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DuckDuckGo reviews

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33 reviews
Categories: Search
Paoli, Pennsylvania, USA
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33 Reviews From Our Community

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I never though I would see the day that I would leave Google Search Engine. (in 14 reviews)


Google is too ad oriented these days and has lost sight of good solid search results. (in 6 reviews)


I hardly ever use Google, which is just a backup for Duckduckgo. (in 3 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I've been using DDG with Firefox for about 2 years. I've been happy with this search engine most of the time and like that it doesn't report my usage but a number of things annoy me. ++

Most annoying: when at a site I've finished with, if I type in a new search in the upper right search slot and hit <ENTER>, I will get the results of a search WITHIN the site I want to leave. The search title for the results is: "(search item) site:(website last viewed)" Example: "edward". Here I've wanted to search for "edward" on the Web but DDG constrained the search to within my last site viewed, which here is "". After using (typed item) <ENTER> for decades for a search on the whole internet, this is assbackwards. If I want to do a site search, I will deliberately click the DDG site search symbol (which is a kind of bullseye) in the search slot. Oh, and this setting is NOT in the DDG settings options.I have complained to DDG without response, so I'm saying it here. ++

Next most annoying is setting a search which I know will give many hundreds of results and getting only a dozen or two. I almost feel censored (and the term typed was in no way something to censor). I often have to add more terms to get results. Usually, I want the search engine to help ME by providing too many results and letting me use these results to prompt edits or conditions to my search, as necessary. I did make sure that child protection setting in DDG was off.++

3rd most annoying thing is no hint as to how many results were returned. Sometimes it's very helpful to know that there were only 17 results, total. I might need to widen my scope. Or if there were 108,500 results, then I should narrow. DDG gives no hint to this. Am I looking at all there is when I scroll down 3 pages or a bottomless pit of results (like Facebook)??? ++

I'll end there for now. I hope DuckDuckGo will improve as I do like it's look and feel MOST of the time.

Ask J about DuckDuckGo
1 review
4 helpful votes

these are either badly written paid-for negative reviews or reviews written by people with really poor, and I mean really really poor basic computer skills.

I have never had an issue with DDG hijacking anything I use - it is installed on all my devices - and I have selectively allowed third party cookies with no issue. no spam email, no hacking, and as the first entry is an ad ( as they say) and it is marked as an ad, I have no real problem scrolling past it.

If your computer was hacked, that sucks, but did you install from Duckduckgo or a third party. is your firewall up to date or did you turn it off to install something? Are you just really crap at keeping you computer secure and forget that it is your responsibility, not the software's, to be up to date?

the quality of the results is better than Google, who,as other reviewers have mentioned, are concentrating on ad revenue rather than quality, and far better than Bing ever was (if you are looking to be paid for writing negative reviews, try Bing, just sayin)

Ask Andrew about DuckDuckGo
1 review
5 helpful votes

There are companies which pay people to write reviews; that's a fact because I have an acquaintance who did it for some months. I can't think why genuine users would be having trouble uninstalling DDG. I've done it several times with no problem.

DDG has never taken over as default browser and works great with Firefox.

If you want a browser to take over your life and your computer and send you endless pop ups, adverts and unwanted emails and matter of all kinds, use Google. I don't get any of that with DDG.

You may not like the interface or shorter (relevant) responses to queries but if you are happy with a clear, direct, advert and spam free browser, I would recommend trying DDG

Ask SM about DuckDuckGo
1 review
4 helpful votes

I've read through some of the one-star reviews. They're BS. They describe Google more than duckduckgo. Once I used Google to look the name of what those Russian dolls that fit inside each other (Matryoshka dolls). A half hour later I got an email from a Russian mail-order bride service.

Ask m about DuckDuckGo
1 review
5 helpful votes

I set DuckDuckGo as my homepage. When I later wanted to use a different search provider, DuckDuckGo would not allow it. Every normal avenue I attempted was prevented, and DuckDuckGo remained stubbornly my search provider. I finally did a system restore to get rid of this. I was hoping to have three different search providers, to use for different needs. But now I'm afraid of your product. Something very wrong happened. I am not the only guy who has had a problem. Bad duck.

