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EconomyBookings reviews

129 reviews
Categories: Car Rental
Lielirbes Street 17a
Riga, LV 1046
Tel: (202) 800-9938
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129 Reviews for EconomyBookings

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I booked a car with them and everything seemed well at the moment.

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New Reviewer

I booked with these guys a car at August 2014. They took me 100% of rent cost as prepayment. When I tried to pickup the car at the airport there was no car at all. I reached their support guys by phone by they did not even say "Sorry" They did not care that took my money and did not provide any service they just did not even care. I had to spend several hours at the airport trying to find the car and finally payed 3 times more for the car than expected from at the local company. At the moment I'm still trying to receive my money back from them.

Tip for consumers: Do not deal with these guys. They will take your money for nothing.

Ask Timur about EconomyBookings
New Reviewer

After they asked for my drivers info 3 x and in the end could not verify for my state, I cancelled.
I have called 3x to ask for my refund and have not had a response. I will have to call the bank and have the charges reversed. Meanwhile I set up a car rental for approx the same price directly with a long time reputable rental service. Wish I had read the reviews first

Tip for consumers: Go directly to the car rental service and ask them to match the price.

Ask Cathy about EconomyBookings
New Reviewer

Avoid using Econonmy Bookings. It's just a directory.
We paid 40 euros online thinking we were securing a car with is, we paid a brocker that redirects your search of a rental towards the different companies offering their services. Next time I need a car, I'll go straight to the usual companies websites.
No problems with Staff was helpul and professional.

Tip for consumers: Compare the vehicles and prices, but then book your car straight with the car rental Cie. Not via Economy Bookings.

Ask Eve about EconomyBookings
New Reviewer

To everyone thinking of booking via, I would advise you to read my story before sending money their way:

I first wrote to Kristina ( from on 3 May 2014 after a trip to Italy. Today, the date is 25 August 2014. She has constantly told me that investigation is still pending, but 115 days later I am still in the dark as to what went wrong with my booking. To add insult to injury, I have been charged an extra EUR 137 from Europcar Roma.


RE: Europcar reservation numbers #987175432 & #983674274

We would like to file a complaint and a refund request of EUR 114.00 – see below and attached:


On 15 April 2014, we reserved two Fiat 500L 1.3 (or similar) vehicles online (one for each reservation number), 5 days before our pick-up on 20 April 2014. We had initially reserved two Fiat Panda 1.2 (or similar) vehicles online on 23 February 2014 but subsequently amended both bookings to the Fiat 500L 1.3 (or similar) because the Fiat Panda was way too small for our requirements.

On 20 April 2014, upon arrival at Europcar Rome Termini Train Station at 12pm, your employee Mr Paolo told us that the system had completely disregarded our Fiat 500L 1.3 booking amendment. In addition, Paolo said that there were only Fiat Panda cars available at the carpark, and if we wanted a larger category, we would have to bear a materially increased cost.

This caused us immense inconvenience, as we had to squeeze SIX adults and SIX 100-Liter hardcase luggages in two tiny Fiat Panda cars for 3 days. This would not have happened if we had received two Fiat 500L as per our order.


Our bookings clearly included TWO GPS Navigational systems (one for each car), which we had prepaid online, but upon pick-up, Paolo told us that our bookings only entitled us to only one GPS and that if we were to request for a second GPS, it would cost an extra EUR 30.

Paolo coldly told us to make do with one GPS, as he assumed we were going to be travelling together, which was a wrong assumption. We frequently split routes and one car could only rely on Google Maps on iPad to navigate, which was ridiculous, as we had paid for a GPS. Again, this clearly would not have happened if we had received TWO GPS navigational systems as per our order.


We have been charged a total of EUR 210 per car for use of each Fiat Pandas. According to our rate details sheet, a car with GPS costs EUR 168.29.

As you can see, we were overcharged by EUR 42 per car (overcharged by 25%) excluding the GPS overcharge for 1 car.

