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Review of EcigsBrand

EcigsBrand reviews

34 reviews
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34 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
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Do NOT go near this. It is a card scam. If you have paid them using your card, consider getting a replacement card - otherwise, they will make multiple charges and drive you nuts trying to get ANY sensible redress.

Ask Shashi about EcigsBrand
1 review
1 helpful vote

Get your money back and hold them to their advertisement!
Early last month me and a few of my friends dealt with the pleasure of ECIGS customer service and boy do they suck!!! I don't know what the deal is with these lames but whatever. So me and a few buddies each filled out a survey for this vaporizer that we thought we were getting for free. To make a long common story short here is what we did.
Me and three other friends had ordered this damn thing and we tried calling at different times and Customer service was being dodgy with everything.
Through multiple calls and arguing we found that the best time to call was "6PM pacific standard time / 9PM eastern standard time."
If you call at this time you will reach the hours of the GENERAL MANAGER of the floor.
Me and two of my friends managed to get full complete upfront refunds and taken off that stupid subscription.
My last friend got the victory. He called in at 6pm PST / 9pm EST with his bank on the phone to talk with the General Manager and not only did he get a full upfront refund and off the subscription the General Manager also let him keep the stupid kit.

So remember - 6pm PST / 9pm EST and bring your bank if possible.
# 1-866-830-2464

Ask em about EcigsBrand
1 review
1 helpful vote

This is a Scam company take your money and you will get nothing at all there Based in the Netherlands and once they have your bank or credit card will try to obtain more money .I have reported to the Police action on line fraud suggest you do as they will hopefully be closed down and some arrest made as its Fraud run like the Boiler Room Scams.

Ask Greg about EcigsBrand
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was also scammed 9.99 the first time and 9 days later 99.99. It was supposed to be a free trial and I pay shipping and handling. wander if I can sue them. Ronda from Ga.

Ask Dewey about EcigsBrand
1 review
7 helpful votes

In response to Sheree - this is definitely a scam in that the small print states that" if you cancel your membership before the 15 day trial period you will be charged the full amount of the starter kit" instead of the amount that you registered for. They also did not email me an order confirmation with this information until after they had taken a massive chunk of money from my account which I queried with my bank. You may have got off lucky but for all others who have been had and lost out financially there is always your bank to approach for them to reimburse you under their Chargeback scheme. You should have six months in order to do so, therefore get going before it's too late. Also, ask your bank to block any further future payments that they might attempt to take.

Ask PENNY about EcigsBrand
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am 15quid out of pocket the charger was no gd for UK sockets managed to block them from my bank account before they robbed me of any more money.does anyone have an email address for the thieving b......s!!!!

Ask Evelyn about EcigsBrand
1 review
3 helpful votes

These people are blatant scammers. They should be shut down.

Ask bob about EcigsBrand
1 review
4 helpful votes

Not only this company charged me more than was advertised, not only they "enrolled" me in a ridiculously expensive program, but about a week after I sent my package back to them--my Visa was charged for $500 by somebody from abroad. It was them, I know because I seldom use my Visa card.

Ask Irek about EcigsBrand
1 review
5 helpful votes

I also was scammed by these folks. Visa was very good about refunding the money and I closed out my account and opened a new one by phone. This way they can't charge me again on their bogus "subscription" plan.

Ask Donna about EcigsBrand
1 review
4 helpful votes

SCAM!!! They suck you right into the "Free Trial" and then screw you!

Ask Lewis about EcigsBrand
1 review
8 helpful votes

I paid £4.95 using a Prepaid Mastercard. Received the starter kit very quickly, but the electronic cigarettes were c**p, really low quality. Still the starter kit is handy and I love the magnetic pouch which holds a battery and two cartomizers when out and about.
I have not heard from them since so no need to make expensive calls or fart about with a code to return the starter kit overseas to Holland. These PREPAID cards are a great way to deal with companies like this. So for me I did get, well almost get a free starter kit for £4.95.

Tip for consumers: USE A PREPAID CARD.

Ask Steven about EcigsBrand
1 review
9 helpful votes

they are a scam. free trial my ass. these $#*! head just stole 99 bucks from my bank account. now wont aster the phone calls so i am gonna sue their ass as much as i can
its 11 pm central and they claim to be over loaded with phone calls.