Ask Bob about DuckDuckGo
5 reviews
19 helpful votes

Two main reasons I love DuckDuckGo:

1. Bang shortcuts - for example, typing "!images ducks" directs you to a Google Image Search for ducks; "!yt ducks" gives you YouTube results, "!wiki" gives you a Wikipedia page, etc. It saves you from having to navigate to a website, load its homepage, and type in the search bar.

2. No tracking - Google, Yahoo! and Bing track you all the time to give you "personalized" search results, not to mention using your IP address to generate results based on your location. DuckDuckGo gives you results relevant only to the keywords you search for.

Granted their search algorithm isn't as advanced as Google for complex queries.

Tip for consumers: If you want Google results without being tracked:
Try doing a Startpage search. Startpage essentially searches Google for you, without giving Google your information, and returns the results to you. You can go to, OR if you use DuckDuckGo as your default search engine, use their !bang shortcut "!sp" - for example, "!sp ducks" gives you Google results for ducks on

Malicious Ads:
Sure the ads can lead to malicious sites, but search engines like Google aren't compl

Ask Andrew about DuckDuckGo
1 review
4 helpful votes

I use DDG on firefox, and have for about 5 years. I uninstalled it for a day, just to see if the complaints about uninstalling were real, but I had no problems.Is there possibly a download site putting out a bad version or something? I decided to do a review because Avast keeps trying to get me to uninstall it - ever since they partnered with Yahoo. So now I guess I have to start looking for a new anti-virus provider...

Ask Gary about DuckDuckGo
1 review
14 helpful votes

Within 24 hours of switching my browser, scam email was sent from a very (formerly) pristine gmail account. This gmail account even had a new, very challenging password combination.

Ask Gloria about DuckDuckGo
7 reviews
31 helpful votes

My Mac desktop with Mavericks has two accounts, Admin and Secondary. I found DuckDuckGo at Apple's extensions page, installed DuckDuck Go in the Admin account and it duplicated itself in the secondary account. Search results are commercialized and simplistic. It hides from all computer searches and I cannot uninstall it. All instructions for removal that I found, even at DuckDuckGo site, do not work. I must conclude from this that Apple and DuckDuckGo are both criminal.

Ask Echosyn about DuckDuckGo
2 reviews
20 helpful votes

i love this places privacy but google is better when it comes to searches.

Ask jack about DuckDuckGo
1 review
18 helpful votes

On Sept. 29,2014 I searched DuckDuckGo for Duke Energy. The first site on the list was for My.Check.Me/ This site ripped me off for $212.10. They took the money and did not pay Duke Energy.
Right! It's not DuckDuckGo's fault because I didn't see the word AD.
However DuckDuckGo got a cut of that theft by taking a fee from and promoting them to top of the list.

Ask Karen about DuckDuckGo
1 review
11 helpful votes

Did a test search for "least expensive voice over programs." DuckDuckGo went straight to "cell phones". A quick comparison with Google confirmed that DuckDuckGo is a waste of time.

Tip for consumers: Don't bother. It is glaringly inadequate.

Ask Joe about DuckDuckGo
1 review
13 helpful votes

DuckDuckGo promote Scam websites to the top of their search lists, just like the others! I thought they were an ethical business, but found out to my loss (when I trusted their link) to buy a Rod Licence. They promoted a direct link into this scam website, which had the Environment Agency name on it, without any mention of additional fees etc.
Is there ANY search engines you can trust, now? I think not, they are all morally corrupt.

Ask John about DuckDuckGo
1 review
7 helpful votes

As search engines go it is good. My biggest peave is I continue to get Russian web sites suggested when I search. I have set, checked and re-checked my settings, they are still where I set them originally and still the Russian sites show up. Wish I could just block anything outside the USA!!

Ask Charles about DuckDuckGo
1 review
12 helpful votes

Duckduckgo has been my default browser for over 1 year now. I hardly ever use Google, which is just a backup for Duckduckgo. I read some reviews that said something about duckduckgo making itself your default browser, but I have no idea what they are talking about.

Ask Fuzzbuster about DuckDuckGo
1 review
8 helpful votes

This is about's ability to find and rank websites. Our site ranks on page 1 of 14 of the top 15 search engines, the exception beingduckduckgo. So just how relevant are duckduckgo's results to the search term? If this is not an anomaly then not good at all.