We insist that we are refunded the following amounts to the respective credit cards:

Res No. 983674274: EUR 42 refund

Res No. 987175432: EUR 72 refund (including GPS which we did not receive but paid for)

It would be useful if you could reply a response to us by next week (9 May).

New Reviewer

The worst experience ever at Toronto "airport". People, do no use this company!! We had to pay double the price we agreed on. The lady at the counter made all these unnessecery addons to our resevation and told us that she is not going to rent the car, if we do not pay for the extras. At that point we really needed the car and made a claim afterwards. Still no answer from the booking group. Then again, what can you expect, this company is based in Latvia..

Tip for consumers: Stay away from this company!!!

Ask Eeva about EconomyBookings
New Reviewer

Don't use EconomyBookings!

Not honest, wicked business model, and not actually pay part of customer's deposit money to reserve your car from Rental Companies!!

I flew with my family from Asia to London, a few days then train Biarritz France. Booked my car in June for my family with kids arrival on 12 August at France. Everything confirmed, paid over 130 Euros as reservation for my car for five days.

Then I was scared reading many poor reviews about the company. I managed to call long distance to their England office phone no., and got the phone no. of Citer/Enterprise car rental company at Train Station at Biarritz France, and called. Both confirmed that I would get my car.

The overnight train through Paris to Biarritz was very late (recently many late trains in France partly due to people stealing cables). And due to my poor French and other reasons my family missed the station. We managed to go back to Biarritz train station Citer/Enterprise, more than three hours late than the appointed time. The lady in Citer/Enterprise told me that because I did not call them within two hours of the appointed time, the car was rented to others. And no more car available that day, even from my whole family, without knowing French, was stuck there under much stress already and forthcoming, the first day of our planned pleasure trip in France!

Nothing was stated about "late hour MUST CALL or NO Car available" in the Terms nor on the most important Summary sent to me which I was told to bring along in my trip. Citer/Enterprise told me that EconomyBookings did not give them any penny for reserving cars and it is legitimate for them to rent it out!

Tip for consumers: Don't use EconomyBookings! Not honest, wicked busines model, and not actually pay part of customer's deposit money to reserve your car from Rental Companies!!

Ask Sam about EconomyBookings
New Reviewer

Avoid this company!! They promised a rental car from a "top tier" rental firm at Heathrow, and when we received our booking confirmation, it was with a 2nd-rate company that was off-site and for which you have to pay for a bus to get there. When we immediately asked them to cancel, based on the false information provided, they canceled the reservation, but kept our £14 deposit. Don't ever use them!

New Reviewer

absolutely not honest. I booked a car for 315 euros and they converted one day after, automatically, the price to 460 euros because they had not anymore my car, WHITHOUT SAY ME ANYTHING!! if I would not notice this operation (and I done this after read on various forum about this company..), I would had a worst surprise at desk rent car. First and last time I use your service, I will report this site on many trip forum's

New Reviewer

made a reservation, they listed several car companies and when they confirmed I had a reservation they did not even list the name of a car company to pick up the car at... that made me suspicious. Tried to call .... the phone number they list is unreachable. Tried to click on the cancel.. they say you can cancel but upon clicking on cancel nothing happened. this company is a big fraud. The company listed the price in Dollars but charged rate in Euros...

New Reviewer

Thieves. Not only do they not respond but they are liars, luckily my credit card took big steps and blocked the FIVE payments they were trying to withdraw . They ARE BASED IN LATVIA, The credit card company said they are suspicious and trying to build up and small reputation so as to trick others, but the main thing is they have YOUR credit card details in LATVIA. DO NOT USE. They quoted me $523 then tried to take another $2455 in "extras" .Srptick to the main companies in safe countries.

New Reviewer

J'étais un peu nerveux, parce que j'avais toujours traité seulement avec les marques nationales bien connues. Toutefois, l'écart de prix était telle que nous avons décidé de prendre le risque et faire un essai. Il s'est avéré être l'une des meilleures expériences de location que j'ai eu.