Ask Jeffrey about EcigsBrand
1 review
12 helpful votes

I had a survey pop up for Time-Warner and after the survey, I was offered about 6-7 items. I had some friends who smoked who were getting into vaping, so I figured one kit for 3.95 was a bargain. NOT. Even after I received the kit and received a call from THEM where I informed them I didn't want or need any further services, they put me in for a membership and just today I find a $99.99 charge on my debit card. I didn't even have information to contact them, so I immediately notified my bank. THEY gave me a customer service number where I was given some half-assed offer that they'd refund me 40 bucks today and AFTER I paid to send back whatever they are shipping me, they would refund another 40 bucks, keeping 20.00. What kind of crap is that? Anyway, I sent them an email back and told them I was pressing unauthorized charges through my bank and expecting a full refund and that I'd be happy to send their stuff back to them and pay shipping, but I expected a full refund. BEWARE.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR OFFER.

Ask Jamie about EcigsBrand
1 review
11 helpful votes

Not a free trial! They tell you that for a nominal shipping charge you can try the product FREE. What they don't tell you is that YOU have to pay to return the product if you don't like it or they will automatically continue to charge your card a rediculously high amount for a product you don't want. And when you call them, (English isn't their natural language) they do everything they can to force more product on you in different flavors. BUYER BEWARE!!! 3rd world card scamming!

Ask David about EcigsBrand
1 review
6 helpful votes

"Not a bad product, but they are scam
Good luck getting any help from them
Lame web site & no phone
But they are great @ billing your credit card
It was easer to cancel my card then trying to stop them from continuous charges

Ask KEVIN about EcigsBrand
1 review
9 helpful votes

I am glad i read these reviews before putting my credit card info. I did a survey supposedly for optimum online but after reading the fine print, it says they are no way affiliated with Optimum. It is all BS. No one ever contacts me because they want to give me something for free.
I read the fine print before giving my credit card, at the very bottom of the page it says:
Exclusive Offer Terms: By placing an order you will be enrolled in our refill membership program. This program will ship 10 refills (equivalent to 20 packs of traditional cigarettes) for $99.99 + s/h on the 15th day and $79.99 + s/h every 30 days thereafter. You can cancel or modify your membership anytime by calling 1-866-830-2464.

Ask Danielle about EcigsBrand
6 reviews
8 helpful votes

SUCKS!! This did not taste like smoking. they charged my card before the 15 day trial was over an outrages amount! do not start a trial or any thing. if u did, cancal that card u used now, or they will take u even worse....

Ask theresa about EcigsBrand
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have had no problems with e-cigs brand. I have had a couple of orders that did not show up and they immediately sent me my order with no charge. The cigs really help me to now smoke real cigarettes. I love this brand as they really taste like the real thing. I have no idea why people complain about this program and feel sorry that they don't realize that the problem is probably that they don't explain themselves correctly. Unless of course I have just been very lucky!

Ask Margaret about EcigsBrand
1 review
5 helpful votes

Product was okey until last 2-3 months when they switched suppliers. I spent 4 days and talked to 4 different people. Result is I am canceling my membership after 2 years. Customer service is horrible. these people need to get their act together or loos all their customers...

Ask Roman about EcigsBrand
1 review
7 helpful votes

Not a bad product, but they are scam
Good luck getting any help from them
Lame web site & no phone
But they are great @ billing your credit card
It was easer to cancel my card then trying to stop them from continuous charges
F them

Ask Del about EcigsBrand
1 review
8 helpful votes

I was trapped as everybody here and now want to call them to cancel my membership but the phone is busy 24/24, maybe also 7/7. i will send a mail for them and will block my account. They must know they cannot do a business like this, make customers hate them & do negative posts. Seems their rule is to do as much money as possible, they accept to lose new customer and don't care of their reputation. Really dishonest and harming people.

Ask minh about EcigsBrand
1 review
6 helpful votes

I read the reviews so I saved a Mastercard gift card that had 10 bucks on it and started my free trial ! I would recommend you do the same

Ask john about EcigsBrand
1 review
16 helpful votes

I supposedly won a kit from , they sent it but it turned out they would charge my credit card each month. This is a scam. I called the company to cancel and now I have to pay to send the kit back or they will still charge me. this is after I paid the shipping fee on my "gift". I would give this company a -10

Ask sue about EcigsBrand
1 review
15 helpful votes


Ask WILLIAM about EcigsBrand
1 review
5 helpful votes

I picked up and offer for this site from after taking a survey. Long time since I smoked but was curious (man high school all over again). I filled out the order and then after reviewing the details saw the catch. Within minutes I fond this site. Less than 40 minutes in I called the company to cancel. They hard sold to keep me on, said they would do a one time sell for $30 and would extend it to end f year for trial. I held a true course and they said they cancelled the account. So, if they really cancel and I do not live the nightmares I have read here then perhaps I got lucky or they may be going legit...only time will tell.

