than happy to forward you the transactions....
A: Looking at a toy on My daughter's computer warns her the site is a scam. My Google site shows no such warning. Neither does Yahoo. Does anyone have any info? It's an open marketplace.
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