New Reviewer

BIGGEST FRAUDSTERS!!!. My car had gone in for repairs and I could not get a courtesy car from my insurance so I decided to rent a car for the 6 days that my car would be in for repairs. Literally minutes after transacting with, I got a call from my insurance to say they would offer me a rental for the time in which I did not have a car. I tried to cancel the transaction and to my horror I was being charged a ridiculous cancellation fee. Should there not be some rule that cancellations made on the same day as the reservation or within 48hrs should not be charged? I do wish I would have read the reviews before giving my credit card details away. My wish is to save someone else, DO NOT USE ECONOMYBOOKINGS.COM. There is nothing economical about them

New Reviewer

very impressed!!! I'm a regular customer and have rented cars from various locations in Europe. I'm always happy with the service so always come back.

New Reviewer

Excellent service, Excelent service from all members of staff, and website easy to use. Vehicles are very clean and tidy.

New Reviewer

Very disappointing...
When I picked up the car at Seville Airport, I was confronted with another €40 for out of office hours payment and another €40 for return location (Malaga) being different then pick up.
Both these details (pickup time and return location) had been filled in at their site to get a qoute, but only after having made the payment in the confirmation details, somewhere between the lines they start to speak about these extra cost.

New Reviewer

quick, easy and always a good car. It is easy to rent a car. You can book online, you know immediately if the car of your choice is available. The price is right, no surprises, no extra’s if you don’t want or need them. No fuss at delivery nor at the returning of the car. Just good.

New Reviewer

Bom serviço e conselhos para não hesitou em voltar! Recebi bons conselhos e dicas no momento da reserva, que eu não tinha tido no momento da reserva de aluguer de automóveis, no passado, de outras empresas. A pessoa com quem falei foi muito bom e eu não hesite em contactar novamente quando houver a necessidade de um carro de aluguer. Muito feliz com o serviço até agora - espero que tudo vai correr bem, no outro extremo, quando eu pegar o carro.

New Reviewer

First Class service and very easy to book

This was the easiest car hire company that we have booked a car through the service first class 10 out of 10

New Reviewer

****BE VERY VERY CAREFUL*** This company offered a very good and attractive rate, once I made the reservation they change the car model and size which I booked, because the vahicle was too small for my family group, they offered the original size of vehicle for a double of price, then I decided to cancel the booking and they charged me $34 as "cancellation fee". In no where they mentioned any cancellation fee, unless we read "terms" in the small letter contract. I rented many times vehicles whiout this kind of tricky ways.

New Reviewer

Excellent every time, I've used this website lots of times and no matter wherever else I look for a better price economybookings always offers the best deal.

New Reviewer

Good company to deal with, I have used this company for the last few years and always find them to be very helpful

New Reviewer

Trouble free car hire, Straightforward booking and good prices. All the main car hire desks at Heathrow together and good links to car hire depot . Everything entirely simple!

New Reviewer

Easy, well priced car hire.

I have used economybookings several times over the years, for car rental all over UK. I always get a great rate, having compared with the various companies and other car rental price comparison sites. I have never had any problems with car rental using economybookings and highly recommend them.

New Reviewer

I used this company last year and everything was seamless.
When booking again for next year the help and advice I was given was excellent.

New Reviewer

Easy, reliable and cost effective service.

Have used economy bookings on many previous trips. I have never found anywhere cheaper and the customer service is excellent. The website is well informed choices to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

New Reviewer

Company are scammers. Booked a car as then received email to say that car wasn't available and it was another car and the price had increased. I didn't want the other car offered so declined it. Tried for 5 hours to reach them on the phone - no answer. They charged me a cancelation fee - which changed twice, for NO service at all. Terrible customer service. Only want money.

New Reviewer

No hassles at all. Excellent price. Great vehicle. Would definitely use again. Got a corolla which was exactly what I wanted. Very easy process. Great car.