Ask Cleve about EcigsBrand
1 review
10 helpful votes

The company is a legal company mas-curating as a scam. You sign up for the free trial and give them your credit card. You then get an email with the terms. 2 weeks free trial and if you cancel the day before it ends you will be charged for $140 for the kit. If you cancel on the last day, you get to keep the starter kit but they already put in the order for $89 for cartridges. They have a low-medium quality product that is not worth what they want for it. The customer service will fight you on every thing. So best just stay away from this brand.

Ask Fred about EcigsBrand
1 review
9 helpful votes

I wanted to try out the e-cig brand. They now have charged my acct. $99.99. It was only a TRIAL run, if I wanted more I would have asked for them. They have no right or authority to assume I would want more & charge my account. I NEVER authorized them to make any charges on my acct.
They are a SCAM and need to comply w/ ethical rules.

Ask candyce about EcigsBrand
1 review
8 helpful votes

They are a scam!!! I followed the instructions and ordered only the trial. They then charged my 9.99, not the 4.99 they advertised. I also did not order any additional cartridges, but they sent me regular and menthol, at a total cost of 70.00! They called me to verify the order. I said no, I didn't order all that and why didn't I get the 4.99 total?? He connected me to a girl who would fix my order. Of course she said it was already mailed, even though the hadn't verified my order, which was made just a few hours earlier. How can they ship that fast??? So they agreed to credit me 30.00 of the 70.00 and I was stuck with the additional 40.00. I canceled an told them to NEVER send any more because it was for my husband and he didn't care for them. Two weeks later, I have 99.99 pending on my checking account! Again I called demanding my money back. I asked for a supervisor, which he claimed to be. He would again only give me 50.00 today and the rest after I paid postage and returned the product I did not order. I called my bank, who cancelled my debit card and claims dept will return all of my 99.99 tomm. They will gladly go after this scamming company. DONT USE THEM!!!!!! There are more reputable companies out there and their product doesn't taste like dirt.

Ask pal about EcigsBrand
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

Charged same number Gbps as dollars despite currency difference.keep sending this rubbish and badly packaged product despite cancellations costing postage plus time.loads of spam starts after ordering and getting your email cancel and a few months later it all starts again hoping you will give up.cannot get a word in when you phone them.night mare!.

Ask steve about EcigsBrand
1 review
6 helpful votes

This company is NOT to be confused with The only experience I have with is in calling their customer service number (877-676-xxxx). The agent there was very helpful and polite even though I was furious. They provided the correct website and phone number for Apparently they get a lot of furious customers mistaking them for


I saw an ad for among the many ads that are included with a story on the CNN Android app. It was $4.95 shipping for a free starter kit. We have been using e-cigarettes but I thought we might be more successful with a different brand.

It took me 20 minutes to click through the dozen advertisements that followed asking if I wanted to buy something else totally unrelated. I VERY carefully read each page to make sure I was NOT signing up for anything except the starter kit. I kick myself for not doing my research.

Starting the very next day, my inbox was FLOODED with spam, etc. I had spam down to one or two messages a day through Hotmail. But I figured I would be able to filter all that out within a month or so - Hotmail is good at that kind of thing.

Within days the kit arrived as promised. It wasn't any better than what we have been using but as e-cigs go it was a good enough product. We only used it one full day but the charge lasted all day.

A week or so later, I was balancing my bank account online and discovered a $99.99 charge from these people! My first thought was thank god there was extra money in the account! I immediately called customer service. (This is where I talked to and they kindly directed me to

I spoke with Claire. To be fair, Claire was polite but then she is very used to getting calls from furious customers who have been duped. She never even suggested a mistake had been made.

It took 30 minutes to find my account. Claire kept telling me she couldn't find it and asking for more information. After repeating nearly all my information except my first born's name, she "found" my account.

I addressed all the spam I was receiving - no argument from Claire on this. She was well aware of this issue. She said she would take my information off "the list" and within a couple days I would not received any more advertisements by any means. To her credit, within a couple days, no more spam.

On to the money.

Claire told me the charge was for the monthly refill cartridges I signed up for. I NEVER signed up for this. I NEVER sign up for anything that will bill my account automatically. I read CAREFULLY when signing up well aware of this type of scam. There was nothing that said it was an automatic renewal.

Things got a little strange here. Claire said since the package had already been sent she could not refund the entire amount of the charge until they received the product at their warehouse. (I received the package later that very day.) However, she said she would immediately refund $49.99 and when they received the package she would then credit the remaining $50. She then went on to give me a string of various numbers that had to be repeated over and over because they were case sensitive letters with a few numbers thrown in. Seriously this seemed like it was done simply to give the customer something to **** up so the company could insist they couldn't find any such number.