Ask John about DuckDuckGo
4 reviews
11 helpful votes

As a professional writer sometimes using the Internet for research, I find duckduckgo produces the most harmonious search outcome. You get a variety of results. There is no spinning of findings according to your past searches. If you enter an ambiguous term, it lists multiple definitions for your selection before completing its work. It is fast. It is definitely supported—but not consumed—by advertising. This is a preliminary review, but so far it earns *****.

Ask Bob about DuckDuckGo
5 reviews
28 helpful votes

I recommend this search engine who unlike many others like google, focuses on real results (not commercial links) and privacy for the user

Ask Antonio about DuckDuckGo
18 reviews
89 helpful votes

Best search engine right now, as of this writing. I'm not sure how they manage to do such a great job of providing fair results not cluttered with ads (is their bandwidth free, do they not have bills to pay?), but if they manage to stay that way I will continue to use them daily. I used to use other search engine, one beginning with a letter G, but not anymore. I would out that the G engine prefers whoever pays them the most, so you end up with not fair results as non-paying websites get pushed to the bottom. There is no such discrimination with I just hope they stay that way. I love how more results get fetched when you scroll to the end of the page, there's no need to click anything.

Ask Max about DuckDuckGo
30 reviews
29 helpful votes

DuckDuckGo provides great results in an easy to search site. I've found things on here that I didn't find elsewhere, and it's service is quick and easy to use! Highly recommended!

Ask Eric about DuckDuckGo
43 reviews
109 helpful votes

duckduckgo receives my praise in no small part due to their devotion to protecting the privacy of the user. The search engine itself works very good.

Ask Tony about DuckDuckGo
7 reviews
9 helpful votes

Good alternative search engine to some of the more well known. Google is too ad oriented these days and has lost sight of good solid search results. Duck Duck Go and others (prefer BING to Google) are more on target for what this user wants in results.

Also they are anonymous search queries if that is something anyone is concerned about.

Ask David about DuckDuckGo
1 review
14 helpful votes

It is like a virus. Once in your computer you cannot get rid of it. Email them asking how, and no reply.

it might be the best search engine out there but when it acts like a virus, and keeps taking over my browser, I do not want it.

Wonder how many of the 5* reviews are just their spam. They are good at that

Ask steve about DuckDuckGo
1 review
13 helpful votes

UGH!!!! Very difficult to remove and automatically becomes your default Web Browser in FireFox no matter what you do .... Had to work very hard to remove. I would have been happy to keep it and use it if it didn't take over my browser... Be careful installing this because it makes itself almost impossible to remove!!!!

Ask ward about DuckDuckGo
1 review
10 helpful votes

unable to remove, no way to remove it be sure you want it gives you no out. I don't like anything that takes control of my pc.

Ask george--- about DuckDuckGo
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

you only receive 1 page of search results

doesnt record your IP

no filter bubbling

lots of plugins to help you out (goodies)

Ask duck about DuckDuckGo
7 reviews
27 helpful votes

By now all of us know that Google tracks you, and also owns Yahoo. Its like finding a clingy person you don't know, trailing after you all over town and making notes on everything you do. WOW !! George Orwell just winked at me! Well now, we don't have to worry anymore about this creepy problem . Duck Duck is a new browser that gives you complete privacy. It does not track or bubble its clients, and says this, right up front, in writing. Duck Duck Go serves up tons of concise info in response to your search. They even personally acknowledge you for using " the Duck" by email. So next time someone tells you to DUCK IT, you don't have to run for cover.

Ask BEN about DuckDuckGo
56 reviews
95 helpful votes

I have no reason to dislike this site. I recently switched my default search engine to duckduckgo.

When searching for something you get a little snippit of information about it at the top (whether it is a definition, or just an interesting fact). Below you are shown one page of results (quite honestly you don't want to have to look through 14 pages to find what you're looking for anyway). By clicking on "more links" at the bottom you see all the other things the engine found not displayed on the top of the list.

[1] Tired of google
[2] ad-free
[3] "DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information."

[1] Doesn't have "image search" capability yet

Ask Bob about DuckDuckGo
4 reviews
12 helpful votes

Love the idea behind this: a simple, clean, privacy-driven search engine. Basically what Google USED to be. I hope this takes off.

Ask Kyle about DuckDuckGo
42 reviews
227 helpful votes

DuckDuckGo has been reviewed a couple times already, but I feel it is worth mentioning again.