New Reviewer

It seemed like a good deal until I received a confirmation email stating I would need to print and present vouchers to the car rental desk as proof of my purchase. (So I need to prove to the company that I reserved and paid for a car, it's not going to be in their computer?) This prompted me to do some digging on line and I didn't like what I was reading about being shuttled to an off airport location, prices changing at the counter, extra fees etc. You can see examples here on this site. I cancelled my reservation immediately, within hours of making it, only to notice later that there was a charge of $12.74 on my credit card. A call to customer service explained this was their cancellation protection policy fee. I was also told, if I didn't have that cancellation policy, I would have been charged $30 instead of $12!! WTF?? That's really funny since there was no prompt during the reservation process for me to accept or decline cancellation protection in the first place. Stay away from this place, they're in to gouging you at every turn. Hope my $12.74 was worth the crappy review it got you Economy Bookings.

New Reviewer

The front desk employees were very friendly and helpful.
The setup is very easy to get to your car and to return car. I will be using Economybookings next June! Also the man that drove the shuttle bus to and from the car rental and terminal was very nice and helpful!

New Reviewer

For the first time after renting from several car hire companies over a period of 30 years I drove the car I hired. Most times I get a car I did not hire or the firm has nothing left in the line of cars ordered.

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with hiring a car for this trip. The counterman was courteous and experienced and answered all my questions. The car needed a windshield wiper which I bought at Petboys and they reimbursed me for it when I returned the car. I would definitely go with Dollar Rentacar again. They were wonderful. The car was good on gas and rode very smoothly. I will deal with Dollar Rent-a-car again. Was a very wonderful experience!!

New Reviewer

Do not use a scam.
You get quoted one price only to reach your destination and get quote another price 3 times more.
Had a holiday to Jamaica got there the balance for the car hire was over £1000 even though I contacted Economy bookings who confirmed the balance and never once told me additional charges would be apply in JA. They told me to look at the small print and would not refund deposit. The website is very misleading to as your think all the insurance ect is included its not. Do not use.

New Reviewer

The car was in excellent condition. Good and quick check in and check out.
Would go there the next time.

New Reviewer

It was easy to rent the car from internet and suddenly we got much better car than I expected. The service was proffessional and fast and everything went smootly. There was transportation waiting for us in the airport when we arrived and we got a lift also for departure. Personnel was frienly and I felt myself safe with them. For sure I would and will use there services during my next journey.

New Reviewer

Surfing over the web and looking for a favorable car rental in Florida from Fox for three weeks I finally found a good deal on No any other similar website could provide the better deal. Fox company service was impressive as well – we picked a low mileage car in a good condition up, quickly finished paperwork and used it with no trouble all through three weeks. Drop off procedure was also quick and hassle free. I'd recommend to anyone, I have no doubt about it.

New Reviewer

I had a pretty flawless experience with Economybookings. The car was ready on-time, the tank full, got the 4-door I needed with an automatic transmission (a must for this American driving in Australia!). The only minor drawback was the GPS I rented. It was outdated and added an additional $11.50 per day to the rental. Otherwise, not a worry to be had.

New Reviewer

It was so easy to organise the rental of my car online though Economybookings. The price was outstanding. The response to my questions online was so quick and all of my questions were answered thoroughly. Also the 24hour phone line was so convenient for us. Everything went smoothly from online rental, booking information via email and finally how easy it was to actually pick up the car. Will use again and have already referred to friends. Very happy cusotmer.

New Reviewer

My wife booked a car through your site and was directed to Brisbane bargain rent a car. She booked an intermediate vw jetta or similar. She collected the car today in Queensland was given a Toyota Camry 2002 with 180000kms. This is a disgrace and deceptive advertising. The car image was a modern current car what was supplied certainly wasn't similar. A rip off and $90 dearer than dealing direct with car rental site given it's the equivalent of rent a bomb. Deceptive and very poor to deal with.