One of the codes was to cancel the subscription. One was a "Refund Tracking Number" (which when referenced later did not yield any information at all - it couldn't be found). Another was an RMA number. She told me to write this code on the package. Then she told me to write REFUSED on the package instead. Then she told me to write the RMA code but if I wrote REFUSED I wouldn't be charged shipping. Really???? I wrote both on the package and dropped it off at the post office the next day.

Again a little credit to Claire. The credit for $49.99 showed up in my account 4 days later.

Here's where the USPS did their job screwing the pooch. Because it was refused, the package used the same tracking number it had been assigned when it was mailed to me. Looking up the tracking number on the USPS even now only shows it being delivered to me. But what with the RMA code and the refused thing, who knows what was happening so I called USPS and listened to their automated system. (Oh joy!) According to their system the package had been delivered 5 days earlier but it did not say WHERE it had been delivered to.

I called Claire. She could not find my account. Big surprise! (Sense the dripping sarcasm here.) I had to provide all my information again - none of the codes she had given me existed in their system. Finally, she found my account but there was no record of it being received. She did the same thing I did - looked up the tracking number on the USPS site where it still said the package had been delivered to me. Of course, my saying the automated system said it was delivered did not do any good.

The next day I went to the post office and explained the situation. They SHOWED me (but would not GIVE me) the tracking page that showed the package being delivered to ecigsbrand. I came home and sent an email to their customer service telling them they needed to check their warehouse, that the post office showed me it had been delivered and it was up to them to find it and credit my account.

I received an email back thanking me for keeping in contact with them and asking me for information I had included in my first email. I simply copied the original email into the new email and sent it again.

More from USPS. My tiny rural post office called and said they could certainly provide me in writing the tracking paper that showed delivery of the package. I immediately ran down to get it and emailed it to ecigsbrand and demanded I receive my refund within 5 days. The email I received back again thanked me for keeping in touch and said they had been able to locate the package and told me they would process my refund within 5-10 days.

I did, finally, receive the rest of my refund.


While I did receive my money back, the charge for a service I never signed up for makes this a complete scam. It was obvious from the first time I spoke to them (and you can see other reviews here) that they dealt with disgruntled people all the time. While other people did their fair share of screwing this up, the fact remains this company is a scam. There are other ecig companies out there who are legitimate ( for one) so there is no reason to do business with these people. What started out as a $5 trial became a nightmare. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE UNSCRUPULOUS PEOPLE!

Ask Engee about EcigsBrand
1 review
6 helpful votes

First, an affiliate company called me to 'confirm' my order, then attempted to sell me unrelated auto-billed crap (ie: they had my credit card & address already). The E-cig company does not inform you of auto membership until AFTER the order is shipped. You can't just cancel, without being charged for the starter kit. While I was questioning 'Maria' in customer service about this $29.95 charge, she hung up on me. I called back to get an RMA, and am in the process of sending the kit back & keeping in touch with my credit card company for additional fraudulent charges.

Ask Kari about EcigsBrand
1 review
4 helpful votes

Your not told up front that there are reaccurring charges monthly. They also know how to immediately debit your credit card but they can't figure out how to give you a refund for 6 to 10 business days.

Ask Teresa about EcigsBrand
1 review
7 helpful votes

I ordered a £4.95 started kit without realising what I had signed up too, luckily I did a bit of research and found lots of angry customers complaining about this company taking money from their credit cards without authorization, I immediatly rang them and asked to cancel my membership, after getting the hard sell they agreed to cancel, I also sent them an email to cancel. I just hope I was lucky, am very worried they will still take money. please dont use this company, there are plenty of reputable ecig companys to choose out there.

Ask Penny about EcigsBrand
3,867 reviews
5,130 helpful votes

Spamvertized/Illegal STOOGE Site. Spam Distributors - Illegal Phishing and ID Theft Scams.
- Do not click on links found in spam e-mail or these websites and become their next victim.
- SSL Certificate Installation Verification - Site states: Secure Checkout - 128-Bit Encryption: Site has a fake security certificate used for other phishing sites.
These fraudsters are also in the habit of registering lots of domains with identical site contents (or a redirection to a master site), which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would do business.

Electronic cigarette spam. Gaze in amazement as your free trial (Shipping & Handling $14.99) turns promptly into '10 refills for $99.99 on the 15th day and $79.99 every 30 days thereafter' I'm sure it's easy to opt out of the trial membership once they have your card details as traditionally the way these places make money is to hide behind unresponsive email addresses and disconnected phone numbers to avoid stopping recurring payment schemes any time soon, well - not until you go through the hassle of canceling your credit card.

Ask Mai about EcigsBrand

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