I never though I would see the day that I would leave Google Search Engine. I really never had a reason to until I read a review of how great it was. So I tried it out. Two things struck me.

1. I only received 1 page of search results.
2. The results I wanted were on the first line of the results.

I ran a number of comparison queries and noticed that, although Google always returned more results, DuckDuckGo always provided more relevant results. The reason behind this, according to DuckDuckGo's website is that Google uses some sort of "bubble" querying technique or algorithm that builds results based on your querying and clicking history. DuckDuckGo also bans ads and spam sites. DuckDuckGo does not log or track your querying. With DuckDuckGo you have a lot of control over how your queries are displayed. And you can also elect to have them sent via SSL.

I use Google for looking up spelling & definitions. It is usually a couple click process. With DuckDuckGo, the results contain the definitions. I like to use Google because it has a suggestion feature ("Google Suggest"). One of the settings for DuckDuckGo is where it asks you if you want to use Google Suggest. So that reason is no longer valid.

DuckDuckGo has an extension or plugin for IE, FireFox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. So, I keep my homepage set to Google, but my search box is set to DuckDuckGo. When I search DuckDuckGo and the result list is short, it displays a link to both Bing and Google that can be clicked to rerun the query using those search engines.

One last thing about DuckDuckGo that interests me is that it incorporates a !bang syntax. It recognizes hundreds of keywords or abbreviations that, when prefaced by the "!" (bang) symbol, provide query results specific to the website referenced. For example: "!video" or "!yt" will give you results from Hmm, how does this help? I am working on that. But some network tools are available, such as utilities like whois, traceroute and dnslookup. This syntax saves many clicks and new browser tabs. And to check which hp laptops Walmart, Target and NewEgg have, just type in "!target hp laptop" or "!walmart hp laptop" or "!newegg hp laptop."


Will DuckDuckGo replace Google? No. It does have its place though. Over the past 2 weeks of using DuckDuckGo, I run about 85% of my queries through DuckDuckGo first. The main reason people flock to DuckDuckGo is for privacy. But I enjoy the control over my results interface, the relevance of the results and the fact that the results display the information I need without having to click on the link provided. This is called their Redbox feature. Enable it and DuckDuckGo provides the spelling and definition of your query term, along with a couple more links it thinks you are interested in contained in a expanded red box at the top of the result page.

If you try DuckDuckGo, just remember that "Google Suggest" only works when you have the Search Bar configured. You will not get Google Suggest by going to and using their search page.

I highly recommend trying this search engine.

Ask David about DuckDuckGo
144 reviews
553 helpful votes

I have been trying to find a more private and secure engine to Google Search for some time now. What I find worrying is the fact that Google traces all your moves, logs your computer details, your IP address, you location and so much more! I then came across Google SSL, more secure against outside tracking, but still doesn't stop Google from tracking you.

I then found, which has a great engine. It comes with SSL and doesn't even log your IP address or your search terms. But then - the problem with is that it doesn't turn up very relevant search results. Its now about a month later and I have found the best one yet. DuckDuckGo! It supports both HTTP and HTTPS which is good. It also doesn't log your search terms or even your IP address.

I compared Google's search results on my name to DuckDuckGo search results. Funnily enough, I found DuckDuckGo to come up more relevant than Google. I managed to find some old profiles and some press releases that I never thought were published on the net!!

This isn't all though. The SSL version located here: has a Firefox addon called "HTTPS Everywhere". Thus, when entering sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, etc that support HTTPS connection, you can click to enter SSL mode. Finally - also works with the TOR Network. You can run this search engine through their proxy to get ultimate privacy.

Ask Ian about DuckDuckGo
150 reviews
937 helpful votes

Hardly. And Bing works with very respectable algorithms.

But DuckDuckGo is a feature-rich semantic search engine, that gives you countless reasons to leave Google behind. Searches are divided into a classic search, information search, shopping and their own spin-off from Google, "I'm feeling ducky." ::cough::

If you search for a term that has more than one meaning, it will give you the chance to choose what you were originally looking for, with its disambiguation results. For example, searching for the term Apple will give you a long list of the possible meanings – including the fruit, the computer company, the bank and many others.

Happy Ducking?

Ask Ron about DuckDuckGo
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