New Reviewer

from internet, i was paying for 88 euros and while i was filling with my credit card details the price went up to 113 - while i was signining for the contract at the airport the price went up even more because the policy is that the client pays for a full tank at their price even though the person is sure that he is not going to use the full tank for the all period of rental. last trap i fell with the agent was that once driving the car i realized that the full tank i paid for was instead 7/8 of the tank so i had to go back to the airport, the operator at the airport parking said that the car i rented had an electrical problem which showed 7/8 of the full tank (a new car pegeout 208). once the rent contract ended, i wrote to them to ask for a refund of half tank (i left half tank of petrol in the car + 1/8 ), but they did not answred yet.

New Reviewer

This is a real scam. Once and never again! We've been taken as hostage and racketed.
We booked a car in Miami for 6 weeks and prepaid the rental. We were sent to Fox USA rent a car. When we showed our voucher to Fox Rent a Car, we were told that no insurance whatsoever was included in the prepaid amount. Either we pay the insurance for $30/day or we can forget the car and the prepaid amount. We argued and argued. The insurance happens to be even more expensive than the rental itself. In total we had to pay twice what this rental would have cost us with another booking company. We registered a claim/complaint with but they don't even answer us

New Reviewer

Do not use this service!!!! Reserved a car in Brussels, took the confirmed rental contract and voucher to the rental location and no car was available!!! Had to pay 3 times more than quoted and paid for in advance! I was assured the difference would be refunded to my Visa and still fighting with them 2 months later. I would NEVER use this service ever again. I travel all around the world for business and this is by far the worst travel experience I have bver had!

New Reviewer

This is either the most unprofessional website in the world or just a big fraud. Several hours after booking, they will not confirm whether your booking is processed or not. Nor will they confirm what company you are renting from. They also add "airport pick up charges" to a rental in the center of town. All you get from their website is that your booking is "Pending". And this is after you have given credit card details and confirmed.
Do not ever give these people your credit card number!

New Reviewer

Karen Stern IF YOU LIVE IN USA DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY! Their web page states that local taxes are included in the rental price! THEY ARE NOT! We were charged an additional $74.40 in taxes upon picking up our car. Of course we had to pay it or lose the prepaid rental charge! In addition a international service charge for this transaction was added to our credit card, to do business with this company. AND just try to even get in touch with them.....going on 45 minutes at two different numbers...NO ANSWER.

New Reviewer

This is a scam, stay away!
After the price is quoted and the deposit charged they inform you that to get the car you booked you have to pay 30% more.

New Reviewer

I have never rented before and this was very simple and good value. Only problems were getting fuel early in the morning, prior to return. Also pickup location was difficult to find as we needed to board a shuttle bus from the airport.

New Reviewer

The car was in a good shape and the service was great. They also offered the best choice of car and could change the car during the rental time. It was a great service.

New Reviewer

This was a totally enjoyable experience for my first visit to Germany and also my first use of rental cars. The service went above and beyond what I had expected, due to my flight being 5 hours delayed, and I was made very welcomed throughout the handover. The staff were very friendly, helpful and sympathetic to our lateness picking up the car as well which helped settle us for the rest of our evening. I would highly recommend them due to the high standard of vehicle which we received and the assistance we also received to find our way around the local highways. It was an absolute pleasure to be so well looked after and the car, a Seat Leon, was the drive i had experienced in a very long time.

New Reviewer

I've used economy booking for my booking of a rental car in Bergamo, my confirmation from economy booking was 248euro, and I've been invoice and they ( SIXT ) take from my card 335euro. That's absolutely not honest. I will never use again this service

New Reviewer

We had a good trip and much of it was due to our experience with a friendly staff and honest advise about the cars, the trip driving in a foreign country... Everything! We'll use Economybookingsevery time from now on.

New Reviewer

Very good car and a very good service. The guy who handed over the car was very frindly and helped us with the directions to find hotel and supermarkets and the best beaches in the island. Good service.

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